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Marc Diab
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March 12, 2017
Remembering you a lot lately, maybe because chafic left early too. Now it happened that i was googling chafic's name and saw your guest book and i saw Chafic's comment down below in page 6.
"What is left from man is his reputation"
"You are truly a hero and will be forever missed" "I will see you tomorrow my friend"
-Those were some of what Chafic wrote-
You are both heroes and fighters.
So Marc, Chafic went to see you now. sure thing is that you welcomed him with your arms wide spread as you used to welcome & greet everyone.
Miss & love you and please watch over us. See you both soon.
November 10, 2016
In thoughts of all those who have given all that could be given for our freedoms, our beliefs, our futures and in thoughts of their families, loved ones, friends and fellow soldiers. Thank You. We Will Remember

Etched in history's past hundred years
Is freedom's struggle forth
As nations stood allied to stand
To stop tyranny's closing doors
So many sons
Lay in far off lands
Never to return
Except in thoughts and memories shared
By their fellow soldiers, families, friends
What touches hearts still beating for
Those who stood that ground
Are those who shared their stories forth
Of a war that turned around
As years passed by
Nations share
A bond that cannot brake
Those who found freedom's door
Opened in their wake
Dear Lord, sons and daughters taught
Their children, of the past
Now years and years
So little's changed
Except the speed the news is passed
Yes war has changed
This past hundred years
As more and more have stood
Fallen near, that brethren strong
Freedom held so dear
I wish my tears could wash away
The reality war has shown
Shown to me, as one who cares
As one who's stood so near
One who allowed the tears to flow
As a mom talked and shared her love
For a fallen one
She held so dear
Now lifted high above
To continue caring, listening
As their daughters chatted so
And let me know
Of a love they held
For a dad who gave his all
His love
For his Nation dear
His all for a world to be
That which he would pass along
To his children strong and free
I stand with fallen angels
Their families, loved ones, friends
I stand with soldier bears who've heard
Over and over and over, again
I love you dad, I love you mom
I wish, you could come home
But now I know you look after me
From where ever angels go

By Roger Borchert For Remembrance Day 2016

My heart goes out to so many families who have shared with me, their journey to overcome such loss. My thanks to Britt and Sarah Stewart of Allan' s Angels Camp for introducing me to your soldier bears and letting me hear your dad say in his own voice good night to you even 3 years after his loss. My journey into 8 years of poetry and caring for the families of our fallen and wounded has taken so much of a bite out of me and left me so proud of our soldiers and their military families; I cannot turn away. Hugs to all: We Will Remember Them.

Roger, Eileen and The Borchert Family Morinville, Alberta
December 24, 2015
In thoughts of our fallen, their families, fellow soldiers, loved ones, and friends this Christmas 2015. May you enjoy the beauty, the wonder, and the miracles Christmas lays at our sides and in our hearts.

They stand nearby the window
Looking out through frost and fog
In hopes of seeing that miracle
That brings a loved one close
Their sighs in frosted vapor
Cling to that window pane
And will not melt
Until their heart, allows it to be felt
A moment, a special moment
A gentle thought recalled
Warms a heart
Fills a mind, with love once held so close
Oh Lord, I pray, their angel
Wanders close
Wanders near
For hearts, who held a soldier dear
Would see their loved one near
A child, a wife, a mom, a dad
A brother, sister, fellow soldier, loved one, friend
Would see the vision of one who stood
So proudly for all of them
I pray, Oh Lord, Our Canada
Feels their hearts, shares their tears
And holds them close, near beside
At this special time of year
For it is that time, when hearts break so
When hearts feel so much pain
For those they love
Those who gave
For a better world to save
I pray they view the value
Of the colours that appear
At this time, in Christmas joy
That brings us all so near
A special child
Found in love
For a world, held so dear
Walked among, mortal souls
Allowed a moment near
A moment of a lifetime
Albeit short, standing proud
Never flinched, never swayed
Towards a better world to save
Onward, onward, they have stood
Hold back tyranny or terror
In memory of one who shone
A light of Christmas Cheer
If we could just, but capture
A moment out of time
To share the glow of angels near
As a soldier left behind
All that was so sacred
All that held so dear
All that was the love of life
That held so many near
We would know that there, is more to life
Than each of us can give
It's seen within the window's glow
Through the frost on which it clings
As fond, fond memories melt its cold
And friends, loved ones, do recall
A Soldier as he wandered near
Near for all of us

By Roger Borchert

Wishing you all the Joy and Warmth Christmas has to offer. Know only; we just need to open our hearts to allow its's wonder to appear.

Merry Christmas
The Borchert Family, Morinville, Alberta
April 03, 2015
My poem for this Easter 2015

There are times respect
Grasps at the heart
For a gift so far beyond
Incomprehensibly stilled within the minds
Of those who've seen the light
So brightly shone within mind's eye
As real as life can bare
As heroes rode a highway home
Tears welled up within eyes
A nation stood, so near, to show
Their families, loved ones, friends
They weren't alone in sorrow's depth
As their loved ones returned home

On this, such special weekend
As hearts ponder a gift t'was given
To all mankind across our earth
From one who stood divine
A gift to grant a new birth
Believe in me, the message taught
He spread his good across the lands
Followed every step he took
He lived, he died, at the hands
Of those who could not see
The good he shared, the morals taught
The love that came to be
For all mankind forgiveness
For all another chance
For all to see each other
With a mutual respect
To pass along wherever roamed
A foundation of a world to be
He rose again from where entombed
To show, living, is more than life
It is how we live
What we give
During our moment here on earth

For centuries throughout history
There are those who are the beast
Who walk our earth immoral
Defile everything they see
Decimate, exterminate
Terrorize all within their path
Who do not share a vision held
In the mind, the beast has grasped
Easter weekend is about a love
Respect beyond compare
Passed on from one
Who stood, who gave
For a better world to come
Canada was founded
On this love passed along
A nation of mutual tolerance
And respect for all mankind
We are a collage of humanity
Evolved for a world to see
That mankind from a world surround
Can share a nation free
That rise to share this goodness
Stand across a world protect
A gift from those who make it so
Who stand to hold the beast

For all those who have stood, been wounded, or given their lives to foster this goodness across our world, we remain forever in your debt. May you know the light of eternal life shared and celebrated each Easter.

By Roger Borchert

Our hearts, Our tears, Our Prayers
The Borchert Family
Morinville, Alberta
December 23, 2014
For the Families of our Canadian Forces who lost a loved one during or due to their service for our nation, Christmas 2014

I have seen the frost the low clouds bring
As it rests on every branch
Glistens forth from each blade of grass
Paints pictures on the glass
Captured for a moment
Till sunshine's glow warms the chill
That froze each thought
The low clouds brought
As they wrapped around the soul
But the glisten, oh that glisten
Its sparkle shining forth
It brings the smiles, then the tears
As Christmas gathers forth
Lord our world is a reality
That spills what life unfolds
And those who've stood, those who gave
Are those we hold so close
Captured in a memory
Of a sibling, daughter, son, mom or dad
Who took that step, held out that hand
In a far off distant land
They took that step for Canada
For a whole wide world protect
And visit now at special times
As if they've never left
They are that sparkle that brings a tear
They are that laughter that brings a smile
They are that warmth now ever held so close
And at Christmas they're always near
Held forever in a heart's belief
Glowing brighter than the stars
That shines in eyes that hold them close
Throughout each Christmas time
Hang that special bulb upon the tree
The one that gleams and glows
That one that holds all Frosty shines
Glistening in the snow
For a special, special son was born
Who stepped forth to change a world
Who shared his life for all mankind
Brought forth hope of eternal life
So many tears at Christmas time
So many found in joy
So many smiles surround the tree
Each blessed Christmas morn

By Roger Borchert

We Will Remember Them. Wishing You All a Very Joyous Christmas and All the Best in the Coming Year
The Borchert Family, Morinville, Alberta
December 23, 2014
A thought in Remembrance, 2014. Please Know, We Will Remember Them.

A nation is measured by the hearts that beat
That make up its collective soul
And is witnessed in steps taken forth
As across a world they've roamed
I gathered my thoughts reluctantly
While about, out on a walk
A blustery day, as wind blew by
Leaves falling from the sky
I looked into the heavens
As tears were rolling down
My cheeks a chill, the tears they froze
As at once I realized
The leaves were endless soldiers
Who stood for all and gave
So we might each day have the joy
To walk in freedom's way
To not be hiding who we are
Not worry, to grow old
To not be shuffled to the side
To stand and be so bold
To demand that freedom is the goal
Of our nation standing strong
For founded in the leaves that blow
Are the hearts, the very souls
The torches passed to soldiers
From a brethren strong and free
Who stood and said no more, no more
As tyranny roamed the streets
Of far off lands, now close at home
They stood, they lived, they died
They paid the price of freedom
The price of Canada
For they have stood and given all
On behalf of all of us
A tear is just a moment
A fleeting moment's thought
2 minutes in a year that's passed
For freedom for all of us
2 minutes to remember
Those who lived, those who gave
That we could build a nation strong
Stronger by the day
But only through reflection
In the pool of tears now shed
For those who gave their very all
That we might live the dream they bled
A precious little flower
A poppy just to say
That we remember
Those who stood
In such an honoured way
Please stop for just a moment
A thought, a prayer, a tear
For those who've lost
Those who've stood
Their families, loved ones, friends
Please reflect on what
Life might have brought
If not for all of them

By Roger Borchert

Thank You to all those who have served, serve presently, all of their families, loved ones, and friends who walk so nearby their sides and support them as they step forth on our behalf. A very special Thank You to all those who have shared and lost their loved one in the service or because of their service on behalf of our Canada.

Our hearts, our tears, our prayers
We Will Remember Them
The Borchert Family, Morinville, Alberta
June 16, 2014
May God bless you and your family in this time of sorrow.
December 24, 2013
For the families and children of our fallen this Christmas 2013

Colours glowing near a window pain
Shimmer gentle, seen, the sight
Lifting hearts in yuletide's glow
On Christmas Eve, tonight
Let them hear the carols
Sung on high
Sung in hearts so light
Sung with all the love that grew
Sung with all their might
As they gather close
Around their Christmas tree
Recall a life time, shared
Broke into tears, for a life once shared
With a nation
With all of us
Oh Lord our child of Canada
Lost a soldier, Oh So Dear
To a world that needed
A strong, strong heart
To stand, to say, no more
In a world gone so terribly wrong
On behalf of me and you
They stood, they gave, all that they could
Left those they loved behind
We now cherish, the very thought
A thought that's so profound
Hearts have risen high above
As angle's wings do fly
Carrying forth their love so dear
We hold them near to us
Their wives, their children
Their moms, their dads
Their families, loved ones, friends
And those who walked at their sides
On behalf of all of us
As sunshine gathers, sparkles thought
In the snow that's on a tree
May the beauty of the gift they gave
Shine on for you and me
May the warmth of love surround their hearts
Quell the hurt, the pain the loss
May it bring your soldier, mom, or dad
Close to you tonight
May they wrap their loving arms so tight
Hold you close and oh so near
And let you know you're never alone
At this precious time of year
In life, in birth, a special child
Was born on Christmas morn
To bring to you that special chance
To be near to them once more

May the Joy of Christmas warm your hearts and lift your spirits high
Shine the glow that Christmas brings
Close to you tonight

By Roger Borchert
The Borchert Family, Slave Lake/Morinville, Alberta
Our hearts, Our tears, Our prayers, Shared, This Christmas 2013
November 10, 2013
We Will Remember Them. Written for Remembrance Day 2013

For those who've stood at the gates of hell
As battle rages forth
And stood to hold their line, their fate
To lift a new world rising forth
A world in which freedom's hand
Was openly held toward
To those to escape the bonds that bind
To hold them ever more
From the clutches, the beating down
Their spirit and their hearts
Those who held that outstretched hand
To those who needed help
So thankful all a world should be
For they stood for another voice
One that held our hearts, our minds
Standing very close
Freedom is not just a venture forth
It is a way of life
That lends us all, the gift to stand
Go forth for what is right
And allow all those to climb aboard
Who see it in their sight
Oh Lord you gave us choices
Good or evil found in hearts
The two, so very different hold
Our worlds so far apart
Tonight I looked into the coals
Of embers burning bright
And saw the life of those who share
Our nation's glowing light
At first their dreams are smoke and mirrors
Of a life that used to be
And then each soldier rises up
Gives meaning to where they've been
Learning pride, remembrance
From those who've stood before
Those who tossed the torch that holds
Their futures, evermore
So many didn't return back home
They lay where poppies grow
So many others caught their torch
And across our earth they've roamed
Within this new world
They have worked so hard
To help to come about
A world where sons, where daughters, rise
And share a brand new world's spark
Lord love them for they took a stand
And said no more, no more
A message needed
In our world today
As terror knocks on every door
We could never wander very far
From these hearts so warm that said
Our world needs us brave enough
To stand in terror's way
So as you sit around a campfire's light
Look in and see how bright
The glow that warmed those hearts to stand
As they stood for all of us
We can never forget that step they took
We remember those who gave
All they could towards a better world
A better world today

We Thank Them
We Will Remember Them
Strong of heart
Strong in spirit
Glowing heroes to recall each day

By Roger Borchert
The Borchert Family, Slave Lake, Alberta
March 30, 2013
My poem, written for this Easter 2013, in respect of those who have given their very all to bring about a better world on our behalf and in recognition of their families, friends, loved ones and fellow soldiers who miss them so deeply at each Easter Sunday meal. May They R.I.P. We Will Remember Them.

