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Bryan Scott Reid II
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April 06, 2016
Hi Bryan I miss u a lot, I wish we had more time to just sit around and shoot the crap. I miss just stopping in once in a while. I guess we will have time to catch up some day. I love pops.
March 20, 2016
Dear Bryan I was thinking about you lately,time is going by so fast that it seems like yesterday you where here. Life here isn't the same without you. I wonder what you would be doing if you were still here ? I think you would be living in your own home and playing with baby doll Sandra. She's getting so big, Your brother is doing very well, moving up in his job and he does such great work, Iam sure you are watching,but it feels good to write these words to you. Your sister is doing well also and back to teaching,shes so good at that. As for your mom shes doing well to, to much paper work this time of year though,LoL. Oh I forgot, Blair's working on your car. Can't wait to see it all done. But in do time. Even your moms working on it. How cool is that. Mommoms doing well to,and she misses you to. Well gonna go. Keep watching over us from Heaven. I send my love and always miss you ,until we meet in Heaven. Love. Aunt Chris
September 11, 2015
My Dear Bryanthings are changing here so fast. Time is flying by. Your sweet little niece is growing so fastso wish you were still here. Brandi & I finally went to Hershey ! We kept remembering all the times we were together n all the crazy rides ! The hats ! Blair has Blue almost ready for the road ! Your Falcon is just getting startedI keep picturing you telling me I just can't wait to drive it !! I love you & miss youtil we are together. Love Mommy
March 23, 2015
just can't find any words .Love & Miss you so muchLove Mommy
March 21, 2015
Hi Bryan Its that time of year again, spring time you know. Just checking in to say hello , and to let you know that I have seen the signs that you've sent from Heaven, with your hello back, keep a watchful eye out for your Brother and Sister and that new baby girl Sandra, wish you where here to see her grow up.But I know you will keep an eye on her from heaven. some day soon we'll see you again,but until then we must travel on our paths that God leads us to . Keep on shining kid, Love You always and forever .
Aunt Chris & Mommom
December 25, 2014
Merry Christmas, Bryan It's been another year gone by, without you here with us, it's hard sometimes to believe it's been that long. You should have been at your Mom's making some kind of food, and laughing and getting in those family photo's you know the one's you all love! ha ha! I know you are with the Lord and I hope you get a chance to look down and see us all every once and awhile. I look up and hope you can see me from heaven. love you always your favorite Aunt Chris
November 26, 2014
Hi Bryan, another Thanksgiving tomorrow without you…so sad. One of your fav holidays , all about family and eating good food ! Mommom n Snuggies n Aunt Chris,Uncle Paul,Holly, Ryan,Wendy,Jess,Jake,and of course Brandi n Matt and the baby. Your baby sister is getting so round ! We all pray GOD will allow you to visit or at least peek in on us tomorrow and always. We all miss you terribly ! I love you so much ! love Mommy
September 28, 2014
Hey Bryan it's sure been to long since we've spoke, like your Mom said so much to say when we get together again in Heaven, until then I'll watch for your little signs that you are watching over us you always. Aunt Chris
September 26, 2014
Hey Kid whats new n exciting ? So much to share when we are together again ! Two years & two days since you went to Heaven….Love You Forever….Mommy
September 03, 2014
Its been just about two years now and still missing you, hope you always know how much you are missed here.But knowing we'll all be together one day helps. Keep showing me you are watching over us all with your little signs that you give us.Stop by anytime in our dreams to.Love always
Aunt Chris
July 30, 2014
Bryan …never felt the deep hurt I feel til we had to say goodbye to you that beautiful September day. I know we will be together again just not sure when. To say I miss you is such an understatement ! My whole world has changed. Sometimes I feel your presence as if you are her with me. Keep visiting. Always in my heart, I love you forever !!!! Mommy
July 20, 2014
Dear Bryan It's been almost 2 years since you've been gone. we all still miss you very much. sure wish there was a way to just call you and say Hi, but as you know we can't. so for now we pray to God and ask him to tell you the things we can't tell you our selves.We have seen the rainbows sent from Heaven to show us you are there.You keep watching over us and soon we'll all be together again. Love you always as if you where our own son. Love Aunt Chris and Uncle Paul
June 23, 2014
Hey Kid….whats new n exciting ? I can't believe how long its been since …..we all miss u so very much ! The pain of not being able to be together is so deep n crushing. I love you forever….Mommy
March 20, 2014
Hi Bryan First day of spring today. Just miss you so much. Blair & Brandi miss you, its so hard I see it in their eyes....nothing I can do. Like the song you sung..Lord I can't make any changes. I pray Lacey has found you by now. I love you so much !!! Mommy
March 05, 2014
I was just thinking and missing you being here with us. sure wish we could talk.
Love always Aunt Chris
February 08, 2014
Hi Bryan I was thinking of you. sure wish you where here. We had a ice storm and it was crazy.

