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Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
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kyrie eliason my beauty,
Loving you more,missing you with every breath I take.
How does it happen that some people I know just seem to go on and handle things like hey, I've dealt with it. I don't
know how to deal with it. To me, you were the air I breathe, you were the water I drink, the food I needed to sustain life, I will go on waiting for acceptance to come, praying for a glimpse of you, I see you running up the stairs calling out, 'hey parents, where are you' Geebin, we are here.
Did I tell you when we visited your memorial tomb, how beautiful it is, how beautiful you looked in the etching on the stone, how lovely you are as a person, your 2 girls, Mikaela and Jetson have talked about you, i miss Mom they will say
every so often, they are much better at understanding and accepting. I feel the guilt only a mother can feel when she is unable to save her own child. Some days I am consumed, and no one here on earth can say anything that makes sense, only God knows. My Geebin girl, my Geebical, Geebs, my heartness, honey pot pie- ness, honey-doll. Mom and Daddy-0
mish will be 20 on May 30/17.
And she is a stunning beauty.

Love Mom
Hello heart of my heart,
Mother's Day, I missed you so much, you were always so loving, giving, thoughtful and kind. No mother could have asked for more, no mother could have dreamed of how wonderful it felt to be the most special person in the world.
I look at the latest pictures from Mishka and Jetson, they have such beauty, and I know for a certainty and just life itself, that it came from God. You were so blessed to have given the world such pureness and beauty, love and wonder.
Geebs, Geebin, Geebical, every so often I hear from Mickey, you two were so close, as Mickey signs off sometimes, " your sister," you were soulmates and I love her so much, you girls were inseparable growing up.
Miss you forever, love you 1-2-3-4-.....MORE.....Mom
Oh girl of mine, how we miss you so much when it is Mother's Day, (tomorrow) knowing you have 2 girls who loved you so much. Every so often one of them will say, "I miss Mom so much".....Daddy-O and I went out today and got 3 bags of rose petals to sprinkle on your grave, it is something we do when ever we visit you, it looks just beautiful and other people who are visiting their beloveds have come over to see and told us how lovely it looks and what a great idea. The floral shops just pick of the petals of the wilting roses and put them in cone shaped plastic bags about 24 inches long and we get three bags and they cover your whole site and all around the monument, when we leave , we can see your grave awash in this gorgeous floral display all the way out of the cemetery. Love you my heartless, my only Geebin. Mom and Dad
Hi my girl,
I can see you looking down smiling when you see the Oilers game on. Daddy-0 and I went out today and got brand new Oiler's shirts, flags for the car and all kinds of doo dads.
It is so exciting and the city is just a buzz and flooded with Oiler's flags and orange shirts, the Orange Crush they call it.
Such great fans!
Love you sweet lil' girl, miss you. Mom & Dad
I see contact me at the end of some of your emails, but there is no email address, you can contact me at rain [email protected] and then I can contact you. Thanks, Geralyn's mom.
We had both trees lit on April 13th, the big blue spruce at the front with the purple lights and the one at the back with the blue lights on. We lit a candle in a cupcake and sang happy birthday. Mikaela will be back from Switzerland on May 15th, she's been over there for 3 months visiting her dad.
Sure do miss her, but she's getting lots of time to be with Jessie Jetson...who went to dubai with a friend for a few days, for 15 she's quite the jet setter. Missing you more.
Hi to my beautiful girl.........guess my birthday message did not get sent to you, bet you're glad that 40th year is over. I remember so clearly you telling me you never wanted to be 40 and sitting with the ol guys in the bar doing crossword puzzles, you know I have not done a crossword since you died, I saved them though and just threw them all out last week.
I don't think I'll ever do another one, just nothing to me anymore without you to come along and finish off the words I didn't get.

So many things Daddy-0 and I don't do anymore, he doesn't
go fishing, or golfing, about the only time he does anything is when he plays darts and that is very rare and that is because a friend of his calls and says,'let's get together for a game'.
Guess we have just lost our spark.
Grieving never goes away, it is part of one's soul, don't pity us, we just lost a part of our hearts and soul. I don't know what the name of it is, but there's a song that has the words in it, "with every breath I take" and that is the way it is with us.

More on your birthday later. Love you lil' darlin.

Hey Friend! I think about you often. You would love where I live. We could stand on many a wood piles and sing at the top of our lungs! We could sit on the deck like to ol birds with a beer and reminisce. I even considering planting rhubarb as that reminds me of timesat your house as kids. As I promised you the day I said my final good bye, o would keep in touch with Mom. Every year on you birthday, at Christmas, on the anniversary of your departure and times when she, Dad and your girls are on my mind I drop an email. She hasn't responded in awhile, I just hope she has been getting them.
I am really missing you a lot lately. I miss that my kids never got to know you, I miss that we can't sit and giggle at our shananagins. I miss my sister from another mister! I love ya Geebs!
A candle lit for you Geralyn, my friend, for your birthday yesterday. Peace, Sister.

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