Empty chairs each Easter Sunday
In homes across our land
Tears flowing gently
For each son or daughter
Mom or dad
Who gave a heart to Canada
Stood proud for me and you
Stepped forth to make a difference
In a world, in need, they knew
I've seen comets
I've seen meteors
But what I saw the other night
Was a glowing ball
Streak across the sky
In slow motion, in its flight
It glowed so bright, like mini moon
Its colour just the same
And then in the spirit with which it came
Turned to darkness once again
Overjoyed in what, I had seen
It was not a shooting star
It was a light that lifted high
In the brief moment of its spark
Oh lord, so many soldiers
So young and full of life
Have moved my heart
In this gentle way
As they've stood so far apart
Parted from their families
Parted from their friends
Stood so tall for who we are
Given all that could be given
Now held so close, within the hearts
Of those who miss them so
As bright, as seen, this palm Sunday's eve
Not unlike a story foretold
Of a son who gave his very all
So others would follow
Follow in a dream, a way
That a world would see a light
Of goodness spread across a world
At freedoms dawning sight
Oh Lord be near our soldier
Who also gave a life
For all to see a better world
On behalf of all of us
Lord, I dare not compare your son of life
To our warriors brave and true
I only give this humble voice
Of their efforts, the good, they do
Standing tall
Standing brave
Standing with all you shared
Within their hearts as young they were
To mold them
Brave for you

By Roger Borchert
The Borchert Family, Slave Lake, Alberta
December 24, 2012
For the Families of Our Fallen This Christmas 2012

Angel's feathers falling
To remind us they're up there
Wind chimes sounding gently
To let us know the lord is near
Today is but a lull, in winter's nasty chill
One can see the storm clouds building
Circling, all around us now
We hold so close the warmth that was
To let it not escape
Yet no matter how hard we try
The warmth, it finds the gate
The chill it reaches down inside
Attaches to the spine
Sends shivers climbing through us now
Hearts are frozen held in time
For those who've lost a loved one, friend
Tis all they can endure
A hope, a wish, a prayer, t'would bring
Their loved one home again
Oh Lord their Soldier stood for all
Please warm these hearts so chilled
So they may find the warmth once shared
With this one no longer near
As they look out through the window
Let the moon and stars, shine bright
Let all about, it glisten forth
On this, this special night
Another hero gave his all
The one who led the way
For them to find a life beyond
And faith to find a day
A way to climb a staircase
To the heavens high above
To join a son, a daughter, friend
To be together once more as one
Oh lord you sent your son, our gift
To those who lend a heart
To those who've given all and more
For those life has forgot
We stand so near, so near Oh Lord
In praise, in solitude
Await a time, a time to share
A loved one entrusted unto you

Thank you Lord
Merry Christmas To All
We will Remember Them Until You Meet Again
By Roger Borchert
The Borchert Family Slave Lake, Alberta
November 29, 2012
always on my mind to my love love you u awesome
November 11, 2012
For Remembrance Day 2012

Flurries of snow across our land
A chilly wind bites at the spine
As we stand for those who stood for all
In far off distant lands
Some recall the void, the pain within
Left in hearts, in minds, in lives
Who were impacted at the loss of those
Their lives never the same again
Friends recall fond memories
Child in tears for a mom or dad
A wife recalls the horror of war
That turned her life, a living hell
A mother or father stands in thought
A loss beyond belief
Of one who was their heart their soul
Since counting tiny toes upon their feet
Fellow soldiers, comrades
Loved ones, friends
In their minds they bring them near
In special thoughts of those they've lost
While fighting over there
We as Canadians
Stand proud, respect
All those who stood for all
Sent from a nation whose open heart
Has provided a world a home
Oh lord my heart so empty
As I stand, two minutes given
Just a moment's time
For the life they gave
On behalf of all of us
I cannot be prouder Canada
I could never turn away
From those who've shared
Their loved one forth
A debt we could not repay
Stand proud, Remember, Oh Canada
For those who stand for us
For their families, friends, and comrades too
For they gave for me and you
We are focused on the flower
Began in fields so far away
An image to be remembered now
On each Remembrance Day

We Who Remember Them
Are forever in their debt
By Roger Borchert
The Borchert Family Slave Lake, AB
March 08, 2012
not forgotten
December 25, 2011
For the Families of Our Fallen, This Christmas 2011

The wind is howling at my doorstep
This eve of Christmas Eve
The trees are bending low its clear
As Christmas day draws near
As I decked the tree this Christmas
I thought of those so brave
Of those who've lost a loved one
Who stepped forth for me and gave
They gave their all for Canada
A gift beyond compare
They stood a world away in time
Where few would tread or dare
So many loved ones share in tears
In thoughts they've left behind
Hugs once held so warm and close
A smile within a mind
The TREE has become so special now
For it holds a life time past
Its sparkling lights a memory's glow
Of a hero once held so near
As garland wrapped the tree in smiles
Those smiles of yesteryears
Those smiles held upon a face
Forever now held near
Each piece of tinsel a frozen tear
Shed at a time of loss
And now reflecting the reason why
For this hero was dearly loved
A true angel tops this Christmas tree
For is seen when looking high
As a loved one lifts their faces near
And a prayer races from a heart
A wish that they were standing near
A wish for laughter's sound
A warmth a hug once use to bring
Remains a memory oh so close
Oh Canada, our heroes gave
Their loved ones hold our hearts
Lord please reach out and hold them close
Please be so near this season forth

By: Roger Borchert
The Borchert Family, Slave Lake, Alberta
Our Thoughts, Our Hearts, Our Prayers
Wishing You All A Wonderful Christmas
August 01, 2011
I recently saw the story about the young soldier who named his child after your son, It was so touching, I want you to know I remember your son in my prayers every night. He was so compassionate
July 22, 2011
Marc it’s had been long time I did not write, it does not mean I forget you. Will always remember you. Rest in Peace Brother
December 24, 2010
For the Families, loved ones, friends of or Fallen This Christmas 2010

Looking back, on childhood’s days
When wonder set the sails
And all imagined could come to life
Within thoughts, dreams as they played
When Santa rode a sleigh one eve
In every coming year
And magic taught sweet dreams to fly
To rooftops every where
Now sitting wishing Christmas Eve
Looking off into the night
Pleading for a shooting star
Enhance this wish with all their might
A wish for just a Christmas hug
From a soldier no longer here
No longer in our earthly world
Held close now, within near
The hearts of those who’ve felt such pain
At the loss of a hero’s life
A hero who stepped forth for all
Bring this hero close this night
As tears once more roll down a cheek
Another endless, sleepless night
Let our Lord brush close a warming hug
Of your loved one, bring them near
A gentle breeze, fond memories’ bring
To hold them ever dear

Wishing the magic of Christmas could bring the smiles, the hugs and the warmth of your loved one, into your home for Christmas. Ever in our hearts and always remembered. May our Lord bless you this Christmas and throughout the coming year.

By Roger Borchert
The Borchert Family, Slave Lake Alberta
December 24, 2010
In this Christmas eve we can not but remember you Marc, your bravery, your presence.
We ask you to keep an eye, from above, as you always did, on all your beloved ones, let everyone have the smile on his face and the joy of Christmas shine on all of us.
Merry Christmas.
November 11, 2010
May your heart, presence and bravery live on in those who love you. May they be filled with your courage to get through each day and your leadership to help each other through it. Lest we forget. We will always remember.
November 02, 2010
Thinking of all those who have given so much; those who have paid the Ultimate Sacrifice, our Veterans, our serving soldiers, their families, loved ones and friends at this special time of Remembrance, 2010. We Do Remember.

They crawled on their bellies slowly
In the dirt, the dust, the slime,
Ran onto beaches, lived in fear, a moment out of time.
A time that changed a world in need
A time that set apart
Times that held a world so close, near and dear to every heart
The gas they sent, it took its toll
Many others held that ground
And challenged over and over again
Until freedom’s world was found
Liberated nations cheered delight
A world was aimed anew
But for so many who had lost a life
The tears fell hard and true
They stepped forth for their Nation
They stepped forth for a world to be
They stepped forth to chase the evil back
Keep their families safe and free
Through life times of years gone by
Up to this present day
A brethren strong with so much might
Stepped forth for you and me
We owe so much to those who’ve walked
In fear yet oh so strong
So brave in every step they took
So many now are gone
They have challenged life itself each day
And stood for what was right
They did it with their heart and soul
And stood with all their might
Lord love the souls of these so brave
And cherish duty’s call
For they gave all for a better world
On behalf of one and all.
At this time of Remembrance
Into our hearts we welcome those
Who have walked this solemn journey forth
For those who needed a friend along
We recall their families, loved ones, friends,
For so many have paid the price
Of freedom, or for a world in peace
Or to fight terror in another place
Oh Lord we hold their honour high
Our tears have washed the path
For those who take their torch to stand
As to them the torch is passed
Forever near we promise
We will honour these hearts so brave
And stand nearby their families, friends
For the sacrifice they gave

By Roger Borchert,
Our Hearts, Our Tears, Our Prayers
Thank You. The Borchert Family, Slave Lake Alberta
April 03, 2010
As I focus this Easter Sunday
My heart goes out to you
For a Chair is sitting empty
For a Hero Brave and True
Who gave a life for Canada
And a world we should become
A better world for all to share
A better world for everyone

They had raised their eyes in honour
To the Flag that flew above
They had sung its anthem strongly
In their hearts so full of love
It began for them in childhood
And sang out for years to come
At the vision of the Flag above
Onto which their hearts had clung
This special group, a brotherhood
That stepped forth to a country’s call
For them the Flag was calling
Could not turn away this love
For them it was the strongest call
The path that led the way
For they had held it steadfast near
Flying high above each day
And then one sad, so tragic day
The leaf flew from the sky
To wrap and hold them tightly bound
In return for all their love
It warmed their weary bodies
Clung closer to their hearts
And to hearts that shared the pain, their loss
At such a tremendous cost
Wrapped within the hug that flew above
Love’s vision, all their lives
Now carried forth in a country’s love
For their loving sacrifice

By Roger Borchert
They Will Be Remembered
The Borchert Family, Slave Lake, Alberta
December 23, 2009
To the Families of Our Fallen. Thinking of you this Christmas

The tears that fall to a winter’s sky
A loved one looks off into the night
For Christmas Eve is a lonely time
When a loved one is not held tight
We know they would have been here
For their families, for their friends
If they had not given our world the gift
In their service to all mankind
They stepped forth to change a world so wrong
Lift a country from it’s past
To provide a future for those in need
A future to go forth and last
But someone stole this life so strong
The beauty of a thought
Of stepping forth, to stand protect
And the goodness it could have brought
Please fill this void, warm this broken heart
Who looks out upon this eve
Troubled in a thought, a loss
Of someone now so close to thee
Oh lord please place a gentle thought
A memory of a time
When joy would fill this household warm
And keep it there at Christmas time
Let this family know we care so much
They should not be alone
Please help our thoughts be passed along
To warm those within this home
For Christmas is a time to know
That the coming of this child
Provides for all across our earth
To be reunited with that smile
The one that used to hold a hand
Or hold us in a hug
The one for whom we shed these tears
On this cold and lonely night
Please hold them close on Christmas morn
Celebrate the birthday of this child
Who came to bring salvation forth
To reunite them in awhile

By Roger Borchert

We pray oh Lord you stand near this Christmas to warm, to hold these families tight and mend these hearts so torn. Wishing you all the best this Christmas and throughout the coming year.

The Borchert Family, Slave Lake, Alberta
November 28, 2009
Thank you for your did your country fine soldier

Trooper Leriche
CFB Gagetown
November 08, 2009
In Respect of our Military Families, Our Fallen, and Wounded on Remembrance Day

For what we take for granted
So many have died for
So many lives so vastly changed
At the dreadful cost of war
There is the good; there is the bad
A liberated nation cheers
Left in dread for those young souls lost
Devastated a world back home
Efforts to protect a peace
That no one thought was near
Laying lives upon the line
Visions at times so unclear
Lives touched by fear or lived in dread
Of wounded coming home
Of crosses lined in many rows
From a trip down a heroes road
I have been sitting on the bank
Of a river flowing by
Flowing heavy with the flood of tears
From their family’s eyes
For on this day of remembrance
Their thoughts, their dreams, their prayers
Are focused on a loved one lost
Leaving them in such despair
My heart it wants to reach out
Let them know I can’t forget
The gift they’ve laid for their fellow man
Tis the greatest gift to give
So humbled in a moment’s thought
So treasured was the step
That they took forth at their country’s call
Let it never be forgot
We measure freedom lightly now
For we’ve grown so familiar with
But if not for those who took this step
And gave this precious gift
Would we take it so very lightly
Would we have the chance to vent
About all that annoys and bothers us
Without retribution for what we’ve said
So thankful they stood so proudly for
All that we hold so dear
All that makes us Canada
For me it’s oh so clear
For some others they just don’t get it
They think so little of
What has been placed in front of them
At the cost of someone’s love
If I could send forth a message
Place it in a bottle, float it by
I’d provide a note of how much I care
For those whose tears are flowing by
If I could walk along this shore
Such a warming hug I’d give
To those who’ve lost a loved one
So we can live the way we live

By Roger Borchert

So Many gave so much so we could be who we are. So Proud to be Canadian
We will Remember Them

Our Hearts, Our Tears, Our Prayers
The Borchert Family, Slave Lake Alberta
November 01, 2009
RIP and thank you for making the world a safer place - Sydney Australia
August 05, 2009
July 23, 2009
heyyy marc i havnt wrote on this in a long time ..
i hope ur doing great up in the hevean above ...
so we were at camp in your memory about 2 weeks ago it was a great success everyone always felt ur presance and we new u were there with us for the 5 days and alll the time /...
anyways i hope you have been watching over us all and your always deeply missed
take care trooper
April 08, 2009
Thinking of our Canadian Fallen Soldiers due to our efforts in Afghanistan. For them, their families, friends and fellow soldiers during this Easter Season: this Poem was written with the help of one of their Mothers. For her assistance and inspiration I am so very, very grateful.

We thank you Lord for being near
And for your gifts given unto us
We thank you too for sending forth
Your son’s so gentle touch
He provides our world with caring hearts
Without which we could not love
He gives strength to those who would step forth
In a world hidden but from above
They’ve stepped beneath terrors darkened clouds
Too many whisked away
We pray Oh Lord you gather them
Provide them a new day
Please take them close, near to thee
We entrust them to your care
Let them rest awhile hold them near
And set their spirits free
May they stand proud now
Among their peers
Families, friends, and loved ones too
For in the loving Grace of an angel’s touch
We’re drawn so much closer unto you

Thank you so very much for your efforts and sacrifice towards making our world a better place.

