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Nipsey Russell
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August 17, 2014
I will always remember Nipsey Russell in Barefoot In the Park...Love American Style episodes...nostalgia...fifth grade

T.C. Kansas City
August 13, 2014
You were a very kind man to a lonely little girl who spent summers & Saturdays @ her families dry cleaners. I so enjoyed the times l got to visit w/ you. Thank you. You won't be forgotten.
July 28, 2014
July 23, 2014
Gone but not forgotten ease on down with no heavy loads
July 10, 2014
Still happily watching Nipsey on Match Game reruns, and love him for his true wit and brilliant poetic satire.
April 02, 2014
Your the best, ever told or seen.america love you. Jimmie. Thomas
March 18, 2014
always a joy to watch Nipsey on match game and the wiz even in Chris Rocks rap truly a blessing sent down to make us all smile thank you Nipsey you have earn your place in the stars with our Heavenly Father
February 09, 2014
Watching him too.....ease on down the road today. I love The Wiz and your tin man character. You will be forever missed.
February 04, 2014
Watching Nipsey Ease On Down The Road! Miss him very much. He'll never be forgotten! RIP
December 19, 2013
Wow I did not realize that Mr Russell guest book were still available!!Watching him on the Match Game today!! Sleep in Peace,love watching you on all your shows etc,wish you were still here to make us laugh.
November 07, 2013
I did not know Mr. Russell was gone, GOD gives nothing but his best. So Nipsey take your rest. OUR HEAVENLY FATHER loves you best. "A legend"
September 18, 2013
You were the best, just talking about how you made us laugh.
RIP Mr. Russell Ted
August 30, 2013
Watching the wiz Rip nipsey
July 15, 2013
One of the GREATEST,I have so many enjoyable memories watching him.
July 15, 2013
One of the GREATEST,I have so many enjoyable memories watching him.
May 23, 2013
May 23, 2013
RIP Mr. Nipsey Russell...You were great...May you live on...Amen!
March 17, 2013
Watching the wiz now with my daughter and grandson
You are a light that will always shine.
March 15, 2013
I have enjoyed watching you for many years...always made me laugh XX
March 03, 2013
You Were A True Comedic Talent. Rest In Peace, Kind Sir. See You On The Other Side Some Beautiful Day.
February 18, 2013
Watching on the Pymird Show with Dick Clark, Mr. Russell (Nipsey); you are a treat to watch even to this day. Hey had a dog at the Varsity the other day, miss you
February 09, 2013
Slide some oil to me, if you don't have STP, Crisco will do just fine. You were fabulous in The Wuz. Your dancing and singing gave the project the punch that it needed. Thank you so much, Mr. Russell! Your spirit lives on.
February 07, 2013
I'm watching you on match game right now. What a talent you were.
December 31, 2012
Watching you right now on 1000000 pyramid. You wre fun.
November 14, 2012
I will always remember your poetic, comedic sense of humor and the contributions you made in television. Most of all, your handsome face and beautiful bright (teeth) smile. RIP "Tin Man!"
October 23, 2012
You were so good on game shows.
Your poetry was spot on.
You are greatly missed.
October 23, 2012
What a kind and gentle man - your poetry will never be forgotten. You are still missed.
October 04, 2012
You were one of a kind Mr. Russell. Always made us laugh and your poems were the best. RIP. Karen (Rhode Island)
October 03, 2012
You made us laugh with your poetry and quick wit. You will not be forgotten. RIP
September 05, 2012
you are missed
August 27, 2012
Rest in peace Mr. Russell. You are always missed
August 10, 2012
Rest In Peace
August 03, 2012
I always enjoyed Nipsey's poems, his humor and his acting. He is one of those tv actors who you watch in your youth, and become part of your family when you see them. Nipsey you never be forgotten. RIP
July 11, 2012
Rest I peace
July 08, 2012
Watching nipsey on gameshows was always fun! Rest in peace buddy!
July 02, 2012
You will never be forgotten Uncle Nipsey, I always cherish the memory we had together with mom(Linda and Earl) dad. I was very bless to have you as my godfather. RIP Love you very much, your godson Anthony!
June 24, 2012
Miss your humor and great smile. RIP Nipsey
May 30, 2012
What a wonderful man he was. I always watch him on the game shows just to hear his poems. And don't forget about his pretty white teeth.
May 21, 2012
March 31, 2012
I loved Nipsey on match game, and waited for his verse on every show. I watch match game reruns all the time and he is on this week. Rest in peace Nipsey.
February 24, 2012
I miss the humor and laughter of a great entertainer who will never be forgotten thank you
February 13, 2012
long timed miss
January 20, 2012
What a great and funny man. I will miss your talent. RIP.
-Paul Sausman, Cary, NC
January 19, 2012
I enjoyed watching Mr. Russell on the Wiz witch is my favorite movie. R. I. P.
January 12, 2012
Too funny old school that paved the way for blacks & a great actor. May God Bless you & keep you. RIP
December 05, 2011
R.I.P. Mr. Russell
November 24, 2011
Mr.russell could take any words any make them rhyme.With his pretty white (Teeth)
September 16, 2011
sad to know Nipsey is gone... we are enjoying the Wiz for family movie night and decided to find out if he was still living... appreciate his contribution to our legacy
August 04, 2011
I am so very sorry to hear that the nipper passed away.You have my family
and my condolences.He surely will be
missed by all.He was a blessing to all
that needed to have a laugh at a time of sorrow.
October 19, 2010
Our thoughts and prayers are with you in your time of grief. May your memories bring you comfort.
May 11, 2010
May 07, 2010
may 7th, 2010 nipsey russell was truly one of the funniest people who ever lived, and he will never be forgotten.
May 06, 2010
Although I personally did not know Mr. Russell, he visited my home often; always with a smile and always bringing laughter and the unexpected. I am so sorry for your loss but will remember with a smile his contribution to the television industry and to the many smiles that he put on the faces of family.

