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Justin Arnold Anderson 1989-2006
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May 12, 2015
Thinking of you in the days leading up to Relay for Life. <3
May 04, 2010
Hey bud, I have been in a pretty hard slump the past couple of months....it is time to live life. I love you.
December 08, 2009

today i was playing games and i was thinking of all the times we use t play together. even though it seemed like i hated you and we were fighting i loved you more than anything. i really miss you playing gsmes with me, beating me up, and having fun. but one day we will see eachother again, it may seem like forever but i hope the time goes by fast. I hope your having fun up there. Your brothe austin< I LOVE YOU!!!
December 05, 2009
I love you Justin...
November 21, 2009
Hi sweetie, thinking of you, missing you, hard to believe it is already your 3rd birthday in heaven. Loving you, Gmom Jan
November 15, 2009
Hi Bud

Three years have gone by and I miss you just as much as ever. I think of you everyday of your sense of humor, your laughter your wit . I miss you so much...Rosemary
August 05, 2009
I'm always thinking about you bud...I really miss you...Love, Mom
December 16, 2008
Hi Justin, thinking about you today, think about you a lot of days. Cry a little, laugh a little, loved those tee shirts with the "pithy" sayings. Holiday time, missing you. 'Till we meet again. Grandmom Jan
November 16, 2008
I can't believe it has been 2 years already. I miss you as much as the day you left us. A part of me died when you did. I don't understand why you had to get sick. Life is not fair. Until I see you again, I will always try to think of the good times. Your always on my mind, in my heart and in my soul. I will never forget you! I love you very much Justin. And I WILL SEE YOU AGAIN!!!
I can't wait!
Love always, Mom
August 22, 2008
I Love You Angel!
June 25, 2008
Your always on my mind!
I Love you and miss you very much!
I can't wait to see your smiling face again! I'm gonna give you the biggest hug and kiss ever!
April 29, 2008
I Love You Justin!

Someday we'll be together again! :o)

Miss you Bud!

Love Always, Mom
March 17, 2008
Hi sweetheart,
Just thinking of you (as always) so I figured I would write. I can't believe it has been 16 months since I last saw you, held your hand or told you that I loved you. I miss you sooo much but it gives me comfort to know that you are no longer in anymore pain and you don't have to go through everything that you did. It seems as though I'm always thinking about life, what is it all about? Sometimes I think hell is on earth! Don't get me wrong, there are good things here and life can be fun, sometimes! I guess maybe if I was in a different position, if I had healthy kids and we lived a comfortable lifestyle, I would see life as being a lot of fun. But you know what Justin? I would not have traded anything in the world to walk in my shoes. You taught me so much about life. What is important and what is not, like strength, courage, unselfishness and most of all love! I think I finally figured out what life is all about, it is about love. Giving love, showing love and receiving love. You taught me those things son! You have no idea how proud you make me! I knew since you were a baby that you were going to grow up to be something big, someone important. I believe in my heart and soul that you accomplished that! So many people hear the name Justin Anderson and an immediate smile comes to their face. Many people have told me how you touched them, how you changed their life. Justin, I know in my heart and soul that God had something planned for you in Heaven and whatever it is, I know it is big. Until it is my turn to go to Heaven (I can't wait for that day at times!) I will continue to survive on all the wonderful memories you left me. We are not immortal and soon we'll all be a family again, in Heaven, for eternity! Now that is what life is all about!
Love, Mom
February 29, 2008
Sometimes, I can still hear your voice. You aways told me you love me and I can still hear you say it exspecially when the pain of missing comes back,your voice comes to me so clearly. I reach out to put my arms around you and give you a big hug but all I hug is air. I so much want to touch you. So, Justin grandma is hugging you in her heart all the time. Maybe I cannot physcially feel it but I close my eyes and see it. I close my eyes and I see your life and many of the memories of you are still so very good. But when I remember what you went through, the pains rips and tears through every living cell and emotion my body carries, so violently that it takes my breath away. I stand still, then I remember your strength, your bravery, your patience your kindness and love,and how boldly you walked through your hell on earth, then I breath again, stand up and carry on with the life I have left. But, aways missing you. I LOVE JUSTIN !
Grandma Karen
February 10, 2008
I love you and miss you VERY much Justin, You Are ALWAYS on my mind, in my heart and in my soul!
Until we meet again buddy! :o)
Love, Mom
February 09, 2008
i love you so much and i miss you beating on me and playing halo and stuff like that

I love and miss you.
December 31, 2007
Dear Justin,
You may have left this world, but you did not leave the hearts of those who love and cared for you. I know you are in a peaceful and happy place, and you are leading others to be there too through your inspiring courage in the face of pain. You were well loved and will always be remembered.
December 25, 2007
Merry Christmas Justin, I hope you had a good day in Heaven!
Miss you lots and love you so much!
December 22, 2007
November 22, 2007
Happy Thanksgiving Justin, I Love You!