Our tears, our hearts, our prayers
Roger Borchert
The Borchert Family, Slave Lake, Alberta
April 06, 2009
Marco habibe, you're always on my mind. We all miss you very much. Kevin told me the other day that You are a present from us to God!!! I started crying... Rest In Peace our soldier of peace and freedom, we love you, miss you and will never forget you."See you tomorrow".
April 04, 2009
Marc, I think about you everyday. I know that your in a better place but it's still hard to accept that your gone. You were an amazing person, everyone knew that and I'm lucky and honored to have known you. You have an amazingly strong family, including Mary, please continue watching over them and giving them strength. R.I.P ?

Today we also lost Bachir, another amazing young man.. he had asked you to save him a spot in heaven, I'm sure that you did and I know that you guys are taking care of each other. I love you both, God bless both your souls ?
April 02, 2009
Back in the summer and not to my surprise I found out about Marc’s Assignment to Afghanistan. It was chilling to here at the same time THIS IS MARC no doubt about it.

I knew his decision was focused, thought of and weighed.

I think some people join the army for many reasons; some for a better retirement plan, some to run away from it all and some to have a sense of achievement. Some go to Afghanistan for the money and some go for not knowing what is waiting for them.

Needless to say Marc is very very far from all of this. He had all what he needed back home; A loving family, a loving Mary and all the caring friends and surrounding to make him proud of his past and lovely happy future. To me the only reason why Marc went to Afghanistan is because Afghanistan is just a place and this place could be any where. He went because he loved his work and his job and he was good at what he did. For him it was the same self-achievement he always dreams off and was so good at- "To be a LEADER".A builder of “a better TOMORROW"

For this reason the word batal and HERO suddenly has new meaning to me. He never wanted us to be sad or cry because he loved life and loved what he did. The risks where high, he knew it but the challenges MARC decides to take where so so like him.

For us not to cry- tough luck buddy, I let you down- and do not try to stop me. The tears are partly to do with sadness, and partly to do with missing you. But they are also tears of pride and tears of joy because you came into our lives, touched our hearts in such a special way and this is why we will never let go.

They say Rest in Peace, or RIP… Yep, sure and I could not agree more- but tough luck once more buddy because you have a long long loooong way to go to convince us to let go.

You are a true legacy who made us proud to know you and proud to love you and will forever be living in our hearts.

Habibi Marc.
April 01, 2009
Every day we think of you Marc. We think of what a sad loss for your family and how proud they must be of you. Time will tell them why God chose you in heaven. You are a dear nephew, a true hero and and a perfect role model for all young men. R.I.P dear nephew, and we will ' see you tomorrow '
March 30, 2009
To our dearest marco!
we miss you so much and everyday it gets harder to spend without you here making us laugh and showing us how to have a good time. You are always on our mind and we talk about you and all the memories we shared and cherish ! Everday that passes by I become more sure of what an amazing person, and hero you are and what an impact you had on so many lives. You will never be forgotten, because you brought together different nations, different people, and a whole community of friends and family. I ask you everday for a sign, but i have faith and I know and believe that you are in a better place, that you are happy and finally safe watching over all of us like a guardian angel. Protect us always and guide us through our life, especially mary and your family who love you so much give them all the strength like you have given me strength to get through this.
You are a true soldier, hero and friend.
R.I.P trooper Diab and " I'll see you tommorow"
March 29, 2009
where do I begin? I am still unable to believe that you are truly gone. I do not think I know what that means because I look at pictures and camp videos and there you are, smiling, laughing and enjoying life. And now I read all these messages, watch the news, see your family grieving and I still do not get it. In the back of my mind I still expect to see you there this summer putting up tents, ordering us around, teaching us life lessons and first aid (the aid that comes first..thanks) man this list can go on forever but I know that although you will not be there in person, your spirit will, watching over us as you luagh at us as we try to be campers, try to put up tents and try to become like you. however, as much as we try we will never succeed, we may come really, really close, but when that tent caves in on us on a stormy and rainy night..oh boy im moving into the hut and sleeping there =)Marc, i can go on forever about you, your memories will always be with me and I am so greatful to have had the opportunity to know such an icredible individual that was willing enough to sacrifice their own life for the happiness of THANK YOU..Trooper Diab, Rest In Peace Soldier.
March 29, 2009
hello ... k till this day i feel liek this has been just one big dream that the whole world has not woken up from .
marc i have dreams about u all the time . and i always feel your presence...
like many have told me god only takes the best early,,, and thats what he did
u were so good on earth that im sure god needed u up in the heavens more
u r truly a hero and u will never be forgotten ...
this is an obsticle that many many .. many have to adapt and over come
rip trooper...
March 29, 2009
Dear Hero,
There isn't one day that goes by that I don't think of you. I repeatedly watch the OLOL camp vids and cherish the many memories you made possible for everyone. I'm sure you've found out that more of your comrades at the Royal Canadian Dragoons have lost their lives and the loss of every soldier breaks my heart all over again. Well Marc, I hope you keep watching over me, because all my prayers are for you.
March 29, 2009
MArc I miss you so much ya Hero .3an jad I am still not believing .today at church ,i cried when we sang Yasou3 anta ileihi .I know how much you love this rhynm & every time i sing it i can feel your soul flying around me .i love you Marc & i miss you ya batal .you will be always in my mind ,my prayers,& my thoughts.R.I.P. our trooper Hero .
March 29, 2009
Chacun sait l’immense chagrin qui a frappé la famille de mon cousin ce dimanche 8 mars à 13h15 sur une route du district de Shah Wali Kot, dans des montagnes, proches de l’ancienne capitale impériale, qui ressemblent un peu à sa Galilée natale.
Il avait quitté Ain Ebel en 2000 pour venir s'installer au Canada, cherchant la paix et la vie. Il y trouvera la grandeur.
A force de détermination et d’amour du service des autres, il entre dans l’armée canadienne. Il devient soldat d’une force d’élite du régiment Royal des Dragons qui se bat pour la paix en Afghanistan avec un autre regard sur le monde.
Tout le monde est sous le choc du drame où l’arrière petit fils de ma tante Nejmi EID, a perdu la vie près de la ville antique de Mundigak. Les gens racontaient ce qui s’est passé ce triste dimanche. Mais nous ne pouvons rien, ne possédons rien qui peut aider sa famille à supporter l'insupportable.
Pourtant tout le pays, tout le village, tous, nous partageons la douleur de la famille.
Mais tous les mots du monde ne peuvent consoler sa famille et son pays pour qui, un très jeune homme a payé de sa vie pour la paix de tous.
Sincères condoléances.
March 28, 2009
You honoured us all ,the name of LEBANON is very high because pepole like you ,i'm shur you're up there ,pray for us.
March 26, 2009
Dear Marc. You are in my prayers every day. I love you CHAMP. You honoured Lebanon by your sacrifice. Rest in peace and don't forget to pray for us up there. You are profoundly loved and missed. Lebanon and its people send you their love and prayers, our HERO.
March 25, 2009
How not be appalled when a hero who we love go away. We here is henceforth in front of space which you leave irreparably. Dear Marc, there where you lived henceforth, do you perceive all the affection which rises towards you? You are and you will be in our thoughts and prayers.
March 25, 2009

We really die when we are forgotten. Be sure Marc that you will not leave our memory, because we owe you much more that that. You are our hero and we are proud of you. May your heart and your soul find peace and comfort.
March 25, 2009
marc i miss u bro...nd i love in peace hero...ull never be forgotten <3
March 24, 2009
we love u marc and miss you!!!!!!
RIP.. ull always be a hero in our hearts!!!!
March 24, 2009
I attend Gonzaga and am an aquitance of Johnathan. I cant imagine the sorrow that you are experiencing, but Marc is in my thoughts and prayers.
March 24, 2009
Marc, you have shown us all what a true hero is. You've been an inspiration to us all and personally, you've inspired me to do more with my life. We're all very proud of you and we're going to miss you more than words can say. Rest in Peace Marc Diab.
March 23, 2009
MARC we miss you man... We all ask God why he took a great MAN like you from us, but we also thank him for bringing you to us... save me a seat in heaven bro we will all be joining you one day MARC DIAB THE LIGHT OF(OUR LADY OF LEBANON)
March 22, 2009
marc,marcus my brother,R.I.P u and my dad
maaaaaaaaaaaan i miss u
March 22, 2009
marc my brother,R.I.P and take care to my dad.may ur ouls rest in peace in god place.Miss u ya maaaaaaaaaan
March 22, 2009
March 22, 2009
Marc You make all Lebanese Canadians Proud!
May God Bless your soul and give your love ones the strenght to go on. God loves you!!
March 22, 2009
Marc i know your up there watching over your loved ones. Please guide them and help keep them strong. You'll truly be missed. Were all proud to of had you a member of our community, a cousin, a friend, a son ,a brother, and a soul-mate
Your name will forever live on Marc Diab a true hero <3
Dont be sad because God took his angel back
March 21, 2009
March 21, 2009
God bless his soul as heroes who fought villains have no other place in this universe to take refuge in other than the place that God Allmighty has prepared for them in heavens.

God bless his soul again may he rest in peace.
March 21, 2009
RIP Soldier. You brought two countries together in a truly amazing way, and made a whole family and community proud to be associated with you.

Thank you for the sacrifice Marc, u are a true hero!
March 21, 2009
mes chers cousins hani et jihan les mots ne peuvent pas expimer mon chagrin et mes regrets... votre fls est un 'heros.. l'heros ne meurt pas ilest immortel condoleances ...
March 20, 2009
Our thoughts and prayers are with your whole family at this sad and difficult time. Keep your memories close and Marc will always remain in your hearts. Thank you for your unselfish sacrifice Trooper Diab - we will remember
March 20, 2009
“How could you date this guy?”
That was the first thing you said to me with a big smile on your face the first time I met you. You were referring to Chafic. Since then, and although I have known you for a short time, since last summer, you gave me memories that I will never forget.

Marc, you are one of the very few people in the world who can truly be called a hero. Not just because of the way you left us, but because of the way you lived your life, and the way you brought life to the people around you.

Marc, my friend, you will be forever missed.
March 20, 2009
"What is left from man is his reputation” - Marc, honestly, I can’t explain how big of an impact you have had on all of our lives. I can’t tell you how proud you made us not just of you, but how proud you made us of ourselves. Marc, you belonging to our community, made every person in our community proud of themselves for knowing you.

You are truly a hero and will be forever missed. I will not say rest in peace, as you will always be alive within us. You simply departed before us and you are now in the hands of our Lord.
Watch over us!
I will see you tomorrow my friend.

p.s We are still canoeing, and I AM IN! (only Marc and the WHY group would get this).
March 19, 2009
Marc, I really dont know what to write when it comes to you. There are no words that can describe how much i love you and how much you meant to me. There are no words that can express when i hear someone say that you left us for a better world. I don`t believe it and i know i won`t. We've shared it all from good to terrible...but through it all i knew you were the closest to me. I spent some of the best moments of my life with you and it has been so great to the point where i cant help but smile when i think about it or remember it. Everyone tells me you're in a better place, and im sure that you are, cause you are a great person and you deserve nothing but the best. I hope you can help us get through this cause i tell you, it is a lot harder than you might think. I love you bro and always will. You re always in my prayers. I used to always finish my message with: Stay strong and come home safe; well this time i wanna tell you to stay safe, watch over us and be our guardian angel at all times. I still want you to come home safe cause i miss you and cant wait to see you again. Love you brother
March 19, 2009
In 2005 at the OLOL camp site, I saw Marc setting up a tent, so I walked toward Marc and I said, “Hi there, I'm Tony, and you are?”. He said, “I’m Marc”, with a smiley face. I said, “Nice to meet you Mike”. He said “No, no, it’s Marc”, and I kept calling him Mike. He started to get a little angry with me, and then I said, “I'm just kidding with you :)”. Honestly, that was the first and LAST time seeing Marc mad.
He was awesome, funny, happy, and much more. All I can say is “I cannot ask for more in a good friendship”.
True, we lost an amazing person, but through this person we were changed forever.

“Being Hurt by you leaving, you truly left a hole in our hearts that nothing can fill........ But thinking by seeing you TOMORROW will fill this hole.”

Tony Kariakos
March 19, 2009
The hardest part of any friendship is when it's time to say goodbye. As much as we might like things to stay the same, change is part of life. The universe may seem huge and the rift between friends on opposite sides of the world may seem a great distance. The only way to communicate is to dream, but even without those dreams there's a secret that only real friends know, and it is this: there's no distance or barriers that separate friends whose hearts are as one. 
R.I.P Marc.. our true hero...
March 19, 2009
Marc, you were born to be remembered; a brave soul. You did good for us; this world is a better place because of you. You have paid the ultimate sacrifice to keep all of us here in Canada safe. I hope that you're happy and at peace wherever you are. You will never be forgotten. Rest peacefully soldier, you're a true hero.
March 19, 2009
Blessed are the peacemakers,
for they will be called sons of God. Matthew 5:9

Marc was one the peacemakers that the bible talks about. No matter the days and the years pass by, his name will always be mentioned as a hero who loved his country and its people that he fought and gave his own life for them. Marc is now in a place where there is no fear, no sorrow, no tears and no pain but happiness and therefore he will want us and especially Mary and his family to stay strong.

I give my deepest condolences to Mary and Marc’s family and I want you to know that we all appreciate what your son did for us and that he will never be forgotten and also thank you for raising such a good and brave person like Marc. Your son made us all so proud. May God be your comforter and give you the strength to carry on. we will always miss you Marc - RIP
March 19, 2009
I found this poem and I guarantee this is exactly what Marc would be saying to us right now...

My Dearest Loved Ones

Some things I'd like to say
but first of all to let you know
that I arrived okay.

I'm writing this from Heaven
where I dwell with God above
where there's no more tears or sadness
there is just eternal love.

Please do not be unhappy
just because I'm out of sight
remember that I'm with you
every morning, noon and night.

That day I had to leave you
when my life on Earth was through,
God picked me up and hugged me
and He said I welcome you.

It's good to have you back again,
you were missed while you were gone,
as for your dearest family
they'll be here later on.

