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David W. Anderton 1956 - 2002

David W. Anderton

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February 28, 2015

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February 28, 2015

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
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December 25, 2014
Merry Christmas Dave!! No words can explain how I feel today, other then I miss you very much!! RIP MY LOVE SHARON
December 08, 2014
Well my friend, fine it hard to believe it's been 12 years today since you've passed. You may have passed,never forgotten!! Went with Sally and Mary last night to see "Mannheim Steamroller" a Xmas musical At the "Fox" all I could think about was you. How you would have enjoyed it!!I'm pretty much think of you quit often, but when thing's like the musical, hanging stocking's and decorating the tree makes me really stop in my tracks!! I'm sure your looking down at us and smiling like you always did. Telling me it's ok. Merry Christmas love always Sharon
December 08, 2014
hey papa .! today's a hard day . saw grandma's status she put up about you ; and instantly started crying . didn't have to read the whole thing . just read today's a hard day .. my heart instantly dropped and I figured out today was the 8th .. the day that you left all of us to be happier in heaven . we miss you all whole lot . I miss you a bunch . I cry alot more now that your gone .. it's so hard to believe that your not just a call away anymore .. when before you were picking me up from Eastpointe and bringing to yours and grandma's house all the time ... I miss you . it seriously feels like it was just yesterday when I was told that you went up to heaven . I still remember me crying all day .. I remember crying at your funeral .. I remember seeing you so peacefully laying there ; like you didn't have a care in the world .. I love you . I love you so much . and I wish that you didn't leave so early . I wish you were still here . to watch me grow .. and experience everything with me . take me to cool places ; watch movies and throw popcorn at eachother and then get yelled at by grandma .. haha . I wish that you could've just watched me grow into the young lady that I am today .. it kills me knowing that you didn't get too .. nor do you get to meet your grandchildren when I have some kids .. and your grandchildren . (Jacob and amandas 3 daughters) I miss you so much papa . you mean the world to me ; and I hope you see me every time I wave to the sky ; and kiss my hand and blow a kiss at you . alright .. I think im done .. I've said everything I've wanted to say .. I know once grandma reads this shes gonna be balling her eyes out by the time she's done . I love you papa . always and forever will you be in my heart .
November 16, 2014
hey papa ; what's up .? how have you been .? how's heaven like .? your babygirl misses you like crazy . veterans day just past and i didn't get to tell you thank you . I cant wait to come see you . It feels like. I havnt seen you in forever . I just wanted to stop by and say hi . and that I love you . and miss you ?
August 06, 2014
hey papa , I know I didn't write on your birthday I got a little side tracked and didn't have the Web address cos I forgot to get it out of my other phone -__- but yesterday was another birthday celebrated but not with you . like grandma said you turned 58 yesterday . it would've been so nice to have seen you yesterday if you were still here . I havnt posted anything sense i went an saw you last , but me grandma and her cousin cris are coming to see you on the 23rd of this month , I can't wait till I get to see you , yeah I know I can't touch or kiss you or tell you how much I love you but atleast I get to see something that means so much to me . I love you papa . forever will you be in my heart , and I know your always around me . I can feel your presence trying to help me in the times I need you the most . I'm so thankful to have someone like you in my life . your an angel that was took to soon . I can't wait to see you . save me a spot next to you ? I llove you so much papa . your loved and never forgotten down here . your watching down on all of us now . and your prolly pretty happy that you get to see us all at the same time (: but I have to watch my little brother so I have to go . I love you so so so so much papa .
August 05, 2014
So today would have been your 58th birthday-if god hadn't taken another angel that is missed so much each and every day that passes. So Happy Birthday Dave....Love you still and always Sharon
December 28, 2013
hi papa .! Its December 28th, 2013 . I know you can't see this , but it's been 11 years that you haven't been next to me . it's been 11 years that you left us all to be happier up in heaven with god . now you don't suffer , now you don't hurt , now alls that happens is you watch all of us down here . you know I miss you tons . and I love you a lot . I just went a visited you today . I found your grave stone , all because you helped me . I really wish you were here with me today .. it would mean a lot to me if you just came down for one more day so I can at least day goodbye . today was a really hard day for me , I cryed a lot because of how much I missed you. reading all these comments just made me cry , mostly all because they were grandmas , but all the others made me cry just as we'll . papa you meant everything to me . you were my best friend , my jungle gym , my everything. & I don't know how I made it this long without breaking down because of how much I missed you . I don't know how I made it this long in general . you are by far the best papa I've ever had . no one can replace you . I wish I was able to give you the "# 1 grandpa" gold money clip that I bought you for Christmas at the Santa shop . I just wish that I could just spend one more day with you , now that I'm older , your death hits me harder and harder everyday . but everytime I look up into the sky , your the brightest star always right above me . it's hard to find words to even describe how I feel , but just know that I really love you , and that your missed tons by all of us , but especially by me . papa I love you with all my heart -Deanna (your baby)
December 21, 2013
Hey big guy, well todays Dec.21,2013 The day I was planning on going to visit you and put Xmas cone by your side. You love Xmas!!But, first time in 10 yr.'s the weather is getting in the way. Talking freezing rain,big weather alert going on. Now it looks like the Sat. after. Which doesn't seem the same!!So I'm not happy about this. I will be there though. Love you Merry Christmas
August 05, 2013
Happy Birthday buddy, you would have been 57 this year. Hard to think I lost you at such a young age!!Hard to believe it will be 11 yr.'s this Dec. I go on with the day's they aren't the same though. I still miss you so much & so many times I wish I could just talk to you. So much has happen with our family , kids are growing up so fast. I could go on & on forever. Always thinking of you , love you forever !! Your wife Sharon
May 25, 2013
You are missed David

Thank you serving your country
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