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Larry Lee Espinoza
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February 25, 2015
I can't believe its been eight years. We all still miss you so much. I miss seeing your family all the time too. We keep in contact through Facebook but it's not the same as us all hanging out. Jaden and I were talking about you today, you wouldn't believe him. He's 5'6 and loves to play basketball. He's pretty good at it too. He still growing maybe he'll be like Nicolas and be over six feet. Elijah looks just like Clifford. Full beard when he was 15. Ha ha I wish you could have met my great grand daughter. I'm sure she would have called you her Sweety!!!jimmie has moved back to the Springs.its really nice having her back home. I don't know why I'm telling you all of this because I know you already know it all you haven't visited me in my dreams in a long time. I think your over due!! I love you Lar until next time, Cin
February 10, 2015
Hi Lar, man it's hit or miss with this's page. I tried to write something on your birthday and it was down and now it's back up. I sure wish there was a phone line up there. I really would like to talk to you. You always seemed to make sence out of things. I wish things where like they where ten years ago. We worked in the shop all our friends came in on Saturday. We all had such a fun time. Things where so much easier then. Or maybe we all were just around to support each other and it made it easier. Oh well we will be together again one day. Love you Lar talk to you soon. Cin
October 21, 2014
Hey Sweetie,
So you know it's almost my birthday and i'm just having such a rough time without you. Why does life have to be so hard without the person you miss and love? I really need you in times like this. When words can't explain the emotions i'm going through. You were always there even when i did wrong but now i don't have you to get advice and loving comfort. I really miss my mom and I can't even stand the fact that I need you guys. Things that need to be said in person. I wish you were here with me physically. I know you're always with me but it just ain't the same. I love you so much!!!
February 08, 2014
Hey there my love, it has been so hard without you. I wish you were here. These last 8 months without you have been the most difficult ever. I wish you were here. I wish I could pick up the phone to call you. I know you are with me and I know that you have helped me get through this most difficult time. A new friend of mine has just recently passed away, her name is Deanne Mendoza. If you happen to meet her up there, you two give each other a hug from me. She was a great person. I am sure you would have both got along and loved each other. I miss our laughs and crazy times. I feel like I don't even laugh anymore. Not the way I once used to. I am very grateful to God that you are no longer here having to suffer or stress or just simply be tired of being sick and tired. Pay a visit to your dad. I know he needs you more than anybody. Please keep an eye on him from up above. Anyways, I just wanted to say hello and tell you I love you. Give grandma Dora a big hug and kiss from me her trompuda. Until we meet again, I love you.
January 06, 2013
Hey Sweetie,
Happy late birthday!!! I miss u hope ur doing good. I love u and wish the best. I give u all my love.
January 04, 2013
Hi Lar, Happy Birthday. I miss you so much.. The world is just not right without you in it. We are getting ready to have a WE MADE IT THROUGH THE YEAR PARTY. I know you will be there. I ran into your Michelle the other day, she's still beautiful...she misses you. I know we will all be together again someday and will make up for all this lost time. Until then remember how much I love you, Cin
February 27, 2012
Hi there Larry, this is Tavares again. Another year has gone by and still I see your family reminiscing about old times that they spent with you, things that remind them of you, and so much more. They all truly love and miss you so much! They may not have you physically but I know they can feel you with them. I hope that you continue to look over all of them as you always have. I know they appreciate it. Happy belated birthday, rest in peace.
February 25, 2012
Hey Sweetie,
So u know times right now are so hard. I wish u were still here with us. I have missed you so much. So as u know today is the anniversary of your death and I've been sad all day.You were the best thing that ever happened to me. I am always glad to hear u r doing fine. Well don't exactly know what else to say other than I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART. R.I.P SWEETIE!!!...
January 04, 2012
Hi Lar, Happy Birthday. Sorry it's late. For some reason the took this off line, but I got it fixed....I can't tell you how much I miss you. Were all going out Sat for Cathi's birthday. I'm sure you'll be there. Someday we'll be able to celebrate together again.Until then remember how much I love you.
