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Lance Cpl. Alec R. Terwiske
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September 03, 2015
We won't forget
January 10, 2013
Dear family of Alec, what a beautiful young man our entire nation has lost. May God and His Holy Mother sustain you in hope. You will all be remembered in my prayers, Alec most especially. With deepest sympathy,
November 01, 2012
Prayer Shawls 4 Fallen Soldiers ( is an organization with groups throughout the country who work to send handmade prayer shawls and/or lap robes to families who have lost a loved one while serving our country. Members of Trindle Spring Lutheran Church would like to honor your son's sacrifice and memory by sending our prayers and comfort through a prayer gift which will be mailed to you. If you are interested, please contact me at with the names and addresses of those who would like to receive one and which gift they would like to receive. We will send our gift as soon as possible. Also, if you know of any other families who are grieving the loss of a loved on who died while serving our country, please pass along my e-mail address. May God bless you and comfort you in the days ahead. Sincerely, Lynne
October 27, 2012
My son, my son...I do not understand why you had to be so brave, but I want you to know....that I am so so very proud of you. You have always been my Hero since the day you were born. Miss seeing that smile of yours and all the teasing! Love you Alec and miss you more then you can ever imagine. Mom
October 21, 2012
He answered our Nations call....of himself he gave all, and a part of America died. Alec, the Flag of the United States of America has your blood woven into its fabric and it shall proudly waive, forever, in your honor.
"one can only imagine what your future would have been" ! I pray Alec, that you are at peace and in a place where you have always longed to be. I salute and and thank You for Your service, sacrifice,and all that you and fellow Marines have provided to our Country. The Lord be with You.
October 06, 2012
Please accept my deepest sympathy for the loss of your Hero, and my sincerest gratitude for his service. May God grant you peace and strength. Semper Fi Lance CPL Terwiske.

The Land of the Free, Because of the Brave

Proud aunt of a Hero
PFC Chase Edwards, USMC
KIA 06Apr2006 OIF
October 01, 2012
Dear Terwiske family,
Please accept our heartfelt condolences. Lcpl. Alec was a hero, and will not be forgotten. We are indeed humbled by his service and sacrifice. May the love of family and friends carry you through your grief. You are in our thoughts and prayers.
K. Collins family of Colo. Sgs., CO
(proud parents of a US Marine)
September 28, 2012
To Alec's Parents and Siblings:
I humbly offer my respect and condolences about the loss of your beloved son and brother, Marine Lance Corporal Alec. C. Terwiske. May Our Lord embrace Alec's Family with peace of mind, understanding and healing with the knowledge of the thoughts and prayers and genuine gratitude from us, the public.
Our Marine is honored and shall always
be remembered as one of high morals and
true character. Respectfully enclosed,
A.J. Ramirez USMC (Ret.)
September 24, 2012
To the Family & Friends of
Lance Cpl. Alec R Terwiske
Please accept my deepest sympathy in the loss of Your HERO. May He Rest In Peace. May God comfort You during this difficult time. Thank You for the ultimate
Marine Vet Mom
September 23, 2012