Lynda Fox > Chicago, Il.
May 06, 2010
My thoughts and prayers are with you in your time of grief. May your memories bring you comfort.
April 28, 2010

Dear Family,

I know its been several years since Nipsey passed away, but the memories of our loved ones are never forgotten. May the scripture @Phillipians 4:7 bring you a measure of comfort as it did me.
April 22, 2010
I miss Nipsey very much, loved him on the game shows and he had a great sense of humor.
April 20, 2010
My goodness....the great die with not enough ceremony. I am so sorry to hear of Mr Russells' death but I do know that God is in control. He performed many times in Atlantic City when that city was in celebration,but all things must change. We celebrate his life and wish the family peace in knowing that he is OK with the Lord.
Ms Kathleen Adams &
The Taylor Family of New Jersey
April 02, 2010
For roll as
the Tin Man was the best
as far as many are concerned.


Do not weep for me when I no longer dwell among the wonders of the earth; for my larger self is free, and my soul rejoices on the other side of pain...on the other side of darkness.

Do not weep for me, for I am a ray of sunshine that touches your skin, a tropical breeze upon your face, the hush of joy within your heart and the innocence of babes in mothers arms.

I am the hope in a darkened night. And, in your hour of need, I will be there to comfort you. I will share your tears, your joys, your fears, your disappointments and your triumphs.

Do not weep for me, for I am cradled
in the arms of God. I walk with the angels, and hear the music beyond the stars.

Do not weep for me, for I am within you;
I am peace, love, I am a soft wind that caresses the flowers. I am the calm that follows a raging storm. I am an autumns leaf that floats among the garden of God, and I am pure white snow that softly falls upon your hand.

Do not weep for me, for I shall never die, as long as you remember me...
with a smile and a sigh.

© Joe Fazio
~ /Joe Fazio,
Beverly Hills, California
January 21, 2010
To Nipsey Russell,
I just want to say that you were a great guy. I watched you on The Game Show Match Game and the sitcom Love boat. I wiah you still alive. Lisa Weiner.
June 21, 2008
I sorry to hear about your lost and I would like to share with the family a comforting scripture at John11:25" Jesus said I am the resurrction and the life he that exercises faith in me, even though he dies will come to life.
May 04, 2007
tommy i love you baby
February 15, 2007
I am not sure why I never heard that Mr. Russell died. Oh what laughter he brought to me whenever I would see him on television. What a wonderful wonderful sense of humor he had.

For some reason one of his verses has always stuck with me, I guess I found it too funny to forget:

"Putting Baby on a water bed
Can be a situation rather grim.
You don't know if he's wetting the bed
Or if the bed's wetting him."

I still laugh everytime I think about that quote, and it's probably been 20 years since I heard it.

Thank you for bringing laughter to our lives.
February 08, 2007
To be 60 years old when he played in the wiz, he sure did have some smooth moves. He was also very laid back he was so cool.
February 08, 2007
I just saw all of the wiz not to long ago. Right from the start my favorite character was the tin man. He was fantastic. I'm twelve and i thought to be 60 in that movie he looked young. I wish i couldv'e met him. I am addicted to that movie because of Mr. Russell. I hope to see him real soon when i get to heaven!
June 25, 2006
I enjoyed you over the years on my favorite game shows. I enjoy the new game show I've got a secret. It is no secret you would have been fantastic as a panelist. Rest in peace Mr. Russell
June 22, 2006
the best tin man ever...slide some oil to me.
You will be missed.
June 22, 2006
The world loss a great comedian. Our loss is heaven's gain.
June 16, 2006
You were truly one of the greatest entertainers of all times. You made me laugh as child growing up and as I watch you on reruns you still make me laugh. I can only imagine what Heaven is like now, with you entertaining there. May God Bless and may you continue to keep us laughing for years to come.
June 01, 2006
Deborah Ramsey - Thanks for the laughs.
May 11, 2006
Your Pyramid appearnces always brought a smile to my face.

Mystery Seven! Alright!!!
April 09, 2006
I have always loved the humor, wit, and personality of Nipsey. He made such an impact in my life. So much so that I named my Jack Russell dog "Nipsey" in his memory. May God bless his soul and embrace him into His Heavely Kingdom.
March 07, 2006
Nipsey was one of the best! I didn't learn of his death until last month. He left a great legacy with his "poetic" remarks and great smile. Rest in Peace.
February 11, 2006
God Bless you Nipsey Russell, you were a wonderful actor, You have now eased on down the road, but there is a better life on the other side. RIP!
November 07, 2005
We all know there's nothing more therapeutic than laughter. There are those who got that gift and those who don't. Mr. Russell could always make me laugh. I especially enjoyed him as the Tin Man in the Wiz. Go on Mr. Russell keep em laughing in up there where there'll always be laughter. May God bless your family.
Love Ya!
October 25, 2005
Thank You!
October 25, 2005
What a wonder life!
Thanks for all you did to lead the way for others!
Rest In Peace!
October 21, 2005
RIP-sey Nipsey.

You were the best!
October 20, 2005
Of the human condition, Nipsey was a shrewd analyst,
As a talk show guest, headliner, or panelist...
'Twas magic, the world that Nipsey revealed; In his whimsical rhymes, profound Truth was concealed.
Dropping knowledge from the dais at celebrity roasts,
Far surpassing in grace the very best quiz show hosts,
Cassius Clay-like, his poems, but without the rude boasts...
Deceptively light, often even flippant,
Spontaneous, effortless, so...nonchalant,
His verse, so stripped down, and so economical,
Was, nonetheless, just as wise as it was merely comical.
He'd weave jewelled lines of beauty, ardor, and pain,
And, at each opportunity, deliver again,
'Til Bert Convy's lapels were by joyful tears stain'd...
His sweet versification seemed to spring from thin air;
Henry Gibson's dry verses just couldn't compare --
A world without Nipsey's a far poorer one,
But he'd want us to love one another, have fun,
And always remember, in good times and bad,
For Pete's sake, to slow down, smell the roses, be glad
For the friendship we shared and the good times we had!