I need you here so badly
as part of My big plan,
there's so much that we have to do
to help our mortal man.

Then God gave me a list of things
He wished for me to do,
and foremost on that list of mine
is to watch and care for you.

And I will be beside you
every day and week and year,
and when you're sad,
I'm standing there
to wipe away the tear.

And when you lie in bed at night,
the days chores put to flight,
God and I are closest to you
in the middle of the night.

When you think of my life on Earth
and all those loving years,
because you're only human
they are bound to bring you tears.

But do not be afraid to cry,
it does relieve the pain,
remember there would be no flowers,
unless there was some rain.

I wish that I could tell you
of all that God has planned,
but if I were to tell you,
you wouldn't understand.

But one thing is for certain,
though my life on Earth is o'er.
I am closer to you now
than I ever was before.

And to my very many friends,
trust God knows what is best.
I'm still not far away from you,
I'm just beyond the crest.

There are rocky roads ahead of you,
and many hills to climb,
but together we can do it
taking one day at a time.

It was always my philosophy
and I'd like it for you too
that as you give unto the World
so the World will give to you.

If you can help somebody
who is in sorrow or in pain,
then you can say to God at night
my day was not in vain.

And now I am contented
that my life it was worthwhile,
knowing as I passed along the way
I made somebody smile.

So if you meet somebody
who is down and feeling low,
just lend a hand to pick him up
as on your way you go.

When you are walking
down the street
and you've got me on your mind,
I'm walking in your footsteps
only half a step behind.

And when you feel the gentle breeze
or the wind upon your face,
that's me giving you a great big hug
or just a soft embrace.

And when it's time for you to go
from that body to be free,
remember you're not going
you are coming here to me.

And I will always love you
from that land way up above.
Will be in touch again soon.
P.S. God sends His Love.

RIP Marc Diab...We all Love you so very much!!! xoxo
March 19, 2009
Marc, I know you are in a far better place now, and knowing that makes me just a little better but i do want you to know that i miss you, i love you and u will always be with me. you are my hero, you lived as a hero, and died as one, and i have always been proud of you my friend, and one day we shall meet again, until then, don`t make too much trouble up there.
Love you my brother.
March 19, 2009
Marc... everyday that passes i wonder how could this be real, one night were talking and the next day it all feels like a bad dream. I miss you more than words can say but i know your in a better place. in a place full of joy and peace, where you will never be hurt only happy and free. Marc you are a true Hero, and an amazing person, noone else can ever compare to you. i will never ever forget the first few yrs you moved to Canada you and omar were the best of friends, you were at my house everyday or omar was at yours, i took you and accepted you as my little brother as well. R.I.P i know your watching over all of us here but continue to watch over your parents, sisters', and Mary i know you are keeping all of us safe.
March 19, 2009
On Sunday March 8th, you could say I lost Marc, but I would say that God honored Marc with this heroic death because in this way his memory will not only live on with family and friends but with an entire nation. Marc did not die like others do. He died while representing everything he stood for, with head held up high; he died and became a noble hero. Marc would've always been in our hearts and memories, but as of today he'll be an icon to everyone who stands for respect, pride, honor, loyalty and dignity. Marc, watch us from above.
March 19, 2009
On Sunday March 8th, you could say I lost Marc, but I would say that God honored Marc with this heroic death because in this way his memory will not only live on with family and friends but with an entire nation. Marc did not die like others do. He died while representing everything he stood for, with head held up high; he died and became a noble hero. Marc would've always been in our hearts and memories, but as of today he'll be an icon to everyone who stands for respect, pride, honor, loyalty and dignity. Marc, watch us from above.
March 19, 2009
Marc, Marc, Marc...I already miss you like crazy man. Although we didn't start to hang out until about a year ago, i feel like you've been a part of my life forever. My last memory of us was when we all went to the cottage and you made us those shots with the X Rated names lol. They were pretty damn good even though you probably never made them before. You were a life saver that weekend, you came late, you came with alot of alcohol, and you also got into the cottage when we weren't there. By the way, i still have no idea how you got in. I'm pretty sure all the doors were looked, so seeing you inside when we came back is still a surprise to me. And oh...i realized that you were really a soldier when we were playing hiding go seek and you jumped off the top floor of the cottage and landed on the couch in the living room so that they couldn't get you. Some might call it crazy, but i'll call it brave. Although it's unfortunate that i didn't get to spend much more time with you, i just want you, mary, and your family to know, that you will always live inside of us. We love you buddy and we are very proud of you. The world is proud of you. I just wish that you were able to see how many people loved you. Rest in peace buddy, you're gone, but you won't be forgotten.
March 19, 2009
I think about you day and night wondering if there was something we could have done differently. I know this was your time but the thought of never seeing you again breaks my heart. Please give us a sign that you're in a better place, happy and watching over us. You are a true hero Marc, I wish we could have told you in person. Please watch over your family and Mary. We all need you right now. I miss you and can't wait to see you again.

My deepest sympathies to the family and friends of this great soldier.

R.I.P to the greatest friend! You will always be missed, but will never be forgotten.
March 19, 2009
Trooper Diab. I still cant believe it ya man. The minute I heard the terrible news I crashed and broke down into tears. You were an amazing guy, not once have I seen you upset or mad. I remember you once said you want to become a soldier, no one believed you until you became a soldier. You then said you want to go to Afghanastan, once again no one believed you until you got the report saying you will be going on a mission to afghanatan for a year. You then said you will be back March 27th, then minute everyone believed you, you dont show up. You died a brother, friend, cousen, boyfriend, uncle, son and a hero to all of us. May you look down on us and guide us all through this horrible time. May your soul be in each and everyone of us and may you strengthen us as we proceed with our lives.
Ya Marc, I love you.
R.I.P Trooper Marc Diab
March 19, 2009
Trooper Diab, I still cant believe it man. once I heard the news I crashed down and broke into tears. you were an amazing guy ya marc, you were loved by everyone and you loved everyone. Not once did I ever see you upset. I remember you once said you want to be a soldier, no one believed you until you became a soldier. You then said you want to go to afghanastan, again no one believed you until you went to afghanastan. You then said you will be back March 27th, the minute everyone believe you, you didnt show up. You died a brother, friend, soldier, son, uncle boyfreind cousen and a hero to all of us. May you guide us all through this hard time and be in each and everyone of us through the rest of our lives. love you trooper Diab. R.I.P Marc Diab
March 19, 2009
I couldn't believe that this happened when i heard the news. I was very shocked and sad. I did not see the family in a long time. Through the years i have thought of the family and prayed that everyone is happy and was wondering when i might see all of you again, not this way. I am so blessed that i got the chance to know Marc, he was 16 years old at the time and i really love the whole family and all of you were always in my heart and in my thoughts. I remember Marc as a very warm and loving boy and always wanted to play a song for me on the keyboard. He always made me smile and laugh. My prayers are with all of you and he is shinning down on you watching from above. My family and i are thinking of you and praying for your strength at this time, you are a beautiful family full of love and i will never forget Marc. Huge warm comforting hug for all of you.

Love from Alexandra (Alex) and the Palacios family
March 18, 2009
Marc Diab is a true hero!
we miss you very much ... but i still can't believe your gone and that i wont see you anymore!
Watch over all of us, I know you can see and hear us and your protecting us. I can feel you around us giving us strength. You are in a better place and you deserve to be happy ! My deepest condolences go out to your family and mary and i will always be there for them supporting them and helping them!
i love you and you will stay alive in our hearts forever!
rip to our greatest hero of freedom
March 18, 2009
Marc , a young ain-ebly i meet one summer in ain-ebel , very clever and full of energy thus very mature , beyound his age . we will miss you Marc , you made us all proud . may god rest your soul in peace .
March 18, 2009
To the Diab Family,

Please accept my deepest sympathies on Marc’s passing.

He will always be recognized as a hero to our Country and to the community in which he lived.

My thoughts are with your family during this difficult time.
March 18, 2009
Marc, I can't believe you're gone. Even though its been 10 days, we are all still in shock. I know you are in a much better place watching over us, and please continue to watch over us, especially Mary and your family. I know you are so proud of all of us for supporting Mary and your family through a time like this, and I want you to know, I am always going to be there supporting them. You are the true definition of a Hero and NO ONE will ever forget that or ever forget you. You will always be in my thoughts and prayers.
Love you Marc, you were and still are a great friend.
May your soul Rest in Peace.
March 17, 2009
I love you our dear canadian soldiers.
Rest in peace my very young hero proudly Lebanese Canadian Marc Diab.
March 17, 2009
To The Diab Family,
Our deepest sympathy and condolences to all . May God place peace in your hearts and give you His mercy to cope with your loss of precious Marc.
Our thoughts and prayers are with you !
March 17, 2009
My thoughts and prayers are with you all during this very sad time. May you rest in peace....
March 17, 2009
Our heartfelt condolences to the Diab family, Mary and Marc's friends.
May God's grace be with you during your time of grief. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and we feel your loss and share in your sorrow. God is with you Marc. You died serving your country with pride and honour.
March 17, 2009
March 16, 2009
My thoughts are with you and your family. Marc was a true hero. I did not know him but after reading everything thing about him, I realized that he was a fine young man, who made a lot of people proud.
March 16, 2009
To Family and Friends of Marc Diab:

There's very little one can say or do to ease the pain you are all going through. Know that his life was not lost in vain. Marc is one of many brave individual who made a difference not just for his fellow comrades but also for his Nation.

Deepest sympathy to you all.

To a Soldier,
To a Hero,
To Marc Diab.
March 16, 2009
I would like to extend my deepest condolence to Marc Diab's family. We appreciate what he has done for our country. I hope that the knowledge that your son is a hero help you in this time of bereavement.
March 16, 2009
Rest in peace dear Marc.
March 16, 2009
I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your beloved son Marc..Please accept my condolences. I am also a bereaved mom who lost her daughter, albiet not under the same circumstances. I am not sure if you are provided with any grief support, but want to share that I also volunteer for Bereaved Families of Halton Peel, and if you ever need to talk or would like more info on the services that BFO- HP provides, please feel free to contact me when and if you are ready.. Warm regards
March 16, 2009
Be very proud. Rest in peace, and we honour you for serving our country.
March 16, 2009
No words can describe the pain that you are passing through.I can share my pain...
I want to send my deepest condolences to all( family,Mary,friends).
May God comfort your hearts …faith to try to understand why.
God Bless Marc.
March 16, 2009
Rest in Peace my friend, you will always be remembered as a hero.
March 16, 2009
All of Mississauga is proud of you Marc. Mary and your family are in my thoughts.
March 16, 2009
You are truly a hero, and god bless you for your sacrifice. May you rest and peace. Our hearts go out to your family as well.
March 15, 2009
I would like to extend my heartfelt condolences to the family of a brave soldier, who died for a great cause and condolences to his best friend with whom I spoke this evening-whist visting a neighbour in Mississauga. RIP Marc- Susan D'Costa - HR Admin, 11th FD Regt Guelph
March 15, 2009
My heart goes out to you and your family, So young it just heart breaking
March 15, 2009
My heart and words could never say anything to take the pain of your family's loss. And the new beginning he was planning with his Mary. I am sending all my prayers and strength for Mary & The Diab Family. Marc must have been the sun on a cloudy day. I play bingo at the same hall as his mom. I am proud to be a Canadian and to have your son fight for all of our futures. Kindest Regards and Gods Speed.
March 15, 2009
Rejoice with your comrades in Heaven Marc, May the Lord hold you in His arms. With love and prayers for your family and beloved and all Canadians left behind to mourn
March 15, 2009
Rest in peace Marc, you will be always in our minds.
March 15, 2009
Rest in peace Mark, You are a true Hero....
March 15, 2009
Even though we didn't know Marc, we are saddened that we have lost a brave young soul. Our thoughts are with you.

Sherry and Brent Lowe-Bernie, Toronto
March 15, 2009
Allah Yirhamak w Yirham Shababak
May Gad give sympathy and strength for your tragedy loss
March 15, 2009
To Mark's, family,relatives, friends, companions and all.

May God bless you and your family in this time of sorrow.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you. As believers we know that it is not the end, Mark left us to another life. May God welcome his soul in the eternal heaven.

Our special thoughts are with all our troopers and soldiers abroad, keeping proudly peace, freedom and implementing hope for a new world.
March 15, 2009
I didn't know you Marc, but I think that you are a very brave soul!

Rest in peace

Gloria (Whitby)
March 15, 2009
A note for Mary Barakat:

I wish you peace in your heart, because I know that you are torn right now. You see, my boyfriend too died just days before we were to be reunited and we too were planning marriage.

Allow yourself the opportunity to grieve, don't hide your feelings and surround yourself with people who will just listen. You will be angry, and you will question why?? You are only human.

Please find solice in knowing how much Marc loved you and how lucky you are to have had him in your life.

I pray for you especially.
March 14, 2009
"Thank you" doesn't seem like a reasonable response the the death of your loved one, but "thank you" for raising a person willing to risk all, for those of us that will continue to enjoy the peace and security his sacrifice made possible.

His death will eventually lead to "Peace on Earth". Terrorists and anarchists will eventually realize there are people willing to take a stand and make the ultimate sacrifice for what is right.

