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Sgt. Justin F. Hoffman
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October 17, 2017
Not a day goes by that I don't think of you. I talk to you often and I know that you are with me. I feel you here. 12 years and it still hurts like it did the day we got the news. Time does not heal all wounds. I miss my best friend more than ever.
Love and miss you
July 08, 2017
Sgt. Justin,
I am so proud my family and I got to spend time with Mr. Hoffman in our busy life's. About a month back my little brother (Billy Crockett) MARINE found a red rock near the New Mexico /Texas border between Amarillo Tx, and Albuquerque NM. with the name Hoffman. On the back side #neverforget325 with a short description. Billy carried Mr. Hoffman with his family for a couple weeks. Mr. Hoffman was passed to my by Billy at my little sisters memorial in Hobbs NM. My family escorted Mr. Hoffman to Las Cruces by the way of Intrepid Potash, Waste Isolation Piolet Plant (WIPP). Cloud Croft NM then Las Cruces NM. The Crockett's included Mr. Hoffman in several family functions. My 2 youngest grandsons birthdays, Mr. Hoffman also was in the Cloud Croft NM Independence day parade July 4th. Today my family transfer Mr.. Hoffman to some very dear friends in Timberon NM at their cabin. Mr. John and Donna Mersman will escort Mr. Hoffman thru their journeys then place Mr. Hoffman to other friends and family. I am so very proud my family was a participant in #neverforget325Hoffman. I believe my family can do what they do due to what Mr. Hoffman gave. ALL GAVE SOME AND MR. HOFFMAN GAVE ALL. Mr. Hoffman will always be in my life and memories. I and 60 years old. Retired from 32plus yrs in the underground potash mines outside Carlsbad NM . I too am a Army Vet. 8/74 to 8/77 during Vietnam. I was lucky and did not serve in combat but would fight if my orders directed. I believe God had a hand in me not going to combat. This is on my heart all the time and eats at my soul. Mrs. Hoffman I am so very sorry for your loss. I WILL NEVER FORGET MR. HOFFMAN. GOD bless Mr. Hoffman your family and AMERICA
May 28, 2017
Remembering you and your Marine brothers this Memorial Day weekend Justin. Your sacrifice will never be forgotten....
I'll miss you till we meet again in heaven.
Love you forever~
May 08, 2016
Thank you for your service Justin.
November 10, 2015
Thinking of you on the Marine's Birthday today. I miss you.
March 05, 2015
Justin, just thinking how much I wish the pain of you not being here would pass. it will be ten years and everyday I think of you and i just want to cry. semper fi son.
February 03, 2014
Though it is almost 9 years later, still think of your family's sacrifice with Sgt. Justin Hoffman's, your son and brother's, life. Fair winds and following seas, Marine.
November 28, 2013
Justin is in my thoughts all the time. Thanksgiving was so Justin, with the tradition and family. I so wish he could have met his niece, Madison, he would have really loved her. Sender Fi son.
September 15, 2013
Thank you SGT Justin Hoffman for your service & sacrifice for our country.
August 04, 2013
Eight years later, we all still remember and thank you for your service. You will always be missed and loved. We are bless to know that you are with the Lord. Looking forward to seeing you again in Heaven. Love from your aunt.
June 04, 2013
My husband worked with Justin at Cardinal Health. He was a funny, smart and overall great guy. I remember him visiting us in the hospital when we had our second child. I asked if he would like the hold the baby and I could see fear in his eyes! She was so small! I was just so impressed this young guy would take the time out of his day to come and see our baby and to support us! It meant a lot! We continue to miss him each day!
March 31, 2013
We would like to express our deepest condolences and also to let the Hoffman Family know that we recently sent Care Packages to American troops in the war zones. Each box carried a dedication sheet that includes the name, service information and photo of your loved one. We recognize that this is a humble tribute, but we wanted you to know that it is heartfelt and made possible by thousands of like-minded individuals in the youth hockey community and beyond. We will not forget. May God Bless you and keep you strong.
Charlie Gili & Family
On Behalf of the US Hockey Players Support Our Troops Campaign
August 03, 2011
To the family and friends of Sgt. Justin F. Hoffman:
Please accept my remembrance of Justin on the anniversary of his passing and know that he will never be forgotten.
August 03, 2011
Our fallen heroes will never be forgotten!
April 22, 2011
I am not a friend of the family but i too have experiened the death of a lovd one. Through my studies of the Bible i have learned that there will be a time when we will see our dead loved ones again. There will also be "no more death, sickness, or pain anymore". I hope that this information will comfort you like it has comforted me an dmy family.
August 05, 2010
Thank you for your words of encouragement, support and prayers over this past five years.
It has been an unbelievable journey and I now know that I will ALWAYS miss Justin’s smile and mischievous spirit.
I look with assurance to my Faith in Jesus knowing that our reunion in heaven will be beautiful… in His time.
My love and thanks to all who have shared cherished stories and kind words, and offered generous prayers for me and my family.
Please know that the comfort and courage that you have offered is continually being shared with other Gold Star families and those in need that God brings across my path.
Much love and many blessings,
Proud Mother of Justin F. Hoffman
August 03, 2010
To the family and friends of Sgt. Justin F. Hoffman:
Remembering Justin on the anniversary of his passing. May our fallen heroes never be forgotten!
Peggy Childers
"Don't Let The Memory Of Them Drift Away"
May 31, 2010
Justin and the Hoffmans,

Thinking of you on this day.
May 28, 2010
My family and I had the honor of meeting Sgt. Hoffman's mother today at Kingwood Memorial Park. It was a moving experience to see the countless American flags marking the graves of those who served our country. It was a privilege for me to add a few more flags. God bless the family and loved ones of Sgt. Hoffman.
May 27, 2010
September 21, 2009
Love you....
Miss you!!!
August 04, 2009
To the family of Sgt. Justin F. Hoffman:
Justin gave the ultimate sacrifice and will be held in the hearts of Americans forever. I cannot and will not let our fallen heroes be forgotten. My deepest sympathy to you. "Some gave all."
Peggy Childers
"Don't Let The Memory Of Them Drift Away"
June 08, 2009
”Honor and Remember” - “Project Compassion” We love our Soldiers! We love our country and we cannot express enough love and compassion to the families of our fallen heroes. War does not discriminate – It breaks our hearts to see the faces of the fallen. We want to give this gift to you. We are a 501c3 nonprofit organization! Over 1,550 portraits have been completed and shipped to the parents and or spouse - at no cost as this is a gift from one American to another!
Contact us directly at [email protected] or go to . If you have already had a portrait completed, we pray that you are enjoying the portrait and God Bless You.
Sincerely and Respectfully,
May 25, 2009
Thinking of Justin on this Memorial Day.

Bert and Jolene Bedford
May 24, 2009
Remembering Fen's sacrifice on this Memorial Day, love you Hoffmans.
May 07, 2009
April, please contact me as I think you may be in the video I have of Justin while at work in Grove City. If this isn't you, I am sorry.
May 06, 2009
I worked with you at Nationwide doing security...and will not forget you and hope your resting easy up there, and thank you for being a hero. You will be missed.
January 13, 2009
Always on my mind, I miss you and love you.

Hoffman Family, I love all of you too!
December 26, 2008
Love you,
Miss you!
August 03, 2008
Holding you all in my thoughts and prayers.

The Wind on The Downs

“I like to think of you as brown and tall,
As strong and living as you used to be,
In khaki tunic, Sam Brown belt and all,
And standing there and laughing down at me.
Because they tell me, dear, that you are dead,
Because I can no longer see your face,
You have not died, it is not true, instead
You seek adventure in some other place.
That you are round about me, I believe;
I hear you laughing as you used to do,
Yet loving all the things I think of you;
And knowing you are happy, should I grieve?
You follow and are watchful where I go.”

(Written by Marian Allen during World War l )

Two lines that I wish you to keep near your heart…….

“You seek adventure in some other place.
That you are round about me, I believe”

I did not know Justin, but I am remembering
his service. He is my hero. !

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Other Side

i'm over on the other side
where life and death softly divide.
left my skin and bones behind
now i'm over on the other side.

can you feel me there with you?
my breath is gone but i'm not through.
loved you then and i still do
from over on the other side.

i can fly. really fly.
below the earth ... all through the sky.
tell em all i did not die.
i'm just over on the other side.

it's good here on the other side.
the sweetest songs...the bluest skies.
thank you for the tears you cried
but it's good here on the other side.

i can fly. really fly. below the earth...all through the sky.
tell em all i did not die.
i'm just over on the other side

the world is smaller than a needle's eye.
where life and death softly divide.
when you leave your skin and bones behind
i'll be waiting on the other side.

i can fly. really fly. below the earth ... all through the sky.
go tell em all i did not die.
i'm just over on the other side.

Song lyrics by Don Conoscenti
C Desert Muse/SESAC
(Used with permission)

“I hope it brings great comfort to any and all.
Peace on you. DonCon” 4-2008

The Other Side –
(To hear the song)


Proud Air Force Mom SSgt Vince – Lackland AFB
Proud Air Force MIL SrA Dana – Randolph AFB

Remembering The Fallen – Blog

Angel and soldier drawing I have shared here.

August 02, 2008
Hoffman family,
I don't know what to say other than I hope my words can uplift you, and that you will accept my delayed but heart-felt condolences. I would like to personally thank you on behalf of all freedom loving Americans for Justin's service and sacrifice to our country!

I did not know Justin outside of a few brief encounters, and through a rather strange set of circumstances I have just now found out what happened. However, I do recall how much his younger brother talked about him and how much he looked up to him. You may not remember me, but my name is Jarrod Clift and Travis was my best friend at WCMS until the time my family moved out of state before 10th grade. Travis if you get this I'd love to hear from you!

I, for one, remember the feelings most of us felt not so long ago when we feared we were vulnerable to terrorists and we didn't know when the next attack might happen. Now, only a few years later, that fear no longer exists. Why?? Because of men like Justin.

God Bless you all!
May 07, 2008
You are remembered and respected. Thank you Sgt Hoffman!
March 11, 2008
Not a day goes by that I don't think of you and remember your smile. I feel so blessed to have been given the true privilege of knowing you.
January 01, 2008
Hey Big J~
Miss your smiling face.. I know you are enjoying heaven. Looking forward to a big hug when I get there. Love you always,
December 31, 2007
From where I am with the U.S. military, thinking of you and your Marine, during these days.
December 28, 2007
This has been the third Christmas without you son and it was every bit as painful and lonely as the first. The holidays will never be the same without you.
November 09, 2007
Happy Birthday Fen.
October 30, 2007
August 14, 2007
There is nothing that I can say or do to take away the pain or bring you peace in your time of sorrow, but I will offer you and your family my heart felt condolences. I also offer you my prayers that in time the pain will easy and the memories of your HERO will carry you through each day and night. I want to thank your HERO, for his/her selfless act of becoming a member of the armed forces, his/her willingness to defend the United States of America, all that we hold sacred and for the sacrifice that will forever be etched in the memories of all those who knew him/her. Though tears can never bring him/her back, we hope that our tears express our gratitude for the sacrifice that he/she made and our sorrow at his/her passing. I believe for every fallen HERO there is a star shining brightly up above to remind us of the precious gift we were given.

Your mission on earth is complete and you are now a member of GOD’s Heavenly armed forces. Stand down brave warrior and take your rightful place in Heaven with all the HEROES who have passed before.

