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Lance Cpl. Richard Z. James
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May 28, 2013
Thank You.
May 13, 2012
To the family and friends of Lance Cpl. Richard Z. James:
Always remembering Richard. "Some gave all."
October 04, 2011
I am so sorry for your loss. May LANCE CPL. RICHARD Z. JAMES rest in peace and you find comfort in knowing that he is. My thoughts and prayers are with RICHARD and your family .Richard you are truly an American HERO!!! In remembrance you were on the Nancy Grace show tonight.I Thank You ~~GOD BLESS~
July 14, 2011
Thank you for all of the kind words and messages of honor. We are so thankful for those who honor and remember our fallen heroes! Rick was my brother. He is truly missed. We are sad, but not for him, for we know he is in a much better place! Semper Fi Ricky!
May 13, 2011
To the family and friends of Lance Cpl. Richard Z. James:
Please accept my remembrance of Richard on the anniversary of his passing and know that he will never be forgotten.
July 25, 2010
Rick was my team leader in iraq and i was their when he was killed. I miss and relive that day everyday of my life. Don't let his memory die he was the best man i ever knew.
June 03, 2010
To the family and freinds of Lance Corporal Richard Z. James: I think about James every day I am alive. He was in my squad for the Ramadi Iraq depolyment. The loss of James is still hard to swallow, I can only imagine how you feel. May 13th will stick with me for the rest of mylife. I hope all is well for your family and know that Lance Corporal James was a brave young man that many 0331's looked up to. The memory of James will live forever.

Semper Fi
May 13, 2010
To the family and friends of Lance Cpl. Richard Z. James:
Remembering Richard on the anniversary of his passing. May our fallen heroes never be forgotten!
Peggy Childers
"Don't Let The Memory Of Them Drift Away"
May 13, 2009
To the family of Lance Cpl. Richard Z. James:
Richard gave the ultimate sacrifice and will be held in the hearts of Americans forever. I cannot and will not let our fallen heroes be forgotten. My deepest sympathy to you. "Some gave all."
Peggy Childers
"Don't Let The Memory Of Them Drift Away"
May 03, 2009
You and your family are invited to attend this years Armed Forces Memorial Day Service which will be held at St. George's UMC in Frankford, De we will be dedicating this year our Armed Forces Memorial Day Service to Delawares' young men and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice. It will be held on Saturday, May 23, 2009 at 6:30pm. Lance Cpl. Richard Z James will be amongst the many that we will honor.
April 09, 2009
”Honor and Remember” - “Project Compassion” We love our Soldiers! We love our country and we cannot express enough love and compassion to the families of our fallen heroes. War does not discriminate – It breaks our hearts to see the faces of the fallen. We want to give this gift to you. We are a 501c3 nonprofit organization! Over 1,450 portraits have been completed and shipped to the parents and or spouse - at no cost as this is a gift from one American to another!
Contact us directly at or go to . If you have already had a portrait completed, we pray that you are enjoying the portrait and God Bless You.
May 29, 2008
You are remembered and respected. Thank you Lance Cpl James!
May 17, 2008
May God lift your heart from sorrow as you remember the gift Richard gave to help others gain their freedom!

From the Gold Star Mother of another Delaware "Iraqi Freedom" Hero (KIA Baghdad, Iraq 12/11/05
May 13, 2008
Holding you all in my thoughts and prayers.

The Wind on The Downs

“I like to think of you as brown and tall,
As strong and living as you used to be,
In khaki tunic, Sam Brown belt and all,
And standing there and laughing down at me.
Because they tell me, dear, that you are dead,
Because I can no longer see your face,
You have not died, it is not true, instead
You seek adventure in some other place.
That you are round about me, I believe;
I hear you laughing as you used to do,
Yet loving all the things I think of you;
And knowing you are happy, should I grieve?
You follow and are watchful where I go.”

(Written by Marian Allen during World War l )

Two lines that I wish you to keep near your heart…….

