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Gary Carter

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April 27, 2017

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April 27, 2017

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
August 04, 2012
July 31, 2012
May Gods Peace and Love sustain you during this difficult time. Ps 55:22
July 14, 2012
After posting my statement to the guestbook, I read all the postings from fans, friends, associates, etc. and saw that my experience with Gary was the same throughout Canada and the United States. Whether it was a brief meeting or an ongoing relationship or in my case a couple of hours at a corporate dinner function. Gary was genuine to all that he came upon. After my post, I went and found my pic with Gary and scanned it to post in the guest book. I feel very fortunate to have had a fraction of of Gary and be in the company of that infectious spirit.
July 12, 2012
To the Carter Family,

I first met Gary at the 2005 ADT/NBC Golf Skills Championship Banquet. Gary was there along with many other sports/entertainment celebrities that would play the next day in The ADT pro/am Celebrity Tournament. I had not realized that Gary was sitting directly behind me until he stood and was recognized. Out of the roughly 24 celebrities there it was Gary that I wanted to meet and have a picture taken with. I don't remember if I knew of Gary before the 86' World Series or not, because I was to be emblazoned with Gary's playing personality from that time on. Whether it was his batting performance, his amazing fielding, or probably his playing spirit that would not only effect his teammates, the New York fans and the rest of baseball aficionados throughout the country. The 6th game of the 1986 World Series Game is one of the most talked games in the modern era. Gary would be the catalyst for that game with his two out rally single and how he willed his teammates one by one to move him home.

I very sheepishly walked over to Gary and told him that he was my most favorite player of all time and could I get a picture with him. To my surprise Gary took my camera and gave it to one of his table mates and through his arm around me. I knew then that that pic would be a favorite. In 2006 at the same ADT event I could not imagine my fortune when Gary would be my tables 'celebrity' for the evenings dinner. Normally I would have to share conversation with the tables celebrity with 9 other people at the 10 person roundtop. But that night several ADT Dealers assigned to sit with us were weathered in a early November snow storm. With just four people sitting at our table and I don't believe that the couple sitting with us were baseball fans, I would have virtually the next two hours side by side with Gary. Gary had remembered me from the year before and treated me like one of his former teammates. Having played local amateur ball for thirty years, Gary by the end of the night had me feeling like I truly was one of his former peers and teammate. Living in the Brevard County area, Gary stated that his PSL Mets played in Brevard in the FSL. Gary told me that if I came to a game he would sign the pic taken in 2005 and have a quick beverage after the game. Unfortunately, Gary would not be back to manage the PSL Mets. Gary had given me the address for his foundation in case we didn't hook up in Melbourne. I had hopes that would see Gary at future ADT events but with the slowdown of the economy ADT would cut back on its dealer invites. I never did send that picture in for Gary to sign and not happy with myself for procrastinating.

My sincerest condolences to your family, may he rest in peace until the day all the dead are resurrected.

Jerry Robinson
Cocoa Beach, Florida
July 03, 2012
You are one of very few athletes that are worthy of being looked up to and emulated. Thank you for the memories and the championship, and for setting good examples.
June 23, 2012
May 12, 2012
May 07, 2012
I at one time lived just a few houses away from the Carters on Huntly Dr. My family was new to the area and the Carter family were one of the fitst to make us feel welcome. Especially at the time my teenage son. It amazed him that a famous athlete actually knew his name. Gary would play ball with the kids on the street shouting ''watch out for the knees". He was just fun!! My heart aches for his family. He will be missed.
Beverly C.
May 02, 2012
i am big fan of mlb and seen the 1986 world series. he was very good catcher. God bless carter family through this time. Memories we have when we loss our loveones. one day we meet them in heaven. r.i.p. gary carter!
April 05, 2012
I fixed Mr. Carter a Denver omelet when he came in the Siesta Key Denny's in Sarasota in 97. Took it to him and met him personally. What a kind man he was to me. I will always remember that and him scoring in the world series against Boston. My prayers are with the family.

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