To the Family of LCpl. Alec R. Terwiske

I wish I had the right words to say at this time, but I know there are none. I grieve for the loss of your beloved son and I know that I cannot fathom the pain you must be feeling. Your son will not be forgotten and what he did to help protect our homeland and our freedoms. It was his life that made him a Hero. It was his noble path that made him an American Hero. It was his ultimate sacrifice that made him a Fallen Hero. May God carry him to Heaven on His precious wings and give him a palace to live in. I pray that our Heavenly Father above will grace you with His love, His comfort and His peace. Heaven's Gates now has a new handsome Marine standing guard. Amen.
September 19, 2012
Hey sandy sister was in his class ....... we will love him and miss him always......u will always know that a good gaurdian angel will be watching over u as u life in its fullest. He would want u to go on. U have my sympathy .... if u need Anythin we will always be there for u.
September 19, 2012
Things happen so fast in this world of ours. I remember crossing paths with Alec in the dining facility on Camp Leatherneck in Afghanistan about a month ago. We spoke briefly and chatted about our families and how each of us were doing. I was his recruiter, SSgt Green at the time. I picked Alec right out of the crowd, because of that memorable smile that he always had. I remember the last words we said to eachother was to be safe and get back home to our families. Alec wanted to be a Marine...he was a Marine....and always will be a Marine. When I sat down with him for his initial interview about why he wanted to be a Marine....he told me for the pride of belonging, the do something that everyone else couldn't do....he said he wanted to stand that watch and to serve our Country with honor. Alec did just that....although he is gone in the physical form, he is still with us in spirit...guarding heaven's gate....still standing the watch. Alec was a great person....and awesome Marine. It was an honor to help him accomplish one of his life-long dreams. Alec....Devil Dog...Marine, you are gone but will never be forgotten....see you on the otherside Marines and I will sleep safely at night knowing you are still standing the watch over us...Semper Fidelis Marine.
-Gunnery Sergeant Q.A.Green
September 18, 2012
I am sorrow for the loss of Alec. I offer perpetual thanks to him for his military service.
September 17, 2012
God bless your son for the sacrifice he made for all Americans. He is a real American hero and will never be forgotten.
September 16, 2012
To the Terwiske Family, Please accept my deepest sympathy for the loss of your loved one and hero Alec, and my sincerest gratitude for his service for our country.
God Bless you Lance Cpl.Alec R. Terwiske...
you will not be forgotten.
September 16, 2012
I have heard the the endless roar of jets at Linburgh Field. Heard the rush of the freeway traffic. Heard "Aye Sir" in the warm afternoon of a MCRD San Diego sun. The endless chipping of the finches on the parade deck. I know those sights and sounds Marine. Semper Fi Terwiske
September 15, 2012
Rest in peace Marine, you are paid in full.
September 14, 2012
Take comfort that your family, friends, and community are here for you. Alec's life will never be forgotten and our family can never thank him for his duty. God bless your family.
Alan, Libby, Maddi, Tyson, Garrett, and Aliyah Schwenk along with our exchange student Katinka.
September 13, 2012
God Bless You Lance Cpl, Alec R. Terwiske. You make me proud to be an American and I cherish all our soldiers who serve for our freedom. May you rest in peace. Your family can bask in the calm of your courage.
September 13, 2012
Great men and women are not known for their names alone, they are known because of their actions and deeds. Our service members are some of the greatest people we will ever know. Without them we would not have the freedoms we to often take for granted. What we do in this life echoes for eternity and our troops will always be remembered in our hearts and minds forever. It is important to remember that men and women do not go to war alone, nations go to war. Thank you for your sacrifice and my heart goes out to your family and loved ones. R.I.P.
September 11, 2012
~He paid a debt he did not owe, I owe a debt I cannot pay~

A grateful American sharing your pride and your sorrow today and always. I will never forget the freedom I cherish came at such a heavy price.

Semper family,
VPMM of Sgt Derek, 3 OIF tours
September 09, 2012
I know there are no words to say at this time, except how sorry that I am. My thoughts and prayers are with you always. Alec will never be forgotten.

For you every single soldier
Those who served so honorable
Your life was forever altered
While I'm home safe and free
I stand with grateful admiration
I stand respectful and so proud
I know I'm only a civilian
And I don't even know if it's allowed

But I salute you; allow me the honor
to salute you with permission let me say
Even though I hold no rank know that from my heart
My humble gratitude comes from the deepest part.
I salute you.

For those missing in action;
for those who didn't make it home.
I know you're in God's presence you are not alone.
For every neatly folded flag;
for every shattered family
I will do the only thing I know to dignify your memory.

I salute you, allow me the honor
to salute you with permission let me say
even though I hold no rank know that from my heart
my humble gratitude comes from the deepest part.

I salute you .

I Salute You.