Send me a sign to say hello every once in awhile to let me know you are watching. Love you and miss you.
January 07, 2014
Hi Bryan... can't believe another New Year ...miss you all the time...never stops...a big part of me went with you....I feel you here with us at times.....keep visiting in our dreams...Brandi n Blair miss you so much also...I see the pain in their eyes...but ....we will be reunited in Heaven. I Love You Forever n Always ! Mommy
December 25, 2013
Hi our 2nd Christmas away from each other....I just miss you so much...always ! I Love You....Merry Christmas ! Mommy
December 25, 2013
Hi Bryan We all missed you last night and today. I hope you could look down on use and feel our love for you . WE all could feel your energy around us as we all where together for Christmas.I hope you liked the car I left you in your bedroom. If only it could travel in time. But until we see each other in Heaven we will all miss you like crazy. Keep watching over us and give a sign we'll be watching for them.Love always Aunt Chris
December 03, 2013
Hi Bryan so wish we could talk....miss our discussions on everything and nothing ! our second Thanksgiving apart and Christmas almost here! It hurts so bad sometimes...I can't stand it....but I can't change anything . I love you so much.... the tears are always there ....Love Mommy
November 28, 2013
So Bryan it's been over a year since we've talked. I miss your visits at any hour of the day. Your smile and laughter,miss you always and forever until I see you in Heaven.

Love you Mommom and Snuggies
November 28, 2013
Happy Thanksgiving

Love You Always

Aunt Chris & Uncle Paul
November 26, 2013
well Bryan I still miss you very much.Its going to be another Thanksgiving and another Christmas without you here.I guess you could see that Uncle Paul almost left us too.But thanks to God he's gonna be here for many years to come,wish we would have had a happy ending for you.But I guess the Lord needed you more.Hope you can see us and know how much we all love you still . Happy Thanksgiving
Love Always Aunt Chris
November 25, 2013
So I was helping my Mom clean out some stuff at her house yesterday and found a bunch of old pictures of us. The memories sure did come flooding back. Miss you.
October 14, 2013
Hey Kid.....damn...this is so hard...miss you so much ! Sorry I didn't write on your birthday or 9/24 . I didn't forget,hope you had a great birthday...I love you so much...Brandi n Blair miss you terribly. Did you make that Flux Capacitor yet ? Wanna go back in time it all again ! So hard ...we always talked about everything...Love You Forever ! Mommy P.S. just like the song you sang...Lord I can't make any changes.... sure wish I could...
September 25, 2013
Missin you Bryan ! I always think about you .. and I know your watching over blair and barb and brandi and everyone else you loved ... cant wait to see you again and catch up .. maybe REDLINE !!! Youve touched so many hearts and i might not have known you all my life but the time I did get to bond with you making inside jokes and goofing around ... ive never seen you without a smile ! You were always so kind and genuinely good hearted ! Very rare nowadays ... miss you bryan !!!! Xo
September 24, 2013
Good kid gone to soon missed so much this day you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers love you
September 24, 2013
Bryan its been a year now today since you had to go.I miss you so much.I think about the last time we talked, it was in your Mom's driveway Aug of last year Mommom and I just came back from taking Wendy to college. I wish I would have known that was our last talk I would have stayed longer.But you know when you drive for 15 hours you get tired. I go to the diner in Honeybrook and think of you.You are always in my heart and my thoughts every day.Miss you and Love always.