Nipsey Russell's next gig is his rightful reward...
The man showed the syllable's mightier than the sword.
October 14, 2005
There are thousands of comedians but very few of them are born with the gift to make us laugh. Nipsey Russell had that gift. He will be missed.
October 13, 2005
Being a gameshow fan, whenever Nipsey would show up on a show like Pyramid or Match Game I knew I was in for a half hour of pure entertainment. His wit and charm has always been an inspiration and I will surely miss him. He was truly one of a kind and will never be forgotten.
October 11, 2005
When I was the Air Force my friends called me Nipsey Russell. I loved it because he like myself smiles all the time. He was a great man and our country has lost another great master of comedy.
October 11, 2005
I always enjoyed listening to your quick witted poems and seeing your dynamic smile. Though there wasn't much of you that I saw lately, I will still miss you greatly. Rest in Peace Mr. Russell.
October 10, 2005
To the Russell family,
Mr. Russell was a funny man to know from t.v. May God be with the family.
October 10, 2005
Oh! the laughter that Heaven will endure with Mr. Russell's entry.
October 09, 2005
As i have grown up watching MR, Russell on 25,000 pyrimaid and my favorite movie the Wiz. i have also enjoyed many of years of his ryming quotes that i will always cherish. my deepest sympathy to his family. he will be missed dearly.
October 09, 2005
I loved him on Match Game. Thank you for the laughter. Rest In Peace.
October 08, 2005
i loved watching nipsey russell on match game & the $25,000. pyrimid!he sure came up with a lot of funny poems & had a winning smile.i didn't know him personally but he felt like a friend to me.
October 07, 2005
My friend, Dave Grossman & I enjoyed your show back in Chicago in the 70's--- I also enjoyed you back in Atlanta at the Varsity--you were a great funny guy--God bless your sole--

clint castellaw-
October 07, 2005
I was very sad to hear of the death of Nipsey Russell. But life is an ever evolving process and he made the world laugh now he is with God. God Bless, Nipsey and his family and friends.
October 07, 2005
God Bless Nipsey Russell and his family he left behind. My favorite movie that he appeared in was "The Wiz." I loved his wit, humor and humanitarian efforts.
October 07, 2005




October 07, 2005
I loved you in my favorite movie "The Wiz" I know all of the lines and songs! One of the best musicals ever made! Nipsey rest in peace. My prayers go out to his family. You wil be missed.
October 07, 2005
A very funnyman and good actor. This Tin Man had a heart.
October 06, 2005
A great talent who was never truly appreciated by Hollywood. My prayers for his friends and family. May he bring the same laughs in Heaven as he did on Earth.
October 06, 2005
Nipsey was the greatest comedian that ever lived, and actor.
October 06, 2005
May you rest in peace. God be with you and your family during this time.
October 06, 2005
Nipsey Russell was one of a kind
I watched him all the time I know he's up in Heaven now making God And the Angels laugh with his comic wit
October 06, 2005
October 06, 2005
you will be missed. and to the family, my thoughts and prayers are with you
October 06, 2005
What a talent! Truly an orginal. May you rest in peace and recite that poetry to those in the pearly gates.

RIP- Dee Dawkins
October 06, 2005
My sicere condliences goes to the Russell family on their lost. God has all the answers to any questions. "I am the Alpa and the Omega, the beginning and the end. To the thristy I will give water as a gift from the spring of the water of life." Sleep on Nipsey and take you rest for the gates of heaven is open and my lord is waiting from you to enter.
October 06, 2005
October 06, 2005
thank you soo much, you shared your gift with the of your performances that will always be with me is "the wiz". my grandmother and I loved to watch that movie together. you have left an idelible mark in my heart thank you!
October 06, 2005
May God continue to bless the Russell family, my prayers are with you.
October 06, 2005
To the family I have always enjoyed watching shows with Nipsey on them. I so for your lost
October 06, 2005
He will always have a warm touch in my heart for him. I grew up with him in my home, there always a smile when he came knocking on the tube. May Jehovah comfort you in your time of need. See you Nipsey in the new pardise.
October 06, 2005
I remember Nipsey Russell in the movie "Wildcats" and watching him in Rowan & Martin as a kid. He was always so funny and made us laugh and I'm sure he's home doing the same. He will be remembered for being a comic and always with a smile. Good bye Nipsey; see you soon!
October 06, 2005
Rest in peace! Thank you for all the wonderful words you gave and the loud laughs. Never a bad word, just plain,clean fun and so funny...
What talent there is up in Heaven now...
October 06, 2005
Just want to extend my condolences to the family and friends of Mr. Russell. I remember as a child, I watched him on television and he was always so joyful and his prose were sometimes funny and sometimes insightful.
He will be greatly missed. BE BLESSED.
October 06, 2005
To the Family of Nipsey Russell,
I loved his work. One of the high points of my youth was performing on the same program with him one night and we all crowded into his dressing room to meet him--what a presence! what a 'mensch'! He was so encouraging to us and so sweet and modest. With sincere condolences.
October 06, 2005
I was so surprised to learn of a legacy passing. Always loved that smile and will miss it.
October 06, 2005
Mr. Russell spoke of subjects that were related to his life, and though I am not of the same race, I too could relate to many of the things he spoke about in his routines. Like many, I will miss him. My sympathies to his family.
October 06, 2005
To the Russell Family.
Nipsey was an outstanding comedian and will be sadly missed. May God comfort you now and forever more.
October 06, 2005
Our family so enjoyed Mr.Russell in "The Wiz" and on gameshows. Now our grandkids are getting to enjoy the same experience. He was truly unique and will be greatly missed. May God comfort his loved ones.
October 06, 2005
October 06, 2005
Mr. Russell had a way of making us forget our problems for a while. he will be missed.
October 06, 2005
The many times our sadness was turned into laughter because of you will be remembered forever. Our sincere condolences are being sent to Mr. Russell's family and love ones. Nipsey, you will remain in our hearts always.
October 06, 2005
To the Family of Mr. Nipsey