I made a special promise to LE RON A. WILSON, a dear family friend who joined the Army with three other friends, one of whom is my son (Le Ron was killed in action on 07/06/07 at the age of 18) on the day he was laid to rest as I touched his coffin, that I would never forget him nor would I forget those that gave their lives for our country before him, with him and after him and so when I came across, I thought what a great way to keep my promise to Le Ron, so I will continue to leave tributes in each guest book until the day there is no longer the need to leave these tributes to a FALLEN HERO.


Currently stationed in Germany
Althea Barrett(Queens, NY)
August 03, 2007
Thinking of you & missing you
August 03, 2007
Mr.and Mrs Hoffman & Family,
I just wanted to let you know that you're in my thoughts and prayers today. It's been 2 years but it seems like yesterday. I have learned so much about your son through those who loved him. My sister said Brett talked about him often. I wish that I had the opportunity to meet him.
Thank you today and always for the sacrifice your son made. He will never be forgotten.
Missy Luttrell,
Aunt of Lance Cpl.William Brett Wightman
August 03, 2007
2 Corinthians 1:2-5 Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God. For just as the sufferings of Christ flow over into our lives, so also through Christ our comfort overflows.

God has truly been our comfort & strength these last 2 years. Love you Hoffman family.
July 21, 2007
Thank you for the sacrifice made by Sgt Hoffman and the sacrifice made by everyone who loves and misses him! May God bless all of you!!
Aunt of a Marine deploying soon
March 17, 2007

I just recently found out about Justin and I am just so very sorry for your loss. I worked with you 30+ years ago at Aetna and then at LNL. We went to each other’s baby showers.

I’ve wondered through the years how you were. I even Googled you once to see if I could locate you…there are a lot of Carol Hoffman’s out there. Then for some reason the other night I remembered Justin’s name and I thought with our kids and the internet, it was more likely that I would find something about him than you. So I did a search. I pulled up a Justin F. Hoffman because the age seemed to be about right. I found that his father’s name was Bob and in further reading his mother’s name was Carol , and that one of his nicknames was Hoffy. But I didn’t want to believe that this young man was the Justin I was looking for. Too many things, however, seemed to match what I remembered about you: his sense of humor, his bent for practical jokes, his faith. Finally I found a picture of him without sunglasses…..and in him, I saw you. I knew then, that this was your Justin and I cried for you and your family and all who loved him. On another site I found a picture of you…the same person I had worked with and laughed with so many years ago.

I wish you continued strength in coping with your loss and in celebrating his all too short life. He appears to have been an amazing young man! I’m not surprised. I saw the makings of an amazing mom way back when. You will be in my thoughts even more often now.

Love and belated condolences to you and your family, Carol,

Diana Hansohn
March 11, 2007
February 11, 2007
Watching the Extreme Home Makeover show featuring Lima Company reminded me of my friend. Nothing I can do or say is enough thanks for what he sacrified. Miss you email friend!
February 07, 2007
Awesome video! May God bless him, and God bless and comfort Teri.
Cathy Shankland
February 06, 2007
The Lima Company Marine Memorial video is now online to view at the following link:

If the above link doesn't work by clicking on it please copy and paste the entire link into your browser or do a search in Google video for Lima Company Marine Memorial.

Also, the Justin Hoffman Memorial Video can be viewed on Google video at:

January 24, 2007
“Paid in Full”
To Honor The Service of Fallen and Injured Marines

Marines through and through, they paid the price
Six thousand miles away, we live the life
For which they paid with their blood, spirits and bodies
We will never forget what they paid in full

We hope and we pray that somehow their loved ones find comfort
In God, in the flag, in the memory of their loved ones’ bravery
They’re gone now but we see them still…proud, strong, willing
Covering each other’s backs… courageous, moving forward

What kind of love did they have for us to be willing
To give it all for the Black, White, Jew, Christian, Muslim?
We don’t comprehend but we honor you now and forever
You are Our Marines…some living…some not
Forever in our hearts we will cherish your lives

Lives too short yet immortal they’ll be
Highest brotherhood of the Few, the Proud
They stand at attention, and we gaze with awe
Some know their names not, but our admiration for them
Flows limitless within us, between us

They sacrificed their limbs or their lives
Freedom still rings, a soft sound across the miles
It tolls slowly; all of creation takes note
Of the lives that were lost for people unknown

Out of sight but not lost; forever among us
The starched blues marching straight
Toward the place where we will meet them
Many years from now…how we loved them…
Well done beloved Brothers and Sisters…You’ve paid it in full
Always Faithful Marines, You Have Paid it in Full
November 09, 2006
Fen would be 29 years old today. He teased that my birthday would have to be moved to October so he could have November to himself to celebrate the whole month long, lol.

Happy Birthday Fen! My love & prayers to the Hoffmans.
October 11, 2006
Justin Hoffman will always be remembered as one of my best friends. Even after Fourteen months I still can’t get my mind around the fact that he is not coming back. We grew up together, initially attending the same church groups together and then the same high school and we both took classes at OSU though at different times. He was always there with a joke or to be the only one to laugh at my jokes. He was always there to help me with school projects, working on our cars, and someone to talk to when I needed it. He was the best kind of friend, always looking out me, keeping me out of trouble. I will always regret that in recent years our carriers had taken us in different directions and we didn’t spend as much time together. Every time I come across a picture of him my eyes still well up with tears that I have lost my friend Justin.
August 19, 2006
Hoffman Family, I wanted to let you know that I continue to think about all of you and Justin. August 3rd will always be a day of joy and rememberence for me, as my daughter was being born, Justin's life was ending. I look to my memories of conversations with Justin for strength when making difficult decisions or facing challenging times. He always encouraged me to stand up for what I truly believed in and to make life meaningful. Those strenghts were learned from his family and so I thank all of you. I miss you all very much and wish you joy. Take care. Love, Sam
August 12, 2006
Justin -

I've been trying to figure out how to tell you how much you meant to me, but there are no words to express what you meant to me. I will always love and care about you and I realize with each day that is okay. You were such a special person to so many people and for that I am gateful. I am so thankful for each day I spent with you and had the pleasure of knowing you.

Thank you Justin!
I will always miss and love you!!!
August 03, 2006
Missing you & loving you always ...
August 03, 2006
Paying tribute to this Fine Young Marine, on the anniversary of, the day he made the Supreme Sacrifice for our country, with a Multitude of Thanks for his service.
Rest Well Sgt. Justin F. Hoffman, in the Mighty Hands of God and know that you are a True American Hero.
May God's Loving Grace and Comfort continue to be with the Hoffman family.
Those who Made the Ultimate Sacrifice, So Many and So Young, shall NEVER BE FORGOTTEN.
My brother among them. KIA-Vietnam 1967.

"Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering if they made a difference. The Marines don't have that problem." ~ President, Ronald Reagan, 1985
July 23, 2006
everday i wake up and look at my picture of Justin, and it still hasnt set in. i miss justin making fun of me, and i miss his outlook on life. justin was taken from us to soon. I miss you buddy.
July 21, 2006
I didnt know Justin but shared time with him on a message board. I dont even know if I ever interacted with him..all I know his he was someones son, possibly brother..and someone who sacrificed for his country and paid the ultimate price

I would like to pay honor to him and wish his family peace..

God Bless you

Daniel Smith
July 08, 2006

May 31, 2006
There are no words or expressions that could dictate the kind of sacrifice Justin and his family made. They are true servants, Justin expecially exhibited true love, by what he did for not only his family but every american. I am proud he was a friend and like an older brother. All three of the Hoffman boys were like family, I will miss him greatly, I love you, Tyler, Trav, and Carol!
May 29, 2006
We will never forget. We have fond memories of Justin and think of him often...not just on Memorial Day.
April 16, 2006
"Because He lives I can face tomorrow, Because He lives all fear is gone; Because I know He holds the future, And life is worth the living just because He lives..."

I am reminded, especially on a day like Easter, that we will see Fen again in heaven because of Christ's sacrifice & resurrection.

Love you Fen.
April 05, 2006
With thanks for raising a great son. From the son and brother of Marines.
March 04, 2006
It's has been seven months and I miss my oldest son. As a family, we will continue on, but never as happily or with the same ease as we did in the past. My purpose now is to complete the race that God has set before because when it is over I will again see the face of the son I so dearly miss.
March 01, 2006
Dear Ones -
Thank you all for the wonderful memories that you’ve shared in this book. I am so thankful for those of you who knew and loved Justin, and also for those of you who did not know him and care to share your love and prayers with others. Your words are encouraging and comforting. God's strength will continue to carry us until we see Justin again.
I miss you Justin and will everyday for the rest of my walk here on this earth. I know that I will see you again and for that I am most thankful!
My love to you all!
Carole... Justin's Mom : )
February 27, 2006
My heartfelt sympathy to the Hoffman family in the loss of Justin. I did not know Justin, but my heart is broken and I am saddened for your loss of such a fine young person and hero. May God bring you peace in your heart as you reflect on all the wonderful memories you hold so close. Please know that you are in my heart and prayers. Justin my heart was touched by the many wonderful/beautiful things written about you. It is coming up on 7 months since you were taken. You are a hero and you will never be forgotten. Justin please take care of Timothy Bell up there with you.
I send each of you a hug from the most inner part of my heart.
Love and Peace

To live in the hearts
of those you leave behind
is never to die"
~Robert Orr~
February 16, 2006
You are a wonderful woman and have showed incredible strength through this painful situation, Fen would be so proud. I love you and I'm here for you!
You are in my prayers and think of you often. It's been a rough 6 months and it doesn't seem to be getting any easier. Justin is in a far better place than we can ever begin to imagine. I can just see him and Eric running the srteets of gold and praising God. May God bless and give you peace and comfort.
Prayers and hugs,
February 13, 2006
I recently completed a video in Justin's memory containing pictures that Teri sent me as well as video I have. If you want to view the video just copy and paste the entire URL into your browser. The video is in Windows Media format. If it doesn't work for you, please e-mail me and I will try and find another option for you to view it.

The video can be found here:

February 11, 2006
Never forget our POW/MIA
Salute and SemperFi to all our Veterans.
God Bless America
February 10, 2006
Justin and Family,

I've signed this book before and fortunately I also signed up for e-mail notification when new entries are added.

Many of us work long and hard to remember our troops
those brave souls, who have served and left us,
those still serving us,
those who served and don't want thanks but deserve our gratitude anyway
those who served and are with us and need our special help and attention for the physical and mental wounds they suffer.

Bottom line, I appreciate it every time I get the message "The Legacy Guest Book for Justin F. Hoffman has received one or more new entries..." it means someone cares.... God Bless Justin, his family, our troops, our country

Rolling Thunder Ch9
Cincinnati, OH
February 09, 2006
Love you...........Just to see you for the last time
January 21, 2006
Psalm 23

The LORD is my shepherd, I shall not be in want.
He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters,
He restores my soul. He guides me in paths of righteousness for his name's sake.
Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.
You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows.
Surely goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever.

This is a verse that I have found to be comforting to me during my husbands death. Remember that when it seems that no one else is round, God is still there with you! And he will be your rock!

My daughter,McKaLyne, and I send our heartfelt sympathy for your loss! God Bless this warrior, God Bless those whom serve freedom's cause! They are our true HERO's!!!!

Also, the Moving Tribute is was beautiful! Cherish those memories forever!

If you need anything, please feel free to contact me!!!

