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Rhonda Paulette Abdon Erwin
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May 30, 2015
A big part of me is missing "it's you"!! You and I are what "love and family" is all about!! Unconditional!

Always loved, forever missed, sisters, Cheryl
February 13, 2015
I miss you and love you, Mom.
January 12, 2015
Dearest Baby Sister, my "Rhon",
As you celebrate yet another "Happy Birthday" "58th" in Heaven with all the family, friends and dear Linda. You are still very much loved, missed every second of every day, your husband misses you dearly "Eugene", as he says, "Two years of marriage wasn't enough"!! Just not the same Rhonda, my soul hurts missing you so very much, one day your husband will be with you as all your family, looking forward to the day!! We all miss you deeply, you have always been my heart, we always had so much fun!! Happy Birthday "my little vision of loveliness", always and forever, sisters, Cheryl (and Gene, puppies, kitties)
January 12, 2015
First id like to say happy birthday..and to let you know ive been thinking and missing you alot Ive been talking to Aaliyah about you so she wont forget..I miss you so much you will always be that smile missing from grandpa's house..I miss u and love you give my granny a kiss from me..
December 25, 2014
Merry Christmas sweet baby sister, I miss you so very much. My love to you "Rhonda", dad and mom, Jim and Mark, also, to Linda Erwin. Always loved, forever missed, Cheryl
December 08, 2014
Dearest Rhonda and all my family, missing you today "my 24th wedding anniversary", you never missed one special occasion nor I with you!
So very missed and always loved, sisters, Cheryl
November 27, 2014
Dear Mom and Dad, Jim and Rhonda, Mark,
Love and miss you all on this Thanksgiving Day,
Cheryl and Gene
October 03, 2014
Dearest Rhonda,

It is 2 years today 10-3-14, that you passed away, it is still hard to imagine it all!! Not a day goes by that I don't think of you, my life is so empty without you!! I will be bringing flowers to you today, as I hope those you took care of do the same. I miss you so very much, I lit your church candle today in remembrance of you.

Always in my thoughts, my heart, always with love baby sister, Cheryl
September 21, 2014
Missing you deeply, Tom asked about you, I bursted out crying, he was in shock! You are my heart "baby girl"!! Trimmed your grave, can't believe you are gone, will be 2 years October 3rd, a love of sisters/family that most could never understand, always in my heart, along with Mom & Dad, Jim and Mark, and all our beloved "fur babies", I know you walk with "me", continue to walk with "Haley" and children, God is Good all the time, looking forward to all of us being together again, the one who took care of you your whole life, your big sister, your only sister, "me" Cheryl
September 17, 2014
Dearest baby sister "Rhonda", the lady you befriended and took care of/moved into your house, Linda Erwin, came to join you this week sadly. As you walk with me and God, continue to hold gently your granddaughter Haley and great granddaughters, as you were the "essence" of family, we were taught well dear sweet sister, love to our mother and father, brother, and our son, until we join you...

Loved and so very missed, your only sister, Cheryl (Gene)
June 04, 2014
Rhonda, I am missing you so much, I visited your grave Monday with a heavy heart, Sugar, Min. Schnauzer, your baby and mine, has been hospitalized, including the ER, about 4 times in the least week and a half, yesterday I held her as there was no more hope with her "necrotizing pancreatitis" and was gently put to sleep, now to be with you and Woody, it broke my heart so, after just loosing Woody in March also this year! I would like to be with you baby sister and our family and our pets. For now know they are with you and playing happily again, love you all so very much as I continue to pay respect to your grave with planted flowers, candles, gifts, cleaning of and visiting, which you deserve.

