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Rita M. (Gadue) Smith 1930 - 2012
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July 27, 2015
Miss you Mom..
May 08, 2015
Happy Mother's Day Mom.. I miss you more than you know.. love you lots

March 26, 2015
I miss you and Dad so much... Brandon will be graduating in a couple months and I so wish you both were still here. Love ya
March 02, 2015
Hi mom I just wrote Dad a birthday message. I miss you both so much.. have a great birthday with him.. Love ya
February 08, 2015
Miss you so much!
December 16, 2014
well mom another christmas without you and dad, miss you both so much i know you will be with us in spirit and watching over all . love you both.
November 26, 2014
Love you Mom and miss you so much!!! Hugs to all
October 27, 2014
I miss you and Dad so much! Not a day goes by that I dont think about you two, love yous so much
September 11, 2014
Well mom your birthday is coming....I hope you have lots of cake..boy do I miss you...little things just make me tear you and miss you lots...happy happy birthday..xoxo
August 15, 2014
well gram we got to take Austin to his first Red Sox baseball camp he had a great time and cant wait to go again next year. so now trying to think how to save for it. you would be so proud of him. they both start back to school very soon. Hayden had a great time going to a lot of different places while Austin was in camp. we all miss you wish you was here talk to you soon love you
July 29, 2014
miss you and dad so much. love you Eddie
July 28, 2014
Mom I just wanted to say that I miss you and Dad so much. I can't believe that its been almost 2 years. Love you so much.
July 02, 2014
well gram its been a while. we are getting ready for the boys birthday and Austin just got a Scholarship to go to the Boston Red Sox Baseball camp. Should be fun for him and I think he will get a lot out of it. watch over us as we try we try and raise the money for him to go. You would be so proud of them they are getting so big. Austin has to go to the Middle school tomorrow for mid step. he will be moving in to the middle school this yr hayhay don't like it I think he is scared cause he wont have Austin with him for the first time. we will see how it goes. We went up to see you guys a couple aweeks ago. they boys put a game ball down for you they both signed it for you. they thought you would love it. well time to say hi to grandpa so love you and miss you lots.
June 03, 2014
well gram the boys are doing great in baseball Austin is really good at pitching. think he is going to have to pick which thing he wants to do. wish you could be here for a game but I know ur watching over them. me and kids and lisa went up and added something new stuff at your stone. miss u lots
May 13, 2014
Mom, Just wanted to say that I think about you & Dad everyday.. Love ya lots.
April 02, 2014
Well Mom the snow is slowly going. Can't wait then I can visit all of you. I miss you all so much. Love
March 06, 2014
well gram me and ernie made it another year.This year we are going back to foxwoods. I know bring you something Well this year you can go walk around and watch us there. hope you all up in haven had a great Brithday for Grandpa. We miss you both. wish the phone could reach up there. we had to say good bye to another family member on Ernies side boys are a little sad about it. but he is in a better place. God I miss you guys! I might be july before yards sales happen now we have so much snow. Miss u love you
January 23, 2014
Miss you and dad so much. Hugs and kisses
December 29, 2013
I miss you and Dad so much. Not a day goes
By that I dont think of you both.
Hugs and kisses
December 10, 2013
well gram Christmas is almost here. our tree went up I put your Angel on top like i have every year. I hear all the songs you would sing. Its been just over an year and it still feels like yest. to me. You was hear telling me all the things you need to get for the holiday seasons. The boyz miss you both very much. Love ya
November 27, 2013
Happy thanksgiving mom gonna miss making gravy for sure your whipping up your own.enjoy your day with dad and and skip love and miss you lots. Muahhh
November 25, 2013
hi gram well thanksgiving is almost here. we are shopping and getting things ready. I will be putting up the tree thur. night and i will be putting up the Angle again for the 13th christmas for us. I will be also putting a new ball on the tree with u and grandpas picture. miss you and love you hope you all have a great thanksgiving
November 19, 2013
well mom its been 1 year today that you left us to be with dad, skip and Debbie along with others. miss you all so very much. until we see each other again love you.
November 19, 2013
Hi gram well today you said good by to this world and but said hello to everyone in heaven that has been waiting for you. Its been a yr and we all still miss and think about you every day. until we see each other in heaven. Just know I love and miss you very much!
November 18, 2013
I can't believe it's been a year since you left us, although I know your very happy with Dad n Skip and others. I miss you so much not a day goes by that I dont think about all of you.
Love ya
October 29, 2013
Hey gram we went to see you the other day. hayahy cleaned up your stone. the boys will starting basketball soon wish you was here to watch them. miss you love ya
October 26, 2013
Mom Love you so much and miss you!
