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George Best
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May 25, 2014
My prayers go out to the surviving family and friends may the God of comfort continue to bless you and yours especially after such a tragic loss. Please accept my deepest sympathies. 2 Cor. 1:2,3.
June 27, 2009
If there's a football team in heaven George will be in the first team because his football was simply heavenly.
A beautiful man.
Thanks for all the wonderful memories you created.
Gone but never forgotten.
July 14, 2008
At times it's hard to cope with the pain of loosing a loved one. I have found the Words from the Holy Scriptures very comforting. May you do the same.

Jehovah God made a promise to us. "And God himself will be with them. And he wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. The former things have passed away." Revelation 21:3,4
May 29, 2008
I'm sorry to hear about your loved one, I would love to share a scripture to the family at John11:25 Jesus said I am the resurrection and the life, he that exercises faith in me even though he dies, will come to life.
January 08, 2008
George you were and always will be the original superstar of the are gone but never forgotten.
November 13, 2007
I loved watching George Best play football in England when I was a kid. I had his football card and I cherished it. Godspeed.
October 25, 2007
the best never die
March 22, 2007
You were an inspiration to us all George. You will be remembered for ever and ever. And some day i hope to see you. RIP
January 19, 2007
George I met you twice..
Can't really explain why, but you made a lasting impression on me and even now I get sad and cry a tear when I think of you.
Till the day I die I will always treasure the joy of having shook your hand.
Rest in peace George.
January 09, 2007
His middle name was THE. You dont need to say anymore
January 04, 2007
he was the best football player every wel miss him.
January 04, 2007
there will be no other footballer like him .he was simple the best.
November 28, 2006
Greatest of all time, dazzling footwork.My idol as a kid.
November 19, 2006
It still hasn't sank in. It just doesn't seem real. :(
November 08, 2006
Nobody has scored six against us since!!
thank goodness!!

what aload of cobblers, thanks for the memorys George
September 24, 2006
August 19, 2006
What can you say about the idol of sport
A genius, a legend - that's what we thought
Revered by millions, loved such a lot
With talent like his, how could we not?
The golden boy of soccer, a hero in sport
Finally given the peace he sought
July 14, 2006
safe i miss u a lot u was thr best footballer eva u ganstar
June 30, 2006
George Best was my hero! I hope that he rests in peace and i will never forget him. He was also a great legend and a friendly person even on and off the pitch. I don't think that anyone will forget him, he is da best. :'( Miss you loads alivia)
June 30, 2006
George Best was my hero! I hope that he rests in peace and i will never forget him. He was also a great legend and a friendly person even on and off the pitch. I don't think that anyone will forget him, he is da best. :'( Miss you loads sarah londonderry)
May 26, 2006
George will always be the best he is
forever in my heart. I knew you in the seventies I loved you then and
still do.
Always remembered
May 24, 2006
George best was one of the greats of British football and is up there with Pele.
May 22, 2006
i was there George the day you scored against Banks and remember the 3 goals against Cyprus the last from taking a corner.thanks for the memorys, to a true genius and a gentleman.cheers George
May 13, 2006

We morn for you. But all along we knew that guys like us go hard, guys like us burn bright. St. Jude protect us.
May 09, 2006
George was a beautiful man who could play the beautiful game.He is now at peace and is safe where nobody can ever hurt him again.Good night and God Bless You my Hero,the World's Belfast Boy,I will always Love you and you will always be deep in my heart.xxxxx
April 28, 2006
hello this a friend diego maradonna from argentina i love you so much some football player
December 23, 2005
As a Leeds United fan, I have nothing but respect for this genius of a footballer, 2 words... 'THE BEST'
December 21, 2005
Good Night and God bless To the best..'Our Georgie Best'. An absolute Gem and amazing sporting hero. The memories will live on forever and for all the RIGHT reasons. xxx
December 16, 2005
Millions of people will miss you
Millions will mourn and regret
The passing of a great British hero
We all knew, but most never met

The world looked on in wonder
At the handsome Belfast boy
Who showed off his footballing talents
And filled everyone with joy

A privilege to watch your performance
An honour you played in our team
Such skill so rare and so magic
The best the world has ever seen

The memories will live on forever
Of the footballer, the legend, the man
In the hearts of the United faithful
And every true football fan

For those who loved and adored you
Mere words just cannot express
So farewell from all at Old Trafford
Goodnight George, and God Bless.

