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Sgt. 1st Class Brent A. Adams
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December 02, 2015
Yesterday was a tough day - no tougher and certainly no better than the last 9 December 1st's. They say time heals all wounds - I suppose that's true to a certain extent but not completely - it doesn't take much for the scab to come off and I find my heart bleeding again. However with that said - Brent THANK YOU for the gift you gave me yesterday, and yes I know that was YOU!! It was perfectly timed and perfectly executed and made the day just a bit more bearable for me. They say our angels walk among us, we just have to be open to seeing it - OH I saw it!!!!! I received a note today from someone who never met you, never will, but had such wonderful, beautiful things to say about you and what you, your story, your smile, has meant to her and her husband. She and her husband remember you not only on 12/1 every year but at other times during the year as wellYou still manage to make people fall "in love" with you (smile smile). I miss you beyond words, this year again for some reason for a harder one - but again somehow -- you managed to make it a bit brighter. LOVE YOU...........MISS so much. To all the people who either write on your wall, send us letters, notes, calls - thank you all so much for REMEMBERING OUR BRENT. Love, SMD (Pamie)
December 01, 2015
Ten years have passed and much of the world that Brent knew has changed beyond recognition. Some things however remain as they were; Brent's smile and his love of family, friends and country, continue to shine brightly. I hope that all who love and miss this fine American will have many opportunities to share all the memories that Brent has left for them. Brent, your smile, that wonderful smile, the good humor shining from your face (and the yellow wrist band story) are gifts in themselves for each of us. Every good wish to your family and friends and to Pam, special thoughts for the 1st, and for Christmas. A bright New Year, good health and peace are my wishes for you.
December 01, 2015
I meant 10 years not 15 sorry.
December 01, 2015
Brent, 15 years have passed and you are and will be always remembered. I have 2 special Marines up there with you. One shortly after you same area. My heart goes out to your family, friends and your military brothers/sisters. God Bless the United States of America and God Bless our Military.
December 01, 2015
Thinking of you and praying for your family today.
November 30, 2015
Miss you so much. This time of year is so hard. So glad I have your love forever and always big brother.
January 25, 2015
Prayer Shawls 4 Fallen Soldiers ( is an organization (formed in 2009) with groups throughout the country who work to send handmade prayer shawls and/or lap robes to families who have lost a loved one while serving our country. Members of Trindle Spring Lutheran Church of Mechanicsburg, PA would like to extend our sincere sympathy and to honor your loved one's sacrifice and memory by sending our prayers and comfort through a prayer gift. If you are interested, please contact me at with the names and addresses of those who would like to receive one and which gift they would like to receive. We will send our gift as soon as possible. Also, if you know of any other families who are grieving the loss of a loved on who died while serving our country, please pass along my e-mail address. May God bless you and comfort you in the days and years ahead. Sincerely, Lynne
May 27, 2014
Gone but never forgotten!!! I will never forget your service and sacrifice to this country...!!!
May 27, 2014
Celebrated Memorial weekend in DC and took part in the National Reading of the names since post 9/11 on the east knoll at the Vietnam Wall. It was a special proud moment to read your name son but also a sad reminder of how much I miss you and love you. xoxo Got a call from Scott Pugh on Memorial Day to let me know he will never forget your sacrifice. Little Brent is doing well.
May 26, 2014
Thank you Brent for your service and sacrifice. God bless Daniel , may he always remember you with love and respect for serving your country.
May 26, 2014
Saluting your Veteran this Memorial Day. Thank you for your sacrifice and our freedom, Brent! You are truly a HERO!!
May 26, 2014
Today is Memorial Day, so as true patriotic Americans, we recognize all who have sacrificed so much for our great country and freedoms. Thank you Brent for your service and sacrifice. Until we meet in Heaven! Love and continued prayers for your family who miss you terribly!
May 26, 2014
Thinking of you - on this Memorial Day. You are loved and missed more then words can express xoxo Love SMD
March 26, 2014
No particular date Brent - just stopping by to pay respects. You made a big impression on so many people and you are remembered by them with love, pride and the knowledge that you lived a life with purpose and effect.
warmest wishes to your family, and most especially to you Pam - from Kim.
May 29, 2013
To Pam - you don't know me but I saw your post on SPC. Clinton Upchurch guest book. Thank you for your sacrifice. Brent we will never forget you hero. Blessed be. A. Fore, Houston, Texas
May 27, 2013
Prayer Shawls 4 Fallen Soldiers ( is an organization with groups throughout the country who work to send handmade prayer shawls and/or lap robes to families who have lost a loved one while serving our country. Members of Trindle Spring Lutheran Church would like to extend our sincere sympathy and to honor your loved one's sacrifice and memory by sending our prayers and comfort through a prayer gift which will be mailed to you. If you are interested, please contact me at with the names and addresses of those who would like to receive one and which gift they would like to receive. We will send our gift as soon as possible. Also, if you know of any other families who are grieving the loss of a loved on who died while serving our country, please pass along my e-mail address. May God bless you and comfort you in the days ahead. Sincerely, Lynne
May 08, 2013
I miss you more than ever Brent and for some reason your birthday this year seemed harder. That smile those great bear hugs will never be erased from my memory. As Mothers Day approaches another call that I will miss.

Love you son now and forever.
April 22, 2013
Your birthday is right around the corner - can't get you out of my mind lately more than usual. I love you BR and I miss you. To those still posting to this site - THANK YOU - thank you for remembering Brent and still offering such kinds words.
December 02, 2012
We always remember....Thank you, Brent. May God Bless you and your family always.
November 29, 2012
Well Brent - 7 years have gone by, and in some ways it's been swift passage of time, but for those who love and miss you so much, it undoubtedly seems like forever. Much has changed since 2005, and right now troops from all countries are preparing to leave the general areas of conflict, but what remains constant is the love, respect and affection shown to you on these pages. Your life was sadly cut short but your memory remains bright through the years - and we still smile at the look of delight in this photo (knowing the story of the yellow wrist band). God bless you Brent, your family and all who, for now, must move on without your guiding hand - and your beaming smile.
Pam, you're each and everyone in our thoughts.

from Kim and Jim (Australia)
November 25, 2012
Thank you Brent. Me and mine will NEVER forget.
Pam.....I still have those cherry lifesavers in my drawer. I am reminded everyday......
November 22, 2012
December 1, 2012
To the family and friends of Sgt. 1st Class Brent A. Adams:
Always remembering Brent. "Some gave all."
May 30, 2012
March 25, 2012
Recognizing the service SFC Brent Adams gave to this country, please know that he and our quest for peace is in my prayers today. Peace to all.
March 21, 2012
Prayer Shawls 4 Fallen Soldiers ( is an organization with groups throughout the country who strive to send handmade prayer shawls and/ or lap robes to families who have lost a loved one in service to our country. Members of Trindle Spring Lutheran Church in Mechanicsburg, PA would like to honor your son and husband's sacrifice and memory by sending our prayers and comfort through a shawl which we will mail to you. If you are interested, please contact me at with the names and addresses and what they would like to receive. We will send them as soon as possible. Also, if you know of any other families who are grieving the loss of a loved one who died serving our country, please pass along my e-mail address, as our organization can no longer get family contacts through the military. May God bless you and comfort you in the days ahead. Sincerely, Lynne
February 26, 2012
Rest in Peace Hero, our Grateful Nation Salutes You.
Welcome Home
January 29, 2012
May you rest in absolute peace, SFC Adams... Our hearts go out to your family and friends. You made the ultimate sacrifice while protecting our freedoms and for that you will be honored in our hearts forever.

God Bless!
December 09, 2011
Thank you so much Brent. Your gift will never be forgotten by me and mine.

Pam......not a day goes by that I don't think about you and all of the rest of Brent's family who knew and loved him.

I am always at a loss to imagine how I can ever repay this debt, and I strive everyday to be worthy of this great sacrifice.
December 08, 2011
You Will Never Be Forgotten SFC Adams! God Bless You and Your Family.
December 02, 2011
Remembering a real American Hero. Brent you will never be forgotten.
With gratitude and thanks....
December 02, 2011
This is a little late Brent - sorry - but you are not forgotten.
Your family, friends and community continue to miss your presence in their lives and your memory shines brightly down the years (just like your smile).
Respectfully, Kim and Jim
December 01, 2011
To the family and friends of Sgt. 1st Class Brent A. Adams:
Please accept my remembrance of Brent on the anniversary of his passing and know that he will never be forgotten.
December 01, 2011
Remembering Sgt Adams on this day especially. An American HERO to NEVER be forgotten.
November 04, 2011
My big brother, how I miss you! I am coming to see you Saturday with David. Brent you would think that almost 6 yrs later that this would be easier not having you here. Sometimes I think the longing for you is the hardest. I love you and miss you terribly. Love you, your lil sis.
August 30, 2011
To the families of our American Heroes,

I want to thank each of you for your personal sacrifices on behalf of my family and America.
May God comfort your souls and bring peace in your hearts that your loss is not in vain.
God Bless our valiant warriors families in the ages to come.

RIP courageous ones!
Psalm 25:20
May 27, 2011
I think about all of you every day of the year, thanking you in my silence for the sacrifice you have made for us and our freedoms...but this Memorial Day, you will be in my heart and I will pay special tribute to you and all of our fallen soldiers, it is my honor to have come to know you in such a unique way! God bless the Adams family! I have experienced the pain of the loss having lost my nephew in 2005 in Iraq, PFC Charles S. Cooper...RIP
May 26, 2011
Remembering you this Memorial Day Sfc. Adams and family-never forgotten. Thank you for your sacrifice and God bless your family.
May 26, 2011
Remembering you this Memorial Day Sfc. Adams and family-never forgotten. Thank you for your sacrifice and God bless your family.
May 26, 2011
Dear Loved Ones of SGT. 1St CLASS BRENT A.ADAMS, I'm a Washington County resident, and this Memorial Day, I thank and pray for ALL the MILITARY; those living and those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for the USA. GOD BLESS THEIR FAMILIES ALL.
April 29, 2011
Happy Birthday Brent. I was the luckiest Mom in the world to have you for a son. Today your sister Missy, her children Alex, Lily and Michael, your Nanny, Jack and I all celebrated your life and all the happy memories we carry in our hearts and released our balloons to be carried to you in the heavens. We miss so much. Gone but never forgotten.
Love always and forever,
Mom and Jack
December 08, 2010
Always thinking of you brother and the time we served together. You are not forgotten. May God watch over and your family.
December 07, 2010
Remembering the day I picked up the paper in Williamsport, Pa and reading and article on Brent, I was from out of town, did not know who he was, but felt compelled to follow him and learn of him and how he was being honored. Brent you are never forgotten, and you sacrifice is never forgotten. God bless your family for the sacrifice they have made also and may God be by your side as the anniversary of his death and the holidays are so near together. My love to all of your family and prayers and thoughts are always with you..
December 03, 2010
Just to let Brent's family know that his sacrifice is not forgotten. May God give you peace and understanding through His loving Grace! God Bless you all, for it is not only Brent's sacrifice, but also his loving family's!
December 02, 2010
To the family and friends of Sgt. 1st Class Brent A. Adams:
Remembering Brent on the anniversary of his passing. May our fallen heroes never be forgotten!
Peggy Childers
"Don't Let The Memory Of Them Drift Away"
December 01, 2010
To those of you remembering Brent today and who took the time to leave a note - thank you - your kindness means the world to Brent's family. Today for me is spent as it always is - in quiet reflection of the gifts Brent gave to me over the years I had with him. Love and miss you Brent - always will. This is the first year Dad will not get to do the hike he has done every year on this date -- the cherry lifesavers and blueberry tastycakes will have to wait it is raining like crazy today.........tears from heaven I wonder........Love Pam
December 01, 2010
A pack of cherry Lifesavers is always in my top dresser drawer to daily remind me of the price paid for my freedom.
To Pam, and everyone else whose lives Brent was an integral part of.....please know that my Clan WILL NEVER FORGET the awful price paid for Freedom on our behalf 5 years ago. We live our lives in the long shadow of Brent's sacrifice, and not a single day goes by that he, and all the other Warriors who have given themselves to us, isn't remembered with honor and great reverence. We owe EVERYTHING to them!
May GOD's love and grace surround you and embed in your hearts His peace that surpasses all understanding. My family and I remain eternally in your debt for the gift you so lovingly gave us! THANK YOU!!
December 01, 2010
Can't believe it's been 5 years. It still hurts so much! I love you and know that we take comfort in the fact that you are with God and the angels. Daniel and I miss you!
November 30, 2010
Remembering the life, service and sacrifice of Sgt. 1st Class Brent A.Adams.
Remembering and recognising too that those who love Brent have had to move forward these past five years without his presence. Brent was a good man who has left many wonderful memories for you - I hope that tomorrow there will be smiles as you gather to share those memories and honor a life well lived. (although I doubt anyone could top the smile in this photo - still outstanding Brent).
June 07, 2010
Your legacy will forever live on in the hearts of those who knew you and shared in your struggle to protect our country and the ultimate sacrifice you gave so that we can be grateful for what we have. Your family, friends, loved ones and fellow soldiers will stay in my thoughts and prayers.
A Proud Army Mom.
June 02, 2010
Its been so long since I have spoken to you or wrote in Brents guestbook. I just wanted you to know that I was thinking of you and your Family today and most of all Brent. I still have the little Angel that you mailed to me and i hold it very close to my heart. Although i didnt know Brent, i feel as though i do, through you. This just doesnt get any easier Pam....

All My Love,

Jenn Fisher
Proud Stepmom of
KIA IRAQ 12/01/2004
May 31, 2010
Brent, missing you always but especially today on Memorial Day. Always in my heart baby. Love Mom
May 31, 2010
Brent, miss you terribly, thought of you so much today. Always on my mind forever in my heart. Miss you big brother.
May 31, 2010
Even though I have never met Brent, I have the privilege of knowing his wonderful mother Pam. He sacrificed all for his country and the freedoms that we all take for granted sometimes. He will never be forgotten.
May 31, 2010
May 31, 2010
To The Family: I have never met a soldier that did not want American's to enjoy life and their freedoms on any given day. Likewise, I know that your family will never replace the loss of 'our' hero Sgt. 1st Class Brent Adams and today is a time for me to let you know, that I am grateful and humbled by his bravery. I will do my part to preserve our American freedoms and I will pray that you will allow God to give you comfort as you make it through each day and that my life will honor his sacrifice. My prayers for our leaders and our country include regaining a moral grounding, much like the guards pledge that protect the grounds of the unknown soldier. With love and humble appreciation!
May 31, 2010
Never to be forgotten an American Hero. Thank You.
May 24, 2010
You aren't forgotten Buddy.....we live our lives and keep on keepin' on, but the memory of you and your sacrifice will never be far from the front of our minds.
Pam.....know without any doubt that here in Georgia, me and mine will NEVER FORGET!!
Much love, respect, and gratitude...
May 23, 2010
Loved ones are precious only for us to hold for just awhile then sent to the angels to be with them. God Bless you for what you've done for us. God Bless your family for sharing you.
May 22, 2010
Brent, you are so loved by your family. Your s-mom is wonderful and has done much to honor you. I will meet your mom this month too. Your son is just adorable. God brought your family to meet with me when my son was killed too and we are now one. If not for your death and Buck's I'd never have met such wonderful people as your family. Hugs to you and rest in peace.

In Memory of my son
SPC Harry (Buck) Winkler III
KIA 11/12/2006 Samarra Iraq
May 01, 2010
Happy Birthday Brent! Tho I am 2 days late, you are not forgotten!
April 15, 2010
It's been a while since I wrote here - so I want to assure you that Brent is remembered and respected, just as all who love him remain in our thoughts. Brent - rest in peace.
from Kim and Jim (still in the Middle East)
December 25, 2009
On this day and with each day that we enjoy our freedom, I would like to give thanks and let you know that I do not take our troops for granted. May you experience God when you feel your loss.
December 03, 2009
I never knew Brent but I remember him everyday and feel a loss in my heart for all that your family and freinds have sacrifice for our freedom. I still hang the orament on my tree for Brent. Pam he will never be forgotten for the sacrifice he made for us all.Just know you and your family are in the prayers of so many that care about you and your family, Dianna(Texas)
December 02, 2009
Its hard to believe that four years have gone by brother, I think of you often and your family. God Bless
December 02, 2009
As I got ready this morning to go to work, I reached in my top dresser drawer and gathered my "stuff"....wallet, keys, ID badge....and glanced at the pack of cherry Lifesavers that sit in that drawer. In the darkness before dawn, as my family lay sleeping, I remembered that this was when, 4 years ago, Brent left it all out on the field of fire.

Words that would mean anything in the face of such monumental sacrifice escape me. So I will let my heart speak. I will never forget Brent. I didn't know him or his family, and only came to know Pam after Brent's death. None of them knew me or mine. And yet, he DIED for me!! For my little son! He gave away all of his days with Daniel so that I might have my days with Remington. It overwhelms me to consider that, to consider the depth and breadth of that kind of love.

So to Brent...THANK YOU!! Thank you for my freedom, thank you for the freedom that my family enjoys, thank you for thinking that I, WE, were worth all of this! You are the shining example of all that is good and right and wonderful about us. I hope that I can always live up to the standard you have raised.....your boots are so big, and my feet are so very small!

To Pam, and the rest of those who knew and loved Brent, and miss him with a burning intensity I can scarcly imagine: The debt I owe you for the sacrifice you have given on my behalf is eternal. I thank you for raising up such a man as Brent. You also provide to me the standard by which I can raise up my son. I hope I can acheive what you acheived. You gave us a man of Honor, integrity, courage, virtue, and selflessness. I love you all for that, and I will always, ALWAYS be in your debt.
I will enjoy my family this holiday season, and we will have fun and make wonderful memories that will last a lifetime. Pam, I hope that you and all of Brent's family will do the same. While the heartbreak and pain of his loss is always there, especially now, you should remember that he gave everything so that YOU could continue to have everything. He would want you to be happy and enjoy the life that his sacrifice insured. You honor him by doing so!
I look at the Lifesavers everyday. Everyday I am reminded that freedom isn't free. You should know that the Norman clan WILL NEVER FORGET! NEVER!!

Love, Honor, and deep respect to you all,

Joe, Tina, and Remington Norman
December 01, 2009
Dad spent the day hiking as he has done on this date each and every year since 2005. Every one of us lost in thoughts of you today Brent --I have no other words I can get together right now - this year seems especially hard. Missing you always, loving you forever
December 01, 2009
I am thinking about Brent today and all of those who know and love him. He touched your lives during his 40 years of time on this earth and through those wealth of life's experiences with him, he is still touching your lives every day as time goes on. I am praying for each of you and asking God to bless you and let this be a peaceful and somehow an enjoyable day for you today as you think of Brent and how he has loved you.
December 01, 2009

I just wanted to let you know that I am thinking of Your Family and most of all Brent on this day...

~Jennifer Fisher
November 30, 2009
December 1, 2009
Brent it has been four years since the soldiers came to our door to tell us the unfathomable news that you had been KIA in Ramadi, Iraq. Our hearts were broken and shattered never to be the same again. If it is possible you are missed even more now than the evening we were told about your death. With every passing year the finality of losing the son we loved so dearly becomes more and more real. You touched so many lives and we didn't fully realize how many until afterwards. We always knew you were special but didn't know how many others thought so too. We were so blessed to have you for 40 beautiful years. Guard the heavens Brent, and keep watch over all those serving in harms way.

