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William Nunley 1928 - 2012
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January 02, 2015
Every holiday is the same. I miss you more because we did so many interesting things together. You were such a good sport about the nutty things I wanted to do and see- curious as always. I keep our memories close and try to remember all the fun things we did, always together-joined at the hip we were told. There have been 5 deaths of our friends in the last 2 months, and here I am for some reason; one to keep your memory alive to all who will listen and remember with me. I know Baby is with you and you are having one of your debates. Now Mildred is there so you two are talking the Bible. Thank you for a wonderful life that I never could exist for me. Love you always, Lynn l.
November 13, 2014
Heh Daddy-O,
Spending time with Lynn in your home, taking time to look around and see how cosy and full of memories it is. Lynn's keeping your home (Lynn's and yours) very nice and now there are two kitties to cheer it up and hopefully create a little chaos, just a little.
Love you lots,
Lynn 2
November 12, 2014
Well. sorry. did not get to finish my words they are somewhere in outer space I guess. As I was saying, Lynn2 and I went to Houston and enjoyed a long visit with each other and our families. I like Allen, thought of you on Veterans Day. The flags on our street were blowing in the wind and reminded people of the
veterans, past and present. You would be proud of me-I am at last coming back to enjoying life and people again. After 3 months of falls, car accident etc. I woke up with no pains and an Alert thing on my arm. some neighbors dropped in night last night and drank your good Scotch. They were Democrats but I would not talk politics. Mark has fixed the lights on the Cat Cemetery and I have two more additions. Today, we are going to the Animal Shelter to get two kittens we hope. For two weeks there has been no one to greet me when I come in and I am lonely. I am about the oldest person know now. I will be joining you and our family and friends and cats and dogs and what a reunion that will be. Love you always, Alma Lynn could not get the candle to light.
November 11, 2014
Dad - I remember you and your service to our country. I remember your strength and wisdom. I remember your stories and your jokes. I remember your love.
Your son
September 12, 2014
Dad, I still find it so odd, to think about you and not being able to talk, ask you questions, share a meal. Peace. Love.
September 11, 2014
My dear: another birthday here without you. We had so many birthday parties for each other.
some were surprise. Once I was having a surprise b/d party for you. and you asked if you could help me get ready. Nothing gets by My Bill. I looked through the sympathy cards for you and so many good friends. A lot of our best friends are with you. I hope to be before long. I will always miss you and hope you know that. Love you so much. Lynn
September 11, 2014

It is your birthday today. I know you are in heaven and dancing again.

Your son
July 11, 2014
How wonderful that you and Lynn had such a good life full of fun and memories. I know it is hard for her to be without you. But we know she isn't really. Love, Linda
July 09, 2014
July 9,14My dearest Bill. Today is our wedding anniversary. What an interesting wedding we had.
going to Clancy's ranch; getting married in Clayton, New Mex which was perfect for this West Texan. Going to the Road Runner Club for our reception with the cowboys. You asked if you could beat my brother in pool and I said Sure. Clancy tried the rest of his life to beat you in pool, and tho. a good player he never did. My memories come back of our fun times and with wonderful friends to share so many memories. I miss you saying Elma Lynn or Alma. I did not know my life could be so empty but am grateful we had as much time as we did. You made my life worth living. I must thank you for your patience with a bi polar. My love and devotion, Lynn
June 21, 2014
Uncle Bill, I know you always celebrated Lynn's birthday today. We are all thinking of her today and hope she feels special. You always were able to make her feel so loved. Miss you, Linda
June 20, 2014
Thought about you a lot yesterday. Some days I just do that. Daughter Lynn
June 19, 2014
Trying again to leave a message that will not disappear. I will try again later. Love you L I can't even get the candle to light.
June 16, 2014
Thinking of you, Dad. Rest, be peaceful.
June 15, 2014

Today is Father's day and as I listen to the stories and my friends talk about their fathers, I still miss you.

I see your picture and your smile and remember the good times and the lessons.

