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Murray Smith was one of my first role models. I took a water safety program from him at the Red Deer Swimming pool in the early fifties. His unconditional love for students and his wisdom in teaching method and content were outstanding. As to his teaching phrase stuck with me and still became almost a mantra for me when teaching or was "be unassuming and business like!"
His own teaching was grounded in this short philosophical statement.

His pedagogy was impeccable and he accepted all people with unconditional positive regard. A great combination of skills to help all those who were touched by him to become better citizens of this planet.

Rex Beach
What a privilege it was to find Murray Smith as a friend & resource at the UofA. A brilliant teacher & learner who agreed to supervise my Doctoral Dissertation. No role modelling influence could be stronger. I wanted to be like Murray as a person & professional.
Murray was incredibly generous with his time, & amazingly interested in his students. He certainly played no role in what I am not, but his mentoring & friendship was instrumental all the things I (& my family) have accomplished.
Our deepest sympathy & condolences to the Smith family. We have all lost a great, great, man, & will be forever grateful. Thanks so much!!!!
My heartfelt condolences to the Smith family. Some 15 years ago I wrote to my Jr. High School Staff members at Lorne Akins " I'm not sure if the sources of my beliefs are of any value or interest, but you have to know, sitting on my lifetime Board of Directors along with my parents, music teachers, cub leaders, and the like were some highly influential teachers and professors along the way. First, I must mention Murray Smith, a Sports Psychology Professor, who, over five years of patient shaping, had tremendous influence in helping me understand the meaning of UNCONDITIONAL POSITIVE REGARD (among hundreds of other vital teaching truths) and the idea that I was charged, once I entered the field, with maintaining a positive and progressive mindset with every student (stakeholder) despite my personal feelings about their attitudes, values, habits, behaviours, and activities. This belief has remained with me for over 30 years."
Now retired, I know that I have consciously acted on Murray Smith's influence, followed his advice, and used it to positively guide the lives of young people. I couldn't have had a better life and career consultant. Thank you Murray.
My Deepest Condolences to the Smith family. So very sorry Cameron. Would love to share some hockey and friendship memories. Thinking of you.
My sincere condolences to the Smith family. I completed my Masters degree at the U of A under Murray's expert guidance and supervision in 1979. I was a 33 year old Aussie who took a sabbatical to study sport psychology. My severely limited time frame to complete the degree was overcome by Murray's understanding and assistance, and I was able to fly home after 12 months in Edmonton with my completed thesis under my arm. I could not have done this without Murray's unflinching support. My year in Edmonton with Murray changed the course of my life and career and I subsequently embarked on a 40 year journey as a sport psychologist, including 22 years at the Australian Institute of Sport. I am still practising privately now at the age of 73 years, all because of the phenomenal impact that Murray had on my vision for the future. I rate my time with Murray at the U of A as the most significant turning point in my life, and for that I will be forever grateful.
Murray was a great man, and whilst I was saddened to hear of his passing, he will always be in my memory.
Jeffrey W Bond, OAM - Cowes, Victoria, Australia
Thank you all for your messages. The Celebration for Murray and Rean will be held Saturday April 21, from 1 to 4 pm at the Derrick Club - 3500-119 Street in Edmonton.
I offer my deepest sympathy to the Smith Family on the passing of Rean and Murray. What a gigantic loss for you to suffer, and for the many of us who knew them.

I experienced, valued and enjoyed Murray as a Coach, Life Mentor and Friend. I feel so blessed I got to know and to experience his greatness as the Huskies Coach in 1966, and then to continue to receive his advice and coaching as a U of A Bear. After we moved to Victoria, on many return visits to Edmonton I continued to meet with Murray as friends where I continued my education about life through stories, discussions and sharing the good times. The Murray I knew was a wonderful guy. One of the best.

Ted Frechette
Murray was one of the smartest guys and coolest cats I've ever known. But that's not what made him so important to me. For me, it was his open, generous heart that mattered so much. He took me under his wing, so to speak, at a time when I was struggling with a professional challenge, and he gave me great counsel.
Later in our relationship, when I grew critically ill, he and Rean lovely Rean! both supported me with their positivity and encouragement. Murray stayed by my side, metaphorically, while I faced death over several years, and he and Rean were part of a small group of people whose care and friendship are why I'm alive today. I'm truly blessed to have had them come into my life.
All who were touched by Murray Smith as a Teacher, Colleague, Coach, Mentor, and Friend mourn the loss of an incredible man. The most positive aspect of his life is that he leaves a unique legacy that is reflected in his children, his many intellectual works, and the impact he had on so many of us who were blessed to have been exposed to his genius.

Murray's expertise and knowledge in a wide variety of matters from philosophy, sports psychology, from music to politics, to swimming, football, hockey and sports in general - to say nothing of his administrative abilities, all of which never failed to be impressive. Dr. Murray F.R. Smith will be missed by so many friends and admirers.
-Jim Donlevy, Okotoks, AB
So many of us have been touched by Murray's sincere caring, varied knowledge, expertise, mentorship, leadership and contribution to sport and education, both nationally and internationally. Many associate Murray with Clare Drake, where the both of them as close friends, shared their unique gift of being able to really deal with the needs of the individual. Murray was also the master of being able to tackle and simplify the most complex task or obstacle.
Having been with Murray just before his move to Kelowna, I was a witness to a man who was truly and deeply in love with Rean and his family. The wonderful family portrait above the mantle across from Murray's couch was a source that really revealed his innermost pride and love. Murray was thankful and displayed his deep affection for Rean, who was so warm, kind and nonjudgmental; and was the hub of the family.
Murray and Rean, your spirit is in each of us and may your family find relief in wonderful thoughts and memories of two people who made a real difference.

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