“You seek adventure in some other place.
That you are round about me, I believe”

I did not know Richard, but I am remembering
his service. He is my hero. !

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Other Side

i'm over on the other side
where life and death softly divide.
left my skin and bones behind
now i'm over on the other side.

can you feel me there with you?
my breath is gone but i'm not through.
loved you then and i still do
from over on the other side.

i can fly. really fly.
below the earth ... all through the sky.
tell em all i did not die.
i'm just over on the other side.

it's good here on the other side.
the sweetest songs...the bluest skies.
thank you for the tears you cried
but it's good here on the other side.

i can fly. really fly. below the earth...all through the sky.
tell em all i did not die.
i'm just over on the other side

the world is smaller than a needle's eye.
where life and death softly divide.
when you leave your skin and bones behind
i'll be waiting on the other side.

i can fly. really fly. below the earth ... all through the sky.
go tell em all i did not die.
i'm just over on the other side.

Song lyrics by Don Conoscenti
C Desert Muse/SESAC
(Used with permission)

“I hope it brings great comfort to any and all.
Peace on you. DonCon” 4-2008

Visit this link to hear the song.

The Other Side –


Deb Estep ~ Ohio
Proud Air Force Mom and MIL

Remembering The Fallen – Blog

Please contact me and I will email you back a copy of my
Angel and soldier drawing I have shared here.
March 19, 2008
There is not a day that goes by that i don't think of my Ricky!! He was my best friend i saw him every day of my life til for 18 years til he went off to boot camp! And after almost two years i still yearn to see his face... hear his laugh... and feel his warmth! He was the greatest man i've ever known!!! I love him and am soo proud of him! Thanks for all of the prayers from ppl. all over the world! We appreciate it so much!

To my Ricky,
Not a day goes by that i don't think of you! I miss you with all my heart and love you with all my heart!! I miss all the good times we had but they are forever a treasure held in my heart and memory!! I still miss you a half a billion : )!!! I know you look down on us and protect us! I see it all the time! I love you ... and you will forever be my gaurdian angel! da baby!! haha
your laura!
March 17, 2008
December 14, 2007
Robert R. Mulroy. MSgt, USMC
August 02, 2007
If this person can stand in battle to ensure my freedom, then I will stand in grief with his/her family to honor him/her. For every fallen HERO there is a bright star that shines in the evening sky to remind us of the cherished gift we were given – even if for too short a time.
My heart breaks again as I sign yet another guest book of another courageous young soldier who gave their life so selflessly. I wish I never found myself in a position to have to sign another guest book for the rest of my life, but I promised LE RON A. WILSON (a dear friend KIA 7/6/07, 18yrs old) that neither he nor any like him would be forgotten and so I will continue until the day there is no longer the need.

Althea Barrett(Queens, NY)
July 27, 2007
Thank you for the sacrifice made by Lance Cpl James and the sacrifice made by everyone who loves and misses him! May God bless all of you!!
Aunt of a Lance Cpl deploying soon
June 12, 2007
He will never be forgotten. One of the best Marines we have ever served with. We are glad to have served with such a fine Marine and a better friend. From his brothers in first platoon.
May 12, 2007
Please know how Deeply Sorry I was to learn of the loss of Lance Cpl. Richard Z. James, one year ago.
The price this Brave Young Marine and his family have paid for this country and for freedom, Will Never Be Forgotten.

May Richard rest safely in the Loving Care of God and know that he is a True American Hero that will Never Be Forgotten. May the Grace and Comfort of the Lord continue to be with the James family.
There will Never be Enough Ways to Humbly Thank these Young Heroes for their Sacrifices, my brother among them. Killed in action in Vietnam many years ago.