Love you baby girl and please give all including my dear sweet babies a tight hug and kiss for me, Cheryl
May 11, 2014
As you celebrate "Mother's Day" in Heaven with mom, we remember as the two of us, Gene and I, always have with so much pride and love, as the wonderful mother and grandmother you were, always sacrificing and being front and center, you were a "priceless treasure" and always will be with "us", your sister and brother-in-law, as we three were always about the "love of family", as well as mom and dad and Jim. Never forgetting a Mother's Day on your behalf then and now, flowers are coming up that we planted for you at the gravesite, solar lights in place, eternal candle lit. Your "light" has never diminished as it was in "life", valued, respected then and now. Never forgetting the phone call, the card, the cake, the dinner. As always showing the love we have for you, the gifts we showered on "you" and the love in taking care and remembering your gravesite, always with so much love and admiration for my sweet baby sister! Always missed and forever loved, on this "Mother's Day" to you and mom, you are surrounded with so much love there in Heaven, till I join you, your only sister, your older sister, your twin of life, Cheryl "Susie" and your brother-in-law who misses you with every breathe, Gene
April 20, 2014
Missing you at this "Easter Dinner", as you always spent Easter with us, love and miss all of you sweet baby sister, love you mom and dad, Jim, Mark and puppies and my sweet furbaby "Woody", what a celebration in Heaven for all of you, wow!!
Always loved and missed and in my thoughts every second of the day, daughter, sister and mom, Cheryl
March 30, 2014
My "little vision of loveliness" from your "little peapod", please continue to walk with me, I came home from St. Louis and Gene had picked up "Woody's" ashes, this is killing me, I know he is with you, in 3 yrs and 2 mos., lost our brother Jim, you baby sister, my step-son Mark and now my furbaby "Woody", so very hard!!! Keep your arms wrapped around Aaliyah and Haley, we both know the power of prayers, know we both love them, love you so very much Rhon, your twin of life, big sister, "me"
March 30, 2014
Back from St. Louis, spending time with Chris for my "60th" birthday, missing you Rhon, you are always on my mind and in my heart, love, Cheryl
March 12, 2014
Well, Rhon, a little late, but, why? I did turn 60 yrs old, don't understand, when none you reached this milestone?!! My "60th" wasn't the same without all of you and then our beloved "WOODY" died at the Pet ER March 5th, 2014!!! My life without you "all" will never be the same and I ask myself "WHY" am I still here?! All of our birthdays were always, always, "SPECIAL"!!! And even though you aren't here, I will do as much as I can do to make each and every one special here!! You are all so very much loved and missed (Mom&Dad, Jim, you-Rhonda, Mark, and all our beloved pets, Pepsi-Cola, Candy, Baby Button, Romeo, "Billy-Bob" and our most precious "Woody", never ever forgotten, always missed, your only sister, your older sister, the one who took care of you, Cheryl
March 11, 2014
Thank you Jason Jr., for showing all the Christian love that Grandma and I, Great Aunt Cheryl instilled in you, and with the loss of almost all of our family!! I turned 60 yrs old this past Sunday and appreciate all the "love" you showed me, your grandma's sister, so very proud of you that you remembered all the good and all the sacrifices to make your life so much easier! Thank you honey, we love and miss you and know God will remember all and especially Grandma giving all her life to you!! Love you always buddy, Great Aunt Cheryl and your only Grandma, now deceased who watches over you as I do and know God is too!!! Thank you for being generous of spirit as God and we instilled all good and loving things upon you! XOXO
March 08, 2014
I knew when i got a notification it was from you Cheryl :)I'm sure Rhonda will look after your beloved pet until you all are reunited (not wishing bad on you)just trying to reassure you that hes their with her being a lil' puppy having fun with her,take care Cheryl <3
March 07, 2014
Missing you Rhonda and all our family. Please take care of Woody for us, he died March 5, 2014. I know if you were here it would have broken your heart as much as ours!!! Please give him a big hug and kiss from us, his mommy and daddy and keep him in your angelic embrace, and please help me to get through all this, too much, I love you always baby sister, Cheryl (& Gene)
February 14, 2014
Missing you on this day "Valentine's Day" 2-14-2014, and every day!!
Love,sisters, Cheryl
January 29, 2014
Thinking of you today sister and knowing you are blowing kisses and sending gentle hugs to your grandson, my great nephew, Jason Jr., on this his 17th birthday, January 29, 2014.

How I miss us all celebrating his birthday together!!

Always missed and loved, sisters, Cheryl (and Gene)
January 12, 2014
As you celebrate your second birthday in heaven, May it be a happy "57th" birthday there with all "our family"!! Love and miss you so much Rhonda, please watch over your great granddaughter while she is taking chemo and fighting leukemia, I know you watch over me and your grandson Jason, I can feel it.

Forever loved and missed until we celebrate together, a bond never broken not even in death, Cheryl and Gene
January 01, 2014
"Happy New Year In Heaven" Dad and Mom, Jim, Rhonda and Mark!!!