John and Sandra Riley
December 09, 2005
3 words
Simply The Best
Farewell But Not Goodbye
December 09, 2005
George Was A Footie Legend, One Of A Kind & There Will Be No Other Like Him. He Is Loved My Many Across The World For His Footie Skills & For The Man He Was.

The BELFAST BOY Came Home To Us For One Last Time, To Be Laid To Rest In Peace & Finally Hes Back Where He Belongs.

My Thoughts Go Out To The Family Of George At This Hard Time In Their Lives, Losin A Loved One Is Never Easy, He Was A Son, A Father, A Brother & Above All A Friend.

R.I.P Georgie You Were Simply The BEST, May You Find Peace & Happiness Now Your At Rest, Your Memory Will Live On In Our Hearts & Minds.

George Best Gone But Will Never Be Forgotten.

Goodnite & Godbless

With All My Love Amy

December 09, 2005
My deepest condolences to the family, and I wish them all the very best to overcome this time of hardship. George Best was without a doubt one of England's greatest football players who contributed largely to the confederation.
December 09, 2005
He was the best!
December 08, 2005
He was the best and no1 can take his place, i feel for his family and his fans but mainly his family and i am glad 2 see that so many people turned out at stromount for his funeral. May he rest in peace, he may be gone but he sure wont be forgotten
December 08, 2005
Im 14 f from belfast but there is no uk in the thing above!
i never really got to see you playing football but i have heard from every one that you were a legend and you will never be forgotten R.I.P mebye ill meet you soon!!
December 08, 2005
you gave the best years of your life to united
thank you
dean attrill
December 07, 2005
ill will miss you , you were simply the best
December 06, 2005
George was to football as Bruce lee was to martial arts, he maybe was not the thee BEST of all time, however one of thee greatest.

December 06, 2005
george best your a legendXXX
December 06, 2005
A sensation to football he'll be sadly missed
December 06, 2005
unfortunatly i am too young to have seen George Best play but i have the old videos and his autobiography he was the most intellagent player of his era and he could maybe even challenge the most talented in this day and age i hope his soul is rested and moved on
December 05, 2005
Growing up around Manchester how could I not be mezmorised by you`re talent.You are the reason I am still a life long Manchester United fan.The day you passed on to the real theatre of dreams I felt I lost part of my youth.
We asked for a god and god gave us you!
Thanks George!
December 04, 2005
ti ho conosciuto solo guardando il film... sei il migliore Best
December 04, 2005
George Best was my hero! I hope that he rests in peace and i will never forget him. He was also a great legend and a friendly person even on and off the pitch. I don't think that anyone will forget him, he is da best. :'( Miss you loads Gemma x o x o x
December 04, 2005
I would like to send my deepest sympathy to all the Best family. I am not really a football fan but I grew up knowing about George Best, I thought that he was a fantastic player, and all I have to say is that is Legend will live on and on, I will never forget George Best the wonderful genius.
Luv from Jennie
December 03, 2005
so sorry.
December 03, 2005
Good Bye George, You would have been pleased at the crowds turn out to pay there respects,the beloved boy from Belfast.
Billy and family
December 03, 2005
Good Bye George, You would have been pleased at the crowds turn out to pay there respects,the beloved boy from Belfast.
Billy and family
December 03, 2005
I would like to send my deepest sympathy to George's family at this time, George was a total gentleman and to have known him was a honour that some people had. there will never bee another footballer nor a human being like him again. I hope all his family and friends find peace in the near future. I am not a fan of football but i watched the funeral this morning and my heart and prayers go to his family at this time. i found this poem which i thought would remenber him well. A beautiful nature, a heart of gold, your loss to us can never be told, we hold our tears when we speak your name, but the ache in our hearts will always remain, no words we write will ever ever say how much we miss you day by day simple words but very true, we will always love you and remember you.
December 02, 2005
The belfast boy is a legend. Maradona was good. Pele was better. But George was Best!
December 02, 2005
A star from our wee country , Northern Ireland, who showed the world how to play football. He will never be forgotten , here or throughout the world.
December 02, 2005
sorely missed
December 01, 2005
May you finally find the peace you so richly deserve,you were the best player Manchester United ever had. We can't always choose the path our life will take, but may it comfort your family to know the great love that was felt for you from your true fans.Rest in Peace George,with the knowledge that your legend will live on.
December 01, 2005

Gone but, not forgotten
November 30, 2005
Georgie: Thank you for the signing your photograph in 1981 when you were playing for the quakes. My daughter, whom now plays soccer has it framed in her room. When I gave her the photo, I told her "Here's the best soccer player-ever!"