Aunt Chris
September 22, 2013
Hey Bryan,
I miss you so much, I know you were at brandi wedding in soul but you should of been their in person. I needed someone to get in trouble with!:) Theirs so many plans we made that we never went through with cuss we thought we had forever, u will always be in my heart and ill see you on the other side!
September 21, 2013
Hi Bryan been thinking of you often It's been almost a year I am worried about ur Mom keep sending her ur love n give her signs letting her know that ur happy with ur new life You r loved by so many I hope u. Still have that smile btw Blair also has a smile that I love to see...Keep smiling on ur loved ones!!!
September 16, 2013
Hey kid...whats new n exciting ? I imagine all the adventures your on n I so can't wait to hear about them all ! We can sit on the porch n tell each other stories like we used to...miss that allot. Time is going so fast...our lives keep changing...its so hard being without your beautiful smile n deep laughter. Brandi n Matt are married I know you know. Blair is off n traveling all over with his new job ! Im happy for him n his new adventures n Brandi n Matts new adventures....guess all 3 of you are following GODs plans . Been having a rough patch with it coming up on a year since you rode your Harley to Heaven . I can't wait to see you n hug you ! I pray our Father in Heaven lets you peek in on us all...I Love You Forever...remember I told you when we colored Easter eggs ....our last Easter here all matter how old you are will always be my Baby Boy...Mommys Lil Man. Love Always ....Mommy......p.s. ....keep visiting us in our dreams ...
September 09, 2013
My Sweet very soul aches for you....your baby sister Brandi is married now and Blair has grown so much...we all miss n love you...Brandi n Matts wedding was beautiful ....the only thing missing was you....Mommy
September 07, 2013
Dear Bryan
I hope you saw through the windows of Heaven today Brandi and Matt's wedding. It was very nice and I know you would have had a great time.I felt you where with us in spirit and in our hearts.Miss you so much.Oh and I was in your truck and it feels like you are there sitting right with us.Miss you Love you always.
Aunt Chris
August 20, 2013
Bryan, you are one of the most beautiful souls that has ever stepped foot in my life. Every day that passes goes by so fast but yet so slow without you in it. I'll love you for the rest of my life and all eternity after that. Until we meet again...
August 15, 2013
I was thinking of you today. wondering what you are doing in heaven. Hoping you get these messages.all of us miss you and can't wait to see you again. Love always Aunt chris
July 03, 2013
Just wanted to say missing you. I wish you where here last weekend.We had a grad. party for Jake. Missed you there,nothing is ever gonna be the same.we love you and miss you.

Love from your Family
June 08, 2013
Bryan we all miss you so much.....keep expecting you to show up here at home....but I imagine your waiting on us to show up at our Heaven Home.... where we will be together forever...I Love You Mommy
June 06, 2013
Well it's been along time since I've seen you. You where called home way to soon. There isn't a day that go's by that I don't think of you.I just hope that you knew that you where like a son to me and Uncle Paul and there isn't a day that go's by that we don't miss you and the way you would say when you came over,whats going on? I really miss that.I hope you hear me when I pray and say hello and ask what's going on? Hugs and Kisses to you.
Love you always
Aunt Chris and Uncle Paul
May 12, 2013
My Dear Son I cannot find the words because there are none that can put into words the pain of not having you here....I ache to my very soul for your presence...... I have to push you from my thoughts but never from my soul .....just so I remember to breathe n remember that I'm still earthbound n have more to do before I can join you .. love you forever .....Mommy
May 11, 2013
was thinking of you today.
love you
aunt chris
May 05, 2013
Dear Bryan
Not a day go's by that I don't think of you and still think of you coming in on your bike. Snuggie's still listens for you too. Sure wish we could talk,but know it will have to wait.Love and miss you always.
Love Mommom and Snuggie
May 05, 2013
I just added some photos. You Boys where always having fun. Sure wish you where here to have more. But I know you had to go. please watch over us as we go on. Love you and miss you always
love Aunt Chris
April 23, 2013
Bryan..... Love n miss you ....Mommy
April 16, 2013
Hi Bryan
It's been just about 7 month since you went home. We all still miss you,but know you are well. Your Brother is 21 now and your Mom had a party. It wasnt the same without you.But we all felt you there in our hearts.Blair broke out the hackie sack and we all tried to play. Not very well I might say. Except for Blair you taught him well.Wish you where there but I know you can't anymore.So I'll look to the sky and know you are watching over us all. Love you always your favorite aunt. Hugs and Kisses
Aunt Chris
March 31, 2013
Happy Easter Bryan...we all miss you so much! Wish you were here to make us smile and be happy the way we were last Easter. I miss you so much but I know your with us. Brandi and Blair remind me so much of you ! So hard.... want so much to sit on front porch with you and share stories......I Love You kid !!!! Mommy
March 27, 2013
so today I was thinking about you as I do every day since you went home. I listened to a message you sent your Mom. Just hearing you talk was so good and sad at the same time. I look at pictures and see you smileing. I guess its never gonna be the same. I remember when we'd have gatherings and all would wait for you to come in and all of you six would all just light up with happiness. I know we must move forward and we are. Just not as happy as we all once where. Love you Always
Aunt chris
March 27, 2013
Dear Bryan
Missing you all of the time. Your my guardian angel always. Love you
mommom and fat puppy
March 22, 2013
miss you all the time
March 06, 2013
Words can't describe how much I miss you. Time will help ease the pain, but the pain will never really go away. A piece of my heart left with you the day you went home. I look forward to the day when we can play music together again. In the meantime I have to just keep practicing.
March 04, 2013
Dear Bryan
It's been five months now since you left us.We all miss you very much.I wish there was away to visit you,but I know thats not gonna happen until it's my turn to come home with you in Heaven.So in the mean time we keep trying to move foreward and except your not here with us. It's been very hard on us all. Your Mom the most. So when you get a chance to check in on all of us.Paint us a picture and sing us a song and we will know you are near.
Love Always
Aunt Chris & Mommom
February 14, 2013
Hi Bryan just wanted to say miss you and love you.Happy Valentines Day. Love Aunt Chris
January 24, 2013
Hi Bryan So it's been 4 months since you went home to be with our Lord. We still miss you,but know you are well.The hardest part is not seeing your smile and hearing your laughter. Our chain will been broken until we all meet in heaven someday. Until then we'll go on,but still miss you greatly. Love always Aunt chris and Your family
January 20, 2013
January 20, 2013
" Hey kid !" " What's new n exciting ? " I miss that..... can u believe 2013 ? A whole new year.... hurts all the time.....Love You Forever..... Mommy
December 30, 2012
Love always