We love and miss you all so very much,

Cheryl and Gene; your grandson, Jason Jr.
December 25, 2013
As you celebrate this Christmas Day (12-25-2013)with Mom and Dad, Jim and Mark, loved and missed, sisters, Cheryl
December 24, 2013
Christmas Eve without "you", missing you, love, Cheryl
December 08, 2013
Missing you today - our 23rd Anniversary - 12-8-2013!! My heart breaks! There has never ever been two people closer than the two of us "big sister/little sister" you will always be "my heart" - I loved and treasured always taking care of and looking out for you!!
! Miss you every second of the day and all my family, forever loved, sisters, Cheryl "your little peapod"
November 28, 2013
Missing you on this "THANKSGIVING DAY", 11-28-2013, what a celebration for all of you, my wonderful dear loving family, miss and love you all, Cheryl and Gene
November 18, 2013
Thinking of you and your grandson (my great nephew), loved and always missed, sisters, Cheryl
October 03, 2013
Dearest Rhonda, It was one year ago today that I rushed to Ohio to be by your side and tell you goodbye but sadly arriving one minute too late. You had already gone to be with our Lord. You are missed as much today as ever. Until we see each other again fly free and enjoy the glory of Heaven. Love you, Chris and Al
October 03, 2013
Dearest Rhonda,

It is hard to imagine it has been 1 year today that you joined mom, dad and Jim in Heaven. It is still a horrific shock to me. I look forward to reuniting with all our family!! I was out to your gravesite earlier and lit a candle there. I put a Memoriam in Sunday's paper with your picture. I love you so very very much!!!! Miss you deeply. Love forever my sweet baby sister, always in my heart, thoughts and prayers, Cheryl
October 01, 2013
Dearest Rhondie, It has been 1 year today that you had your massive stroke. Was thinking of you this past Sunday, September 29, 2013,which was 31 years ago that day since Dad died. And today also, was the day he was buried, such horrific memories. I live for the most part thinking you are still here with me, still can't comprehend that you are gone. Losing you is like losing me, like we were twins!! You walk with me every day in heart and soul, missed and forever loved, sisters, Cheryl
August 18, 2013
Love you so very much, sisters, cheryl
June 17, 2013
Thinking of you gentle angel and how special today is for you!!! Always with love, Cheryl
May 12, 2013
Celebrate today "Mother's Day" with your sweet smile and gentle soul with mom and all our family in Heaven!! Gene and I, put a basket of flowers on your grave today, how we miss you so very, very much, till we meet again when I come home to be with you all, love forever, your sister and brother-in-law, Cheryl and Gene
May 04, 2013
Miss you so very much! Forever loved, sisters, Cheryl
March 31, 2013
Forever Sisters, forever loved and missed, 1st Easter ever to be apart not having Easter Dinner together on this most holy day of the year, but, one you are sharing with mom and dad and our older brother Jim, looking forward to the day I can share Easter again with you all, always in my heart, thoughts and prayers, love you sweet baby girl, Cheryl
March 09, 2013
Dearest sweet sister Rhonda, my first birthday without you being with me to celebrate, how I miss you and always will until i can join you, love forever, always a part of me, Cheryl
February 14, 2013
Happy Valentine's Day as you celebrate with mom and dad and Jim, always with love, cheryl
February 13, 2013
Love you my sweet baby sister (only sister) as does your grandbaby Jason Jr., we love and miss you so much, and all the lunches, get togethers and running together, always fun and laughter and the singing in the car, i am really missing you today, love forever,Cheryl

