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Christopher Alan Birk 1978 - 2012
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October 07, 2014
Two Years today was the start of a sad part of my life, I lost one of my children. He can never be replaced or forgotten, will always be loved and always in our hearts. Your sister and I were there today with you and will always love and miss you.
July 07, 2014
21 months today, I keep thinking about the fact you were alone. I hope you did not know what was happening and asking for help and no one heard you. There was a quote I saw at the cememtary that I want to put on something for you it said
"No Farwell Words Were Spoken
No Time to Say Goodbye
You were Gone Before We
Knew It
And Only God Knows Why"
This says it all. Love
June 07, 2014
20 months today, learn to adjust to it never forget always in my heart and mind. Love until I see you again.
May 29, 2014
14 days and your 1st nephew will be born! His middle name is in honor of you, but how I wish u were here instead to welcome him! You always were so happy to see the new faces of our kin:0) I heard somewhere that babies souls are held by family in heaven before sent to their body. I hope you got that chance and I hope he knows how much of a huge part of my life u truely were!!!
I miss you now and forever, love u brother??
April 08, 2014
Love, will never forget
April 08, 2014
Got my days mixed up, it is the 8th. I heard from Jamie wanting to have lunch together this weekend with your kids. Miss you still not the same with them you should be there. Love always until I see you some day.
April 02, 2014
I have not forgotten you son, I was going to wait until the 7th, went it will be 18 long months that you have been gone. Angela's new son will have your middle name. Miss you, will write again on the 7th.
January 24, 2014
We love and miss u, daddy love Baylee , Rachel and Christopher .
December 25, 2013
Merry Christmas, I dreamed about you last night. This year is is more real that you are gone more so than last year. You are gone and my other child will be leaving soon. The two things I lived my life for will be gone. I not sure what the future holds now. Will see you again someday. Always in my heart.
November 15, 2013
I have been thinking about you a lot this week. Thinking about the fact you will never change, I won't get to see you get older. The fact you will not be there when your kids get married. There have been several times this week I could have used your knowledge about semi's at work, but your not there for me to call and ask. I will never be able to ask you anything again or talk to you. I know it has been 13 months now but it still does not get any easier and that empty place in my heart will always be there.
October 11, 2013
One year today since we laid you to rest. I remember looking at you during the service, did not seem real. Kept waiting for you to get up and say something. Guess it was to real. Love
October 07, 2013
Well I was out there will you on the one year since you life ended and my life changed forever. Shirley and your sister were with me. We picked out a reef and new flowers just for you for today. Soon there will be a bench close by that I will be able to sit on and talk to you or just look at where you are resting. I will always remember and love you. You will always have a place in my heart and I hope in everyone's heart that knew you. Love always and forevev.
September 16, 2013
Today it has been one year since the last time I saw you here with us. You called me from Southlake, you were at Kohls and I went and picked you up and we went and had lunch together. Little did I know that would be the last time I would see you, hear you and see your smile. If I had only known I would have burned every moment into my brain to remember. It is hard to tell someone that you should really treasure time with family and loved ones because you never know, and I have found that out too many times in my life. These are very hard days coming up in the next 3 weeks and in the years ahead. Love
September 09, 2013
My son, how little did I know that those words would be filled with great joy and great sorrow. People don't have a clue what it is like to lose a child. There is no reason why you are gone. You did not have a sickness, but yet you are gone long before you should have been. All the years I may have to be here without "My Son" will be hard ones.
September 07, 2013
11 months have gone by now since you left us here. I was out visting you today putting out new flowers, Shirley and Frances were with me. It is still so unreal I can say but when I think about you being gone I still get so sad and wish you were here with us. We all miss you so much it has not been the same since you left and I guess it never will be. Love you always and I am so proud you were my son and will always love you.

September 03, 2013

September 02, 2013
I miss u. So much I need u every day not a day goes by I dont think of u I love u. And miss u and wish I was with u ???I love u. For. Ever and alwayz never ever forgotten I where and still my life and you showed me I cold beloved. And I can be a great person I just wish u were here to ses. It ok im sorry I miss u I love. U keep watching maddie Nd. I
August 09, 2013
So glad that you are my sisters first born. You made her so happy to be a Mom. You have a special place in our hearts always. We miss you.
Love Aunt Shirley and Uncle Doug
August 07, 2013
You were in my thoughts today 10 months now and it still seems unreal. I talked to someone about you for several hours today and your life and how much I missed you and how I had felt all the things that happened to you here on earth. I look forward to seeing you again someday. You are my son and I love you very much I wish I could have stopped this. I wish you had not been alone and I will see you again, you and Amy.