Love ya Daddy-O,
Your Son
March 27, 2014
Dad,Spring has come around and the time we all said good bye to you. I think about that good bye, it was tough. Love, your daughter.
March 27, 2014
I miss you and know now of your bravery in facing death. You knew God was with you and you were not afraid. I miss you and need you, but memories will have to keep you with me. Love you. L
March 25, 2014
I did not forget the anniversary of your death. I had an accident and have to be still for awhile. I think of you every day, not just that day. I love you. L
March 23, 2014

I continue to be guided by the things you taught me - and things I am still learning from your guidance. Tomorrow is the anniversary of your death. That event and the preceding time also was a learning time for me. The most important was witnessing your efforts, will and "class" to deal with your own death.
Thank you for those lessons.
You are an impressive guy.

Love always - from Your son
February 16, 2014
Isn't it nice that you are still so loved and missed, Uncle Bill. We were going through pictures this weekend and found great ones from your trip to Ashland City. Good memories for all. Thanks for reminding us of the value of family! Linda
February 13, 2014
Dear Bill:Thinking of you on this Valentine. We always celebrated holidays just to have something to celebrate. But most of our life together was a celebration of some sort. I think of you every day and that is not exaggeration. I will see something or hear something that reminds me of and us. In sorting pictures, it seems we traveled about half of our lives together. Some widows don't ever mention their husbands, too private I guess, but I don't hesitate to call your name. There is a shadow ghost in our bedroom and I know it is you checking on me with some advice probably. You are my Valentine. Love always, Lynn
January 06, 2014
Uncle Bill we thought of you this holiday. I missed Daddy so much, I was cheered by the thought that you guys might be having a Christmas party of your own with Mother and Uncle Ed too.
Send peace and comfort down this way as Lynn is missing you so very much.
Love, Linda
January 05, 2014
My second Xmas without you, and nothing gets easier. I miss you every way possible, even when you did not feel up to your par. always thinking of fun and sometimes different things we did and had a good time. Am even reading some of the book authors you liked. Our wedding rings are so special with the writing inside. Love you and always miss you. Your Lynn l. tried to light a candle
December 01, 2013
miss you so much. I thank you for the life we had together. I loved you more than I showed but always said "I know it". Lynn
November 30, 2013
My darling: It has been a long while since I have written; not because I have not thought of you every day; just hard to find the words on how much I miss you at the holidays. This will be my second since You left us. It seems a longer time and then it seems like yesterday. I need you and your wise words and always love to me, no matter what I did. I thank God we found each other, even tho. it seems like a short time now. Thinking of you every day. Lynn
November 11, 2013
Dad, I am thinking of you on this Veteran's day. Your Jar-Head/can-do attitude was one of your best traits and it made you an effective boss and worker during your career. I also know that as a Marine you served our country with honor. For this and for the many other blessings that you brought to our lives, we are grateful.

Your Son
September 13, 2013
Bill, Emmett and I talked about you and Lynn a lot while we were in Eagle Nest. We have such wonderful memories of you there in your chair by the fireplace with coffee on waiting for all of us to finally wake up! You are missed and well loved. Linda
September 12, 2013
My dear: I spent your birthday secluded (on purpose), and lit the fish aquarium and the bar lights, played some C&W. and just got lost in our memories. We had lots of b/d parties here, our last was 3 years ago. I really can't remember all the parties we had, but you were always a good host. I found where you had sent me flowers to the Fox-Chase bar and the Drs's office when I had those 200 stitches removed from my arm. You were a true romantic guy. I am so grateful your kids write in this Guest Book. They really cared. I love you so much and miss you. Lynn. your West Texan.
September 11, 2013
Dad, Thinking of you, especially today, the day you were born. You gave me a lot of advice and support. I will carry forward this to add to my strength. Daughter Lynn.
September 10, 2013
I am thinking of you - tomorrow would have been your 85th birthday. I am wrestling with contractors and I try to consider how you would have done it. Your judgment of people and projects was always good. I am inspired thinking of this.

