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Andrew J. Bailey
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September 11, 2017
Gone but never forgotten,

God Bless you and your family always -
Margie, CA
September 11, 2016
1Thess 4:14 says, For if our faith is that Jesus died and rose again, so, too, those who have fallen asleep in death through Jesus, God will bring with him. So all those who america lost on September 11,2001 will be resurrected to earth.
September 10, 2016
Remembering you Andrew and so many others today, tomorrow and everyday, we will NEVER forget any of you. P]My prayers to you and all your family, especially your daughter whom I heard so much about through Mio at the NYC Family Center, pier 94.
September 10, 2016
Remembering you Andrew and so many others today tomorrow and everyday, we will NEVER for get any of you. Prayers to you and all your family, especially you daughter whom I heard about through Mio.
September 08, 2016
August 24, 2016
A Reminiscence

YES, thou art gone! and never more
Thy sunny smile shall gladden me;
But I may pass the old church door,
And pace the floor that covers thee.

May stand upon the cold, damp stone,
And think that, frozen, lies below
The lightest heart that I have known,
The kindest I shall ever know.

Yet, though I cannot see thee more,
'Tis still a comfort to have seen;
And though thy transient life is o'er,
'Tis sweet to think that thou hast been;

To think a soul so near divine,
Within a form so angel fair,
United to a heart like thine,
Has gladdened once our humble sphere.

By Anne Bronte
The Poetry Foundation
June 24, 2015
Thnking of Andrew's friends and family today. We will never forget. Love from Texas
September 11, 2014
You are remembered. On this day and always. May God richly bless your family with peace.
September 11, 2013
God Bless

August 26, 2013
I was in NYC in October 2001, interviewing people in the aftermath of September 11. I came across this letter at one of the makeshift memorials in the area and it affected me deeply. I've been trying to find Andrew's fiancee Miosotys Fernandez or his daughter Veronica Bailey for some time and only today stumbled across this site. Finding this letter from Veronica brought home the enormity of the tragedy of that day in a way that no news report ever could and reading about Andrew I encountered a person I know I would have liked. I pray that Andrew is at peace and that Miosotys and Veronica and the rest of the family are happy, healthy and well cared for. I apologize if this picture is upsetting to anyone who reads this. I can be reached on email at [email protected] or under John F. Nihen on Faceboook. God Bless.
March 23, 2013
May God bless you and your family in this time of sorrow.
September 11, 2012
RIP Andrew. You still and will always be missed.
July 28, 2012
An upgraded memorial page/blog has been created to include everyone and not be limited. Please visit a new memorial page created for Andrew J. Bailey at
May 29, 2012
Barbara Boam & Kim Rogers walked a mile for you (mile #117) on 5/29/12 as a dedication to your life.
September 29, 2011
Drew, I never knew this site existed. It's been ten years now and it feels like yesterday. I still remember our last see you tomorrow which never came. You were the best co-worker & friend. When I see your picture I rejoice now b/c I know you are with God. Lucky you. My button pic that Edlyn promised to make a copy and give back,you need to talk to her about it. I'm a christian now & I know we will see each other again. My honor to you is to live my life and speak of those who lost there lifes. I was spared and only God knows why. I saw a pic of Veronica & she looks like you. Beautiful. I'm so happy for facebook b/c i got a chance to connect with Mio, Aila & i requested Veronica now. I know she don't remember me. I;m in Florida now. It's been 6 yrs. My brother thank you for being my ear when I needed it. I love you bro.
September 12, 2011
September 12th 2011
Andrew my beloved son i just canot belived its now ten years since you were taken from us.I think of you every day of my life, all your family missing you so bad. your daughter your sister's and your dad nieces and nephew's and friends. I still shed a tear sometimes thinking of you and thats a mother's love for her son, may you continue to rest in GOD tender care till we meet again.All my love your mother alome bailey
September 11, 2011
Today at the California State Capital we had a 5K memorial run and afterwards I placed a US flag next to your name placard. I fought in Iraq so your death would not be in vain.
September 11, 2011
We hold you in our hearts.
September 11, 2011
Dear Andrew , love you and miss you very much , cant beleive it has been ten years already.I think of you every day , i'll never forget you.
Your loving sister,Paula xxx
September 11, 2011
To the uncle i never met , im sure you would have been a wonderful uncle to me.
I will always love you , rest in peace in heaven all my love.
From Serena Williams your neice ,age 6 xxx
September 11, 2011
Dear Uncle Andrew , it saddens me that i never got to meet you , i remeber only speaking to you on the phone as a litte girl. I wish i had the chance to get to know you , but even though i didnt i still love you very much.
R.I.P uncle Andrew ,
Lots of love from your Neice Sherise in england x
September 11, 2011
Andrew ,I had the honor of being your friend ,I always remember your down to earth personality and your great humor,my prayers go out to you and your family.
Everyday when I work at the new WTC ,I make every last effort in your memory ,and I will always remember you.