November 24, 2011
Hey SWEETIE!!! I miss you so much and i am glad to hear and know that you are doing good. Life here is still good too and i am still always thinking of you.You were the best thing that ever happened to me and you still are. I hope to hear from you soon. Love, Izzy
November 07, 2011
Hi SWEETIE, I miss you still ever soooo much. So I finally did it! I got married and now I'm living in Louisiana. It's so funny because I never thought that I would EVER get married much less move away and much much less live in Louisiana. I know that you would be right here with me and the kidds and Tyrone. lol, I know that we would be planning our adventure at Mardi Gras this next year. Ugh, life was not supposed to be like this without you in it. I know that you are here with me everyday, I keep finding dimes everywhere I turn. Things are just not the same. Me and the kidds still miss you and cry for you all the time. They are getting so big you would be so shocked if you could be here. They are all doing good. Life is wonderful you are the only BIG thing missing. I couldn't ask for anything else. Tyrone makes me so happy. He manages to keep a smile on my face. I love you with all my heart. I hope to see you in my dreams.
September 03, 2011
"Hey SWEETIE, IT'S Izzy, I miss you so much. You were the best person ever. I loved you with all my Heart and i still do. I love to hear from you every now and then. I love hearing your voice. When ever i hear it then i know how much you still care about us. You were the best part of my life. Although it was really hard to see you go i know that you will always be in my HEART FOREVER. I also know how much you are helping us from up there where you are. I know you are in a better place and that it all i ever wanted for you. I wanted you to go in peace and you did. I was glad to here you made it safely with grandma Dora's guidence. I am glad you are doing so much better up there. I LOVE YOU ALWAYS AND FOREVER."
August 09, 2011
Hey my love, So my wedding is only a few days away. I am having such a hard time without you. I know you will be at my side only I won't be able to touch you. I know that you will be the guide of Twanette while she combs my hair. Also help me as I try to put on my own makeup. I miss and need you so much. I finally went to visit Ricky the other day. I guess my guardian angel's name is Luis. I hope you are happy for me and ne at my left as my dad walks me up the isle. Hope to see you in my dreams. We need to chat.
March 22, 2011
Dear Larry, I never had the honor to meet you, but Im sure you know that Im Tavares. I hear a lot about you every day from your kids and family. They truely miss you a lot. Its sad to see them cry because they miss you so much, but its great to see them smile when they think about yalls memories. I really wish I had the chance to meet you. TM says you would have approved of me and would have been proud of her. That means a lot to me because she loves you so much. Ive never seen JR get emotional about anyone but his mother and you and thats how I know you were a great person. . . Please look after all of them especially the kids and their mom. Let them know that you are still here in spirit. Rest in peace.

Sincerely, Tavares
March 01, 2011
Our Dear, Dear Larry- there is not a day goes by that one of us either mentions your name or thinks of you. Your presence and love surrounds us always. Our hearts and souls miss you so much.
But we will all be together again and then look out! Love you - Cathi A.
February 25, 2011
so sad sweetie sure miss you doin my hair hun. Yours truely
January 13, 2011
Hey my SWEETIE, God I miss you soooooooooo much. I cried all day on your birthday. So I am going to be getting married. I haven't set a date yet but it will probably be around Aug 13th. That's when Tyrone came back into my life. I haven't set a date because the other day when I thought about it I totally flipped out and balled my eyes out. YOU are supposed to be the one to comb my hair and put my face on. Now what am I gonna do? Your not here. You were supposed to be the one to walk me down the isle. Me and the kidds need you so much. Ever since Tyrone came back into my life, me and the kidds have been doin better. I know that you liked Tyrone and that you approved of him then, so I know you would be head over heels excited helping me plan my wedding. My life has never been the same without you. I wish you would come visit me in my dreams. I just need to talk to you about so many things. I LOVE YOU.
January 05, 2011
Hi my Baby Cuz Larry, I miss you so much and I miss celebrating your Birthday with you. We did celebrate our birthdays together when we were younger not that we are getting old LOL>>>> even though mine is the fourth. But you know we were close and I will never forget the things we shared as kids and adults. You will always be my baby forever love your Cuz STARR
January 04, 2011
Hi Lar, Hope you had a Happy Birthday.I miss you so much. Cathi and I were talking about how we would all go out together because you all shared the same birthday. No one went out this year. Things just aren't the same without you around. I wish we could talk, maybe you could put a word in to GOD about a telephone line. It would make it a lot easier for the ones let behind. I love you with all my heart. Cin
April 29, 2010
We all miss you so much. You were the best friend anyone could ever ask for. The worlds just not the same without you, and neither are we. I know you're in a better place, but you were one of the only good things about where we are. I can only dream of the day you greet us at the gates. We love you and miss you.