Your son
July 09, 2013
I just wrote a book on this and it disappeared. will try again. but Happy Anniversary to us. We had good ones with parties, friends and relatives. We had a great marriage and went to lots of Marriage Enrichments. I received a "lovely" letter from your son on this, our anniversary.
I hope to find the first message I wrote. Missing you, thinking of you every day, some fun, some sad. Still my hero and lover. Lynn
July 02, 2013
Isn't it wonderful to have lovely memories of NM to think about and smile about? You were a very lucky couple to be so well suited and loving for so many years. Hope E and I are so lucky!
June 30, 2013
Missing you as always. We did so many interesting trips together. It was a very sad day the last time we went to the cabins to stay a week, but you could not breath so we had to return home after a few days. I felt your hurt as you loved being in New Mex as much as I did. What fun tales we have of our 37 years of going there. You will laugh at this-I put some of your "foo foo" you called it (after shave) on your handkerchief and I hold it to my nose every night.You were the best to me and for me. Love you always, Lynn
June 19, 2013
Bill, I bought some peaches yesterday. As I was buying them at Walmart I, Bill would have wanted you to go to Sprouts to get these. Haha. :) miss you & hope you're enjoying your time with the man above!
June 18, 2013
Another Father's day has come. Love you, Daughter Lynn
June 16, 2013

I miss you. I was thinking recently of your sense of humor - it manifested in several different ways, but the one I was just thinking of was the "wry" version. You would just slip in a subtle slam or an odd reference. I liked those.

At church today - the advice given was "Do what your father told you". I was not too good about that, but I did pick up some from you.

Your son
May 27, 2013
On this Memorial Day, I honor your Service as a Marine. I remember and still treasure your stories.
May 12, 2013
I remember some piece of your advice every day - sometimes I get to pass it back out. That is special. it is also a tribute to the difference you still make.
May 05, 2013
Your roses are beautiful-yellow, pink and white. You loved your gardens and gave them much care. I hope I can keep them going. I love you. Lynn
May 04, 2013
How I miss you, seems more every day. Don't fade away. My life is so dull without you. So many memories to keep me going. What would my life have been without you in it. Thank you. Love you always. Lynn
March 24, 2013
It is too hard for me to talk of you today. It is said time helps heal the hurt of missing you. So far, that is to be proven. I am thinking of Lynn and Allen in their loss of you, and also their Mother. I am sure their loss feels as painful as mine. Still my hero. I read things you have written almost every day, and we did like to write our thoughts and feelings. I dreamed of you yesterday for the second time in a year. I hope dreams continue. I loved you. Lynn
March 24, 2013
Today is the anniversary of your death - but you know while I think of that, I think more of your long and fulfilled life. I am glad that I am your son.
March 24, 2013
Uncle Bill you must be so proud of how well the family is doing though this has been a difficult year. Allen is doing a wonderful job as Man of the Family and Lynn is coping day by day. You taught all of us well and we miss you. Love Linda
March 23, 2013
Dad, It is almost a year now that you went to heaven. Love, Daughter Lynn
March 05, 2013
I was thinking of you today, yesterday and in the recent past as I visited with Lynn and Lynn and looked through pictures and talked and remembered. Miss you - your son.
March 03, 2013
My dreaded month has come, the anniversary of your death.
It seems yesterday that we were together, going on long foreign trips, having parties, going to horse races, going to New Mexico to our great cabins. I could go onforever with all the memories together. I feel your spirit and my love endures. Your Elma Lynn
February 16, 2013
My dear: having lots of memories today as a touch of spring is in the air. This is about when you started your garden plans, tilled the earth and got it ready to plant. In all the pictures of places we lived you planted trees galore. I think you were related to Johnny Appleseed. I am going to plant papayas again in memory of us. I thank you again and again for all the memories I have to keep me warm. I love you Lynn
February 16, 2013
February 16, 2013
Bill and I went together to grade school and high school, both Marines, lived next door, in the great community of Donelson, Tennessee. Times were tough during the 1930s and 1940s, but it did not alter our fun and learning. Bill was always a better student and his professional life speaks of his talents and career. As so many, after high school, paths go many directions, but because of our closeness in our early years, we (and classmates) came back together after retirement. 50th high school reunion in 1996 and visits in later years as Bill and Lynn would visit Tennessee. Someone has said in remembering loved ones, that you do not remember days, you remember moments. To Lynn and everyone - I remember many moments with Bill and they are cherished. He blessed us all.
February 14, 2013
Thinking of you especially on this day.
You were always my Valentine. I don't feel as brave as Linda thinks I am. You were my buddy, friend and lover. Always yours, Lynn
February 11, 2013
February 03, 2013
Dear: It is almost Valentine Day. We always gave each other a Valentine gift. Bill, in every picture of you. you are always smiling. What a cheerful person you were until you got sicker, then there was little to be cheerful about. Although my grief has subsided some, I think of you and me every day. I read something you wrote nearly every day to remnd me why I love you so. It was a lucky day for me when we met, altho. at the time I thought I was just helping you over your divorce.
I am going to church today and will think of all our times going together. Love lasts. Your Elma Lynn
January 21, 2013
My dear, I have made your room my room now. I sit in your chair every day; sometimes nap like you did.I had a great day past Sat. Your friend Richard and wife spent 4 hours visiting and I felt your presence with us, because you loved Richard and I am visa versa. I am playing bridge again, with not too good players; old, blind,hard of hearing and forgetful. Oh that is me.
I miss my best partner-you.
I am getting new computer this week. This old one does not bother me, but it does other people. I can't say I miss you enough. I hope you are in the place talked about in the book "Proof of Heaven". Love ya, Elma Lynn
January 13, 2013
Good words from your sweet niece, Linda.
I entrusted her with my great cabin in New Mex. and she will take care of and have good memories, as we have. You will be glad to know that Jamie and I had a good 3 day visit, as both were on our most giving time. She has taken Old Blue to Houston to sell or buy for herself to save on gas expense. She has always liked that car from when it was new. I miss you every day and talk about you every day. Thanks for all our memories. Lynn
January 13, 2013
Uncle Bill, I am so proud of Lynn and the strength she shows as she learns to adapt to this new world with you far away. She is an amazing woman as you well know and she will be just fine leaning on the good times and sweet memories of a life well lived and much enjoyed. Love, Linda
January 12, 2013
A candle for you today, Dad.
January 11, 2013
Dad, It is a sunny, cold day today. Thinking of you. Peace be with you. Love Your Daughter, Lynn
January 11, 2013