Alex Rodriguez
September 10, 2011
Rest in peace, Laurence, and God bless your grieving family. We will never forget.

Jessica Belcher
September 10, 2011
After 10 years, I continue to think of this cherished man that I only got to know through a photo I took of a loving letter left by Veronica at a memorial near the site. Lots of love and prayers to Veronica, Miosotys, Andrew's family & friends. Forever in my heart & thoughts...Sandy Schnettler
September 09, 2011
Andrew I never met you, however I did have the opportunity of meeting Ms. Miosotys Fernandez, at the FAMILY CENTER NYC. You and Miosotys will forever remain in my thoughts and prayers.

September 08, 2011
I can't believe its been Ten Years Babe! How I missed you So! Times have changed so much so Have People, but your Memory stayed the Same! I know you've been watching over all of Us, and I'm sure we've made you Proud! You'll always be MY FIRST LOVE! Thank you for blessing me with your presence, thank you for sharing your daughter with Mine! Thank you for the laughs, smiles, and so Many Happy Days! You came into my Life to show me how to Live.... I'm forever Grateful I love You Andrew!
September 06, 2011
Drew, you are dearly missed, wish you was here to meet my daughter , miss you very much buddy
September 06, 2011
We all Miss you Drew
September 02, 2011
As the anniversary of 9/11 approaches, I become very emotional. You are still missed by everyone. You were an awesome friend and brother in-law. Too bad my kids missed out on meeting you. I know for a fact that they would've adored you because to know you was to love you!
August 31, 2011
Dear Mrs Bailey,

I am reporter from the Sunday Mercury newspaper in Birmingham, England.

Firstly, can I please offer our thoughts during what is a trying time for you and your family.

We are putting together a page of tributes to victims of 9/11 who were from our area.

We would like to include Andrew and wondered if you could get in touch to help us with this.

I am available on 0044 121 2345602 / 0044 7949 539002.

Or [email protected]

I hope to hear from you soon.

September 12, 2010
Dear Andrew, ive never met you before but i heard that you were a sweet guy and a wonderful father.Happy 9th aniversary in heaven!
September 12, 2010
andrew may you rest in piece and may the lord guide you in heaven a men .love ponce family..
September 11, 2010
Happy 9th Annisversary in heaven Andrew. Delisabeth light up a candle and your favorite Bailey's drink and I played one of your favorite songs by Sanchez called "Missing you". Melissa did a wonderful video of you and everybody was in tears. I've suffered so much to raise Veronica and she was a lost soul without you. You would be proud of her because she has matured and have fabulous grades in school. She loves Utah and we can't wait for her to come back home. Melissa my sister is Veronica's guardian Angel. Without her I would of lost Veronica forever. Missing you a lot! RIP!
September 11, 2010
dear andrew my beloved brother.this is the first time since your death that i'm able to bring myself to write something about you.i miss you dearly even though it's nine years my heart still aches for are in my thoughts everyday and every night when i go to bed.i always talk about you to your nephew and nieces.the whole family misses you especially this time of the year.the family thank all the people that wrote wonderful things about you.we know that you were well loved by will always be in our thoughts and may god bless you and take care of you always until we meet again.your loving sister paula bailey.
September 11, 2010
We are all still thinking of you.
August 04, 2010
A memory of you made me return to this page today. It saddens me that my children missed out on the opportunity to have you as an uncle. I also wanted you to know that everyday I fight for Veronica to succeed in life because I know that's what you would've wanted for her. It would've broke your heart to watch her struggle with your loss . But you also would've been proud on how hard she's trying in school now. She still struggles each day with her emotions. The love everyone has for you is what keeps your memory alive. I hope in life you knew how much everyone truly adored you!
April 21, 2010
Happy birthday! No words can express how I feel. Something had me yesterday n today in a ugh mood. Without ya here is not the same. You are always missed n will never be forgotten.