Love forever
July 09, 2013
Always in my heart
July 07, 2013
Well today is July 7th, 9 months have pass by since that day in October when I was standing outside talking to Angela when the police woman drove up and shattered my life. I know life go on, but it will never be the same, it will never be completely the way it should have been and it never will. I hope when my day comes you and Amy are waiting for me. You will always be the missing part in my life. I would have loved for you to be here to say good bye to me instead of the other way. I should have gone first, parents always should go before their children. I will always love you and remember you and never will forget what should have been. Mom
June 09, 2013
Miss you still brother:o(
June 08, 2013
Miss you and why did it have to be you.

June 07, 2013
Today is June 7th, 8 months now since I found out you were gone. I still think about you everyday, wishing you had not been alone when you time came, wishing you had not been taken. I know that there are people every where that have lost children, how do they cope with it. How has Amy's Mother done it for the last 14 years. I can't even begin to imagine how I will feel 14 years from now if I am still alive. I hope I get to you again one day, you and Amy together. I will always miss you and love you and never forget you. Mom
May 12, 2013
Today is Mother's Day and I am missing one of my children. Christopher you should still be here with us. You should have not be taken away. Last Tuesday on May 7th, when it had been 7 months, I thought about you and how time just keeps moving and everyone else has moved on, I will not forget my son ever. You are always in my thoughts and in my heart. I don't know how to feel since you left us all. It is not right for a parent to have to lose a child. Never suppose to happen. I will not get to see you on this Earth or talk to you as long as I live, I only hope when the times comes for me to move on that you and the family are waiting on me. I love my son forever. Mom
April 24, 2013
Forever in my mind and heart.
April 23, 2013
Well, another day has gone by and I still can't stop living October 7th over in my mind. I can remember the last time I saw you, what we talked about and the fact that you needed a shave. Oh how I wish I could give you a hard time about needing a shave, that would mean you were here with us. I will never get that chance again or the chance to tell you how much I loved you and how proud I was to be your Mother. I hope you knew how much you meant to me and I will never forget you, as long as I live.
April 09, 2013
So sorry that you are not here with us. Jesus is the Resurrection and we will see you again. We will not forget you.
Love Aunt Shirley and Uncle Doug
April 07, 2013
Well its been 6 mths today I lost the best thing in my life im lost still havnt found me yet sure I never will be the person he made me ever again but I kno hes on my shoulder threw everything I love you Christopher I so wish u were home to hold :( love always and for ever ,,, me gone but never forgotten
April 07, 2013
Christopher, it is six months today since they came and told me you were gone. My first child, my son was not here with us anymore. Not fair, you should still be here with everyone that loves you. It is so hard to think about the fact that you are gone. Every time when you cross my mind I think about the fact that you were alone, no one to hold your hand, your had to do this alone. I should have been there, I should have known something was wrong. I am so sorry no one was there with you. Mom
March 22, 2013
I sit here tonite thinking were u could be and wishing I could here ur voice one last time the I love u momma be home soon just one more time!! Not a min goes by I dont think of my angel my lover my other half my pride and joy u brought smiles to my face. Since I was 15 a friend highschool buddy then to my soul mate ill never for get that look on ur. Face the day I saw u after yrs of u being gone and. Not long after that we knew we were to be together for ever and. The day we wreaked the. Truck and u ran to me crying telling me u. Were sorry and that u would never let me go after that but I let u go to do ur job the thing u loved driving the country seeing every thing u could and to make me proud that we were on are. Way to a great life !!! U never let me down I will never let u down !!!! I just cant grasp ur. Gone and I will never come to the fact that I feel I could. Have fixed this I tryed I want to kno why and ill fight till we kno !!! Tears wont stop migrains wont stop any more :( I love u daddy come home ... I love u and miss u. So much. Love always and for ever christy
March 15, 2013
I love my son very much
March 13, 2013
Well, I am trying to get some more pictures in your photo gallery, I started with the most recent ones I had and will work backwards to when you were a baby. I don't know what to do, last night I went to the same people that we had went to for help 10 months after Amy had passed away. They helped, I just don't know this time, I can be driving down the road and you cross my mind for just a moment and that is long enough for me to think about the fact you were alone when you left this world, there was no one there to hold you hand. Did you know, I think the text you sent out the first one said "dying". I keep thinking about that, you were alone, no one to help you and I should have felt something when you left this world. I looked back the last time we had talked was 9/24/12, the last time I saw you was 9/18/12. That day when the police woman came to the door and asked me if I had a son named Christopher Alan Birk and his birth date was 1/12/1978, I stood firm and answered ready to handle what I needed and to take care of you. I did not realize it would be you passing away at 34. I wish there had been more time. You were taken to soon, I had waited so long for a child. I had to give you back way to soon and it will take me along time if ever to adjust to that. Mom