I have been wanting to light a candle for you.
Your son
January 10, 2013
I miss your steady hand and wise words.
January 09, 2013
Well, Bill made it thru Xmas and New Yrs.
Watched our videos of past times. Thught of our many holidays together. I went to the church you liked in memory of you. I was alone at Xmas and that suited me o.k. I don't even remember if I got any phone calls. Your friend Richard was coming to share Xmas dinner, but it snowed and roads were icey to Sherman. I just had some good ole pinto beans, cornbread and banana pudding which you would have liked. It is tough, but if it is true, I am a tough West Texan, I will get better but will always miss you. Love ya, Lynn
December 21, 2012
My dear: Xmas is almost here and I was planning to wallow in my grief, which you would not want me to, but your good friend, Richard and wife, are bringing my Xmas dinner and spend time together. We will talk about you and laugh and cry without you. They will help me not feel so alone at this time. Thinking of you, Lynn
December 17, 2012
My dear-Xmas is almost here and I dread it without you.I guess we had 37 years of Thanksgiving and Xmas together. I am getting better at doing things now and I know you would want me to get busy. I have just read a book, which is No.2 on the best selling list, Proof of Heaven and if it is true I hope that is where you are. I keep thinking I will get some sign from you since we were so in tune with each other. Maybe I have not found that tho. but I will. You will always be my main guy. I watched a lot of our videos and when you were giving your speeches, I felt you were right here and I wanted to reach into the video and pull you out. We had so much fun along with some trying times. We always got thru together. My love, Lynn
November 18, 2012
The holidays will remind me of all of ours we shared. We never missed one together in the 37 years. It is gonna be very hard this year.I think of you every day and remember something we did together, such as visiting Nursing Homes after church. We were so good together. Love forever. Lynn
November 18, 2012
Dad, thinking about you today. Mom passed away yesterday. Well, love you and Mom. Daughter Lynn
October 25, 2012
My dear: This lost feeling does not get better. Each day more memories come to remind me of our good times together. I just really don/t want to live without you. You were my sun and moon. This house is empty, even if people are here. I thank you for being my true lover and friend. Elma Lynn
October 11, 2012
Loving you and Miss you so much, it hurts.
I am not being so brave. L
October 06, 2012
Loving you as always. Miss you more as memories re-surface. I am not sure I can regain a life without you, my companion. Love you, L
September 28, 2012
Thinking of you today and every day. Looking at our hundreds of pictures and travels. We really got around. Surprpised we did not get tired, but we seldom did . Because everything was so interesting to us. Your smile is with me and so are you. Dream of you. your Elma Lynn what is left of her.
September 20, 2012
I will always miss you, your laugh, your intellect, your love for life and family.
Everyday seems like a year without you.
You will always be my hero. Thanks for beeing a big part of my life. I hope you hear me when I talk to you. your Elma Lynn.
September 11, 2012
Today would have been your 84th birthday. We miss your firm hand and your ready advice and your genuine love and your drive. You were truly our patriarch.