I don’t know you, but after reading throughout your guest book. I know that you are making all the ANGELS in HEAVEN smile with your humours jokes. May GOD continue to BLESS your FAMILY
October 06, 2005
Mr. Nipsey Russell is being sadly missed.He was a very good comedian. Everyone enjoyed him in the movies.
October 06, 2005
You were one of my favorites growing up. I will miss you.
October 06, 2005
Thank God for Nipsey Russell! he has been an inspiration to me as a African American and a entertainer. His work will never be surpassed. My deepest sympathy to his family and friends.
October 06, 2005
Sadden by the lost of a great one. He was one of the best.
October 06, 2005
My condolences to the family of Mr. Russell. He will be truly missed by all.
October 06, 2005
Mr. Russell truly had a SMILE like none other. Thanks for sharing that SMILE.
October 06, 2005
To Nipsy Russell family,
I can only remember Mr. Russell as a funny guy. I am as not as old as he was , but I had never heard any negative reports about him from the media that you most times hear, when people are stars. We need his kind of person around us always for his positive spirit. Rest in peace Nipsey until Gods calling John 5:28,29.
October 06, 2005
A National Treasure has surely been lost forever. I will never forget the moments of pure, clean laughter that were provided by Mr. Russell. A comic like him will never be again. The world has truly suffered a tremendous loss. Heaven has gained a wonderful, laughing Angel.
Blessings to the family, may God see you through this time and help you rejoice in the knowledge that an Angel has come Home.
October 06, 2005
Goodbye to one of the greatest comedian of my life time. To the family we are blessed to have had the opportunity to hear good clean comedy. He opened doors for all comedians. Thnk you
The Olliver Family.
October 06, 2005
I will never forget you my Dear Nipsey. God will surely welcome you into his Kingdom.
October 06, 2005
I don't know just when, but there was always a Nipsey Russell out there with that great sense of humor that was his alone. He will certainly be a prince in Heaven.
October 05, 2005
Our hearts and prayers go out to you. I'm glad that I had a chance to enjoy Mr. Russell while he was alive. He will forever live in my heart.
October 05, 2005
what a shock, my dear nipsey, you will be in my prayers and your family, you made me laught all the time, nipsey now you have to make everyone laugh in heaven , god bless you and your family ,theresa from phila
October 05, 2005
Nipsey was one of a kind. No one could compare with him because he had a unique and fabulous style that just could only come from him. He was great and very likable and entertaining. God be with you, Nipsey; we will greatly miss you!
October 05, 2005
To the family of Mr. Nipsy Russell,

May God Bless you all throught you time of sorrow. I grew up watching him on television, and he a great entertainer, he will be sadley missed by many all over the world. I will be praying you all
October 05, 2005
To the family of the late Mr. Nipsey Russell, may God keep you all and also bless all of you. Mr. Russell over the years has put smiles on a lot of faces.
October 05, 2005
He was a clean wholesome comedian. I was a child growing up listening to his poetic lyrics, which always left you thinking. He will be missed. Rest in peace my brother.
October 05, 2005
October 05, 2005
With a great name like Nipsey, how could you not be a great comedian?

Your fan,
Ellen White
October 05, 2005
October 05, 2005
I can barely put into words how Mr Russell made me boil over with laughter. Throughout my entire life ever since The Wiz, I have shared his humorous comments with others because it was so appropriate in so many ways. He lived a long, inspiring life and I am so happy to have known him even if it was only through television.
October 05, 2005
You were the greatest.
October 05, 2005
Mr. Russell, thank you for all the smiles in my life. Thank you to your family for bringing you to me and millions of others. May God hold you in His loving arms.
October 05, 2005
October 05, 2005
It was always nice to know that people like Nipsey Russell was around and in this world. He said so much to us with his snipits of rhymes and philisophical poetry. If you listened real close, there was a message in them for all of us. Nipsey brought laughs to all of us in an intelligent and wholesome way. His delivery was impeccable. He showed throughout his career that you don't have to use profanity to be funny and to get people to like you. We hope that many young, upcoming, and aspiring comedians will become familiar with the man and his legacy. We will always remember (which is also our favorite)the scene from the "WIZ" when Dorothy and the scarecrow had to, " slide some oil to me, let it hit 'ma shoulder blades, slide some oil to me girl; sho nuff got it made!! That was a performance we will never forget, and just think what a gift for the very young and those yet unborn to enjoy. THANK YOU NIPSEY FOR PICKING US ALL UP DURING THE DOWN TIMES. We know you're going to crack 'em up there in heaven. To the family: Don't be down, and don't feel sad, think of all the good times you've had; with a man who was oh so wonderful and oh so true, just thank God for the wonderful gift he gave to you. Our prayers and sympathy are with you today and everyday.
October 05, 2005
Thank you Nipsey for the many times you made me smile during my childhood.Go and get your reward.Love you always.
October 05, 2005
My handicapped son was granted his wish when he was 14 yrs old. My entire family went to Atlantic City for CJ, my son, to meet Nipsey. He was performing at Harrah's, and we were allowed to go in early to meet with Nipsey. a photographer was there and wonderful pictures were taken. Nipsey was just absolutely wonderful to us all! CJ asked him if he could be "Uncle Nipsey" and he said yes. During his show, he introduced my 2 sons as his nephews! What a delightful and giving man. Over the years, I would send birthday cards, christmas cards, etc. and he would write back. In fact, he wrote special poems for our family. When my husband was promoted to full colonel in the Army, he wrote a poem about "chickens on his shoulders". What a talented man.
My son lived at home for 27 years. he is now 33 and lives in a group home nearby. I am having lunch with him tomorrow and I don't think he knows of Nipsey's death. He will truly be upset.
There's more to tell about Nipsey: he called our house to check on CJ after a serious operation, before we even met him. We felt like he was family. Wish he could have visited us.
October 05, 2005
Mr. Russell,