October 10, 2013
Mom I miss you and dad more and more everyday. Love you both lots:)
September 23, 2013
well mom dad has been gone 1 year tomorrow and it hurts so bad knowing that your day is coming to..please give loves to everyone..muahhhh love and miss you bunches
September 14, 2013
happy birthday to you,, love and miss you bunches... hope you have a wonderful day..xoxoxox
September 14, 2013
Happy birthday mom, I know you will have a fun day with dad and skip. We all miss you guys so much. Luv ya lots.

August 12, 2013
I can't believe its been almost a year since you left us, I miss you so much. If I had one wish and knew it would come true I would wish to bring you and dad back home. Love ya
August 07, 2013
hi mom.. just letting you know how much I miss and love you. your stone came out so beautiful and im glad that its there love and miss you so much ,, muahhhhh
July 17, 2013
well gram its been a long day! I miss you guys so much this is my first birthday with out u calling me and saying happy birthday! I keep looking at my phone thinking that your going to call me and say happy birthday! Well time to go love you
July 10, 2013
Mom just wanted to say hi, and let you know that I miss you and dad so much... its so hard. Well hugs and kisses until next time.
July 07, 2013
Hey gram hope you are having a great day in heaven. Well me and Ernie are getting ready to have the boys party this year is rock star theme. and we are getting ready to start up Sandlot for the kids. should be fun.
Me and ernie are just starting another craft store. should be fun we love making the soap and lip balm. we will see how that goes and i think hayhay is going to start making flies. well i guess time to do some cleaning or something i dont know love you talk to you real soon.
June 18, 2013
well baseball is over for hayhay he did great and Austin did great to. you would of loved to see them play. I hope you had a nice fathers day with grandpa. love you and miss u
June 08, 2013
miss you and love you so much gram. wish Austin luck he has his first playoff game tonight if the rain holds up. Hayhay also has a game he is doing great this year. I love you talk to you soon.
June 07, 2013
Mom I think about you and Dad everyday. I wish you both could come back us.. hugs and kisses Lisa
May 22, 2013
Mom i wish you were here with us i miss you so much and love you more than you could possibly imagine Eunice says hello to you and dad love and miss you so
May 20, 2013
Mom just wanted to say hi, and that I miss you soooooooooo much!!
May 12, 2013
happy mothers day to the greastest woman i know.. hope your getting the special treatment today.. love you and miss you lots,,
May 11, 2013
Well thanks for putting in the no rain thurs. austin did great. They lost but it was good. Well if you could get the rain to stop again today that would be great! We have games all day! Mothers day is tomorrow we all miss you lots hope you have a great day love you lots
May 10, 2013
Well Mom Mothers Day is in a couple days, and you know that I always buy you some new shirts, well I'm still gonna buy the shirts and guess what I will be wearing them and thinking of you when I wear them., Not that I don't think about you because I do every single day....... love and miss you lots Lisa
May 09, 2013
well mom mothers day is comming up, i wish you were still here ,i miss you so very much its so hard to beleave your gone. hugs and kisses
May 08, 2013
I. Miss you so much I wish you was you was sandy
May 08, 2013
I. Miss you. So much.I wish you was sandy
May 08, 2013
Hey Gram Hows it going? We miss you lots! Hayden Had his first game Sat. They Won! 9-8 he did really good. Austin ran the pitching machine for the Team. Austin has his first game tomorrow night. its his first time as a minor so should be fun. he might pitch and catch. Maybe you can put in a word for no rain up there for the game!
Mothers day is coming up its sure different your not here for that! well i guess i should go do some house work I miss you give everyone hugs love you
May 01, 2013
Mom just wanted to say that I think of you everyday!!! Love and Miss you so much.. Lisa
April 23, 2013
Happy Anniversary mom , hope you had a wonderful day. Love and miss you so much
April 23, 2013
happy anniversary mom....have a most amazing day with and miss you lots...muahhhhhhh
April 13, 2013
Hey Gram hows it going up there? Well the boys are getting ready for baseball. Austin is moving up to Minors he is going to be a Met this year and Ernie is coaching his team. I am going to stay down in the rookies with Hayhay. You would be so happy with them. They are both doing great in school and sports. I think this year if we have the money they are going to do baseball camp. Its different now that I am working back at a dunkins after 3 years on my own its hard to work for others but its ok I have more time with the family. Just wish you guys was around so I could still see you guys. but I know your watching us and yelling from heaven what we all need to hear. lol I just got home from work and was helping lisa with ringtones for her phone. Now waiting on the guys to get home ernie had to work today so he took the boys with him. The boys was talking about you guys. We are looking in to go to FL this Christmas and they asked me why every time we went someplace you would ask to have us bring you something back. I told them it was cause you didnt get to go very far. but now you are going all over watching us. Me and Ernie picked you up a sea shell I will be bring it to you next week on your ANN. God I miss you not a day goes by that I dont think about you and WIsh there was a phone to heave so we can talk. but I know you are getting this and I know your telling me not to cry right now but I cant help it. love you
April 13, 2013
Mom... Just wanted to say Love You And Miss You So Much!!!