Your friend always till the end.

April 20, 2010
Happy Birthday Drew! Wish you were still here with us. Still missing you!

September 14, 2009
Reading this Andrew, makes me know you were a good man, good father, good godfather and good to your girlfriend. Even though I didn't know you, I know you were a nice man. Thank God you met Ms. Fernandez and was blessed with her friendship and love.
September 11, 2009
To the entire family of Andrew J. Bailey, my prayers are with you on this 8 year anniversary of your great loss. I lived on Long Island on 9/11/01 and my husband was a steelworker who went into the city on 9/12 to help the rescue workers. In October 2001, I went into the city with my mother and read Veronica's letter to her Dad that was part of a memorial near Ground Zero. I took a picture of her letter as my Mom and I cried. Every year since, I look at that picture and read her letter explaining how very much she missed her Daddy and how she was praying for his return. It breaks my heart. As I am streaming the live coverage of the memorial service on CNN, I decided to google Veronica's name and see if I could put some of the pieces together. (I don't know why it took me 8 years to think of this..) I came across this site and feel comforted in seeing how Andrew's memory lives on. I pray for you Veronica and know that the true heart felt expressions you wrote at that time continue to live on and have touched my life.
September 11, 2009
Hello Baby Boy,

It's me again, You won't see me on this site to often, because I really do not know what to say. It's been eight years already wow!!!. I opened up the Trunk with all your belongings and smelled them, looked at the Hallmark Cards, looked at all our pictures with the kids and let out another tear. Not sad tears, but Happy Tears because I feel so blessed to have been given the opportunity to love you & veronica. To spend so many hours together enjoying every moment. From the workplace, to our Home Base. I do not see veronica as much, but I do talk to Aila I want to reach out to her I pray for her everyday because I know that she is Lost witout you. WIth this I close this letter with an I love You Andrew Bailey and always will.
September 11, 2009
May your soul rest in Peace.
September 10, 2009
Happy 8th aniversary in heaven! I miss you a lot and it still hurts. I hate it when this time of the year comes around.
September 09, 2009
This time imma keep it short babes.... 8th year n it still seems fresh in our aching hearts. I am sitting in my bed unable to sleep for the past week. This is one of the most difficult moments for

We will never forget.
July 17, 2009
Aila omg that really was a nice throwback picture you put there. I had to look at the picture twice because did not realize that it was him lol too funny.

Love them keep posting me please!
July 16, 2009
I saw ur picture in the newspaper and i could not believe it. You were known as Mr Bailey to me and my fellow class mates. You taught at Hillcrest Girls School in Birmingham England before you moved to America, as our IT teacher. Your class was so enjoyable and you knew how to have a laugh with everyone. (All the girls had a crush on you too) Cannot believe that i am now the same age as you were then! My heart and deepest sympathies go out to your family. You wrote in my sisters school leaving book 'Shyness is a virtue you could live without'... my sister was terribly shy but not anymore. She still has that book. Just would like to leave one more note ... Mr Bailey, it was a pleasure knowing you.
April 20, 2009
I am never mistaken when I think of you... honey Happy 37th birthday. I know you are in a special place right now. I can atest for all of us that we will always keep you close to our HEARTS!

I miss having to speak to you all the time and listen to your voice each and everyday while working. It is not the same without you.

It will never be the same.

Happy Birthday, Love you!
February 25, 2009
I will never forget the smiles that you had when i saw you on the ave. ? You were a very happy man no matter what was going on in your life. God Bless you andrew and your family.
February 25, 2009
There are certain situations that arise and it really sucks that I can't complain or seek your advice. Things would've been extremely different if you were still here. But at least you're in peace. I think I'll always miss you.
November 12, 2008
Wassup my name is Devin, I met my cousin Andrew when I a baby never in person when my brain was actually working lol. I've heard from a lot of people that Andrew was a cool person which made me really made me glad to be his cousin. I was so disappointed when I heard what happen in the world trade center. That's when my mom finally decided to take me to see my aunt Aila and cousin Veronica for the first time. Ya but I truly and will always miss Andrew, R.I.P. my cuz.
September 12, 2008
Hi Melissa, it is just a rought situation on all of us. It is amazing how it has been 7 years since 9.11 and yet it seems like if it was just yesterday. Unfortunately we are phasing this all on our own. As I woke up yesterday I woke up to turn on the TV and just started crying. Awful because I miss Drew's name on the reading that morning and it made me upset. I crying till the time I arrived to work. I carry his PIN everywhere with me because he was such a great person, friend and just loving to everyone. "Funny" might I add as well.