Wife & Daughter of the Late
Sgt. Audrey Daron Lunsford
KIA May 23, 2005
January 02, 2006
I miss you & I love you ... so much.
December 01, 2005
Justin, I am so happy to finally read the entries that everyone has written to you. It seems that you have touched many lives and have found happiness. I have kept you in my thoughts and prayers since the day I last saw you. I am very proud and very thankful for the sacrifices you have made for your country. Now that I am a mother I am even more aware of the sacrifice that your family has made. I will keep them in my thoughts and prayers as well. I had the opportunity to meet Teri and she is wonderful!-- I told you you would meet that special person :) I will be looking for you in Heaven... so you better start preparing for one great game of RISK! I miss you and love you , Sam
November 27, 2005
My name is Alisa Castro and I was browsing through this guestbook and had to comment on the wonderful photographs your son and brother Fen left you. My heartfelt condolences on his passing. He was, by all appearances a great young man and I was almost brought to tears at his beautiful face. My husband just returned from Iraq last month on October 22nd, 2005. It was his 2nd tour of duty there. They lost 11 men from their regimen and he does not like discussing the war there or what he saw. It is still very upsetting to him. But, I know a little of the worry you dealt with daily and am sorry that your beloved Fen did not return safely as my husband did. My co-worker Eric Ramirez was also killed in Iraq in Feb. 2003, so this war has hit me in more ways than one. I will say a prayer for your son, brother and loved one. I can't even imagine the pain...I can't even imagine...
November 03, 2005

I also agree that it seems longer than three months since August 3rd, yet, in a strange way, it feels like yesterday. I have an incredible new respect for the USMC and other armed forces. I think about those brave men and women every single day. Even on a recent trip to Japan a few weeks ago I thought about Justin all the time and gave out a “thank you buddy” each and every day. I will never forget the sacrifices people like Justin made. I feel it has made me a better person in the process meaning that I have a whole new look on life and what it takes to provide the freedoms that we have.

Every couple of days I think back on some of the fun times Justin was a part of. For example, during one super slow evening at work in Grove City, Justin’s competitive side kicked in (like it always did) and he decided he wanted to have a race on a couple of pallet jacks. He asked me if I would race him. I declined as I knew pallet jacks are not meant for racing. Justin knew this as well but couldn’t help himself. I watched as one other person attempted to race against Justin. There really weren’t any rules other than you had to race a lap around a certain semi-open area. Justin won the race but he was ready to go again. He talked me into racing.

As soon as we started racing he took off with no chance of me catching up. I saw a small shortcut in the “race track” and took it. In the process, Justin looked back and saw me taking this short cut. He went into turbo mode and tried to catch up. I saw him soaring up behind me so naturally I decided to speed up. To make a long story short, Justin won and I ended up on the floor with a better understanding of why pallet jacks are not meant for racing. I have been thinking about times like this every day since August 3rd.

To the Hoffman’s

Your bravery to remain strong during this tough time is a true inspiration for me and many others. Anytime I see or hear any news on TV about Lima Company, I can’t help but tear up. When I listen to what you have to say in interviews it makes the sorrow lift up a bit as you clearly have a grip on life and it shows. I thank you once again for staying strong and if there is anything I can do, please e-mail me. This goes for everyone else as well.

Thank you.
November 03, 2005
"I close my eyes and I see your face/If home's where my heart is then I'm out of place/Lord, won't you give me strength to make it through somehow/I've never been more homesick than now" - MercyMe

My Fen, it feels so much longer than 3 months since we all lost you. I love you, I love you, I love you - always.

Hoffman's - you know you're always in my prayers. I love you guys.
November 03, 2005
Miss you more and more everyday. You are always in my thoughts.
Love you,
November 02, 2005
To all that love Sgt. Hoffman, "Fen":

I am so sorry for your loss, I didn't personally know Fen, but I do know Marines, and I know that they are wonderful people, full of pride, brotherhood, and selflessness. I will never forget Fen, nor yourselves. My deepest and most sincere condolences, and know while our beloved Marines may have fallen, they will never be they are always in our hearts, and I know they are together watching over all of us and serving at the gates of Heaven.

Semper Fi, Marine...thank you for your dedication.

To Fen's family and friends, I found this poem brought a smile to my face during tough times, so I hope it gives you some extra strength and a smile when you need it most. Please don't hesistate to email me if I can ever be of any assistance.

Semper Fi,

Rachael Lukasiewicz
Proud Girlfriend of Cpl Mike Lindemuth, USMC
I&I Staff, Weapons Co, 3/25 Akron OH
KIA 13 April 2005 Camp Hit, Iraq

Right now I'm in a different place,
And though we seem apart,
I'm closer than I ever was ...
I'm there inside your heart.

I'm with you when you greet each day
And while the sun shines bright,
I'm there to share the sunsets, too ...
I'm with you every night.

I'm with you when the times are good,
To share a laugh or two,
And if a tear should start to fall ...
I'll still be there for you.

And when that day arrives
That we no longer are apart,
I'll smile and hold you close to me ...
Forever in my heart.
--Author Unknown
November 01, 2005
Dear Hoffmans,

You have truly been an encougagement and strength to others in this time of sorrow. We don't know why this has happened, but we do know that God is faithful, that he is present right now, and he is using you to bless others. You are all in my thoughts and prayers.

Proverbs 3:5-6 Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.
October 31, 2005
Teri- I too have recently met you through Grits. My boyfriend is in 3/25 H & S company, so he may or may not have been with Justin. I want you to know I think you and your family, his family and friends often and pray that you find comfort in his memories. You amaze me with your strength and are always in my prayers.
October 01, 2005
He was a great guy and an excellent Marine. Many will miss him.
Lcpl Mark Francescon
1st Battalion 6th Marines
October 01, 2005
Dear Teri,

I have just recently met you, and already I can see that you are just an amazing person!! I am so sorry about the loss. I express my deepest sympathy and prayers to you, his family, your family, and all of those who knew him. I did not know Justin, but for serving our country and all that he did, he is a hero of mine! You are such a strong person and I wish I could be as strong as you. I am always here for you. God bless.
September 29, 2005
We will remember
September 28, 2005
Teri and The Hoffmans,

As a Grit Girl I just wanted to pay my respects to what i am sure was a great guy and Marine!! I am here to talk to anytime anyone needs me!! I know you must be going through a rough time and i hope things get better for I am sure Fen would want all you to be Happy! Love Jamie
September 27, 2005
Teri & the Hoffman's,
My deepest, deepest condolences for the loss of Fen. When a Grit's girl is suffering we all suffer.
September 22, 2005
September 07, 2005
Teri and the Hoffmans,
I want you all to know that I am so privileged to say I know you. Teri you have been my shoulder to cry on and the person I look forward to talking to during the day. Dave and Fen gave us an amazing gift and it is our friendship. The bond our families share is like nothing but other people in our situation can understand. Our "boys" did what they felt they needed to do to protect their families, that is what makes them the BEST! I will always cherish you all. I can't wait to see Dave and Fen in Heaven!

Semper Fi
September 06, 2005
From our Family to yours,
My name is Susan, Aunt of Lance Cpl. Brett Wightman. Both our Families have suffered a great loss your's and the Wightman Family. I just wanted to send my deepest sympathies and my prayers to you all. I know these 14 Great Men are now Angels, and that their spirit will live on in all the lives that they touched here and over their. God Bless you and your Son Justin for being a TRUE AMERICAN HERO.
September 01, 2005
Dear Hoffman's,
It has taken me a while to write this because my heart just bleeds for you all. I didn't know your son, but like many others heard about him from a family member. You see Teri, is my neice Carrie's best friend. And while my neice was trying to comfort her best friend I was trying to comfort mine. You see God had his hands full the 12 & 13 of August. My friends Dad's funneral was that Friday. He was a KWV. He tolds us that he was going to see all of his buddies that he had lost so many years ago. So the old and the young soilders meet at the Gates of Heaven.
Please know that my family prays for all of you daily, and for all of the sons and daughters that are still there. Let's hope that the job gets done soon. And everyone gets back home.
September 01, 2005
Dear Hoffmans and Teri,
I'am sorry for what happined.I can't imagine how it feels .I'am only 12 and i wish I had a chance to meet him,and to Thank him and the other soldiers .For what they have done for our country.We would have gottin along real well.

My school is praying for you.You should not be sad because he is in Heaven now.
p.s. i wish i could be a soldier like he was.
August 31, 2005
Family and friends of Sgt. Hoffman, you are all in my prayers, my thoughts. Words can never express what we all feel has been lost with the passing of your loved one, another one of this nation's precious heroes. May God comfort and strengthen you and may Justin's memory replace your tears with smiles.
August 30, 2005
Teri & The Hoffman Family,
I only got to know Fen through Teri in a support group for girlfriends of Marine's. He was loved and respected by a great lady. He served his country with honor and courage. I think of Fen & you all often. I pray everyday that his death will not be invain & I truly believe it will not be, regardless of the politics involved. He gave the ultimate sacrifice in service of his country, but the most important thing about him is that he loved & was loved & he lives in each of you & every Marine he trained and served with. May the peace of the Lord be with you all.
August 30, 2005
Dear Carol, Travis, and Tyler,
I was so saddened to read about Justin in the paper. Although it has been many years since I had the priviledge of treating all the boys in orthodontics, I still remember them. Justin was a special guy in my office. First of all, he had a unique problem and solution to his orthodontic needs. But I remember him most as a fun, yet respectful, teenager that I always looked forward to seeing.

My prayers are with you and your family. May God bless you in your time of sorrow.
August 30, 2005
What a wonderful testament to the kind of man your son must have been. I don't know Justin, his family, or Teri, but stumbled across this site and was moved. May God bless you and keep you, May God make His face to shine upon you, and keep you safe.
August 30, 2005
My heart goes out to the family, loved ones and friends of Fen. I did not know him personally, only knew of him through his loving girlfriend Teri. As a girlfriend of a fellow Marine, I know how much these men and women are willing to sacrifice.
Fen was an amazing person who obviously touched the lives of everyone he came into contact with. He is a hero to all of us and will never be forgotten.
Thank you to Fen and his loved ones for being willing to give the ultimate sacrifice.
August 28, 2005
I didn't know Justin, but my friend Sean worked with him and was friends with him. After Sean told me about Justin I was very saddened. Sean thought the world of him, and I enjoyed hearing some of the funny stories.
Justin was obviously a very positive, lovable, funny guy who cherished is family and friends and I am sure he will be very missed by all who knew him.
My brother, Jeremy, spent a year in Iraq and fortunately returned home to us safe and sound this past Christmas. I don't take things like this for granted.
My heart goes out to the Hoffman family and all of Justin's friends. I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers.
August 24, 2005
To my Brother Justin,
Yet I do not know you or am related to you. I do know that we both stood on the yellow foot prints and then thats were we became brothers. We both serve our country and our Corps. You made the ultimate sacrifice and because of that I will not forget you. Rest in peace my brother and one day we shall meet.
Sgt. Estrada E.A
4th LSB 4th FSSG
August 23, 2005
To the Hoffman Family: My only regret is that we didn't get the chance to meet your son. We can't imagine the loss that you are experiencing. Fen must have been a very special young man to win the heart of our niece, Teri. We are so grateful that he knew the Lord and look forward to seeing him in heaven. Life is full of "goodbyes" but like you expressed, we don't expect to bury our children. I pray that the Lord will give you peace that is beyond understanding. Teri, we love you and are praying for your broken heart. Love, Aunt Marla & Uncle Scott
August 22, 2005
We are truly blessed to have men like Justin in this world. Men who are passionate and love their country with all their heart. My deepest sympathies go to the friends and family of Justin. Please continue to pray for all of our troops who defend freedom. God bless.
August 21, 2005
we did not know Justin but we just wanted thank him and his family for there sacrifice.When we look at our new granddaughter in october and thank God she was born into a county like ours that was payed for by MEN like Justin. we will think of him.God bless your family we will be praying for you and the other marines.
August 21, 2005
My heart goes out to you and your family. God Bless you at this difficult time.
August 19, 2005
Please accept my deepest sympathies.
August 19, 2005
Justin, I didn't know you personally but I work for Cardinal Health at Pyxis in California. Thank you for giving the ultimate for your country. And, I pray we get your comrades home safely soon. My thoughts and prayers go out to your family and friends for they, too, have given the ultimate.
August 19, 2005
I have just learned of the death of SGT Justin Hoffman. As the State Chaplain of the Georgia Sons Of The American Revolution and speaking for our President, George Thurmond and more than 1,400 SAR members around the State of Georgia, may I most humbly express the condolences of a grateful Society. SGT Hoffman, wrapped in the integrity of service to our nation and the inestimable values of duty, honor and country, stood on a wall of freedom for us all. His life and his love of country epitomized every attribute of patriotism the Sons Of The American Revolution hold dear. And, as Americans, we could never repay the debt we owe him ..!! Nor the debt we owe you…!!!
August 18, 2005
God Bless,God Speed and Semper Fi Marines where ever you are.
August 18, 2005
God Bless
August 17, 2005
To the Hoffman Family,
I am so sorry for your loss, you are in our thoughts and prayers. Even though I never met Justin, just by what my nieces, Jaimie and Abbie have told me, he was a great man and a true hero, as all of them are. They both looked up to him, not only cause he was their brothers friend, or a Marine, but because they know a true person when they saw one. Timmy Bell, my nephew, spoke highly of Hoffman, and was proud to be his friend. Thank you for giving Timmy a good friend here on earth along with one in heaven. Our hearts and prayers are with you every day. God Bless all of you!!
August 17, 2005
Thank you so much for our freedom Justin you are a true American hero.You are truely worthy to be next to God and Christ.
August 17, 2005
To the Hoffman family:

