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Carolyn M. Mawby
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July 18, 2014
I just heard of Carolyn's passing today. I remember her from our Belding High school years and that smile she always had.
June 14, 2014
Today, I found out a treasured gift, a beautiful person who influenced me my entire life, and a big sister who I will never forget has died. I live in Texas now, but for thirteen (13) years Miss Mawby (as I always respectfully referred to her) rented my parents property on Fenton Rd. in Grand Blanc. I grew up spending many hours with Miss Mawby. Her early influence touched many parts of my life. She taught me, and gave me a greater appreciation of classical music, plays, musicals, and the choir she loved so much. It wasn't just her love of music, but the true love she had of teaching others her passion of music, and seeing their individual success in achieving their best! I was the only child and I had the pleasure to spend many hours with her through the years. As a big sister she taught me how to play basketball, chess, appreciate her fish aquarium, draw with charcoal, and enjoy the simple things of life. We spent many quiet moments just drawing landscapes, animals, and outdoor scenes together. She had me keep a sketch book, and I know she had one also. Although a great musician, not many knew how talented she was as an artist. I always made it a point to stop in and see Miss Mawby when I returned to Michigan. I last saw her within the last two (2) years. When I saw her she was moving a little slow, but still the passion she had of music, choir, country life, memories of my parents' place, gardening, her cat, the things I previously mentioned that she taught me in life, were all a brief respite of the fight she had with her illness. I know that when all the immediate sadness has gone, that whenever I here a classical song, or beautiful choir music at Christmas, I will get a little smile on my face, knowing that Miss Mawby is near to me. God bless you my sister, may God hold you near to his heart, because I will always keep you close to mine!
May 29, 2014
Carolyn Mawby made a huge impact on my professional life as a musician. She was a wonderful educator, performer and most of all, a wonderful person.
May 18, 2014
Miss Mawby was my Choir Director at GBHS for 4 years in the early 70's. She taught us to never give less than your best & that hard work & dedication produced amazing results. We won State competitions every year entirely because of her dedication. She alone was the most influential teacher I have ever had & I carry her lessons with me every day of my life. She was an amazing woman, deeply loved, appreciated & a great influence on so many people. She will be missed & never forgotten.
May 10, 2014
I was very fortunate to know Miss Mawby mainly through her high school choir workshops with U of M (I was Flint Central class of '85). She was personable, witty, brilliant, funny and, even on new acquaintance, someone you felt you could trust and rely on. My experiences with her workshops still inform my work ethic, and I long to be part of such a group again. She will live on in the glorious music of all of her students, their students, ad infinitum. We are truly blessed to have known her.
May 09, 2014
Miss Mawby was the kind of person that meant so much to so many , yet always made you feel like you were the most special when you were in her presence. Besides my parents, I can't think of anyone whose approval meant so much as hers did. She had been my teacher, mentor and friend for 30 years since UM-F. I was so fortunate to have sung in several of the groups she conducted and she is the reason I changed my major and became a music teacher. I catch myself almost daily, using one of her examples or Mawby-isms. I will truly miss her all the days of my life.
May 08, 2014
Long time friend and colleague especially when I was still teaching and singing in Flint. Phyllis Relyea
May 06, 2014
Professor Carolyn Mawby was an inspiration to countless numbers of musicians and music teachers. Her passion for teaching Music History was just as strong as her approach to Choral Music. I for one am a better person and a better teacher because of the selfless role model and dedicated teacher she was.
"Thank you Carolyn for so much."----Chuck Jeffryes, Connecticut
May 05, 2014
our son, Edward Price, was so proud to be in her choir at Grand Blanc High School. I was proud to be in her commuity choir. She was an outstanding role model and person.
May 05, 2014
I was fortunate enough to take one of Ms. Mawby's classes at U of M Flint. In her class, I met people that are still my good friends today, 40 years later. We still play music together, which I'm sure would thrill her to know. Her influence is that far reaching. We both have, and have not lost a great person in our musical lives. She will always be with us. Until we meet again.
May 04, 2014
You were my teacher, my mentor and a dear friend. You will always be a huge part of my teaching and singing. I was so very blessed to be your student. I am so grateful for everything that you shared with me. I have no doubt that the heavenly choir is singing more beautifully now that you are on board.
May 04, 2014
I'm sure you are enjoying the eternal sounds of celestial music Ms. Mawby. You forever changed my heart for music, thank you.
May 04, 2014
My admiration for Miss Mawby started when I was a teenager, and she would bring her Grand Blanc choir to a Sunday Morning service at Woodside church. I was in awe that anyone could get that kind of a sound out of a high school choir. She was such an awesome conductor.
I started college at U of M - Flint, the same year she started the music program there. I wanted so badly to be in her choir and because she was just starting the program, she took anyone who wanted to sing (I didn't have to try out, thank goodness!). After that, the first group was just grandfathered in, and when others had to try out from then on, we were in! The choir was wonderful. She worked us hard. She demanded perfection. She loved what she was doing, and when we put on a concert, we knew we were good, and that felt amazing. Christmas Tide will forever be the signature song, I will associate with Miss Mawby. When we sang that song at the end of a Christmas Concert, the music swelled, the voices swelled, it gave me and still gives me goose bumps.
You have left a legacy Miss Mawby. You are loved by so many and will be missed so much. Thank you for giving your talents to Flint, for loving and caring about people. I will forever admire you.
May 04, 2014
Flint's music community has lost a true gem. Her legacy is found in the hundreds of her students who carry on and the thousands who enjoyed her concerts over the years. We were fortunate to have her in our midst for so many years.
May 04, 2014
Carolyn was a great friend to me when I worked in the Music Dept. at UM-Flint. She was a wonderful influence in my life. We lunched together almost daily and I accompanied her and her choirs to several cities where they performed choir concerts. She was a perfectionist who never really knew just how special she was. But the rest of us knew and appreciated all that she had to give. She introduced me to her friends and companions, all of whom helped me develop and find my place and calling in life. Unfortunately, we lost touch when I moved away, but I have never and will never forget her. She was one in a million and the world is a lesser place without her. My condolences to the loved ones she leaves behind.
May 03, 2014
Cousin Carolyn was indeed a special lady. I remember that she always had a smile on her face.
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