May God be with you in this time of sorrow, but rejoice in the freedom he has brought to so many.
March 14, 2009
A hero??
Mark was truly a hero...he was more than a hero and he still lives on in our hearts. Mark, i felt as if you were watching down on us at soon as your casquet came out the sun shone down on all of if you were telling us all we will meet again...and we will meet again
March 14, 2009
your are a hero how belive in freedom,yes you are from lebanon...God bless your soul.
March 14, 2009
Marc Hay Fina
Giving your life for the Freedom your country is a sacrifice, but giving your life for the freedom of the others is the Highest Sacrifice.
My deepest condolences to his parents, sisters and to all his family.
March 14, 2009
Great grandson of my Aunt NEJMI IBRAHIM EID (Nejmi means star in Lebanese), Mark kept some traits of her face. Son mixed by courage and battle, left us as ' Nejmi ' among stars, in Kandahar on Sunday, March 8th at 13 h 15.
Huge sadness immersed your family, known for its courage and devotion.
Your village Ain Ebel and all of Lebanon, left by the best of their children, are hit in the heart by the pain of today's tragedy.
Your country Canada, which gave so much for freedom, is under the impact of this disaster. The fields of the north and east of France still remember courageous Canadian soldiers, like you, fallen for its liberty.
We are hereafter going to have another look at Afghanistan, and the whole tormented world. We will keep in our heart forever a flame that burns in your memory.
Dear cousin, all words of the world cannot comfort and console your family. We share with all parents & friends, a deep pain at these dreadful times.
Sincere condolences.
March 14, 2009
R.I.P Marc..Our hero!Ur a source of pride to the world and now that u crossed to a better one ur an angel of heaven!Our deepest condolences to all Diab family
March 14, 2009
He was proud of his history and the future he needs.
He was proud of his family and of his wife to be.
He was proud of his countries and his beliefs.

I'm proud to have met him and called him young brother.
I'm proud to have discovered what the word HERO really means.

I will miss your postings.
I will miss my teasing.
I will miss waiting to here your news.
I will miss you ya Marco.

Hani, Im AlJij, Mary, Jess, Mayoush, Fad, Ghassan, Anthony (Arco), Mia.
I'm truly truly sorry- he will forever be my batal.

Marco; Rest In Peace.
March 14, 2009
We are eternally indebted to Marc and the fallen soldiers of freedom and liberty. May the Lord bless his Mother and family with solace and peace during these difficult times.
March 13, 2009
A brave soul. Thank you Marc Diab. I will not forget.
March 13, 2009
Dear Hani, Jihan, Jessica, Mya, and Mary:
I did not believe what had happened until I went to Marc's house last Sunday, and saw Mary and Jihan's faces. Marc is the definition of a true soldier. Marc grew from the little boy I knew who used to play soccer outside with me into a leader who served his church, his community, and his country. Marc's legacy is a part of Canada's history, and no one can ever take that away. Marc's death has taught me more about life than I have ever known. I pray for the day when pride completely defeats your sadness. I am proud to be Marc Diab's cousin. I am proud to have known a true hero. I will never forget you Marc. R.I.P
March 13, 2009
Dear cousins, Hani, Jihan, Maya and Jessica, Uncle Youssef, family and friends of Marc, we would like to extend our heartfelt condolences to you. May the Lord help heal your broken hearts and give you strength and wisdom in the face of this great loss. Our prayers and thoughts are with you.
Yolla (Antar Diab), Ghassan, Marya and Nazlee Atmeh (Brisbane, Australia).
March 13, 2009
Dear Jihan, Hani, Jessica and Maya, our heart goes out to you, may god give you the strenght to carry on. Marc's courage, love and sacrifice will never die, he will always be in our hearts and our prayers. He is the hero our kids will look up to.
March 13, 2009
We cannot forget the jobs these men do nor the sacafices they must make. May you rest in Peace, Marc.

A Fellow Dragoon
March 13, 2009
Marc Diab, my brother's best friend, and a friend of my own. Just like everyone that knew him, he was the greatest man that i have ever know. He had the passion to do whatever he wanted to do, and he cared more about others than himself which made him so special. Every person he has ever talked to was inspired by him. He will be with us forever and now that he's gone me and my brother will continue what he always wanted to do, is to care for others and bring peace among everyone. I believe theres a purpose for life and a purpose for death and his purpose was for us to be strong when hes gone and continue what he wanted.. us to be the best we can be. I know he's with us and i pray every night for this brave soldier and he has respect for us all. We love you Marc. May you rest in peace.
March 13, 2009
Dear cousins, Hani, Jihan, Maya and Jessica, Uncle Youssef, family and friends of Marc, we would like to extend our heartfelt condolences to you. May the Lord help heal your broken hearts and give you strength and wisdom in the face of this great loss. Our prayers and thoughts are with you.
Yolla (Antar Diab), Ghassan, Marya and Nazlee Atmeh (Brisbane, Australia).
March 13, 2009
To Marc's family,
My thoughts and prayers are with you in this difficult time, grief and sorrow.
God bless you,
March 13, 2009
May God bless you and your family in this time of sorrow.
March 12, 2009
Hey marc,
i saw your picture in the paper today,...i have to say i was shocked. i couldn't believe it. You were such a nice person, i remmber looking over my shoulder in english class and there you were smiling right back at me, we had good sorry it had to end and that your life had to end but i guess it was your time....miss u dearly
March 12, 2009
Rest In Peace Marc. I will always remember your smile, and big heart. You are a true HERO for us all. Thank you for all you have done. Your memory lives on forever. Watch over us now, and rest peacefully in heaven.
March 12, 2009
Herores like u Dont die. You entered the history of this glory country.
God bless Canada
God bless lebanon
March 12, 2009
To all Family and Friends of Marc Diab. My family sends our deepest sympathies in this most tragic time. Do know your Marc is a true Canadian HERO who's courageous sacrifice will never be forgotten. No words can be said to ease your pain, just know we, the Wilson's of London On., and many, many more families, are thinking of you all every day. We will remember, ALWAYS. My brother, Mark Wilson, who served with the Royal Canadian Dragoons, was killed on October 7th of 2006. We are with you, and will always be here for you. Sincerely, Sean Wilson.
March 12, 2009
May god rest your soul in peace.

We pray to the Lord and Jesus to lead you to him and help your family, country and friends.

Courageous and Free
March 12, 2009
marc diab you are our hero, we well never forget you .you gave your life for all canadians and lebanies are our saint in the heaven.
March 12, 2009
You have shown the world what friendship is, what courage is and what a hero truly means. God bless and rest in peace. You are a guardian angel in heaven watching over everyone.
March 12, 2009
May your soul rest in peace.
March 12, 2009
habibi Marc rest in peace.just i wanna let you know that you left a big mark in our hearts.You will be always in our mind love you habibi.
March 12, 2009
It was an honour to stand on the corner in Downtown Toronto as you went by in the car this evening. My heart is with your family and friends. God Bless you.
March 12, 2009
Rest in peace.
My deepest condolences to Marc's family and loved ones.
March 12, 2009
Because of his and his comrads' sacrifices, we live free. God bless his soul
March 12, 2009
God Bless your soul Marc. As a nation we do not take your life for granted as your heroic efforts have been recognized and greatly appreciated. I regret not ever being able to have met you but my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. You will be loved and missed for eternity.

To the Diab family, I had lost a friend this past November and had to travel down the same Highway of Heroes in the motorcade. I have witnessed the emotional destruction caused by this war and the effect it has left on the soldiers loved ones. Please stay strong, your son has had a tremendous impact on the lives of many. I as well as millions of people will pray for Marc. God bless you.
March 12, 2009
May your soul rest in peace
March 12, 2009
My sincere condolences to the family of Marc. I know the feeling of loss, despair, & heartache you are going through. I too lost my son Pte. Kevin Kennedy on April 8th, 2007. May God give you the strength & courage to face the days ahead. Your "Guardian Angel" is watching over you. RIP Marc. You are a "hero".
March 12, 2009
Dearest Hani and Jihan

I have no words to describe my feelings towards your loss and our loss , such a wonderfull young man.
May God bless his soul
and give you the strength to tolerate his absence .
The Brave and Couragous Marc who made many Nations proud and SAD.
March 12, 2009
my deepest sympathies to mark`s family and friends.may his soul rest in peace.
March 12, 2009
God rest your soul. A new Hero from Ain-Ebel.
March 12, 2009
My deepest condolences to Hani, Jihan and the family, I read a lot about Marc’s love to life, to his country Canada and to his home town ???Ain Ebel, what happened is a great loss to you, specially and to all of us, Marc will remain the man we are all proud of , his bravery and his strong will to defend a write cause…May our Lord Jesus Christ rest his soul in peace.
March 12, 2009
R.I.P our Hero Marc Hani Diab, may God bless your soul, we all missing you here in Lebanon. I invite all to join our facebook group and keep it a memorable place for Marc
March 12, 2009
March 12, 2009
May God rest your soul in heavenly peace.
Our deepest condolences to all Diab family.
March 12, 2009
we will never forget you,,,,your a legend now ,,,,god rest your soul,,,,our deep condolences to all diab and barakat family ,,,,
March 12, 2009
My deepest sympathies go out to Marc's loved ones. I hope you find peace in knowning your son is a HERO and will always live on! You are all in my prayers....
March 12, 2009
Rest in peace Marc , you made your dream come true, watch over us from heaven,,,, May his soul rest in peace ,,,,jean decko and family
March 12, 2009
Marc is a Hero!!! He was full of life and a brave soldier. We will miss you, and we will always remember you.
March 12, 2009
you will always be remembered ya marc!rest in peace! ur our hero!
March 12, 2009
In loving memory of a true hero Marc.Our deepest prayers and wishes are with your family. Rest in peace Marc.
March 12, 2009
Marc hay fina!!
March 12, 2009
Words seem inadequate to express the sadness we feel.

Everyone who deeply knew you, said that one day this little guy will be something... well, you chose to be a Hero..!
You were the bravest one, trustworthy, vivacious, "stimulating", and kind-hearted.

To Friends and family, may the peace which comes from the memories of love shared, comfort you now and in the days ahead.

On behalf of Marc's first friends..
March 12, 2009
You will always live in our hearts and prayers.
March 12, 2009
May God rest your soul in heavenly peace.
Our deepest condolences to his parents , sisters and to all Diab family.
March 12, 2009
The Brave Marc Diab. We still cant believe or absorb the news. However the memories will never be forgotten. A joufyll person, a brave soldier and a talented musician. Rest in peace our beloved bro. I pray in the mighty name of Jesus Christ that the Lord will surround Hani, Jihan, jessi and Maya with his peace and strength in these difficult times.
March 12, 2009
May God rest his soul in heavenly peace.Allah yer7amo w ysabber ahlo.
March 12, 2009
Unfortunately, I never had the opportunity to meet you Marc in person, but from what I have heard and read about you I can easily say that you are one of few people in the world that can leave this kind of reputation behind, and I am one of many Lebanese and Canadians for that matter that will walk the earth that you left very proud as you did achieve in the short life you had and with greatest honors what others have failed to do in their “full” lifetime.

May God bless your soul, and decorate all your family and friends with patience and strength through these most difficult times.
March 12, 2009
To a Fallen Hero. You shall never be forgotten. For though you may be gone from this world, your spirit will live forever. It lives in the laughing eyes of children who are free from want and opression. It lives in the bravery and conviction of those who still struggle for liberty. And it lives in us.
For we promise to cherish every breath of freedom that you paid the ultimate price to secure. we ask that we might be granted some small fraction of your courage and strengh to face the challenges of our life with an honor and dignity worthy of your legacy. May you rest in eternal peace safe in the knowledge that your sacrifice was not made in vain.
March 12, 2009
Unfortunately, I never had the opportunity to meet you Marc in person, but from what I have heard and read about you I can easily say that you are one of few people in the world that can leave this kind of reputation behind, and I am one of many Canadians and Lebanese that will walk the earth you left very proud as you did achieve with greatest honors what others have failed to do in their “full” lifetime.

May God bless your soul, and decorate all your family and friends with patience and strength through these most difficult times.
March 12, 2009
R.I.P. Marc,
Martyrs never die.
March 11, 2009
To the family of Marc Diab,
My deepest condolences to a great hero. He risked his life in order to allow us to live ours and for that he is a remarkable guy. He will always be seen as a hero and may he look down on us standing by Gods side.
You are in my prayers.
March 11, 2009
R.I.P my childhood freind .. i will never forget.....
March 11, 2009
I am so impressed to read all of the stories about Marc. He is a great role model for all of us. Thank you so much for creating this guest book. Marc, you are obviously loved by many but you are a great hero to us all. Thank you for being all that you have been.
March 11, 2009
To the Diab family, may the courage, energy and most importantly the faith that Marc posessed stay with you and give you the strength and the courage to get over this unbearable loss. May the deep faith that Marc had be transferred to all of us so we may bear this loss. May God be always with you, Diab Family, and continue in the legacy that our Hero had started. Marc was definitely a one of a kind person that gave deep from his heart without expecting anything in return. He was a role model to many and his candle will keep on burning from up above shining its light on all of us. Rest in peace Marco as you continue your journey back to the creator. Love always and God Bless.
March 11, 2009
Viva el pueblo canadiense-libanes y viva los luchadores para la paz
querido hermano MARC DIAB para su spirito libre y su grandeza rezamos.
March 11, 2009
May God bless you and your family in this time of sorrow.
March 11, 2009
la glorya es para usted hermano del mismo dolor.
Rezamos para tu alma sagrada y pedimos de Dios la calme eterna para su gran familia.
March 11, 2009
Rest in peace brother, you are in a better place. Know that we will not forget.
March 11, 2009
marc do u remenber when u came 2 lebanon and u help sousou in ze restaurent and everyone said 2 u marc ur coming 4 vacation bass u was so happy in workin
i remenber ur rollers u and haitham
just missin ur smily face ur energy
be sure ain ebel ll miss u a lot
heheheh i remnber when u came at th airport u get so late and we wer waitin u at elie sobhe s house and everyone ask wt happened wiz mark and sudenly u came home wiz ur laugh and ur loud voice
ain ebel gonna miss
rest in peace dear brother and friend take care of us and watch us
March 11, 2009
We have been deeply touched by Marc's loss. May his heroic memory lasts in everyones mind forever. May his family draws strength from knowing that He is resting in eternal peace. Our prayers are with you.
March 11, 2009
hi marc dono what 2 say since i heard wht happen and im thinkin of u everynight i watch ur photos and still canot believe w read wt all people said about u w and im sur zat all is true coz ur a gr8 person i know u since i was 5 years old maybe i didnt see u 4 a time but u still always our friend and our brother marc we miss u all we were waitin u 2 come back 2 ain ebel bass know ur our angel in the sky
every night ill pray 4 u we gonna miss u
love u marc
March 11, 2009
My condolences to the Diab Family.
Marc's smile was a welcoming one whenever he came around. His words were always sincere.

We have seen first hand a great boy turned a greater man, giving the ultimate!!!!!