Love always and forever,
Mom and Jack
November 30, 2009
1 December 2005 - 1 December 2009
Four years have passed Brent but you are remembered, loved and cared for by those you loved in your lifetime. Even those of us who only came to know you after your untimely passing realise we are blessed to be able to share in even a little of your life, thanks to all the words written on this site. For your wife and family, for Bill and Pam, and for all those who wake this morning without the presence of this very special man, please be in no doubt that your sacrifices are also acknowledged every bit as much as those made by Brent and all the troops still serving in both theatres at this time. Rest in peace Brent - your smile and that glint of merriment in your eyes is such a delight - as is the story of the yellow band adorning your left wrist. Respectfully, Kim & Jim
October 16, 2009
Hi SFC. Adams Ole Blue here . I hate this time of yr right now and it seems never to pass til the beginning of the New Year . I remember every day what you and your crew did for us 28th MP's over there. " I remember you and I working on my MP vehicle , changing a tire and adding an IR lite to it and all of a sudden a rocket from Haj comes screeching over our heads and me and you take off in my vehicle and told you once we get there tell everyone you are an MP to clear the area , I remember you in my heart every day and 27 Oct SSG. Lightner , 11 Dec Sgt. K. Bennett and Maj. Mac . My thoughts and prayers got to you and ur family . Just be ready to work on our MP Chariots . Take care brother and know you will never be foregotten by me and the MP's and those who knew you and served with you and those who are greatful for men and women like you .
May 26, 2009
My family enjoyed a happy, fun, long weekend, free from worry and care, because of the work and sacrifice you have already done.
It is good to have a "memorial" holiday every year, but I think it is even more important to memorialize and honor Brent and all of the Patriots who have gone before and after him everyday by living our lives in a manner that honors the sacrifice he and his family have made for us. I think of Brent EVERY SINGLE DAY!!! Whenever I look at my precious little Remington, I remember that his freedom and liberty, his ability to run and play and grow has been purchased at a terrible price by Brent and all of the other Patriots who left it all out in the field of fire. What price do we attach to that? How is it possible to repay that debt?
It is priceless, and I can never repay the debt. In the film "Saving Private Ryan" Capt. Miller, with his dying breath, extolls Pvt. Ryan to "earn this". And so it is with me.
To Brent's family: I try everyday to "earn this". His sacrifice, YOUR sacrifice, deserves nothing less than my best everyday. My promise to you is that I will always try to be worthy of the sacrifice, to live my life and raise up my son in a way that will honor and esteem you all.
Finally, please, please know the me and mine WILL NEVER FORGET!!

So much love and respect,
Joe, Tina, and Remington Norman
May 25, 2009
Dear Hero
We are eternally grateful for your courage and we could not celebrate this day without thinking of you.
Love From Andy's family
May 24, 2009
Never Forgotten.
May 16, 2009
Remembering you today on Armed Forces Day and always.

"Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends", John 15:13.
May 09, 2009
Remembering you with our gratitude and appreciation on this Armed Forces Day! The heavens have been adorned with a hero.
May God continue to bless your beloved family.
May 08, 2009
”Honor and Remember” - “Project Compassion” We love our Soldiers! We love our country and we cannot express enough love and compassion to the families of our fallen heroes. War does not discriminate – It breaks our hearts to see the faces of the fallen. We want to give this gift to you. We are a 501c3 nonprofit organization! Over 1,450 portraits have been completed and shipped to the parents and or spouse - at no cost as this is a gift from one American to another!
Contact us directly at or go to . If you have already had a portrait completed, we pray that you are enjoying the portrait and God Bless You.
Sincerely and Respectfully,
April 29, 2009
Thinking of all the love you gave your Family and your Country. Thank you to a true hero that is sadly thought of on this and many days...
With Love from Theresa and Fam
April 29, 2009
Happy Birthday Brent!!!!! You are never forgotten....
April 29, 2009
Happy Birthday Brent........thinking of you
April 13, 2009
Well Brent - I think that you would be pleased to know the outcome of the rescue of Captain Phillips by Navy SEAL's. It seemed to be so right that this should occur on Easter Sunday - a real life miracle for this gentleman and his family and friends. So much has happened in the time you've been gone but you are still loved by your own family and friends, you're still a hero and you still have that wonderful smile - it lights up the day. I just wish that we'd had the opportunity of knowing you in your lifetime - as it is, we're grateful to know of you and to be able to share some of the many wonderful memories you left behind. Pam, I'm sure that you will read this - you're in our thoughts more often than you might imagine. God Bless. Warmest wishes from Kim and Jim
April 12, 2009
Thinking of you today as well as all the other military families who are missing someone today as they celebrate Easter.
December 25, 2008
Praying for a peaceful and joyful Christmas for Brent's family and friends today.
December 25, 2008
Merry Christmas Brent. It doesn't seem possible that you are not here once again to spend the holidays with your family. I remember your midnight entrance's on Christmas eve and all the packages that still were not wrapped. I always had to keep extra wrapping paper, scothtape and tags so Jack and I could help you wrap your packages at the last minute. We would stay up talking and wrapping and finally go to bed between 1:30 - 2 a.m. Christmas morning. If we were going to church I would always have to iron your pants and shirt because they always looked like they had been left in the dryer for days. You would tell me don't worry Mom your body heat eventually smoothes out the wrinkles. So many memories come flooding back. Your two favorite movies It's a Wonderful Life and the Grinch. One year for Christmas I bought you an air brushed Grinch baseball cap and you put it on with that big smile of yours and didn't remove that hat for the rest of the day. It was like I had given you a million dollars.

When Daniel was here in November for his visit with us I took him to the store to buy a video and he could pick anyone he wanted but you'll never guess which one he picked. Yes, the Grinch that Stole Christmas (the orginial verision) and he told me it was his favorite movie. Like father like son. I was missing you so much this morning and had a little melt down and was asking you to send me a message and just then the phone rang and it was Daniel calling to wish me Merry Christmas and telling us he couldn't wait to see us. What a blessing! I know you our joining all the other angels in the celestial choir today celebrating the birth of the baby Jesus.

Your nanny and your sister were both here for dinner and it was an odd day. It was just the four of us because Missy's children were spending Christmas with their Dad and won't be home until later this evening. It seemed too quiet without your Daniel and his cousins Alex, Lily and Michael. Then we remembered why we were to be joyful today the true meaning of Christmas. We know you wouldn't want us to shed anymore tears.

Of course, as always we made your favorite sugar cookies which is my great grandma's receipe and Nanny's sand tarts. You loved them both and would eat your fill and then still take some home. Everrywhere I look this Holiday season you surrond me with memories. You are foever embedded in my heart.

Love you,
December 25, 2008
Dear Brent,
Wishing you a Merry Christmas as you sit at the hand of our Lord and Savior whose birth we celebrate today. We will never forget.
Love from,
Joanne & Ed
December 24, 2008
I can't believe, although I know it's true, that tomorrow will be the fourth Christmas without you here with us Brent. I see you, in my mind's eye, sitting here with the entire tin of sugar cookies on your lap - not all that willing to share them and always asking me to pack some in a baggie for your long drive back to school or home after the holidays. So many things of the season make me think of you. Bing Crosby "the big fat man with the long white beard", Jimmy Stewart "It's a Wonderful Life", The Grinch "You're a Mean one - Mr. Grinch", train sets, and of course the cookies mentioned earlier. On and on it goes. Many people have sent notes saying that while they know this season is hard on us all here, they hope we find some smiles in the memories as well. As I played Bing Crosby "the big fat man with the long white beard" over and over - it has done that for me - it made me smile this year, as I remembered you would shush us to be quiet when that line came on in the song.
Your candle will burn all day and night tomorrow as it does with every holiday.
Loving you and missing you always.
December 24, 2008
Hello Pam and family, I was at the computer and thought about Brent He is in my thought often. May God be with you and your family during the holiday as you will be in my heart & prayers as always. I have the ornament on my tree in memory of your hero.
Love your friend, Dianna
December 13, 2008
You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.
December 13, 2008
To the Adams Family:

The following is a poem written by my sister-in-law, Sherrie Kemmerer, for her nephew, John, our son.

I think it says it all.

One More Minute
By Sherrie Kemmerer

If God would grant me one more minute
So we could say goodbye
And try to put a lifetime
In a time too short to try
I dont know how to let you go
It hurts too much this pain
To know whenever I walk through our door
I'll never find you home again
If God would grant me one more minute
I guess I'd ask for two
I'd need more time to be with you
And a minute wouldn't do
I wouldn't know what to say though
Words can be such a useless tool
With so little time to share
Just two minutes would be cruel
If God would grant me one more minute
I would just keep bargaining for more
Until we had that lifetime
That was promised to us before
I know I have to let you go
And believe me, dear, I have tried
But if given one more minute
At least I could kiss you goodbye.

You wrote on my son's guest book a long time ago and I never looked, until now.

It has been 3 years since Brent went home and almost 2 since John joined him, in God's house.

I pray that your family is doing well and that you will have a wonderful Christmas together!
December 02, 2008
Thank you Brent.
You didn't know me or mine, but you stood in the breech for us, and paid the price that Freedom sometimes demands.

Pam....I know we don't correspond as much as we once did, but I hope you know that I think about you and your family every single day. We have a pack of cherry lifesavers on top of our dresser that will likely be there forever, just to remind us. We feel so unworthy of such a great sacrifice. Please remember that myself and my family WILL NEVER FORGET!!!
Much love,
Joe Norman
Tina and Remington
December 02, 2008
God bless you Brent. 3 years now and you remain loved, remembered and respected. (and you still have the greatest smile :-)
December 02, 2008
Holding you all in my thoughts and prayers.

The Wind on The Downs

“I like to think of you as brown and tall,
As strong and living as you used to be,
In khaki tunic, Sam Brown belt and all,
And standing there and laughing down at me.
Because they tell me, dear, that you are dead,
Because I can no longer see your face,
You have not died, it is not true, instead
You seek adventure in some other place.
That you are round about me, I believe;
I hear you laughing as you used to do,
Yet loving all the things I think of you;
And knowing you are happy, should I grieve?
You follow and are watchful where I go.”

(Written by Marian Allen during World War l )

Two lines that I wish you to keep near your heart…….

“You seek adventure in some other place.
That you are round about me, I believe”

I did not know Brent, but I am remembering
his service and sacrifice. He is my hero. !

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Other Side

i'm over on the other side
where life and death softly divide.
left my skin and bones behind
now i'm over on the other side.

can you feel me there with you?
my breath is gone but i'm not through.
loved you then and i still do
from over on the other side.

i can fly. really fly.
below the earth ... all through the sky.
tell em all i did not die.
i'm just over on the other side.

it's good here on the other side.
the sweetest songs...the bluest skies.
thank you for the tears you cried
but it's good here on the other side.

i can fly. really fly. below the earth...all through the sky.
tell em all i did not die.
i'm just over on the other side

the world is smaller than a needle's eye.
where life and death softly divide.
when you leave your skin and bones behind
i'll be waiting on the other side.

i can fly. really fly. below the earth ... all through the sky.
go tell em all i did not die.
i'm just over on the other side.

Song lyrics by Don Conoscenti
C Desert Muse/SESAC
(Used with permission)

“I hope it brings great comfort to any and all.
Peace on you. DonCon” 4-2008

The Other Side –
(To hear the song)


Deb Estep ~ Ohio
Proud Air Force Mom SSgt Vince – Lackland AFB
Proud Air Force MIL SrA Dana – Randolph AFB

Remembering The Fallen – Blog

Angel and soldier drawing I have shared here.
December 01, 2008
Thinking of you even more today than other days. Oh so many memories of you flooding my mind today some that make me smile and some that tug at my heart strings. We all miss you terribly and wish you could with us not just in spirit but in body too. We love you Brent and will never forget as long as we are all alive.
Mom and Jack
December 01, 2008
Memories and thoughts now sometimes bring a smile Brent - but not today........this day is still spent in quiet reflection of all that you were, all that you gave, and all that we all miss so very much.
December 01, 2008
Another year without you. I am still so shocked you are not here sharing our lives. It is not fair. I miss you terribly. I look for you still. You are always in my heart and in my mind. I love you big brother.
November 28, 2008
Words always seem to fall short so I will just add my condolences to your family.
Rest in peace brave soldier, your work is done, until we all meet again.
My prayer to the family is that you feel the loving comfort of Heavenly Fathers arms around you always.
Strength and Honor,
Proud Mom of Sgt. Will Mock
November 11, 2008
Veteran's Day, 2008
To the family of Sgt. 1st Class Brent A. Adams:
Brent gave the ultimate sacrifice and will be held in the hearts of Americans forever. I cannot and will not let our fallen heroes be forgotten. My deepest sympathy to you. "Some gave all."
Peggy Childers
"Don't Let The Memory Of Them Drift Away"
October 30, 2008
Dear Brave Sgt. 1'st. Class Brent A Adams,

It is with great sorrow that I write this to you now. There is so much more we could have learned from and experienced with you. It may be that God needed you more than we did and you are once again leading and looking after those who come where you are, confused and scared. My hope is they have someone like you to guide them in this next phase of their journey. Your passing leaves us a lesser people for no longer having your company, but a stronger people as well for the strength and courage you displayed are now a part of those you trained. I wish you Godspeed soldier. Enjoy your well-earned rest in God's Heaven. Soon you will embrace your loved ones who mourn your passing while the pride of having known you comforts them. You answered the call to duty and you have given all you were to the cause. You have earned our undying respect brave soul.
July 23, 2008
To the Family and Friends of Sgt. Adams,

I am so sorry for your loss.

My name is Maggie Selzer, and I am directing ‘Run for the Fallen 5K run/walk’ in Boalsburg, PA (just outside of State College) on August 24th, 2008. The event, held on the PA military Museum grounds, aims to keep alive the memory of all fallen soldiers, but particularly those from PA. All proceeds from the event will go to organizations that support the families of fallen soldiers and supports wounded soldiers.

I encourage you to learn more about the event at

The event is meant to keep alive the memories of brave men like Sgt. Adams.

If you have any questions, or would like to send a memory of Sgt. Adams to be included with the flag memorial that will be set up at this event, please contact me at (814) 571-8755 or
June 12, 2008
Sgt Adams, I wanted to thank you for your service to our country and for paying the ultimate price. It is very obvious by all the comments you have in your guest book that you touched many lives in such a positive way. You sound like a great guy and I look forward to meeting you one day. I ask you brave soldier to watch over my nephew who was taken from us on 5/6/08 in Iraq. His unit came under small arms fire and he went down fighting like a true soldier. We will miss him so much but it brings comfort knowing that he is now in gods army serving with such great solders like yourself. I pray for your wife and son Daniel and that as he gets older he can look back on this guest book and see how his brave father was hero to a nation and will forever be remembered by all. From comments written by your family has helped me like so many others cope with this tragic loss so many families have now had to deal with. They are remarkable people which only makes me feel like I know you already. . god bless you brave solder and I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.
May 29, 2008
We are so grateful for your service for our safety and freedom!
May 26, 2008
Remembering you, Brent, and your beloved family on this Memorial Day and always. With our gratitude and prayers. God Bless our heroes,
Joanne and Ed
May 25, 2008
Remembering you on this special Memorial Day and to say that you will NEVER be forgotten.
S. Allen
May 25, 2008
Dear Brent
We celebrate you and all of the brave heroes who have served this great country!
We honor you not just on Memorial Day but everyday. Thank you for your courage and sacrifice. We will never forget! You have a wonderful family who has a dedication and devotion that will keep your memory burning bright as long as they have time on this earth. Brent you live in our hearts thanks to your special mom Pam.
May 18, 2008
You are remembered and respected. Thank you Sgt 1st Class Adams!
April 30, 2008
Happy Birthday, Brent!
April 29, 2008
Happy Birthday Brent!! You are not forgotten.
April 29, 2008
April 21, 2008
To the family of Sgt. 1st class Brent A. Adams , our prayers are with you for your loss. What he has done for our country and our freedom will not be forgotten. May God bless your family.
April 15, 2008
Brent - I so often see evidence of Pam's selfless concern and compassion for others as she steadfastly writes on many memorial pages. Today, I'd like to acknowledge her devotion and her work and leave a long overdue message on your page. Pam has kindly shared much with others, so that even those who, like myself, weren't fortunate enough to know you personally, are able to gain a sense of the boy you were, the man you became and the steadfast soldier you were to the very end. What your men write about you speaks volumes, what your family and friends say tells us more.
Rest well Brent - and know that you are loved, valued, cared for and remembered by many people.
April 04, 2008
Mr. & Mrs. Adams,
Your words touched my heart so deeply. Let me first thank you for the service of your son, Brent. What an extrordinary man he must have been. I am sorry for your loss and at the same time thankful for your words of sympathy and encouragement to so many others.....I'm sure Brent is just as proud of you for the comfort you are giving others as you are of him. The loss has been very difficult for all of us that knew and loved Josh. He was truly one in a million and will be missed and cherished by all of us that knew him for the rest of our lives. I have sent a link to this site to his mother, as well as some other friends, in the hope that reading your kind words will bring them the peace of mind and heart that I have been given by reading them. Thank you again and God bless you!
March 23, 2008
Happy Easter Brent, you are a true hero and even if a holiday goes buy, you are never forgotten ;)
March 17, 2008
To my dearest family, some things I'd like to say...
but first of all, to let you know, that I arrived okay.
I'm writing this from heaven. Here I dwell with God above.
Here, there's no more tears of sadness; here is just eternal love.

Please do not be unhappy just because I'm out of sight.
Remember that I'm with you every morning, noon and night.
That day I had to leave you when my life on earth was through,
God picked me up and hugged me and He said, "I welcome you."

It's good to have you back again; you were missed while you were gone.
As for your dearest family, they'll be here later on.
I need you here badly; you're part of my plan.
There's so much that we have to do, to help our mortal man."

God gave me a list of things, that he wished for me to do.
And foremost on the list, was to watch and care for you.
And when you lie in bed at night, the day's chores put to flight.
God and I are closest to the middle of the night.

When you think of my life on earth, and all those loving years
because you are only human, they are bound to bring you tears.
But do not be afraid to cry; it does relieve the pain.
Remember there would be no flowers, unless there was some rain.

I wish that I could tell you all that God has planned.
But if I were to tell you, you wouldn't understand.
But one thing is for certain, though my life on earth is o'er.
I'm closer to you now, than I ever was before.

There are many rocky roads ahead of you and many hills to climb;
but together we can do it by taking one day at a time.
It was always my philosophy and I'd like it for you too...
that as you give unto the world, the world will give to you.

If you can help somebody who's in sorrow and pain,
then you can say to God at night......"My day was not in vain."
And now I am contented....that my life has been worthwhile,
knowing as I passed along the way, I made somebody smile.

So if you meet somebody who is sad and feeling low,
just lend a hand to pick him up, as on your way you go.
When you're walking down the street, and you've got me on your mind;
I'm walking in your footsteps only half a step behind.

And when it's time for you to go.... from that body to be free,
remember you're not're coming here to me.

Ruth Ann Mahaffey (author)
©Copyright 1998-2008

February 29, 2008
Dear Family,
I want to sympathize with you for your loss of your loved one. I know that words can't express the feeling of hurt that you have to endure but the Bible gives hope that Jehovah would soon make wars to cease and that he would swallow up death forever and pain and sorrow away. Isn't this a wonderful hope to see this purpose come true? To live in a world that is warfree, hatefree and most of all no one will have to die anymore.
January 16, 2008
To the Adams family i just want to let you know that we are praying for your strength. We now know all to well what you are going through thank you for signing the guest book of PFC Andre Craig. Pray for us as we continue to pray for you.

