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Bijan Pakzad
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December 17, 2014
May he rest in peace
December 16, 2014
after bijans demise, no doubt God is wearing one of his suits!
June 14, 2013
My deepest sympathy to the children and the grand-children of Bijan because of your great loss. You are probably Islamic, I am Christian (actually a member of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-day Saints ..... "Mormon"). I am not sure if your faith believes in an 'afterlife', I do (as does my faith). I firmly believe that you all will yet meet again with your father and grand-
father Bijan. I am not wealthy however, I have a great appreciation for his cologne developed for men. I have worn it since it's creation ..... to this very day.
My highest regards to all of you,
Angelo L. Carlini, Layton, Utah 84040

P.S. My father was born in Florence, Italy.
May 09, 2013
To the family of Bijan Pakzad,

I'm sorry for your loss. I'm not sure if this is the Bijan that I met in the 80's. I was very young (18 or 19 years old )and he was older than I (maybe in his late 20's or early 30's). Bijan met me in a convience store that his family owned and operated in Lewisville. The Bijan that I knew helped his family with their business and he traveled quite a bit, once in awhile calling to let me know that he was in town. The last phone call he made to my house, my mother told him that I had gotten married and that was in the late 80's or early 90's). The Bijan I met was quite the gentleman and one of the best dressed dates I ever had. All these years, I still remember that about the Bijan I met all those years ago. We were friends but, life took us in different directions and we lost touch. The Bijan that I knew once signed a napkin I had and unfortunately, I lost that napkin in one of the moves that I had. It was the same signature as what's on the bottle of the men's cologne. Bijan that I met said that his brother and family ran the business in Manhatten, NY. So, that is why I'm alittle confused. I'm not quite sure if this is the Bijan I met in the 80's.
October 28, 2012
I did not know Bijan personally but learned about his success through friends and relatives. He was a great gentleman and very successful. May god bless his soul and give strength and patience to his family.

mojtaba mohammadi, Riverside, CA
February 17, 2012
I cannot believe that I am just finding out about Bijan's death 10 months after the fact. In the rush to prepare for my wedding 2 weeks after his passing, the news escaped me. So sad to hear.

I met him several times, the first shooting an ABC News story with him and Michael Jordan. I dropped by a couple of times over the ensuing years when I was in the area and he always took time to say hello-- and a couple of times gave me a little gift of his great men's cologne (which I wear every day.) I got to introduce my then fiancee/now-wife to him the spring before he died, and I am so glad they met.

He was a special guy... unique, charming, gifted, and at least in my case, one who made time for not-famous people whom he did not know well... making them feel special.

And who will ever forget his billboards with that smile?!

May God bless and comfort his family, even now, as they go on carrying the bright torch he lit.
January 04, 2012
A wonderful man rest in peace.
July 31, 2011
to know him was to love him. His compassion, generosity, and friendship was an inspiration to enjoy living while you can, which he did so gracefully. I shall forever miss his joy which was infectious. I thank him for his friendship, which gave me much happiness. God bless Bijan, he was a great man of kindness and love. Until we meet again.
May 05, 2011
He was really a legand and unique Iraninan men in the world. I am sure his soul is in peace.His memory will always remain alive between us.
Tahmineh from san iego
April 28, 2011
Bijan Pakzad was one of the famous Iranian-American fashion designer in the all world, the world never get someone like him again bless his soul!
April 28, 2011
whats terrible is that my family is friends with his family, and i've always wanted to meet him, but there was never enough time. now its too late RIP Bijan, you are a true inspiration on everybody
April 27, 2011
His smiles will be missed. May he rest in peace.

Ninoosh Akbarian
April 24, 2011
My condolences to his Family.He will be missed ! rest in peace...

Nz (California)
April 23, 2011
Always the best at heart I will surely miss you. God bless. Nabil K
April 22, 2011
To Bijan's Family,
May he rest in peace. I'm so sorry for your loss. He was an excellent businessman. His smile will be missed.
April 21, 2011
I have never known bijan in person, yet as a compatriot I am proud of his achievements and am sorry for the loss. May his soul rest in peace.