Your son
July 12, 2012
I wish there were an option for the "ok" sign, or a thumbs up..miss you Bill
July 11, 2012

I think about you often, I feel very blessed to have been a small part of your life. I hope you are enjoying your new life in Heaven. I sure miss you. I think what I miss most is your laugh, and hearing your cheerful voice when I would get there in the morning. You and Lynn are a great couple, and I say "are" because I believe you are still with her in spirit, and still connected to her hip!

Miss you always,
July 09, 2012
My dear. Today would have been our 39th wedding anniversary. I have been thinking of you all day; of all the good times we had; our many travels to different parts of the world, of our many parties; our church going; your sense of humor and how we evolved into a good marriage and fun life. You were the best to me, and tho. my bi polar moods were hard to take I am sure, you flew through them all. I was thinking how I would like to go to sleep and wake up in the hereafter with you. That would be my heaven. You are remembered and loved by many.
Happy Anniversary. Love always, Lynn
June 03, 2012
Bill was so much more than an employer to me. He was a great teacher, a fellow church mamber and a friend, So often when I was feeling overwhelmed, he was a calming force. Always willing to listen and offer guidance. He will be missed by so many, butwe will never forget the wisdom and love he gave to us all.
May 22, 2012
It doesn't get any better. Everyday there are memories of our life together.
You will always be my hero. You loved me more than anyone else ever did. And I loved you back as much as I could. Thank you for being in my life. L
April 22, 2012
I am going to try to live my life without you here, but you will always be in my heart and soul. Meeting you was the best thing to happen in my life. Unless I could write like the old poets, I cannot express what it means to lose you. Lynn One
April 16, 2012
Met Bill in various companies that we both worked for and communicated via email (mostly jokes) for past several years. A great guy and much admired for his tenacity in overcoming serious illnesses.
April 15, 2012
I had the great honor and pleasure to gather with a large group of family and friends of Bill Nunley. Many good stories of times that were spent with Bill were told. The common thread was that he was a fellow that you could strive to follow and pattern your own life after. He did like to help people with advice and deeds. Bill was focused and would work hard to reach an established goal. He was honest and sharing. Everyone that he touched was and continues to be rewarded.
April 14, 2012
Bill was a loving father-in-law to me. He was also one of the nicest people I ever met in my life. I met Bill and Lynn in 94 while staying with Lynn's mother in Canyon in west Texas when I was in school.
Since the first day we met, Bill always showed me his friendship, kindness, generosity, care and love whether I was a strange foreign student or later on when I became his daughter-in-law.
Bill was more than a father-in-law to me. He was a good friend, a mentor, and the one I always could talk to and get help and advice from him whenever I needed it. He helped me to continue to grow in all aspects of my life.
Bill is in heaven now. Allen and I will try to live his way - so some day, we will be able to meet him again in heaven.

Sherry Huang
April 10, 2012
Dear Dad,
Thank you for sharing with me your incredible journey. Your curiosity and motivation and intelligence to find the way to make things work, to invent new ways to make things work and your love of God and family and friends is a grand contribution and inspiration for us all.

Peace be with you and heaven is yours.

Love, Daughter Lynn
April 10, 2012
I knew Bill since 1985, as Seamax Engineering was an agent in Singapore for TRW Optron and Bill was the International Sales Manager. Since then, we became very good friend and I've visited Bill and Lynn at their current house twice. The last visit was when he recovered from the amputation of his leg. He was still very positive in life and carried his sense of humor as he always did.
Bill, I like your positive thinking and humor in life. I'm a pipe smoker like you.
April 09, 2012
So sorry for the loss of such a kind and special person. There are so many very special memories and stories from the many years of your friendship with my parents, and the kindness you always extended to me, Jeff, and the boys. Lynn, you remain in our prayers for comfort and peace during these difficult days.
April 07, 2012
Bill was a very special man. He had so much knowledge for so, so many things. Joe Bob and I always enjoyed he and Lynn's visits, just wish there could have been more. I know his family and Lynn will miss him terribly. You are all in our thoughts and prayers. Love,
Rue and Joe Bob Bralley
April 05, 2012
I did not know you well. I only met you once. But I know what you meant to Allen. And I know you'll be sorely missed. Rest in peace.
April 04, 2012
April 04, 2012