"Cast thy burden upon the Lord,
and He shall sustain thee."
~ Psalm 55:22 ~

May the Peace of God and your precious memories of Richard, remain in your heart always.
May this give you comfort and strength through the difficult days.
My thoughts and prayers are with you.
January 24, 2007
Mr. and Mrs. James, SSGT Paterson just checking in to see how the family is doing.
January 16, 2007
“Paid in Full”
To Honor The Service of Fallen and Injured Marines

Marines through and through, they paid the price
Six thousand miles away, we live the life
For which they paid with their blood, spirits and bodies
We will never forget what they paid in full

We hope and we pray that somehow their loved ones find comfort
In God, in the flag, in the memory of their loved ones’ bravery
They’re gone now but we see them still…proud, strong, willing
Covering each other’s backs… courageous, moving forward

What kind of love did they have for us to be willing
To give it all for the Black, White, Jew, Christian, Muslim?
We don’t comprehend but we honor you now and forever
You are Our Marines…some living…some not
Forever in our hearts we will cherish your lives

Lives too short yet immortal they’ll be
Highest brotherhood of the Few, the Proud
They stand at attention, and we gaze with awe
Some know their names not, but our admiration for them
Flows limitless within us, between us

They sacrificed their limbs or their lives
Freedom still rings, a soft sound across the miles
It tolls slowly; all of creation takes note
Of the lives that were lost for people unknown

Out of sight but not lost; forever among us
The starched blues marching straight
Toward the place where we will meet them
Many years from now…how we loved them…
Well done beloved Brothers and Sisters…You’ve paid it in full
Always Faithful Marines, You Have Paid it in Full
November 10, 2006
hi my name is danielle my birth day is may 13th and i am 17 years old and i wanted to draw a photo of some one and i did not know that had lost their life fighting for america and i did not know who to draw and richard z james was the first person i saw who had died on my birth day i am so sorry for his familys loss but to show that he is in the hearts of people he never knew and lost his life for i am drawing his face and i hope i can find his family when i finish it cause i would love for them to have it so they can all ways remember that he was and is a hero and if you or any one knows how i can find his family please let me know so i can send it to them thank you
June 19, 2006
To the family of Lance Cpl James
I did not know your brave Marine, but as a mom of 2 Marines, I wanted to extend my heartfelt sympathy.
Take comofrt in your loving memories, and know that America shares in your grief.
My flag flies proudly in his honor.
May 25, 2006
My heartfelt sympathy to the James family in the loss of Richard. I did not know Richard, but my heart is broken and I am saddened for your loss of such a fine young person and hero. May God bring you peace in your heart as you reflect on all the wonderful memories you hold so close. Please know that you are in my heart and prayers. Richard you are a hero and you will never be forgotten.
I send each of you a hug from the most inner part of my heart.
Love and Peace