March 07, 2013
So upset to day its been 5 mths today since I herd that voice telling me I love u babe I miss u ! I wish I could have had that last min of ur life to tell u im sorry for every thing I did and I love u and ur my world I miss u so much I need u I want u this isn't fair I want my soul mate my best friend my rock chris I hope u kno u brought life to me I thsnk u so much for that I love u and u will never be forgotten love always and for ever christy and maddie
February 27, 2013
As I sit a nuther day alone I try so hard to answer my questions but im waiting for your help we did nothing alone always together and as I walk alone now my life has changed so much I can't catch my breath but every song ever thing I see it's all u I miss u more and more as my days go by I need u I want u to just come home wake me up I cant do this any more with out u :( they say it gets easier with no it doesn't in r case its worse why why did he have to take u ??? I love you
February 20, 2013
One more day without my son here and no answers
February 18, 2013
i sit here for a few hrs a day thinking about you there is a time every day i wish i could hold u one more time one more i love u baby just one more min im selfish i kno but one min to tell you good bye would have made it just a lil easer i didnt get that i fill this is all my falt what could have i done to have u here with me to fill all r dreams i miss u baby with all my hart and soul i want u home but i kno ill see u again soon your my rock u always were and always will be i never thought i would be going threw this at my age we had dreams and a great life ahead i miss my babys and maddie misses u so much she will always be urs as u where always number one to her !!! so as of now i love u big bunchess and miss you more then ever gone but in my hart in head for ever !!! love always and for ever christy
February 15, 2013
I don't know what I am doing wrong, I have written here twice, the last being on 2/8 and for some reason neither one came thru. There is no way I have forgotten my son and no way I ever will. I think if only I had done this or that could I have changed what happened. I only wish you were still here with all of us, you were taken to soon. I never thought when I was finally given a child that you would be taken to soon. I will always love you, miss you and remember you. Mom
January 30, 2013
I miss u day by day hr by hr min by min as I go on with my life I miss u more and more miss ur voice miss ur hugs miss u hands miss ur u can do this baby :( I miss every thing. and the only thing that keeps me going is r dreams and ur voice telling me to keep going I hope u kno how much your missed because god knos u are and ur rite beside me every day !! I love u Christopher missed but never forgotten love u always and for ever !! Christy
January 08, 2013
It was 3 months yesterday, still not any easier and nothing is finished. Will it ever be better.
January 01, 2013
Well, it is the beginning of the a new year, this first one that you will never see. Your birthday is coming soon. I know you will never grow older, but you will never be with us again. I hope you are with loved ones. Mom
December 19, 2012
Never forgotten and always loved
December 19, 2012
I cant stand the fact I dont get to see that awesome face come christmas morning u have been gone 10 weeks but it feels like a life time with out ur funny jokes my good morning angels my I love u !! I even miss the. lil fights :( I want u home so bad I. still havnt grasped ur gone just yet I. want to kno why why ur not here to. walk beside me and the kids and ur. mom and sister we are lost keep watching us we need u every step we take day by day !!! I love you christoper. Gone but never ever forgotten never will I love like I loved the best man In the world. Im just ready to wake up from this bad dream !!!!
December 17, 2012
Well it was ten weeks yesterday since the sadness began. It is not getting better but worse. It is really starting to hit that you are gone and will never be here with all of us again on this earth. As a Mother when you died a part of me died too that day. I still can't think about you without crying and I don't know when that will stop. It is hard for me to get up and want to do anything because a part of me is gone. I love my daughter and my grand kids, but I feel so alone sometimes and that no one understands how much I miss my child. Mom
November 30, 2012
As we enjoyed having a great bday for Maddie today and tonite well all felt like u were rite there it was a time I needed u as bad as Maddie did we miss u chris we wish u were Hm it's hit us ur gone but never ever frogotten snd always will be are pride and joy and r kissyfur :( I love u baby and miss u every min of every day I'm just thankful we have awsome family's that are there for eatch other :) kisses and hugs miss u baby ..........love christy&maddie
November 23, 2012
I was so lost and alone yesterday I just sat and cryed wanting you in my arms thinks giving last yr we the shrek on ice and we had a blast this yr I just was waiting to get that call to come get you ur Hm but it never came I miss u so much ur smile could make my day better any time :( now I hve nuthing of u I'm lost !!! I want u Hm I love u and miss you watch over us my angel love always and for ever ,,,me
November 22, 2012
Missing and remembering all the Turkey Day's past!