November 15, 2007
Hi Justin,

I can't believe it has been a year since I last saw you. The time seems to just have flown by. I guess in a way, that is good. I honestly don't think today is any different from any other day this past year. I still feel the same, hurt the same, love you the same and miss you the same. However, I think I miss you more and more, as everyday goes by.
This past year I have thought a lot about what our purpose is here on earth. I believe our purpose is to give, learn and love one another, unconditionally. You taught me all those things Justin. You were truly an amazing person. I wish everyone in the world could have known you, they all would have loved you. I still find it amazing on how many lives you really touched. I think because of you, you saved a lot of people and got them believing in God. I know because of you, I'm a lot closer to God.
Being here at the Ronald McDonald House is hard at times. There are a lot of kids here with cancer, a lot of teenagers. There is one in particular that gets me choked up every time I see him. From behind he looks so much like you. At times, I just want to walk up and hug him, and kiss his bald head. It breaks my heart to see these kids go through the pain they are going through, but at the same time, a part of me is so relieved that you don't have to do it anymore. I'm sorry you had to go through what you did. If I could have traded places with you, I would have, in a heart beat.
Justin, I know your in Heaven, probably having the time of your life. I hope you can look down on us and know just how much we all love and miss you. Knowing I will someday be with you, surviving on all my wonderful memories of you, gives me great peace and comfort.
Until that day comes, I will think about you, miss you, love you and talk about you everyday for the rest of my life, that I promise!
Until we meet again! I Love You Justin!
Love Always, Mom
October 25, 2007
Hey Justin,I cant believe its almost been a year since the last time I saw you. I miss you more and more everyday. I cant wait for the day when I can see you again. When I can run up to you and hug you. I remember sitting in church with you and just talking about anything and everything. I miss thoughs moments and cant wait to share them with you again. We are going to have alot to talk about so be ready for me ok. I love you so much and your in my prayers.
Love Kerryann
September 23, 2007
Hi justin,

I just want to say that your always on my mind and I miss you SO much! I know I will see you again but until that day comes, I will ALWAYS think of you, dream of you and LOVE you with all my heart and soul.

Love Always, Mom
August 11, 2007
Justin. I hate to be cliche but there are no words to express how much I truly love you. My most cherished memories include you. God used you to save me from eternal damnation. I am still a target of sin, but no longer a slave. I have been set free! My heart for the first couple of months broke everytime I thought of you. I couldnt even stand Krysta sleeping in your room the first night you left us because she turned on the light and it hit my face in the most familar way. Memories rushed back into my mind of when you got up in the wee hours of the morning to use the bathroom. But since I have been set free not all but a lot of that pain went away. Now most of the time I think of you I am filled with joy. I sincerly believe that all the pain will never go away. That hint of hurt will be a constant reminder of just how much I loved you. You were my role model. There were only a few things that I have done that you did not approve of and now that I look back on them, you were right, just like always. Even with the guidence of God there is stil a part of me that is lost. That part of me will be lost forever on this Earth. There are so many memories that Im going to make in the future without you and I have had a really hard time with that lately. I have been searching my heart to find comfort with this. I know that you are not with us anymore in body you are always with us in spirit. I looked up to you for everything. I didnt realize how much I followed you until you were gone, and I was lost. You have taught me a lot in the past. There are two things that riegn true. I have everything I need at home already and I didnt realize it before but I have a loving family. You have taught me well that family is the most important thing in the world. Also life may be short, but its certainly not about the quantity of life rather its the quality that truly matters. This is really true with you man. You might not have lived a long life but your life is certainly not significant because it was short. You lived out your life very well and I am very proud to say that you are my brother. You have inspired me to live out my life to its fullest potential. I will be able to truly live because you died. My passion for life burns so hot now. I do have my down moments but I have never been more passionate about life. You did not lose your battle with cancer. God simply took you off the front line and put you on a permanent vacation. There is a quote by a man named Arthur Ashe that goes,"True heroism is remarkably sober, very undramatic, it is not the urge to surpass all others at whatever cost, but the urge to serve others at whatever the cost." The cost was your life. Your battle, slow, sober, you my friend are a true hero. My hero. My bestfriend. My brother. Thank you for living out your wonderful life loving me as you did. You will always be in my heart, my future wifes heart, and my future childrens heart. I cant wait to see your face again, even if I have to die a very old man. It will be well worth the wait. Thank you for the memories. I love you.
August 07, 2007
Hello my friend,
Ten years ago, my dad was stationed to Fort Carson. We moved into the duplex connected to yours. Looking back, I can honestly say that the time we were granted together was the best part of my childhood. You left us on my 19th birthday, and as a tribute to you and a present for myself, I had your name tattooed on my back. I carry you with me always, in my heart, in my mind, in my soul, and now in my flesh. I love you.
July 07, 2007
Hi Justin,
I think of you all the time and miss you alot. Today is my birthday and I know you are thinking of me. Life is too short here on earth. It won't be long and I will be with you forever. Say hi to all my family for me. Take care, I love you.
Grandpa Tony
May 12, 2007
Hi honey,
Its hard to believe you have been gone almost 6months . I miss you so much,your sweet smile,your sense of humor ,your courage and understanding. I especially miss seeing your precious face and you know how much I love your brown eyes. I love you so much