Mommom & Fat puppy
December 29, 2012
My wonderful son ... we miss you so much... the holidays were so hard without you.... i miss your smile n laughter ! Love you forever ! Mommy
December 28, 2012
So our first Christmas without you Bryan has come and gone.It was very strange you weren't there with us.I believe it will never be the same.You are so much part of our family that without you there is always something missing.But we will keep moving forward and we'll be all in Heaven and all together again. Until then we'll remember the good times and keep your memory with us all.
Love & miss you

Aunt Chris and Your Family
November 28, 2012
Just thinking about you and missing you a lot.Love always.
Mommom & Aunt chris
November 23, 2012
Dear Bryan
We had a nice time at your Mom's.I know you are proud of us getting together and having thanksgiving .Wish we would have done this before.But we didn't and we can only move forward.I know you would have enjoyed this as much as we did.Love you and miss you.
Love Aunt Chris
We felt you there with us in spirit.
November 19, 2012
My Dear Bryan.... It has been 8 weeks today since you went to Heaven.... my heart and soul ache for you...I miss you so much I struggle to breathe.... I Love You Forever with All My Heart ... Mommy
November 14, 2012
My sweet Bryan "Boo Boo" I miss you and your beautiful smile ! My heart and soul ache for you... my life will never be the same without you... Love you so much ! Love Mommy
November 11, 2012
To my dear grandson.We had 30 years together and I treasure every minute that we had together.You where taken from us to soon.But I do know you are happy with our father in heaven,but I still miss you dearly. God blessed me with all six of my Grand children and you where my first.Now you are our Angel in heaven watching over us all.
Love you always Mommom & Fat Puppy
November 10, 2012
I was so blessed to have you as a cousin/brother for the past 21 years of my life. Each time we spent together I cherish and will never forget. I miss you so much and think about you all the time; no matter what the task, it always some how brings you up in my mind. I can't wait until we get to see each other again someday in heaven. It seems like it will take so long, but time flashes before us and as you know, it can end so quickly. God had a bigger plan for you though and he needed you in heaven more than he needed you on earth.
I remember the time you taught me "Knockin on Heavens Door," now you are knocking at heavens door and you get to see what's on the other side. And soon we will all be on that other side with you.
November 09, 2012

Showing our Love for you.