Thank you Marc for being you.
March 11, 2009
This is a message for those who know and care about the most extravagant person who ever lived, MARC DIAB. My brother at hand, my guide for the right path, and my best friend, i just wanted to tell the world a little more about the goodness that is inside this individual, incase you didnt have the privelage to know yourself. He is a Brave Canadian , and great son, and a true friend... I know he would want me to let all of you know this so you will never forget what a true person is capable of.. making a difference. He past into the next life doing exactly what he wanted to do. Always remember.. never forget.. and learn from the Hero MARC DIAB.
Amessage from one who knows him best..
March 11, 2009
I still cant believe this is the sad reality. you are gone in body but still greatly remain in memory. It has been a long time since i last saw you, and i wasn't aware you were down there fighting. I sadly regret that we never kept in touch marc. After high school, times changed, people changed, the world changed. And now im here mourning you in shock and disbelief. What can i really say about you that many of your great friends and family have not already said. you had a big heart and a lot of love to give everyone around you. i love you and i hope you are in a better place. it fills me with great joy to have been your friend and to have known you. i am honored to have met you and been a part of your short life, even if it was only a small part. I seriously cried for you. but now i must say goodbye to you old friend, take care wherever you are. cya on the other side. Rest In Piece Marc Diab.
March 11, 2009
My heart is so filled with sadness but also it swells with pride. you risked your life for those in this country and abroad. Your character is as solid as it comes. God made a very special angel when he created you!!! thank you for adding so much life and laughter to those lives you touched. i have never been more proud, than today to say i met and knew such a wonderful hero!!! God bless your family and friends in this time of sorrow, know that your angel touched so many!!!
March 11, 2009
Marc!! What can I say…I still can’t believe that you are gone!! I haven't stopped thinking about you ever since I heard the devastating news. I feel this ache in my heart. It feels so unfair, that someone like you, with so much to offer to leave us so soon. You are like a candle that burns to light the way for others.

I will miss you my Beautiful Marc . I’m going to miss your happy greeting face , your beautiful words and compliments.

My deepest sincere condolences to Jihan, Hani, Jessy, Maya , Mary and all the family and friends . May God give you the strength to be able to overcome this enormous tragedy. May the love of those around you help you through the tough days ahead.

Nothing in this world will replace you our HERO!! You will forever live in our hearts. Rest in peace my little neighbor!!

"Those we love don’t go away,
They walk beside us everyday,
Unseen, unheard, but always near,
Still loved, still missed and very dear."
March 11, 2009
thanks for all the fun times that we shared together, you always knew how to keep everyone laughing.
My condolences to Marc's family, my thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time.
March 11, 2009
your life on earth were numbered, but your soul lasts for eternity. these past days have given me time to think things out. ive questioned over and over, why God would give us such a great person then take him away. all we have now are the wonderful memories of you. You know it seems like you only see it happen to other people and you think its nothing, but when it happens to you and some one you love is taken away your world is over? i feel it, but i know thats not how its meant to be. Your life was short and no one saw it coming. Your memory will live on forever and i swear it! your time here was precious and indeed did touch many lives. i know its gonna be hard for everyone to think of what happened, but i know your in a better place now. Rest In Sweet Peace Marc. You will never be forgotten.
March 11, 2009
Today we shouldn't be sad because we have lost our friend but we should be proud because a new angel was born in the Sky: His name is Marc...

Rest in heavenly peace our friend and please keep an eye on us.
March 11, 2009
To the family and friends of Marc Diab, remember all the beautiful memories that Marc helped bring to you all. We are all sorry for your loss.

Our deepest condolences to you, Marc's family and friends. Your son was a brave young man and will never be forgotten.

God Bless us All.
March 11, 2009
Marc, you are great example to all Canadians. You gave your life for a country you only moved to 10 years ago. This country owes you and your family everything. God Bless Marc and his family.
March 11, 2009
May God Bless your soul and grant solace to your mom, dad, siblings and loved ones.
Canada and Lebanon will forever be free and Liberty always protected by heroes like you.
You gave it your all and the whole world is forever in your debt
March 11, 2009
We are all thankful and owe you more than we could ever repay. You are a true hero and we will never forget you. We love you and your family and pray for you all.
Chadi and Eva Diab
March 11, 2009
A Soldiier, A Brave Canadian Hero. You did what you believed in like you always have. Your Heart is so big you have touched so many in your short lived life. Many people will never accomplish what you have. Your smile brought comfort to our family. You brought joy to my son Justin and he always loved you so much. We will miss you, I know you have touched our family and your spirit lives with us, You will always be remembered. Your DEDICATION, DETERMINATION and DESIRE to help others is who you are. You are a role model for all my kids and they all love you. God is with you Marc. Marc is with us.
March 11, 2009
R.I.P. Marc

you were a great man. Funny.. Smart.. Friendly. You left behind family and friends who love you and miss you dearly.. but you passed away doing what you love and may you be in Heaven resting.

you may be gone.... but never Forgotten

March 11, 2009
Marc, I remember having class with you & always making everyone laugh. U & your rollerblades. U always knew how to crack a joke and make people feel better. I know you've made an influence on soo many people.. You will truly be missed by many. Thank you for everything, you're a true soldier. May you always R.I.P and watch over those who miss & love you.
March 11, 2009
Marc Diab... let me say that we are great with you ...with your free soul...with your fair inner-edification.
God bless your holy spirit...MAN
March 11, 2009
R.I.P Marc Diab, may GOD give the strength to ur family and friends.
March 11, 2009
Our condolences too upon the passing away of your son. This is a time for grief and awareness of loss.
With the 111 soldiers before him, Marc died in a war that needs to be fought.
May the Lord of the Church grant your family his peace.
March 11, 2009
To the family of Marc Diab,

It is with deep sadness that we learned of the death of Marc Diab. He was a true hero in so many senses of the word. Having fled difficult times in Lebanon, one would have thought that he would have chosen to take an easier road in his adopted country, but Marc Diab chose to valiantly fight as a soldier.

We are so sad that a member of our own community has died in such a tragic way, but we are proud to say that he lived a life of service to
others and this legacy will always be remembered.

May he rest in peace and may you find comfort in the memories you have of this very brave and honourable man.
March 11, 2009
RIP Marc you will always be remembered as a hero.
March 11, 2009
Rest in Peace MARK,may GOD bless your soul.
March 11, 2009
Everybody is calling you a Hero, Oh and a brave one you were! but I'm fortunate to call you a friend. I miss you ya man!
March 11, 2009
May God rest your soul in heavenly peace.
My sincere condolences to his mother & father, sisters and Mary.
March 11, 2009
March 11, 2009
My heart goes out to Marc Diabs family, girlfriend and close friends, I did not know him to well but the little that I did know of him was amazing, he was a kind soul, and I will keep him in my prayers.
March 11, 2009
It is extremely sad that Marc is no more with us and we will always miss him!...but he will always be in our hearts and memories and he will always remain hero to us.
May his soul rest in peace...
March 11, 2009
March 11, 2009
What else can I say ....
you'll always be in our mind
May God rest u in peace.
March 11, 2009
Last year you visited my children's school(SMB in Markham)for Remembrance day. You live on as a hero in their hearts forever.
Merci Marc.
March 11, 2009
Rest in peace Marc Diab!!! God bless your soul...
March 11, 2009
Marc, rest in peace. You died serving your country with pride and honour. May your family find the strength to endure your loss.
March 11, 2009
Alla Yirhamak. I did not know you personally but wanted to express my deepest and utomost respect to you and my condolences to the Diab family. It's people like you that remind us how grateful we should be to live in such a wonderful country.
March 11, 2009
deepest condolences and prayers
March 11, 2009
Marc is wat u wud call a real dude,he would always crack jokes,and would always stand up for what he beleived in,and would always help you out if you needed it.I remember Marc from high school,always rollerblading to school in the morning,you will truly be missed but never forgotten brotha! U are a true soldier
March 11, 2009
wow i still cant believe your gone
i love you so much and ull always be in my prayers
u will never be forgotten
please marc strengthen all in this time of need RIP cousin
""a fallen soldier has risen to be our angel''
March 11, 2009
You are a young brave man and a hero.
We are very proud of you .
You will always be remembered in our hearts and in our prayers.
On behalf of my family, I would like to express our deepest condolences to Marc's parent's,sisters,freinds and the loved ones R.I.P MARC
March 11, 2009
Marc jet' ai connu tout petit et encore mais nous sommes parent et en cette triste occasion je ne peux que saluer ton heroisme et ta memoire et saches meme outre tombe que nous sommes fiers de ce que tu as realisé dans ta courte vie sur terre .Mes sinceres condoleances aux parents et aux soeurs .Les mots sont difficiles à trouver devant une tragedie pareille.
Votre cousin Raif Sader France
March 11, 2009
J'ai connu Marc et sa famille à Ain-Ebel, je me souviens d'un frêle petit brun d'une grande gentillesse, c'était il y a si longtemps...
En ces temps si durs, toutes mes pensées vont à vous tous, famille, amis et compagnons d'armes.
Je prie pour que Notre Dame du Liban vous console, sèche vos larmes, vous donne la force d'aller de l'avant, pour que le Christ de miséricorde accueille Marc en Son royaume, l'environne de Sa bonté sans limites, que Son soleil infini illumine pour toujours l'âme de notre ami.
Marc, prends soin des tiens de là-haut, comme tu as si bien pris soin d'eux ici-bas.
Repos, soldat.
March 11, 2009
My Condolenses to the entire Diab family especially to Marc's mom and dad. Alla Yerhamou.. I did not know your son but attended his ramp ceremony couple of days and said an arabic prayer for him. RIP and God be with the Diab Family especially during this time.
March 11, 2009
God Bless. Thank you for serving our country Marc.
March 11, 2009
god rest ur soul
March 11, 2009
God bless Marc Diab's Soul.A Canadian Lebanese Hero . A fighter for freedom and liberty.
March 10, 2009
Those who put on the queen's uniform must surely be regarded as being among the most worthy of our citizens because they have freely taken it upon themselves to stand in harm's way for the rest of us. It is because of our soldiers' preparedness to undertake the ultimate sacrifice that the rest of us can live safely and securely. The memory of those who have made this sacrifice is sacred and always to be revered. Tpr Diab is with God

Signed by a former soldier and one who lost an uncle in WWII
March 10, 2009
god bless your soul Marc Diab ,rest in peace.
March 10, 2009
god bless his soul
March 10, 2009
I knew marc from high school and some times hung out with him he was always a happy guy to be around and very smart aswell i learnt alot from him he's going to be missed alot my heart go's out to the whole family im very sorry for your loss
March 10, 2009
Allah Yrhamak Marc, Rest in Peace'
March 10, 2009
My fellow Canadian-Lebanese hero, may God bless your soul. We are so proud of you.

Rest in Peace Comrade
March 10, 2009
Le jeune Marc a choisi ,pour marquer son heroisme ,le terrain le plus difficile et sauvage de la planete:Kandahar.Mon petit cousin Marc ,tel que je l'ai connu dans les ruelles du Village oublié sur les frontieres sud du Liban,fut toujours un garcon de defi et d'aventures.Le petit Wolf scout associait dans le fond de sa personnalité une maturité précoce, une passion de depasser les frontieres et les choses habituelles. Son ambition sans frontiere l'a amené à s'engager dans les troupes militaires canadiennes ou il peut exercer cette passion , éprouver l'existence fragile pour prouver sa force invincible :Aimer jusqu'au bout, en donnnant sa vie,sans calcul , pour les causes sublimes.Marc manquera à ses nombreux amis et proches du Liban ainsi qu'à ses amis sur les terrains du combat militaire et de la vie quotidienne.Il laissera un grand vide dans sa propre famille ,son pere Hani, sa mere jihane et ses trois soeurs.Leur douleur est grande.Rien ne peut les consoler apres la perte de l'unique garcon de la famille.Mais Marc qui a realisé en si peu d'anneés son grand reve d'etre un Heros sur un terrain mondial,maintiendra Son sourire rayonnant outre tombe longtemps dans les coeurs de millions de canadiens et d'amis de la liberté à travers le monde.Fiers de toi nous sommes , bien que tres tristes,cher petit cousin qui disparait avec les premieres fleurs des amandiers dans les jardin d'AinEbel.Avec Hani, Jihane et les Sabayas nous sommes solidaires dans la douleurs maintes éprouvées à travers nos multiples martyrs.Tu resteras dans l'imagination des jeunes filles du village ,de toutes les Mary,le beau
prince Chevalier attendu à la fin du combat.Marc ,tu n'es pas mort , on t'attend...sur la cours
Joseph Toufic Khoreich
March 10, 2009
God bless your soul...
March 10, 2009
We knew Marc the Hero from the Choir of Our Lady of Lebanon Church in Toronto. May God rest your soul in peace and you will always be remembered for all your love and efforts in serving your church, the altar, the choir, your country and someone else’s country.
Rest in peace and you will always be remembered in our prayers.
Our Deepest Condolences to the Family.
March 10, 2009
Marc was a genuine man. Not just a soldier, but a human who greeted everyone with the utmost respect. I went to the same high school as Marc and never did you see Marc without a smile. He fought for both his country and everyone's happiness.

Thank you Marc. I wish I had your strength
March 10, 2009
March 10, 2009
It is with both gratitude and sadness I salute your son's legacy. Because of him there will be a tomorrow of which all Canadians of every walk of life, from every background can revel in. Sadly he will watch from far afield. Thank you for the wonderful son you raised.
March 10, 2009
Although I do not know the Diab family, I want them to know they are in my thoughts and prayers. A Lebanese family in NS is thinking of you all.

Amelia Bishara (Yarmouth, Nova Scotia)
March 10, 2009
Thank you for your son's sacrifice. Although we cannot know the pain of the terrible loss and loneliness you must now be suffering, you remain, and will remain in our thoughts and prayers. The loss of Marc Diab impacts so many because we are aware that he is of the best and bravest of our country's young.
March 10, 2009
As a Canadian Lebanese, my heart cries for you. Only God has the right words that would heal your heart. I stand so much prouder to know my roots came from Lebanon. God and you make two, you are never alone.

