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This Guest Book will remain online permanently courtesy of Scott's Mum,Dad and Sister,forever and always with love Lad,we miss you.
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Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
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'The LORD is my STRENGTH and my SHIELD-PSALM 28:7"

Hello my son..its been a tough few weeks with your sister and niece emigrating to the Emerald career,new home,little one's new school....oh Lord it is so hard ...heart and soul taken a battering but we know and trust that YOU are in control ,this is Beans and Oopis life journey as they wrote their book of life with YOU...I am trying so hard not to make it personal ,about me and without you lad and Bean and Oopi..gets rather lonely sometimes even dad feels the difference in the house energy or lack of..its going to take some time to adjust to our "new normal",at least Thank YOU GOD ,dad and I are growing older together and we so appreciate that we have each other but we miss the days when you and your sister were running around and having fun...morphed into Oopi and puppy running around having fun,thank GOD we have our memories..wherever you are son please watch over your little sister and niece..we are so impressed with them both...the challenges your sister has met head on and conquered...a lot of your determination and character in her..that apple certainly didn't fall far from the tree...there is a lot of dad's qualities I see in both of very proud of you both,"those who don't control their own destiny, allow others to define it for them" you did just that so now does your sister..oh my boy..this is so hard, I tried to prepare dad for their leaving and he really thought he could handle it with the quintessential "British stiff upper lip" but he found out watching our girls walk away that with age comes a softening that surprises one...that lip didn't stay stiff for very long...he is feeling their absence now...especially when he took little ones safety seat out of the car...see.. now your mum and dad are a matching pair of soft puddings...go figure!!
This Friday will be the 40th anniversary of our first it was back then just us two,we have come full circle to that point again...Thank You JESUS,we are blessed...gotta go my and miss you more than words can say,take care,be happy wherever you are,catch you in the wind and sunshine my boy...GODBLESS you and us and cherish you and our family...'EVERY MISTAKE I CREATE IS ONE OF MY CHOSEN LESSONS...FACING MY WOUNDS'
miss and love you forever and longer son...ANGELS walk with us all please..PEACE and BLESSINGS
mum,dad,bean and oopi
"No one knows another man's burden until he puts it down and the ground shakes"- Robin Williams

Hello son...Fathers Day today..we miss you so very much...time definitely does not heal all wounds lad,it gives us space to learn to adapt to our new "normal"and how to play the game of many people hurting in the world Lord and we all need to feel YOUR PRESENCE and TRUST in our journey as we wrote our life story with you please walk with everyone,each of us is bruised,some more than boy hurts so much and now ..your sister and little niece will be leaving on their new adventure and life in 2 weeks.Thank you God for Beans full time permanent job in her new home,that relieves all of us of that worry...its affecting both dad and myself so even more than he realized..oh Lord we need YOU...Surrender and acceptance is our saving grace,walk with our girls please,keep them safe.
We took dad out for supper last night to our local Indian place,amazing samosas,,your little niece even tried some of dads chicken vindaloo...even I won't try that and your little sister had her usual vegetarian plate ,oopi had some of that was a lovely meal but the big hole at our family meal and empty chair as usual is so son..we miss you so very much,and more as time marches on..our tears still fall and will forever until we are all together again..
going to spend the rest of the day in the garden with the girls..its so wonderful to see your little niece playing and laughing...hearing her joyful voice telling knock knock jokes...

