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January 27, 2015

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January 27, 2015

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
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July 23, 2005
Dan snyder still lingers in the phillips arena i talked to some people and claim they have seen a dimed version of him on the ice so remeber his spirit is still alive and will always be and yes it be nicew if he was here in full but least his spirit is sticking around for us
July 23, 2005
Miss you so much dan. i will remember you. and never forget you.. i cant believe its been almost two years since you left our world. you will always be in my heart.. RIP#37
July 20, 2005
Almost two years :'( . Dan snyder is and will forever be missed. he has gone to a better place though.
July 03, 2005
It will be two years in October that Dan will be gone. I miss him so very very much. I pray for the Snyder and Heatley families.. Dan will remain in my heart forever Rest In Peace #37
December 15, 2004
God Bless the Snyder and Heatley families even now. We all miss you rest in peace numbers 19 (chicago wolves) and 37 (atlanta thrashers). You are a true inspiration in this world Dan. We miss you.
October 06, 2004
it's been one year.. almost seemed like we're still with us.. We miss you Danny. We will miss you forever. Rest in Peace, sweetheart.

“ Heaven Sent ”

I Pray For Dying Children
The Ones Who Struggle Past Each Day
I Pray for Love In This Cold Cruel World
Even The Next Atlanta Thrashers Game

I Pray For Love, Joy, and Peace
Within Grace They Will All Be Bound
To Provide Warmth, Love and Shelter
To Children That Are Sleep A Sound

In The Night, When I Was Crying
As the Stars Shone Down From Above
The Lord Sent My Guardian Angel
To Surround Me With His Love

The Angel Who Appeared Before Me
He Had No Wings, Arrow or Bow
But He Taught Me Life As It Is
And The Ways That Life Must Go

My Angel, He Played Hockey
He Tried His Best In Everyday Life
He Was A Man Of Great Character
On And Off The Ice

I Watched Him Try The Best He Could
I Read About His Dream
And Watched How This Amazing Young Man
Struggled To Make The Team

I Watched Him Play His Passion
He Had Talent For The Game
But After One Night In September
All Of This Would Change..

There Was A Report On A Car Crash
Two Men Were Injured, Two Best Friends
The Two Were Rushed To The Hospital
Their Lives Balanced On The Edge

After That Night In September
The Parents Received A Call
“Sorry We Have To Tell You This..”
“But Your Son’s Not Well At All”

The Parents Rushed To The Hospital
And Stood By Their Own Son’s Side
As Mom Reached Out For Her Own Son’s Hand
Whispered “I Love You” And Began To Cry

After The Operation
I Looked Up Into The Skies
“Please Lord, Don’t Take Him Away From Us”
As Tears Rolled Down My Eyes

After The Boys Showed Some Improvement
Finally They Were Coming Around
But Six Days Later After The Accident
My Worst Fears Would Come Abound

Six Days After The Accident
On An Average, Sunny Day
I Received The News On The Radio
My Angel Had Passed Away..

I Wasn’t Able To Accept This Fact
I Turned My Head Away
No! This Isn’t Happening!
Not My Danny! Not This Way!

As The Days Go By Through And Through
As I Count the Sleepless Nights
I Heard His Voice Speaking To Me
“You Must Go On With Your Own Life”

“I Always Will Be Here For You..”
“God Has Never Taken Me Away..”
“Because He Knew How Much I Meant To You..”
“In Your Heart Is Where I Will Remain”

“I Lived Believing In My Dreams”
“I Worked Hard For What I Loved”
“And If You Also Have A Dream..”
“Commitment Is Key Number One”

“I Made It To The NHL”
“And Even Though My Passing, Has Brought You Pain”
“Remember Me The Way I Was”
“I Didn’t Die In Vain”

“I Might Not Be With You In Person”
“But I Will Encourage You Each Day”
“Put Faith In What You Believe In”
“Don’t Let Anyone Take That Away”

With Those Words Echoing Through My Head
As I Wake Up To The Sun
I Have Found The Answers I’ve Been Looking For
A New Day Has Begun

Although, I Never Knew Dan Very Well
He Has Touched My Heart In Many Ways
That In My Soul, And In My Heart, I Know
This Dept Is Beyond Repay

I Cannot Thank Him Far Enough
Because Without His Life And What He’s Done
I Wouldn’t Be The Person I Am
He Has Shaped Me, To What I Have Become

Dan Wasn’t Just A Hockey Player
He Wasn’t Just Another Guy
He Was Cleary One In A Million
Heaven Sent, From Beyond The Skies

Because Life Isn’t Always Perfect
And There Are Many Things To Fear
Just Know That Someone, Somewhere Out There
Will Wipe Away Your Tears

In Death, The Loss Is Tragic
The Pain Seems To Never Go Away
Even Though Everyone Says “Time Heals All”
The Wound Just Never Seems to Fade

Because I Lost My Danny
Because I Loved and Still Love Him So
Because He Was The Best Of All Of Us
I Have To Let Him Go

Because I Love Him In So Many Ways
He Remains A Light Shone Bright
I Will Miss Him Now And Forever
For All Eternity, All My Life

For Now I Will Be Waiting
I Have Power, I Have Faith
Because Dan, You Are My Inspiration
I Am Sure We’ll Meet Again Someday

To All The Treasures That Till Lead Me Ahead
And The Obstacles That Will Drag Me Behind
I Pray to God For My Angel
To Help Me Find The Strength Inside

My Inspiration
Our Heaven Sent,
Our Angel,
Danny Snydes
October 05, 2004
This past year has gone by so fast, Danny...
But still not a day goes by that I don't think about your kind smile and miss your laughter. The world is not the same without you, Danny, but knowing you are in a much better place gives me the faith to understand why we had to lose you. You will always be remembered with all the love in my heart.
October 05, 2004
Oh my-it doesn't seem like a year has passed since your untimely death. You just can't imagine how much I miss you and the Solar Bears.
The only consolation is that you are
in a far better place. I also want
to send my best to the Snyder family. I know this is hard day for
them to go through, but know that I
am thinking about all of you and my
prayers are with you. Again Danny
know that you will always be my Solar Bear. Jean
October 05, 2004
It's hard to believe it's been a year since you left us. Not many days have passed that I do not think of you and look at my pictures in your Solar Bear uniform. I still smile through tears to see that toothless grin. Rest in peace. You'll never be forgotten.
October 04, 2004
Well, tomorrow it will be a year Dan. I didn't know you personally, I never really saw you play hockey, but I wish that I could have done both of those things. I'm sure a lot of people can say that. Hearing so many stories of such an amazingly determined man makes it that much harder to believe that the person they are talking about is no longer here. I hope that wherever you are now you are happy and no longer hurting. Just know that there are so many people down here who miss you tons and still think about you all the time. People whom you never even knew. God Bless you Dan. I'll never forget you.........years from now.....i'll always talk to you and say a lil prayer on October 5th.....
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