There are 2people that would die for you.
1. God
2. The American Soilder
January 06, 2008
Dear Family,
I served with Brent in Ramadi, and even before the deployment. He is in my thoughts everyday, I will never forget him. May God Bless You
December 26, 2007
I truly appreciate how you have left entries at other soldiers guest books. People dont realize that even after two years, you still are looking for some solace. My son was killed on 2-8-07 in Karmah - he was stationed out of Ramadi. He had a fiance'. I cant imagine how it might be having lost a Son, Husband and a Dad as in Sgt Adams. Please know There are thousands who pray for the remaining families as I do. Thank you for your sacrifice.
December 25, 2007
Dear Pam, Bill, and the rest of Brent's beloved family,
Thinking of you all on Christmas; as always. Brent will be with you all, as he lives on through his son. May you find comfort and peace knowing you are not walking this path alone.
Joanne & Ed
December 24, 2007
To Brent's loved ones...
We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year! May God watch over you and comfort you this holiday season and always.
December 03, 2007
I know this is a tough week for you. You know where me and mine stand......
You are in my thoughts every single day. EVERYDAY! I will always be in debt to you, to Brent, to all of the men and women who have left it all on a far flung field somewhere on the other side of the world. They didn't know me, but they did it for me! For my little son! How huge is that LOVE?!?!?
To Pam and all of the beautiful families who have come here and gotten to know the American Hero Brent Adams and his lion-hearted family; know that the Norman family of Stockbridge, Georgia holds the American fighting man and woman in the highest regard. We consider them to be the Standard for American character. For 230 years, they have displayed and executed those virtues and attributes that have sustained the Republic in good years, SAVED the Republic in dark and hopeless years. Politicians and judges, corporate CEO's and captians of industry, movie stars and sports celebraties are here today, gone tomorrow. But the American Soldier is the single entity that, without his existence, the rest never appear. He is the keeper of the Promise, DUTY,HONOR,COUNTRY, the one and true American character whose fidelity and dedication to the oath he swears is too often exacted in his last full measure of devotion.
As long as we live, you may rest assured:

Joe, Tina, and Remington Norman
December 02, 2007
Dear Family
This comes one day late but please know you were on our minds and in our hearts, we know how hard yesterday had to be for all of you.
December 02, 2007
Dear Pam,

I just wanted to let you know that you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers today and everyday. Rest assured that "our angels" are watching over us and sure they are ready to guide us through the day. God Bless
December 02, 2007
Always remembering...forever honoring. May God continue to Bless you all on this anniversary and always.
December 01, 2007
Pam and Bill
One more anniversary day to work through-I know how hard it is for you both. Ken and I are thinking of you today as we do every day. Bill, I know Brent is watching you hike the trail. God Bless and keep both of you.
Jeanne Pospisil-Proud Mom of SSgt Blake Pospisil-USMC-EOD
KIA Dec. 14, 2005 Ramadi, Iraq
December 01, 2007
Dear Brent,

This morning as I was outside looking at the stars and crying for my loss of you, you sent me the beautiful shooting star. I know I know, I try not to be sad, but not having you here is sometimes more than I can take. Always on mind and forever in my heart. I miss you more than words can say. Lily said she misses you too. Love you.
Love your little sis,
December 01, 2007
Dear Pam and family,
Thinking of you and your family today. Knowing that there is sadness in our hearts, especially today. Brent and David are "Heroes" and we shall never forget them.
Love, Suzanne
Proud Aunt of
David M Fisher
KIA 12/1/04,Iraq
November 29, 2007
Pam you and your family are in my thought and prayer daily. May God be with you and give you strength and comfort in the days coming. On the anniversary of your great loss. My heart feels sadness for you and your family. God bless you and your family. I keep Brent in my thought daily. And come here to see his beautiful smile. I again will hang his ornament on my tree.
Your friend,
November 22, 2007

Just wanted to let you know that you were greatly missed by me today and I am sure the rest of the family. It is still so amazing to me you are not here with me. At times I need you so much I feel you are here with me and the kids. I look for you in the stars still at night and pray you are at peace. I dream of you with Grama, Grampy, Pappy and Dick. I think to myself what a special thanksgiving you are all having. Just know you are always on mind and forever in my heart. Miss you dearly.
Love you,
November 20, 2007
Dear Brent
It was a long time coming but we were able to go visit your gravesite this past Sunday.
We traveled from Michigan to Arlington to see our fallen hero; this time we made it our mission to find your place on the return trip home.
From Andy's gravesite, Penny(his mom), Chey (his daughter) and I (his aunt) took a handful of grass,a bit of soil,a stone and wrapped it like hidden riches so that it would make the journey back to Pittsburg.
We found the church and the little cemetery without any was as if we had been there before. It was getting dark outside and it was raining but we found your place on the side of the hill. We broke up a tiny circle of dirt at the foot of your bronze plaque and placed the things we had brought from Andy's place,pressing them deep into the earth so that they might remain there forever. We had in a small way done something to signify the uniting of 2 fallen heroes in friendship.
It was a mixture of feelings, happiness that we had found this hallowed place where a hero was laid to rest, sadness that we would never know you in person and most assuredly it was a sense of fulfillment.... it was and always will be memorable.
Brent we may not have known you in person but to us you are a familiar friend. Because of our wonderful friendship with Pam, Bill and Missy we know who you were and the legacy of your life....beloved son,doting father, devoted husband, cherished brother and respected friend, God's messenger.............HERO!
Forever Thankful!
November 16, 2007
I did not have the pleasure of knowing Sgt. 1st Class Brent A. Adams, but am grieved to know of his passing. He is truly a son of all Americans and we are proud of him and grateful for his sacrifice for freedom. My deepest sympathies and sincere prayers go to the Adams family and friends. Thank you, Brent. Rest in peace son.
November 14, 2007
Brent, you are a true HERO. Please know our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
Scott, Patti and Cory
Family of Marine LCpl Jeffery S. Holmes
KIA 11/25/04 Fallujah
November 12, 2007
To the Adams Family:
An article in a newspaper brought me to the site of Brent. I'm so very sorry for your loss. It is a loss that is felt by so many. Like others that have signed this guest book for your hero, we have also been where you are. We lost our son on a peaceful mission to distribute food. Each time I read that we've lost another wonderful son or daughter, husband or wife, it's like losing our son all over again. We pray for you to find peace of heart and mind. The healing is a long journey. There is no timeline or recipe that applies in this case. I pray that your memories, photos,families, and friends will bring you comfort.
November 12, 2007
In honor of Veterans Day, you are not forgotten, you are a brave soldier and a true hero... And to the Adams family, God Bless you and our prayers and thoughts are with you.
Proud Aunt of PFC Charles S. Cooper Jr.
KIA Baghdad, Iraq 4/29/2005
November 11, 2007
To the family of Sgt. 1st Class Brent A. Adams:
Brent gave the ultimate sacrifice and will be held in the hearts of Americans forever. I cannot and will not let our fallen heroes be forgotten. My deepest sympathy to you. "Some gave all."
Peggy Childers
"Don't Let The Memory Of Them Drift Away"
November 11, 2007
In my thoughts all day today on this Veterans' Day Brent. So many people e:mailing me to let me know you are thought of today by them as well.
In loving remembrance
November 11, 2007
To all who read this page this Veterans Day:

Today is a special day to honor all our veterans past and present who have served our country with pride, honor and dignity. Some of those Heroes are still with us today and some of them are fallen heroes. Let's not only remember them on Veterans Day but everyday for the sacrifices they have made for all of us.

Today I attended a Veterans Day Ceremony at the Prospect Hill Cementry in York, PA. They have a flag for every soldier killed in Afghanistan and Iraq, and special blue flags with name plates for the Pennsylvania Soldiers. As I sadly gazed out over the hillside and scanned all those flags it broke my heart to think of all those loses, but it also brought good thoughts to mind that each and every one of those flags representing our soldiers had touched so many lives in a postive way too. I was deeply saddened and yet honored to be there today to replace a new blue flag in honor of my son SFC Brent A. Adams and to honor all veterans everwhere.

One of the York schools had a fife and drum presentation of the new flags to be placed for all the soldiers who have been killed since last year. They had a 21 gun salute and released white doves into the heavens in honor of our veterans. A representative of the family of each fallen soldier who was present today read names of the fallen soldiers from Iraq and Afganistan who were added since last year. God Bless the families of every veteran today and always and may they never be forgetten for all they have endured and scarificed.

I am so proud of you Brent. Loving you forever and remembering you always in my heart. You are a shining star and a HERO to me and all who love you and knew you.

Love,hugs and kisses,
November 11, 2007
SFC Brent Adams and family-
Always remembered. God bless you and your family.
November 10, 2007
I can't even find the words...I lost my 19 year old son--5 Sept 2007, Balad, Iraq. I am absolutely devastated and I know that you are too...but find comfort in the fact that we will see our loved ones, our heroes again. Do I wish that I could trade places with my son? ABSOLUTELY not. He is in the arms of our Lord--"And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes; there shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying. There shall be no more pain, for the former things have passed away" ~Rev 21:4
What a wonderful thought...
May God bless Sgt 1st Class Brent A. Adams, God bless you and your family and God bless America!

Thank you for your posting on Dane's website. I would like to talk with you, perhaps you have some words that can help me...

PROUD Mother of
Specialist Dane R. Balcon
KIA, 5 September 2007
Balad, Iraq
November 01, 2007
To the Family and Friends of Brent. Brent is a hero and will not be forgotten. I was going to wait until December but today is now and tomorrow is not promised. I lost my nephew Staff Sgt. Jay Martin on April 29th 07 from an IED explosion in IRAQ. Its been 6 months and we are still in pain.

Although time heals, it will always hurt. I am glad to read about the reading of the names in PA. Just looking at the picture of Brent I can tell he is a happy go lucky guy. I can't say was as I know he still lives and your heart and we have to be glad for all the memories we do have.

May you and your family be blessed and know others feel your pain and remember Brent. If ever you need to write (even it its 1 year from now), feel free to do so.

October 28, 2007
Yesterday the day of planning and planning finally came to fruition as we held Remembering the Fallen ceremony here in Lancaster, PA at Penn Square. Strange how it poured all morning long and right before the ceremony was to start, the skies cleared and the sun even appeared for most of the afternoon. Reading the names of all of the fallen began at 1:00 and we read the last name close to 5:00 p.m. So many people to thank - the community that came together by donating items for this ceremony. A banner from a banner company, magnets that recognize the event and date, an organization donating dog tags of the fallen as well as wrist bands and mostly a community that came together to take time out of their day to stop by and read names, letting me know that they will remember. It was my honor and privilege to be part of the planning and execution of this event in memory of and honor of all the fallen. It was a day of remembrance, reflection and memories for me. To all those of you reading Brent's guestbook and sending e:mails telling us how you wish you could be here - you all WERE here yesterday, in my heart and thoughts as I heard each of your son's names being read.
Loving you always, remembering you forever
Your Step mom Pam
October 27, 2007
Hello my son,
Today in Lancaster Square we honored you and the rest of your comrades in arms as all the names of the fallen heroes from the Iraq War were read. A very brave and special soldier who fought in Iraq and was there when you died came today despite all his injuries and the problems he has encountered since his return to the states. He was at the ceremony today to honor you, your family and the rest of the fallen by reading your name and 69 other names. Now that takes a lot of courage and I'm glad to have had the privilege to meet him today. The reading of over 3,800 names started at 1 pm and ended around 5:30 pm. The forecast for today was rain but isn't it amazing that the rain stopped, and the sun even shone for awhile as the reading of the names started. I'm convined that you and the rest our fallen heroes had something to do with how things worked out today. Let's call it divine intervention. I miss you more than ever son and even though I know you know it I still have to say it and also let you know how proud I am of you. My heart aches for you Brent and I try my best to more forward but the tears still continue to fall.

October 24, 2007
Hello My Big Brother,

Just wanted you to know I miss you, but I know you know that already, Daniel tells us. Thank you for all the shooting star sightings. Sometimes it feels like an eternity since I last saw your face. Saturday we will be remembering all of the fallen soldiers. I know you would be happy. We will never forget them as we will never forget you. I love you and miss you.
Your little sis,
October 03, 2007
To a hero:
THANK YOU so much for all that you have done. You were truly a angel on earth.My sympanthy to the whole family. And thank you for allowing us to contiune to have this freedom that we get to enjoy each and every day. For every fallen soldier there is a star in the heavens and I will countiune to bow my head and pray.
R.I.P Angel
September 29, 2007
To Brent Adams parents I would be honor to design and make a quilt to honor your son all you have to do is contact me at I am the founder of Freedom Quilts. This would be an honor for me to make a quilt for you. Please contact me and let me honor your son by making a quilt for you so you can wrap yourself in and feel the love that we put into you quilt. My name is Betty Nielsen email me and I would be truly honor to make you a quilt free.
September 26, 2007
On behalf of you and your husband, I will be putting out a flag for your son on The Field of Flags Honor Day here in Connecticut.
Once this dedication is over, I will retrieve the flag, remove it from the flag holder and fold it and send it to you and Bill for your remembrance of your son SFC Brent A. Adams.
Again, thank you from my heart for giving your son so that I could live in a Free Nation for years to come. I will love him and keep him in my heart always and forever.
I pray from the depths of my heart that God, in His infinite wisdom and all that is Holy, shall keep you both safely cradled in the palm of His hand always.

Jeffrey B. McBreairty
September 26, 2007
To my dear sweet loving son,

I think of you day and night and look for signs of you everywhere. Each morning as I sit on the porch at our trailer in Fenwick Island I look out at the water and think about you and what a blessing you were in my life. I am so grateful that God choose to send you to me. I miss you terribly and just the other night I called your sister crying about how I wanted you back. I pray for the easing of this awful emptiness and pain that has left such a huge hole in my heart. I look forward to the day when we will be together again. I am sending hugs and kisses your way.
It doesn't seen possible but your little son Daniel will be 6 years old on Saturday. I know you are guarding him and keeping him safe. He misses you very much.
September 25, 2007
My deepest and sincere sympathies to Brent's family. I have some very fond memories of time spent with Brent at Wheatland Jr. High where we went to school together, and was poking around the 'net trying to look him up after all these years when I came across this site. My Mother still laughs about the time she chaperoned a school trip to Washington DC, and the group of kids she was supposed to chaperone included myself, Brent, and Mark Loiseau, all of us quite squirelly then! Oh, how I've wondered many times what happened to Brent. By all accounts, he grew into quite a man, and I am grateful for his service and sacrifice.

Charles Schroeder
September 24, 2007
To My Sweet Brother,

Know that I miss you continually and wish you were here with me everyday. Boy I sure do need you. I look at the stars at night in the sky and search for you, just wanting one more time to see your face smiling at me.
Always on my mind, forever in my heart.
Love your little sis,
September 21, 2007
Our HEROS SHALL NEVER be FORGOTTEN.Our thoughts and continued prayers for the Adams family.Rest well brother BRENT,Your name stamped in steel FOREVER clutched in the tallons,And spirit shall FOREVER soar high in the skies in the symbol of our great nation...COME by NORTH--COME by SOUTH.,.COME by EAST--COME by WEST.. ........ ..We all united on that great day as strangers.,.And upon thoes last [4] spoken words we are FOREVER BROTHERS!!!...
September 11, 2007
Today, September 11th, we remember all those who have answered the call in the name of freedom. You are never forgotten. God Bless America!
August 26, 2007
Yesterday, 8/25/07, my family and I took part in a ride to raise money for a scholarship fund in the name of SGT. Michael Stokely,U.S. Army, E troop, 108th Cavalry, 48th BCT of the GEORGIA National Guard, KIA in Yusufiyah, Iraq, 16AUG05.

There were AT LEAST 1000 bikes, many cars, law enforcement escort, and a UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter escort!It was a grand day! Beautiful and hot! LOTS of people waving along the way, people pulled over in respect, a great BBQ lunch, LOTS of raffle prizes donated, lots of great fellowship with other patriotic Americans....just awesome!

As we rode along, I couldn't help but think of Brent.....and Pam and Bill, Marilyn and Daniel, Missy....I thought of the cherry lifesavers and Pam's beautiful and moving story about that...I looked at my beautiful little 3 year old Remington and felt tears well up in my eyes as I considered all of the men and women who have given everything...EVERYTHING!! protect him!
I feel very undeserving.

THANK YOU! For what you have given to me, to all of us! We owe a debt of gratitude that we will never be able to repay.THIS American family WILL NEVER FORGET!!
August 22, 2007
I just got done reading the story about the cherry lifesavers and felt that I had to write. The sacrifice that Brent made for our freedom will never be forgotten, and knowing that he has a son is just heartbreaking. I just want to say that Brent is my hero and I will be able to show my own son what a real hero looks like, instead of superman or spiderman. God Bless all of you, and I will pray for Brents family.

Love in Christ,
August 19, 2007
Reading all the heartfelt messages left here I get a strong sense that Brent was a true joy to know. I am sorry to have missed the chance to know him. I am one more American who will remember him without having known him. I pray he rests in peace and I pray his loved ones can gathter the strength to get through this. My deepest sympathy.
August 06, 2007
After a hearty message from Pam Adams, I also have decided to sign this book in memory of SFC Brent Adams. I hope that we meet one day at the gates with Peter and that you heroes will find that I too am worthy enough to enter. God bless you and your family.
August 06, 2007
We Remember Them

In the rising of the sun
And in its going down,
We remember them.
In the blowing of the wind
And in the chill of winter,
We remember them.
In the opening of the buds
And in the rebirth of spring,
We remember them.
In the rustling of the leaves
And in the beauty of the autumn,
We remember them.
In the beginning of the year
And when it ends,
We remember them.
When we are weary
And in need of strength,
We remember them.
When we are lost and sick at heart,
We remember them.
When we have joys we yearn to share,
We remember them.
So long as we live,
They too shall live,
For they are now a part of us,
As we remember them.
August 06, 2007
A memorial ride in your memory Brent - held on 8/4/07 so lovingly put together by members of your family and so well attended by people who came to honor you and your memory. It speaks to the circle of family and friends you had Brent just as it speaks to the volume of people who came who did not know you personally but wanted to take the ride in your honor.
You will always be remembered, treasured and loved both in the hearts and minds of your family and so many others.
August 03, 2007
I did not know Brent Adams but I am grateful to him and proud of him. Thank GOD for people like him who go to do the things that need to be done. I know that he will be standing guard at the gates of Heaven to let me in someday. My prayers are with the family. There is no greater loss than that of a child.
August 01, 2007
If this person can stand in battle to ensure my freedom, then I will stand in grief with his/her family to honor him/her. For every fallen HERO there is a bright star that shines in the evening sky to remind us of the cherished gift we were given – even if for too short a time.
My heart breaks again as I sign yet another guest book of another courageous young soldier who gave their life so selflessly. I wish I never found myself in a position to have to sign another guest book for the rest of my life, but I promised LE RON A. WILSON (a dear friend KIA 7/6/07, 18yrs old) that neither he nor any like him would be forgotten and so I will continue until the day there is no longer the need.

Althea Barrett(Queens, NY)
July 24, 2007
Thank you for the sacrifice made by Sgt 1st Class Adams and the sacrifice made by everyone who loves and misses him! May God bless all of you!!
July 19, 2007
To the family of Brent Adams, (Pam & Bill). I just finished visiting the guestbook of a local hero who's funeral I attended last Saturday. The note you left was very touching, and led me to and I noticed all the guestbooks you've signed. What a wonderful way to pay tribute to your own son, by honoring all the other sons who have made the ultimate sacrafice. I am one of the lucky ones, my son returned from Iraq in Nov. 06, and as of 7/05/07 is out of the Army. I currently still have 3 nephews still in the Army, one of which was in a humvee that was hit several weeks ago and sent home to recover. One nephew has yet to go, and the final one, Adam is currently in Baghdad. He left in Feb. and not a day goes by that his family doesn't worry about him. God Bless all of you for the ultimate sacrafice made by your family and your son. He is a true American Hero, and he would be honored by what you are doing in signing the guestbooks of other fallen heros. I thank God everyday that my son made it home safely, but I am also so sorry for those that didn't.

