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Nina Simone
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July 07, 2015
Eunice Kathleen Waymon was a sweet, beautiful, soul. Thus, what she sang, she meant, "Whatever I Am, You Made Me" Surely, one of God's Wonderfully Mysterious Works...Performed! Now, forever "Soaring like a bird in the sky."
October 08, 2012
Ms. Nina Simone you were an inspiration to me when I was younger. I loved your voice and music. You will never be forgotten. Rest In Peace
July 19, 2009
I viewed the movie "Point of no Return with Bridget Fonda and her character was so in awe of Miss Simone. After listening to her music just in the film alone, she touched me. May you rest peacefully Nina.
July 10, 2009
Nina's piano playing and singing from songs of the early and mid 1960's contains strength and powerful emotion. To listen to her arpeggios and full throated delivery is to get emotionally involved with her music.
April 21, 2008

Years after your death, you continue to be an inspiration. Thank you for your gift of music to this world that shall forever remind us of the power of the human spirit.
Luna Oo
May 01, 2006
May 1 -2006

It is over three yoears now that the Diva died. Her music is known to me since 1968 when her song "Ain't got no- I got life became a number one hit here in The Netherlands. Since then I am a tremendous fan. I collect everything I can get and I play her nusic every day. It is so sad that she is gone but let us all treasure her music. Nina, thanks for all the joy and strengths you're music gave me.
April 13, 2006
I'll never forget when I first heard that voice. The song was "I want a little sugar in my bowl." I went out that day and bought her C.D. Her legend lives on in my stereo and in my heart.
June 24, 2005
Nina, I love you. Forever!
June 15, 2004
Only just discovered this site looking to leave my condolences for Ray Charles, my second favourite artist of all time next to you Nina. What an inspirational life you had, I have bought your autobiography for so many friends who thought they were having tough times and they all saw the brighter side of life afterwards! You definately put a spell on me, the world is a worse place without you in it. I hope you're in the great jam in the sky now with Ray Charles and all the other greats.
May 25, 2004
I was introduced to her music through a movie called "Point of No Return". I considered myself a fan since then. Thanks for the music!
May 15, 2004
Nina Simone's voice and music used to take me to a place all my own when I was a child. She is not gone, only lingering in our minds and still ringing that beautiful melody in our ears. God bless you
April 17, 2004
Dr. Simone -
What a great loss for this world. Your voice and your mind made it a better place. Bless you forever, as you sit beneath a lilac tree, somewhere up there.
February 24, 2004
You were one of the "greatest" just the mention of your name. "NINA" I knew I was in for some great listening. I know it's a choir in heaven singing some lovely tunes. Thank you Nina, you will be missed.
February 11, 2004
What a beautiful black angel I fell in love with. I enjoy your music presently. I was so inspired by your spirit and I named by daughter Simone. What a great honor and the grandest way to express my love for you. I did not have the opportunity to meet you but you greet me each time I play your music. Sing on bird, sing on.
December 10, 2003
I was a southern-born college student, a foolish white girl in Harlem at the Apollo every weekend in the mid-60's, emboldened by my friends in the civil rights movement to attend the memorial benefit for Malcom X's family - when Nina Simone, whom I already idolized but had never seen, came out to sing our sorrow - I believe something was spoken in that moment that will never stop reverberating...mystically, I believe she was the most awesome beautiful dark woman of our time...
April 23, 2003
A beautiful, talented lady has gone home.I am grateful for the brief time that we shared back in the sixties when you lived in your tiny apartment, just off 52nd and Market Street. My thoughts and prayers go with you.
April 23, 2003
A wonderful, talented, beautiful lady has gone away from us. She will be sorely missed. I love you, Nina, and I shall continue to remember you because you left such beautiful music behind.
April 23, 2003
To be Young, Gifted and Black is my favorite. Nina made me realize that it doesn't matter how old I get, I will always be Young, Gifted and Black. Thank you Lord. Thank you Nina.

Lisa, I will continue in prayer for your strength from our Lord.

April 23, 2003
one word to describe this women "love"
April 23, 2003
Mississippi Got Dam was my favorite. Thanks to Nina for her courage as she adressed social issues with her songs.
April 23, 2003
To Be Young, Gifted, and Black! Your songs, music and courage to speak out has provided me with a lifetime of inspiration! You will be greatly missed. My condolences and prayers to your family and friends.
April 23, 2003
April 23, 2003
This woman was the real deal--exquisite, beautiful, irreplaceable. She would make any listener BELIEVE. Her intensity was the stuff of pure magic. Boundless passion and artistry. The music community and the world at large is poorer with her loss. May she rest in peace.
April 23, 2003
Ms. Simone, they say words can not discibe love. Your voice gave the word meaning and true depth. You are remembered with warmth and gratitude.
April 23, 2003
Ms. Simone's voice and dedication will be celebrated in heaven.
April 22, 2003
The world has lost a really great jazz singer, but Heaven has gained one of the best. She is now singing up there with the angels. My condolences to her family and friends.
Linda Johnson
April 22, 2003
You will be missed and praise the Lord your music will live on, God bless your family..
April 22, 2003
Ms. Simone had one of the most beautiful, most mellow voices I've ever heard. I first fell in love with her voice on the "Point of No Return" motion picture soundtrack.
April 22, 2003
Ms. Simone's life in general and her music more specfically will continue to have a positive impact upon humanity. I was personally inspired by her willingness to speak and sing to moral and social issues. I look forward to reacquaintance with her during the glorious resurrection.

Love & prayers,

Dr. Michael G. Ford
Texas City, TX
April 22, 2003
Nina Simone is singing for the Angels now, how lucky they are.
April 22, 2003
I listened to her music when I was perhaps 17 years of age. I loved her music and the selection "You put a spell on me!" says it all. She was before my time and in time I learned to appreciate her music.
April 22, 2003
My heart is heavy at the loss of Ms. Simone
and my prayers go out to the family.
The world and I will truly miss her!!
April 22, 2003
Love and gratitude to a magnificent leader, activist and woman. A talented entertainer who's life impacted our nation's thinking.
April 22, 2003
She was a great inspiration for the young and old alike, she will be greatly missed may she rest in eternal peace.
April 22, 2003
She was dearly loved and will be greatly missed
April 22, 2003
My condolences to the family of Ms. Nina Simone. A beautiful woman and a great talent has left us. May she rest in eternal peace. God Bless.
April 22, 2003
My sympathy goes out to Nina's family. She will be greatly missed by all her fans, but her music will live on forever. May she rest in peace.
April 22, 2003
May you sing with the others who have gone before you.
April 21, 2003
Such a huge loss today to the world of jazz. She will be missed.
April 21, 2003
The greatest artist that ever lived.
Nina's music spoke to a generation of people. A Classic Lady. May you Rest In Peace.
April 21, 2003
Loved your music. Rest in God.
April 21, 2003
I loved Nina Simones smokey voice. She was one of a kind
April 21, 2003
ilove your music keep on singing the way you sing with love ron
April 21, 2003
I wish to extend my condolence to the family of Nina Simone. She was a great performer and surely an inspiration to many. May she rest in peace.
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