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Roy Superior
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August 11, 2014
I am so sorry to lean of Roy's death. We all had so many good times together.
Mary Dillon Hock
February 04, 2014
As I embark on a new job as a tree house carpenter, I remember the large impact Roy had on me and in such a short period of time.
February 03, 2014
It breaks my heart to recently learn that Roy has passed, but I feel so grateful just to have met him and have his work and attitude as an important point of reference in my life as a maker. His love of life, great wit, and sense of humor were made more powerful by his exquisite craftsmanship, and I will never forget seeing his “Peace Missle”, “Shaker Dragster”, and other fabulous constructions- they spoke of the power of artistic focus, while embracing the absurdity of humanity and lifted my spirit with the sweet humor and disciplined intention. Although I never got to know him well, and I'm certain he wouldn't even recognize my name, he is one of my heros. The few short conversations I had with him always left me feeling amazed, and he will always sit on the “board of creative mentors” within my imagination. Godspeed Roy, and Ciao for now.
- Michael Mocho
October 09, 2013
At Hampshire College in 1979, Roy taught a fantastic wood sculpture class. It was a very early morning class of about twelve students. I was there for a few classes but I just had trouble getting up at 6:30am to get to Roy's class across campus at 7:00am. One morning just after 7:00am somebody knocked loudly at my door and I angrily opened the door to "tell off" who ever was knocking at that hour. It was Roy! He said "I noticed you missed a couple of classes, are you alright"? I said I was fine and he said "Good! Iv'e brought the whole class here to you're living room is on!....hurry up and join us"! Wow! I never missed another of Roy's classes again! In my life, I will never forget his teachings. With my Pipe and Thermos of coffee....I salute you Roy!
Always You're Student, Burton Tinsley (Portland, Oregon)
September 16, 2013
one of the last of the great curmudgeons...a facet not mentioned in the bio of this gem, now sadly lost ....his varied body of excellent work now serves as the only immortality we know.
henry c.
September 12, 2013
Roy wasn't just family he was my teacher and mentor. During college he was always there for encouragement and inspiration. His humor and light heartedness made him a joy to be around and his wealth of knowledge made sure you always learned something new when you spoke with him. I've always felt lucky to have him not only as a professor but as family. The fond memories, the wisdom, and the beautiful art that he blessed us all with, will keep him always in our hearts.
September 11, 2013
Hi Mara. What a beautiful tribute to your wonderful husband. When Roy got sick, this was my screensaver:
September 11, 2013
Roy was my professor and advisor at Hampshire College in 1978. He was a great teacher, full of humor and passion and quirkiness! I send condolences and prayers to his family in this loss. Roy was a one of a kind guy and a unique and very talented artist.