You're at peace. To the family, think of the good times and smile. May GOD bless you.
October 05, 2005
To the family of Nipsey Russell; I pray that God gives you peace in your hour of sadness. I met Bro. Nipsey about ten years ago and he told me he respected me for who I was. May the Lord bless his soul. Arch Bishop Don "Magic" Juan , Donald Campbell
October 05, 2005
This is a favorite quote of mine: They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel. -Carl W. Buechner. It reminds me of Nipsey Russell - we used to watch game shows and we would be so happy when he would be a guest because we knew that we were in for lots of laughs! Rest in peace Mr. Russell :o)
October 05, 2005
He was a very good comic and so sad to see him go,but I will always remember him.May God bless you!
October 05, 2005
I am too young to remember anything that Nipsey Russell did, but I've seen him on GSN on Match Game and varied other game shows. I can tell from what I've seen that he was a very talented man.
October 05, 2005
Nipsey always made me proud to be an Atlantan. Our families have known each other for decades. The Lewis family extends our love and heartfelt sympathy to you and pray that God will bless those who were so kind to him in his last days.
October 05, 2005
nipsey made us laugh
because he was so funny
the rhymes that he said
always were so funny
RIP Nipsey
October 05, 2005
With deepest Sympathy to the Russell Family.
Sleep on Sweet Sweet Prince,
take your well deserved rest.
We loved you, and we'll sorely miss you but,
we know that, God loved you best.
October 05, 2005
I was deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Nipsey Russell. He is a true icon!!! I remember watching Mr.Russell on many gameshows, always flashing that wonderful smile of his and making up rhymes. Had it not been for Nipsey Russell, with his in the background, type of humor, there would be no Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, or Chris Rock. It takes a real man,a pioneer, to endure the many challenges that "we" as black people face everyday, to realize that one can only get "so far" with trying to break new ground. And that is exactly what Mr. Russell did!! He accepted mediocre roles so that those who followed, would achieve greatness. We as African-American people owe a lot to him and paying my respects to him is the least I can do. We love you, Mr. Russell, but God loved you more. REST IN PEACE!!!
October 05, 2005
thanks for the laughs nipsey you will be missed by all
October 05, 2005
To The family of Nipsey Russell
We were sory to hear of your loss. We will always remember him as having a unique sense of humor.
May the following poem be of comfort to each of you.

It’s God’s Will And We Must Comply
By: Charles G. Turner,

Life is uncertain,
But as sure as we are born one day we must die
Sometimes we sit and wonder why
The fact is it’s God’s will and we must comply.

Throughout our lives we live through happiness and sadness
And many toils and strife
And when our earthly life is over we enter into our “eternal life”

Whenever a loved one or friend makes their earthly depart
It is natural for it to bring hurt and sorrow to our heart
And to deal with our loss we grieve, mourn, and cry
In all essence we must remember this is God’s will and we all must comply

For those of us that are left behind
We must cherish the special memories
And keep them all in mind
Just remember it is not for us to question why we have to die
It’s God’s will and we all have to comply

May God Bless and comfort all of you
October 05, 2005
Nipsey Russell was a wonderful and talented individual. He will truly be missed; however, his legacy will live on.
October 05, 2005
Mr. Nipsey Russell will forever be known for his humour & wit. I pray that his family receive strength from GOD knowing that memories will live on in the lives he touched knowingly & unknowingly. You don't have to personally know a person to be blessed by them. Trust me when I say..."Entertainment, Class & that Beautiful Big Smile was always Nipsey Russell's Style".

Rest In Sweet Peace!!
October 05, 2005
He will be truely missed but his legacy will live on through his work!
October 05, 2005
I was sad to hear this news. Nipsey Russell left some happy memories.
October 05, 2005
Was so sorry to read of Nipsey Russell's death. I enjoyed his sense of humor when I watched him on the game show's. My prayers and sympathy go out to his family.
October 05, 2005
To the family of Nipsey Russell,

I am so sorry to hear that we have lost another wonderful comediene/actor. He was a wonderful man. He, like Red Skelton, wasnt afraid to keep things clean and get just as many laughs and just as big of an audience..He will be greatly missed. Rest in Peace Sweet Man. We will miss you. Just keep God laughing in heaven ....till we meet again.....
October 05, 2005
thank you for all you gave the work with your charm & wit. you be muchly missed on earth but the angels will enjoy your presents
October 05, 2005
Ahhh.. Nipsey Russell brought smiles and laughter to me many a time. This is for you:
Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
Nipsey Russell
Heaven will Welcome YOU!
October 05, 2005
It is a sad passing, for Mr. Russell was a true gentleman and great personality the whole country grew to love. His witty and funny humor is sorely missed,and will be Forever cherished in my Heart
October 05, 2005
Thank you for the many laughs you gave us.
October 05, 2005
October 05, 2005
A comedic legend has left this side of the mountain, to go to the other side. Having touched numerous lives, may his legacy live on in others. With deepest sympathy to Mr. Russell's family, we pray that God will give you strength to endure your loss.
October 05, 2005
My deepest sympathy to the family and friends of Nipsey Russell. Nipsey you were the best, I always enjoyed your sense of humor. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
October 05, 2005
My husband and I are native Atlantans and are old enough to remember Nipsey Russell in his heydey. Our children have grown up knowing his name as one of Atlanta's famous. He will be missed for his smile and wit. Rest in Peace.
October 05, 2005
Condolences to all the family, he was a wonderful insperation for every housewhole.
October 05, 2005
To the family of Nipsey Russell:
My heart goes out to you all during your time of bereavement. Mr. Russell was a funny comedian and a well defined actor. I used to watch "laugh-in" (re-runs)as a small child and enjoyed hearing his voice, he really knew how to deliver a punch-line. He has paved the way for many african american comedians today who are not afraid of being clean cut and funny. I recently went to New York City and visited Madam Tussau's Wax Museum. I took a picture with the life-size figure of Mr. Russell because he was a positive role model in my life growing-up. His smile and sense of humor will be truly missed.
October 05, 2005
To the family of Nipsey Russell:
My heart goes out to you all during your time of bereavement. Mr. Russell was a funny comedian and a well defined actor. I used to watch "lauch-in" (re-runs)as a small child and enjoyed hearing his voice, he really knew how to deliver a punch-line. He has paved the way for many african american comedians today who are not afraid of being clean cut and funny. His smile and sense of humor will be truly missed.
October 05, 2005
To the family of Nipsey Russell:
Though I never knew Mr. Russell personally, as a fan I truly enjoyed all that he brought to the entertainment industry. Mr. Russell was also a trail blazer for many African Americans who desired a career in the entertainment field. His smile, his humor, and his love for making people laugh will be sorely missed but forever burned in the mines and hearts of those who knew him personally or from a far. May God Bless you and your family as you go through this great loss.
October 05, 2005
Nipsey... I was There when you filmed the wiz, was just a child playing with Michael Jackson as you made us laugh........laugh as you had problems with your costume.....I remember it like it was never even knew.... but we even shared the same job.......I've also worked at the Varsity in downtown Atlanta, but at different times......I just hope and pray that i have a long and beautiful career as you have.......the world is a better place because you've exist.
October 05, 2005
nipsey was one or the greatest actors of all time he will be truly missed.
October 05, 2005
Nipsey will surely be missed with the most widest and brightest smile on TV during his appearances. He had a poem for every event and every encounter. The laughs he received were worth all he had to overcome. Nipsey rest your head now, sleep in peace. You were a wonder, one that will never cease.
October 05, 2005
Nipsey Russell what can one say....
Your charm will never cease.....
Your sufferings done...Heaven awaits....
You now can rest in peace.....