God Bless you all.

Rest in Peace SFC Brent A. Adams, you will never be forgotten.

Brenda Westfall
July 12, 2007
As many others I did not know Brent until I met Pam while I was reading new messages left on my beloved son's guest book page.

This was my reply to Pam:
It is 4:31 a.m. and I just finished reading your message written in memory of my son, Adam and I want to thank you ever os much shareing your knowledge of grief by the lost of your son of which I'm so very sorry. As by the time of day it is you can see there are nights I can not sleep for missing Adam so very much. Sometimes I just can't seem to stop crying. Adam was my youngest and I guess I will always think of him as my baby even though he was very muvh a true man and a Christain man. He was a great son, brother, husband,and wonderful father. There are even days I just can not believe he is not coming home or call me mom again. However, there also are days I dwell in memories of him as when he was still living at home with the other three children and myself. Thank you, Pam, ever so much and I would love hearing from you again and you sharing more about your son.
The very next day I get an e-mail from Pam with more encouraging words as well as telling me of another Christain son, brother, husband, father, and friend that had given the greatest gift "No greater gift than for one to lay down his live for his friend".
Then tonight I paid a visit to Brent's guest book and read all 22 pages written in his memory and I know I have been blessed by the great love Pam is giving through her own lost. She and others of Brent's family are reaching out to other's experiencing grief of a fallen warrior for the freedom our country and others on this earth. Thank You, Pam and keep up the blessed work you are doing and I pledge to join in with you.
To all of Brent's loving family and freinds may God bless and keep you safe until that day you all join Brent in heaven.

My Father In Heaven Is In Control,
Florence McSween-Elkins, Hiram, GA. 30141
Mother of Petty Officer 1st Class Joseph Adam McSween,Age 26,EODMN-11, Oak Harbor, WA., United States Navy, Killed April 06, 2007 near Kirkuk, Iraq as a result of enemy action. Leaving behind His wife, Erin, two daughters, Lilly 5, Gwyenth 3, 2 brothers, Robert, & Kyle, one sister, Angela, and his father, Bob as well as me his mom.
July 12, 2007
July 12, 2007
This may seem odd to you folks but I know everyone of the hero's who have given their life for our Freedom in Iraq. I say this because all Veterans' are comrades in arms and even though we have
never met, we are as one in life and in death.
They have brought love and joy to our hearts and will ever be one of us who in Honored Glory gave the
Ultimate Sacrifice for the freedom we share today. Your son is a true hero to me and as a Commander of American Legion Post 31 in New
Milford, COnnecticut, we extend to you our gratitude for the Veteran of Honor that your son was and one day he will be awakened with God's
life giving breath and he will endore forever. I do dot know who you folks are but I am honored that you would share your son with us so he could defend freedom for all of us. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and God Bless you always
July 05, 2007
Happy 4th of July to the Adams Family and to our Hero, Brent....
I looked at those photos of Daniel and was so moved. May you find peace and cherish the memories, that is all we have... All our love, from the family of PFC Charles S. Cooper Jr.,(KIA April 29th 2005 in Baghdad)
July 03, 2007
Happy 4th of July! God Bless you and your family always, Brent, on this our great country's birthday. We will always remember you and the sacrifices you made in the name of liberty for us all. Thank you on behalf of all freedom-loving people!
From Our Military Family to Yours,
Joanne and Ed
June 29, 2007
Like so many others here, I have come to the page of this brave soldier because of signing the guestbook of another fallen soldier that I knew. Pam and Bill's message to this family brought me to actual tears. To find the courage and strength to reach out to others so compassionately when your own hearts are broken speaks to the people you are and reading about SFC Adams it is obvious those attributes were taught, learned, and instilled in how Brent lived his life as well.
I read all I could find on you Brent - an amazing man, an amazing husband, father, son, brother and so much more to so many people. I hope you know the impact you obviously had on so many others.
THANK YOU SFC Adams for your service, your dedication. To SFC Adams' family - BLESS you all.
June 27, 2007
I just signed the guest book for 1st LT Jared Landaker (USMC) and noticed the well written entry from Pam and Jack. God Bless You. I am so sorry that you also have endured the loss of your son. We will never forget our brave men and women. Please accept my deepest sympathy for your loss. Sgt.1st Class Brent A. Adams is one of America's HEROS.
Blessings to the Family
Angie Fore
June 27, 2007
Reading Marilyn's entry below and seeing the pictures of Daniel here....I'm left wondering how all of this glorifies GOD and what the greater purpose is in this. Then He whispers to me.....
"where were you when I flung the stars into the heavens? I spoke the word and the universe was created. I formed a lump of clay and breathed LIFE into it and HERE YOU ARE! During the storm my disciples woke me in fear and trepidation, so I commanded the seas and the wind to cease, and they obeyed! I AM THAT I AM!! Who are you to question my wisdom? I knew Brent before he was there....I know him now that he is back here with me, and I tell you, he is in perfect peace and joy that you can't even comprehend or understand!"

My heart is broken for you! My heart is broken for all of the families who have made such monumental sacrifices these last 4 years.I hope you know how very much THIS American and his family love you and appreciate what you've given to us. I know it must be very hard raising up Daniel without his Daddy. I hope as he grows older, he will also grow wiser in the knowledge that his Daddy was the real deal American hero. Not some guy throwing a ball around or singing a song or acting a part, but a real, honest-to-goodness American Icon!
And so to you Marilyn, and to beautiful Daniel, I offer my most heartfelt hope that GOD will give you just a tiny little bit of the joy and peace that Brent now spends eternity surrounded by. Our great hope, the very reason for our faith and trust in GOD, is that we will see Brent again. I am confident that I will have the great honor and priviledge of meeting him soon! It helps to sooth my hurting heart....I hope it does the same for you.
From my Family to yours: THANK YOU, may GOD bless you, and.....
June 26, 2007
Brent you were a great friend and will always be remembered
June 26, 2007
Please check the photo section of this book to see Brent's son at the Armory with a special friend.
June 26, 2007
We survived Father's Day by letting balloons go at the cemetery. Daniel is very sad these days, as he is beginning to know the gravity of growing up without a father (the best daddy ever). We appreciate all the kind words, and these pages will be printed out and saved for Daniel to read when he is older.

Marilyn Adams and
Daniel Adams (5 3/4 years old)
June 22, 2007
I would like to send out my condolences to your family. My heart goes out to you. God watch out over all of you.
June 15, 2007
It doesn't seem fair to me somehow that you waited so long to become a father and had such a short time actually being one to Daniel. As Father's Day approaches I find myself remembering a lot of things that are bringing both smiles and sadness to my heart. I remember so well the way you and Marilyn told us you were going to have a baby with sending us a picture of the high chair that was your Dad's when he was a baby - all refinished and shiny with an egg on the seat! I remember all to clearly the phone call when he was born and you proudly told us his full name. I remember seeing you for the first time holding him so tenderly and calling him your "Baby D". I recall the conversations with sadness of you telling Dad that you couldn't wait until Daniel was out of diapers so you could introduce him to backpacking with you and Dad. I can still see you at the Zoo carrying Daniel on your shoulders and him sound asleep. I remember you taking him into the water at the shore introducing him to all it's wonders. How happy you were at introducing him to the game of football and baseball.....a thing he still loves today. Yes Brent, the bond was instant on both sides. You were his shining star and he yours...every single picture we have with you and Daniel, the smile on your face is like no other pictures we have. It was a joy watching you with Daniel Brent and is with such sadness that it was way too short of a time for you and especially your son.
Happy Father's Day Brent and know that you will be on our mind and in our hearts as usual on Sunday.
Your "Other Mother"
June 15, 2007
For Father's Day I want to honor Brent by letting his son, parents, and family, know that I'm thinking of you.
June 13, 2007
~~ Unknown Heros ~~
They were boys, in a foreign land
Doing their best to be a grown man
They marched forward when they heard the call
With heads held high, they gave it their all.

They did their best, til they could do no more
They paid the price in this old war
The golden fields, they will never more roam
With open arms, God has welcomed them home.

They were on the brink of their new tomorrows
They leave us now to bear our sorrows
Gone is the life they knew in the past
In our Father's mansion they are free at last.

They wanted to, but they couldn't stay
On golden wings, they flew away.
Their journey is over, their work is done.
And a family weeps, for their fallen son.

They sit on a throne, at our Father's side.
Where angels dance and love abides.
We will miss our heros, with eyes brown, green or blue..
Because in our hearts, they really were our sons too.

Norma Wagner

Pray for our troops!
June 08, 2007
I want to say you will never be forgotten Brent.You are in a better place now. WITH GOD.I know your family and friends miss you.You now watch over all of us.THANK YOU.
Jonna Aldrich
June 06, 2007
I just want to say "thank you" again to Brent for giving his life to keep myself and my family safe. I spend a lot of time reading web sites that honor our soldiers, I have yet to find but only a few that doesn't mention Brent. Brent would be so proud of Pam and Jack for working so dilligently at keeping his memory alive. I can picture his captivating smile, smiling down from heaven. God Bless your family and all of those who loved Brent, I will continue to pray that God comforts all of you.
Brent.... OUR HERO!
May 29, 2007
Marilyn and Daniel, Though I've been busy with our family of heros, whose headstones are here in Traverse City, and with my Mother in law who lost her husband a few yrs back, a veteran of the Korean war, you are in my thoughts and prayers.
Brent's Parents, Barb and Bill and loving step parents, Pam and Jack, are also in my thoughts and prayers often as is his sister, Melissa.
Thank you for all you do to share Brent's memory.
Respectfully, Mom to Cpl Justin and Lcpl Grant
May 28, 2007
On this Memorial Day our family would like to say thank you brave hero for the sacrifice you have made for the cause of freedom. We didn't know you personally but we have had the priviledge of getting to know all about you because of your family. Through Pam, Bill,and Missy we know that you were a wonderful son, brother, husband,& uncle and most of all we know what a dedicated and loving daddy you were to Daniel. We know how precious you are to your family and how dedicated they are to keeping your memory burning bright!
God Bless Brent"s family and please know we were thinking of all of you today!
Love From
Andy's Family
May 28, 2007
You are always in our thoughts and forever in our hearts. Today we remember with pride and pain. God Bless you always...
Ed and Joanne Iskra-Chubb
May 28, 2007
Always Remembered. God Bless Your Family.
May 27, 2007
sfc adams,
thinking of you on this memorial day and always. i am glad i got the chance to meet you, you always were very kind.
sgt warner
May 27, 2007
To one of Americas greatest heroes, you are never forgotten. I read your moms entry and it brought me to tears. You are very special and will never be forgotten. And to the Adams family, my arms are wrapped around you, sending you lots of love as each day goes by without Brent. I cannot Thank him or your family enough for the sacrifice that was made. From the Family of PFC Charles S. Cooper Jr, KIA in Baghdad on April 29th 2005.
May 03, 2007
Dear Hero, Sgt. 1st Class Adams, You are in the mind and hearts of the people of your country a lot. Your family, as you know, is a very precious one. They continue to share you with us. Your Mom spent your bithday thinking of the day you were born. A heroes Mom shares you with the world and I am humbled. You will never be forgotten, Brent.
May 02, 2007
To my dear sweet son,

This year Jack and I decided to spend your birthday at the beach where we feel at peace. This was the second birthday without you which seemed harder in some ways then last year. It seems like forever since I've seem that smiling face, and your sparkling eyes. Words can not express how much we miss you.

As soon as I opened my eyes on your birthday I sang Happy Birthday to you and then the memories of the day you were born came flooding back as the tears flowed freely. April 29, 1965 was one of the happiest days of my life. When they handed you to me all I could see was a mass of dark hair and chubby cheeks and a beautiful glow to your complexion. You were not red at all like most babies. You reminded me of a little chipmunk with those chubby checks. Then I unwrapped you to make sure every part of you was there. You were perfect! What a wonderful gift God had given me and for forty years we had this treasure named Brent. Your 42 birthday was a bag of mixed emotioms, we cried and we laughed but mostly we tried to think of all the happy moments we spent together. I sat out front of the trailer on a lounge chair drinking my tea and watching the birds out over the water thinking of you. We love you with our whole heart and miss you so much our hearts ache. You are our special angel now and forever. Happy Birthday Son!

Love, hugs and kisses,
Mom and Jack
April 29, 2007
To my dearest family, some things I'd like to say...
but first of all, to let you know, that I arrived okay.
I'm writing this from heaven. Here I dwell with God above.
Here, there's no more tears of sadness; here is just eternal love.

Please do not be unhappy just because I'm out of sight.
Remember that I'm with you every morning, noon and night.
That day I had to leave you when my life on earth was through,
God picked me up and hugged me and He said, "I welcome you."

It's good to have you back again; you were missed while you were gone.
As for your dearest family, they'll be here later on.
I need you here badly; you're part of my plan.
There's so much that we have to do, to help our mortal man."

God gave me a list of things, that he wished for me to do.
And foremost on the list, was to watch and care for you.
And when you lie in bed at night, the day's chores put to flight.
God and I are closest to the middle of the night.

When you think of my life on earth, and all those loving years
because you are only human, they are bound to bring you tears.
But do not be afraid to cry; it does relieve the pain.
Remember there would be no flowers, unless there was some rain.

I wish that I could tell you all that God has planned.
But if I were to tell you, you wouldn't understand.
But one thing is for certain, though my life on earth is o'er.
I'm closer to you now, than I ever was before.

There are many rocky roads ahead of you and many hills to climb;
but together we can do it by taking one day at a time.
It was always my philosophy and I'd like it for you too...
that as you give unto the world, the world will give to you.

If you can help somebody who's in sorrow and pain,
then you can say to God at night......"My day was not in vain."
And now I am contented....that my life has been worthwhile,
knowing as I passed along the way, I made somebody smile.

So if you meet somebody who is sad and feeling low,
just lend a hand to pick him up, as on your way you go.
When you're walking down the street, and you've got me on your mind;
I'm walking in your footsteps only half a step behind.

And when it's time for you to go.... from that body to be free,
remember you're not're coming here to me.

Ruth Ann Mahaffey (author)
©Copyright 1998-2007

April 29, 2007
My dear sweet big brother,

I am wishing you a happy birthday today. This is the worst day of the year for me. I miss you more than I could ever express. I think this year is harder than the first. I love you and know you are looking down on me, I feel your presence from time to time. You were the best big brother a sister could ever ask for. Happy 42nd to you my angel.
Love your little sis,
April 29, 2007
Dear Brent,
HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I know your family is thinking of your more today than usual; so am I.
God Bless you all
April 29, 2007
Happy Birthday BR...
Birthdays and gifts go hand in hand I suppose. Gifts are not always the ones you can hold and touch and feel - sometimes the greatest gifts are the ones that have no monetary value. That thought makes me realize how lucky I was to have been given the gift of you and all that that encompassed for so many years. I will try and spend the day in reflection of those gifts, those wonderful memories you provided me with, rather than only think of the years left ahead without your presence here. Thank you Brent. Happy Birthday.
April 28, 2007
Hi Brent, Just wanted to let you know you are still not forgotten by the Cooper family. Our love and compassion goes out to your family as knowing first hand the pain does not go away. You are a true hero! It will be 2 years ago tommorrow that we lost Charles in Iraq, we are celebrating his life now, we are all here for a purpose wether it be 19 years or 40 years, our lives have meaning. God Bless you and your family
April 28, 2007
In honor of an American hero's birthday. Dear Mr and Mrs Adams, The whole country is in your debt. My hope is to go to heaven and thank Brent personally someday. I've seen the comforting posts you leave for others. Mine for you is humbly given to let you know you're in my thoughts and prayers. In Christ, Anna PMM of Cpl Justin and Lcpl Grant
April 28, 2007
Happy Birthday Brent!
Thanks Buddy, thanks for what you did, for who you are, for being such a bright and shining example!
You are missed terribly down here!
You always will be.....
April 28, 2007
We are sorry it took us so long to post an entry for your family member. We are trying to catch up after locating this website. God Bless for allowing us to honor these heros.

We can't imagine what you have been going through since being notified of the death of your Warrior. The Military and families all over the USA and world are grieving with you and praying for you. What a very brave individual you have in your family that would give up a life for their homeland and its people so they can remain free. Your Freedom Fighter has served the Country above and beyond the call of duty, let no one ever tell you different. With the mission now completed your Warrior has been redeployed to Heaven to sit on the right hand of the Supreme Commander and Chief. The Father above has Brent in his arms and will give him peace as well as eventually easing your pain and suffering. God speed to you and Sgt 1st Class Brent A. Adams, our HERO. We are so proud of them that are willing to sacrifice for this great Nation, THANK YOU.

Army Retired
April 27, 2007
After reading Brent A. Adams memorial page, I know that he was a wonderful, caring man. He definitely will never be forgotten.
April 27, 2007
We here on earth will be joining with all the angels in heaven as we sing together on April 29th to celebrate your birth, dear Brent. We continue to remember every day as we give gratitude to God for your 40 years here on earth. We know that you are giving your beloved family angelic messages from above and that it is a comfort to them. May God continue to bless you, all who know and love you, and our great country!

Military Mom of 3-Green Beret Medic, Navy intelligence, and former Army 82nd Airborne Paratrooper
Wife of Vietnam Vet-USMC-VFW Commander
April 26, 2007
Dear Mr. and Mrs. Adams,
I am very sorry to read your story about your son's passing. I could not serve due to my health but every time I read a story about one of our soldiers getting killed, it really effects me.
I also think you are doing a great service to others who have lost someone. My wife's family lost a young man in 2006. Please keep up your work even though it is heartbreaking. I will also keep your family and that of the fallen hero's families in our prayers. God is keeping them company is one thing we can remember. God Bless.
April 20, 2007
Dear Pam,
I met you via e-mail when you signed our son,LCPL Brandon Van Parys's, guest book. Only those of us who have lost loved ones during this war, can really identify with the array of emotions their loss brings. You have been a source of support from afar & I thank you for your gentle words and sharing your stories of your son, Brent.
I read your tribute to him & it became clear that he was a man of honor & christian morals. We can be thankful for the men & women who chose to serve our country. They keep our freedoms alive & secure a safe future. Brent will live forever in our memories, as will our son Brandon. God willing we will see them again when our time on this earth has come to pass. You are in my thoughts and prayers, as I know that April is a special & difficult month for you & your family.
God Bless. Tammy Van Parys
April 18, 2007
Dear Mr. and Mrs. Adams,
Like others, I do not know you or your family, but I wish I did. I did not know your Hero Brent but I wish I had. Your story came to me through a friend of yours (Jackie) who lost her son to this horrible war. I work with Jackie and it seems your name comes up more and more in our conversations and it has prompted me to get to know this family. I spent over an hour last night looking through all the memorials, tributes, pictures, and stories of your son. I cannot imagine what it's like for you all but I can say that I'm sure he is very proud of what you have been doing in his honor, for his memory, and for the men and women still serving.
To his wife and son I say GOD Bless you both. Daniel, you must be so proud of your Daddy and you will have so many things to read and have in memory of him which will live on forever. I can tell you all, these brave men and women will not be forgotten. The memorials set up will live on forever; their names forever written in history for you, your children and your children's children to visit.
In what must be the horrible time in your lives, you have turned your grief into positive energy which is helping so many others. You might not realize it but I can tell you it's true. I see how you have touched Jackie alone. It has been MY honor to get to know your son through these great words written on so many websites.
Rest Well Brent, your job is done here on Earth but your family has carried on for you.
April 15, 2007
April 08, 2007

Thinking of you and Brent today. You are in my thoughts and prayers. God Bless. I know "OUR ANGELS" are among us!!!
April 07, 2007
My heart is sadden to have not really known a real-life hero. Although I have never met Brent, from reading the kind, heart-felt words of others, I can see that he had to be a man of respect, of dignity, of intelligence, of integrity, but most of all a man of God. Mrs. Adams I know that he must be looking down on all that you are doing for other soldiers, both alive as well as the precious ones who lost their lives, with a smile on his face and love in his heart.
Blessed Easter to you all
April 06, 2007
Dear Marilyn,
I think we may have spoken at a traffic light about our Gold Star Family license plates...was that you? I would be happy to talk with you again.
My heart goes out to you and to your family.
April 05, 2007
To the Adams family. What a beautiful son you have. I just read my son-in-laws entry Cpl. Clifton Blake Mounce. The words you wrote are so true. Our angels watch over us every day. Losing Blake was like losing my son. Your son is another one of my heroes and another bright star to watch over me every night. Take care and know that he will be in our thoughts along with our Blake. Proud mother-in-law of Cpl. Clifton Blake Mounce. Rhonda Owen Pontotoc Ms.
March 21, 2007
How lucky was Brent to have two families in his life growing up. To have the love of a wife and know the joys of fatherhood. How lucky is Brent to now have the loving arms of God wrapped around him. In speaking with members of your family Brent, it is obvious how much you are loved. Perhaps that explains that big smile on your picture that is the first thing I see when I look at it myself.
Thank you Brent - I wish I could have known you personally. I have a feeling you were as good a friend as a son, father, husband and brother and more.
To the Adams and Benard family: Job well done is all I can say. I know your hearts are still breaking but rejoice in the man that your son became while sharing life with you all here on Earth.
March 17, 2007
I just received the magnets this afternoon...I have them proudly displayed my vehicle!
Brent, it is a blessing knowing that we will meet again in paradise...but it is sad that so many lives are changed without you being here.
Until we meet again!
March 15, 2007
We are so sorry for your loss.May God bless you with comfort and peace.

