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July 18, 2018

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July 18, 2018

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
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June 16, 2010
I have been thinking of you so much, my holly. your birthday falls on fathers day this year, kind of ironic, that! I just want to light a candle for you, and be so happy that we had the good fortune to know you, but the bad fortune to lose you so soon. joss, the chinese say, their word for karma.How I miss you. Not a day goes by, without many thoughts of you and the things we did together.And the conversations, the laughs,the advice, you to me that is! Was that role reversal? Someone told me the other day that they had 2 pictures of your art! I was surprised, and thought about how many of your works are out there, that we dont even know about, and it made me happy. Your Ma
April 04, 2010
Dear one, it is easter/pesach, and the cardinal sings of you. the chickadee, your favorite bird, comes so happily to the feeder,too not even noticing that this year you are not watching with me.Why then do I feel you so close? yesterday I sat in the garden with little Abby and she asked me if the flowers could talk. And I answered, sometimes when you are very still you can hear them whispering, and she nodded her head, accepting, as if she knew the answer already. I always say, when I go by the hydrangeas, I love you, my Holly, so much, so,so, much. Ma
April 02, 2010

On the closet door of your room the calendar is frozen on the month of April last year. I decorated the heading with "HAPPY PESACH" and I smile remembering your comment on my Easter egg drawing - 'pathetic,' you said as you passed by - but I knew you felt my love. Our daily appointments stand unchanged, cold and time took nothing away and never ripped apart our hearts. I can't erase April 2009 - I just can't seem to do it. If we still have April, we still have you...
March 04, 2010
Holly, I miss you, think of you so often, even more so when I'm at Tannery and you're not. When we have shows I think of how beautifully your work would have fit into the show to make it more wonderful. You left a stunning legacy. I wish you were still here adding to it and adding your insightful, witty, serious, sarcastic and/or caring comments to all that's going on at Tannery and elsewhere. I miss you, but am grateful for the time we had as friends. Thanks Holly. Love you! Jenny
February 20, 2010
Dear daughter, you are still haunting my dreams, and now I feel I know why.You do appear suddenly in a dream, and when you do, I hold you and shower you with kisses, and tell you I love you over and over. yet even though I am dreaming, I know you are dying. Each time this happens you look at me with that holly look, as if to say, ma this is so brokedown! But you tolerate my tears , which you never did in life.I am working through this, you see.Possibly, there will be a dream one day when you will talk to me and that is something I wish intensely. we will never forget you, your MA
February 05, 2010
Dearest Holly, scenes of us in walking to school, down Parker. all of you at the pool, you and Lory sewing at the dining room table, bright scraps of material all over.In the brilliant sun of Fl, sometimes more than I can bear. How I loved being with you,my pal, going here and there, always introducing me to something new. you lived life so eagerly,if not always contented. how could we know you had such little time ahead? I close my eyes and pretend you are coming to pick me up, maybe for a trip to Nordstroms Rack, my fav?Genna was so right, SUN does define you. Ma
January 24, 2010
Dear Holly,
Listening to Patty Griffin's "Burgundy Shoes" for the 2nd time tonight and wondering why this song reminds me of you when you were a little girl, an only child for such a little while. I think of you and mom on a special day. The refrain "SUN" "SUN" "SUN" "SUN" "SUN" defines you, your soul, your art, and your place in my heart. I so wish you were here.
January 01, 2010
Dear Holly,

Remembering the blur of where we were a year ago...the pictures flash through my brain like looking through a window on a train. You were in so much pain and the only comfort now is that you are at peace and beyond physical and emotional pain. Genna was here with us to get through the holidays. We talked about you every day. I made a necklace for her birthday with your beautiful Anne Choi bead so that her sisters could be with her always. We cried and toasted to us! A new year in which to learn to live without you...missing you, L.
December 06, 2009
dearest holly,how could I forget you when you are in my dreams almost every night?how could I forget you when every song and view remind me of you?the ipod lies neglected on the desk. those songs of dylan and the beatles to name a few were taught to me by you. we had so much between us, how do I learn to live now? I know, "that is so broke-down,mom," I can hear you say, and "mom, is that crying? you better not be crying,mom" you could deal with everything, but you could not deal with our sadness. Ma.PS., this missing you is like a hole in my heart.
December 05, 2009
Holly, one year ago today you learned you could have cancer. I remember the sound in your voice when you called for me to come to Georgia. I still CANNOT believe you are gone merely one year later and all that has come to pass. I recall how you used to marvel at my memory - you used to say, "how do you remember these things, Lory?" I awoke today in the mountains to falling snow. My first thought was of you. I walked with Milo in the woods and wished you could be there. I worry that as time goes on I won't remember the sound of your voice, your wry laugh, the way you rolled your eyes with skepticism...this curse of a memory might serve me in the end. I send out to the universe pictures of your Milo in the snow...I miss you, big sis...Nurse R.

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