Joe Bishara (Yarmouth, Nova Scotia)
March 10, 2009
As a fellow Maronite Lebanese, I'm also a Captain in the Canadian Forces, I would like to offer my sincere condolences to Marc's family and girlfriend. I'm also an avid offroad enthusiast like Marc was. I never had a chance to meet Marc, but I'm sure we could have connected greatly together. Your story has touched my heart.

Allah yirhamak.
March 10, 2009
May your soul rest in PEACE Marc.
A big loss for all Lebanese.........
March 10, 2009
To Marc's family, to his soulmate Mary and friends, My deepest sympathy for the loss of Marc, May the Lord have mercy on his soul and give you courage and faith to overcome this tragedy.
March 10, 2009
Allah yirhamak ya Marc. I want to sing for you this song for Gibran Khalil Gibran:
Do not stand at my grave and weep;
I am not there. I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow.
I am the diamond glints on snow.
I am the sunlight on ripened grain.
I am the gentle autumn rain.
When you awaken in the morning's hush
I am the swift uplifting rush
Of quiet birds in circled flight.
I am the soft stars that shine at night.
Do not stand at my grave and cry;
I am not there. I did not die.

Rest in peace our hero.
March 10, 2009
For a brave young man: thank you.

For the family: sorry for your lose.
March 10, 2009
I knew Marc as a little kid in our village Ain-ebel. He was always so vibrant and so full of life.
I can't believe that this sweet little kid is gone and we would never see him again.
Every time I met him here in Canada he used to greet me with the biggest laugh and you could truly feel how genuine he is.
Last time I saw him, he was in church with his girlfriend Mary, and I still remember his smiley face and it makes my heart aches just to think about it.
You had such a short life, but you had done everything with conviction and love. You have accomplished in this life what many spend a life time searching for. You lived and died for what you believed in.
Our Hero Marc, we will always remember you, and you will forever be in our hearts.
May God give Jihane, Hani, Jessy, Maya, Mary, all his family, and everyone who knew him the strength to overcome this tragedy.

And I heard a voice from heaven saying, “Write this down: Blessed are those who die in the Lord from now on. Yes, says the Spirit, they are blessed indeed, for they will rest from their hard work; for their good deeds follow them!”
March 10, 2009
My thoughts and prayers are with you in your time of grief.
March 10, 2009
March 10, 2009
may God give him eternal rest and may his soul rest in peace
deepest condolences from abboud family
March 10, 2009
To the Diab Family may our Lord Jesus give you strength and faith to accept the will of God.
Mark passed on as a hero, fighting for freedom, not his own, but someone else's, so future generations could have a better life. And that makes all of us proud and greatfull.

God Bless you all
March 10, 2009
A Hero never dies.
Marc will always be in the memory of all our kids in Toronto. He was their leader for many years at camp and they looked up to him. His enthusiasm, dedication and smily face will always be remembered. My son Patrick and the whole family send our deepest sympathy to his family and friends for their loss.
March 10, 2009
Our Beautiful Marc...I have known you ever since you were a little boy.. I remember your little smiley face brought soo much joy to my sisters , my brother and I when we were younger. You were always a happy kid, full of life and energy . You just had this special something about you! A divine quality that just brought joy and happiness to whoever met you.
Then years passed and I saw you again in Canada but now as a grown man .. and all these feelings of joy and pride rushed right back. You had never lost this special something that you had.. if anything the light that came out of you was this much stronger . Your inner beauty shined so bright that it could not be hidden.

I truly believe you were an angel on earth, and all of us and especially your family should feel blessed that we were the chosen ones to share your life.
Your life was short but you have left a bigger impact in this short period than most people leave in a lifetime!
You were a Marc that left many marks on peoples hearts, and we are all better people because we have known you.

Rest in peace my neighbour, and spread your wings high. This earthly life was maybe too confining for your Big soul.

Marc, you will forever be in our hearts, always loved, never forgotten!
March 10, 2009
My thoughts and prayers are with you in your time of grief. May your memories bring you comfort.
March 10, 2009
As an ex-military from the lebanese army, my deepest condolences. It is hard to forget fallen friends but we will always remember them and we will not forget their sacrifice. Free patriotic movement. Charaf Tadhia Wafaa
March 10, 2009
Your ultimate Sacrifice is a beacon for us all who cherich Freedom, Openness and Democracy. Our deep sentiments of Condoleances from Dr. Rachid Rahme's family and friends
March 10, 2009
Jihan, I am so sorry for your loss and cannot imagine the pain you must be feeling. Please know that I and everyone at Noritsu are praying for you. Our deepest condolences to you and your family. Your son was a brave young man and will not be forgotten.
March 10, 2009
This is a message for those who know and care about the most extravagant person who ever lived, MARC DIAB. My brother at hand, my guide for the right path, and my best friend, i just wanted to tell the world a little more about the goodness that is inside this individual, incase you didnt have the privelage to know yourself. He is a Brave Canadian , and great son, and a true friend... I know he would want me to tell all of you this so you will never forget what true person is capable of.. making a difference. Always remember.. never forget.. and learn from the Hero MARC DIAB.
March 10, 2009
May you soar with angels and watch over those you love. Be at peace.
March 10, 2009
My son went to summer camp last year at Our Lady of Lebanon Summer Camp - 2008. My son spoke very highly of Marc. My deepest sympathies to the family and friends. May God Bless your Soul and Rest In Peace Marc.
March 10, 2009
Our warm sympathy.
The Sleiman Family of Amchit-Lebanon
March 10, 2009
Marc, as a citizen of your mother country Lebanon, I feel proud of you for falling as a martyr under the Canadian Flag, while fighting against terror and violence that has marred the peace in many parts of the world, including Lebanon. May the Lord Jesus Christ, the King of Peace, Love and Misericordia, grant your soul eternal rest and grant your family patience and strength.
March 09, 2009
You are a martyr of the east and west.A spirit strong and free like the cedars of lebanon.A big hearted, caring and loving person.A Proud canadian,You made us all proud.May the saints of the valley of heaven bless you Marc.God bless your family and all your soldier brothers and sisters.
March 09, 2009
our warmest condolences to diab family.Marc,may god bless you and your family.Rest in peace
the Keikati's family
March 09, 2009
My sincere condolences to Marc's parents and sisters, to his girlfriend, to the Diab family in Canada and Lebanon, and to all Marc's friends. My sincere condolences to Marc's other big family, the Canadian Forces, and in particular the Royal Canadian Dragoons.
March 09, 2009
My deep and sincere condolences on the Marc's passing. My daughter is also in 3RCR and I try to look up the regiment of each trooper mentioned in the media. Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with Marc's family and friends at this saddest of all times.

Michael Posluns
March 09, 2009
In respect of the loss of Trooper Marc Diab

Oh Lord our tears can’t cleanse the wound
Opened deep within the hearts
Of a family left without this son
Who’ve been there from the start
They’ve watched him grow and stood beside
The babe the child the man
So proud of his courageous heart
As he stepped forth and took a stand
For all that’s good within our world
Placed his life upon the line
Please Lord take him close to thee
At this such tragic time
For friends and soldiers and those he loved
We ask for you in prayer
Lord please stand near, warm their thoughts
With memories of him near
So sad this loss a generous heart
Who stepped forth for those in need
Giving of himself to those
Without a thought of greed
So young he let our world know
There’s more to love than life
For with this love for all mankind
He entered into this strife
Our hearts stand for, those so close
Who will miss this lad so brave
We will remember he stepped forth
For Canada, his life, he gave

Marc your efforts will not be forgotten. You are Canada, and you and your fellow troops are in our hearts.

Trooper Marc Diab we knew you not, but our prayers reach out for you, your loved ones, friends, and fellow soldiers. We do, so dearly, thank you and your loved ones for your efforts towards making our world a better place.

Roger Borchert
The Borchert Family Slave Lake Alberta
March 09, 2009
Rest in Peace Marc. My Deepest condolences to the family.
March 09, 2009
Rest in Peace Marc.
March 09, 2009
Thank you for being there for all of us.

May your soul rest in peace.
March 09, 2009
Allah yirhamak. May God remember you in his Heavenly Kingdom. I'm sure you're back with your creator. May God take care of your family and grant them the strength to make it through this difficult time. Allah yirhamak.
March 09, 2009
Rest In Peace Marc. You served your time well. I didnt know you directly but through a friend and seeing the news coverage today makes you realize how life is so short. Live every day to the fullest and thats what your life seemed like. Your in a better place now. My condolences to the entire Diab Family, friends and especially Marc's girlfriend Mary.
March 09, 2009
I haven't seen or spoken to mark since highschool, but he was a great boy then and i'm sure he turned into an even better man. I am very sorry for your loss.
March 09, 2009
To Gihan Diab(the Mother) whose heart is broken, but who God has given the strength to be strong in Faith, which is the key to accetping a loss of such a beautiful person.

To the Father, and all the family, may God give you all the strength to accept, and carry the memory of your beloved son. May he rest in peace
March 09, 2009
Marc, while reading all the kind words that everyone has written, it is obvious that you have touched the lives of many. You have been brave, walking a path that many cannot endure, fighting for a cause that you believed in. Thank you for your courage. May you rest in peace. May God bless your family (and loved ones) and give them strength to carry on. Your presence on earth has touched the lives of many, forever. I am a distant relative, and feel sad that I did not know you. Be at peace with God.
March 09, 2009
Please accept my deepest sympathies.
March 09, 2009
May God bless you and your family in this time of sorrow.
March 09, 2009
Dear Diab family,

I'd like to express my deepest condolences for your loss. The majority of Canadians are unaware of how dangerous the situation in Afghanistan is. Your Marc put himself in harm's way to protect some of the world's most unfortunate. For that, he deserves our gratitude and remembrance.
March 09, 2009
God rest your soul in peace and may he comfort and bless your family!
March 09, 2009
No bond is as great as that between a parent and child. My deepest condolences are with you as you grieve.we just lost a young man 29 years old,he was in the buffalo plane crash .he also left lebanon in sad it is to lose two young men in less than a month.sad heart and prayers are with you and your family.
March 09, 2009
May his soul rest in peace, like all the hero's those who pass the way so we can live free. Our group Canadians for Lebanon as we give respect to honor you we pray to the Lord to give your family and friends the strength and patients.
March 09, 2009
It was an honor to have known you. You always had a smile on your face and a positive outlook on life. You are a true hero. My deepest sympathies to your family and friends.
May you rest in peace.
-Dimitra - Ottawa
March 09, 2009
To the family, friends & colleagues of Trooper Marc Diab:

May the wonderful memories you have of your beloved Marc sustain you as you travel this journey of grief and sadness. Know you are not alone and are in the thoughts and prayers of many.

Trooper Diab, you are a hero and will always be remembered. Thank you for your service.

Sherry Clark
Mother, Pte Joel Vincent Wiebe
KIA 20 June 2007
March 09, 2009
TAPS & God bless you.
March 09, 2009
My son called today, he was serving with your son, his heart crys for his fallen comrad, as mine does, To all who Love Marc, you are in my prayers, may the Lord give you strength and comfort. Rest in the arms of your precious Savior, Marc
March 09, 2009
My thoughts and prayers are with you all. May the memories that you cherish of your son and loved one give you strength in the following days. Your son was a brave man who did his country proud. R.I.P Marc Diab.
March 09, 2009
Holy Mass was offered tonight in Mississauga for the repose of the soul of Marc Diab, and for the consolation of his family. Requiem eternam in pace.
March 09, 2009
To the Diab Family.

What a wonderful young man and soldier the Canadian Military had the privilege to encompass and invest its time and resources in. Marc not only were you a Trooper by rank, you exemplified by all definitions the attributes of what a real trooper represents. Having read that you grew up in a war-torn region in Lebannon, you volunteered your services to the Canadian Military, Canada and the world to protect, guard and love other fellow human beings above and beyond all measures. Your family and relatives have lost the presents of an extraordinary man in the physical form; however, I pray they will walk tall with great Honor and Pride.

R.I.P. Trooper Marc Diab.

God Bless and thank you for helping make the world a better place for all mankind.
March 09, 2009
Marc, you stood tall like the cedars of Lebanon.
On behalf of the Haddad families in Toronto, Windsor, Edmonton and Victoria, I would like to express our deepest condolences to Marc's loved ones. The Lebanese Canadian community mourns with you.
March 09, 2009
Marc Diab ... what can i say you were and always will be that amazing guy that touched the lives of everyone you knew. You constantly made sure that everyone was smiling and never had a frown on their face. You will truly be missed and loved forever I know that you are now an angel and safe in heaven in the hands of God. God bless you i will miss you and your memory will always live in all of our hearts. You your Family and Mary will be in my prayers.
March 09, 2009
“It doesn't take a hero to order men into battle. It takes a hero to be one of those men who goes into battle.” Norman Schwarzkopf.
rest in peace.
March 09, 2009
my condolences to the family and loved ones of marc. you were the sweetest person with the biggest heart! although i haven't seen you in years it feels like just yesterday we were all hanging out at starbucks! RIP MARC'll be missed
March 09, 2009
The bitterness of the loss had etched in the soul of the Canadian Nation an indelible awesome image of a fondly missed brave hero Marc Diab.
He delivered the ultimate sacrifice while serving with his comrades of the Royal Canadian Dragoons in the noble mission of refurbishing and rebuilding Afghanistan.
Even though the overwhelming sympathy, condolences and eulogies expressed by so many empathic people do not bring back to real life the precious Mark, still it helps alleviate the pain.
I extend my sincere condolences to the bereaved family, the RCD and all Canadians.
I wish the four injured soldiers who survive the explosion a speedy recovery and all soldiers committed to this task an expedited and successful completion of their mission.
May Mark’s soul rest in heavenly peace.
March 09, 2009
you take my place in afghanistan....
i told you good luck, it was the last time i see you!!
i feel so sorry! :(
March 09, 2009
deepest condolences and prayers, RIP soldier of freedom!
March 09, 2009
You are in my thoughts and prayers,I didn't know Marc well but I know how brave he was, I know how much he was loved and how much he will be missed.My condolences to the Diab family, Jessica and Mary words cannot express how sorry I am for your loss.
March 09, 2009
My heartfelt condolences to the Diab family, Mary and Marc's friends.