April 21, 2011
A very big loss!
My condolences to his family and all good Iranian people.
He will be missed dearly.
April 20, 2011
Rest in Peace Mr. Bijan
April 20, 2011
Dear Shana,
My deepest condolences to you and your family. I am very sad about what happened, You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. I had the honor and the pleasure to know your brother. I had the greatest respect for Bijan and we all in Iranian community will miss him, his talents, his generous nature and the warmth of his heart.
Farah Wilson.
April 20, 2011
An authentic connoisseur of quality, perfection and universal design excellence, Bijan was a brilliant architect of ingenuity as the chief marketer of perception and brand image for his men's couture, haute jewelry and a spectrum of award-winning fragrances. His lofty eminence and multi-billion dollar empire as the peerless purveyor of elegance and affluence, was uniquely forged in 1976 on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, with just three words, ‘by appointment only’, offering him unprecedented access to the greatest wealth of the world. Bijan was a treasure of enormous admiration and astonishing creative virtuosity. As my dear friend for over 20 years, Bijan was very wise and voraciously charming, possessing daring innovation for the true pioneer that he was. Bijan originated the embodiment of ‘luxury’ ahead of the fashion world that had not even begun to understand the precise essence of the principle or the keystone of his benchmark business method. Bijan was a powerful captain of his industry knowing that what makes greatness is starting something that lives on after you.
April 20, 2011
May God bless your sole and keep you under his wings as you were a great hero to all Iranians.
April 20, 2011
Sad to see your passing. May God bless your family and keep them during this trying time.
April 20, 2011
April 20, 2011
May the wonderful memories he left behind give his family joy as you reflect on all he did for people. Throw all your burdens on God because he cares for you. Mr Pakzad will be missed by millions
April 20, 2011
My deepest condolences to Mr. Bijan's family. My Company has been responsible for his website for several years. The tour of Mr. Bijan's showroom from Mr. Bijan himself was truly a special and unique experience. He and his staff were a joy! His showroom was not just a showroom, but an artistic, one of a kind experience. His attention to fashion detail was impeccable. Most wonderful of all, Mr. Bijan was gracious, kind and humble with a special joy that enveloped him when he spoke to you. You shall be missed Mr. Bijan. God Bless you and yours. Again, my deepest condolences...
April 20, 2011
from a Mexican heart peace and blessing .
April 19, 2011
It is so unfortunate not to have any more.
April 19, 2011
So sorry to hear of Mr. Pakzad the God of comfort and hope bring comfort as you grieve ,My deepest condolence
April 19, 2011
Rodeo Drive will never be the same.
April 19, 2011
To the the family of Bijan Pakzad - May God give you peace and comfort through his word and the Lord Jesus Christ during this time of sorrow, I know that he will be missed by many.
April 18, 2011
He was an extraordinary person.
April 18, 2011
Mr. Bijan ran the most exclusive clothing shop on earth. It was not unusual in the late 1970's to not be admitted there without an appointment. Several presidents and many kings were among his loyal customers. He was one of a kind and will be missed.
April 18, 2011
Bijan was one of the most generous men! When I wrote to tell him that I enjoyed his perfume, he sent me a package with many samples. A small thing, perhaps, but his graciousness leaves a sweet aroma for me, and always will. Memory Eternal, dear man.
April 18, 2011
Bijan had a Midas Touch. He turned anything he touched, to gold. He was such a humble and creative, that we will miss him so much.
RIP Bijan, we miss you.
April 18, 2011
I am so proud of Bijan Pakzad. His talent was beyond words can describe. I am so honored to be persian and have an amazing persian designer that the whole world knew him. His outstanding work was appreciated by many famous people around the world. May god bless his soul and he will never be forgotten. He will be missed among so many people.
R.I.P. King of luxury.
April 18, 2011
You will for ever be in our heart, Mr. Pakzad and will never be forgotten. RIP
April 18, 2011
I will miss Mr. Bijan. I send my deepest condolences to his family. As a former employee I will remember him for his intelligence, his attention to detail, his creativity and unique charm. I am deeply saddened by this news-he was taken much to soon.
My memories of a wonderful man will live on..... Michelle Jeffries Yegge
April 18, 2011
God took the best. Bijan was so proud of who he was and loved his family so much. Who can forget that smile. He will be so missed.
April 18, 2011
So Sorry To Hear Of Your Loss.

Such A Graceful And Stylish Gentleman Whose Eye For Fashion Was Always A Delight For The Fashion Forward.

April 18, 2011
I wrote to Mr. Bijan years back on the design of his cologne vessel (bottle) and he wrote me a nice note- he took time out to do this just a lover of great design, no one he knew.
God bless him and his family.
(P.S. I still have his beautiful designed note.)
joe derosa
April 18, 2011
Bijan Iran's pride we miss you RIP
April 18, 2011
Dear bijan iran's pride RIP we love you
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