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January 31, 2015

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January 31, 2015

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
November 03, 2014
A very important part of my childhood. Listened every Sunday before getting ready for Church..
July 26, 2014
Pastor humbard was true man of God. He will be truely missed. God Bless your family
April 07, 2014
It is neither the beginning nor the end of the race that matters; but rather how faithfully you give it your all in between.

Thank you, Rex Humbard, for being faithful to The Calling...and for giving it your all.

--Though dead, you still speak.-- (Hebrews 11:4)
September 13, 2013
Thank you so much for the way you touched my life with your ministry when I was growing up. I used to listen to you every Sunday morning before I would go to church. God Bless the Humbard Family!!
February 13, 2013
I first started listening to Ps Rex Humbard in the early seventies here in Australia north west Queensland.his Ministry to those who tuned in was Prophectic ,Solid.and refreshing sas well as His Salvation Teaching.I know of many who received the Lord as Saviour in their lounge rooms.I became a Prayer Member and for many years received answers to prayer from this Ministry.a kind and thoughtful pastor through the Humbard Ministry.
August 26, 2012
I will never forget something Rex said in one of his sermons on television in 1976. He said, "You might get what you want but you might not want what you get." He was referring to asking for the wrong things in life. I have never forgotten his words and they reflect on my life to this day 36 years later.
May 27, 2012
I remember my mother listening to Rex Humbard as I was growing up. She passed away 1981. I wrote to Mr. Rex Humbard and told him what my twin sister and I were facing. We were only 16years old. He replied with a letter so touching and prayers. May God bless the family. He truly was a man of God. May God bless.
April 28, 2012
I have just now come across this "Guest Book." We flew in for Rex's funeral in Akron back then. We have been good friends of the Humbards since 1974. Our fondest memories, were when they all moved to California. We would visit their homes, Jr.'s and Rex's up in Pacific Grove, several times. They would come and visit our home up in Lake Arrowhead. We adored them. Maude Aimee loved my husband Jack, so much. I can still hear her calling out to him, in her special and unique tone. I loved her her spunk, her wit. Witnessing her and Rex in conversation...was soo much fun. Memories of flying in their private jet to NYC. Rex introducing us, the Stemples, and his staff that was present, to the entire Madison Square Gardens in 1979. Johnny and June Cash were the guest singers. Maude Aimee loved and showed off a lot, the huge brass bed the Cashes gave her. Jack flew with them to Chili, to Rio. Those were grand days. We all (former staff) have remained close throughout the years. All of us deeply connected to the Ministry of The Humbards. They were the sweetest people and family we ever knew. Sooo many memories.
Maude Aimee keeping a Christmas tree up all year long. She had her private bathroom on their plane done in all mirrors, light switches, drawers and counters, and walls. It was so Maude Aimee, and I loved it. They had just moved into their Florida home, and boxes were open everywhere. It was so funny, Maude Aimee's phone rang, and we all went nuts, trying to find the phone for her, as it was buried. Wrapping paper was flying everywhere as we all scrambled to find it. I have many funny memories with them.
Rex's words and phrases, I have quoted all my life to my children, as I raised them, and now to my granddaughters. Rex will always live on. Maude Aimee, we love you sooo much. You are kept under His wing. God Bless all the Humbards. They know we love them all. I still use often....You Are Loved !! Rex's "branding" logo !!! So Rex and Maude Aimee....."You Are Loved." The best part of our lives...were when we were with you.
January 02, 2012
I had a desire to go to the greensboro n.c. and hear Rex And i have never forgot the words he was given to speek .I wanted to share this with his love ones for God stured my heart and made a way for me to be in the mist and gave Rex the toung to reach into my heart thank god .
September 06, 2011
I Heard Rexon tv some years ago and cried many times as his preaching was truth and I was guilty as charged. He caused me to improve my way of living. I'll never forget him..GOD love. Fl

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