In loving memory of our nephew
Spec Philip Cody Ford
KIA Baghdad 10-Dec-2006
March 13, 2007
Dear Brent,
I feel as if we have known each other for years, even though I never met you in this lifetime. Your "other mother" , Pam Adams, is so wonderfully special. You were so blessed that she came into her life, I know that, as I am blessed by having the privilege of getting to know her. I wanted you to know, Brent, that while she and I are down here on this earth mourning each other's loss, I lost my lovely friend and roomate, Captain Jennifer Harris, I know you are enjoying times in heaven with her. Your mom has been such an inspiration to me. I met her through a guestbook, yet feel connected to her. She is such a kindred spirit. I wanted to leave you a message, to tell you that with all of the heartache that we, here on earth feel, we are using both your and Jen's memories to do so much good for other people. Your legacy is carried out through the simple acts of love and friendship. We will never forget you..we will tell the stories of the great American heroes of our time, brave souls who truly believed, " I am an American, fighting for our freedom and our way of life, I am prepared to give my life in its defense." It's the heart and soul, Brent, that won't ever die. I truly admire and respect you, and I am proud to serve and be called your shipmate. Though I never had the privilege of meeting you here on earth, I look forward to spending eternity in heaven with you and Jen. She made you a promise, and she has truly blessed me through you. Thank you for that. Rest in peace, my brother in arms. May God give you peace and rest forever, and I look forward to meeting you one day. "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends" John 15:13.
March 09, 2007
To the family of SFC Brent A. Adams,
It is with heavy heart that I sign this guestbook. I don't even know how to begin or what to say so please forgive me.
I wish I could take all the pain away. I wish I could erase the events of December 1, 2005 for you. I can't do anything except to say thank you for raising this incredible man. I can't do more than say thank you Brent for serving. I pray every day for all these soldiers. When I signed on here I had all intentions of writing something special to you and I cannot find any more words than to tell you all how sorry I am. I don't have family in the military and I've never lost a person to a war, but I am a good listener. My prayers are with you all today.
March 07, 2007
To the Families of ONE whom Has Given The Ultimate Sacrifice; Let Me Share With You,Our Heroes Will Not Be Forgotten. A MEMORIAL has been established in Marseilles Illinois For Them. SEMPER FI TO ALL AND GOD BLESS YOU ALL FOR YOUR SACRIFICE WE WILL NOT LET THEM BE FORGOTTEN
March 06, 2007
Pam I feel like I know your precious son Brent from our messages and from reading about what a wonderful person, son, father and soldier he was. I'm so thankful you have Daniel in your lives.
You all did a wonderful job raising this great young man and hero.
He will remain in my prayers as you and your family will.
I know he is watching over his son everyday he has already proved that.

Thank You lst Sgt Brent Adams for your service to our country.
You Will Never Be Forgotten.
May You Rest In Peace.

Another Mother of a Fallen Hero

Proud Gold Star Mother of
Cpl Christopher W. Belchik
USMC, KIA IRAQ 8-22-04
March 01, 2007
Hey Brent,
Pam is such a neat lady. You'd be awful proud of what she's done with her heartbreak. I know you see Daniel and that you talk with him.....just be really close to that little guy. He needs your breath in his ear.....
I going to Washington, DC 3/17/07 and be part of the Gathering of Eagles. It's the least I can do for you and the other guys who left it all on the field of fire. You'll be on my mind that day, and I'll speak to some of your brother warriors at Arlington on Sunday when I visit with them for a while.
You left too early Man! I know you are OK in heaven, but some people down here really do miss you. Just be around Daniel a lot, O.K.? The rest of us will get on with it all right, but Daniel....just be around.
Thanks Brent! Thanks for what you've done for me. I owe you.....
February 27, 2007
February 26, 2007
To the family of SFC Brent Adams,
My family did not know Brent but heard about his family through a friend of a friend. The work his family is doing for others made me want to know about SFC Adams.
I have two children, ages 7 and 11. Last evening they learned a valuable life lesson, that being they live in the land of the free because of the brave. The brave hero they learned about today was SFC Brent A. Adams. We visited every site out there, read all the stories of his life, his work, his love of God and his sacrifice. We did not know your Hero, but are honored to say we do now.
To his son Daniel, as you grow up one thing we want you to know is that your Daddy will always be remembered by us as well as the rest of the world.
To the rest of his family, from the mouths of my children "God Bless the Adams Family" and "He will always be our Hero".
To SFC Brent Adams: Thank you sir - is it because of you and others like you that my children sleep peacefully at night.
It is clear to see the man this Hero was in life by how he is remembered by his family and friends. I am touched by him as are my children.
February 14, 2007
This letter was sent to Marilyn for Daniel's Memory Book:
This letter is difficult for me to write because I had never served in the military as your father did so bravely. But not only did your father serve his country but he was a man that served God and his church. Brent was a true American in the way he lived his life: God, country, and baseball. I believe your father was exemplary of the kind of people that have made our nation such a great and honorable society.
Although I did not spend time with Brent other than church activities, I attribute this void in our relationship to his family obligation of spending time with you and to your mother and your trips back to his hometown of Lancaster. Furthermore, his service to St. Luke's Church, the military, and his work demands explain how important his time was to him. I recall how difficult it was for him to make our Church council meetings at 7:00 p.m. on a work night because of the arrangements that needed to be coordinated with your mom's schedule. On the night of the council meeting I was always concerned about him getting to the meeting on time because as Vice President I would have the responsibility to start the meeting if he was unable to get there on time. Also, important to note, as President of the Council he initiated the St. Luke's Pirate baseball outing with discounts on group rates. Although I am not as avid a baseball fan as Brent was, he was such an outgoing and sociable guy that the outing was very enjoyable.
Your father was such an easy guy to get along with I often wondered why we didn't spend more time together. However, the time I did spend with your father was all favorable because of the type of man that he was. In particular, we were always hurrying to get the jobs done around the church whether the job was cleaning out the leaves on the church roof gutters or climbing up into the bell tower to repair the Lighted Crosses. We were always pressed for time. For example, when we were up in the bell tower working on the Lighted Crosses and it had gotten dark outside and we had to use extension lamps for light to complete the job, we realized that we needed bulbs for the light sockets and I went to the store to get them leaving Brent and Walt to finish up til I returned. While I was at the store there was a community wide power outage and the electric cash registers at the store were not working. I was really confused what to do about Brent and Walt up in the dark bell tower without any light. The irony of this unexpected incident was compounded by the fact that the 40 foot ladder needed to enter the trap door entrance to the bell tower was erected in the altar area where the pastor would be preaching from the next morning. So, should I go back to the church without the necessary light bulbs and take a lantern up to the guys? Or should I drive to another area where there was power and a store that sold light bulbs? I called Diane and had her walk down to the church with a lantern while I drove to the next available store and bought the bulbs. Eventually the lights came back on and we completed the job. Thanks to the teamwork of the St. Luke's men the Lighted Crosses in the church tower were lit.
These few examples of how your father worked and supported St. Luke's Church best explain how much your dad was needed at St. Luke's. Not only was he an able and willing active non-retired member but he was respected by all the members at St. Luke's. Brent had the type of disposition that he could lead the church council meeting in a way that all of the business was discussed and the members, even the most critical, remained basically content with the council decisions.
Brent was highly honored by everyone after his death and the media portrayed his service to his country well but I am very saddened that the newspapers did not print how deeply involved he was in his church or his strong faith in the Lord.
Daniel, you can think of your father when you go past St. Luke's Church at night and see the lighted crosses lit.
Jim Barr
West View
February 13, 2007
To Brent and your beloved family,
Another holiday...another vivid reminder of how things have changed. Happy Valentine's Day to you all here on earth and to our heroes in the heavens. With heavy hearts you relive the sadness and with happy hearts you keep the memories alive, especially for Brent's little son. That's what he would have wanted you to do. We will never forget all the sacrifices that have been made in the name of freedom for us all. We are united in our strength. May God continue to Bless you all...we will always remember.
A Green Beret and Navy Mom,
February 09, 2007
Thinking about Daniel today......oh Lord, if I could change the world! I wouldn't be writing this because Brent would be home raising his boy and we'd still be perfect strangers.
But he's not.....
and we aren't.......
All we have left to us is LOVE! It is the salve that heals our wrecked souls. It is the only dressing for this wound.
You know I love you all. I pray God's love will fill your heart so that you can help little Daniel grow up to be the kind of man his Daddy was. NEVER let go of your faith! Cling to the ROCK of God's love!
February 08, 2007


February 08, 2007
I read the guestbooks of our fine young men and women every day. I don't know what draws me here except that I feel a need to know all these soldiers stories and remind myself that they were people not just something I see on television or hear about when they die.
I see Mr. and Mrs. Adams' letters all the time and today something told me I needed to thank them for remembering so many and thank them for raising such a fine man as SFC Brent Adams. Today I learned about SFC Adams, not just his rank nor the date of his death, but who SFC Brent Adams was and my heart is broken for you all.
To his parents, all of you, to his wife, his son and his sister I want you to know that today I am honoring this man and wish to thank him for his service. I keep hearing the phrase Freedom Isn't Free and I realize today for the first time the magnitude of that statement. It is costing so many families so much.
The tributes to this man are wonderful, your entire family is remarkable. To SFC Brent Adams' family, his wife, his adorable little boy, God Bless You and Keep you all in his loving arms.
February 07, 2007
On behalf of "Gold Star Siblings" Please accept our heartfelt condolences.
February 06, 2007
Dear Adams Family,
I just wanted to extend my deepest sympathy for your loss. My heart,prayers and thoughts will always be with you.
I know that he is smiling down from heaven watching over all of you.

Brent A. Adams,
Im truly grateful and thankful for your dedication as a soldier. You are a HERO.
Thank you for protecting and serving this country.
Rest in Peace sweet angel
February 04, 2007
Dear Adams Family,
I did not know your brave smiling troop, but he will has a place in my heart now. I do not have the words to express how sorry I am for your loss. This strong and brave troop taken away from his wife, his mothers, his fathers, his small child~ it breaks my heart. As I read your tender words about your hero, my tears fell freely nonstop.
As an Army Wife myself, I know how it feel to wait on calls, emails, how it hurts to send a loved one to harm's way. I can't imagine how much the hurt must be when you learn he won't be coming home to you safely. I wish that I could take away your pain, bring him back to you, but of course I can't. I can tell you that this man will be remembered by people who he didn't know. His name will be remembered by those soldiers who knew him, who learned from him by his kindnesses and his example. He will be remember by those who knew him and those who didn't. He is an example of what a hero is, how to lead a life, how to face things that are scarey with courage, he will live in all of those he has touched. He will always be remembered, he did not leave in vain. It breaks my heart that his sweet wife will never hear his voice telling her how much he loves her, that his son will only know him from memories and pictures, that he won't be there for his boy when he starts school, to teach him how to drive, to give helpful words to him about his first crush or his new bride... I am so sorry for this. I am sorry he won't be able to hug his mother, either of them, or his father, either of them, on the holidays and that he can't tell his siblings how much them mean to him. I am so sorry for this. I can tell you that he touched my life, that in him I see all that a soldier should be, and that I will remember his beautiful smile. He is a hero. He touched so many hearts and continues to do so. I know this might not bring you comfort when you really feel alone, when you really feel like you need him, but he is with you. Even though you can't see him, he is by your side. He watches your heartaches and wishes he could make it better for you, he is your angel now. He will be waiting for you when you need him all you have to do is to talk to him. He knew he was loved. How do I know this? Well, he was a successful NCO, if it hadn't been for your belief in him, he would not have been the man he was. He needed you like you needed him. I wish I could make take away your pain, I really do. I can't, but I can cry with you. I can tell you that this good man, this son, this father, this brother, this husband~ he will live in my heart too, without even knowing him. Thank you for your sacrifice. Thank you for his life, it was the best gift in the world and he gave it for us. Thank you for being the mother you are, the father you are...The WIFE you are. You were his heart. Thank you for sharing his story with me and your tears. Thank you, Brave Hero, I will remember you. Always.
February 03, 2007
I was in HHC 2nd BDE for approximately 6 years and I would attend sections sergeant meetings with SFC Adams. Though I did not know SFC Adams personally, he was always professional and thoughtful in the words he spoke. He was kind and helpful with me when I made the mistake of leaving equipment in the back of a vehicle after a long training weekend; I should have had it unloaded once we returned from Fort Indiantown Gap.
When I learned of SFC Adams passing, from earth to heaven, I was shocked and saddened about the loss his friends and family would face. Knowing that he is a Christian brings hope to those who believe. Until we meet again, SFC Adams! To the family of SFC Adams: May God continue comfort you during difficult moments in time.
"Cast thy burden upon the Lord, and He shall sustain thee: he shall never suffer the righteous to be moved." Psalm 37:39
February 02, 2007
To all who view about my brother. I am honored you have taken the time to visit this site.

Brent you are never further away than the wind on my cheek, the sun on my face and the love in my heart. I miss you.
January 26, 2007
I am so sorry for the loss of your son Brent.. he is a hero.. god be with you and your family at this time.. your in my thoughts and prayers... mom to Rick White
January 26, 2007
I'm so sorry for the loss of your son, Pamela and family. He will be remembered and cherised in Heaven. My thoughts and prayers will be with you.

God bless,
January 19, 2007
I make it a point to read about these wonderful americans who made the ultimate sacrifice to our country. But every now and then certain people stand out in my view as extra ordinary. And I have to say your family embodies everything that is good in this country. Pam, I see your name in almost every guest book taking the time to honor these great Americans. It tells me more about Sgt. 1st Class Brent A. Adams, of who he was, by your compassion for others. I want to thank you for that. It also tells me about Brent and what a presence he was in your lives. I have lost a young brother to a senseless murder and know what a loss feels like. I tell people it feels like someone took me by the feet, turned me upside down and shook everything out of me. Threw me on the ground, and on my knees I look around and see my life in pieces. Left to pick each piece up, one at a time,slowly trying to put it back together. That was 12 years ago, it ruined my mother who is still not the same. I tell you this only because I feel your loss and can only empathize. I pay respect to Brent as I served in the Marines for eight years active duty and I feel it is the least I can do to put a face to the "statistics." I owe him that. Again thank you Barb, Pam, Marilyn,Brents'father, the Adams family for this unwanted sacrifice. Respectfully
January 01, 2007
We made it through the holidays, but not without tears and intense pain. Brent was my soulmate, and he cannot be replaced. Freedom isn't free.
My son, Daniel, will never forget what a wonderful man his father was.

Marilyn Adams, wife of Brent Adams
December 29, 2006
Dear Pam and Bill, As a young man I was stationed with the 7th Infantry of the U.S. Army's 3rd Infantry Division and was one of the Battle Group Buglers. Now, after many years, I again stand at the ready to sound Taps for my fallen brothers, those who have sacrificed for their country with honor … for those who have loved their country and served it well. On Sunday, New Years Eve in memory of Brent it will be my to honor to sound taps at the Kansas City VietNam Memorial. Please know that you are not alone in remembering what your son gave to us and to our wonderful Country. May God bless him and all that knew and loved him. There are no words I can offer to assuage your pain. I only hope that you may find some small comfort in knowing that people like me, ordinary everyday citizens who never knew your son Brent still care. And I care deeply about your loss. I am in tears as I write this because I only need think what it would be like to lose my son in this war. Always remember that (politics aside) millions of Americans just like me pray for your family everyday and your loved one will never be forgotten. God Bless. Your sacrifice will never be forgotten.
Peter VanDeMark
December 27, 2006
I was reminded this Christmas season of an old saying I heard years ago that goes something like --when one door closes, another opens but sometimes we look so long and hard at the closed door we never see the new one that has opened.
The opened door came to me this year through the words of a five year old boy named Daniel L. Adams.
As Daniel was happily playing with his new airplane gliders he suddenly announced that incoming mail was coming via the plane. He flew the plane over to us and asked if we could read Alien to which we replied no and so he took a few steps back as if on stage and proudly displayed his letter and began to read without hesitation. It’s from Daddy he announced. I love you very much; I’m sorry I had to go away but I got shot by some bad guys and had to go to heaven; I love you. With that he quickly ran off to play again. As his Mother and I were sitting looking at each other choking back tears and in a sense “questioning” this letter – a few minutes later Daniel runs back into the room with yet another glider and announced it was yet another letter from Daddy. He begins to read (because this one too was in Alien speak). I’m sorry we have been broken apart for a while now, I miss you very much. I love you very much. I am in Heaven with God.
Much much later that evening as Daniel lay on the sofa he said softly – Daddy tells me “it’s ok Daniel”. We asked him how does he know Daddy is all right to which he replied “Daddy is talking to me right now. He talks to me all the time. Can’t you hear him?". He goes on to tell us that Daddy tells him that he is in heaven with God and he was given his blackbelt and is now a blackbelt Angel working with God but watches me all the time. With that said, Daniel once again bounced off the sofa and was on to other things.
I realized at that moment the best gift I was given this season was not something wrapped, not something bought, and not something I could feel and touch and hold. It was this gift – this precious moment in time that had just occurred. The peace that came over me with the realization that Daniel was not looking at a closed door but through an open one was just what I needed.
As I came downstairs this morning with the thought that I wanted to share this experience with others, I turned the corner on the landing I was greeted by yet another site. The King nutcracker that I have standing proudly at the bottom of the stairs was wearing two airplane gliders that were obviously gently placed there. I stared at them wondering were these the two airplane messengers? And just who placed them there - two little hands or two bigger ones???
I am looking through the open door today and I saw as well as received the message.
Merry Christmas to you in Heaven Brent – apparently you have received your blackbelt which I am sure means that you have graduated to the highest level of Angelhood. In your son’s eyes – it is obvious that no one stands any taller than you.