April 05, 2010
Hi Sweetie, it's me. Oh me and the kidds have been thru so much these last two years. I'm still not able to adjust my life since you left. I can only think that your on a long vacation away from me. So we just visited Vegas. You were supposed to be with us. As I boarded the plane I couldn't help but cry and miss you. I remembered the day that we went to get our free Vegas trip tickets, because you left, we never went back together, we lost out on our tickets. Anyway's, I know that you were with us on this trip. Izzy found a dime on the floor and if that wasn't enough when we went to the Bellagio, you let me know that you were with me when the water show began and it danced to the TITANIC song. Yup, I lost it, I knew that you were telling me that you were with me. I only wish that you could have been with me in the flesh. I have been praying and studying. I know that we are not supposed to question our Lord, Heavenly Father about his decisions, so I won't. I just need to say that my love for you will never end. Our memories that we created keep me strong. Thank you for loving me and the kidds so much. Dora is so much better, for a minute there I thought you were going to take her with you like you did freeway. Well Sweetie, don't forget to put in good words about me to my Lord, Father in Heaven. Can't wait to see you again. Your beloved wonderful sister Dor***
February 26, 2010
Lar, I can't believe it's been two years since I got that awful phone call. They say time heals all pain. I don't believe that . It still hurt as bad today as it did then. We had so many plans. The world just isn't right with you not in it. You touched so many people with your talent, and kind heart. I miss you so much Lar....your always in my heart. Love, Cin
February 25, 2010
Lar, I can't believe it's been two years since I got that awful phone call. The world just isn't right without you in it. They say time heals all pain. I don't think I believe that . It still hurts as bad today as it hurt that night. We had so many plans ... I carry you in my heart always. As you said it's your turn to watch over me. I love you Lar, Cin
February 25, 2010
2 years ago you were taken away to a better place i know but i'm selfish & i want my friend back sorry i feel so sad today is so grey i have no right to feel this way because your HOME & i'm here still crying for my loss when i should be celebrating for all the years we had!i know your still with me with us why did you have to go so soon?forever & always Steph
November 09, 2009
Wow Larry almost two years I have had no way to talk to you in a very long time... I thank you for a lot. Such a unique person! You helped me to be a more social person, you helped me to be me!!! To Dori and Cindy and Starr I'm so sorry guys I am sure that losing such an amazing person like Larry has been very trying... We had great and we had not so great but we always had fun! I miss ya Larry always will see you on the flip side.
February 15, 2009
Sweetie, It has taken me time to have the courage to write to you. I love you and miss you so much. You were my good, you were my bad, you were my love, my Sweetie. My life has never been the same. 1 year will almost pass and I can not grasp the fact of your loss. I need you. The children and I need and miss you dearly. Your babies need you. I can not express how much you kept us together and made everything right even when everything was wrong. How do I come to accept that you are not a phone call away?Christina's Quincenera is a few months away and I don't know how I will get thru it without you. Many tears are shed everyday by me and mom or the kidds. I keep strong with the faith that you went one step ahead and will be waiting for me to join you and grandma. There are so many things that I want to tell you. So many things to come that I need you here by my side. All I can do is feel you in my heart and know that you are here. My life will never be the same and no one can compare. It has taken me a long time to stop asking why did you leave me. I know that my precious Lord called you home. I know that you are happy and never will feel the pains of this world here on earth. Your pain has ended and mine for you will not end, only till we meet again. LOVE YOUR SISTER DORY.
December 05, 2008
With Deepest Sympathy. I received this unfortunate news today in disbelief. My true friend Larry, you will always be in our thoughts and in our prayer. Larry was a good friend to all who knew him. While I am mourning the loss of my friend I will always remember the good times we had growing up. Until we meet again, may God hold you in the hollow of his hand.
December 05, 2008
You will truely be missed! You were always great to be around. I will keep your family in my prayers. I'm truely sorry i did not keep in touch. MAY God be with you and your family.
July 10, 2008
Hi Lar,God do I miss you. I still can't believe your gone. Sometimes I think I hear you answer me when I talk to you.Crazy huh? oh well ,Dori is having such a hard time without you. We went out to diner the other night. We were ether laughing or crying. I think it was good forboth of us. Remember your always in my heart, Love ya,Cin
March 09, 2008
Hi Sweetie - and you did call everyone that too! I just found out that you are no longer with us and it makes me sad. I'm just so sorry that we hadn't spoken for so long. I just remember the day you started working at Junior Achievement and what a sweetheart you were every time you would come by my desk to tell me your stories of the day. You were such a baby when you started that job. My condolences to all of your family. How they will miss you. I'll never forget you and how you always wanted to help everyone look beautiful - just like you.
