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September 02, 2014

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September 02, 2014

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
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July 26, 2007
I remember my parents saying Gov. Busbee was the best governor this state has ever had. They admired him very much and I remember feeling so proud that his signature was on my very first drivers license. He will be fondly remembered in our hearts always. May God bless the Busbee family.
April 06, 2005
Your mark will shine bright on your many accomplishments throughout our great state. Our thoughts, prayers and Christian love rest with you for evermore.

Former State Representative Frank & Frances Bailey
Clayton County, Georgia
February 23, 2005
Governor Busbee, many months have passed since you left, but your memories are still forever in our hearts and souls. I was born in Vienna but moved to Perry. My grandparents, Warren & Ellen Cason lived 8 miles east of Vienna in the Tippettville community. I loved to go to Cordele to Turton's grocery store, dress shop and I believe there was also a florist. The Turton's WERE Cordele!

"A Workhorse not a Showhorse" catchy the phrase in your political campaign. I was thrilled to help get you elected and enjoyed the adrenaline of election night and attending the inagurational party at the old Marriott. Atlanta was a fun and exciting time and you and Mrs. Busbee brought so much class to the Governor's Mansion. I remember when the tornado came over us in 1975, sounded like a train, but then there were no trains in NW Atlanta. Felt comfortable a Vienna guy was in charge of our beloved Georgia.

I'm writing you today when another great "Gov" will be joining you around the heavenly political round table--our friend Ernest Vandiver. I do trust y'all can come up with some good ideas to help us once again. Seems politicians just aren't cut out of the same cloth as you two. Sam's about the best thing we've got left in both parties. Maybe he'll get back in the arena before it's too late. Whatever you and the others can do to send any messages his way will be appreciated. "If anyone can, Sam can."

Thank you again for the wonderful memories.
I was working at Hansell Post Brandon & Dorsey during your governorship. How did King & Spalding get all the good politicians?
Blessings and love to all the Busbees and Turtons. You made Vienna and South Georgia very proud. May your spirit always fly on the wings of angels. Thank you for walking your talk...something more politicians could learn.
September 13, 2004
To the Busbee Family,
Mere words can not express how the Governor made you feel when you were in his presence. When he saw you in a crowded could always count on a friendly nod and "hello" & possibly the wink.
My aunt was a childhood friend of Richard Russell and the Governor would "kid" me not to let anyone know.. for fear it would harm her reputation.
We lost Aunt Susie At 96 just a month or so before the Governor. She told me "all the good ones are going on now and I'm starting to miss them".
I'm sure she counted the Governor as one of the "good ones".
She's probably showing him how to catch "pan fish" with a Cane pole as I type.
Goodbye Governor...and tell her I said "hello" with that nod of yours....
August 02, 2004
We were out of the country at the time of Gov. Busbee's death and deeply regret that we were unable to share with you in your time of grief. May God's presence in your lives give you comfort.
July 28, 2004
My son, Jeremy, was in a tragic car accident in St. Simons, Georgia, in March of 1996. I was working for Governor Busbee at the time. On March 21, 1996, I received a phone call every parent dreads to get: “Jeremy has been in a car accident. Jason (his best friend and roommate) is gone. Jeremy is unconscious and has multiple injuries.” When I called the hospital in Brunswick and asked if Jeremy would live long enough for my husband and me to make the 6 hour drive, I got the cryptic answer: “we do not know; you need to hurry.” Governor Busbee was in a meeting at King & Spalding at the time and someone gave him word as to what happened. He quickly left the meeting and got me on the telephone at home stating, “Margaret, this is George Busbee. I have a plane lined up at the Gwinnett Airport. I’m on my way; you and your husband just get there.” I had felt as though I was drowning when a lifeline was handed to me through his call.

Upon arriving at the hospital we discovered that Jeremy was in surgery. Governor Busbee totally took charge. He got the names of every doctor involved in his care along with getting us a rent-a-car and a hotel for the duration of our stay. In the waiting room he asked me if I had any cash. I said “yes.” He said, “How much?” I said “twenty dollars.” Well, he quickly put $200 in my lap and would not take no for an answer. Once he found out that Jeremy was going to make it, he planned on heading back to Atlanta. We walked down the hospital halls with him. Many people called out to him and he knew most of them by name and waved to each with something personal to say to each one. He said “I fish with lots of the people here.” He was such a people person. One’s status was not important -- the individual was important to him (case in point: me!)

When I arrived back to work weeks later, I tapped on Governor Busbee’s door. He was at his desk writing and welcomed me in, but continued with his writing. I said, “Governor, you spent a lot of money on us in Brunswick and I would like to pay you back at least a portion of it.” Without looking up and without hesitation the Governor responded, “Margaret, have you ever heard the expression ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive’?” I replied, “yes, sir.” He then answered, “Then why would you want to rob me of the blessing of giving to you?”

I have very few heroes in my life, but can say without reservation and ever so proudly, that Governor Busbee is a genuine hero of mine and will be forever. I am eternally grateful to him and consider knowing him one of my life’s greatest blessings.
July 25, 2004
I feel so blessed to have known Governor Busbee. He was truly an inspiration to us all and he will certainly be missed. Please know that my prayers are with Mrs. Busbee and her family during this most profound time of sorrow. May they find comfort that the Governor, a man of stong conviction and faith, is now with the Lord , Our Saviour.
Stefanie Palma
July 24, 2004
I met George Busbee when he was at Gilmer High School in Ellijay when he ran for his first term. I attended his 1st Inauguration. I remember standing in line @ the mansion to shake his hand. He launched an interest in politics that remains with me still. He will be missed but what a legacy he has left for his family and our state.
July 23, 2004
Here at King & Spalding, whenever someone mentions "the Gov" we all knew exactly who that was -- it was George Busbee. He hired me to work for him back in March of 1991, just after the firm moved to the 191 building. The first thing I noticed about him was his warm personality and that wonderful smile. He had an uncanny nack for making you feel at ease immediately. The moment he shook my hand and introduced himself, I felt I had known him for a long time. He was wonderful to work for and with. He was a great man who exhibited love and dedication to his family, to God and to our great state. He put our state on the business map and through his vision and tireless efforts even after he left office, our state's economy has continued to flourish. I pray God's comfort and strength to Mary Beth, Beth, Jan, Buzz and Jeff, and to all of their grandchildren.
July 21, 2004
My sincere condolences and best wishes to the First Lady and Family of Gov.George Busbee. You did great service to Georgia and you were gracious to all. Thank you.
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