Loving you always and missing you more
Your other Mother Pam
December 26, 2006
Dear Brent,
Merry Christmas SON! We all gathered today at Uncle Jim's House for Christmas dinner and you were very much in our thoughts. We had a special prayer in remembrance of you and the meaning of Christmas which is attached below.

Lord, please help us to remember that you truly are the reason for the Christmas season. Thank you for sending your Son on Christmas day, so that we could be forgiven and enjoy eternal life in heaven with You. Today as we light these five candles in honor of Brent, we light one for our grief, one for our courage, one for our memories, one for our love, and one for our hope. The first candle that we light represents our grief. Losing Brent was and still is intense. It reminds us of the depth of our love for him. The second candle that we light represents our courage. Our courage to comfort each other and the courage it takes to change our lives without Brent in it. The third candle we light is in Brent’s memory. The times we laughed together, the times we cried, the times we were angry with each other, the silly things he did, and the caring and joy he gave us. The fourth candle we light is the light of love. We have past the first anniversary of Brent’s death and during this holy holiday season, day by day we cherish the special place in our hearts that will always be reserved for Brent. We thank God for the gift that his life has brought to each one of us. The fifth and last candle we light is the gift of hope. It reminds us of the love and memories of Brent that are ours forever. May the glow of these candles be a source of hopefulness now and forever. Merry Christmas Brent we will always love you. Dear Lord, we thank you for this food, and we ask that you bless it and make it to nourish our bodies. Father, thank you for allowing us to share this meal together as a family and may our hearts be filled with love for one another. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

You will never be forgotten.
Mom, Jack, your sister Missy and family, your Nana, your Uncle Ron and family, and your Uncle Jim and family.
December 25, 2006

I know there is not much too say today, You are in my thoughts and prayers as always.

December 24, 2006
Dear Brent,
Merry Christmas in heaven. We have not forgotten you and your beloved family. God Bless you all during this Christmas Season and Always. Keep the faith.
From Our Military Family to Yours.
December 24, 2006
Brent, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. You are never forgotten...I never knew you or your family, but I feel like I do. I know that my nephew, PFC Charles Cooper and his buddies are in good company and you are watching and protecting all of us. You are a hero. And to Brents family, my thoughts, prayers and wishes are with you for a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
December 19, 2006
live strong
December 17, 2006
Dear Pam and family,

As promised, I have found a silver ribbon ornament with red, white & blue rhinestone on it and after christmas my friend will engrave Brent's name on the back of it and it hangs on the front of my tree.
I think about you often and just wonder how you are doing. You and your family will be close to our hearts through out the holidays. I hope you can find some comfort and peace in the days to come. Just know you are thought about often.

December 14, 2006
Every Christmas Morrill Worcester of Maine donates 5,000 wreaths to be placed on the graves at Arlington National Cemetary in Washington DC. For the past few years, Larry Ross, a schoolteacher in Maine, along with his 5th grade class have been traveling to Arlington to help lay the wreaths. In October of this year Mr. Worcester had a vision of expanding his efforts by also having a wreath laid at National and State Veteran’s Cemetaries in every state. He contacted Mr. Ross and his students; enlisted their help in accomplishing the major effort.

Not only did Mr. Ross and his students readily accept this challenge, they met their goal by successfully contacting a family member of a fallen soldier in every state. To represent the Fort Indiantown Gap National Veterans Cemetary , I was contacted by the students and asked to participate in helping them achieve their goal by laying a wreath today to honor all our service men and women who gave their all for our country. Like the students, I readily accepted this honor as well to participate in this event.

All wreaths were placed today at 12:00 noon in all states following a moment of silence and a small ceremony to remember all our veterans.

Today, for me, was yet another testimony to the fact that you will always be remembered Brent by those who knew you AND by those that never got the opportunity. I know I speak for all families who have lost sons and daughters to this was as well as any war, when I say it means everything to know our courageous young men and women will truly be remembered always.
Your StepMom Pam
December 12, 2006
It now has been one year since you have left us for home. I still think of you and remember all the great times we had growing up. I will share these stories with your son Daniel. You will always be my HERO! Love your cousin Jamie
December 11, 2006
I had never met or even heard of Brent Adams, but it is never good to lose a brother. Especially when it is unexpected. Your Fraternity Brothers, both those that you had known or never met, will remember you.
Eric Zdenek
Theta Xi BO 475, Clarion Univ.
December 07, 2006
My big brother,

I just wanted to let you Dad and I went hiking on 12/1 to the pinnicale. You always said you felt closer to god when outside. Well it helped me feel closer to you. I miss you dearly and think of you everyday. The holidays are just not the same. I miss you arriving two hours after you said you would be here. I miss giving the kids a bath together. I know you carry a piece of my heart with you now, because I know a piece of mine is missing. You are forever in my heart.
Love your little sis,
December 01, 2006
To the family of SFC. Adams:
My deepest condolences on this first anniversary of the loss of a fine man and a true hero. I wear SFC. Adams' black KIA band given to me by a friend who served with him in Ramadi. I hope you find comfort in the memories he has left you and the inspiration to live your lives to the fullest as he did and would surely want you to in his absence.
Thank you SFC. Adams for your service and fine example as a leader. You are missed. Best wishes to your family.
December 01, 2006
It was a year ago today that our whole world was shattered upon receiving the news of Brent’s death in Ramadi, Iraq. At that moment in time our hearts were broken into a million pieces and the pain was so intense we thought our hearts would burst. In a matter of seconds your whole beautiful life played before me from the moment the doctor first placed you in my arms until the last time I heard your voice on the phone the day before you were KIA. We still feel that pain today and wonder does it ever go away? We are still angry, not at God but with the circumstances that have brought about your death and still can’t believe that you are gone. I know that there are many others who share this pain, agony and sorrow over the terrible loss of all of our brave and courageous soldiers who have made this ultimate sacrifice. You are our heroes and we will never let you be forgotten. There is no greater gift than for one to lay down their lives for another. You Brent were one of the greatest treasures we ever received. I know you were a good and faithful servant of the Lord and you served him well but on December 1, 2005 he called you home to join his Army in heaven. All though we didn’t like God’s plan we have no other choice but to accept it and believe in his promise of eternal life and that we will meet again some day.

Not a day goes by that Jack and I don’t think about you and miss you terribly. This past year has been a hard one on all of us but one thing we have learned is that they are many wonderful and compassionate people out there who have helped us on this journey. We have met and spoken to the families and friends of other soldiers and have tried to help each other through this difficult process called grieving. Without the love and support of our families, friends and the Lord we would not have made it this far. So many people have written and sent their condolences on line through, and I can not find the words to express our thanks to each and every one of you for your love and support of Brent. Our hero and shining star is and will be forever be in our hearts and minds.

Love Mom and your loving other father Jack
December 01, 2006
Forever gone from my sight, from my touch. Your voice and your laughter forever silenced to my ears. What will NEVER be gone are the wonderful years of memories and love that we were gifted to share with each other. I dreaded this day since last 12/1 and I don't know why exactly - the feelings are the same today as they have been all along. I guess today just brings the heartache more to the surface as I find myself reliving every moment of this day a year ago as I watch the clock click the hours by. Today, for me, is spent in reflection of the gift that I was given - the gift of you.
Loving you always
Your "step" Mom
December 01, 2006
Missing you...

You, your family and your friends are now and will always be in my prayers.

Thank you for your service, my friend.

I know, deep in my heart, my life is better because I was blessed with your friendship.

You are missed.
December 01, 2006
We will always remember your sacrifices, Brent, in the name of freedom for us all. On this the first anniversary of your death, it is especially important for us all to THANK YOU and your family. Your last full measure of devotion to your country has been echoed by many others. We are united in our strength as Military families to provide comfort and support for those you have left behind. When we look at the stars in the sky we know that those twinkles surely must be the eyes of our heroes sending their messages home to earth. God Bless you always, Brent, and your beloved family. We will never forget our angels in the heavens.

Joanne Chubb
Military Mom of 3-Green Beret Medic, Navy intelligence, and former Army 82nd Airborne Paratrooper
Wife of Vietnam Vet-USMC-VFW Commander
December 01, 2006
Paying tribute to this Fine Young Soldier, Sgt. 1st Class Brent A. Adams, on the first anniversary of the day, he gave his life for our Country and for Freedom. A Multitude of Thanks, for Brent's Courage, Dedication and Service.
Rest In Peace Young Hero, in God's Loving Care and may the Peace of God continue to be with the Adams family.
Those who Made the Ultimate Sacrifice, So Many and So Young, shall NEVER BE FORGOTTEN.
My 19 year young brother among them. KIA-Vietnam, 12~06~67

Treasure this Young Hero Lord, In Your garden of rest,
For while here on this earth, he was one of our Best.

Hoping you continue to feel the thoughts of caring and support that surround you each and every day, as this Country remembers someone very precious to you, who is a Hero to all of us.
I am deeply sorry for your loss.
November 30, 2006
Pam, Bill and Melissa,

I want you to know that I am thinking of you today as always. You are in my thoughts today and as we have our mass for David, I will say prayers for Brent and the rest of his wonderful family. They say that time will heal and I wish I could believe that but still have not been able to witness that, the pain is raw and will be for a long time. The only suggestion i can give to you is to celebrate Brents Life today. The wonderful Son, Brother and Father that I have heard so much about. I wish we could erase December 1st from the calendar and our minds forever , but we know that is not an option. Today, surround yourself with family and friends that will grieve with you for Brent.
Pam, I dont even know how to explain to you what you have done for me. You have been there for me through my darkest days and I will be forever grateful to you. I am always a phone call away. I know today will be tough, please try to embrace the love that will fill your home from everyone you know. Honor Brent as the True American Hero that he is and Forever will be.....And always remember someone is thinking of you in NY......I will pray for you today...God Bless

Jennifer Fisher
Proud Stepmom of
SGT David M Fisher
KIA 12/1/04
November 29, 2006
Dear Bill, Pam, Missy
As you and all of your family goes through this week I know most certainly that you will step back to this time last year and relive every hour, minute and second of those days. But, dear friends I am hopeful that you can find the strength to push back the most painful parts and that you will be able to console each other by sharing and recalling those memories of Brent that live in all of your hearts.
I am very blessed that I got to meet all of you and I can say without one doubt that the essence of who he was burns brightly through each of you.
Having faith that this life is not all there is offers a hope that one day you will see him again.
Keep the faith and be near to each other and God always!
Love Linda (MSG.Anthony Yost KIA 11/19/05)
November 29, 2006
Mr and Mrs Adams,
I want you to know that I read guestbooks of these fine young men and women daily. I have seen your tribute to many of these men and women and it made me want to learn more about Brent. What a wonderful son you raised. I hope you have been able to find comfort in the words written about him. Referenced many times is his Adams Smile and it's obvious what that means when one looks at his pictures. With the holiday season approaching and knowing that your special son will not be on this Earth to share it with you, I wanted you to know that he will be in my heart. God's blessings to you and his wonderful family from ours.
November 23, 2006

I know the next few Holidays are going to be the most difficult. Please keep in mind that Brent will live on through you and your family and NOONE will ever ne able to take that away from you. I know he will be missed but know that he will be seated right beside you as Im sure he always is. Please know that I am thinking of you today as always and if you need me you know how to contact me.....God Bless you and your family

Proud Stepmom of
Sgt David M Fisher
KIA 12/01/04
November 22, 2006
As we pause on Thanksgiving Day tomorrow, we will never forget those who have given the ultimate sacrifice that allows us to celebrate. May God continue to Bless Brent and his beloved family as they continue to keep his spirit and passion for freedom alive.
Joanne and Ed Chubb
November 21, 2006
Your family's sacrifice can not be appreciated enough. The knowledge that Brent gave the ultimate sacrifice in the service of our country to keep us safe at home is very much appreciated by the Lenhardt family. Our prayers are with you daily.
November 18, 2006
Thank you for serving and your sacrifice. I hope your family and friends celebrate you this Thanksgiving... we all have so very much to be thankful for... thank you.
November 13, 2006
Trying for the second time! Thinking of you dear Brent on November 11th, Veterans' Day. I'm convinced that you are smiling up in heaven with all our country's other heroes; for you are in a better place than us. Thank you for your service, and your commitment in the name of FREEDOM for us all.

A MILITARY mother of three men-two currently on active duty-one Navy and one Army-Special Forces

God Bless you and watch over your precious family.
November 13, 2006
We did not know Brent, but wanted you to know that you are in our thoughts and prayers. We are an Army family as well and although we dont know your pain, we feel it. Brent is now your handsome angel and serving in Gods Army. God so needed him for a greater purpose. May you know that we are forever gratelful for his service. God bless all of his family.
November 11, 2006
Brent...Remembering you this Veterans Day 2006. Pray for us, those left behind.
November 07, 2006
To the family of Sgt. Adams,
I came across Brent's name by mere coincidence. You see, a close friend of mine, Sgt David Coullard, was KIA on 8/1/05. The Marine who delivered the Purple Heart at his funeral, Capt. Brian Letendre, was KIA on 5/3/06. I saw an entry in Brian's guestbook from Brent's mother and felt compelled to see who Brent was. I know that before my loved one was killed, it was almost too much to take in every time another soldier was KIA. But when you truly know someone... and not just through a news story, but truly know them... their passion, their love, their desire, their fear, their shortcomings... everything that makes them who they are- well, it becomes that much more personal. This circle sadly continues to grow and although I never knew Brent personally, I feel I know his spirit. He was probably like my friend David... strong, stubborn, passionate, unwavering, courageous and brave. Thank you for the gift of who Brent was and remember the memory of who Brent is in spirit. Those who lost a piece of their heart in this war will never forget the supreme sacrifice these soldiers made for all of our well being.

Semper Fi,
October 27, 2006
God Bless his family and friends!!

Land of the free,because of the brave!! Never forgotten..

Jamie(Navy wife)
October 25, 2006
I wanted to tell you thank you for your sweet entry on Darrell Boatman's page. He was a fine soldier and person. As I read the letters on your sons page, I realized that their was another hero that shouldn't be forgoten. I am very greatful for the sacrafices that these men have given for our freedom. I pray that the Lord will continue to bless each one of you and to continue to give you strength for the journey ahead. I don't have the words to express all that I go through, but when I think about these heros, I feel like I can continue on. Not a day has gone by that I haven't thought of and prayed for all of our troops. May your grandson grow up to be the kind of hero that his daddy was.

In the memory of
Gunny Sgt. Darrell Boatman,

Renee' Boatman Hunt
October 21, 2006
The loss of someone so close is difficult to bear. Please know that we share your grief, and our prayers are with you. THANK YOU for serving our country, YOU WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN!
September 23, 2006
Dear Mrs. Adams,
I read your beautiful note on for my cousin and would first like to say that I am so sorry for the loss of your stepson. It means a great deal to me that you took the time out to write such a thoughtful and touching letter. I take solace in the fact that there are still people out there who would reach out to console a perfect stranger. Your kind words mean more to me and my family than you know and you are greatly appreciated. Not only are you lucky to have had such a courageous soldier in your family but he was lucky to have such a compassionate, dedicated and loving mother.
September 22, 2006
We lost our neighbor August 16th, Captain McKenna,USMC. There are no words to say except Thank You Brent.
You and Captain McKenna will bump into one another, that is for sure.
God Bless
September 12, 2006
To the family of Sgt Brent A Adams your son will never be forgotten, you are in my prayers now and forever. Your sacrifice brings tears to my eyes as a type this. I cannot imagine what you are going through just know you are in our thoughts always
God Bless
September 05, 2006
To the family of Sgt. Brent Adams -My heartfelt condolences go to you for the sacrfice you have made. I understand first hand, as I too have lost my brother Sgt. Kyle A. Colnot KIA 4/22/06, while serving in Iraq.
Pam - I am trying to get in touch with you, as I would love to hear how you are and thank you for the lovely words you wrote to our family when we lost Kyle!
Brent was a brave and courageous soldier. You must remember he GAVE his life for his country and the freedom of others. Carry in your heart the memory of Brent, for there he lives forever! We will never forget his bravery, courage and selflessness! God Bless you, you are in our prayers!
August 19, 2006
Always remembered, never forgotten.
A Grateful American
August 08, 2006
To Brents Family,
Words can't come close to expressing our sympathy for what you have been through. We lost a nephew in Iraq and have had to learn to go on without him here . Seeing Brents picture and reading these tributes I can tell he was quite a person and will be sadly missed. To hear that he left a Son and Wife behind makes it that much harder to deal with.

I know some measure of what you are going thru and I share your grief and sorrow. Brent is a true heroe and his and your sacrifice will not be forgotten.
Remember where he is now and how sweet the reunion will be when you are all together again.

God bless you all,

The Ehle family
August 07, 2006
I would just like to thank everyone for all the kind words to my family about my brother. It is so comforting to know he will not be forgotten. We all miss him dearly and are still trying to cope with our loss, but the condolences from all over have been a help. Again thank you.
August 05, 2006
After reading post in our guestbook I looked up your sons name on here, Thank you and my heart felt

Mike Casteel
MSG Anthony Yost 11-19-05
August 05, 2006
May God bless your family in their time of grief. My wife died in the world trade center and I feel a loss everytime I hear of a brave soldier losing their life to protect mine and my sons.
July 24, 2006
Hello again...thank you for your kind words about my husband...your son, as we are both going through similar situations....I'm sure we all have our good days and bad days, more bad for most of us than anything. But do keep in touch, and not only here....Monday July 31st, is going to be a very hard day for me, and I know, every day is a hard day for you...Take care...If you want to share your email address, that is fine, if not, I totally understand..
July 24, 2006
I didnot know Brent or his family, but by watching his tribute I can tell that he, like all of our military men and women, was a special person. And was well loved by all. My heart and prayers go out to you and yours.
May God Bless you and keep you safe.
July 24, 2006
Dear Brent,
We Will Honor Your Name and Remember Your Sacrifice Always.

r shall your Glory be forgot
While Fame her record keeps,
Or Honor points to the hallowed spot,
Where Valor proudly sleeps."

d Bless Your Family and Friends
Veronica M. Roberts
Mother of FF Michael Edward Roberts
FDNY Eng. 214, WTC, 9/11/2001
Made the Supreme Sacrifice, NYC
July 23, 2006
I do not know Brent, nor his wife, but I am the wife of a Navy EOD Diver/Sailor who was killed in Iraq on February 12, 2006, due to an IED...Nick was killed instantly as well, while bending over to defuse the IED....Never has my life been turned upside down, I can sympathize with the loss of your loved one. I too have created (4) tributes for my husband....They are something we can all hold on to....Peace be with you.
July 22, 2006
I never met Brent, or his family though I have signed a few guest books on here, for a couple of my friends, I have seen his mother Pam's messages on my friends guest books. Brent had a wonderful smile as anyone could see! May his smile live in the hearts of those he loved, and loved him, forever! God Bless!
July 22, 2006
Rest in peace at your last post in paradise.
July 21, 2006
I am a police officer in Cincinnati. Although I often see senseless acts of violence, it is because of the sacrifice of Sgt. Adams, and those that serve with him, that I don't have to worry about responding to bus bombings or other random attacks that could be happening within our borders. 9/11 had a worldwide impact, and yet, we are so quick to forget that such violence isn't just in the Middle East, it could be in the Mid-West.

The Lord paid the ultimate price for our eternal freedom. Sgt. Adams' paid the ultimate price for our nation's freedom. My heartfelt thanks to his family. They know the pain of freedom; A precious gift that we all too often take for granted. I'm guilty of it as well. Finding this site put a face to the pain and reminded me of how blessed this country is to have people that will give everything that others might live without fear. Thank you.

"Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." - John 15:13 I never had the honor to meet Sgt. Adams. But it is my honor to call him friend, because his sacrifice makes my life, and those that serve with me, safer each day we clip on the badge. Thank you.