also, our childhood friend, Chris and I, were talking about you today, good sweet memories of better times and how we both are still in shock - loving you...
February 07, 2013
Our family will never be the same until we all come home to be together! Love through eternity, sister and brother-in-law, Cheryl and Gene
January 07, 2013
Oh my "little vision of loveliness", how i miss our phone calls each day and night, we always had time for each other, no excuses, just plenty of love, I wanted to call and hear your voice Friday night, but, the news of the day, our son passed, would have broken your heart as you loved him so very much, but, i take comfort that you were waiting for him with such open arms and always that beautiful smile you had 24/7, I know you have your arms around me always as I feel your presence, and it does calm me. I love and miss you so much, and I can't wait to be with you again, love you, your only sister, Cheryl (Cheryl Susie as you would say)
December 31, 2012
Missing you deeply, love, cheryl
December 29, 2012
thinking of all the fun times we had in life and all the "firsts" we shared together, love forever and ever, cheryl
December 27, 2012
I'm so sorry to hear about Rhonda. I remember fondly from our childhood on Morrill Ave & School.
December 11, 2012
Miss you sweet girl, my first anniversary without your being a part of, tomorrow it will be 2 yrs since our older brother died, miss you both very much! My first operation also, without you, you and i were so very close, like twins, this time of year is even more sad without you, forever in my heart and soul, loving you, your sister, cheryl
November 24, 2012
Put an Eternal Light on your resting place to symbolize the "light" you have been in all our lives, you touched so many, your legacy lives on, love and miss you, cheryl
November 22, 2012
May the memories of "you" give us some comfort today "Thanksgiving", we give thanks for having you be such a blessing to be part of "our" family,you are in the "Church Triumphant" surrounded by such a "Thanksgiving Feast" and celebrating first hand with God and Jim, Dad and Mom! How beautiful, we love and miss you baby girl, love on this Thanksgiving Day and very much missed, your sister, Cheryl (and Gene; Damon and Helen, and all the puppies)
November 21, 2012
Rhonda,we miss you so much you will always be in our hearts......sister in law..Helen
November 21, 2012
In loving memory of a wonderful person. We will love you and miss you always.
November 21, 2012
Thinking of you and all the Thanksgivings we had at my house, we had fun, it will be bittersweet tomorrow, getting ready to go buy you the everlasting candle and some flowers, always a flower in "my heart", we will be celebrating "you"! while you, Jim, mom and dad, will be preparing your table, Always loved by your family, your sister and brother, and your wonderful brother-in-law and sister-in-law, Cheryl and Gene; Damon and Helen
November 19, 2012
Rhonda, we all miss you and especially on this your first holiday that you are gone. On this day of thanksgiving, I am so thankful and blessed to have known you. I thank God for you. Happy Thanksgiving. Love Chris and Al
November 18, 2012
Life is not the same without you baby sister, love you so much, cheryl
November 11, 2012
in my heart always baby girl, love you, cheryl
November 05, 2012
My dearest baby sister - it was one month on this past saturday November 3, 2012, it still doesn't seem real, the pain is so great, love you always, sisters, cheryl
October 26, 2012
Rhonda,your brother Damon and I miss you so much,love you sis.
October 26, 2012
Rhonda,your missed so much your sister in law Helen
October 22, 2012
Loved so so very much, your sister, cheryl
October 20, 2012
Waiting to join you in paradise my sister in Christ <3
October 18, 2012
I can never begin to express my shock and sadness at news of Rhonda's passing.Rhonda interned with me in the probation department at Municipal Court. Her kindness and caring was apparant in everything she said and did. She was so humble, although she was extremly intelligent and insightful. She talked so lovingly about her family-I look at the pictures and feel I know each of you. I'm so glad that she graced my corner of the world-even if it was for a short time. A spirit so gentle and kind never dies, but lightens the way for the rest of us. Goodbye, my friend, I'm glad we knew each other. Mary Houck
October 14, 2012
I am missing you so much, you were always such a part of me, looking forward to being with you again, always with so much love and admiration for a beautiful human being, the best God had to offer!
October 11, 2012
Eugene and Family; My sympathy, thoughts and prayers are with you all.Rhonda was a lovely person and I always loved her sweet smile and her friendship to me.I will miss seeing her bright smile at the salon. God has a new Angel and we have a new Guardian Angel. Love to you-Jason Michael
October 10, 2012
Rhonda, we go back as far as I've known Cheryl, which is almost 46 years. I've watched you grow up. I've watched you grow in to a beautiful woman who loved life to the max! In your younger days as a young mother you struggled along but never gave up hope that your life would get better. Even through your roughest times you made sure your son was well cared for and many times you went without so he could have the things a boy desires. Most of all you gave all your love and that's something money can't buy. Once Jason was old enough to be on his own you spread your wings and took flight! Finally having enough confidence to walk out your front door and chase your dreams. We all got the pleasure of seeing you reach many of your goals. The last five years or so have been your brightest. You found the love of your life, Eugene, and most of all you found yourself. It was a pleasure to read your FB page and feel your love for GOD and your life come right off the pages. You were a walking testimony of the life of a Christian. It was a joy and honor to know you and I'm going to miss you so very much. Take flight sweet lady and strut those golden streets like the Diva you are! (p.s. don't worry about Cheryl and Eugene because we all will look out for them) Love ya
October 08, 2012
Dearest Cheryl, there are no words that can ease your pain, but our hearts break for the loss you feel. Rhonda will be with you always, watching and guiding you in ways only you will feel. My prayers are with you, and her husband Gene. May God ease your emptiness with his grace.
October 08, 2012
your light burns within my soul....
October 08, 2012
To my dearest one and only "baby" sister, my soul, my heart, my very being. I am so very sorry that i couldn't do as much this time for you, i tried with all my being as i have my whole life for "you and yours", but, i take comfort in the fact i have always taken care of "you and yours" and was always there for you, if i could have changed places it would have happened, but, that being said, i am so devastated and heartbroken, i don't know what i will do without you, i still can't imagine i am so grief stricken!!! We were like twins in thought and love for one another! I do know more pain and suffering was to come, so, I know you and God knew, it was your time, now you can dance and hug your big brother and went home to be with "our family" I am trying so hard, I worry about your grandson, but, know God will be there for him and your arms wrapped around him with all the angels needed to protect him. I look forward to the day I will join you, mom and dad and Jim, i waited to post as i am so full of grieving emotion, it is so unbearable!! We will take care of your "smoochiepoo", Gene misses not only his sister-in-law, but "his baby sister", he just broke down and cried, rest in peace sweet gentle baby girl, "my baby girl", always in my thoughts, heart and my soul, love through eternity, our life together and the bond will never never be broken by anyone and/or anything, death inclusive, while i am waiting to come "home", you have all of your body working for you and now the heavens have open up "dance away sweet child of God"" Love forever, your one and only "older sister", xoxo, Cheryl (and Gene)
October 06, 2012
Rhonda you were like a grandma to me and I'll never forget how beautiful u were and how much u impacted me my grandma Linda and grandpas lives u were the one to bring our lives to gather.. I'll miss u I hope ur dancing with the angels up there.. Cheryl I love you with just the short time I've known u you've invited me over as family to ur house and I hope that didn't change ...
October 06, 2012
Cheryl I am deeply sorry for your loss of your dear sister Rhonda. I pray the Lord Jesus comfort you and all your family as only He can do.
October 06, 2012
Just wanted to say that it was a privilege and an honor to call you my friend. You lit up a room with your beautiful eyes and smile. You will sadly be missed my FRIEND.
October 05, 2012
It broke my heart to hear of Rhonda's passing. I will always remember the good times we shared as we watched our Sons grow up together. I`ll always have a special place in my heart for her and her family. Love And Prayers
October 05, 2012
Dear Cheryl and family,
So very sorry to hear this sad news.
It was nice enjoying our reunion with Rhonda last month. I know your hearts are broken and I pray your wonderful memories will help in your healing.
God Bless Rhonda and all of you.
October 05, 2012
cheryl I was so sad when I saw this yesterday on facebook.Seems like we were all just laughing having a great time at our class reunion,I know you were very close and this is so tragic.remember all of the beautiful moments that you shared with rhonda and cherish them.there is nothing like a sister! love you friend
October 05, 2012
Jason,Cheryl and Family...I'am truly at a loss of words to express my sadness over the loss of a wonderful lady. Your in my thoughts and prayers...D.J.
October 05, 2012
We will miss Rhonda's bright smile and her always positive attitude. She was always there to help anytime needed. We lost a wonderful friend.

