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I write this message just having read notice of Cheryl's passing in the New Trail.

Cheryl and I both did our Diploma in Nursing - she a year or so ahead. She was known then for her fun loving spirit. We later decided to pursue our BSN together. It was clear that Cheryl's gifts were in accounting so she moved to that focus.

We've not been in as much contact over the past years. But as others have said despite the distance she was a true friend who would be there for you no matter what. What a values based, bright light despite all she faced with such humility.

My sincere condolences to the Middlemass family.
I was shocked today to learn of Cheryl's passing. I got to know her at the Cross Cancer Institute where we both volunteered.
Cherish the wonderful memories you have of
a great lady. She will be missed.
Mike and Rob, my heart is broken and your Mom will be forever missed. She was the kindest most giving and positive person I have ever meet. She thought the world of you two and was so proud of who you had become. She was blessed with two daughter in laws and a precious grand daughter, Emily who lite up her world. The neighbourhood will not be the same please know our thoughts and prayers are with you all. Bev, Ernie Blasetti and family
We've been staring at this screen trying to come up with something amazing to help comfort you and yours. Unfortunately, try as we might, we can't seem to come up with anything that we feel would capture the sentiment. Please just know that you're in our thoughts and that we're here for you.
Cheryl and I have been very good friends ever since grade one. She used to come to our place on 8th ave. in Wainwright. After my father died when I was ten, we moved to 4th avenue, just a block from her place. She came to our place to play and I went to her place to play. We both took piano lessons from the Sisters at the Convent, went to Sunday School and were in Junior Auxiliary together at St. Thomas Anglican Church. She was tall and I was short - we were like Mutt and Jeff.
Later, Bev Fleming moved to town and she lived across from Cheryl's and down the block from us. We had many good times together.
The Middlemass family moved to the city before we graduated and Cheryl went on to take nursing at the U of A and I took the education route. It was not till she was married and had children that we came into contact again. I often stayed at her place when I was in the city for conventions or conferences. She was always a wonderful hostess and we always had tea and cake or cookies she had made. She had gone on to become an accountant and worked for the city of Edmonton.
She loved to garden and kept her yard looking lovely.
Bob and I saw her on Feb. 7th for tea, just after she had started chemo. On Feb 26, I visited her again at her place and she talked about her bucket list - hoping to survive long enough to see her grand daughter's birthday and to do a bit of gardening in her yard. Both of these were not to be.
Bob and I visited her in the U of A hospital on March 27th. We went through some old albums I brought up, with pictures of ourselves when we were kids, and of school chums we were with at Wainwright High School. Her cousin Diane was there too and during the 1.5 hours we were there we never talked about her cancer once. We laughed a lot and had a great time reminiscing about old times. Instead of flowers we brought her different teas and told her we would be up the next Tuesday to visit her at her place and have some of that tea. When we left there were two more women there from Calgary to take our place. We did not get to see her again- as the cancer took her health and she was not able to remain home for long.
She loved her boys and her granddaughter and was so pleased to be able to delay one of her chemo treatments till after her youngest son Robbie got married in Calgary. She really enjoyed the trip Michael, Michelle and Emily took with her to Walt Disney World late last year.
She was so pleased to have her sister Betty-Mae and her brother Ronald there for those last few days - think everyone thought there would be more of them, but that too was not to be.
Cheryl was a true friend, and I will certainly miss her telephone calls, her laughter and and her hospitality when staying at her place on my trips to the city. She is now out of pain. Good memories will last forever.
When my family moved to Wainwright mid school year we were very fortunate to move onto 4th Ave surrounded by great families. Directly across the street was the Middlemass clan, Ron, Cheryl and Betty Mae. The girls picked me up and took me to school on my very first day and were important to our family during our school days. Cheryl completed two University Degrees, one in Nursing and the other in Commerce.

I was one of those people who popped in to see her during her illness, occasionally with my friend Shirley Witholt. We often remarked at how positive and comical she could be in the case of such adversity. I also got to meet her sons whom I hadn't seen since they were lads. The love and compassion in that little family unit was heartwarming to witness.

Cheryl was pragmatic, loving, kind, considerate, humorous and ever so independent. Over the years she made a plethora of friends but was forever close to her bestie from school days, Erika Foley. Her sister, Betty Mae was with Cheryl during her last difficult days and provided the love and support that can be very special between sisters.

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Cheryl, Bev Fleming and I on one of my trips to her place probably about 30 years ago.
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