His parents should be proud of raising a son that served his fellow man without hesitation. His wife should thankful for the time she shared with a selfless husband. And his son should remember, each day for the rest of his life, that he is the child of an American Hero.

May the grace of our Lord which surpasses all understanding, comfort his family and give them confidence that they will, one day, see their blessed son, husband, and father again.
July 20, 2006
Pam and Bill Adams God Bless You Both. I just checked out Pams Tribute Now I can put a Face of a Hero to a name. Too All those whom have those whom have given the Ultimate Sacrifice you will see a Memorial on the Banks of the Illinois River Memorialising all those through out the U>S>A> whom have given the Ultimate Sacrifice....SEMPER FI TO ALL
July 19, 2006
Family of Brent Adams: I am truly sorry about the loss of this fine, soldier. America lost a great man. May The Lord be very close to you & give you peace & strength each day & every day. I am eternally grateful. Sincerely,
July 15, 2006
To the family of Brent Adams,
I want to say that I came across your entry to anothers families lost loved one. I too have lost my son Cpl Ron Payne Jr in Afghanistan, 5-7-04 and I know the grief. Know that families like ours will always be grateful for Brent's sacrifice. His smile is in this picture tells of his great spirit. We will never forget.
Proud Parents
July 04, 2006
Pam and Bill,

Today, July 4, 2006, as we once more celebrate our freedoms, I stopped by to thank Brent and offer a prayer for him and all the other heros in Heaven that take us free into tomorrow. Blessings.
July 01, 2006
Dear Mr and Mrs Adams:
I just read your entry in Brent Zoucha's guest book. My son,
Travis, was in boot camp with Brent. My heart has been breaking ever since we found out about Brent, and then I read your awesome entry....and you
put it all into perspective for me.....By the GRACE OF GOD, I still have
my son....and I don't know you, but I feel that bond - whenever a fine young person sacrifices their life to keep people as myself free - please know, your son will NEVER be forgotten for his courage. Please know that you are in my thoughts and is the Zoucha family too.
Thank you for raising such a fine young man.
> Sincerely,
> Theresa Stent
June 30, 2006
Mr and Mrs Adams,
I am very sorry for your loss. I currently have no family serving in this war but had many during Nam and served there myself. I know what war is like and the devastation it causes both us the ones serving as well as there families. I read the stories of the lost soldiers of this war and today brought me to this Sgt.
After reading his book and his profile it is clear that you raised a wonderful child that matured in to a even greater adult . Me and my family send their prayers to you and the rest of Sgt. Adams family and little son.
From a retired Army man I hope you always remember that your son will be remembered by all his fellow soldiers , the ones he new and the ones he didnt and the ones that served before him and the ones that follow him. I cannot imagine your pain but I can immagine the great pride and love you must have for a son that you must be so proud of.
Respectfully I salute Sgt. 1st Class Brent Adams and his family.
June 30, 2006
June 19, 2006
Hi Bill,

I have never met you but I talk to Pam frequently. I just wanted to let you know that I was thinking of you today, on Fathers Day, may Brent look upon you and give you the strenghth you will need to get through the day...God Bless
June 13, 2006
I must say Thank You Mr. Brent A. Adams. My heart goes out to all of you in your time of need. I'll be holding your family close to my heart and praying for you all daily. I know there are no words to take away the pain you all are feeling but he has a little man so just look at him and remember his father. May God Bless All Of The Adams Family !! Pam you are a wonderful woman just reading how your words have helped other families made me have to tell you how special you really are. God Bless
June 09, 2006
Remembering a fallen Hero. God Bless Sgt Adams and his family.
Take comfort in your memories of Brent.
I did not know him, but I will keep him in my prayers. May he rest in peace.
A grateful American Mom
June 07, 2006
As the PA National Guard members begin to return home today from their tour in Iraq, it brings home the reality even more that Brent is not coming home with them. The happiness I feel for those coming home, some of them we have gotten to know so well, is mixed with great sadness as it brings home the reality yet again that you are not with them. I know your fellow soldiers are thinking of you and the other 14 PA National Guard members who lost their lives and aren't returning home with them, just as we are thinking of them and their families. Today I will choose to fill my heart and head with the good thoughts at all those family members being reunited with their sons and daughters and try not to feel so cheated at what our family is missing. Brent -- we waited for this day to come from the moment you stepped on that plane to depart for Iraq. I am thankful this moment has finally come for all the men and women you served with. You are gone from our sight but never will you be gone from our hearts and minds.
Your Other Mother Pam
May 31, 2006
Pam and Bill....

I did not have the pleasure of knowing Brent but our family does share an all to familiar story with yours. My stepson was killed in Iraq on 12/1/04. Since this date our lives have been completely flipped upside down. It was only until I read one of Pams many guestbook entries for the fallen soldiers that I received some kind of relief. In your time of grief you have made it a mission to be helpful to others and for that I will be FOREVER grateful. If a man is measured by his family and friends then Brent was a very wealthy man. I will forever keep your family in your prayers and believe that "our sons" have brought us together for a reason. I know they are both looking down on us smiling. May God grant you strength to endure this long road of grief.

Jennifer Fisher
Proud Stepmom of
SGT David Fisher
KIA 12/1/04
May 30, 2006
My Condolanceses to the Adams Family. Brent was a good fiend and an Great Leader of leaders. I Learned alot from him. He will be missed Dearly as a brother in arms.
May 23, 2006
Dear Mr. and Mrs. Adams,

I was reading the Guestbooks for two soldiers and saw your note to their families. It brought tears to my eyes. My son is serving w/ the task force that they were part of and, as you can imagine, I worry about him every day. But, reading your post and knowing how much pain you and your family have endured makes me know how
lucky I am and also makes me appreciate and love our soldiers and their families all the more.

May God bless you, your son, and all your loved ones.
May 13, 2006

May 11, 2006
Thank for all you have done. You have made the supreme sacrifice and now you are guarding the pearly gates. I hope you let me in when I get there.

My prayers are for you and especially your family and loved ones who I am sure miss you very much.

May the good lord, Jesus Christ receive Brent Adams with open arms and take him into your kingdom. Please dear lord, help his family through this terrible crisis. They cannot understand why you took him away, but we know that it is all in your plan.
May 11, 2006
May the good lord, Jesus Christ receive Brent Adams with open arms and take him into your kingdom. Please dear lord, help his family through this terrible crisis. They cannot understand why you took him away, but we know that it is all in your plan.
May 11, 2006
In a few weeks we will be observing Memorial Day and for me the true representation will be realized this year more than ever before. I came from a family of military men and yet this holiday never "hit home" like it will this particular year or all the years going forward. That is not something I'm proud to say, it just is the way it is.
Brent served his country and unselfishly sacrificed his life. It reminds that this day is not just an extra day off of school or work nor just a day to party with friends. It also reminds me of the thousands of other families that will be feeling just a bit "differently" this particular holiday.
It is still extremely difficult to grasp the reality that he is one of the fallen heroes, but, I know that this holiday will be my time to reflect on the sacrifices and the acts of bravery displayed by so many who serve this nation.
I will be thinking of Brent as well as all the other men and women who have served or are still serving our country and I will also recall all the Memorial Day picnics that we shared together as a family as I remember his childhood, his teens, his adulthood, or any number of our adventures together. He has given me a treasure trove of memories on which to draw.
In Loving Memory
Your Other Mother (Pam)
May 08, 2006
My heartfelt sympathy to the Adams family in the loss of Brent. I did not know Brent, but my heart is broken and I am saddened for your loss of such a fine young person and hero. May God bring you peace in your heart as you reflect on all the wonderful memories you hold so close. Please know that you are in my heart and prayers.
I send each of you a hug from the most inner part of my heart.
Love and Peace. Sincerely: Jess
P:S I know is late but in either case I would like to say. Happy Birthday Brent.
May 04, 2006
We heard of how Brent's birthday was going to be celebrated and my family and I watched it on the internet. How proud your family must have been not only of this tribute to your son but of his precious son who stood so proud and took his duty of the day most seriously. I'm not ashamed to tell you I was crying buckets watching him stand so proud during the National Anthem. Bless you all as you move through your grief over such a tremendous loss. I'm so glad I got to see this wonderful tribute to Brent, as others have said -it lets me know as well that your son, my son, and all soldiers everywhere who gave everything are still in the hearts and minds of others and not only their families.
To the Adams family: Your Hero may not have been here on this earth to celebrate this birthday with you, but I believe he was with his family, watching, smiling, and standing proud of you all.
God Bless you all and you are in my prayers as always.
May 04, 2006
To everyone who sees this page:

April 29th Brent's birthday was a mixture of sadness, joy, pride and tears. That morning Brent's 4 year old son Daniel had a t-ball game and before the game started they played the National Anthem and we all were reminded of how proud we were of Brent and how much we miss him as the tears flowed silently down our cheeks. As we watched Daniel play t-ball that morning all we could think of was Brent and we knew he was watching over Daniel as he hit the ball, fielded a ground ball, and ran the bases holding onto his helmet. The best was yet to come later that evening when the Pittsburgh Pirates held a tribute game in memory of Brent and all the Fallen Heroes and all our courageous men and women who have served and are serving in our Armed Forces. Daniel showed so much poise and dignity for a four year old as he throw out the first pitch to his mother to pay tribute to his father's memory and to all soldiers everywhere. The Army National Guard sent a color guard to participate in the opening ceremony and as they played the National Anthem, Jack Wilson of the Pirates took Daniel's hand and held it tight. Daniel told us he drew two crosses in the dirt and later on he presented Daniel with a signed bat. It was a very emotional day for all of us but a positive way to spend the day together with family and friends to help us get through the first birthday without him. Thanks to The Pittsburgh Pirates organization and all the many wonderful friends of Brent who spent a lot of time and engery to help make this day possible. We are forever grateful for you efforts and thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Brent's family was overwhelmed at the support and outpouring of love that day to help make the celebration of Brent's birthday a little easier. We know Brent was watching from heaven that day and saw everything as Daniel opened the game with the first pitch and we know he said, "THAT"S MY BOY". We miss you so much son and not a day goes by that we don't think of you. You are forever in our hearts and minds and always were our Hero.

Your loving Mom,
May 03, 2006
I just wanted to say Thank you to you and your family for your sacrifice. Words can never tell you how much my family and I appreciate what you and your fellow soldiers do for this country. Here is a poem that I have written for our soldiers. God Bless OUR troups and the USA!! From a fellow American and proud of it!!!


May 03, 2006
To all who read this page:
April 29, 2006 is Brent's birthday. This was the first birthday spent without him and needless to say it was difficult. What helped to make a sad day a bit brighter was the fact that the Pittsburgh Pirates dedicated their game on this date to Brent and had his 4 year old son Daniel throw out the first pitch. Daniel did his job that day with both excitement and pride and his family was so proud of him as we know Brent was too. It was also broadcast to Brent's unit still serving in Iraq so they got to see this game and tribute as well. The Pirates tribute to Brent as well as all soldiers everywhere was so touching and to have Brent honored in this way is something his family nor his son will never forget. When things like happen, not only for Sgt. Adams, but for all the soldiers everywhere, it reminds us once again that these courageous men and women will truly never be forgotten. To the Pirates, his friends, his commrades, who had a hand in this event and who made it happen - THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS. And, of course, the fact that the Pirates won this game was the icing on the cake!
Happy Birthday to Brent - it was a good way to try and celebrate April 29th in a positive way.
Your Loving Step-Mom
April 29, 2006
Happy Birthday! I miss you so much and hurt so bad. I wonder how it could ever stop without you here in the world. Today we go see Daniel throw out the pitch for the Pirates. You would be so proud. I miss you more than words could ever say. I love you.
Love your litte sis,
April 27, 2006
God Bless his loved ones!!~He will never be forgotten!! You will be forever missed..

(Jamie~Navy wife)
April 27, 2006
Pam and Bill,

My Deepest Sympathy on your loss of Brent. I had written you in response to your wishes for the loss of my nephew and I wanted to post here as well. Prayers, Blessings and Strength to you. His sacrifice will be part of my prayers.
April 22, 2006
I recently saw a post you had made to a family that lost a soldier. I wanted to write you to let you know I had the pleasure and honor of knowing your son, as I served with him in Ramadi. I know there are no words that I or any of us can give to ease your loss, but my Mother thought I should share the attached message with you: it is the email I sent out to my friends and family after I first learned your son was killed. Rest assured that those of us who served with your son will never forget him.
Deepest Sympathy
Mark Kerr

Letter sent to family when we heard of Brent's death:

Subject: A Fellow Soldier's Award
I don’t know how long it has been since my last update. I imagine quite a while. For about two months now I have been moving around the country almost continuously. Although I technically moved to Balad (LSA Anaconda) a month ago, I haven’t seen it in a month. Between that and the fact that I try to never write when I am depressed or angry, I know it has been quite a delay. I decided I should probably write now to tell you about one of our sergeants, who earned the Bronze Star yesterday. Sergeant First Class Adams, headquarters company of 2/28th Penn Guard, is close friends with our chief paralegal and has spent quite a bit of time around the legal offices. A great guy, a great soldier…. He has always joked that he was glad that he was my friend… in case he ever got in trouble, he already had a lawyer.... of course, not the type of soldier to actually ever need my help. He has volunteered to drop me off and pick me from the landing zone in Ramadi a number of times. He even volunteered to teach me how to drive a HUMVEE, a true sign of his bravery… one of those rare positive people you always are happy to see cause he always seems to be upbeat about life. Yesterday, Sergeant Adams was killed by an IED while doing a routine parts run to another base. Sorry to have share this with you rather than the positive holiday message I had hoped to send and will hopefully send next week. As the numbers of dead climb well past two thousand, I just want everyone to remember that there is still a name behind every number… the name of someone’s friend, someone’s parent, someone’s child. There is laughter silenced, a lifetime of potential sacrificed. Sometime this week you will hear on the news about number two thousand and something. That number belongs to hero that gave his life; he answered his country’s call to serve. That number belongs to Sergeant First Class Adams, and he will be missed.
April 19, 2006
I am sorry for the lose of your son, father, friend and a U.S. hero. I never knew how painful it was to lose someone close, until I found out a couple of weeks ago, I lost my friend Bryan Taylor in war. No words can express how saddend I am for the lose of our heros. I know that not one word I can say, can make any of it go away. I would like to thank Pam for her kind words and words that so much comforted me in my time of need. I just hope my words can help you all in your time as well! I am sending my prayers to your family and especially Brents little one! May God be with you!
April 19, 2006
To the entire family of Brent Adams....although I have never met any of you, please accept my deepest condolences. Let us never forget the wonderful men and women who have sacrificed their lives for all of us. May he rest in peace!
April 18, 2006
Dear Adams Family,
We don't know each other, but please know that my heart aches for the loss of your hero Brent. May Brent rest in peace and love.
April 18, 2006
I am so sorry for your loss. May God be with you.
April 09, 2006
Dear Adams Family:
I am a family member of a Naval Officer, Marcques J. Nettles, who has been missing in action since April 2, 2006. In searching the Internet, looking and looking for news, I came across Mr. Adams and wanted to express my sincere condolences for your loss. I read each and every posting in his guest book, and it sure reflects that he was a wonderful man! I will include you all in my nightly prayers, as I pray for the safe return of one of my own. God Bless you and may the good Lord always keep you safe and secure.
April 06, 2006
To The Adams Family,
I read your post on my newphew's book and wanted to thank you for your kind words. I know how I am feeling loosing my nephew and cannot imagine how it would feel if it was a son or daughter. Thank you Pam for your your encouraging words. I hope God gives you strength to get through this. If I can ever do anything or if you find a need to talk, I'll listen always. Bless you all in this family and to Daniel - your daddy will live on in your memory forever.
A Proud Marine Mom
April 06, 2006
Sgt. Adams:
Thank you for your service Sgt. Adams. I am sorry that I didn't know you or get to serve with you. You gave your life for all Americans to have freedom and their life. You will not be forgotten especially by your military brothers and sisters.

To the Adams family,
I came across a post you did for my military brother and that led me to look up Sgt. Adams. I want you to know that Michael's family will be moved by your words. I know that you will not forget my brother Michael and rest assured your son will not be forgotten by me. I admit I don't usually sign these books as it is still a bit to painful for me.
How proud you must be of Sgt. Adams. His voluntary mission that took his life makes him stand out as a soldier who knew what it about which is being there for your military family. I would have been proud to have served with him.
God bless this family and especially his son.
Stay proud and stay strong
April 05, 2006
Dear Brent,
It's Mom. I miss you so much and not a day goes by that I don't think of you and mourn your loss. From the time you were concieved in my womb until your last day on earth you and your dear sister Melissa have been the light of my life. What a wonderful gift God gave me that I was the first one the day you were born to tell you I love you and the last to tell you I loved you when you called me the day before you were KIA in Ramadi, Iraq 12/1/05. Even though I know you are with our heavenly Father and are at peace in his kingdom and watching over all of us it is still hard to accept the fact that I can no longer hold or hug you or hear you voice, or see your earthly presence. But what a legacy you have let behind in your precious son Daniel. There is a an emptiness and sadness in my heart that will never go away until the day we meet again in eternity. I want to thank everyone who has expressed their support and compassion for our greiving family and have honored the memory of our special Hero Brent and acknowledge the ultimate sacrifice he has made. His sense of duty,honor faith in God and his unselfish acts to help his soldiers and others is an example for all of us to follow.

April 03, 2006
To Mrs. Pam Adams and family,

I am so sorry for your loss.. I didn't know your son but I heard about you through Mrs. Linda Whitehead; her nephew (MSG Anthony Yost) and my fiance (PFC Christopher Alcozer) were both killed in Iraq at the same time, last year... (11/19/2005). I'll be keeping you all in my prayers from now on. God is the strength of our hearts no matter how overwhelming all our experiences have been. :) Take care and God bless you always.
March 28, 2006
To Brent's family,
Words can never express how sorry I am for your loss. I did not know Brent, but he and all the other brave men and women, in uniform, have been in my prayers, for the past three years. Brent's sacrific will never be forgotten or taken for granted. Pam, thank you for helping me see that I can survive anything. You have been a God sent to me. Through you and your wonderful family, Brent's legacy will live forever. He will NEVER be forgotten. God Bless you and may HE guide you through this horrific time in your life.
Janice Lovett
March 22, 2006
To the family of Brent Adams,

I cannot image your loss and feelings of emptiness. I am so sorry. Yet, I am so thankful for heroes like Brent who gave up their comfort and security in America for the purpose of helping others in a strange land. By doing so, he helped protect the family and country that was surely dear to him. I never met Brent yet I know his efforts helped protect me. I pray the sacrifice will not be in vain.

God knows your every emotion, every hurt, your anger, grief, disbelief, loneliness, and your gut-wrenching emptiness. He knows the tears that have fallen and those yet to come. I pray He comforts you through the love of family and friends and by your own outreach and by the passing of time.

Thank you, Brent. You are a hero.
March 22, 2006
Brent I just wanted to thank you and your entire for family for the sacrifice you made for our freedom and our country. I will keep your entire family in my thoughts and prayers. And to Pam thank you for all the support you have given me with the loss of my fiance. You will always be very close to my heart. Thank you for raising such a brave and honorable man. You family will always be in my prayers. Again thank you.
March 22, 2006
To Brent's Family,
On behalf of some members of a bowling league that Pam used to belong so, we wish to say that we are so sorry for your loss and so sorry that it has taken us so long to send this message to his family. We remember the night and nights that followed that it was realized Brent was going to Iraq and the fear that was there for his safety. Some of us got to send cards to his group and phone cards to him and he became part of our extended bowling family. Our prayers go out to every member of this large and loving family. Take care of each other, look out for each other and remember someday you will all be together again. We heard of him because of his proud stepmom and we will remember this brave man for the sacrfice he has made for all of us in this country.
Some Members of Your Bowling League in Lancaster, PA
March 22, 2006
Thank you all so much for remembering Brent. He was such a great father and husband and it still doesn't seem real that he is not coming home to us. God bless all of you and please keep our families and friends in your prayers.

