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May 03, 2015

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May 03, 2015

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
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October 02, 2013
I am so sad upon hearing about Peter's passing. He and I were very close for many years, and have had some of the most amazing adventures together, including a dive to the Texas Tower (190' on AIR), legendary parties at 14 The Strand, New Castle, De. and especially our outing to the Arundo where we successfully bagged a giant bug in zero vis. Pedro, I will miss you forever. It has been a great pleasure, honor and privilege to have been your close friend for all those early years. RIP.
March 27, 2013
To Peter's Family - I belatedly just learned of Peter's passing, and I am so sorry to hear. As evidenced by the entries in the guest book, he was well loved. I was his housemate first year at Tulane and I loved Peter's many endearing qualities. His 70's garb was beyond compare, and particularly his large belt buckle of which he was so proud and his unique and eclectic record collection. I too had a love for admiralty law and shipwrecks (wrote a law review article on the maritime law of salvage rights) but chose a more conventional path for my career unlike his intrepid continuation in pursuit of his love. May God bless him as he continues his explorations into other realms of the after life. All the best.

Greg Montgomery
February 12, 2012
Condolences to the Hess family, and especially to Benjamin. As recently as last month, Peter and Benjamin swam with us in the masters group at the Y and played racquetball after that. I enjoyed Peter's friendship for more than 25 years, and we used to go wreck diving in the Atlantic. I hope Benjamin will join us at the Y again soon. In sympathy and friendship,
February 02, 2012
Ode for Peter

I hope there's a place, way down in the sea,
Where divers can go, when at rest they must be.
A place where a guy could buy a cold beer
For a friend and a buddy whose memory is dear.
Just a quaint little place, kind of dark, full of brass,
Where they like to sing loud, and love a good pass!
But still the kind of a place where even a lady could go,
And feel safe and secure by the men she would know.

There must be a place where old divers go,
When their legs become weary, when their breathing gets low;
Where the whiskey is old, and the women are young,
And songs about diving and wrecks they found are all sung.
Where you'd see all the fellows who'd ‘dived deep' before,
And they'd call out your name, as you came thru the door,
Who would buy you a drink, if your thirst should be bad,
While telling all the others, "He was quite a good lad!"
And then through the murk you'd spot an old man
You had not seen for years, though he'd once shown you a ‘plan',
He'd nod his old head, and grin ear to ear,
And say, "Welcome, my son, I'm pleased you are here!”

For this is the place where all divers must come,
When their diving is over, and their depths have been swum;
We've come here at last, to be safe and afar,
From the government clerk, and the management czar,
The Politicians, the Feds and all that surface noise,
Where all Hours are Happy, and all these good ol' boys,
Can relax with a 'cool one', and a well deserved rest.
"This is Heaven, my son: You've passed your last test!”

My sincere condolences to his family and friends.
February 01, 2012
Where does one start? I hired Peter to litigate an Admiralty claim as his first private practice job. The judge admonished Peter and told him he would be in Contempt of Court if he didn't sit down. Peter's tenacity and optimism allowed him to continue on and finally convince the Judge to change his mind. Incalculable loss for those of us private individuals who wish to be able to dive and salvage shipwrecks. I want his family to know how much he meant to us. Jack Dyer privateer
January 25, 2012
I am sorry to say I never knew Peter personally- only through the underwater archeology-but I must say I respected and admired much he had to say. He must have been an amazing man. I lost my father (who was more into caving and exploration) two years ago , and its been one of the hardest experiences of my life yet. All I can really say is that it is important to recognize what they've accomplished and remember.
January 24, 2012
The Storm:

The ensign yells, “Yo boy, where ye be”?
“Securing the anchor sir,” the boy yells out.
“Stop dallying with that which slips.
Lower the jib that takes the wind.”
“The Jib sir lets us head to the wind.”
“Who taught you such things the ensign replied.”
“No one sir, save my own common sense.”
“Yay, this may have saved us in this perilous storm,
But don't ever again resort to thee own given mind.
For underlings to think their own, will upset the divine.”

Peter Hess always used his own given mind. His legacy is his monument.

Your dive buddy- Pat Clyne
January 21, 2012
Dear Hess family and friends, I am so very sorry for your great loss. I haven't seen Peter since our childhood, marching in Mr. Palmer's annual July Fourth parade, riding bikes, and exploring all the new houses as they were being built in Sharpley. We had a lot of fun. He accomplished so many great things in his short life; I wish him peace. Special thoughts to Benjamin.
January 21, 2012
I keep looking at Peter's Obit, and I can't get over the fact that he has passed. I have to tell his friends/family.. that I worked with him in the 80's - Department of Labor - and everyone loved him.. He told all kinds of stories and made the Department a family, not just a place to work... I never saw him again after he left, but always wondered and talked about how his life was going... Be proud of your dad/uncle/brother/friend (he was a great man) RIP PETER..
January 20, 2012
Peter and I were college fraternity brothers. He brought a lot of enthusiasm to everything he did. My deepest sympathy to his family.

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