I met Justin a few years ago. It's hard to believe a true spirit has left our presence on Earth.

May we never forget the joys and blessings he brought to all of our lives.

Justin, may we never forget you and know that we all look forward to the day when we all see each other again and greet one another with open arms and a warm smile.

Your kindness, charm, and personality is truly missed.

We love you and miss you.

-- Heather
August 17, 2005
I wish to send my deepest respect and gratitude for Justin's commitment, so that we all can have our freedom. God bless your family and all the other soldier's family in this time of sorrow. I didn't know him but he is a friends relations.
August 17, 2005
I am so sorry for your loss, I know there are no words to help ease the pain of losing Justin. I have 2 Marine sons, I can only imagine what you are going thru. Justin and his family are in my prayers. We are the Land of the Free...Because of the Brave.
August 17, 2005
Dear Carole, Chuck, and the Hoffman Family:

Yesterday, I received a call with the terrible news about Justin's demise. I had no idea that he was serving in Iraq and cannot express my shock and sorrow at the news. I spoke with my mother as well last night, and my entire family sends their deepest sympathies. I know that your faith in God will get you through this one, and know that Justin is in a better place. Remember that the "good ones" always go first.
Please email me if you get a chance so we can get in touch again. I would like to visit with you when I am in Columbus next.

Love always,
Puneet S Parmar
August 17, 2005
Reciently I found out that my couzin Justin lost his life protecting our lives and freedom and the lives and freedom of the Iraq people. It makes me very sad that I have lost a couzin that I have never met,but I also feel very thankful to him for being one of our brave soldiers out there. If it wasn't for the men and women like him that are willing to protect our lives,country,and freedom with their lives, our country would be like Iraq. Uncle Chuck please know that I have you and your wife in my heart. I am very sorry for your loss and very thankful and greatful that he thought our country,freedom and lives were worth him fighting for.
August 17, 2005
To the family of Sgt. Justin F Hoffman
I would just like to say that you are all in my thoughts and prayers. Please remember your son gave the ultimate sacrifice for this country.
God Bless you and yours.

Army Wife
August 17, 2005
Dear Hoffman Family,

I am sorry for your loss. Words cannot express what you are experiencing. I know exactly what the family is going throught. If you would like to talk contact me through my e-mail as well. My prayers are with your entire family. yvaldez

Very Proud Marine Mom
(Lance Cpl. Nicholas S. Perez - KIA 9-3-04 - al anbar province, iraq)
August 17, 2005
God bless from a former ICo. 3/25 Marine. We will never forget.
August 16, 2005
I did not know your son but God be with you!
August 16, 2005
Dear Mr. and Mrs. Hoffman,

Our sincere sympathy in the loss of your son,Justin. How humble and yet strong our the young men who have volunteered to fight for our country and that of others. Heroes they will always be.
May God bless you and bring you peace.

John, Barbara and Pfc. Sean Forsythe
August 16, 2005
My name is Aric Mompher and I used to live around the corner from Justin and his family when I was in middle school. We used to trade baseball cards and kill leaches down the creek in our backyard. We hung around a lot with each other and it really hits close to home to know that someone you personally knew sacrificed their lives for you and all of our freedom that we usually take for granted. My thoughts and prayers are with Justin and his family.
August 16, 2005
I didn't know your son, but are friends with the Price family. He must have been a very special man, with a love for God and his country in his heart. My heart breaks for everyone of you. I wish I would have met him. Please know that even people that don't know you or your family feel for you. God Bless you.
August 16, 2005
Dear Hoffman Family

I am saddened to hear of your loss. I know the pain that you are experiencing. If you need to talk please contact me through the email address posted until we can exchange numbers if that's what you would like. I will keep your family in my daily prayers.

Mother of Cpl. Jeff Boskovitch
August 16, 2005
How do you thank someone who didn't even know you yet lay down his life to protect you? There are no words.
August 16, 2005
I met Justin only a handful of times, oddly enough I knew as 2 separate people- years ago as Justin when he dated a friend of mine and more recently as Hoffy through Ben and the Skinners. I can’t begin to express the sorrow I feel for your loss, despite the short time I knew him, but I am forever thankful to all the honorable and brave men and women, like Justin, that protect our freedom. I quietly weep each time I read or hear of the loss a family must endure, but the tears are not in vain, they are tears filled with the hopes and dreams those young adults held for justice and humanity, pride and patriotism.

I thank you for raising a young man with the highest of ideals and the noblest of hearts. A man who was willing to pick up his sword and return to lead his men into battle, a fate he knew might be his last. Thank you.

And thank you Justin for giving the ultimate sacrifice that I might live free in America, the land that a love. I cherish the freedom you are your fellow Marines provide me. I will never forget that, I will never forget you and I know my tears will turn in to proud memories for a Marine I knew all too brief. God Bless.

Teri, I hope never to know the sorrow you know, but I want you to know I hold you in my prayers everyday! May his memory and the love you shared bring you joy and may time, with God’s hand, heal your heart. *hugs*
August 16, 2005
May our Lord comfort you and give you peace that surpasses understanding during this difficult time. There is no greater love than the sacrifice your son made in the name of liberty and justice for all. Justin is a hero to me and countless others, and I honor his memory. Most sincerely and with love, Rhonda
August 16, 2005
Dear Hoffman Family & Friends,

I was fortunate to have worked with Justin for several years while he was at Nationwide. Not only were we co-workers, but we quickly became great friends and have remained so throughout the years. It is difficult to put into words what kind of person Justin was, as he was so many things to so many people. He was such an intelligent person, while at the same time he was humorous, dedicated, and had one of the biggest hearts of anyone I’ve known. He was the friend that I spent many fun and great times with, but also that friend that would jump to be there when I needed him. I will never forget the laughter he brought to my life and all of the wonderful conversations that we had. Unfortunately we hadn’t talked for some time since I moved from Ohio, but he is still very special to me and was a very important part of my life.

Justin’s smile will forever be with us and his sacrifice and courage will never be forgotten. He is truly a hero in every sense of the word, and I will always remember him for the remarkable person that he was.

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this difficult time. God bless you all during this time of sorrow.
August 15, 2005
Our deepest sympathies are with you. My cousin Michael DeMers is serving in Lima Company. We continue to pray for all of our men and their families. May God hold you in the palm of His hand during this difficult time.
August 15, 2005
To the family and friends of Justin,

I have had the utmost pleasure to know Justin on many levels as a co-worker, friend, confidant, mentor, and role model.

There were many times both at work and outside of work where we would just sit at work and talk about everything from politics, to cars, to women, and his devotion and his personal dedication to serve his country. Justin was a man who was proud to serve and will forever be in my thoughts and prayers.
God bless,
Nathan Belanger
August 15, 2005
To the Hoffman family.
I was lucky enough to work with Justin off and on at Cardinal since 1997. It seems like just yesterday that I was getting this super sharp intern to work with. What a terrific young kid I thought as we discussed everything from personal investments to keeping the faith during rough times. I was also blessed with working with Carol and I knew then why this young man turned out to be such a special person. You did good mom. He will never be forgotten.
You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers as are those men and women still serving our country.
My deepest sympathy.
August 15, 2005
Carole and Family,

I am very sorry to hear of your loss of Justin. I did not know him, but I know that having you as his mother he was raised well. Carole, my heart and prayers go out to you. I know this is a difficult time, but you are a strong lady and everything will be alright. Take care and my thoughts and prayers are with you.

Cathy Hill
August 15, 2005
August 14, 2005
Our most heartfelt condolences from our Marine Corps family to yours.

The Wainwrights
August 14, 2005
Dear Hoffman family, My deepest condolences on your loss - Justin's sacrifice was not in vain and his motivation, courage and selflessness will not be forgotten. Though I did not know Justin, my brother Gabe served with him in Lima company and remembers Justin for his great sense of humor, among many other wonderful attributes. Our family grieves alongside you and will continue to lift you up in our prayers...
August 14, 2005
Our deepest sympathies
August 13, 2005
"For a man who has done his natural duty, death is as natural as sleep."

~George Santayana

This was Justin in a nutshell. He was a good, God fearing, unselfish man who gave his life for millions of people who he didn’t even know. We should all aspire to be the type of man that he naturally was. The world would be a better place with more men like him.

I only knew Just for a few years from working with him at Cardinal. He was one of the reasons I looked forward to coming into work every day. There was never a boring day with him at work. Whether it was one of his stories of someone he raced in his car, some stupid clip on the internet he wanted all of us to see, some argument on politics (there were a lot of those) with Justin and I arguing one side against two of our other friends, him telling a story about one his brothers (which he talked about quite a bit), or just him ragging on us about something that only he would think of. Justin was a good friend and my only regret is that I didn’t know him longer than I did.

The one consolation that we should all take from this is that Justin is now in a better place now and forever with our Lord. One day, if we live our life like Justin, we will all see him again.

Justin will be missed and the world is worse for wear without him. As someone once said, "Good men must die, but death cannot kill their names."
August 13, 2005
Condolances from my Marine Corps family to yours.
August 13, 2005
Dear Family and Friends of Justin,

I offer my condolences on your loss. I had not known nor had the pleasure of serving with Justin, but as a Marine, he is a brother. Your loss is felt by millions he or you had never known. Justin had served his country selflessly and honorably and his sacrifice to service shall always be remembered.


Often Tested, Always Faithful, Brothers Forever! Semper Fi Marine and Thank You for your service.

Cpl. Andrew J. Buzzo
MSG/Det. Karachi, Pakistan
August 13, 2005

My prayers and thoughts go out to you today on this very difficult day. You have had to remain silent through this all, and for that, you are a very strong and beautiful woman. Justin would/ is very proud of the woman he loved. The weeks ahead will be very difficult for you as you have to pack up his belongings, especially his uniforms. But know in your heart, that your loved him until the day he died and he loved you. He will now be your personal guardian angel, until you meet again, in heaven.

