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Garon Neal Shaver

Garon Neal Shaver

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May 04, 2016

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May 04, 2016

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed.

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February 23, 2014
Love you sweet garebear-- missing you !!
March 27, 2012
I LOVE AND MISS U SO MUCH! I think about u everyday!! I also ride pass ur house!! I WISH U WERE STILL HERE!!!
November 12, 2009
Happy Birthday Garon, we miss you so much..love always..Sharon
April 22, 2008
I didn't know you that well, but the entire time you were an employee of mine at A & F, you were certainly one of the people I looked forward to having on my shift. Your great personality and funny jokes always kept us from getting too bored or pulling our hair out. I thought about you because I was riding out to Shelby Forest last week and saw your beautiful memorial. I don't know details, but the world sure lost a great person in you. But I know you are in a much better place now looking down on all of us. God bless.
December 15, 2007
Dear, *G* i miss you like crazy i think bout ya every Day!!!!!
Happy Hollidays babe( MUAH)xoxoxoxo

your Girl...... X_tina
January 13, 2007
I love you Garbear, I miss you.
July 17, 2006
Garon, such a sweet, loving, fun young man, that could always make you smile.Everytime i sing 4 little speckled frogs to haley, i always think of how perfect you could sing it at age 3. We love you and miss you so much..
July 16, 2006
garon i miss you so much..i know you are in a bette place but you was to young..I LOVE YOU!!
June 17, 2006
Baby Garon, Before you were born, I prayed you would have your own personality and character, during the birth, the family was there to welcome you. Your first hat was premature as you were. What you lacked in size as a newborn, you greatly gained in school, church and all aspects in your life. I remember when you were six and I drove you from your home to church and you would memorize your three bible verses each week before you walked into the class to recite them to our teacher. How happy you were when you received the Sparky doll; to you, you had to sleep with it at night, because after a year of bible verses you began to see that Jesus really did love sinners. On many occassions on the way home I would ask you, (at age 7), if you would like to have Jesus come into your heart and go to Heaven. Your answer always was the same with that kid voice "yes I want to go to Heaven." Your mom would take you to TV commercial tri-outs and you were part of a family in a commercial. Also, she would take you to Libertyland were a photo was made of you about raining and having fun. Whatever you did you did with courage and determanation, not allowing anything to bother you. But, before you figured that out when you were two you spent a lot of time at memaws and when you were embarrassed you would hid in the closet in the bathroom, so we always kept a chair in there for those occassions. Your parents brought you home, and you would come to work; memaw and your mother would watch you until it was time to go home. As a baby, your brother would read to you and let you sit on his motorcycle; you were like a simese twin when it came to your mother; you just wouldn't let go even after you started growing up. It was on the hip, than graduated to the counter than when you bagan to reason and understand you got mom into teaching you how to cook. Lastly, your father was a remarkable man when you were born he couldn't get enough of looking at your precious face. In the terrable two's you didn't wan't anything to do with dad, but, that was because of the roughness of his voice and you learning the different tones your father had. All along the Lord knew when you would be born, how you would live your life (whether for Him or yourself) and when that work for God was done, He knew exactly when to bring you home. Looking through man's eyes it would seem that your life was prematurely taken; but, looking at the big picture you accomplished all that God sent you here to do. When you were four, I would take you to the dollar stores. I would give you three or four dollars to spend. Before I gave you the money I would remind you that if you really needed something and it couldn't wait until tomarrow; and it cost within the price range to go ahead and get it. I would have so much joy just watching you go up and down the isles. Than when something cought your eyes you would come to me and ask can I have this? Than I would tell you "Can you wait and come back tomarrow and buy it?' you would look at the item than at me and say "I can wait til tomarrow." So, we would begin again down another isle of toys until you saw that special toy you just couldn't live without and you would buy it and save the rest of the money. Sometimes though we would go to a store and not find one toy that you needed to get and would save the money. I really enjoyed watching and teaching you the value of money at a really small age. We would usually do this twice a month when I got paid. Stay with Jesus and Sheila and Great Grandma until we get there. We love you Memaw Shaver and Aunt Jana Shaver.
June 09, 2006

I loved you more than anyone can understand... and i will miss you alot. Please be with me to comfort me.

always yours

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Garon(garebear) you are a wonderful son and we love you so very much,and will miss you as long as we are on this earth our comfort comes from knowing you accepted the amazing grace of jesus the day you were saved.we will see you in heaven.love Dad Mom,jim