To live in the hearts
of those you leave behind
is never to die"
~Robert Orr~
May 24, 2006
I am the aunt of Clay Tucker. Richard was his best friend. I am deeply sorry for your lost. I pray every night for all over in Iraq fighting but, today I pray for your family. May God help you thru this painful time. God Bless, Susan Arrington
May 23, 2006
To the Family of Lance Cpl. Richard Z. James:
My heart breaks again as I sign yet another guest book of another courgeous young soldier who gave their life so selflessly. I wish I never found myself in a position to have to sign another guestbook for the rest of my life. We lost a son 12/1/05.
I know first hand there are no words right now that will bring you the comfort and peace you need. Just know that you are not alone. My heart, thoughts, and prayers are with you all as you mourn this loss. We don't know each other, will probably never meet, but will forever be united in the loss of our Heroes. We have, unfortunately joined a group none of us wanted to join, an ever-growing group of families in this situation. May God grant you peace and strength to get through this and be able once again to smile at a memory rather than have only the tears that flow so easily now. To be so proud of your loved one and so saddened at the same time is a mix of emotions very difficult to deal with. I am sorry that I never knew your soldier personally, but none of these courageous men and women will be forgotten. They will never be able to be replaced, but sometime, someday your loving memories will help to sustain you. This courageous soldier will forever now be your Angel watching over you all for the rest of your lives. It's what brings me some measure of peace and comfort and I hope it will you as well. To his family and friends in pain, I offer this comfort. When you find yourself in that dark sorrowful place, think not only of how you will miss him, but instead recall the years, days, hours and minutes gifted to you by his presence. If you ever want to talk, I'm only an e:mail away and would love for you to tell me more about your Hero. God Bless this courageous soldier and family.
Pam Adams (SFC Brent Adams, KIA 12/1/05 Ramadi, Iraq)
(Millersville, PA )
May 22, 2006
We are the family of Clay Tuck a young man serving with Richard at the time of his death. Our son, Brandon, will be running in a race on Memorial day wearing a shirt bearing his name. We would like to send you pictures and the shirt after the race.
May 22, 2006
To the James Family, I am so sorry for your loss of your fine young Marine. Your Richard is a true American Hero. He will always be honored and remembered. May God Bless you all and God Bless Richard.
May 20, 2006
Dear James Family,
Even though we have never met I feel as if we are part of a family. My daughter's fiancee was killed by an IED in Iraq on 10/3/2005. It is my prayer that you will feel God holding you close to his heart just as He has held my family these past 7 months. You all will be in my prayers as you walk through the difficult days ahead.
May 20, 2006
My condolences to the James family.
Richard may you rest in peace. Thank you for making the ultimate sacrifice in the name of freedom. You have earned your golden halo and wings. May you continue to soar in the heavenly clouds up above.
May 20, 2006
I have never met Richard James or his family, but I do know the pain the you are feeling at losing a loved one.
My nephew, Chase Edwards served in the same unit as Richard and was killed in action on May 6, 2006 in Al Anbar providence.

Like Richard, Chase joined the Marines two days after graduation. Chase lived and breathed Marines for two years before that. Chase was so proud that he was a Marine, just like your son was. Chase knew exactly what he was doing and why - so that we Americans can live in freedom!!!
We can only honor your son and the sacrifce he made to be a Marine and pray that God will comfort your family and give you peace.

My sincere condolences go to out to your family and friends.

Anita Zapata
P O Box 1511
Brookshire, TX 77423
May 20, 2006
To the Family of Lance Cpl. James, I wish to extend to you my deepest condolences on the loss of your fine young Marine. Your Richard is a true American Hero. He will always be remembered and honored. May God bless you all and God bless Richard.
May 20, 2006
Rest in peace at your last post in paradise.
May 19, 2006
Jake, Carol, & Family,
We are praying for you and your family at this sad time. We know of your strong faith and that you know that God is carrying you through this time, as He always has.
Thank you for raising such a committed son, who gave his life for others.
Ken & Mikki Madden & Family
May 19, 2006
" No greater love hath any man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friend" John15:13

Semper Fi
USMC 83-87
May 18, 2006
Please accept our condolences for your loss, our prayers that you find peace and comfort in our Lord, and our thanks for the sacrifice that Richard made for our country. I hope that you find comfort in knowing that there are many Marine families keeping you in our thoughts and prayers. Semper Fi.
May 18, 2006
It is with Deepest Sympathy that we sign yet another guest book. We pray that God's love with sustain all of Lance Cpl. James' family and friends. He is our Hero, giving the ultimate gift (his life) fighting for our FREEDOM. May fond memories bring you all PEACE at this most difficult time.
A Marine Mom
May 18, 2006
i am from glasgow,scotland, i have only found this site just now, to the family of richard z.james iwill keep you in my prayers, from alex kerr and family
May 18, 2006
" No greater love hath any man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friend" John 15:13

Semper Fi
USMC 83-87
May 18, 2006

May 18, 2006
Dear James Family,
We never personally knew Richard nor did he know us, however we want to be sure you know how eternally grateful we are for the sacrifice he made for us and our country. He will be thought of and thanked daily in our home as we teach our four young children of the sacrifices all of our military men and women. Please accept our deepest gratitude and know we are eternally grateful for all he did.
This is from an extremely appreciative family in California.
Love in Christ,
The Gil Family
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