I will never forget all the times Nipsey amazed me with his poems...everytime I saw him on a game show or anywhere, I knew I was in for a treat and couldnt wait to hear what poem he had to say...Nipsey you will truely be missed!!!!
October 05, 2005
Mr.Nipsey Russell was a very funny
man every I sat down watch T.V. he
was on it would a good laugh
My he Rest in Peace.
Thank you
October 05, 2005
Nipsey Russell was a funny and talented man.
May God comfort his family in their time of sorrow
October 05, 2005
October 05, 2005
Mr Russel,
Thank you for all the years of clean laughter. You were truly a one of a kind "Class Act", and will be a hard act to follow. We love you and will miss you lots. God Bless you and your family.
October 05, 2005
I offer my condolences to Mr. Russell's family. What an outstanding performer,he showed his comedic side with elegance and grace. His wit and charming smile will be with us always. I was always in awe and always proud of the projects he chose to be a part of. God gave us Mr. Russell for just a while. Can you imagine the jokes and laughter that's going on in heaven? The sun is shining today...God and Nipsey is smiling down on us!
October 04, 2005
May God bless and keep the family.
Heaven is singing! Nipsey will be missed by many.
October 04, 2005
Mr. Russell will surely be missed. He always had a big smile. May God be with his family.
October 04, 2005
October 04, 2005
We thank Nipsey for all the smiles over the years. He will be missed by all. May he make smiles in Heaven as he did on Earth
May GOD bless his family.
October 04, 2005

October 04, 2005
Thank you, Nipsey Russell for the many years of your giving yourself to all of us in comedy, and all of your artistic endevors. To the family: I have been where you now are...Put everything in HIS hands and go forward in HIS LOVE.

God bless you. Sincerely,
G. McNeil
October 04, 2005
Nipsey Russell was a great entertainer and will certainly be missed. My thoughts are with his family and friends.
October 04, 2005
I always enjoyed your poems very much. You made us laugh. I was very proud that you were a fellow Georgian.
Rest in Peace.
October 04, 2005
Mr Russell helped pave the road to peace within our nation through his humor and love of fellow man. I have missed him these last years but feel better knowing that he will always be spreading joy forever. Thank you Nipsey.
October 04, 2005
To Nipsey's Family,

Nipsey was histerical on the Match Game. I loved watching him on there. May God be with all of you during this difficult time.

With Sincere Sympathy,
October 04, 2005
To the Russell Family, I offer my deepest sympathy in the passing of Mr. Nipsey Russell. He was a joy to watch. His acts were always clean and classy. I will forever remember his happy cheerful demeanor. God bless you.
October 04, 2005
Thank you for all the laughter. You will be missed.
October 04, 2005
Gone, but not forgotten. The clean and wholesome laughter that he brought will always be remembered in our hearts. I know that there is much laughter in Heaven now with him being there. We love you Mr. Russell (Nipsey), but God loves you best, so you sleep on and take your rest.

To the Russell Family and the many friends and fans.
October 04, 2005
To the Russell Family,
You have my deepest sympathy. As a little girl I saw Nipsey Russell for the first time in the movie THE WIZ, he was truly unforgetable as the tin man... the one with a heart. I share in your loss, and will continue to pray for you.
October 04, 2005
i'm very saddened to learn of mr. russell's passing. i didn't get to see him at the varsity. he had already moved on to the acting field, and he was a very good actor.
our love and sympathies go out to his family and friends. i'm sure he has been highly received in heaven.
God bless this man
October 04, 2005
Nipsey, with ever present smile and whimsical rhyme you changed my perceptions of a world not always kind. I hope the next world smiles on you as britely as you have for this.
October 04, 2005
I remember Nipsey from the Varsity in Alanta. A wonderful guy.
He will be missed.

M.T. Cashin
St. Simons Island, GA 31522
October 04, 2005
I will certainly miss him. I remember him in Wizard of Oz and when he did his stand up on Who's Line Is It Anyway....a long time ago.