Linda Holman
Columbus Barber & Beauty Supply Co.
October 05, 2012
Rhonda, you will be missed greatly. Your smile, your corkieness and especially your presants. My thoughts and prayers are with your family and friends. I love you lady.
Cathy Bonham
October 05, 2012
She is the hands of the Almighty God where she finds true freedom from all pain & strife ,& can look upon the Glory of God!!!xoxoxo
October 05, 2012
May God bless you and your family at this time of sorrow ... Tammy Taylor & Florence Hatfield
October 05, 2012
May God hold you and your Family in his loving hands during this time of sorrow
October 05, 2012
Cheryl and family, I am so sorry for the loss of your beautiful wife/mother/sister. May the Peace of God comfort your hearts. Cherry (Adkins) Bethel
October 05, 2012
Cheryl may God be with you and your family in this time of need. My sympathy to you all.
October 04, 2012
Gone to soon,will miss you and wil be forever in my heart
October 04, 2012
You will be missed, I love you dearly my friend.
October 04, 2012 will be greatly missed.I
know you are watching overyour love ones from above.God please give them the strength through theses sad times.
October 04, 2012
My heart Breaks for each of you suffering this extreme hurt an loss. May God heal your heart for she believed an is now a special Angel in his Kingdom.
October 04, 2012
I am so sorry for the loss of Rhonda. She was an amazing and kind person. You will forever be in my heart Rhonda, may you rest in peace my friend.
Love always,
Robin Munsey-Vance
October 04, 2012
so sorry for your loss,
October 04, 2012
Such a beautiful person, gone way tooo soon!
October 04, 2012
Dear Rhonda we were never close friends but I admired you from afar for your intelligence.I'm your Graduating class of 74' represenative and was just getting to know you.It saddens me to lose a fellow Bulldog and to lose you as a kind friend on facebook offering me great advice,I will really miss that from you :( May you find peace now. As for your loving family I offer my sincerest condolances and hope you also find peace knowing Rhonda is no longer in pain or suffering.I'm not good at this but I hope you all the best in these hard days you face ahead of you,I'm so sorry for your loss.
October 04, 2012
The South High School Alumni Association and its Board of Directors want to express our sympathy and send condolences at the death of your loved one. Our group of South High School graduates is diminished by her passing.
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