March 05, 2008
I want to send all my thoughts and prayers to Larry and his family. We will miss you always. I'm so sorry I haven't kept in touch but I couldn't keep track of you. You were always so sweet to me and my family just like we were a part of your family. I will miss you.
February 29, 2008
Larry Sr.-Our deepest Sympathy and Condolences -God Bless You - The Bernal's from San Luis
February 29, 2008
We are very sorry for your loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you. May God bless you all and keep you strong during this sad time.
Diane and Jim
February 29, 2008
larry i love u i dont believe your gone i feel i will see you again soon i will misss you terribly forever melinda garner :(
February 28, 2008
Larry, my earliest memory of you is in the 3rd grade. I'll always remember how kind and loving you were, even on my wedding day. You touched many lives including mine. You truly were a wonderful soul.
February 28, 2008
To: Larry & Family.

I'm Sorry To Hear That You Lost Little Larry! I Know Only Memories Remain Now. So, I’ll Pray That You Find Comfort, In Knowing You Have Those Memories Held Deep Within Your Heart(s). -May The Treasured Memories You Keep, Help Soothe You In Your Time Of Sorrow!

May God Be With You In Every Step That You Take.

Our Prayers Are With You!

~The Valencia Family~
February 28, 2008
sorry for your loss god bless Joseph Joey Knowles
chef el paso club
February 28, 2008
Larry, and to all of your family, we express our deepest sympathy for your loss. Our prayers and our thoughts are with you all
February 28, 2008
Larry, My deepest sympathy, love and prayers go to you and your Family. May your faith and the touch of God's hands give you strengh, guidance & many blessings to endure the days ahead.
February 28, 2008
The Trujillo-Osorio Family will like to extend our sympathy. Larry was a great person that touched every one that he met. A friend that you could aways count on with smile or a laugh. We will miss our little buddy!!!
February 28, 2008
Larry,You left to soon...We had so many more plans. I feel like I've lost apart of my heart, I quess thats what happens when we loss family.You are my family,chosen family,were the best kind ha ha.I know you and grandma are having a wonderful time. Don't worry about us we have each other. Tell grandma I TRIED MY BEST. I LOVE YOU LAR, Dance with your angels, leave some of the cute ones for the rest of us...Til we meet again, Cin
February 28, 2008
Larry I am sorry for your great loss.You are in our thoghts and prayers. Mr and Mrs Paul Parada and Family
February 28, 2008
February 28, 2008
To the Espinoza/Cisneros family...I haven't seen Larry since our days at JA but I have a picture of him, me and Sheila on "Purple and Cream" that's how I will remember his smile and crazy personality! And, now that I have met his sister, neices and nephew, and his mother, I will make a vow to take good care of them any way I can. On behalf of my family and the Parents Challenge organization, God's love, comfort and peace to you all in this time of sorrow.
February 28, 2008
Larry you were a kind and wonderful person and you will never be forgotten. love u always your cousin Sophia Maes.
February 28, 2008
Larry- you will be remembered with Love and Smiles - for that is what you brought into many lives - you are and forever will be a part of me- one of the very best parts. Blessed and at peace you now are, what more could we want for a loved one.
February 28, 2008
No bond is as great as that between a parent and child. My deepest condolences are with you as you grieve. May all of your memories grant you peace. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Larry, we love you. God bless and keep you in His loving arms.
February 28, 2008
Larry you will be missed dearly. We love you!!!!!! Our sympathy goes out to both sides of the family.....

Stephanie & Michelle
February 28, 2008
To the Espinoza Family, I am so sorry for your loss. Larry was my best friend in early grade school years,and we lost touch. I saw him several years ago when he cut my hair. He was still the sweetheart I remembered from 2nd grade. He was one of the most kind, caring people I've ever had the pleasure of knowing.He left a such an impression on me. He will truly be missed by all those who were blessed to know him.
February 28, 2008
You will be forever missed. We love you!!!!!!!!!!
February 28, 2008
To Aunt Anita and Uncle Larry and to my other Aunts and Uncle and Cousins I'm sorry for the greatest loss we all will share of the wonderful person that my baby Larry was to all. I call him my baby because he is the baby of the cousins and I'm the oldest.He an I shared everything even birthday parties even though his was the Jan 3 and and mine was the Jan 4 and I'm older when we were little did everything together.We were like seasons in the sun we had joy we had fun! I love you Larry Always and Forever Cuz Starr
February 28, 2008
You will be missed Larry, the times in High School were surely rememberable and those are the the times you tend to hold closely. To the Espinoza's hold the Faith and you will surely pull throught with the Good Lord at your side.
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