I miss you and love you Uncle Scott from your little niece LILY XOXO 6

Well my boy ,that was a 1st, Oopi came in and saw me and asked to leave you a note...she is growing up so very fast,,,we are going to miss them so very much but this is about bean and her journey so I am trying hard not to make it about us and our feelings...God help us all please,everyone needs you...wherever you are lad and whoever you may be today ,be happy and be safe,thank you for blessing us ..our amazing son...miss you more than all the stars in the sky son,be happy and be safe..catch you with the hummingbirds and butterflies son...take and Godbless.Angels walk with us all please,,..mum,dad, bean and oopi
We miss you happy and be safe..blessings,love and peace for us all.. God please watch over everyone..there are so many hurting today Lord..we all need you....walk with us boy there are a nesting pair of hummingbirds are in the garden..butterflies are all over the flowers and I am missing you so very much ..oh my peanut..if only..take care and miss you....forever and longer..mum,dad,bean and oopi
Hello my son...just checking on the message I wrote on your little sisters 30th birthday.. yesterday...hmmm...
be happy my and miss you more than all the stars in the happy and be safe..walk with us all please Jesus..the world is hurting...a lot of hurt people ...we all need to feel YOUR presence and Guidance ...take care my mum,dad,bean and oopi
Good morning my son....miss you so very much...your little sisters 30th birthday is today...WOW ..just think.. dad and I are parents of 30 somethings...where did the time go???
You,you little sister and Lily are our blessings...God is very kind and we are so grateful that HE has trusted us with each of you to share our journeys with...Thank you Lord .
Bean had her "farewell to my 20's and farewell to Canada" get together in our garden yesterday...all her friends shared Belle Province steamies and poutine...timbits and donuts..lots of sweets from childhood...even played "baby beluga"...that brought a tear or two to me and dad...strolling down memory lane..remembering the days and birthdays when we all were together with Rocky racoon....memories my handsome son..Thank God we have our memories..
Take care our wonderful son..wherever you are Peanut and whoever you may be today and happy,always remember your family here miss you with every breath we breathe .. every night when we light your candle and see the stars we know you are with us...especially last week in the garden when 2 emerald green humming birds stayed with me ... I knew they were you saying "hey mum" and your way of letting me know you are okay and wanted to make me smile..thank you...they are beautiful little birds..I have never experienced anything like that in my life..memories my boy..thank over us all please...God the world needs YOU.there are so many people hurting Lord...not just us and our family...the world is in a lot of pain and confusion and chaos..please walk and guide each of us thank you Jesus...
Son...Uncle Bun,Aunt Mary and family are in so much hurt and pain with the criminal investigation and victim impact statements in court is reliving your little cousins Roberts nightmare of his murder and having to face his murderer in court thats tearing Uncle Bun and family boy ..please help over them all please Jesus...Robert my little nephew" minime" your dad,mum and siblings...this is reliving that horrible night all over again...please let your dad feel your him..let him know you are okay.
Well my boy...time to sort out your vegetarianlittle sisters birthday meal...mmmm,frozen yogurt cake for her birthday cake...gone are the days of a tasty Dairy Queen choclate ice cream cake with caramel crunch...still.. it makes bean happy and thats what today is about...counting our blessings son.. Godbless you lad...please God bless us and miss you forever and longer...catch you in the wind and stars...always in our hearts and prayers..walk with us all please Jesus...peace and blessings my boy..miss you....mum,dad,bean and oopi
In my thoughts and prayers, always.
Happy mother's day to me my boy...I remember so well the day you were born....Mother's were my little angel...still are..only now you are our big angel...miss you lad more than words can say...bean ,Craig and Oopi shared the day with us,it was so walking on eggshells.what an amazing cook your little sister afternoon tea,homemade petition fours,scones,sandwiches ..shared it all together in the garden with our China cups...oh my boy...Bean is a wonderful daughter and mum to Oopi...each of you are our blessings,whether here with us or in Heaven wherecyou are..Thank you Holy Trinity..I have also made my peace with our girls moving across the pond in over them son...keep them safe please..bean and Craig helped us out so much today...thank them profusely...we could not have moved those things ourselves,I asked Craig to take care of our girls,told him that they are a family and I will respect their choices,going to be very hard and lonely in this house and our world when they make their move...but if this is your sisters destiny,I am not God and I have to trust in her journey...saw our first butterfly of the season today,thank you lad,knew it was from you...sending it to safe my happy.. love and miss you more than all the stars in the sky and as Oopi says..more than all the cheese on my pizza...walk with us all please Lord...we all need and sniffel..blessings for all please Jesus...take care and be happy...mum,dad,bean and oopi
HAPPY 37th BIRTHDAY LAD.....wherever you are and who ever you are sharing your journey happy and be healthy..GOD we miss our son so very much..please give son a hug from us..let him know how much we love and miss him...oh my boy....time doesnt heal all wounds..we adapt ..heal never..this is our life now...missing you...aching to hear you voice...see your handsome face light up the room with your amazing smile...we will get your balloons this morning ..its a beautiful day and the birds are busy in the garden...its been so tough these past few months..your sister and niece are moving across the pond and it hurts so much..I plead and pray to GOD everyday to help make me a better person..I don't want to be a bitter person..I want your sister to embrace her journey and challenge herself and have a wonderful life ..with Oopi but them leaving here and us heart is breaking again...dear Jesus please walk with us all....please watch over them and guide them and keep them safe..Mothers day this weekend and thats the day when you were born..just think in 3 years when you will be 40...we will be back to celebrating on Mothers day...I remember that day like yesterday...the midwives named you Bright eyes because you were so alert and handsome...who knew what was we don't.
Thank you God,Jesus,Holy Mother,Blessed Holy Trinity...for our boy ,our girls ,puppy,our 39 year old marriage...July 13th is dad and mine 40th anniversary of our 1st date....who would of ever believed it...
Thank you God for our blessings...there are so many people hurting Lord..we all need you in our lives...especially Bun,Mary and the kids..please son..tell your little cousin Robert to help his parents and siblings...they are really needing to know that he is okay and in Heaven with God..give his parents a sign ..
Gotta go lad..this never gets tears still heart is still and forever broken...miss you everyday my boy...catch you in the stars at night and the wind that is blowing through the house..the butterflies and the sunshine
Dear God please walk with us all..thank you for our blessings, our you Peanut ..Happy birthday to safe my and Godbless us everyone...mum,dad,bean,and oopi..miss you
"Dear God.please be our us who are hurt lost and us all..facing my wounds,every mistake I create is a lesson I have chosen,this is a moment of suffering,suffering is a part of our human journey,may I be kind to myself and others in this moment ,may I give myself the compassion I need..thank you Lord"
Happy Easter my wonderful son,
Hard day today again lad...miss you more as each day passes..Help your little cousin Robert...Uncle Bun and family really need to know he is okay..send Uncle Bun a sign please...
Bean and OOpi are here for Easter...we miss you so very much...your sister and niece are moving this summer,its getting harder as the time approaches...oh so tough..walk with us all please God..we all need YOU in our safe my over us all please and God bless all with you son and those of us left behind..
Lord help us all please...lonely for your voice and cuddles safe and be happy..catch you in the stars and sunshine..
I forgive myself and others including you my boy..I am learning slowly to release the
past...please Jesus forgive us mum,dad,bean and Oopi
Hello my handsome son....well today is my 61st and miss you lad ...with everyday and in every way...the heartache and loneliness for hear your voice..laugh together..all those "taken for granted" moments we shared..walk with the angels my happy and be safe...dear Lord please walk with us all..catch you in the sunshine and rainbows lad...Godbless you,God please bless us all.oompha loompha and sniffels my boy,always.forever in our hearts,love and cuddles..mum,dad,bean and oopi

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