He is among the greats that have gone on ahead of him and he will greatly be missed.
October 04, 2005
October 04, 2005
Your gift of laughter andhumor has and is keeping us alive with joy, but today we are humanly sadden to hear of the lost of Nipsey, but glad to hear of Heaven's gain.
October 04, 2005
I was deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Mr. Russell. May God give comfort & strength to the family and to all the fans. He will be truly missed by this world, but I'm sure he is in a far better place.
October 04, 2005
We loved the way you made us laugh. May God welcome your humor home. Our prayers are with your family.
October 04, 2005
My Heartfelt Condolences go to Nipsey Russell's family. Nipsey, you were the consummate comedian - intelligent, clever and very funny. Thanks for the laughs! Rest in Peace.
October 04, 2005
I remember Nipsey from the Varsity, he was the reason we went, and when he left, was the reason we stopped going. His humor was legendary. In this current world of foul mouthed comics that no one can enjoy with their children, Nipsey had humor that spanned the ages and made all of us laugh, and was CLEAN! Thank you for years of laughter and enjoyment.
October 04, 2005
With deepest sympathy to the family of Nipsey Russell. He will be missed by many fans.
October 04, 2005
My heart goes out to the family! I enjoyed him in Wildcats with Goldie
Hawn and most of all his spirit in
life! He will be missed!
October 04, 2005
I will truly miss you Nipsey. You touched my life in many ways. God bless your family and may Heaven smile upon them.
October 04, 2005
October 04, 2005
A quick wit and great comedian's voice has fell silent. Nipsey, we'll miss you. God must've needed a great poet! Heaven is brighter today. Thanks for the laughter.
October 04, 2005
October 04, 2005
Thanks for all the smiles...Rest in peace now and I know you'll make 'em all smile in heaven.
October 04, 2005
God bless the Russell Family and may He give you strength over the years remembering your loved one. I just watched the Wiz a few days ago and it brought back fond memories. Thank you making me laugh, Nipsey.
October 04, 2005
It's a shame that kids today never heard of a talent like Mr. Russell; every time I remember one of his rhyme/jokes, kids these days look at me like I'm talking about Bigfoot (who wasn't real).
October 04, 2005
My generation grew up on Nipsy Russell humor. He was a great actor and comedian. What I remember most about him was his poetic humor. May he forever rest in peace.
October 04, 2005
I was sorrowed by the news of my Russell's death but rejoice in the fact that our saviour allowed him to have a long full life. I thank God for the many wonderful smiles he brought to my face. Just watching him in various TV shows, movies, and game shows was a thrill.
October 04, 2005
May God bless you and keep you in the palm of his hand.You will be missed.
October 04, 2005
I was saddened to hear about Nipsey Russell's passing. I remember him too on all the game shows and what a sweet and wonderful and funny man he was. My thoughts and prayers are with his family. God Bless You Nipsey.
October 04, 2005
I remember when I was a little girl and I use to go to New York City to spend the summers with my Aunt and Uncle. One afternoon, after arriving in NYC, I saw Nipsey Russell..and I was like "there's Nipsey Russel, there's someone famous". He turned and smile and said "you're someone famous yourself little girl". I'll never forget that moment. Thank God for having him share a little humor with us.

My sincerest sympathies to the Russell family.
October 04, 2005
To the Russell Family,
Our deepest sympathy to your family. Mr Russell brought a smile to many a face during his life time. God Bless...
October 04, 2005
October 04, 2005
May he rest in peace - what a wonderful, funny man.
God bless him and his family.
October 04, 2005
the family has our deepest sympathy in the death of your loved one, Nipsey Russell. thanks for the laughs & joys. he will be missed by all. God bless the family.
October 04, 2005
You will be miss you were a great actor.
October 04, 2005
Dear Nipsey Russell,

You are one of the funniest and sophisticated comedians around.

As a child, I enjoyed seeing you on the television show “To Tell the Truth”. You were always comical and a great conversationalists on the panel – and one of the very few African-Americans who was seen in such an upscale and intelligent setting.

Upon reading your biography, I have discovered that you are also a scholar and an officer in the military. Of course, everyone already knew that you are a gentleman!

With fond memories,
October 04, 2005
I enjoyed many hours of TV with Nipsey on countless game shows.His humor was super!

Be at peace with our Lord.
October 04, 2005
Thankyou for making us all laugh, We'll miss You.
October 04, 2005
Rest In Peace
October 04, 2005
I believe Nipsey Russell is a pioneer of peace for all people. I will always remember his big smile at a time when this country was not to kind to black people. Nipsey is a genuine gem and I thank God for his presence. My prayers are with the family, and with great respect you are truly blessed to have him. May the Lord be with you at this time of grief.
October 04, 2005
To the Family of Nipsey Russell: Mr. Russell lived for many years in my home inside my television set. This brutha had a sense of humor that kept me rolling. I was saddened to hear of his passing, and pray that God will comfort you and keep him close to his side. God Bless you, and God Bless Nipsey. Thanks for making me laugh all those years. You will never be forgotten.
October 04, 2005
I have only fond memories of Mr. Russell. As a child, I can remember watching him make my father laugh. Now may they meet above in the heavens. God Speed ***
October 04, 2005
To the Family of Nipsey Russell,
Such a Fine Actor. I remember watching Nipsey Russell on Car 54 back in the 60's. Always a Funny Man. Also with his Great Rhymes on What's My Line. So Saddened to see My Childhood T.V. Actors Going. He Will be Missed Greatly.
Elliott Mednick
October 04, 2005
I actually remember the Varsity days... my dad would take me for hotdogs when i was a little girl... and the "funny man who said rhyming things" was my favorite, if only we could get HIM for our carhop! And I was thrilled in later years to have those memories as Nipsey became more famous. Thank you, Sir, for years of laughter, but perhaps even more, for the little bits of wisdom that you managed to slip in under the chuckles and rhymes. Heaven is blessed to have you Home!
October 04, 2005
We are both sad to hear a great voice has gone on, but comforted with the fact you are in a better place. Thanks for all the laughs.
October 04, 2005
To the Russell Family!

My prayers and sympathy go out to you in this your time of bereavement.

You are a rap pioneer!
Thank you Nipsey for paving the way so long ago.

We will miss you dearly!
October 04, 2005
To the family,
Nipsey was a loan from GOD to the world for many years to give much laughter to our souls. He will always be remembered. I never got to talk to him but I did see him in New York while we both were crossing the street near Grand Central Station. When we all think of him we'll have lots of wonderful memories to cherish.
October 04, 2005
October 04, 2005
I grew up watching Nipsey Russell on television. Nipsey's humor was quick-witted, clever and clean. Nipsey never received the public acclaim he so justly deserved. Well, heaven will receive him with open arms and loud applause.
October 04, 2005
Thanks for all the laughter that you provided for us.Your memories will be treasured forever.
October 04, 2005
Sorry to wake up this morning to find out that Nipsey had past away. I will miss the laughter that you brought to my living room with all your jokes. You might be gone but will always be remember. Love watching (and still do) the old game shows and movies that Nipsey played in. Will greatly miss you. Jo
October 04, 2005
mr nipsey will be missed.i loved him as the tin man on the wiz,and my favorite part was when he sing{{slide some oil on me} we loved to see him dance on that song.he will be missed.R.I.P.
October 04, 2005
May you rest in peace, my Prince of Comedy. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.
October 04, 2005
With the greatist of pleasure, I'm happy 2 be exposed to the talents of the late Great Nipsey Russell. He no longer has 2 suffer from his illness anymore, and im quite happy that he is in a better place!! Im sadden that i didnt have the chance to meet him, But He clearly one of my main inspirations on my career!! I also pride myself in fibbing 2 some of the ladies as being a Nipsey dopelanger and He will be Missed!!
He paid dues and alot of the african american enertainers owe their careers in part 2 alot of the old schoolers, including Mr Nipsey Russel!!!
Thanks--and if u Run into Fred Gwenne BObo Brazil,Jack Gibson, as well as Jackie Robinson, Tell them Hi 4 me!!!
Thanks 4 your inspiration as well as your god givin talent!!
October 04, 2005
Thanks for the wonderful years of laughter. God Bless.