Suzanne MacDaniel - A Proud Aunt
Colonie, NY
SGT. David M. Fisher
KIA 12/1/04 - Iraq
September 08, 2012
Thoughts and prayers to Alec and his brothers and families. Semper Fi
September 08, 2012
You have my deepest and most heartfelt sympathy on your loss of Alec....and my pledge to remember.

Marine Vet Mom
Navy Mom-in-law
September 07, 2012
To teh family of Lance Cpl. Alec R. Terwiske:
Please know that the sacrifice made by Alec and your entire extended family will never be forgotten. He is a true American hero.
Am Vets
September 07, 2012
In Honor of LCpl Alec Terwiske
I heard of you today, not in a usual way,
I heard of the courage you displayed t...oday.
Then I heard of your death that has come at such an early age,
Leaving us to weep and be full of rage.
You gave the highest gift that anyone can ever present,
And with your gift we know why you were sent.
For you were born for a more noble purpose than most of us could ever bear,
And, if life were fair...
You would still be with us knowing of your valuable worth,
To all of us here on earth.
But in God's divine plan, you left us to be of service in his highest realm.
You now are guarding his streets and taking your helm.
To watch over and see that other's are safe,
And brought home to their families, to be face to face.
We are debt to you always for being so brave,
You were put here at this time to show us how to save.
A country that needed to be free,
And now we have the need to see...
You safe in God's arms, full of body and health,
And acknowledging that one's worth is not of wealth.
But in the life you have given for someone else.
So rest for a while and gather yourself.
For God's angels are always on duty,
And you have achieved this rare and distinct beauty.
We salute you with tears in our eyes,
Because we now have to say goodbye.
You are at home where you are meant to be,
And yes, don't worry, we won't stop until all are free.
Your life has shown us there is a higher price to be paid,
For the land of the free and the home of the brave.
Until we meet again,
Semper our fallen Marine heroes.
We will never forget you.
Proud Marine Mom
September 07, 2012
I wish that there was something I could say that would ease your pain. I can only let you know the pain I feel in my heart for you. I am sorry that I never got a chance to personally know Alec but he will always be in my heart and in my prayers. I will also keep you and your family in my heart and in my prayers. Thank you for raising such a fine young man and a true HERO.
September 06, 2012
We are so sorry your Blue Star has turned to Gold May God be with you as ou honor the memory of your precious son Alec a True American Hero
A Marine family
Cleveland Ohio
September 06, 2012
The American War Mothers, Maryland's Star Spangled Chapter, offer our deepest condolences on the loss of your precious hero.
Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
September 06, 2012
To the family of Lance Cpl Alec R. Terwiske: Please accept our deepest sympathy and know that our thoughts and prayers are with you. Truly, another great American Hero, giving his life to protect our freedom. Know that his memory will live on forever!

Proud parents of SSgt Jordan B. Emrick, USMC, 1st EOD Co, Camp Pendleton, CA
KIA November 5, 2010 - Afghanistan

Terry & Dorie Emrick
Henderson, KY
September 06, 2012
God Bless Lance CPL. Alec R. Terwiske. Thank you for your service to keep us all safe. God Bless your family and friends and know their heartache is shared by others. Rest in Peace Brother.
September 06, 2012
God has restationed another marine to stand watch at the gates with St. Peter. Thank you for your service and sacrifice to your country!

Semper Fi!

Samuel Ray
US Navy (Vet)
September 06, 2012
In recognition of Lance Corporal Alec R. Terwiske's Honorable Service in the United States Marine Corps, the members of the SSgt Walter F. 'Trae' Cohee III Detachment # 115, Salisbury, MD as well as the members of the Tri-Cities Detachment # 969, Gray, TN of the Marine Corps League would like to extend our appreciation and gratitude for his service to God, Country and Corps as well as our sincere condolences to his family.


Don Elseroad
Staff Sergeant USMC (Ret)
MCL Detachment # 115 & # 969
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