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October 19, 2017

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October 19, 2017

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed.

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August 17, 2017
Hi Chris. I haven't visited your book in awhile but don't think you aren't on my mind each and every day. I miss you so much as do so many others. Adriana is the spitting image of you. It is so crazy to look at her and swear we are looking at your younger self. She is a sweetheart for sure.

The Huntertown Heritage Days honored Stonewall Jackson during the parade this year. Aunt Jenny thought it would be cool for a couple of McCombs to ride on the float. She specifically mentioned me as she thought it would have been the ride of a lifetime for Dad. You know I couldn't say no. So me, Sheri, and Leah took part. You know I could not ride in that parade without thinking of you and the last time we were parade participants. I miss hanging out with you so much. You really were so special to me and so loyal. I would give anything to sit and talk with you. You made me laugh and you were so smart. Definitely one of a kind.

There is a crow (plus 2) that has been hanging around the cul de sac. Me, Mom and Red have our suspicions that it is you ( and possibly your two brothers ) Somehow it is very comforting. We all feel your presence around us but still can't help but to ache to be near you.

I pray that you, Troy, Dad, and Jeff have all been reunited. I hope you were there to help Jeff to the other side. It has been very hard accepting his passing. The only comfort I can find is to imagine all of you together again. I could not think of a better crowd to spend my days with.

Keep hanging around anyway you can. It helps ease the pain of your absence.

I love you so much Crill Ba Dill. And I miss you every single day!!

Love, your sister and friend,

Julie xxoo
April 05, 2017
Hi honey. it's cold, wet and windy today. Coffee pot is on, and wish you were here to have a cup with us. Had Adriana for the day last month. She's so tall, and so pretty. Can't wait for summer since she likes the pool so well.Things are chugging along as usual. Your brother and Terry moved in across the street. Red works with him sometimes.I miss you so much. We all do, really. Once in awhile I will hear a knock on the car, and feel that you're still with us.You'd love our new dog. We named him Duke, but he's such a love muffin, he's Dukie.Grandma Donna has dementia' and for someone that was always so sharp, it's sad to see her now. I spend most of my days driving her places. She's still good with guilt trips tho. The Cubs won the world series, finally. Guess you know how we feel about that. Red and I were talking about Wrigley Field last nite, and I said if I were there, I'd have 2 Chicago style hot dogs, 1 for me, 1 for you.God I miss you.
August 16, 2016
Uncle Chris,

Thinking of you today more than usual. I miss the sound of your voice and the overwhelming support you gave me in any situation. I knew I could always count on you and that is something that I'll forever hold on to. You were a huge part of my life and a piece of all of us died right along with you that day. They say that time heals everything, and to a certain extent, I can understand the saying... Yet I still miss you more than ever. Ive lived in my house almost 4 years now and I still think of you everytime I open the windows that you installed. How I wish we could have been neighbors like the original plan was. God, I miss you so. I cant wait to see you again one day and give you the biggest hug! You always gave the strongest, most comforting hugs ever and I genuinely miss that feeling. Continue to watch over us all, especially my mom. Please keep her healthy and with me for many years to come! Guide me in the right direction and help keep me out of trouble always! Say hello to Uncle Troy, Grandpa Terry, and of course my dad for me. I miss you all so much and love you with all of my heart. Talk to you later. <3
November 19, 2015
Miss you brother
August 22, 2015
Hi honey, Having coffee and working on crossword puzzle, and it would be about time for you to come in to help. I sure do miss that. Not sure how well we'd be doing this morning, tho. Julie had Adriana here two weeks ago. She's getting so tall, and so pretty. She was worried about starting middle school. I checked on her twice last week, and I'm gonna text her today to see how this week went. Your brother is staying with us, AGAIN. Precious is in N Carolina.
December 25, 2014

As I sit here on Christmas morning, I am having a moment. I miss you on a daily basis, but Christmas is so hard. I took Adriana to Grandma McComb's last night. She is starting to look so much like you. She is getting so tall. You're presence was missed so much last night. Now, I am getting ready to go to Moms where the absence of you and Troy fills the room. I am sure you are close by and that is comforting. I just miss you more than anything I have ever missed in my life. Some days it is so hard, like right now. You were so good to me and I miss our relationship. I know there will be laughs and tears both today. Just know that I am thankful for the time we did have together and you will always live in my heart. I love you Crill Ba Dill.

Merry Christmas, Julie
August 09, 2014
Were your ears ringing. Found a jar of Tony Pacos that you were so fond of, sweet hot pickle mix. Magoo's gonna eat them for you. wish you could do it yourself. The weather was beautiful today. On vacation the next two weeks. Nothing special planned. Maybe a couple of day trips. Come ride along. Miss you honey.
June 10, 2014
Hi honey. You've been on my mind so much lately. Sometimes I think I catch a glimpse of you standing in the doorway between the kitchen and family room. Wishful thinking? Maybe. I guess it depends on what you believe.
Grandma D had Adriana here Saturday. You'll never guess where she spent her time. She'll be back again this Saturday.
Thursday evening we're going to see Brandon's ballgame.
Your Dad has his second surgery this morning. As I'm sure you know, they found 2 tumors on his brain, and one on his lung. Keep your love and arms wrapped around him. Your sister would appreciate it. Had the coffee pot on all day. You'd have loved it. New creamer, too, Brownie Sundae. Kym and Jeff like it.
Weather is nice, not real hot. Chase is looking for a job, without much luck
Everything is ok here. We all mis you. Feel my hug? I love you
January 04, 2014
My dearest Chris,
It's hard to believe you've been gone a year. The last 3 days have been hard on all of us, not that the other 362 have been any better.
I like to think of you and Troy being together, making everyone laugh, or the 2 of you cresting the top of a roller coaster.
I miss your company. The NY Times crossword puzzles aren't quite the same. We still do them, of course, but no one has touched the dictionary that you claimed was a piece. We just don't have the right snarl. Ha.
It's supposed to snow tonight and tomorrow, and turn super cold. I know I don't have to worry about your frost bitten feet. We all love and miss you so very much. Rest well, my boy.
January 10, 2013
Our sincere sympathy in the death of your son/brother.