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October 22, 2017

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October 22, 2017

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling.

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December 21, 2016
I came across Susan's obituary about a week ago and was deeply saddened to see it. Susan and I dated for about 6 months when we were both young. She was a very attractive young lady with outstanding character, integrity and forthright honesty. She had the cutest personality and wit along with an intellect that seemed 2nd to none. For me, there was no one like her, I can still hear that distinctive voice that could captivate any audience, and this once, young man. Upon reading the obituary, the memories came flooding back in and it cut like a knife. I believe Susan was an advanced spirit and soul and have no doubt she is now on a higher spiritual plane. As I have read from many of the comments, she spread joy wherever she went, another aspect of her personality that resonates spiritual depth. We never really die, as the spirit is eternal; it is carried by its creator to a place too beautiful for the human mind to imagine, we are made anew into a far superior spiritual form that will not grow old, whose body is perfect and does not degrade. So, I look forward to experiencing again your beautiful soul, dear Susan. For whatever life on this lower plane called earth did not provide you, I have no doubt Yahweh will provide you abundantly more in Heaven. May God bless you eternally
November 5, 2013
Over a decade ago, when it was announced that Susan Andrews would be our new City of Hurst Library Director, a few of us, being librarians, took it upon ourselves to research our forthcoming director. What we found reassured us. We found that she was adored by her coworkers and had even been named Librarian Of The Year by the North Texas Regional Library System. Needless to say were eager to meet our new director. Now, Susan was supposed to start a few weeks after we heard the news, and we all assumed we would see her then. This would not be the case as Susan decided to come in on a Saturday and introduce herself to her new staff as soon as possible. She simply couldn't wait, the curiosity of her new post and coworkers prevailed.
This energy and curiosity embodied all that Susan did. You know the mannerisms and excitement exhibited by children on Christmas day when they come running down the stairs to see what Santa had left them? This was the same way Susan entered into our weekly staff meetings. Full of energy and ideas. Shoot, this excitement was not only relegated to the weekly meetings, she also exuded the same dedicated fervor for her daily mini-meetings,, as some of us liked to call them. She would come by our offices and visit whenever she had a cool thought or idea, because she wanted to share it with us.
Not surprisingly, somebody that spends most of their waking time ecstatic about what they are doing is seldom a downer. In fact Susan was pretty good at detecting if you were having a bad day and she would take pleasure in sitting down and talking through it,,,, whatever it may be. Whether it be work problems or personal problems, Susan was always willing to listen,,, and more often than not, do most of the talking. Which for me, being a bit of an introvert, was always nice.
Over that last ten years, some of us had the pleasure of attending Susan's annual Christmas Party. While you might think that a librarian would throw one booooring party where everyone sits down and plays ‘guess the poem', you would be wrong. Her parties were always great. We had games, gifts, music, fine fare, and even vino. Again, I loved the parties because I could sit down and she and the other ladies would do most of the talking. I could just kick back and drink ‘till the wee hours. …the wee hours being 11pm… that is really late for a librarian. We are going to miss those parties.
The last party I had with Susan was on the Friday before she passed. It was a small party, but It was reminiscent of old times. She was having a good day. Well, a good few hours anyway. I was Ed McMan and she Johnny Carson. Again, she did most of the talking and I basically just funneled her material. Jokes, pictures, and even a funny movie of a zoo hippo behaving badly. Soon, more of her friends arrived, and joined in on the party. The more the merrier, and Susan definitely had a good time.
Considering what an energetic and fun person Susan was, it comes as no surprise that now that Susan has left the party for good, that our lives will be empty in the areas that she filled with her joy and passion for pretty much everything. That is why I am writing this,,, not for Susan but rather in affirmation of the positive effect she had on all of us. This is a celebration of her life, a life that exemplified joy and passion, and a life that inspired all of use to see joy in everything.
October 28, 2013
Susan was my best friend for 40 years and I will miss her every day of my life. She will never be forgotten by those who knew and loved her.
October 24, 2013
Susan was my 3rd cousin. Although I never got to know her personally, I have gotten to know her through our cousin, Angela, while working on our family ancestry. Very brave person to go through what she did.
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