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June 25, 2019

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June 25, 2019

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling.

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June 25, 2019
Hi sweet heart. Friday nite we went up to the campground. Got there a little late so ordered subs. Saturday errands and back again a little late so subs again. Sunday Jes called to see if we wanted to go out to eat so we went out to eat to bonanza. Sundays are good. Turkey dinner. Friday we had to take the car and the truck. So sunday we wound up having to stay at the camp another night so I could take my pain med. This week is going to be good. Thursday I get to take off the compression socks and Friday I see the surgeon so the stitches should be coming out. Tonight Dave and I drove to Center Ossipee to buy a very small fishing boat. Sort of like what you and I had. Later I got a message and a motor boat for twice the cost. So we are going to try to see that. If we get that we'll see what we just bought today. Were you able to spend time with mom on her birthday? That was also the same anniversary (5 years) of bobs passing. Tomorrow will be 5 years since his funeral. Jef, with camping here I know I am not being great at writing you. And I feel bad. So bad. I never ever want you to think that you are no longer important. Its just such a pain regarding the laptop. I forget it, or I bring it and its not charged blah blah blah. I promise you, with my entire mind, body and soul I am in love with you. I will always be in love with you. Not one waking second do I now miss you. It still breaks my heart that you aren't here with me. That we are sharing meals and laughs and enjoying the kids and grandkids and making more memories. I truly do and always will love you. It is 2:24 am. Tomorrow is my 3rd Physical Therapy. It hurts to go there but its all for the good. I will write more tomorrow sweet heart. Not going camping for 4 more days. I miss you and I love you. mty, ltt. Forever and 69...Your "Reggie" xoxo
June 21, 2019
Hi sweet heart. Man I just typed up a ton of stuff then all of a sudden it froze and box came up to refresh. Was hoping what I already wrote would still be there. UGH. Yesterday we brought Alyssa to IHOP for late breakfast then to Dover bowl. I went to Dover bowl in a wheel chair that Jen lent me. I use my cane unless shopping at Walmart or market basket. Too much walking. From Dover Bowl we came home for about an hour then brought Alyssa home to get what she needed for her softball game. And boy was that boring. Neither pitcher could pitch. Finally after 2nd inning they opted to only let so many kids get up to bed. I hope you get to see our grandkids when they are having fun. If so you saw our grand daughter get a first base hit and her second time up she did a line drive to pitcher who through to first base and she was tagged out. And her arm? She is awesome. From there we stopped at McDonals for a quick supper and got her home around 9. After watching some tv dave fell asleep on the couch. I woke him a couple times so he could go to bed. next thing you know he was waking me up. Still on pain meds so I tire easier. I have no idea what time he woke me but in my zombie state I got to bed and fell asleep right away. Today was my second time with PHYS THER. They are such a great group of workers there. Of course it was painful but that's to be expected. then many errands. I am not driving due to pain meds. And Dave isn't thrilled with driving. But he's being good about it. we had a lot of errands, stopped at home for 1/2 hour then went to Trains. From there we went to the camper. I wanted to see what we have for clothes there already so I can pack what we need for tomorrow. Now that I can do stairs I can go back to camping. Our deck only has 4 stairs and to get into the camper only 2 steps. Tonight I realized that we didn't even look to see what we have for clothes at the camper. Zeesh, old age already? lol I will be using the golf cart while there. In 6 days I can start taking jet tub baths. In 7 days I see the surgeon to get the stitches out. Today was a bad day. Hence why still at up 7:05 am. I wont bother going to bed now. So sweet heart. That's the heart of last 2 days. I miss you and I love you so much sweet heart. Every waking moment. I am always going to be in love with you. You were my all. You were my "perfect fit" and my world. Love may die if you divorce but it doesn't when you have lost your other half to death. Not if you were still in love and happy. Which I was. I will write more tonight my love. mty, ltt. Forever and 69...Your "Reggie" xoxo
June 19, 2019
Hi sweet heart. I am sorry I have not written. I had my surgery Thursday. It was to be 1/2 hour. A very common surgery. An in and out surgery. A nurse and the surgeon each came out to see Dave to tell him the surgery is taking longer. In the end it took an extra hour. Then while in recovery they couldn't release me because out of anesthesia but falling asleep frequently they said that each time I slept my oxygen dropped too low. Finally it stabilized so they were able to send me home with Dave. I wasn't awake enough to hear why the surgery took so long and Dave didn't quite understand. They said it was more severe and they had clean up to do. I see the surgeon on 6/28 so I will know more. That first night Jef, how I suffered in pain. I cried for 12 hours straight. You know me, if I cry its because of the heart, I have been hurt or someone I love is hurt. I have always been strong with body pain. Not that night. Dave told a couple people he has known me for 40 years and has never seen me cry so much. Friday, Saturday, sunday and today it has slowly gotten a little better but cant walk much. Can't go downstairs where computer is (that drove me crazy) was going to Autumns 8th grade graduation before