love Rosemary aka other grandma
May 04, 2007
Happy 18th Birthday Son!
Miss You & Love You!
April 25, 2007
I really miss you...
March 30, 2007
Hi bud!
I can't believe it has been over 4 months since I have seen you. I miss you so much, at times it seems so unbearable but some how I manage to go on. I know your pain free and having a good time in Heaven. I guess that is what gets me through day to day. I know in my heart, I will see you again! I hope you are the one greeting me when it is my turn!
I love you so much son!
Love, Mom
February 27, 2007
You continue to inspire. Thank you for showing me the way and for sharing your family. I'm forever changed.
January 31, 2007
My deepest sympathy goes out to the Anderson family at this time. I will add you to my prayer book.
January 21, 2007
Justin, I never had the pleasure of meeting you, but who knows, someday in heaven we just might run across one anothers paths, so I hope. I feel all the pain you had suffered during your very short life and wish you had never had to of endured such pain. You seem like a super kid! I'm presently a single guy in my late thirties looking forward to starting my own family through the process of adoption. I'm hoping to adopt a boy cause I've always wanted a son. And I'm praying that my future adoptive son will turn out to be just as nice, happy, cheerful and brave as you. Hopefully we'll meet someday in heaven Justin. Yours truly, (a stranger to you who feels the pain that you had to once live with) rest in peace my friend.
January 08, 2007
I Love You Justin!
January 05, 2007
I miss you soo much! I know you are in a better place now. I love you and I will see you soon! Love you ~ Brittany ~
December 27, 2006
Justin. I remember you from when you were younger in Colorado. We would all spend hours playing outside or in your room playing video games. I have missed you and always kept you in my heart as a friend. Love Nichole
December 27, 2006
You were a beautiful kid and turned into a strong and courageous young man. Memories of horsing around with you and Joey always bring so much joy to my sons, and I want to thank you for being such a source of happiness to my family. In our hearts you will forever be a wide eyed, toothy grinned, care free boy. Rest in peace sweet Justin.
December 21, 2006
I miss you much! When I go to your house, I still expect to see you sitting on the end of the sofa reading a book, using your lap top or rapped up in your blanket. I see your car and I can still see you with your cute bald head and dark sun glasses. You are so handsome. I miss you so much, Love forever. Grandma Karen
December 18, 2006
Dear Justin, I miss you so much, every time I see a teen wearing a hooded sweat shirt, my heart leaps. I know you are safe a cared for, but I miss you. Love Grandma Jan
December 18, 2006
I miss you so much. I miss your smile,your humor,your beautiful brown eyes that would melt my heart and your silky hair. You were so brave and fought such a hard battle. I will miss you everyday of my life. You are my hero. I love you so much...
December 16, 2006
I miss you so much Justin! You're my hero! I love you so much, I'll be with you soon, I promise! Love always your lil sis,
November 23, 2006
Lori, and family. You are all still in my prayers. That Justin is happy and pain free, and that all of you will find a place eventually where you will remember him without the hurt, but with a smile for the time you had together, and the knowledge eventually you'll meet up with him again. Please take care of eachother.
November 23, 2006
As the mother of 2 teens, my heart hurts for you & your family. I could not stop crying when I read of your beautiful son & his courage. I did not know Justin, but he has been in my thoughts & prayers. God Bless
November 22, 2006
Lori,Doug,and kids...I am very sorry for your loss and you are in the thoughts and prayers of me and my family.
November 21, 2006
We are so sorry about your loss, we will keep your family in our prayers. God bless you all at this time. sincerely,
Terry Buffington/Ahlsten and family
November 21, 2006
My thoughts and prayers are with you in your time of grief. May your memories bring you comfort.
November 21, 2006
No bond is as great as that between a parent and child. My deepest condolences are with you as you grieve.
November 21, 2006
November 21, 2006
Our hopes and prayers are that God will strengthen and comfort you. Justin was a great example to all of us about enduring hardship and finding comfort in Jesus Christ,family and friends.
November 21, 2006
I didn't know Justin but the words expressed by his Mom hit me in such a way that I can't wait to get home and hug my kids. Words cannot express the sorrow you must feel. I hope you can hold on to the memories and good times your son provided. God Bless You.
November 21, 2006
My thoughts and prayers are with you all. Sincerely jennifer petra-potter