Treasure the family photos, the vacation photos of all of you together and the letters. And know that when you spoke on Sat. before he went with God that he knew you loved him and that everyone knew he was a hero.

We are all praying for you, so the next few weeks will be easier for you. Know your family and friends are their for you if you need us.

We love you.
August 13, 2005
Carol, Renee, Travis and Tyler,
My prayers and thoughts are with you today on this most difficult of days. Justin is a hero. He was a part of our family. We will miss him at our family gatherings. He will never be gone, he will always be in your hearts and ours forever.
August 13, 2005
To the Hoffman Family and Friends of Sgt.Justin Hoffman,

I am Very Sorry to hear about your loss and want to extend My families heartfelt sympathy. I also want to thank Justin for his Selfless Duty to his Country and for his Courageous Sacrifice. My Families thoughts and prayers are with all of you.

Robert and Justin,Semper Fidelis Brothers.
August 13, 2005
Robert & Family,
Unfortunately, I had only met Justin twice before he went over to Iraq. I learned more about him from Robert than anyone else. In fact I know a lot about all three of the boys. I've never seen a father with more to be proud of than Robert. He makes it well known too!! It was always Justin this, Tyler & Travis that. I guess I kind of felt like I knew Justin well too. Whenever I told my family and friends about Justin I would get a sense of great honor just to have met him and to be able to share the stories I have heard about him. Thank you Justin for your service to our country. I will never forget you or the people that made you who you are. And to the family my utmost sympathy but know that he is in a much better place. God Bless!
August 13, 2005
May God keep you and protect you through your loss.

I never new your son, I was told about the funeral plans from a mutual friend. I served in I Co 3/25 (Buffalo,NY) during the 1990's and have been on Active Duty since that time.

I hope in the future you can take solace in the fact that Justin will be remembered for all time as a brave American and dedicated Marine by every Marine and especially those who have served or will serve in 3/25.

God Bless and Semper Fidelis,
August 13, 2005
Semper Fi, Hoffman Family. Thank You for your unimagineable sacrifice.
August 13, 2005
August 13, 2005
Thank you for serving our country. You will never be forgotten.
August 13, 2005
I worked with Justin at Nationwide and spent 3rd shift getting to know him. I still haven’t found anyone that can eat a pizza faster! We both enjoyed a good cigar and I still owe him one. So I will remember him most on those few occasions when I partake and look forward to standing in the long line of family and friends he greats in the next life. Matt
August 13, 2005
Dear Carol and Family,

My love, thoughts, and prayers are with you during this difficult time. My prayer would be for all of you that The Lord would wrap you in love,and comfort, and that your strong faith in HIM would lead you through this time.
August 13, 2005
Hoffman Family,

My heart and my prayers go out to you all. My husband worked with Justin at Cardinal Health. They were all so sorry to hear about your loss as was I. Please know you are in our thoughts.

With much love and respect,
Molly Cook
August 12, 2005
Dear Hoffman Family--

We are so sorry to hear of your loss. We have read two articles in the past week in the NY Times about the "Lucky Lima" Unit from Ohio. Both have mentioned Justin by name, talking about his dedication to his unit and his abilities as a soldier and a leader. He was a fine man. Please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers during this very difficult time.
August 12, 2005
Robert, Travis & Tyler,
Ten years ago, we had the pleasure of coming into your family and getting to know each one of you. We've shared alot of happy and fun- filled times together (your boys torturing my boys, heads being slammed in car trunks, interrogation tactics, etc). Those are memories that will last a lifetime. We cannot put into words the sadness and sorrow that we feel right now for all of you but are honored that we have the priviledge of sharing in Justin's memories with you. He was a terrific son, brother and soldier. Your pride for him should be worn on your sleeve. We are extremely proud to have known him and to have been a part of his life. God has a plan for him now, one that we must accept. We know that does not lessen the pain you are feeling right now but just knowing that you will see him again someday should give you comfort and peace. Thank you for such a wonderful, heroic and brave soldier who was willing to sacrifice his life not only for his own family, but for ours. We love him dearly and will never forget him.
August 12, 2005
To the Hoffman Family
We never had the privilege to meet Justin we only got to hear of him through Chris Dyer who was a friend of my son Justin as Chris would say Fen aka Big Bird was a helluva a guy. We our proud of all the men and women who gave their lives for us.
August 12, 2005
To the Hoffman & Price Family,

We are so sorry for your loss of Justin. On the way home from his calling hours this afternoon, this song came on the radio. Please know that your families are in our prayers.

May the One that carried Justin last week continue to hold you close.

Chorus from "He will carry me"
by Mark Schultz

"And even though I’m walkin’ through the valley of the shadow -
I will hold tight to the hand of Him whose love will comfort me.

And when all hope is gone and I’ve been wounded in the battle, He is all the strength that I will ever need... and He will carry me."

Peace be with you.
August 12, 2005
1 Thessalonians 4:13-18
Our Lord Jesus Christ may Comfort you all . . .

But I would not have you to be ignorant, brethren, concerning them which are asleep, that ye sorrow not, even as others which have no hope. For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him. For this we say unto you by the word of the Lord, that we which are alive and remain unto the coming of the Lord shall not prevent them which are asleep. For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first: Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord. Wherefore comfort one another with these words.
August 12, 2005
Though I never knew Sgt. Justin Hoffman, I will forever be grateful for the gift he gave to us. He sacrificed his life for mine, my daughter's, and millions of other fellow americans. He will always be a true hero. May God bless his family through this. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
August 12, 2005
Hoffman family,
My thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time.
August 12, 2005
I'll never forget the time when Justin and Tyler shut my head in the trunk of the car and Justin felt so bad he rode in the car to the hospital to get my head stitched up. Justin was one of the coolest guys I knew and I am going to miss him very much. I just want to say thanks for serving our country and I am going to miss you.
August 12, 2005
To the Parents and Family of Sgt. Justin F. Hoffman:
I personally wanted to thank you for having to pay the ultimate price for the freedom of my family and myself. You do not know me and I do not know you. However I have three small sons whom one day I’m certain will have the same bravery and courage as your son. I felt obligated to send you my condolences though we have never and most likely will never meet. Your son is my hero!
With Deepest Sympathy~The Bellestri Family
August 12, 2005
My husband, Chad Boggs, and I were saddened to learn of the loss of your son, Justin, and would like to express our condolences. As the daughter of a retired Army Officer, I know you must be so proud of the courage Justin showed in serving his country. Chad and I appreciate the sacrifice he made to help our world become a safer place. Please know that Justin will be remembered in our thoughts and our hearts. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you and your family during this sad time.
August 12, 2005
Dearest Carol, I have no words but I do pray for God's healing for your heart.......Justin was a very handsome and very brave must be soooooo proud and greatful for his ability to love this country......Jesus is comforting you and holding you in His loving arms.....loveyou, Bobbi(Ross)Wolf
August 12, 2005
Dearest Carol, I have no words but I do pray for God's healing for your heart.......I miss seeing you......Justin was a very handsome and very brave must be soooooo proud and greatful for his ability to love this country......Jesus is comforting you and holding you in His loving arms.....loveyou, Bobbi(Ross)Wolf
August 12, 2005
Family and friends of Justin:
He was an awesome guy. I got to know him a bit one time at Cedar Point and hanging out with him and Travis in Columbus. Those were good times. My prayers go to you as I know you hurt. To Travis and Tyler~My heart broke because I know how close you all were. Remember that forever and know he is still with you. May we all meet again in heaven.
~Nicole Carpenter-Lovelady
August 12, 2005
Carole and family, I first met Justin at Worthington Christian High School as his chemistry teacher. He and Matt Gnade were undoubtedly my favorite and most ornery students that year. I will remember him as a guy who loved to laugh, loved a good joke, and had a heart of gold. I was so saddened to hear of his passing. But so happy to know he is in heaven for certain. There is a poem I once read that said, although he has sailed from this shore, he is being welcomed with cheers at Heaven's shores. He is not gone, he is just away. May God give you a special peace in this time. With love, Bethany Pearson
August 12, 2005
Carole, words cannot express my sorrow for you and your family. I know your faith will help see you through this tragedy. I'm keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.
August 12, 2005
I was not able to meet Justin since he left nationwide before I arrived. I worked with Travis for about 5 years and since then I heard stories about Justin and it seemed like I started to now him.

I am sorry for your lost and your family will be in my prayers.
August 12, 2005
Peace be with you. Thank you protecting us and making the world a better place.
August 12, 2005
I was Justin's supervisor when he worked at Nationwide. I didn't know him as well as others. However, I can say that am greatly honored to have known him as I did. I remember him to be fiercely proud of being a Marine. You always knew family was first and foremost for Justin. My thoughts and prayers are with the Hoffmans.
August 12, 2005
My dear Carole: My heart aches with you. Even though Justin is with the Lord, I know your Mother's heart is broken. We are so blessed to know the only One who can truly mend broken hearts. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
August 12, 2005
Dear Hoffman Family,

I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your soon with my co-workers and I. I worked with Justin at Cardinal Health. He trained me on EDI, but did more than just that. He was and is an inspiration.

Thinking about you and your family daily.

Janelle Keri
August 12, 2005
To the friends and Family of Sgt. Justin Hoffman... " Harbringer" as I knew him....

May you rest in peace, brave soldier.
My prayers and condolences to the friends and family of this eloquent writer and brave American.
August 12, 2005
Hoffman Family

We would like to extend our heartfelt sympathies to each of you. The loss of your beloved son and brother has undoubtedly touched each of you very deeply. This loss must have been particularly difficult as you shared your grief with other family members, friends, your community, other military families, and the nation.

As friends and co-workers of your son Travis we regret that we never had the opportunity to know Justin personally. We are certain, however, that he has left behind a thousand moments that will live in your hearts forever.

Please know, at this difficult time, that your family is in our thoughts and prayers.

Darrel, Sharon, Dean, Ryan, Audra, Ian, Virgil & Greg
August 11, 2005
Even though I didn't personally know Justin, I was sad to hear of his passing. I'm very grateful for the time he spent serving and protecting America. He proved to be a true American hero. Just hearing about his life and how courageous he was in making the sacrifices he did for us, has been a blessing to me and to many others as well.
August 11, 2005
There are no words that can be said at this time to ease the loss of your son. But please know that your sacrifice will never be forgotten.
Semper Fidelis.
August 11, 2005
My prayers goes out to all of Justin's family and friends. As a veteran of the US Navy I know some of the sacrifice he made. He is a true hero.
August 11, 2005
I had the pleasure of working with Justin at Cardinal Health. He will be missed by all and remembered as our hero.
August 11, 2005
I used to baby sit for Justin and his two brothers. They were great boys who grew up to be great men. I'm proud of Justin and what he was doing. I am so grateful to him for serving our country. I know because of the person he is that he made an impact on the people around him and left the world better for it.
August 11, 2005
Although I never met Fen or saw you around Fen, I know how much you loved him. My heart aches because I know the excitement you had for your future with Fen. One day you two will be re-united in Heaven. You are in mine and Melissa's prayers!
We both love you!
August 11, 2005
As we run from danger,
You run into it.
To save our lives,
You give yours.
Did I ever tell you,
that YOU are my HERO!
August 11, 2005
I've heard so many good things about Justin over the years. I feel somewhat of a bridge from the time I knew him as a child until now. I grieve with you and I'm praying that God will send you peace in this difficult time.
August 11, 2005
To the Hoffman Family,
It was a true privilege to serve with your son, brother, and friend. I too was with him for the two years we trained for the Super Squad, and my favorite memories of Justin are of us in DC holding another Marine’s children upside down in front of every monument for a photo-op. He was a natural leader and was very well respected among all of us, as he always will be.
Semper Fi,
August 11, 2005
My condolences to your family in this time of grief and loss. These brave young people who give so much are the cornerstone of our freedom. My prayers go out to them every day.
August 11, 2005
I dont know Justin, but as a former Marine and an active Navy reservist at his reserve center, I am grateful for his service. My prayers are with all the Marines and Families of Lima Co. Semper Fi and thank you.
August 11, 2005
I am so sorry for your great loss. May God be with you during this very difficult time.
August 11, 2005
I may not have known Justin personally but I am grateful for his sacrifice for our country and freedom. I am forever grateful for his courage, honor, sacrifice and dignity.
My thoughts and prayers are with your family.
August 11, 2005
Would like to extend my deepest sympthies in your son's death. My prayers and thoughts are with you as you go through this difficult time.
August 11, 2005
Dear Hoffman Family:

My heart grieves deeply with you.