April 04, 2013
I will aways. Miss. Mom and so much. It' hurts me a sandy.
March 31, 2013
happy Easter gram:-) we miss you. The boys got the choch. Bunny you love. Then boys got computer keyboard and targets to shoot. I bet ur up there making ham dinner. Wish we could be there for that. Some day we will love u talk to you soon. Kiss kiss
March 29, 2013
Well mom Easter is in a couple days and it's not gonna be the same since you and dad are not here, but i'm gonna do the best I can. Love youl and miss ya all.
March 24, 2013
hey gram its the week before Easter. We had Lisa,Dana and Brandon over today the guy went out back to shoot and me and Lisa played on mp3 players. I made some cookies you would of liked them. Hows things going up in heaven. I'm sure you guys are doing ok. Well time to put kids to bed. Love u give everyone hugs for us.:-)
March 18, 2013
hey gram we are in Portsmouth today. We took a ride to York beach to day go some shells. I thought of you as we was doing it. Thinking about what to bring you from our trip. So i hope the shell we put back makes it to you. Love you and miss you.
March 09, 2013
Well Mom I still miss you and Dad soooooooo much, I look at your pictures everyday And still can't believe your both gone. It's gonna be hard this summer when the boys go to Andover to play horseshoes and I can't go visit you guys. Well hugs and kisses until next time. Lisa
March 03, 2013
hope you and dad enjoyed his day today. I am sure you all had a great time having a birthday celebration with skip and debbie after all these years. Love you and miss you all.... kisses and hugs
March 03, 2013
Hey mom just wanted to say love you and miss you so much. I still wish I could bring you and dad back. It just stinks not having you both here.
March 03, 2013
Hello mom just sent a birthday wish to dad today i coulnt close without saying hello mom and i love and miss you and dad so much stopping by later till then i love you and dad Eddie
March 02, 2013
hi mom... i bet your getting ready to celebrate dads birthday hope your having cake,, i miss you so much and now i never take one minute for granted,, you and skip have fun with dad and make his day a special one for all of us,, muaahhh xoxox love and miss you
February 25, 2013
Well we watched the datona race yesterday, Jeff didn't win this one, jimmy did, but jeff will get the next one. Well gotta go love ya and miss you
February 10, 2013
February 06, 2013
miss you mom love you
February 05, 2013
Hey Gram, Wish you was around to talk to. Miss you. Having a day that i wish i could hear your voice. I know your up there looking down on me telling me what you think. maybe you can come to me tonight and tell me what you think.
love you
February 02, 2013
Mom I miss you and dad so much. I wish their was magic that would bring you both back. Well give everyone hugs for me and I will write again soon. Love you all
January 28, 2013
HI gram its been a little while. Sorry we have been sick and just out doing everything. I Miss you guys but you knew that! thanks for coming to see me in my dreams the other night. It was Nice to see you and Grandpa. You both looked so happy. I know people dont always believe their dreams but I do. I know that you guys come and check up on us. It does make me cry when I wake up cause I dont want our visit cut short. but it was still nice to talk about the weather and old stories I forgot. Well I guess I should get work done and I still have to go say Hi to Grandpa. Love you see you in my dreams! Ps keep sing Pasty!
January 23, 2013
well mom its been a rough few months, i miss you and dad so much. i wish we could of had more time together . dad going then you it was truely way to much. i love and miss you. xoxoxox
January 23, 2013
January 13, 2013
Miss you and dad so much. Think about you both everyday.
December 31, 2012
I miss you and dad so much. It's hard everyday knowing that I can't call to talk to yous. Love ya lots Lisa
December 26, 2012
well mom christmas was yesterday. it was not the same we miss you and dad so much. i know you's were whacthing over all of us.
December 25, 2012
Well Mom it's Xmas day and I couldn't sleep at all last night thinking about you and Dad. How you's should still be here with all of us. But I am gonna hve Xmas with my family and try to be happy. Love you and miss you so much!!