I had the pleasure of working for Bill in International at TRW. A wonderful boss. I learnt a lot from a good, caring and clever man. Long may he reign in Heaven as he did on earth. Rest in Peace dear Bill.
Valerie Johnson FRANCE
April 03, 2012
Bill was a unique man that redefined the word special. He taught me more than I know without trying. The world will never fully realize his strength, intellect, humor, and character. I, along with the world, will miss him more than I can express.

Go receive your well deserved rest and freedom from suffering my good friend. Heaven just became a better still place to be.

Ralph Ozorkiewicz
April 03, 2012
I first met Bill Nunley in 1970 when he hired me at a very small startup company in Carrollton named Optron Inc. At that time I had very little knowledge of optoelectronics. Those of us working there in the early days had no idea how the company was going to grow…Bill had a tremendous part in that growth. He was an extremely patient supervisor, and very methodical in sharing his vast knowledge, not only with me, but many others. He was always friendly, and was never too busy to talk to you or offer assistance. One of my fond memories of Bill is that he had an appetite for really hot peppers, and although I looked, I could never find any too spicy for him to enjoy. On one of my many trips to our Mexico plant, I found a batch of the hottest peppers I had ever eaten, and brought them back. I knew for sure these would be much too hot, but he ate them like they were candy.
Bill Nunley was a good man and will be missed by many.
April 02, 2012
Bill and Lynn filled a very empty spot in my life and I love them for doing that for me. Love and prayers to wife Lynn, Bill's son William Allen and daughter Lynn. Bill, you leave a wonderful memory for all of us.
April 02, 2012
You will always live in our hearts and prayers.
April 01, 2012
I was blessed to know Bill through his son Allen, who happily inherited some of his wit, fun and talent. Bill's strength and courage through physical challenges were also remarkable. From what I know of your love and support of so many people, I feel sure you are with God in heaven, but I will continue praying for you and even more for Elma Lynn, Lynn, Allen and all of the family and friends you loved and influenced in large and small ways. May God console all of those missing your earthly presence.
April 01, 2012
April 1,2012
Bill and I both worked for TI in the Device design group starting in 1960. He was promoted to Chief of Engineering in the old Diode and Rectifier dept. He asked me to transfer with him and allowed me to work on the first Photo Transistor at TI. He later helped me with technical advice while we worked at T R W. His mentoring is probably responsible for any success I may have experienced in my semiconductor career.
Charles l. Smith
April 01, 2012
Enjoy Heaven Bill!!!
April 01, 2012
Even though Bill & I both worked at TI, we did not know each other there. We became friends through our church and mutual memories of an earlier TI. He and Lynn have been VERY good friends of mine for some years. I am thankful that Bill is no longer suffering, but I will surely miss him.
April 01, 2012
Back in 1979, Bill's first retirement which came after TRW acquired Optron, Charlie Bates had me take over Bill's sales territory. Then again, 1992, once again Bill retired and again, Charlie Bates hired me to take over Bill's responsibilities. Both instances I was able to take over a well run, well organized operation. Thanks to Bill, I came out looking great in both those instances. Thank you Bill! You will always be in my thoughts! We all will miss you! Rest in peace!
April 01, 2012
I knew Bill as my first supervisor at TI back in 1965. I lost track of him over the years and am saddened to learn that he has passed. Please accept my sincere condolences, Bill was a great mentor.
April 01, 2012
April 01, 2012
Bill was a joy to his friends and family. His sense of humor and love of live plus his sense of responsibility to the next generation will keep him alive for all who loved him. We will treasure the memories and tell stories to keep him close to us. Rest in peace. We loved you while here and will continue to love you in separation. Linda and Emmett
April 01, 2012
My Father is now at peace - he was a good and honest man and I loved him. He was loyal to his family and in charge to the end.
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