Much Love,
August 11, 2005
Our thoughts and our prayers are with you during this difficult time. Bless your son for the ultimate sacrafice.
August 10, 2005
To the Hoffman family, Words are not enough to say how sorry we are for your loss. We can say that we are proud of Sgt. Justin Hoffman and all the other soldiers who have sacrificed their lives for what they believe in--freedom. Justin you were in our prayers daily, we go to church with your mom and dad. The Hoffman family has suffered a great loss and so has the United States and the USMC. Thank you, Justin for your ultimate sacrifice. You are everyones hero. May God bless your family and find peace in knowing that you are with our Risen Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. God bless all of the many American soldiers who have given the greatest sacrifice of all. In His love, The Smith Family, Pataskala, Ohio
August 10, 2005
We have been profoundly impacted by the loss of your son. We have a son in the military who has served in a foreign country, and I am a co-worker at Cardinal Health. On many occasions co-workers asked that Justin be remembered. There was so much concern for his well being and pride at his chosen mission. Since he was taken from earth to heaven, the halls of Cardinal reverberate with kind words about Justin. There is so much pride associated with Justin and the ultimate sacrifice he made for each and every one of us. Our prayers are with you, Charlotte and Brian Click
August 10, 2005
Your family has been a blessing to me and my family for years. What a privelege to have known Justin, watch him grow up into a man after God's own heart, and give the ultimate sacrifice. He was used by God, and I cannot think of anything more honorable than that. Thanks for sharing your lives and his life with us. We love you all very much.
August 10, 2005
My sincere condolences to the friends and family of Justin. It's been over three years since I left Lima Company to go back on active duty, but the brotherhood of the Corps stays strong forever and Justin's loss has saddened me deeply. Justin, like Dre Williams, was one of my Marines and a member of the 2001 Super Squad. His sense of humor kept us going during some really tough times to be sure. I will never forget the "Bull in the Ring" at Pendleton to the sounds of Justin's one and only CD (played over and over and over...)nor our encounters with "Vandebat"! Justin was a fine man and an awesome Marine who will not be forgotten. Semper Fi Justin, you truly were the Omega!
1LT McCune
(SGT Mac)
August 10, 2005
Dear Carole and family,
I'm so sorry about your lose of Justin but I also know that you DO have the peace of knowing where he is,and that you'll be with him again because of his faith in Jesus Christ. Without that faith, I don't know how could you bear the pain. I thank you for the sacrifice that your son made for us all. May the peace of the Holy Spirit carry you and comfort you.
August 10, 2005
Carol, Travis, Tyler and Renee,
I had mixed feelings when I heard the news about Justin. Sad but Proud. My heart goes out to you for your loss. The sacrifice that he made is so amazing and I am proud of him and his testimony.
I remember him most from youth group (primetime) growing up.
My favorite memories are of playing capture-the-flag. We had the best games ever! Justin was always the team captain and had the best strategies and plans to win. He was a great leader. I am proud to hear how he lead his "brothers".
You are all in our thoughts and prayers.
August 10, 2005
My sympathy and heart-felt condolences go out to Justin's family.
"They that wait upon the Lord
shall renew their strength;
they shall mount up
with wings as eagles".
Isaiah 40:31
Trust in the Lord to see you through is difficult time.
August 10, 2005
Bob Hoffman & Family

We are so sorry for your loss.

I will forever look at the flag with even more pride and honor because I will be reminded of your son.

Justin is a true Hero and a man to be honored.
August 10, 2005
The Hoffman Family,

Justin and I were on the same team at Cardinal for a few years. He worked with another analyst on the evening shift while I worked the day shift. One of the memories that I have of Justin is when I was walking out to lunch one day and he was coming in to work. He was carrying all of these jars of baby food. I started laughing and asked him what he was doing with all of the baby food. And he laughed and said it was his dinner...that it was good for you, filling and cheap. I remember taking a bite of baby food after that to see if I agreed... Justin was a wonderful, selfless person who gave the ultimate sacrifice to protect us. I will always be grateful to your family. I am so sorry for your loss. You will be in my prayers everyday. God bless you. I'm sure Justin is smiling down on us all now with his jars of baby bananas!
August 10, 2005
You and your family are in my prayers. Justin was a great guy.
August 10, 2005
Hey, sergeant, I know Chris would want me to say something funny, but nothing comes to mind. I hope you're keeping him and the rest of 1st squad tight up in Heaven. My son was proud to be in your squad I know and I appreciate your words about him as a SAW gunner. I'm missing you all more than words can say. Yeah, I do think once he got his teeth he was better lookin'.

Semper Fi, Fen. I'll look you up when I hopefully get a chance to look on Heaven's scenes. You probably have Chris pulling middle of the night guard duty ...

Semper Fi.
August 10, 2005
Dear Carol, Travis, Tyler.
During times like this you seek the Lords comfort, and his hand of strength just to get you by. Watching Justin grow up, seeing him at the store or teaching him at Sunday School you realize you had a small impact in his youth. However, never did you realize Justin would impact you. Reading many wonderful letters we know Justin was an remarkable young man. This fine young man is now with our Lord Jesus Christ, he has called him home.
I pray often for the Hoffman family, and thanking God above for the honor in knowing your wonderful son Justin.

Jeff Edler (Delaware, Ohio)
August 10, 2005
Our country and Iraq owes a debt of gratitude to Justin and the men and women who have gave their lives for our freedom. Thank you for raising a son with such character.
August 10, 2005
The Hoffmans and Friends,

When we lose someone we care so deeply about, there are neither words nor actions that remedy the pain of the passing. But what a confidance we have in Jesus, the Author and Perfector of our faith. He is our only resolve.

Justin, I remember the man with jokes. He thought he was funny, and despite oneself, you could not help yourself but laugh with him. He was a great man, a man of honor for his service to our country, but more importantly a man of God. SO no matter the circumstances of Earthly things, the Promise is that those who Believe will see him again.

Peace and Blessings to the family and those mourning the loss of Justin.
August 10, 2005
There is never a moment in a parents mind of losing a child. I have no words to ease your pain, but please know that I send my sympathy to you and your family.
He will forever be a hero for he sacraficed his life for ours. Again thank you from the bottom of my heart
August 10, 2005
Look at the stars,
Look how they shine for you,
And all the things that you do.
August 10, 2005
Bob and Family:

My heart goes out to you with the loss of your son. I am so very, very sorry.

May your healing time pass quickly, and soon, may your days be filled with fond memories.
August 10, 2005
Hoffman Family:

It's been a few years since I last ran into Justin but since the war started I've been thinking about him and hoping that he would stay safe. I remember how proud he was when he came back from basic training and I know how much he loved being a Marine. My heart breaks for your loss and want you to know how many lives Justin touched.
August 09, 2005
Carole, Renee, Travis, and Tyler,
my prayers are with you and my heart grieves for you all. although i didn't know justin well, you're family means a great deal to me. take comfort knowing he is with Jesus! and you will see him again on those streets of gold
Love to you all
August 09, 2005
God bless and keep you,thank you for giving others the freedoms we have.You will not be forgotten.
August 09, 2005
Lord Jesus, Savior of the World and Prince of Peace, watch over our loved ones as they serve their country. Protect them from the physical and moral dangers of military life. Keep them close to You and help them live in such a manner that is pleasing to You. Lord Jesus, give them courage to serve their country with honor and dignity. Be with them when they are in danger, strengthen them when they face hardships. Above all Lord, grant that when their service is finished they may return to us, sound in mind, body and soul. And Lord, for those who give the ultimate sacrifice with their lives for serving our country, please touch and minister grace and healing to their families. Amen.
August 09, 2005
Hoffman, as I knew you from serving with my wonderful son-in-law Casey in Iraq.I just dont have the words to express what a hero you truly are.And how deeply you will be missed.
August 09, 2005
To the Hoffman Family,
We never got to meet your son but we knew he had to be very special to win the heart of our niece, Teri. Your son paid the ultimate sacrifice to defend freedom and our way of life. He will live on in the memories of all those who knew and loved him.
August 09, 2005
I had the privilege of knowing Justin for a number of years and I even got to talk to him quite a bit in these past weeks, it seemed that every time he signed on to aol im I was signed on too at work. He was in good spirits and he was really looking forward to coming home. Hell, I was looking forward to him coming home. Justin was always a prankster; in fact I was the butt of his jokes most of the time. He knew that I was gullible and he would always mess with me, like the time he and Travis watched and took pictures when I set off the trip wire in the back yard and flares went off on my leg. I can’t forget the time Tyler tried to scare me by hiding in the kitchen and ended up tackling me through the wall in my apartment. And God only knows why I thought it would be a good idea to go to Cedar Point with all three of them… Those three fed off of each other and a competition to see who could mess with me more took place the entire day. It seemed that every time that I got in trouble at work it was Justin’s idea but he somehow convinced me to do it, knowing full well that I was going to get caught and in trouble… but we would always laugh about it later. That is what makes me sad is that he will never have the opportunity to make me look stupid again; I’m sure that if it is possible that he will do it from heaven. I’m sure he’s already tried to bargain just one more with God. Actually, I think that he might get it… he’s pretty persuasive. To the Hoffman family: Words cannot express properly how sad I am. May God be with you…
August 09, 2005
There is a special place in Heaven for the soldiers who gave so much for our country. I can't express the gratitude I feel for what they've given. My prayers are with the family through this terrible loss.
August 09, 2005
We are truly grieving with you at this time as our nephew Eric also lost his life right beside Sgt. Hoffman on that day. Know that we are praying for you and know that God can sustain you throughout this time of grieving. Continue to always celebrate his life. He truly gave the ultimate sacrifice- to lay down his life not only for a brother, but for an entire nation. WOW- what a man of honor!
August 09, 2005
Dear Justin,
You lived as a warrior, died as a hero, and your sacrafice shall forever be honored. You were a great friend and a great Marine, and I am a better person for having known you. You are and your family will forever be in my prayers. Rest in peace brother. Semper Fidelis.
August 09, 2005
My Dear Friends,

It’s impossible for me to express my gratitude and love the Marines, those who have already paid the ultimate price and those still in harms way. Every day I served, a Marine unit accompanied our Naval unit. I remember fondly how those jarheads would run PT and stay in shape while we worked and played. They were always read for their main mission – fighting to protect all of us. They stayed on top of their game every moment of the day. Thank God they did and still do!

I wish there was a way I could end all of this but there is not. People hate us so we need to react. Our military would much rather be helping than killing but we have no choice we must fight.

These young people sign up because they are driven by patriotism and the desire to ‘do something’, not just complain.