Marilyn Adams
March 21, 2006
Dear the Adam family, May God bless you in all you do. Your son fought in the war to protect you and me. We will always remember him in this world. Let God bring you toward your son.
March 21, 2006
Im sorry for your son Sgt. Brent A. Adams. His soul will always be you all. May God Be With You! Sincerely,Victoria (Forest Glen Middle School)
March 21, 2006
Im really sorry for your son loss he must have been the greatest fighter in combat and had a true heart.peace be with you. sincerely, jimmy mora. forest glen middle. coral springs.
March 20, 2006

I just wanted to write and tell you how much I miss you. Some days it is all I can stand to not break down. I miss talking to you and even just knowing that you were always an email or phone call away. I want you to know that I will not let others forget you. I give gunny rabbit a kiss and think of you.
Love your little sis
March 20, 2006
i am very sorry for your loss. he is in a better place now without him my freedom would not be the same. may peace be with u.

forest glen
coral springs/FL
March 15, 2006
Your son's bravery will never be forgotten. Thank you for the wonderful gift you brought into this world.
March 07, 2006
To the family of Sgt. 1st Class Brent A. Adams,
I want to tell you how sad I was upon hearing about the loss of your loved one, Brent. God bless him forever. He is a true American Hero. I will remember him and all his family in my thoughts and prayers. Please take care of each other.
March 02, 2006
To the family of SFC Brent Adams,

On hebalf of Monica, Ashley and I we would like to express our deepest sympthy in the loss of you son and brother. Although its been six months since our son and brother PFC Timothy Seamans was killed in Samarra, Iraq on 08/18/05 we too cry tears of pearls. I was very touched by Pam's entry in Tim's guest book. I have expressed the very same words you so graciously put. We want you to know that Brent is a true hero and will always be honored and remembered. We are as you say a group of families joined together forever changed. As I look at Brent's photo I see he wore a yellow band our son Tim wore a camouflaged wrist ban, but he was not wearing it the day he was killed I received it as part of his 1st shipment of personal effects given too us when we received Tim home 08/26/05. I am proud that they wore their bands. I know that Tim and Brent never knew each other, but rest assure that they are with each of their band of brothers home once again walking in the light of our Lord and Savior. May God Bless You and Keep You, May He Shine His Everlasting Light Upon You Always.

In Christ Love,

Dave Seamans
7130 Oakwood Dr.
Jacksonville, FL 32211
March 01, 2006
Dear Brent,
I just received a phone call from someone in our development we don't even know who has been thinking of you and your men still in Iraq. The girlscout troop (three little girls here in the development) are sending your men a big box of girlscout cookies in memory of you and in honor of the job your men are still doing. They have, apparently, been to your websites and read all about you. You would be so proud and it tells me again how you and the sacrifice you have made will truly not be forgotten by others. It has not gone unnoticed that this call would come on the three month anniversary of your leaving us.
Love, Pam
March 01, 2006
Dear Family,
It does not seem possible that it is three months since we lost Brent. He is in our hearts and thoughts every day and it doesn't seem much easier to be without his presence and his lovely smile. We love you and miss you Brent!
February 27, 2006
Thank you for your son's service to our country, may God bless you all--you brought a hero into this world!
February 23, 2006
To the friends and family of Brent. I pray that your memories of this handsome man with the beautiful smile will ease your pain and sorrow. He was a brave hero who left his mark on this world.
May God bless you and comfort you.
Linda Whitehead (MSG Anthony Yost KIA,Mosul 11/19/ nephew)
February 16, 2006
I know the pain that you are feeling over the loss of your loved one. I lost my nephew Sgt. Michael C. Taylor on Dec. 7, 2005 in Balad, Iraq...less than a month before he was to return home. Thank you for the sacrifices that you made, Brent, you will always be in our hearts. You are a true Hero.
February 11, 2006
Our hearts go out to your parents Brent.I did not know you, but knew your mom and what a wonderful person she is. I know she will hold you in her heart forever and when she close's her eyes for the last time, you will be waiting.
February 01, 2006
Dear Family,
Can it be that it's two months without him? It still doesn't feel any more real than it did on 12/1.
January 29, 2006
I will never foget the day we first met at the unit.That
ride to Burrgettestown was a trip.
You will not be forgotten....
January 26, 2006
My heart goes out to your family. How proud they must be of you. Thank you Brent for all that you did for my freedom! Keena Harding, Killian Drakes mommy
January 11, 2006
Another Fallen Hero – I understand what you are experiencing and feeling. I know firsthand there are not words of comfort. Just know that you are not alone. My deepest condolences, sympathy and prayers go out to the entire family. May God grant you peace and comfort.

Brent - My family and I are thankful for the Service, Courage, Bravery and Determinination to fight for our country, (our freedom) from you, my son and all the others in our armed forces. You all will not be forgotten. May you rest in peace! Thank you.

Yesterday, Today, Forever – Semper Fi - Marines!

Very Proud Marine Mom
(LCpl. Nicholas S. Perez – KIA 9-3-04 – Al Anbar Province, Iraq)
January 11, 2006
January 10, 2006
William Adams and the family of Brent;
I did not know Brent personally but heard of him many times through his Dad. My prayers are with all of you during this time. God bless Brent. You all are in my thoughts. He is now your angel and will watch over you for the rest of your lifes.
January 10, 2006
Our thoughts and prayers are with you in your time of grief. May your memories bring you comfort.
January 10, 2006
As the days pass by I still can not stop thinking of Brent. When I go to Kyle's basketball games I look at the flag as they play the Star Spangled Banner and think of the ultimate sacrifice Brent made to keep us all free. I then focus on Kyle standing there at attention knowing how precious a son can be and that I can go home at night and tell him how much I love him and give him a hug. We will always be indebted to you Brent.
Love Uncle Ron
January 03, 2006
To the Benard and the Adams families I wish I could take your pain away. When I think of the tremendous loss you have endured, I can only surmise how unbearable it must be. I don't need to tell you what a wonderful blessing Brent Adams is to his family, his church, and his country. I know you all already know that. God bless all of you. Barb, Jack and Missy thank you for being such a great influence in his life!
January 03, 2006
Marilyn and Daniel,

I was a Marine with the 2nd Division in the first Gulf War, and I am a Sprint employee. Brent was without a doubt a hero, but you two are the heroes who bear, what is to most of us, unimaginable. I will never forget the price that you both will pay your entire lives.

God bless you and give you strength.
January 02, 2006
January 01, 2006
To the wonderful family of Brent,
Our hearts and prayers are with all of you. Your Southern cousins are all thinking of you. From everything I have read about Brent since his death, all of you should be extremly proud.
Many of us have family members who are military and know what risks they take and their ultimate sacrafice they are willing to make. May God bless and be with them.
My hope for you in the future is to always convey to Daniel what a wonderful life his Dad has had and what a true Hero he is. May you all draw strength from each other to be able to endure your pain.
Love to all of you,
January 01, 2006
My heart goes out to all of you that have lost Brent. Myself, my son and daughter knew him as a child. My kids, Brent and his sister Missy were real pals and play buddies. What beautiful memories of him, and such a fun character. God now has Brent with Him to help with the work that needs to be done to prepare for others. Brent did the job he was to do here on earth, and paid the ultimate sacrifice. Daniel will know by everyones help what a wonderful Dad he had. May God bless all of you.
December 30, 2005
Pam Adams left a note in Ssgt Dan Clay's guest book - our son - one of the 10 Marines killed in Fallujah 12/1. Thank you so much for your kind words. We also are so sorry to hear about the loss of Brent. Our prayers are with your family.

It has been a comfort to us to know that these young soldiers loved and cared for the men they where with - in a way many of us will never know.

Bud Clay
December 29, 2005
to the family of sfc brent adams i am very sorry for tho death of your son husbad and father.i knew brent for about 5 years in the gaurd he was a great person.i just want to say he will be saddly missed and what a hero he is.ialso had a couison killed in irag also with your last name so good bless all of the HEROS of this war.
December 29, 2005
My heart goes out to this family for the loss of this HERO for our freedom. In reading about this soldier, I have learned of his compassion and how he would always put others before himself. His life should be an example to us all. May you find comfort with your memories and the love in your hearts. You will meet again....
December 29, 2005
An amazing man and soldier was lost and is greatly missed with us here in Iraq. Not a day goes by that I don't wish he was back here with us or safely at home. His wife and son will be in my thoughts.
December 29, 2005
I just wanted to say that although I only knew SFC Adams during the time that we spent on this deployment in Iraq, he was a great NCO, soldier and man. He always put his soldiers first. I share in your sorrow and will keep his family in my thoughts.
December 28, 2005
Thank you for your service to this great country and for your sacrifice. You are an American Hero. Rest in peace.
December 27, 2005
To Brent's family, my prayers are with you. I thank Brent for his courage and commitment to this country!
December 24, 2005
I'm proud to have had Brent as my cousin. And I am deeply sorry to my family that I could not be there for the funeral, and that I can't be there for Christmas. I hope all of you have the happiest of holidays even in a time where it might seem impossible. My prayers go out to Daniel and Marylyn.
December 21, 2005
I can't imagine the grief Brent's family is feeling at this time...the loss they will feel always. He died a soldier defending against terrorism. I can think of no nobler life.
December 21, 2005
We care and share your sorrow.
December 21, 2005
We care and share your sorrow
December 20, 2005
Melissa and Family-
My deepest sympathy to you and your family during this difficult time and may God bless you.

Please know that my prayers and thoughts are with you also.

Tracie Furman
December 17, 2005
To all of those who love and miss Brent,
There are many of us who weren't fortunate to know Brent but we are thankful for him and his selfless act of joining the military and defending the US. He is a hero to all of us.
But there are other heroes here and those heroes are YOU, his family. You also sacrificed much for the country and our safety, when you supported Brent in his decision to join the military. You are also our heroes.

I know that Daniel will grow up hearing how special his dad was and how grateful this nation is.

You are all in our prayers.
December 15, 2005
My heartfelt sympathy to the Adams family in the loss of your dear son/husband/father and hero Brent. I did not know your son, ( I lived in the Easton/Bangor PA area 50 yrs.) but my heart is broken and I am sadden for your loss of such a hero. May God bring you peace in your heart as you reflect on all the wonderful memories you hold so close. Please know that you are in my heart and prayers.
I send each of you a hug from my heart. Dad, I was touched with you taking the time to sign the guest book of Staff Sgt. Keith Bennett. With the pain of your loss you took time to write something to another fallen hero's family. I honor you for that. I see now why Brent was so special. He had a wonderful teacher.
Love and Peace

To live in the hearts
of those you leave behind
is never to die"
~Robert Orr~
December 14, 2005
I too wish to express my gratitude for all the kind words and outpouring of love for my son Brent and his family. I always thought he was an amazing man but was overwhelmed to see how many others shared my same sentiments. All the emails and letters from his fellow soliders in Iraq expressing the impact he has had on their lives and the lives of others he has touched on his journey in this lifetime; makes my heart swell with pride. No words can every express my thanks to all of you for recognizing this beloved son, devoted father, wonderful brother, soldiers soldier, and true hero who has made the ultimate sacrifice for us all. I was in awe of all the people who attended the funeral in Pittsburgh and the many who lined the streets on the way to the cementary; some waving flags and othrs leaving their cars to stand at attention and placing their hats over their hearts. My condolences and heart felt sympathy to all the other families of all the other fallen heroes.
December 14, 2005
The Adams Family
So sorry to hear about the death of
your precious son. The bible's
promises are true.There is going to
be a resurrection of the dead. Where
people will have a chance to live in
a peaceful world.
December 14, 2005
There are no words to express my gratitude to Brent and his family for the sacrifice they have made in the service of the United States of America. Brent and all of our other brave soldiers who have given their lives to keep us safe from terrorism will forever be honored and remembered. To Brent's family and friends:May God bless you and give you the courage and strength to carry on. Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers through this difficult time.
December 13, 2005
I want to thank everyone for their kind words about my son and his family. They are truly appreciated. I knew he always wanted to be of help to me but did not realize the extent of the lives he touched until his funeral service in West View, PA. I was overwhelmed by the number of people that came up to me with good things to say about my son and how he touched their lives. The attendance at his church service and burial was heart warming.
It was gratifying to read e-mail from soldiers in his unit that described the way he conducted himself in Iraq. He was called a soldier's soldier. He volunteered for the mission that cost his life so his men could rest.
My heart goes out to all those families that have had to cope with the death of someone in the service. Once again, thanks from the bottom of my heart.
December 11, 2005
Marilyn & Daniel: Words will never be enough to convey how any of us feel. Our hearts are broken and we are praying for you and your family. Brent was a wonderful father and we are saddened that he had to make the ultimate sacrifice. His selflessness was apparent. 1st Corinthians says that "Love endureth all things". We pray that you will always have the wonderful memories of Brent to comfort you and that during the coming holiday season you will feel love that he has for you, even in eternity. Brent was a peacekeeper. We pray that God will allow you and your family and friends to know the peace and security Brent sought to bring to the world. -- Your friends at A Labor of Love
December 11, 2005
My husband, Sgt. William Fernandez, also served with the 2nd BCT, 28th ID in Ramadi. He lost his life along with three others on September 19, 2005. Please know that all of Sgt. Adams' family are in my prayers. God shines a special love on heroes like Brent and Will, and we are blessed who knew these remarkable men and the selflessness of their lives.
December 11, 2005
To Marilyn, Daniel and the Family, Loved Ones and Friends of Sgt. Brent A. Adams…

Our hearts are heavy with sorrow and sadness due to the passing of your Hero Brent. Because of his sacrifice and service to our great nation, we are all able to remain safe and FREE. Mere words cannot convey the Pride and Gratitude we have for him and ask the Good Lord to watch over you all, now and always.

May HIS Angels surround you and may the memories of Good Times with Brent comfort you.

Brent will NEVER be forgotten and each time we see the flag, hear the Star Spangled Banner or celebrate any holiday, we will THANK Brent for allowing us to remain FREE and SAFE! HE is and always will be A TRUE AMERICAN HERO!

May God Bless You Always. With Huge Hugs, Love and Thanks, Monica and Heidi Narr – Pittsburgh, PA
December 11, 2005
God bless you and your family. Please know that you are in the thoughts and prayers of many.
December 11, 2005
My heartfelt condolences to your family. Your husband and father is a hero. He will always be watching you with a smile on his face and guide you through life. I will keep you all in my prayers and thoughts.
December 10, 2005
To my dearest family, some things I'd like to say...
but first of all, to let you know, that I arrived okay.
I'm writing this from heaven. Here I dwell with God above.
Here, there's no more tears of sadness; here is just eternal love.

Please do not be unhappy just because I'm out of sight.
Remember that I'm with you every morning, noon and night.
That day I had to leave you when my life on earth was through,
God picked me up and hugged me and He said, "I welcome you."

It's good to have you back again; you were missed while you were gone.
As for your dearest family, they'll be here later on.
I need you here badly; you're part of my plan.
There's so much that we have to do, to help our mortal man."

God gave me a list of things, that he wished for me to do.
And foremost on the list, was to watch and care for you.
And when you lie in bed at night, the day's chores put to flight.
God and I are closest to the middle of the night.

When you think of my life on earth, and all those loving years
because you are only human, they are bound to bring you tears.
But do not be afraid to cry; it does relieve the pain.
Remember there would be no flowers, unless there was some rain.

I wish that I could tell you all that God has planned.
But if I were to tell you, you wouldn't understand.
But one thing is for certain, though my life on earth is o'er.
I'm closer to you now, than I ever was before.

There are many rocky roads ahead of you and many hills to climb;
but together we can do it by taking one day at a time.
It was always my philosophy and I'd like it for you too...
that as you give unto the world, the world will give to you.

If you can help somebody who's in sorrow and pain,
then you can say to God at night......"My day was not in vain."
And now I am contented....that my life has been worthwhile,
knowing as I passed along the way, I made somebody smile.

So if you meet somebody who is sad and feeling low,
just lend a hand to pick him up, as on your way you go.
When you're walking down the street, and you've got me on your mind;
I'm walking in your footsteps only half a step behind.

And when it's time for you to go.... from that body to be free,
remember you're not're coming here to me.

Ruth Ann Mahaffey (author)
©Copyright 1998-2005

December 10, 2005
You are a true hero! Thank you. My prayers are with your family.
December 09, 2005
dear marilyn and daniel
i was so sorry to hear about
brent. I will always remember
how proud he was of daniel. when
daniel was in my care at the center
it was always fun to talk with
brent about daniels day. he always
liked to hear everything that went
on throughout the day and the funny
things the baby would do. You
could always sense his love for
daniel. you and your family will
be in my prayers and be assured
that brent will be greatly missed
by everyone who knew him.
kathy snyder west view,pa.
December 09, 2005
Thank You! You are a hero. May God be with your family during this time. My prayers are with your family. God Bless !!
December 09, 2005
December 09, 2005
Barb/Jack: Mom let me know about Brent last night; I can't say very much, and can barely imagine how bad it hurts. We're thinking about you, and praying for you...
December 09, 2005
To The Adams Family,
I do not know your family.I wanted to thank the brave SGT. 1 ST CLASS,Brent A Adams,for fighting for our freedom.He also fought for my freedom,my family and my children as well for our saftey.I THANK-YOU FROM MY HEART...
Praise be to the God and Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ,the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort,who comforts us in all our troubles,so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God....
May the Lord comfort him and keep him safe,until he his reunited with his loved ones in the Kingdom of God..Amen God Bless.
The Petrusky Family.
December 09, 2005
My prayers are with you and Daniel.
Dean Bonenberger's Mum
December 09, 2005
My very deep heartfelt sympathy is extended to your family. Thank you for your service Sgt. Adams. You and your fellow brothers who have fallen before you know what a truly remarkable sacrifice you have given with your life. It is a deep feeling of patriotism that calls us to serve to protect not only our fellow citizens but also the people of the world who are treated with injustice and fear. Along with this condolence, I am inserting a piece of information your Commander In Chief had shared with the country I hope it will help your family's heart heal, give them strength knowing that you will always be honored in the history of our great country. May your son grow up safe and proud knowing that his father is one of the most honorable men our country has raised. "We pray for the military families who mourn the loss of loved ones. We hold them in our hearts—and we honor the memory of every fallen soldier, sailor, airman, Coast Guardsman, and Marine. One of those fallen heroes is a Marine Corporal named Jeff Starr, who was killed fighting the terrorists in Ramadi earlier this year. After he died, a letter was found on his laptop computer. Here's what he wrote, he said, '[I]f you're reading this, then I've died in Iraq. I don't regret going. Everybody dies, but few get to do it for something as important as freedom. It may seem confusing why we are in Iraq, it's not to me. I'm here helping these people, so they can live the way we live. Not [to] have to worry about tyrants or vicious dictators. Others have died for my freedom, now this is my mark'." —President George W. Bush
December 08, 2005
I am truly sorry for your loss. Brent is a hero. I have been praying that you and your family would know God's comfort at this difficult time. May God's peace rest on you.
December 07, 2005
i am so sorry for your loss. i was just talking to you on the phone about the "flat daddy". i hope you find some peace in knowing that your husband is a hero, and he is now with God. he will always be with you and your son. please call anyone in the F.U.N. if we can do anything for you. lisa willen
December 06, 2005
December 04, 2005
God Bless( Jamie,Navy wife)
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