October 04, 2005
Thank you for all the years of laughter.
October 04, 2005
I grew up loving Mr. Nipsey Russell on game shows and most of all "The Wiz"! He was always funny, his jokes were clean and that was very much appreciated. Laughter is a joy, medicine to our souls, and Mr. Russell played a great part of sowing that into the lives of many. God bless his family and comfort them during this time.
October 04, 2005
THANKS for all the LAUGHTER you SHARED through the YEARS
October 04, 2005
Nipsey Russell, rest in peace we will always remember you, thanks for opening doors and leading the way, he was great at making us laugh. Job well done.
October 04, 2005
Thanks for many years of laughter! You will be missed.
October 04, 2005
The entertainment industry has truly lost an outstanding entertainer. I will always remember him as the Tin Man in "The Wiz". He was wonderful!!
October 04, 2005
Heaven will never be the same....My thoughts and prayers to this fine entertainer family.
October 04, 2005
Nothing is harder than losing someone you love. But friends can help the healing. Please know that you have friends who care and know that he will be truly missed. But with time healing will come.
October 04, 2005
Once again the lord has called for another great man to come home.keep em laughing up in Heaven Mr.Russell.We'll never forget about you.
October 04, 2005

laughter you gave us with such ease
say hi to my mom won't you please
keep smiling and rest in peace

thanx for the memories,
barbara jean
October 04, 2005
I remember him best in "The Whiz"...with deepest sympathy.
October 04, 2005
Thank You!!! For years of laughter and being a pacesetter in the early years.. Heaven will truly be blessed!!!!!!
October 04, 2005
One of Atlanta's Icons of Comedy to be greatly missed.
October 04, 2005
I want to offer my deepest sympathy for your pain and not your lost because we all know to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. And the Lord does have his hands full with this one. Such a energitic person always giving us what we want, LAUGHTER!!!

God Bless
October 04, 2005
You gave me years of smiles. Your penchant for clean humor will be missed.
October 04, 2005
I will miss you. Heaven will never be the same. They have a true entertainer. Keep smiling on us from heaven.

Marcy Jackson
October 04, 2005
It saddens me to see another in a great generation of performers move on.Mister Russell and his family have a lot to be proud of.
I thank him for many laughs,and smiles.
October 04, 2005
Nipsey was an Atlanta treasure. I knew he was a legendary carhop at the Varsity, telling jokes for tips, but I never knew he served in WW2. Growing up in Atlanta, I always loved seeing him on game shows like Pyramid, Match Game, To Tell the Truth. You could always count on a hilarious poem at the start of each of his shows! He was an excellent game player, and always nice to contestants. Thanks for all the laughs, Nipsey!
October 04, 2005
I recall seeing the "Wiz" as a child. I loved the tin man. I also recently bought the Wiz on DVD for my son now 6yrs old. He loves it. Especially the tin man. Great entertainers like Nipsey Russell will be remembered forever. May God give strength to the Russell family.
October 04, 2005
You made us laugh,
You made us smile
You made comedy worthwhile....

R.I.P Nipsy!
October 04, 2005
Thanks for the humor, laughs and memories. You were a favorite of mine. So much so, that I named my spaniel dog (Nipsey)in your honor. You won't be forgotten.
October 04, 2005
What a bright and happy person. Your happiest of faces will be missed - Such character and joy Nipsey brought to what ever he was part of. Funny - Brillant - Smiling. You showed us the examples of true comedy....
October 04, 2005
Mr. Nipsey Russell was a great "rhyming" comedian. I loved to see him on the game shows. Another good man will be missed. May peace be with your family in the lost of your beloved love one.
October 04, 2005
My heart goes to the Russell Family.
Nipsey, you are the only person I can think of who can disrupt Heaven. You kept up rolling in the aisles, now the Angels can't do their work. You have them doing cartwheels in the ether.
Thanks for the joy and memories you left us.
October 04, 2005
God Bless You! You've been an instrument through laughter and poetry. You will be missed by all.
Thank You for the memories.
Charles & Nancy Brown
October 04, 2005
I was saddening and also shocked to hear about Mr Nipsey Russell. I grew up watching him and he will be truely missed..But he is in a much better place now.
October 04, 2005
Nipsey was definately loved by many and one of Atlanta's all time Greatest...he will be missed..
October 04, 2005
To Friends and Family of Mr. Russel,
I was saddened to hear the news of Mr. Russel's passing, I send my heart felt condolences. I had the opportunity of meeting Mr. Russel on a airplane flight out of Newark, New Jersey. He was on the same flight as I was, and was sweet enough to come over and say hello to my 3 year old daughter, which he called her little 'Poopie' like her Mom. I also got an autograph from him, he said he would give me an autograph only if he could touch my hair, which at the time was at lease 4 feet long, I said yes. He was a great person from what I know of him. I always watched him on the game shows too.
He will surely be missed, again I send my deepest sympathy to the family.
October 04, 2005
Chicken pot pie, mashed potatoes with rich thick beef gravy, steaned green beans, salad with beets and blue cheese dressing. Medium done t bone steak, sausage and red beans. Fried catfish with tartare sauch. Banana cream pie. Fluffy whipped toppings and ice cream. Doughnuts and coffee with blue damask napkins. fine bone china and warm woolen mittens. Brown paper bags with twist ties and string. Oh..these and Nipsy Russel are a few of my favoirite things.
October 04, 2005
To the family of Nipsey Russell
Sorry to hear about Nipsey.
He was a great comidian.
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