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Jack Davison
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October 26, 2013
Six months have passed since Dad left us and I'm finally able to go through pictures and share them here. Enjoy the happy memories. I love you Daddy
August 02, 2013
I played football under Jack at Groton in 1955 and remember him clearly, with admiration and affection. He was utterly honest, utterly dedicated, utterly fair, and a real role model for me, both as a coach and as a friend. I did not know of his passing until today, and I send deep condolences to Diana and the children, from many years ago.
May 31, 2013
As mentioned so many ways, Jack was able to maximize each individual student athlete's performance through direct feed back and encouragement. His legacy continues in all the hearts he touched. RIP
May 29, 2013
Teaching and coaching without ego or prejudice is an art. He put everything he had into our football teams and it only made us better. He will be missed.
May 22, 2013
Coach Davison as been my hero for over 50 years. He was my football coach for three years in the late 50's, and always inspired our teams to perform better than we thought possible. He drove us to perform at our very best -- because he knew what it would mean to us if we gave it our all. Although he was a demanding coach, we knew how much he cared for us. Our team was able to honor him in 2010 at our 50th reunion, and, typically, he was somewhat embarrassed by all the attention. He was a true inspiration, role model, and beloved friend. Save a place for me on your team in heaven!
May 04, 2013
I had the pleasure of having Coach Davison as both my coach and teacher. He was truly inspirational and was such a positive influence on so many of us. Those of us who played for him learned to give all we had and a little bit more. Those who were taught by him were inspired by the insights that he brought to us in some many different ways. He was gruff and demanding but anyone who knew him well knew that this was just his way of getting the most out of you. He will be missed by all knew him and perhaps by some who never met him - my own children know stories of Coach Davison and some of his favorite sayings.
May 01, 2013
For each of us, dying is not life's greatest tragedy. Rather it's living without knowing and giving our greatest gift. Meaning, that unique combination of talents, temperment and character in each of us that makes us different. Perhaps that giving is the most important reason we are put on this earth at all. Jack Davidson leaves us having given 100% of himself and the unique talents and gifts God endowed him with. These letters suggest that we all benefitted in some way from his unselfish and enthusiastic triumph of the human spirit. I wouldn't miss him because if I close my eyes and think about him, I can still feel him standing in front of me.
April 30, 2013
Jack is an inspiration to humanity. He is the living and shining definition of what every man, young and old alike should strive to become....loving, passionate, strong, sensitive, honest, respectful, thoughtful ...the list goes on.

Jack is walking with angels...though he always acted like he was among them he actually gets to see them and touch them with his hands and they can thank him face to face for the work that he did as he walked on this earth...then they will deliver him to the God that he loved so much and taught us so much about...and he will behold the glory of Him who he served so faithfully.

I already miss him though I hadn't seen him in years and I look forward to seeing him again when he'll put his hand on my shoulder, look me in the eye and say " ya see? I knew you could do's all about the's all about confidence and believing that you can."

I ask that our Father in Heaven will comfort his family and the hearts of the thousands that he touched with his spirit.
April 30, 2013
A great coach and a better person. Rest in peace Coach Davison
April 30, 2013
Jack taught us so much more than football when he coached. We are all so lucky to have had him in our lives.
April 30, 2013
I was a member of the team the first year Coach came to Darien. He changed the way the players approached the game and for me personally the way I viewed life. He was a very inspirational man and I am a better person for having had him in my life.

God bless Coach and his family.
April 30, 2013
When you look back in your life there are just a few people, besides your parents, who made a true difference in who you are today. Coach Davison was one of those people in my life. He was inspirational, a true motivator, and educator, and above all, a gentlemen. I am eternally grateful for his influence when I was a young man playing football at DHS. God bless him and his family
April 30, 2013
One of the most inspiring history teachers I ever had, I credit Jack Davison with inspiring me to study history and political science in college. I still tell my kids about his classes - how he made history come alive in a way very few high school teachers were willing or able to do. For example, demonstrating the causes of WWI by having the class divide up into various alliances; learning about the muckrakers of the early 1900's by having us read Upton Sinclair's "The Jungle"; arranging discounted tickets to the Darien movie theater so we could see "The Deer Hunter" when studying the Vietnam War. I was his student 34 years ago and I still remember him vividly. Rest in Peace, Mr. Davison. Let us hope your legacy lives on.
April 30, 2013
Never had him as a coach, but as a teacher, he was second to none. The 10-15 pages term papers were turned around overnight into a mass of red ink and highlights matched with many words of encouragement. His passion for history and his gift for conveying it to students was probably matched only by these same qualities for football that endeared him to his players.
April 29, 2013
A class act with an amazing ability to motivate and positively drive teenagers to perform at their best level . A true gift to us all. Thanks Coach
April 29, 2013
Jack was a coach, mentor, and friend. His influence was far greater than what he taught us on the football field. A true original. R.I.P. Jack.
April 29, 2013
I was lucky enough to be taught and coached by Jack Davison. 99% of the players who played for him consider him, after their fathers, the most revered man in their lives. He wore a little cap and football pants with no pads as his everyday coaching uniform. Gruff, incredibly intense, and impeccably fair, his pregame speeches are remembered almost verbatim 25 years later. Emotional roller coasters about teamwork, destiny, focus, and perspective. High school students with virtually no exposure to spirituality had no trouble recognizing that we were in the presence of a true master.

We had a 25th reunion of a championship team a few years ago and he came. He wasn't even going to speak to the group (“this isn't about me, ” he said, in the gravelly, humble and wise voice of his) but was convinced to. Starting slowly with his characteristic profound pauses, he gained steam. He didn't talk about the stars of the team or the victories, but instead about how disappointed he was for the guys that didn't play much or had gotten hurt. He single out a gutsy team that came a few years after us that had come back from a 0-4 start to finish 5-4. Championships didn't matter to him, finding your heart did. He is loved.
Tom Kelley
Darien Class of 81
April 29, 2013
Thank You Coach and Thank You Davison Family. I was a member of the Darien High Football Team in 1979. The life lessons that Jack taught me guide me in all aspects of my life to this day, and are lessons that I try to share with my children and the children that I teach and coach now as a volunteer. He will always be a hero for me.
April 28, 2013
I was blessed to have Jack as an advisor,teacher and coach.Later in life when hiring teachers for the schools I was running, I would look for the intelligence, commitment, passion and idealism Jack possessed. The world has lost a great man. I send my deepest sympathy to the Davison family and thank Diana for sharing this remarkable man with the rest of us.
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