December 24, 2012
Merry Christmas gram. We miss you lots. Tonight would be the night that we would come see you. I know a few went to your grave to see you. We went away with the kids. Is been a long road we miss you so much. I know your with us:-) hope that you guys have a great Christmas I will be thinking about you tomorrow. Love you
December 23, 2012
well mom christmas is but 2 days away and i sit here at the trailer looking around dads empty chair and your not walking around humming the christmas music i cant help but feel empty but i do know that you couldnt be without dad on the holidays so i know your happy so i wish you a merry christmas and i love you xoxoxoxoxoxoxo
December 17, 2012
Mom like everyone else is saying I still can't believe that you and Dad are both gone. I know you to are happy to be together but I am still having a hard time every day I wake up knowing that I can't call to see how you both are doing. Miss you so much and love ya lots! Lisa
December 16, 2012
well mom your missing the first snow fall and i listened to your favorite christmas song,, blue xmas well its going to be a blue xmas without you and dad,, and skip,, but i will have a picture of you sitting next to us xmas morning so i know you will be here,, im sure you and dad will be making your rounds xmas morning,,love and miss you xoxoxoxox
December 15, 2012
well mom its a week away before christmas and im really missing you and dad. i cant beleave you"s are not going to be here, its not going to be the same. i took a small christmas tree up to your graves and will put lights on it the day before. love and miss you both.
December 02, 2012
mom its so hard to beleave your gone. we all miss you and dad so much i find myself trying to reach for phone to call. i go to grave site and sit and remember all the good times ,cookouts, reunions, ect: its hard. i know deep down inside you are happy to be with dad, skip, debbir. we all will be together again until then we will be ok. we all made a promise to help each other and go on with life... love you"s and miss ya"s
December 01, 2012
well mom went to the cemetery today to visit you and dad as you know it was very hard i still cant go without a breakdown i miss you two so much i know i sound like a baby but i am and i miss my mommy and daddy
December 01, 2012
May you rest in Peace in Heaven, you will be missed.
December 01, 2012
mom i know your happy back with dad, skip, debbie but i have a major empty spot now . miss you"s so much. its hard to beleave your gone. i visit the grave often and just sit there. and remember all the good times the reunions , cookouts its not the same now. love you and miss ya . until we meet again.xoxoxoxoxox
November 30, 2012
mom i miss you more and more every day dealing with losing you is almost unbearable
November 28, 2012
Well today i listen to waiting on a women a few times cause it makes me think of you and grandpa. I miss you a lot. i find myself thinking about calling and checking up on you or texting lisa to see if you have are having a good day. Not a Day goes by I dont think of you guys. I have been going through my pictures more and more these pase few months.then i think about what was going on during that time. I love you and miss you lots!tell everyone I love them! Talk to you again soon!
November 27, 2012
mom after caring for you and dad all this time i am lost i miss you two so much but i do have winnie and oreo to care for and i promise i will so you enjoy catching up with dad deb and skip and dont worry about us (even though i know you are)we will be ok love and miss you till we see each other again xoxoxo
November 26, 2012
Well Mom as everyone else is telling you we miss you very much! And everyday we all want to pick up the phone to call and say hi. It's very hard, but we know that you, Dad, Deb and Skip are all together. We will be okay! But will never stop loving, & missing all of you's... Lisa
November 26, 2012
mom,, its been a week today and i am lost without you,,, i wanted today to pick up the phone and call you,,im sure you are dancing on the clouds with everyone there and im sure your sad without us kids,, but we made a promise to each other that we will remain strong for each other and we will keep us together.. i love you mom and i miss you so much,, give dad and skip, and debbie loves for me,, til we see each other again,, muahhhhh xoxoxo
November 25, 2012
mom, we all miss you already so much... you will always be loved but never be forgotten... I know you are happy now that you are back with dad,skip,debbie,gram and gramp. Every yard sale I see I will always try to stop just for you because that is what you would want. And when i find that perfect cane i will make sure i put Johnny and Turks name on it and finish the job for you :}

We all miss you and love you so.. til we meet again...

Love Kim, Turk, Ashley and Bryan
November 21, 2012
mom you have gone but will never be forgotten. i love you with all my heart. i know your happy to be back with dad and skip,debbie. until we meet again which im sure you"s will be waitting to guide us when our time comes. give hugs & kisses to all that have gone .
November 21, 2012
mom i cant believe your gone.i love you and miss you linda
November 21, 2012
Well gram I know you happy now that your with grandpa and skip and deb again. It was sad to know that your not here with us anymore. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and as all of us do things it will be hard not to call you in the morning to say happy thanksgiving and coming up in the evening to see you. I'm sure grandpa has you cooking that ham and turkey up there. Give everyone a big kiss and tell them all I miss them. Until wee see each other again. I love you very much.
November 21, 2012
Mom.... you are now with the love of your life. We love you and we will all miss you and Dad so much.
Lisa, Dana & Brandon
November 21, 2012
mom may you be dancing on that big cloud with dad and skip and debbie, you will be missed dearly ,, i love you and i know someday you will be waiting there for us ,, til we meet again ,, i love you and miss you already
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