knowing how much pain I would be in so Dave was taking Alyssa, we reserved a hotel room for them and Tracie was coming to stay the night with me. But (that was yesterday) instead I was at the emergency room. Blood work of course, IV of course, 2 breathing treatments, CT scan. I was put on predisone and an anti-biotic. They found fluid in my lungs. They said pneumonia can be common with any surgery. I am in compression socks for 2 weeks. Physical therapy for 2 weeks. Probably should not have snuck downstairs after Dave went to bed but I missed writing to you, no idea how checking acct doing etc. But I went down the steps easy, right left at an angle and almost no pain. we had alyssa today and because of me we went to eat and poor thing had nothing but tv for fun. Oh how sad I felt for her. She was staying overnight tomorrow. she has her last baseball game tomorrow. I am going to lunch with them and Dave is bringing her to her game then home. I feel so so guilty. You know how every single moment with any of the grandkids is all about the grandkids and this time I so let one down. Praying that by the week end I will be so much better. When pat had this surgery she had no phy therpy. She said hers wasn't as severe as mine. Monday Jen had carpal tunnel surgery. She is doing well. Last Tuesday out other daughter PC had gastro sleeve and something to do with a hiatle (don't know hwo to spell this) hernia. Was able to go up north for two days to be with her but had to come home last wed for my surgery. So in 6 days your wife and two of your daughters all had surgeries. Talk about crazy huh? I am really sorry this is all I have to talk about. Its been a very, very long week (5 of those days due to my surgery and recovery). But day by day I know I'll get better. Oh yeah, in the meantime we have a man putting up new wall in camper where roof leaked over the winter. He is also taking 2 1/2 bunk beds out of other bedroom we only use for storage and doing an accent wall in the kitchen then putting stuff around all vents and central air on the roof. Dave has been there two times in last couple days to check progress. I cannot go. too much in the car and cant do the 4 steps into the camper. Dave said its looking real nice. Gina asked me if I have ins on camper. I do. So glad she asked that. I forgot about that so hoping we can put in a claim. Be the first time ever for a camper. I love you so much My Jef. Its been crazy last few weeks and for that I am so so sorry. I do hope you can see what all has been going on and I pray you do not worry as we are all in the process of healing. Oh sweet heart its wonderful to know I can get downstairs. Now is to see if I can get back up them. I pray to so I can go back to writing to you all the time. I will write more tomorrow if I can get back up the stairs. I miss you and I love you, so much My Jef. mty, ltt. Forever and 69...Your "Reggie" xoxo
June 13, 2019
Hi sweet heart. The last two nights Dave and I were up in Lewiston ME. we went on Monday, Tuesday PC (our little girl although all grown up) had her surgery. She was to be there at 1 so Dave and I as well as Randy were there with her. 40 minutes later they called her in to get ready. 45 minutes later they told her that the surgeon was running behind so it would be at least another 2 hours then her surgery was 2 hours then recovery. Being as only one person could go in and that would be Randy of course Dave and I left. We went to the Oxford casino which was ok. We lost. We only left for two hours and went back and waited until 8:15 when Randy said we could finally go see her as they finally put her in a regular room. We asked him if he was sure because she was probably exhausted. I know we were after all that waiting. Hours of waiting. He said she kept falling asleep so we told him we'd go back to the hotel and we'd be there to pick her up today. (Wednesday). we brought her to the pharmacy first then home. 1/2 hour later she said she needed to go to bed. She was very tired so we left for home. On the way home we had to stop at camper as Dave got a message from the guy working on the camper. One of the walls rippled due to a leak over the winter. The guy doing the work pulled off the front of that wall and found a lot of damage behind it. So now the work in the camper and the roof was to be $650 and is now $1,200. We have given him $450 so far and will pay the rest when he is done. Also included in cost we are having one different wall put in the bedroom, (an accent wall). we are having him put some paneling in the entrance, kitchen, dining room and living room. Not doing all walls just certain parts of the room for accent too. That will be a brick paneling. He is gutting most of the other bedroom out and we are putting in a very long closet. Right now the place looked like a bomb in a mattress factory. from there the post office, home, shortly later dave had to go to doc appt at 5, I had to leave a little after 5 and pick sandy up and we met 4 other female friends at Windjammers. After that I had to go to Walmart. home, wayne still here so visited for a little while. I am having my surgery tomorrow. So I wanted to get laundry done, pick up and clean done. I will be immobile for up to 2 weeks so I also put stuff to go upstairs with that I will need next 2 weeks upstairs as I cannot go downstairs during that time. it is 1:18 am. I doubt I will sleep tonight. Tomorrow I have to be at Portsmouth Hosp at 10:30. There i'll get in a johnny, have vitals taken and IV started. After that they are going to do a spinal tap and nerve block on me. Its a quick surgery. 30-45 minutes. I wont be able to use my computer as it is downstairs so I am going to try to use my laptop and phone to continue writing you. I will write more tomorrow (I think). I miss you and I love you. mty, ltt. Forever and 69...Your "Reggie" xoxo
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