He is now our ray of sunshine through out the clouds/sun each and everyday.

Drew baby we miss you dearly, your family, friends.... and loved ones.


Edlyn S. or as you called me.
September 11, 2008
I passed by Ground Zero today. My eyes actually got teary. I miss you. Why does life have to be so cruel? I miss talking to you.
September 09, 2008
Hi everyone & special hello to my dear bestfriend DREW!!!! Here we go again 1 more year and it has been how long?!?! - 7years, can anyone believe that... I can't. Drew honey it has been that long & I miss you each day more and more like no other. I been highly stressed with all the changes going on after 9/11. Just things in general... usual!!!!

I hope that you are watching us all from heaven. Oh by the way Veronica is beautiful babe, she is BIG & all grown up. She looks identically like you. AMAZING, I love you dearly honey... but I have to stop at this moment because I am getting chocked up & eyes are just watery thinking of you. I just look at your picture and I still don't believe you are not here. Miosoti, I send my love to you & Veronica, email me sometime.

Take care Mr. Bailey "lol"

With much, Edlyn (Ms. Cabrera)
September 08, 2008
Now that 9/11 approaches I feel even more sad. There are so many subtle every day things that remind me of you. For instance, heineken beer, k-swiss sneakers, plaid button down shirts, baby powder and timbs. By the way, could you believe we still have that cat you got Veronica? Remember when you brought him home and he had fleas and after you treated it you said your beard felt itchy? LOL Remember while you were playing Tomb Raider that cat kept leaping over your head and you ended up swatting him? I also recall a time when you had to jump on the hood of a car cause some dummy let their pitbull run wild (that's Bushwick for you). Remember that nutjob of a landlord you had? Total psycho!
May 19, 2008
Happy Birthday!!!
February 21, 2008
hii ANdREW ; iM VERONiCASx bESt fRiENd ! YUh WUd bE VERy PROUd Of YUR dAUGhtER ! ShE iSx A lOVEly PERSON iNSidE & OUt ! iM hERE fOR hER ; ShE MiSSESx YUh dEARly && jUS fROM ME lOOkiN At YUR PiCtURE && REAdiiN diS GUEStbOOk i kNOW YUh WERE A WONdERfUl PERSON ; GOd NEEdEd YUh ; bUt i kNOW YUR dAUGhtER NEEdSx YUh AlSO At CERtAiN POiNtSx bUt YUR GUiDANCE iSx thERE && YUll bE WAtChiN dOWN ON hER ! i tEAREd jUS NOW ; ME && hER ARE tAlkiN thRU AiM RitE NOW & iM VERy hURt dAt ShE MiSSESx YUh dEARly ; bUt kNOW ShE hAS ME hERE fOR hER ;