God will take care of them now.
Semper Fi

James 'Spy' Reilly
Vice President
Rolling Thunder Chapter 9 Oh
August 09, 2005
I knew Justin through Lima Company. He always looked for the humor in things and was fun to talk with during training. He was a Marine too look up to.
August 08, 2005
I never had the honor of meeting Justin, but my deepest sympathies go to his family and friends. I'm praying for you and God bless.
August 08, 2005
Dear Justin and his family,

My heart will always be with you. I find it difficult to look into a future without Justin in it. He was my friend, my hero, my love. I trust that God will help everyone through this. Carole, there are not words for everything I want to say. To my tiger, I will always hold you in my heart. To others, you may have been Fen or Hoffy, but to me you'll always be the Justin that supported me, cared for me, made me laugh, and shared life with me. I'll always hold our memories dear, the laughs, the smiles, the tears and the fun, and will forever regret the things we talked about but never did. I'll be strong and make you proud. I love you . My prayers are with you all.

August 08, 2005
We are truly sorry for your loss, may God give you comfort during this time. Continued prayers.
August 08, 2005
Our Sympathy, thoughts, and prayers are with the family of Justin.

The Leigh Family
August 08, 2005
You truly are a Warrior, may God bless you and your family. Semper Fidelis.
August 08, 2005
You were like a big brother to me. Always looking out for me, checking up on me, and of course…picking on me and making me laugh. Your friendship meant more to me than you will ever know. You are a hero to me and so many others. I will never forget all of the fun times and memories we shared. You will never be forgotten. I love you and miss you.

Hoffman Family, My thoughts and prayers are with you.
August 08, 2005
May God bless all of your family during this very hard time. Your son, Justin is a true hero fighting for our freedom.
My brother was also Marine and lost his life at age 23 in Viet Nam.
August 08, 2005
The following message was dictated from my son, LCpL N. Zimmerman of the 3rd BN 2nd Mar in Al Qaim. He felt so strongly about getting this message to your family. And on a personal note, as a Mother of a Marine I am so sorry for your loss. It is deeply felt by all!

To the familiy of Sgt. Justin Hoffman:
The 3/25th Lima Co were brothers to the 3/2. We fought together during operation Matador and Operation Spear. I am so sorry for the loss of your son. I feel your loss as well, as we were brothers in the Corp. and sons of Delaware, Ohio. Take comfort in the fact that he did not die in vain. We have a mission to accomplish here and his sacrafice only makes us more determined to complete it. He will be remembered as a hero and a patriot. He will always be honored and remembered, especially by his brothers in the 3/2 and the 3/25th. I just wanted you to know that we all share in your pain for the loss of a great Marine.
Semper Fi!
LCpl Nicholas Zimmerman
Al'Qaim, Iraq.
August 08, 2005
Carol and Family,
Our thoughts and prayers are with your all. God bless you all in this time of such sorrow and pain.
Vicki Donnelly, Ashley Mullen and Whitney Granier, Surprise Arizona
August 08, 2005
Justin and I used to work together at Banana Joes. Back in those days, the business was slow, and the employees were more than just co-workers, we were family. We all leaned on each other for support and love, and now its time to give that back. Of the dozens of friends that have gone overseas, Hoffy is the first one who will not be returning. Though we hadn't spoken in ages, he was still one of my brothers. We will forever raise a glass to Hoff, our friend and our hero. Thanks for what you have done for all of us.
August 08, 2005
I wish to send my deepest respect and gratitude for Justin's commitment, so that we all can have our freedom. God bless your family and all the other soldier's family in this time of sorrow.
August 08, 2005
Dear Hoffman Family and Justin's friends:

I was able to get to know Justin through my friend Kelly Kindness. I remember Justin as a man who loved cars, motorcycles, his friends and family, and the Marines.

When I saw Justin's photo on CNN and heard that he was one of the fallen soliders, I was deeply saddened. I want to express my deepest sympathy to you and thank Justin for his courage and sacrifice in Iraq. I am so sorry for your loss. You are in my prayers.
August 08, 2005
Justin, You will never know how much you mean to me. I remember so many little things about you, but I know you are in a better place now. I posted a page in rememberance of you on the "together we served" Marine website so everyone can know the story of your heroism. Thank you for your ultimate sacrifice to God, Country and Corps. I will remember you forever. I miss you. The Marine Corps won't be the same without you!

To the Hoffman family - I went to college and was in the same unit as Justin. We dated for some time and became very close friends. We shared a lot of great times together and his memory will never be forgotten. Thank you for raising such a wonderful man, who always made everyone's day with his quick comebacks and great smile.
August 08, 2005
Our heartfelt prayers are that the God of all compassion would pour out His balm of Gilead to heal the broken hearted and comfort those who mourn. That you would experience the matchless presence of Christ where Justin now dwells.
August 08, 2005
Please know that all of us are praying for you and all who loved Justin. Words cannot express our sympathy and graditude for heros such as Justin. We are praying for divine peace on you and your family.
August 08, 2005
The family of fellow US Marine PFC Richard Collins, extends our sincerest sympathy in your time of sorrow. We pray you find God's peace.
August 08, 2005
Words cannot express what I feel for you. If there is anything I can do, just let me know. Although I never met Fen, I know he was very, very special from the sparkle in your eyes as you talked about him to Carrie and I when we were in Texas. We know that he is with Jesus now. We don't understand why his time here was so short, but I do know that God used you in a very special way to encourage Fen as he served in Iraq. May God hold you close and comfort you.

My heart aches for you, even though I don't know you. I have two sons of my own and cannot imagine the pain you feel right now. Teri tells me that you are very special people. May God bless you and keep you in His care.
August 08, 2005
Bob, Carole, Travis and Tyler:
My thoughts and prayers are with you.
August 08, 2005
I had the honor and priviledge of working with Justin and Travis at Nationwide. It was an honor to have known Justin, he is a true hero and he will be missed! My heart goes out to the Hoffman family and God Bless.
August 07, 2005
I thought of Justin as an older brother. I feel so blessed that I got to know him through my older sister. He was such a fun person to be around, and he will be truly missed. My thoughts and prayers are with the Hoffman family. Justin will never be forgotten, nor will his sacrifice he made for his country.
August 07, 2005
I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to get to know you. Your smile and sense of humor will always be remebered in our hearts. You will never be forgotten. We will all miss you very much.
August 07, 2005
To the Hoffman Family and Teri, you're in our thoughts. We are very greatful for your sons service.

Rod & Kim
August 07, 2005
Our sincere deepest condolences are extended to the family of another fallen hero from two very grateful Americans. Justin, may you rest in peace.
August 07, 2005
I am so sorry for your loss. Even through I don't know Justin or the family I do know if it wasn't for men like him I wouldn't have the freedom that I have today and I am very thankful for. I will keep you all in my prayers.
August 07, 2005
To the Hoffmans and Teri:
I never had the chance to meet Fen, but I heard about him all the time. My heart goes out to you and your family. You are all in our prayers.
August 07, 2005
To family and friends of Sgt.Hoffman: May God grant you comfort and strength. Thank you for sharing this story. I appreciate his service to our country.
August 07, 2005
August 07, 2005
May God bless Justin and every Hero that proudly serves to keep us all save at home.
August 07, 2005
Hoffman Family ... it was an honor to have known Justin (Fen), even though for such a short while. Most of what we know about him was through our daughter Teri's eyes. She gave us nearly daily updates! Even in this short time, we came to know that Fen was patriotic, committed, purpose-driven, capable, caring and basically a stand-up guy. We know also that he loved our daughter Teri very much. We looked forward to knowing him even better (especially the "funny" side) in the years to come. Please know that we are personally eternally grateful for the high price that Fen paid to protect us and people that he didn't even know. We share in your loss and offer our deepest respect and sympathy. Know that he is with God, and now has a new assignment! ... Chuck and Debbie.

Teri ... words cannot ease your pain. Our hearts break for you, but know that Fen was doing what he believed in and wanted to do, and served bravely. We know that Fen appreciated your devotion and are thankful that you were able to share in each others lives in a meaningful way. We're here for you. Love ... Dad and Mom.
August 07, 2005
Bob and Family,
I was very saddened to read of Justin's sacrifice. Although there are 2 sides of opinions in this war, Justin went to serve with the feelings in his heart to protect the freedoms we have and to help establish freedoms for others. He is a hero and will be remembered as one.

Sara and I offer our deepest sympathies to you. Be strong and remember that many people are feeling your pain and sharing your grief.
August 07, 2005
Dear Chuck, Carole, Travis, Tyler & Teri, My heart goes out to you. After reading all the tributes, I wish I had the opportunity to meet Justin. He seems like a really wonderful guy. Carole, I want to meet your other sons when I come out there. Again, I am so sorry.
Love, Judy
(Chuck's sister)
August 07, 2005
Bob and entire family,

My heart broke for all of you when Tina gave me the call about Justin. You and Justin had such a bond that most men wish for with their sons. We are so sorry for your loss.

Cari and Larry Mead
August 07, 2005
I am praying for the family. Just know that Justin is with God. He will always remain with us in spirit. He gave the ultimate sacrifice for the freedom of this country--words cannot express my gratitude and appreciation. May God speed.

Monica & Colin
August 07, 2005
God bless Sgt. Justin Hoffman, his family, and friends. He has been and will continue to be dearly missed. You are all in my prayers.
August 07, 2005
There are no words...Just please know that I'm thanking God for this young mans ultimate sacrifice. I pray that God will give you comfort and strength through all of this sorrow.
A Navy Wife
USS Philadelphia
August 07, 2005
To the family and friends of Justin: my heart goes out to you. Words seem so inadequate right now. Even though I did not know Justin, I too mourn your loss. You are in my prayers. Thank you from a grateful American.
August 07, 2005
It is with a heavy heart and eyes full of tears that We honor your son, a true American Hero today. What a wonderful family and community it must be to have raised such a brave young man.
As a member of My Heart Supports The Troops, a troop support group out of mid-michigan I know the sacrafice you have ALL made. Thank you is so inadequate, but also so powerful. Thank you for giving up your best and brightest to the cause of Freedom. May God Bless you, and God Bless our Troops.
August 06, 2005
we are a vey blessed country to have young men like justin to fight our wars for us. sorry for the loss of your son. may God bless you and your family,and give you peace through this time of sorrow.
August 06, 2005
I lost my 25 year old son a year ago to an accident. How well I know the pain you are going through. My prayers are with you.
August 06, 2005
Dear, dear Carole, Travis, Tyler, Renee, loved ones and friends;
It was our privilege to have known Justin and his family as he served Jesus Christ in his youth group.He had a wonderful gift of giving joy to us who knew him and left a mark on the hearts of our kids that made them better adults. He continued to serve and give as he gave his life to fullfill God's purpose of freeing others so they may have the chance to come to know Christ. We thank the Hoffman family for raising Justin to become a man we can look up to and learn from. Justin will be missed, he is our hero, and his family is in our prayers.
August 06, 2005
i dont know Sgt. Justin Hoffman but would like to send my deepest sympathy and prayers to your family on the loss of your loved one and also to say Thank You to an American Hero who gave his life for our country. God Be With You All.
August 06, 2005
I want to express my deepest sympathy to the Hoffman family, I too graduated from WCHS (05) and knew of the Hoffman family. I conversed with Justin through a car club online and on instant messanger quite regularly while he was in Iraq. I cannot express my sorrow in words, I am so sorry about this and I pray for the Hoffman family.
August 06, 2005
Justin will always be a hero. We will never forget that he died for all of us and for all the children of the world. Justin was one of the few, the proud, the Marines! Semper Fi, a Marine Mom
August 06, 2005
I did not know any of the men that gave the ultimate sacrifice to keep us free, my heart aches for all the families. May you always know I will always think of Justin and all the other men and be eternally grateful for what they did so I can live a free life.
Our prayers are with you.
Brenda King
August 06, 2005
August 06, 2005
To Those of Lima Company:
Our Marines of Lima Company, you now belong to the ages. We honor you for your unselfish act of courage. We salute and are ever in awe of your bravery, for you have paid the ultimate price. With deep sadness, we wait to honor you one last time. I don't know you but I think of you all as my Marines. My heart will be heavy for a very very long time. You have left a void I'm not sure can be filled. We will remember you as one of integrity and commitment. But, most of all, we will remember how proudly you stood because you were a Marine; our Marine.

