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July 03, 2015

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July 03, 2015

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
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June 12, 2015
For you mommy
June 09, 2015

Today is my 55th Birthday and as always, I tell you how thankful I am that you have given me life. Thank you Mommy for my just this day that I get to celebrate my birth but for all the days in my life that I got to spend with you. Thank you for all the love and caring you gave me. I miss you tremendously. There are some days that I still want to pick up the phone to call you. There are many moments that I want to talk to you and say Hi Ma how are ya? I know you can see and hear me. I try hard not to miss you but it doesn't always work. Especially at moments like this when I wish I could just pick up the phone like I always did at the time of my birth. I have started that tradition with my children too. So now they do it as well. Mommy, I hope that where you are you no longer suffer, you no longer feel sad, or pain. I hope that you can look down on us and know that we all love and miss you dearly, we all have grieved in our own ways and we all look forward to being united with you in Heaven some day. Until that day Mommy, I will always love you and long for the moments we shared alone. Till that day, I will always miss you and keep you in my heart.

Thank you Mommy for having me on this day at this time 55 years ago.

I love and miss you dearly,
your daughter,
June 09, 2014
Hi Mommy,
Well its been a tough year so far without you. Today is my birthday and I wish that you were here for me to call you as I always did each year at 11:16 am. I sent you an email but it was really to Pat and Roe because you are not here to recieve it. I miss you mommy, with all my heart and celebrating is hard to do. I just wanted to thank you for all your love and all the sacrifices you have made for me in my life. You are the best mom in the whole world and no one, I mean no one can take your place. Remember me so when I get to heaven you will be there to comfort me and I look forward to seeing you then. I love you Mom and miss you and can't wait to be with you again and laughter again.
Love always,
October 29, 2013
Mommy, The last 9 weeks have been the worst weeks of my life. I miss you so much. I miss your face, seeing you, sitting with you and talking with you. I miss our calls and your voice and I am so unhappy. It is hard to not be able to see your face or hear your voice. The sadness will never leave me. I know I will see you again in time but that doesn't make the sadness go away. Mommy, I want to thank you for all that you have done for me in my lifetime. Just giving me life and deciding to have me was a big decision for you at that time. Thank you for loving me and sacrificing your own happiness for us. I know you truly loved all of us and you would have given your life for us. I have so many special memories of your love. I am so happy that I am able to retain all those good memories all the way back to when I was a child. I sleep with your nightgown and I cry often. If I didn't have all this I would not miss you so much. Thank you Mommy for all your love for me. I miss you so much its painful.
October 29, 2013
Mom, today is my 55th Birthday and Dad's 80th. The thing that I missed the most was having you here to celebrate it with us! We planned for you and Dad to come out for a visit, but you left us sooner than we could ever exspect. It has been a struggle trying to hold Dad together through his overwhelming grief while trying to stay positive about Vince's cancer surgery this week. I'm using all the inner strength I have left to carry us through to the other side of the storm where the beautiful rainbow waits for us! I Love you and miss you very much. Rest in Peace!
October 26, 2013
Mommy, It has been 2 months yesterday since you left us and the pain has only gotten worse. I talk to Dad 3 or 4 times a week and he misses you so much. I hope he makes it because he is having such a hard time without you. He is so lost and can't get over why you left him.I always thought that after you were gone, I would not want anything to do with him, but to my surprise I can't cause him anymore pain as his worse nightmare has come true. I Feel very bad for him and have compassion for him and his 80th birthday is Monday and he can't celebrate it without. Never thought in a million years I could put the past behind me, with my feelings towards Dad, put the irony of you leaving us and Dad and I grieving and helping each other threw your lost,I owe to you because like you taught compassion and Love and because of that I am a better man. So Mommy you did leave me with something I can say I'm proud of, and didn't realize until now. Deborah and I miss and Love you so much. I know you are always with me in my heart and my soul, until we meet again in Heaven, Love your son Pat
September 25, 2013
Mommy it has been a month today that you left us. There is not a moment of any of the days that have passed by that I haven't thought of you and how I miss your face and your voice. I am trying hard to come to terms with all the losses this past year and at moments I feel overwhelmed. I do know that you are full of happiness now and a new and can walk and have no more pain or sadness. We all feel the impact that your death has brought but we also know the love you have given. Mommy you are a beautiful soul that made many sacrifices for us. You endured a lot for us all. Thank you for giving me life and love. Thank you for all the talks and laughs and for being at my side always. I love you now as I have for eons of time. Please be there for me And help guide me thru my journey. Give me the insight and knowledge I will need to make it to my end with all that I must complete. With Jesus and you at my side I know I can get thru this pain. I love you mommy your are the best mom in this world. Love Rob
September 17, 2013
Mom its lunchtime at work and I actually dread it because we always talked at this time. I miss all those times I called you.its so silent and empty now. I don't even know how to change it and enjoy lunch. You would always ask me what did you bring. Today's the same ham and swiss in wheat with mustard but your not there to ask anymore. Biting into that sandwich is hard and swallowing is harder because you are not there to ask me anymore. It makes me sad to sit here and watch the trees and river and think of you. I miss you very much mom. I am trying to cope. Please know I pray for you and our family everyday. I love you Mom.
Love Rob
September 15, 2013
Mommy today at church I felt great comfort and knowing that you are happy and at peace. I know you are in your Glory with our Lord. No more pain or sadness for you. Now I am sad because I miss you so much. Bit my love and yours will never die. Thank you watching over us. Please help me bring some peace to Pat. He needs comfort in this time of great sadness. Help me to wipe away his fears and whatever hurt is in his heart. I love you Mommy.
Love Rob
September 09, 2013
So sad to hear of your passing and I wish it wasn't true. I know your in heaven cause you were one the sweetest people.I'll always Love you Aunt Lois
To your children Robin, Rose and Patrick, May your hearts soon be filled with wonderful memories of joyful times together as you celebrate a life well lived.
My deepest Condolences.

Lisa Pierro Lavan and Family-

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