God bless your soul.

John Borrelli
November 30, 2005
RIP George a wizard on the field though a blackburn fan like others loved to see you play who else could be so cheeky and get away with it not in this day and age if you got tackled you were up and into it not rolling on the ground so looks like jc will be playing mid field now your there so long magician
November 30, 2005
you gave so much to so many people god bless you and rest in peace
November 29, 2005
At least JC will be able to play in your side now, in the Heaven eleven. You were the greatest I ever had the opportunity to see. God bless you
November 29, 2005
You will always be special to
all South Africans,I was lucky
to serve you,at a cocktail party
at the Rand stadium.What a wonderful man you were.
November 29, 2005
RIP Georgie!

"My candle burns at both ends;
It will not last the night;
But ah, my foes, and oh, my friends--
It gives a wondrous light!"

Just about sums George up!
November 29, 2005
This one is for you George. Thanks for the memories...Rest in Peace:

"There is a power to make each hour
As sweet as heaven designed it
Nor need we roam to bring it home
Though few there be that find it
We seek too high for things close by
And lose what nature gives us
For life hath here no charm so dear
As home and friends around us."

Walter Magill(Belfast & Canada)
November 29, 2005
R I P the very best Best
November 29, 2005
Some months after his liver transplant I met George Best when he was touring England with another football genius, Jimmy Greaves. Not only was George Best one of the greatest footballers of his time he was also very witty, charming and great company. I was privileged watching him play for Northern Ireland in the seventies and was particularly proud that I should also hail from Georgie's home city Belfast where so many youngsters in my early days in local streets kicked a ball made out of newspapers! Something I suspect that George indulged in. He is a legend in his his own own right and will never be forgotten. Godbless you George and your family!
November 29, 2005
I will remember George Best as the greatest footballer with the warmest personality and that sparkle in his eyes. You were my hero George. Rest in Peace x
November 29, 2005
I have been a fan of George since he first pulled on a Manchester United jersey and walked on to the field at Old Trafford. What magic, what skill, what a joy he was to watch.

I was living on an army barracks in Northern Ireland in 1972 and beacuse of the 'Troubles' and the death threats from the IRA the Northern Irish team trained by playing the squaddies.

After the practice match us kids were allowed to meet them. I got George's autograph and asked if he would score me a goal. 'Sure' he grinned. He scored three that night.

I shall miss you George, I hope that you have fun up there and form a great football team with Sir Matt and the other Busby Babes that have been waiting for you.

Rest in Peace Mate!
November 28, 2005
as a soccer coach to young kids,my wish is to have them emulate the beautiful skill of George Best.THANK YOU
November 28, 2005
growing up in the village in waterford ireland, we all wanted to be georgie best , need we say no more will lace them up again sat and remember what an inspiration the man from the north really was, rest in peace
November 28, 2005
Rest in peace george and make room up there as a legened is coming through. you are in every ones memory for being a soccer legend
R.I.P best
November 28, 2005
I met George when I was 9 years old in San Jose. My friend's family knew a place that the players went to after matches, and George would invariably be there. He ended up shooting darts with my dad on occasion, and he took a bit of a shine to me, as I sat there on the bar stool next to him, with my chin on the counter. He talked to me and bought me a Sprite to drink. I met his wife, at the time, and sat with her at some of the games. I knew he was our best player, but I had no idea who exactly he was... I found out a bit more when we had a summer soccer camp where George showed up. Alot of the kids were screwing around, but some of us were really paying attention to everything George said or did those few days. To this day, I still strike the ball a certain way that he showed me... I received an autobiography from my parents and George signed it for me, and it was here where I started reading about this team in England called "Manchester United" where he won alot of trophies and scored alot of goals... I was soon asking my dad to save me the Sports pages if anything from English football related to them was mentioned - it wasn't easy as they were mostly crap. My friend's family would get tapes of matches sent over occasionally, and we would watch all the matches we could that way... and that was about all we could do at the time, until satellite TV started to get more popular and matches were soon available. This is where everything ramped up for me. Of course, since the NASL folded, my parents and I would go on to support MLS teams in any city we lived - San Jose Clash, LA Galaxy, and now, for me, DC United. I've been to Old Trafford and it was surreal to see the pitch in which my team plays, and the museum that had information on my childhood hero - I spent an hour at the video replay kiosk watching every goal from George Best they had. We also took the rail to PNE's ground to see the George Best exhibit at the Football Hall of Fame. I have plenty of George Best memorabilia, and I'm always arguing with my friends about Georgie being the best ever player... I'm upset and disappointed with George for the choices he made in his life, but I'm not fit to judge him - and I hope I'm never in his shoes (so to speak) when talking about addictions to alcohol and/or gambling so that I can be. He's been a lifelong footballing inspiration for me, and I'll never forget him. He was a very kind person, despite his flaws, and the genius of genius footballers. I'll miss him and the world seems darker to me since his passing.