To family and friends of Lima Company. I can't begin to understand the depth of pain or your sense of loss. I can only hope you will accept my deepest gratitude for the supreme sacrifice you the family and friends of Lima Company have made. I hold each of you in my heart and foremost in my thoughts and prayers. God Bless each of you and hold you in His care, as you make this most difficult and long journey.
A Marine Mom
1stSgt Timothy Weber
Based out of Camp Pendleton
August 06, 2005
A Marine Mother
August 06, 2005
Bob, Carole, Travis, Tyler, and Teri,

Justin will always be our hero.

His bravery in the face of adversity will always be an inspiration to us all and a constant reminder of the cost of our freedom.

Through his selfless courage and sacrifice, he has reflected great credit upon his family, his country, and his corps.

Semper Fidelis my brother!
August 06, 2005
I had yet to meet the famous Fen, but knew he must be a special guy to have won the fancy of my cousin Teri.

My thoughts and prayers are with the Hoffmans and the Prices and the many other families affected by the week's tragedies.

Carole and the rest of the Hoffman family, I appreciated what I heard you say in a couple of the Internet news clips I've seen...

"What they were doing over there was making a difference, is making a difference, and if we leave now their deaths would be for nothing."

Fen's sacrifice won't be forgotten.

God bless you and God bless America.
August 06, 2005
For 20 Ohio Marines

Did you feel the wave of sympathy
surging across the Pennsylvania line
and out to you,
the families left behind?

We know.
For we saw your boys
here among ours,
at High School proms
in cars, in shopping malls,
in churches, at picnics
and on the curb
at parades on July 4th
watching veterans
of other wars,
saluting them with gratitude.

We saw them at gates
leaving wives and families,
and forlorn young girls--
turning to leave
with head held high,
looking back one last time.
We know them.
For yours are ours.
August 06, 2005
sgt hoffman, im so glad i had the chance to know you. you are a real hero in my eyes. i know casey is missing you so much over there. you will never be forgotten. my thoughts and prayers are with your family.
August 06, 2005
I love you Justin, and I miss you so much.
August 06, 2005
I am so sorry for your loss, and pray for strength to get you through.
August 06, 2005
Words can't possibly express our thoughts at this time, but know that you are so strongly loved across the country, by millions. We all want to send you the biggest hug! Generations to come, all around the world, will never forget the sacrifices your son & all members of his family have endured. God Bless You!
August 06, 2005
Dear family and friends of SGT Hoffman,

I am the Battalion Surgeon in Haditha and the Assistant MWR Officer. Earlier this week a Marine from Lima's 3rd platoon dropped off a CD of favorite photos from the platoon for me to consider for our cruise book. I went down to 1st squad's squad bay to see if anyone could help me label the photos of them and Justin was the first to jump up to volunteer. I sat down with him and LCPL Travis Williams and others for over an hour and had a great time listening to them reminisce about the memories the photos brought back. I looked forward to getting to know these men better during our time left here in Iraq.

I am profoundly saddened by the loss of Justin and his men this week. Justin was a great Marine, and a warm & caring individual on a personal level. He lived a hero's life and died a heroic death. Lima yet continues the battle, to ensure our military goals are accomplished and these deaths are not in vain.

I am submitting a couple photos of Justin and have others if you would like them.

Please know you are in my thoughts and prayers. May the Lord bless and keep you and hold you close in His loving arms during these difficult times.
August 06, 2005
Though I didnt know Justin I am a Marine Corp wife and I would like to take the time too say Justin is a fallen hero who will not be forgotten. May God Bless your family and help through all your heartache.
August 05, 2005
Dear Hoffman family,
I did not know your son, but our deepest sympathy goes to you and your family. My family thanks your son for our freedom and his name is in our prayers evernight. My GOD bless his sole.

HM2(FMF) Craig N Beaumier
August 05, 2005
I worked with Justin when he worked at Nationwide in Grove City. I can't even begin to tell you how many times Justin had me laughing. His sense of humor was great as was his fantastic personality. We hung out a lot together at work as we both worked the same hours and his office was located next to mine.

Somewhere I have some video footage of him I shot on a short and funny trip to a local Taco Bell. He also introduced me to Frankie's Cafe in Grove City, a place I still go every couple of weeks.

Even though he left Nationwide a few years ago, I still kept in touch with him. I would call him up to catch up on things and every once in a while I would talk with him online. I hadn't seen him online for months until a few days ago. I almost sent him a instant message to see if he wanted to chat but I was tired and told myself that I would try and contact him the next day. I am so sorry I never got that last chance to say goodbye.

Justin. You were one of a kind and I will miss you. The memories I have of you will last forever.
August 05, 2005
The Mayer family sends their prayers for your loss.
August 05, 2005
My Fen,

It's in every breath I miss you, In every dream I see you, In every prayer He hears your name.

Fen, there aren't words deep enough to express how I feel about you. I love you more than anything, & was looking forward to spending the rest of our lives together. You are the most generous, selfless, kind, amazing, funny, thoughtful person I know. I am so proud of you, & am honored to have been a part of your life. You made every day a happier day. I simply cannot imagine a future w/o you in it. I find peace knowing you're w/ God, & there's no better place you can be than in His hands. Thank you for loving me - I will always love you.

Your Teri

Hoffman Family - you are all such amazing people. Your strength is an encouragement to all. Praying for you.
August 05, 2005
We are proud to have known Fen. We are broken with your family and Teri at his loss. He was someone I looked up to. We know he's home now and are praying for comfort for those who knew him.
August 05, 2005

You have always been like a brother to me and even though we bickered, I always loved you as such. You will always have a special place in my heart and you will be sorely missed. Your sacrifice is commendable, your bravery admirable and you are exceptional. God bless you, your family, friends, and fellow soilders. -Love always
August 05, 2005
Words will never express the loss I feel at this time. Knowing you are with God and that someday I will join you there is the only thing that allows me to face the future.
August 05, 2005
My deepest sympathy goes out to the entire Hoffman family. Although Justin left Nationwide before I had started...I've had the pleasure of working with Travis for 3.5 years now. You would be comforted in knowing that Justin's humor and demeanor still lingers throughtout Security. I have heard so much about him and of his bundle of energy filled with comical entertainment. Travis, I am so sorry for your loss; you are in my thoughts.
August 05, 2005
I am a military Mom, and just wanted you to know that even though I personally didn't know your son, I mourn his loss with you.
August 05, 2005
It's not very often in a lifetime that you come across a person like Justin but it has been an honor and a privelege to have worked the past four years with him.
His laugh, his smile and his jokes made some stressful times easier and that's what we will always remember.
Justin wasn't just a co-worker, he was a friend who will be greatly missed.
Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family,friends and soldiers - God Bless You.
August 05, 2005
I worked with Justin at Nationwide Insurance. Justin had a great sense of humor and was always such a light hearted friend. May you and your family remain strong. I thank you for your service to our country.
August 05, 2005
Bob, Please know that you and your family are in our thoughts and prayers. We are all here for you.
August 05, 2005
I remember Justin as a fun, happy, energetic guy who was a blast to be around. I worked with him at Banana Joes about 2 1/2 years ago, he was a barback on the weekends and I was a bartender. I have the deepest respect and gratitude for his commentment to our country. He will forever be in my heart. The deepest of sympathy goes out to his family and loved ones. I know that the glory he now knows in heaven is deserving. God bless!
August 05, 2005
I graduated with Justin in 1996 from Worthington Christian. My prayers will be with you and your family. He will be missed.
August 05, 2005
I worked with Justin and his brother Travis at Nationwide Insurance in Security. I remember Travis as a good guy,and I wasn't too suprised to see he had joined the military. My prayers go out to his family and friends.
August 05, 2005
justin was like a brother to me. he dated my sister and every day he would pick on me, but would watch out for me like i was his sister. he was a great guy, and he will be missed very much. justin, you and your family are in my prayers.
August 05, 2005
Dear Hoffy,

We can’t begin to express our sincerest, deepest sympathy not only for your family but also for your many, many friends who love you. You have touched our lives and our hearts and for that we are thankful. We will always remember you for your quick wit, your great stories and your love for your family. The entire nation will remember you for your valor, your dedication and your love for your country. Thank you Justin. We miss you and we love you.
August 05, 2005
Thank You for your love of country and your bravery.
August 05, 2005
We don't know each other but, My prayers are with all of Justin's family. My son is in the Air Force possibly to be deployed to the East this fall. My heart aches as you feel the pain of the loss of your very handsome son.
August 05, 2005
To Justin and all those who loved him,

Thank you for making the ultimate sacrifice for your family, friends, and those you don't even know. Justin, you were brave, honorable, and will never be forgotten.

May God bless your family,
Molly (Housekeeper) Vanzant
August 05, 2005
Justin's brother, Travis, is my nieces's husband. I am very devistated and saddened at his tragic death. My thoughts and prayers are with Travis and his family. I am very proud of Justin and his service to his country.
August 05, 2005
To the family and friends of Justin,

Words fail to express the gratitude I have for Heroes, like Justin. His sacrifice to help this world become a safer place for future generations will never be forgotten by me.

May God bless and comfort you in your loss.

Rest in peace.
August 05, 2005
There are no words that I can think of to ease your pain right now. Just know that your son was doing what he loved and believed in, and we all honor him for that. I am proud of him and I didnt even know him personally. The company was just notified yesterday that he was no longer with us, but he will forever be in ours hearts. We here at Cardinal feel your grief and wish you and your family the best. God Bless the USA and ALL the soliders that have (and still are) standing up for us and for the ones that have gave thier lives so unconditionally. They will not be forgotten.
August 05, 2005
My thoughts and prayers along with my deepest sympathy go to the family. Justin is a Hero.
August 05, 2005
Its actually kinda hard for me to write this, but I need to....You were a good friend to me, and although I havent seen you in a few years, I never forgot you. I couldnt beleive what I was reading when I saw the DOD announcement and your name was there. Each time that Lima Co. was attacked, I prayed that you would be ok. Even though I know that you are in a better place now, it doesnt make things any easier. The sacrifice that you made will never be forgotten. Its because of men like you that we have the things we have today, and although some people take those freedoms for granted, I can promise that your death was not in vain and that you will always be remembered as a Hero. I respect and honor you for the commitment that you made to this country, and for the sacrifice that you made so that mine and everyone elses children can grow up safe! Thank you for everything Justin, I will never forget you!

"If the Army and the Navy ever look on heaven’s scenes, They will find the streets are guarded by United States Marines." Taken from the Marine Corps Hymn.
August 05, 2005
May God be with you and your family during this time. You will be missed. Thank you for all that you did. God bless our troops.
August 05, 2005
I went to school with Justin. Very, very sorry for you lose
August 05, 2005
May god bless all.
August 05, 2005
God Bless you and yours Justin.
August 05, 2005
I am so sorry for your loss. Justin is one Americas finest. God Bless your family during this time of sorrow.
August 05, 2005
Thank you! God Bless! No one can repay you for your sacrifice. My prayers are with you and your family.
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