January 25, 2008
Where do I begin, this is the second time that I have entered your page to read all the wonderful emails your friends have left you. I just wished I could erase this nightmare that I feel I have been living even after all these years. I can't even begin to express how much I miss you, well you know I have been talking to you everynigt looking out into the clear sky, and that same twinkling star always lets me know that your with me, I still carry our last photo taken together the night before you were taken away from me, and I still wear your shirt, the shirt you have on in this pic ( Easter 2001). I miss our late night talks while the kids were sleeping,our nights watching the Lakers play, cooking your favorite spanish Saturday breakfast mangu, with salchichon, and srambled eggs our ride to work every morning falling asleep on the train because we didn't get any sleep. How you would stand there ironing your pants for work, while I laid there trying to get a few more minutes of rest. I miss our weekends together with the girls they miss you terribly. Our spelling bees, when the girls would dress up and put on a fashion show, and talent show. How I would have to braid all the girls hair so that they all looked alike for a fact you were an angel sent to us until this day every Anniversary the girls walk around with your pin, and the t-shirts with you pic on it to remember the best stepfather they ever had. They have written book reports, and biographies of the life they shared with such a postive male role model. Cassandra is now 18 years old, and she decided to write her college entry essay on the experience she had, and adores with you, and how it has changed her views in a relartionship between a women and a man, and how she uses it to her advantage on a daily basis. Guess what babe, she was excepted to not only one but three colleges with scholorships because of how she talked about you. I remember the last words that you told me before you walked out the door on September 11th, that you were so happy, and felt so blessed to have gotten the opportunity to experience all that we did with our girls. Me and Aila still keep in contact, I must confess not as much as I thought we would but just enough to let eachother know we still have love for one another. Thank you for coming to me in all your little forms to let me know your around, and for instilling in me that I deserve to never settle for second best. I had the best I had you, My heart is buried at Ground Zero, where I lost you. And I don't think that I will ever love another the way that I loved you. Rueben and all that survived at the Visitors Desk said hello, and they miss you terribly. Until we meet again, I will continue to listen to your Bob Marley Cd Ha Ha Ha say hello to Abuela for me. I will soon send you a picture to let you see how big the girls have grown from the time you last saw them, as well as myself I havn't changed much.
January 25, 2008
September 11, 2007
Words cannot express how I miss you. I miss the life that had with the girls, I appoligize that I was not able to see you. I have spoken to Veronice and Aila and they are fine. You have always been my strength and I still remember those encoraging words when we sat outside from our apartment talking all night long. I know there are other people that thinks otherwise but that is not Important to me whats most important is knowing that you beautiful daughter and her mother Aila which I consider a true good friend knows how truly we felt for eachother. I pray for you every night I opened our photo album tonight and looked our pictures our our last trip in in the camp grounds in Rhode Island and just feel blessed that I have spent this great time with you. I looked forward in seeing you in heaven Love always.... MYOSOTYS.
September 11, 2007
Happy 6th in heaven. Our hearts are still broken but you remain in our thoughts always. We miss you dearly and we will meet again.
September 11, 2007

It is 6 years since that awful tragedy and I always say a prayer for you as the names are being called. I am sure that you are smiling on us and wishing us well. We miss you. You are one angel that I wish was back on earth. God Bless!
September 10, 2007

It's been a while alright since I write anything in here but baby DREW you know I have my thoughts always with you... and for you. I miss you... :) I still keep thinking about our good days... & I will always mention those beans you spilled all over your clothes @ work :) I just want to say GOD BLESS you always and that we all miss having to see you and bug out with you. I will always be your baby girl "CABRERA" how you always called me when they asked what post you were @... yup :) your area :)

Anayway honey you show them & always shine from above! We all love you...

PS. I got married 07/07/07
September 09, 2007
I know you are laughing in heaven! Can't wait to see you again!
Gissette, Kyel, and Elias
September 01, 2007
My name is Aloma Bailey, I am Andrew Baileys'mother. I just want to thank all the people out there from near and far, for their wonderful thoughts and words shared over the last six years about my son.

Andrew was a great son, brother ,father, uncle, cousin, and friend. All of our family misses him dearly. That dreadful day, Septmeber 11th 2001, has left a big void in our lives that will never go away.Andrew will forever be in our hearts. There is not a single moment or day that goes by that he is not on our minds.May god bless my beloved son Andrew,and may he rest in gods tender care.
May 19, 2007
Happy Birthday!!!
December 29, 2006
merry christmas and happy new year and god bless the family of mr. andrew bailey i pray god gives all of you strength over time
December 19, 2006
October 12, 2006
As I stitched your name on the memorial that I am doing for all of the victims, I prayed for you and your family. Please know that your death was not in vane. We will always remember.
September 12, 2006
my deepest thoughts and feeling of such concerned for that tragic day may god be with your family,children god bless
August 21, 2006
In memory....
August 20, 2006
I just watched Camp 9/11 on TV and will pray for Veronica and the rest of your family.
June 05, 2006



im sorry i have not come in to say hi to you!! i miss you babe!!!


April 20, 2006

March 27, 2006
my name is alex moncrieffe and andrew was my cousin. i only met him once when i was a young boy when he was visiting from the us. me and family recently visited ny and my aunt, andrews mother. andrew will always be dearly missed and is thought about everyday, so in someways i guess he is still with us.
March 02, 2005
What a touching story. Trust in God that he is always watching over you & your families. He is now your Angel from above. And one day you will be together again. God Bless.