Uncle Paul & Aunt Chris
November 09, 2012
Dear Bryan I miss you so much.There isn't a day go's by I don't think of you and your smiling face.I wish I would had spent more time with you now that you are all grown up.But life's stuff just seemed to get in the way. But I will always remember the times we did have.Especially our family Christmas Eves.Oh and the pictures.You know the Dolly Pardon hat one. It is priceless.Love and miss you forever until we meet in Heaven. Aunt Chris
November 09, 2012
I love you & miss you tons...
November 08, 2012
November 07, 2012
My sweet son Bryan.. I will never be able to put into words the pain of loosing you so sudden.... each day seems to hurt more.. I miss your beautiful smile ... your wisdom beyond your years... the laughter with Brandi and Blair.... your voice ... your guitar and singing.... I never thought you would go to Heaven first.... it should have been me first ... Im taking one day at a time because I cannot bear to think about my life without you! Save a good seat for me Boo Boo ! We will be together in Heaven... I LOVE YOU FOREVER !!.. Mommy
October 12, 2012
And I came home-Like a stone-And fell heavy into your arms
September 30, 2012
Always will remember your smile and that pretty blue motorcycle
September 28, 2012
god what a shock. My thoughts are with the family today. I remember the rides I would give him home from Whitford when he was without a license. We would take about a lot of different things and he helped me understanding the youth of today. I miss you will remember you for sometime to come.
September 28, 2012
Bryan, though we hadn't seen each other in years, I never forgot how close we were when you first moved to Twin Valley. You were a great friend, one with whom I'd talk on the phone daily, about nothing and everything. I'm so sad that you had to leave the family and friends that you've always loved. I know that you are as great an addition to Heaven as you are a loss to Earth. I also know that we'll be friends again one day.
Love always,
September 27, 2012
Our hearts go out to the Reid family. You are in our thoughts and prayers as you deal with this difficult time! Remember to lean on God through the toughest times as he will carry you when you are too weak to walk.
September 27, 2012
you were one of the most genuine and sincere people that i have ever met and i miss you was an honor to get to be your friend.
September 27, 2012
We were saddened to hear of our cousin Bryan's passing on Monday. I remember Bryan as a boy who was always smiling and into cars, trucks and cycles. Bryan grew up into a fine young man and although I hadn't seen him as often as when he was younger,he was very sweet and comforting when we talked at my father's funeral earlier this year. I'm sorry I hadn't gotten to know you more, Bryan, in your adult years, but one day we'll be able to talk each other's ears off! Rest In Peace, Dear Bryan
September 27, 2012
Deeply missed but never forgotten..yu will always b in my heart <3
September 27, 2012
Our deepest sympathies go out to Blair and his family during this difficult time. After reading the beautiful obituary about Bryan, we know God got a wonderful soul. Kendal often mentioned how incredible and loving your family is, and we want you to know that you are all in our thoughts and prayers. Love, Steve & Kristin Warren
September 27, 2012
Bryan we had the best times when we were younger you and your sister were my best friends and considered my cousins as we grew older we didn't see as much of each other as we should have but your always in my heart and I will love you always
September 27, 2012
September 27, 2012
September 27, 2012
Bryan. I know we weren't very close as we grew up but when we were younger we have so much memories at the house on Sandy Hill Rd. I know we drifted apart as we got older but no matter what i still love you your still family. You will forever be in my heart! There wont be a day that goes by that i wont be thinking about you. I'm sure you will be okay your with Poppop Reid and my dad. I love you Bryan. Please watch over our family and protect us from the bad.

Always Remembered
NEVER Forgotten<3
September 27, 2012
With our deepest and sincere sympathy; you are all in our thoughts and prayers.
Ron, Marie, RJ and Chris Talley
September 27, 2012
I love you Bryan! I thank God you were here for as long as you were to put a special mark on this world.
September 27, 2012
Words cannot begin to express our sadness or to help ease your pain on the loss of Bryan. Our hearts are breaking with you. When we lived on Dawn Lane, Bryan was a part of our family for many years and we will always cherish the memories.
Our thoughts and prayers are will you all as we offer our heartfelt condolences.
With deepest sympathy,
Tim, Theresa, and Anthony Winchester
September 26, 2012
I will always remember the times we had together, 24 years worth. I will miss you deeply man. We will ride again! I Love you man!
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