November 20, 2012
Well as I sit here tonite I was going threw the book we did on what days u were taking off to be with me and the kids and ur to be home 11-20 to the 23 and back home for Maddies birthday the 29th r girls going to be 14 and we had plans now we sit wanting to kno why ur not home hurting cuz the holidays was the happy times in r life's !! It's a Lil over 6 weeks I miss u I miss ur hugs ur kisses ur hands and most of all ur love the love that had gotton so strong before u were takin from us I just ask u Christopher watch over us all ur mom sister all the kids and me its hitting ur not comming Hm but I kno ur beside me on every thing just stay that way my angel I love u always and for ever ur baby &. Maddie
November 18, 2012
Well it has been six weeks since they came and changed our lives forever. I was thinking today what I should be doing this Thanksgiving and will never be able to do again. It is starting to sink in that you are gone and will never be back. I don't know how tell myself that my son, my first child has left this earth before me, I not sure if I can accept it. You will never be forgotten and will always be loved.
November 12, 2012
Miss You ??
November 12, 2012
I've gone on for a mth now the 7th was awful but now it fills real your just not at work I'm lost I miss u more then any thing in the world what I would give for just one more day or even just one more min to tell u I love u and her u tell me I love u too babe just keep watching over us we as a huge family miss u so much !! And want you here I miss ur voice !!! I love u Christopher gone but will never be frogotten !! Love always me
November 11, 2012
Can't believe it has been a month since we laid you to rest. It not that long but it seems like it has been forever that we have been living this nightmare. I know I am not the only Mother that has lost a child, so they know how I feel, the empty spot in my heart because you are not here and I know that you will never be here again. I am glad for the time I had it was just not enough, I was suppose to go before you. Love always, Mom
October 30, 2012
Gone but not forgot!
October 29, 2012
I still can't beleive you are not here to call and ask me something. I would give anything if you could be here with all of us. I can say I know you are gone, but to have to live with this the rest of my life knowing I will not see my first born on this earth is not a easy thing to do. I will always remember you and never forget the child I waited so long for. Will see you someday. Love forever. Mom
October 28, 2012
i hope you watching over us i miss you and love you!
October 28, 2012
I miss u so much I kno your above me watching every thing I do and I hope to make are dreams come true even tho your not here your here in my hart forever I miss you daily and hourly and every min I'm just glade we were so happy when you left helps every day to smile cuz all I see is those eyes saying I love u baby !! Love always ,,,,,me:)
October 28, 2012
Chris was a wonderful person. He was very funny and great to get along with for the most part. LOL We all loved him though. Sorry for your loss and he will always be remembered.
October 27, 2012
Rest In Peace and watch over us.
October 27, 2012
We were best friends at times...and mortal enemies at others, haha:0/
But we loved and defended each other to no end! I took for granted the time I thought we would have:0(
I will carry you and your warmth with me....All the days of my life!!!
I love and will miss you until we meet again:0(
Your lil sister, Angie
October 11, 2012
So sorry for your loss. my prayers go out to his family and kids.
October 11, 2012
uncle chris u will be missed but not forgotten the memories of u we all have will be sured with each other and we all love ya and miss u a lot
October 11, 2012
Chris you were one of my best friends in high school... I remember all the crazy times we had at DECCA... My thoughts and prayers go out to your family and friends! I know that you will be watching over them as hevean received another great angel!!
October 11, 2012
i love you baby just make sure u are at the gates waiting for me to get there you kno u always have to wait fo me im always late i love u and miss my soul mate love always christy !!!!
October 11, 2012
Not just a Brother to me but a great friend as well. You will live on in are minds & hearts.
October 10, 2012
i will miss you alot uncle chris
October 10, 2012
Diana...we are praying for you and your family. Ray & Kerry Crews
October 10, 2012
So sorry for your loss! Praying for you and your family.
October 10, 2012
It was my pleasure to know Chris for a short time in his life, he will be greatly missed by family and freinds and those who knew him.
October 10, 2012
sorry for your loss
October 09, 2012
I was so sorry to hear of Chris's death.
Kathy Luppy
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