Rest in peace, George. I will miss you.
November 28, 2005
You gave all soccer fans some great memories. You were like a rock star and called the fifth Beatle. You helped bring Enland it's first European Cup. You gave and gave and gave.
Thank you George, you were the BEST.
November 28, 2005
The best ball player ever.
November 28, 2005
I saw him in person as a member of the San Jose Earthquakes. What a goal... he dribbled around five opponents and six team mates before he put the ball into the net!!!
November 28, 2005
There's only one George Best a true star a footbal player and above all a Man
November 28, 2005
I remember being impressed after reading in a 1968 Sports Illustrated when George was "Footballer of the Year". As a photographer for the Atlanta Chiefs from 1979 to 1980, I was lucky enough to see Geroge play in person. He still had it. We will miss you George.
November 28, 2005
Georgie an absolute legend, wizard on the pitch will neva be forgotten
November 27, 2005
All I can say is, "Thanks for the memories!"
November 27, 2005
Georgie was well-named and well-loved... the Best! Hope he's reunited with the other wonderful soccer players who went before him.

Rest In Peace, George!
November 27, 2005
Thank you for the inspiration!
November 27, 2005
I was there when you scored the NASL's greatest goal. What a thrill! Your talent has never been forgotten and number 11 lives on with my family. Rest in Peace, Bestie.
November 27, 2005
george you were a heroe and we will always remember you (r.i.p)
November 26, 2005
When I was 11-12 years old, I met George Best twice during the years he was with the San Jose Earthquakes. Once he signed a soccer ball for me at a pre-game autograph session, and another time he came to my youth soccer practice and helped us with our drills. He was very kind and posed for a picture with me which I still have today. I remember the game he dribbled through the 5 defenders in the goal box and scored. He was an amazing soccer player. In San Jose, he was known as The "Incomperable Number 11". Rest In Peace, Mr. Best.
November 26, 2005
Coming from County Antrim, N.I. I remember watching Georgie play for Ireland against England and everytime he had the ball, England quaked. Thanks for the great memories, you were a hell of a guy.
No one will fill your studs.
November 26, 2005
George Best is probally one of the greatest soccer players of all time. One of my favorite moments of Best career is when he scored 2 goals in the 1st 12 minutes in the european champions league against Benfica. Best will be remember as the greatest player in Manchester United.

RIP Best number 7
November 26, 2005
One of the great players of all time. Just a fantastic dribbler, and I still get chills whenever I see his highlight runs and goals. Rest in Peace George!
November 26, 2005
I worked for the San Jose Earthquakes from 1978-1982. This is a sad day for all of us who knew and admired George Best. One of my responsibilities was to keep track of George and make sure he was staying out of trouble. The one year that George stayed sober he was a terrific player even in his 30's. I have a copy of the goal he scored against Ft. Lauderdale at Spartan Stadium. It is one of the msot athletic events I have ever seen.

Thank you George for the memories, there will never be another one like you.
November 26, 2005
I grew up in the west coast of Ireland and Georgie Best was my idol. With the exception of Pele and Johann Cruyf, we will never see that flair and magic again.
Georgie Rest in Peace.
November 26, 2005
November 26, 2005
Your in peace now with your mum love you lots geordie the irish will always love you
November 26, 2005
Your in peace now with your mum love you lots geordie
November 26, 2005
I saw Mr Best play in the NASL against the Tampa Bay Rowdies it was later in his playing days but the great skills were still there. The football world has lost a true legend and we have lost a true gentleman, God bless you & your family
November 25, 2005
I remember seeing George Best playing football on Italian T.V. He will and always be one of my favourite players.
Always, Julie d'Almeida
November 25, 2005
Save a table for me.
November 25, 2005
God bless you George and may you rest in peace,you were one of my idiols.
November 25, 2005
One of the greatest football players of all time. I first saw George play when I was stationed at RAF Bentwaters, Suffolk with the USAF in 1968. WOW! When he got the ball, it was pure magic. My wife(from Suffolk) was one of his biggest fan and is extremely upset by his passing. Rest in peace George.
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