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December 28, 2014

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December 28, 2014

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
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December 25, 2014
Hi Mom,
Merry Christmas! Suppose to be warm and sunny today. Joey, Jon, Dad and I are heading to Jeff and Connie's for Christmas. Jerry will be spending time with his family today. Hope the weather is good for everyone to travel. Miss and wish your were here, but know that you are always with us in spirit. Hope you and all the family up there have a blessed day. Love you forever. God grant you eternal peace. Your daughter, Judy
December 24, 2014
MERRY CHRISTMAS sis to you and all my loved ones!!!! Sure wish we could celebrate like we used to with the dinners we had, but the memories will just have to do.
Tonight my lil grand babies came to visit, Vinnie and Zoey. He is changing and growing so fast, was the best Christmas present we could have received.
No white Christmas this year, would loved to have seen just a light dusting of snow to cover up all the icky roads and such, but glad that people are able to travel this holiday.
I hear you guys got another angel, Joe's sister Lillian, was so sorry to hear of her passing but she has joined a great group of angels.
Well sis, better get to moving. Please wish my loved ones a very Blessed Merry Christmas and know that we love and miss you all so much. May you all, always rest in peace with a perpetual light always shining upon you!!!
Love, Maggie
November 29, 2014
Hi Sis, hope you had a Great Thanksgiving. We went over to Kurt girlfriend house Thursay for dinner. It's was really nice. The kids came over yesterday for dinner. Really enjoyed our time. Tell the family hi for me. In 3 wks X-mas will be here how fast this year has gone. Well again hope you and family had a nice Thanksgiving.
Love Sis,
November 28, 2014
Hi Sis, I know its been a long time since I have written but their isn't a day that goes by that I don't have you and ALL the others on my mine Its been a very rough year but I have manage to get through it. I know you and the others have always told me that life is tough and many struggle you and the others have always said that life isn't easy and that we make the best well I have reach that point but I have learn to put alot of things in gods hands and pray every day. Well we just got through Thanksgiving and now Christmas is upon us how fast the year has gone weather changing and I am just getting use to the cold again but I am home with my famiily my children and grand children which make it all worth while. I hope you and the others had a nice Thanksgiving and the same for Christmas you all keep looking down on us all cause I really need the strength right now. I love and miss you all so much and their isn't a day I want to pick up my phone and make that phone call but then I stop and it hits me but I realize that someday we will all be reunited again. Tell everyone hi for me and Ronnie until we meet again I will hold on to one thing that many of you have taught me "STRENGTH" and "FAITH" Love ya all to the moon and back .
sis and brother-in-law
Annie and Ronnie
November 27, 2014
Hi Mom,
Just wanted to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. This year has gone by really fast. We had a beautiful fall with bright colors to enjoy. Now winter is upon us. It snowed last night. It was very pretty coming down, but also very cold too. Hopefully, the weather will hold out that everyone can make it to their destination as they travel on this day. I wish you were here to enjoy the holiday with us, but I know you are watching down from above. Enjoy the day with the rest of the family up there. Miss you very much. God grant you eternal peace. Love your daughter, Judy
November 26, 2014
Hi Sis,
I just wanted to wish you and ALL my loved ones with you A VERY BLESSED HAPPY THANKSGIVING IN HEAVEN!! It is so hard to believe it is this time of the year already. We got some snow last night and today, hoping it doesn't get to bad for those who want to travel.
We will have Dawn, Kenny and Chad for dinner. I put a lot of the things together tonight, so I could have some relaxation time on Thanksgiving day.
The Holidays are just so hard for me....I keep thinking it will get easier as time goes by, but I miss all you guys so much, its true it gets somewhat easier as time goes by but the emptiness and pain just don't go away that quick....but I will make it thru this holiday season I know for the lil children and my own children.
I wish you could see the beautiful picture I have of Judy holding my lil grandson Vinnie at Dawns wedding it is a beautiful picture of both of them.
Well Sis I better get busy and get a few more things done.
I love you all and miss you terribly. Please never stop watching over us and praying for us.
Love, Maggie
September 28, 2014
Hi Sis,
Well a week ago yesterday we were at Dawn and Kenny wedding. What a beatiful day it was. I will never forget how my day went, first the power went out. I prayed so hard asking for your and everyone else to put the power back on before 10:15 and it came on right than Thank you for that. I prayed that the rain would stop again thanks to you and the family it did. Everything was beatiful that day. The wedding party that look so beatiful. I wished all of you were there but, we all knew you and the family were there smiling and enjoying the whole thing. Well sis, give everyone my love. Love and miss all of you.
Love you all,
September 24, 2014
Hi Sis, first day of fall, wow where has the summer and the year gone? Goes way to fast for me.
Well Dawn and Kenny got married Saturday, we worried so long about the weather but our prayers were answered and it was a beautiful day. The hall was decorated and it looked so nice. Judy and Joey helped us out so much and so did our sisters. I could not have done it without all of them. We are so blessed in having a family who is there when you need them.
The kids are going to TN for a honeymoon. Hope they have a great time.
Well sis, I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know we all miss and love all of you.
Give everyone a hug and kiss for me.
Pray that you continue to rest in peace and the perpetual light will forever shine upon all of you.
Love, Maggie
September 23, 2014
Hi Mom,
Just wanted to wish you a happy first day of Fall. The weather is nice and warm. The trees are just starting to turn their magical colors.
We were out at Easter Lake on Saturday to take pictures for Dawn and Kenny's wedding. It turned out to be a beautiful day for both of them. The Fall scenery was the perfect background for pictures. I think everyone enjoyed the wedding, which helped to make their day even more special. Wish you were here in person to have seen their wedding, but I know you and all the loved ones were watching from above.
Hope you enjoy the change of season. Love and miss you always. God grant you eternal peace. Love your daughter, Judy.
September 04, 2014
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIS!!! Hope you have a wonderful day celebrating with all our loved ones. I know the place is beautiful as you always decorated so beautifully. Know that I love you and miss you and everyone so much. I pray you will always rest in peace and God's blessings will always surround you. Give my love to all!!!

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