Rhonda Fonseca
Orlando, FL
February 07, 2005
January 18, 2005
What a tender love story. I am so sorry about your loss, though its been more than 3 years, I know that the pain lingers still. Psalms 34:18 says, "God is near to those broken at heart, and those crushed in spirit, he saves" Allow his word to comfort you all.
September 11, 2004
Hi Andrew,

It's now 3yrs from that terrible day and all of those who lost their lives are being remembered. I still think about you alot and your family. I can't express how deeply I feel about your loss. It's hard to find good people like you and it's even worse to lose one. I know your daughter is such a beautiful young lady. We were lucky to have known you, and we are even luckier to have your memories. Take Care up there. You are very much missed!
May 19, 2004
Hi's me Joanne from Hudde. I think about you and your family alot. I know you are watching over your daughter and the rest of us. Today there was a hearing on 9/11 and immediately I thought of you. I wish that it never took place, that you could be around for everyone to enjoy. But I know your spirit has not left us. I only could wish to see you again some day. Happy Birthday to you as well. Keep that light shining on us. You are very much missed.
May 18, 2004
To the family of andrew i hope god watches over u and keep u and to his daughter i am very sorry i know ur dad loves u very much god bless
April 12, 2004
Hey Drew,

Once again I come in to sign my friends guest book. Each time that comes around and I feel like I want to send you a message I add it here letting all your family and friends to see it. You have 8 more days for your birthday and I am unable to see you or even spend time with you. I just think it is so unfair. Today I woke up all sad because your birthday is coming up and I have been thinking of you. But let me tell you that I will have a nice candle lit on your birthday and wish you the best birthday ever. I hope that your family is doing well, Aila *hello to you and big hugs to Veronica*

Aila, if you see this message send me pictures of yourself and Veronica, I know she has to be very very big.
--------------------- ------

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Drew
Happy Birthday to you,
may God always have you in a safe safe place that when God sends for me I could be able to meet and see you.

Love you dearly your good good friend,
Edlyn Cabrera
March 12, 2004
I was very moved by your Love for Andrew. I am so very sorry for your loss. You are in my Prayers, I'm sitting at my desk at work and I read Andrew's story and I burst out crying. God Be With You Vicki
October 22, 2003
Hi my name is La-Quasia McCall i am 13 years school i am doing a report on Andrew.
i pick him because i was impress by
his life. my love goes to the famly.

La-Quasia McCall
September 15, 2003
I just found out about andrew we attended Huddy together we were in the same class.Andrew was always very quiet and layed back guy very nice person he will be missed and Veronica has her personal angel
September 11, 2003
I used to go to school with Andrew. Even back then you knew he was something special. I was sad to know that his life was taken so shortly, but I guess God needed a few more good men. Time and time again he will cross my mind. My heart goes out to his family and friends who had the opportunity to embrace his kindness on a daily basis. Andrew you are deeply missed. You are deeply loved! Keep smiling on us until we meet again!
September 10, 2003
Wow, where to start...
So many words that come into my mind that I don't know what to say. I grief everyday that I think about the WTC attack. I used to work with "Drew". That was like my bestfriend. Getting to know Drew was I think the best thing that could happen to anyone. He was sweet, down to earth, honest, outgoing, funny, just himself. So many words can describe him in many different ways. As I write this tears come down my eyes because I still can not believe that he is gone. It is so hard for me to face it, being his friend. I imagine his daughter VERONICA who must be torn. Losing a father is not easy, just having to lose anyone is difficult. Tomorrow will be two years of this tragedy and I feel so tore up inside. Its almost everyday that I think about him and just say to myself I can not believe this. I was actually off that day because I had to go to school.

May God rest your sole, and always keep you in my mind. You were the best friend that I needed and will always have. Miss you so much, its irresistable. Deepest Sympathy to the Bailey family, may god bless you all.

Drew, wish I could dream with you at least one to get this pain I have deep inside, love you always.