May the peace which comes from the memories of love and times shared, comfort you now and in the days ahead.

Within my prayers
March 09, 2009
you have given the ultimate sacrifice for your country
god bless you and my prayers to your family
March 09, 2009
My thoughts go out to Marc's family, and I sincerely and respectfully thank Marc for his service and sacrifice in this international fight against barbarism.

Our victories will always be bittersweet as we suffer the loss of our countrymen and women, but our victories will also always be guaranteed so long as we have fighting men like Marc prepared to risk all in defense of what is right and good.
March 09, 2009
Dear Family of Marc Diab

I want to express my sympathies at this sad time of loss.
March 09, 2009
"Greater LOVE hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his Friends. St. John 15:13
March 09, 2009
my prayers go out to the family of this young soldier,i to have a grandaughter same age in afghastian; all we can do is pray for the safety of our troops
March 09, 2009
RIP Marc. There is nothing like giving your life for your country. I am in tears. Canada is worth fighting for. I came to this country 15 years ago and my love grows every day.
March 09, 2009
My son came home today to say that Marc had attended his high school, St. Joseph Secondary, and that they had announced his passing. We are saddened by this brave, young man's death. Please accept my family's condolences to his family and friends. Thank-you for your service Marc.
March 09, 2009
Yet another soldier has fallen and not sure how many will follow.
But, one thing is for sure, you will remain in our hearts for sure.

God bless you and your family!
March 09, 2009
My condolances go out to the family and friends of Trooper Marc Diab .RCD Pet.This is a hard time for your family and all your friends , and my heart goes out to all of you , and Marc will never be forgotten , rest easy . and may you all rest in peace.
4 Trooper Brian Good Jan. 7 2009 , RCD Petawawa
Stephen Good
March 09, 2009
I didn't know Marc or any of the fallen soldiers. However, I hope that you, Marc's family, know that ordinary Canadian citizens like me are acutely aware of the supreme sacrifice made by soldiers like Marc, although we are a quiet nation when it comes to expressing our innermost feelings. Heaven will be a better place because of the heart of this young man, and earth a safer place.

My sincere condolences.
Helen Darrigan
Oakville, Ontario
March 09, 2009
Brian -- We're all thinking of you and are so so sorry for the loss of your friend. Stay strong and safe and come home to us soon! You and your friends are in our thoughts and prayers.

Fran xo
March 09, 2009
Thank you Marc. Words cannot express. You are our Hero.
March 09, 2009
RIP Marky.....Still can't believe this shocking newss!!!! May you rest in peacee !!! No words can express how sad we aree..God help Aunty Jihan, Uncle hani, Jess and Mayaa :((
March 09, 2009
I never met him, I didn't know him but his sacrifice will never be forgotten. Words can't describe the admiration and respect I have for Marc and those who serve beside him. My condolences to his friends and family.
March 09, 2009
I would like to express my Deepest Sympathies to the family of a brave Young Man, Marc Diab.God Bless the Diab Family, in these very Sorrowful days.Marc, All of Canada Loves You and is deeply Sad about you're Honourble Death.GOD BLESS YOU!
March 09, 2009
Although it has been a while since I last talked with Marc I have distinct memories of him in highschool. He was a good guy with a big heart and endless jokes. RIP Marc you will be remembered by your friends, family, and the Canadian's touched by your life.
March 09, 2009
RIP Marc. Thanks for doing what so many of us are afraid to do and defend our country. My deepest sympathies to the Diab family. You will not be forgotten. Rest in Peace Marc.
March 09, 2009
Laugh we did...
Unforgettable you are...
Lying here I wait for you..
Zany and crazy is how I will always remember you
March 09, 2009
MARC you where larger than life you always made presence for yourself in life and in death RIP my condolences to your family
March 09, 2009
My sympathies are with you, your family, and the families of all soldiers caught in this very dangerous conflict. Rest in peace.
March 09, 2009
Our heartfelt condolences to your family and your fiance. Canada has lost a great man and you will never be forgotten!
March 09, 2009
Wow man, i just found out and I'm so depressed. We were high school friends, unfortunately, me, along with many others at that time went our separate ways. i haven't heard from you in a while, and just today i get the news from a mutual friend. Your a brave and courageous man and i am proud to call you a friend. I don't remember the last time i cried. I cant say enough. I would have been there side by side if i were as brave as you. You will be remembered. R.I.P old friend.
March 09, 2009
Thank you for everything. We are all indebted for your sacrafice. RIP.
March 09, 2009
The LCCC Extents its Condolences to The Diab Family who lost their Son, The Canadian Soldier Marc in Afghanistan today
March 8/09/The LCCC (Lebanese Canadian Coordinating Council) extents its warmest and deeply felt condolences to the Diab Family, and to all the Ain Ebil Lebanese Community in Canada, Lebanon and Diaspora. We ask Almighty that graciously grant Marc's soul the eternal rest in heaven, and grant his family the needed faith, endurance and patience to be able to cope with their great loss and grief.
March 09, 2009
Marc, I can't believe you are gone, you were such an amazing human being. You were the best friend Justin had or will ever have in his lifetime. You will be greatly missed by all.
Love Always Michelle
March 09, 2009
March 09, 2009
Thank you for embracing the essence of Canada, pride in your country and a willingness to fight for its values.
March 09, 2009
Nothing I can say except that my family's sympathy is with you and with all the troops and their families.

God bless

The Taylors
March 09, 2009
My prayers to you and for your family.
Thank you and God bless.
March 09, 2009
God rest your soul
March 09, 2009
God bless your son & family.
Our condolences.
March 09, 2009
marcooooooo :( R.I.P Buddy.....u were such an awesome brother...u always thought of me...nd i always thiought of u...nd i understand u were tryna look out for me...nd i appreciate that....kno that i LOVE u bro...nd be safe up there...i kno ur in a better place...nd its NEVER goodbye...its seee u later my Brother.
March 09, 2009
You are a young brave man and a hero.
We are very proud of you .
You will always be remembered in our hearts and in our prayers.
On behalf of my family, I would like to express our deepest condolences to Marc's family and loved ones.

Rest in peace Marc.
March 09, 2009
We understand the pain of the loss of a beloved one in the battle field and can relate it to the Martyrdom of Marc. The words "When you go home tell them of us and say, for your tomorrow we gave our today" that I heard as a young child in memory of brave soldiers fighting terrorists echos again today.

Lest you forget, the world is a better place because of heros like Marc and we promise his sacrifice will not go in vain.
March 09, 2009
Rest in Peace Marc.
March 09, 2009
RIP Marc. You're a hero and an example to all first generation Arab Canadians.
March 09, 2009
Marc, the honour and bravery that you have shown your family and your country will never be forgotten. A nation is grateful to you.
March 09, 2009
Another great loss for Canada. I was there last year and my husband is there now with the POMLT. Everyday I pray. Im so sorry for the loss of your son. He was a proud Canadian and you should be proud parents.
March 09, 2009
I am so sorry for your loss. At any moment of any day, my family could be receiving the same horrifying news, so please know that although we don't know each other, you are in my thoughts and prayers. Your young man is a hero and he will never be forgotten.
March 09, 2009
Hey my name is Rakan Diab marc was a distant relative and a friend of mine i would just to express my deep grief towards this loss marc was a brave soldier and now a soldier in heaven
March 09, 2009
Marc I have the most precious memories of you as the most intelligent, sensitive young man that I have ever met - You and your mum were 2 of only three people in total that I could speak English to during my first trip to Lebanon-You used to translate hurriedly the jokes that everyone else was laughing about and your keyboard talent was second to none- I hurt so very much for your loving mum and dad, Maya,Jessica and Mary. Pray, give them strength darling Marc to cope with your absence. Forever in My memory you beautiful boy RIP
March 09, 2009
Marco we are so proud of you, God rest your soul in heavenly peace.
March 09, 2009
May you rest in peace secure in the knowledge you were making a difference in this world. Your country will forever hold you in it's heart.
March 09, 2009
May God bless you and your family in this time of sorrow.
March 09, 2009
My deepest condolences to the Diab family and to all who knew Marc.

Rest in peace soldier!
March 09, 2009
your bright smile is forever planted in my mind, we already all miss you, i know your looking over all of us, and i promise to look over your Mary for you, i love you like a brother...
R.I.P Marc
March 09, 2009
We will miss you Marc, we know you will be present with us always in our hearts and we will all continue our involvement in the church on your behalf. You will be missed.
Much love
March 09, 2009
My families hearts and prayers are with you and yours in this time of sadness. May God welcome him home with open arms!
March 09, 2009
Marc, it was always great to see you and the rest of the guys back up in KAF. Sorry to see you go, but God Bless you. You will be deeply missed.
March 08, 2009
I met Marc briefly in Petawawa while doing his pre-deployment dental check-up. He stands out from the hundreds of check-ups I saw as being very polite, friendly, and enjoyable to talk to. My condolences to his family and to his unit.
March 08, 2009
It was an honor to have known you. You always had a smile on your face and a positive outlook on life. You are a true hero. My deepest sympathies to your family and friends.
May you rest in peace.
-D.A. Ottawa
March 08, 2009
You are gone too early, too young,
Sleep gently into the night-

In our prayers-
March 08, 2009
Rest in Peace, Marc.
As a parent who has also lost a son my heart goes out to the family of this brave young man.
March 08, 2009
I met Marc briefly in Petawawa while doing his pre-deployment dental check-up. He stands out from the hundreds of check-ups I saw as being very polite, friendly, and enjoyable to talk to. My condolences to his family and to his unit.
March 08, 2009
To the Diab Family, friends & members of the RCD. My heart felt condolences in this time of terrible loss. RIP & hopes for a quick recovery to your brothers in arms.
A former Dragoon
March 08, 2009
I had the opportunity to meet Marc while I was in Pet on TD. As another family mbr of a fallen soldier, I know the pain and sorrow that you must be feeling right now. My brother was KIA 7 Sept 08 Sgt Shipway. May you cherish your fond memories, as it will help give you strength and courage to face each day without him. RIP Marc.
March 08, 2009
Take comfort in knowing that now you have a special guardian angel to watch over you.
March 08, 2009
Marc, you now join an exclusive club for hero's only, bless you and those nearest you
March 08, 2009
My heart goes out to Marc's mom and his girlfriend Mary as a military wife I feel your pain I am so sorry
March 08, 2009
This brave young hero gave his life to make a better world.
March 08, 2009
Dear Hani, Jihan, Jessica and Maya,
Words can't describe how shocked and sad we feel for your loss.
From miles away we are sending you this warm message to let you know that our thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time.
With sympathy,

Elias and Carole ATME
March 08, 2009
We love you buddy. We're gonna miss you very much.
March 08, 2009
Please accept the condolences from our family. We truly feel for you at the loss of this fine young brave man.
March 08, 2009
Marc's positivity and enthusiasm towards life will always be remembered. He was a true hero, he loved life, and he brought joy to those he was with. Marc will always be remembered as a great man. We will miss you.
March 08, 2009
I can’t remove from my mind the image of your shining face on that donkey in your hometown Ainebel.
I don’t know what to say to your family.

Mark I always considered you as a brother, a friend, the star of the gazel’s “patrouille” and the entire scout’s group of ainebel.
The answer is easy.
You always wanted to be a leader.
… Mark, you are now a hero.
We will miss you.
Ainebel will miss you; “karm el deir” will miss you.

Jean Atme
March 08, 2009
My heart goes out to you at this time and in the days ahead.
March 08, 2009
May your soul rest in peace
March 08, 2009
On behalf of my family I would like to express our deepest condolences to Marc's loved ones. A grateful nation mourns with you.
March 08, 2009
We were so sorry to hear of your loss. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help at this time.
March 08, 2009
I am so sorry for your loss. I wish I could just bring everyone home.
March 08, 2009
Our deepest condolences to Marc's family & love ones. He is truly a hero for the sacrifice he's made for us, the Afghan people and world peace.

He is in our prayers.
God bless.
March 08, 2009
To Marc's mother and girlfriend and from one military family to another, our heartfelt condolences go to you at the loss of one so special to you and Canada. We have all lost another hero.

We are so proud of all our soldiers and their families.

God speed and God bless.
March 08, 2009
I did not know you Marc. You gave your life representing your country; my country, while protecting another nation. You did what you thought was the right thing to do. You bravely followed your conscience sir, I say this with utmost respect. You are a credit to our country,and a credit to quality upbringing. I can only imagine the pride, and the sorrow, your family feels at this time. My heart goes out to them. I will not forget your face. In the end, good people like you will aid the world, to prevail in a better light in times of conflict.
March 08, 2009
you are so young! we will missed you,
hope you will go to a place that will never have war
March 08, 2009
No bond is as great as that between a parent and child. My deepest condolences are with you as you grieve.
March 08, 2009
Thank-you for going out at such a young age and fighting for our country. R.I.P <3
March 08, 2009
My heart is with this man and his family.
To give ones life in the pursuit of freedom in a country far from ones home is a great gift.
March 08, 2009
There are no words to express our sadness over the loss of another selfless Canadian hero. Our warmest condolences to the Diab family. We currently have two sons in Afghanistan and cannot fathom the loss that the Diab family is experiencing. Please remember that he is in our thoughts and prayers and will remain there.
March 08, 2009
Marc, your a real hero, God bless you and your family.
March 08, 2009
Allah Yirhamo. God rest his soul in peace.
March 08, 2009
My sincere sympathies to the family.
March 08, 2009
May God bless you and your family in this time of sorrow.
I have never met Marc but feel sad about evey young life lost.
March 08, 2009
Take comfort in knowing that now you have a special guardian angel to watch over you.
March 08, 2009
Marc, thank you for serving our country with such bravery and honour. You were obviously well-loved and I hope your friends and family will take comfort in knowing that you did a great service to Canada and you will always be in our hearts.
March 08, 2009
rest in peace Marc
March 08, 2009
Celebrating a life well lived. We will cherish the memories forever.
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