Edlyn Cabrera
As you always called me, "Cabrera"
September 08, 2003
God 's blessing to you and the children -
April 20, 2003
I think about you every day. Sometimes with laughters and some of them with tears. Your daughter is so big now. I know you are protecting her. I wanted to dedicate this to you on your birthday: If tears could build a stairway, and memories a lane, I'd walk right up to heaven and bring you home again. Happy 31st Birthday in heaven! Love, Aila
February 11, 2003
I'm just very sorry that this had to happen.
November 22, 2002
From a fellow Englishman and Brummie Rest in peace Andrew.
September 11, 2002
To The family of Mr. Andrew J. Bailey;

I did not know Mr. Bailey, never met or saw him. However, this does not lessen the sadness and pain that I feel for you all. I wish peace to you all. Take care of yourselves know that someone if Brooklyn thinks about you
September 11, 2002
May the Lord be with you and your family. Just know that your loved one did NOT die in vain and we will NEVER forget that day. Remember that the Lord will always be with us.
September 11, 2002
I met Andrew years ago when he wore his gold high top fade and hung out with Bouza!!!
We became great friends over the years and tried to keep in touch although life moved us in opposite directions. What I loved about him the most was his personality and ability to make me laugh in the worst times. We would talk for hours about our crazy West Indian families and share our life experiences. He was a kind person and someone you valued as a friend. The day everything happened I called my family and friends In NY to make sure everyone was ok. And for the moment I felt fortunate everyone was safe. I was sadly mistaken. I'll never forget the night I saw his face on BET. I had to take a second look to make sure my eyes weren't deceiving me. It's still too unreal for me. I'll miss him truly.
Aila,Veronica,Miosotys & family I send all of my love and prayers to you.

Ayesha & Najah
September 09, 2002
After viewing the tribute you left for my husband Salvatore, I felt compelled to find out more about Andrew. Reading his story and tributes only confirms my thoughts that only the best have been taken. To the family of Andrew, you will remain in my thoughts as we are bonded by this tragedy.

September 06, 2002
Remember god loves you and may GOD BLESS YOU
September 06, 2002
Dear Surviors of Andrew.J.Bailey,
God bless the family loved ones and friends he left behind. Thinking about all that has happened makes me cry even now.
August 27, 2002
Good bless you and the family that you left behind...
July 17, 2002
May God in HIS infinite mercy continue to bless and heal the family of Andrew Bailey.
July 10, 2002
may god bless you always
May 31, 2002
Veronica is having her First Communion tomorrow. Andrew would of been so proud of her. She looks so beautiful! Veronica, your Daddy will have a big smile on his face because he is with you every where you go. Andrew will always be your Guardian Angel.
April 21, 2002
I'am Aila, Veronica's Mommy. I was touched reading the letters from everyone. Yesterday was Andrew's birthday. He would of been 30 years old. My daughter Veronica and I visited the Family viewing room at Ground Zero. We left flowers, pictures, and a birthday card for Andrew. Andrew's remains has been found and now we finally put an end to our agonizing chapter. Veronica and I go to group therapy every other Thursdays. We look forward going there every time.I met Andrew back in 1990. We use to work together at Kings Plaza, Brooklyn. What attracted me of him is his kindness and his British accent. In 1993 we had a baby girl. Veronica now is 9 years-old. She was so close to her Daddy. He use to always tell me that Veronica would always be his one and only and that he would never have children with no body else. I said to him maybe one day he will have more children.In 1994 Andrew took Veronica and I to his hometown at Birmingham, England. He was torn between two countries because he never wanted to give up his British citizenship. He was proud showing us where he grew up. I hope next year we will visit England. The people in his community has been very supportive with my family, especially with Veronica.I spoke with Andrew when the plane hit his building at Tower one, that fateful morning on the phone. He said he had to go because "something happened" and that he would call me back. He never did.That telephone call will forever be stuck in my mind. I will never forget that day. I miss talking to him every day on the phone and seeing him picking up Veronica every Friday at my house. Veronica always had looked forward spending time with him. Especially when his girlfriend has three girls of her own.They had a big love for her. Miosotys has become a true friend for me. I will never forget all the good things she has done for Veronica and I. Andrew will never be forgotten. I will always love him. He is a Prince in heaven. We'll truly miss him. He is survived by his mother Aloma and Father Vincent Bailey. Sisters, Paula & Christine. Nephews, Zachary, Dwain, Elias, Issac, And niece Sherise. The Benitez Family, Dosi, Lilly, Sydney (godson), Geo, Gissette, Melissa, & Jocelyn. Also to the all the people and friends of Andrew who cared about us.I will never forget each and every one of you. God Bless you.

Yours truly,
[email protected]
April 19, 2002
This sacrifice will always be remembered. May God Bless his family.
April 13, 2002

March 22, 2002
I did not know Andrew, I was simply reading the entries in this 9/11 memorial and found the photo of this man and the story extremely touching. May all the victims rest in peace and the families and friends of the victims always have the wonderful memories of these important angels of God.
March 19, 2002
I didn't know Andrew but when I came across his photo and profile I was very moved by what I read about this brother.

I only hope Andrew that your friends and family find peace and comfort during this most difficult time. I know that your kids will learn from you what you had taught them and take it with them throughout their lives.

Although we never met, I feel that had we, we would have been good friends. Rest in peace my brother.

March 13, 2002
March 11, 2002
I was just checking the 9/11 article and looking to see how many West Indians or people of West Indan heritage were killed when I came across Mr. Bailey's picture and name.
The tribute written of him was so touching, it brought tears to my eyes. He seems to have been such a beautiful person. My heart goes out to Miosotys, Veronica and her three children.
When my mother died, I remembered something she always told me was that 'nothing happened without it being sifted through the hands of God.'
I also found a memoriam in the Jamaica Gleaner and I've changed the words to fit the situation by saying:

"... God saw what was happening
He knew He wasn't changing
the deed,
So He put His arms around
And whispered "come to Me"
A golden heart stopped
Hardworking hands at rest
God broke our hearts to prove
to us
He only takes the best."

May God ichly bless you.

March 11, 2002
Andrew you were a down to earth guy. You knew where you were going in life. I'm sorry your life was taken away so violently. I don't understand why. All I can say is I hope your loved ones find peace and I hope you are looking down on them protecting them, and being their guardian angel. Take Care Bailey.
March 11, 2002
I have never met Andrew,never heard of him,but this story makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck,so sad,to be so close and lose him like that must be devastating,my thoughts are with you and your family all the way from Australia.
March 11, 2002
Six months has not changed the images we viewed
It has made us all look at life more subdued.
Given yet some that gave so much
It may have happened in New York,
But the world it touched.
Lives were lost, stories went untold,
Our bravest and finest, blood ran cold.
Not even Spielberg could have directed this disaster
And how were we to survive all this after
Having these images seared into our conscience
And the immeasurable pain for those that will miss
Their moms and dads, kids and friends,
Relatives, loved ones, could not even begin
To fathom the reality, to wake from this horrible dream
To go back to normality, tattered at the seams.
As a nation we still mourn, a bit less every day.
But the pain is still there, as we go on our way.
To the store, to church, to work, to play
We may catch a glimpse of an airplane and pause to say
A quick prayer for those whose travel is uncertain
As they fly into the rainbow, as God lifted the curtain.
To bless them and remind them that his job is not yet done.
As he closed the curtain, and welcomed them safely home.

March 03, 2002
I didn't really know anyone in the towers. But looking at the list of names and just seeing the name Bailey on the list really bother me. The only thing I can say is: God loves you and wants to help you, Look to Him and the Holy Spirit will be sent to you for comfort. May this be a help for you and the world.
January 24, 2002
Rest in Peace - it seems like all we lost the best of the best that day.
January 18, 2002
Andrew, may God give your family strength and may your memories give them comfort.
January 09, 2002
May Andrew's life and love live on in all who love him. May you always feel the warmth of his love radiate into your hearts. We are very sorry for your loss of Andrew. Our hearts cry with you.
America Cries
We see your sorrow-
and our hearts cry....
We can not erase your pain
but you do not have to face the anguish alone-for we-
-the American people-
are beside you.
We so desperately want to have the touch that brings you comfort,
the strength that gives you courage,
and the words to lighten your spirits.
And when we are left speechless
may the silence of our nation weave love into your hearts
to ease your sorrow.
May you find healing through our nation's strength as we-
-the American people-
face this difficult time together. Our hearts are with you. Teresa Jahn
Dixon, IL
January 02, 2002
We share your loss. May happy memories comfort you.
January 02, 2002
You will be missed but your memory will live forever.
January 01, 2002
Rest in Peace Andrew Bailey.
December 05, 2001
To the friends and family of Andrew Bailey - particularly Veronica, Miosotys and your 3 daughters...
you may not know me, but please take comfort in knowing that my thoughts are with you. In a world of uncertainty only one thing is certain, that those people we care about most in life are always taken from us too soon.
December 04, 2001
October 26, 2001
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