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Rodney Dickens
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November 14, 2015
Missing you cousin I love you
September 14, 2015
Continue to smile down on us Rodney!!!!
September 12, 2015
Thinking about you, may God continue to bless your soul
June 25, 2015
Like many others, I am often drawn back to this picture of Rodney, and the questions arise about what kind of man he would have been, what could he have done for this world. The loss of any human life is horrible, but the loss of a young innocent child is the worst kind of loss. Again, I pray for Rodney's friends and family, and I hope they they are comforted and encouraged today. With much love from Texas
June 24, 2015
To the family of Rodney,
Today I was looking at the "Remember 9/11 legacy pages and came upon Rodney's picture. I have children myself and could not begin to know how much pain it would be to lose one. Even though it has been this many years I'm sure the pain is still there. We never forget the ones we loved. How thankful we can be that we have the hope God promises. The patriarch Job asked, "If a man dies, can he live again?" He then answered his own question: "You will call and I will answer you." What a wonderful promise we have of seeing our loved ones again.
May 06, 2015
Ive been meaning to write this for a couple years now but I never knew what to say, so im just going to write whatever comes to me. Every couple of months I check to see if this guestbook has been updated and see that I am not the only person that is hurt by you being gone. I didnt know you but I can just be sitting in class and I start thinking about how you were taken away from your loved ones and I get emotional. You were only five years older than me when you were taken. You probably wouldve graduated from college a couple years ago. You look just like my big brother Jered when he was your age. I will never forget your face and I will never forget reading your mamas words about you being a sweet little boy and how you loved her mac and cheese. If any of Rodney's family ever sees this I know it might not mean much, but know that he will never be forgotten by me. I pray he is having the best time right now and I pray yall see each other again.
February 10, 2015
R.I.P little man I know it's been a long time since 9/11 I know you are resting well. My heart goes out to the family a life lost so young
Rest well Rodney
September 17, 2014
Rodney, You remind me so much of my oldest Son John. I just wanted to say that I love you and even though I didn't know you, I miss you. RIP.
September 12, 2014
Hey roc we still love and miss u every day. Didn't write anything on 9/11 but had a flag flown at pentagon on that day. So rest on lil cuz ur greatly missed!
September 11, 2014
September 11, 2014
September 11, 2014
You are remembered
September 12, 2013
RIP. You are remembered.
September 11, 2013
Every year when I see your picture I'm reminded that one day we'll be with you in heaven and the tears will be no more. May God comfort your family and keep them in the palm of His hand till that time comes.
September 11, 2013
Hey Rodney you are remembered on this day. My prayers and condolences go out to you and your family. Rest easy man.
September 10, 2013
Rodney we love and miss you!! It's been years now and we still think of you every your cuzzin Maurice
August 02, 2013
RIP Rodney.
With love.
August 01, 2013
Rip godbless you and your family even if more then 12 years have passed love from italy.
April 01, 2013
We must all do something special in honor and memory of Rodney and others we lost that day. Live each day as it is your last, because we are never promised another breath. Love to the family.
March 31, 2013
Thank you all for the kind words for the legacy of Rodney. We miss him every day and even more on 9/11. And even tho it's a lot of things that I wish I can say to my lil cuzzin I know he hear my prayers for him and he's looking down on all his fam hearing and seeing all. I will just love to hear from y'all and to get to even know some of u. So I don't mind if u contact me. I just love to see all the people from all these far away places care. Love u guys. Rodney's cuzzin.
March 29, 2013
March 29, 2013
My eyes swelled with tears when I saw your picture; even today. RIP little angel.
September 21, 2012
The tragedy of this day was horrible, and the loss of innocent YOUNG lives was extremely hard to bear and understand. We must trust that God is comforting the friends and family who had such saddening news on that day. We continue to remember and pray for all of the families affected that day. Much love from Texas. Rodney, you will never be forgotten.
September 11, 2012
Prayers are with you Shawn
September 10, 2012
You are remembered today and always, gone much too soon. But you are in Americans hearts and will always be remembered.
September 10, 2012
Dear one, You will never be forgotten. You are mourned by and are in the hearts of every American. You are a reminder to us all that God is our strength, our comfort, and that by him, there is nothing impossible that he can't do. This includes his promise as he stated,"My words will not come back to me without results" and of the days your mother and I will hold our precious little boys in our arms once again. God bless you love
September 12, 2011
I Will always regret not getting to meet you. Our Channel Island trip was postponed to the end of the year and there were many silent moments and prayers for you and your family, and for those who perished with you that aweful day. My heart will never stop aching for your mother.
September 12, 2011
Remembering you always. Dedicated my FB Profile in your memory on 9/11/11. Rest In Peace, Sweet Prince.
September 11, 2011
Always & Forever instilled in my heart and mind....May God bless you...
September 10, 2011
Ten years ago I remember reading about you and your teacher, ten years later I still remember and wonder who you'd be today. Remembering all those lost on that day and praying your mom and brothers and sisters all God's Blessings today and always.
September 09, 2011
hey lil cuzzin its me maurice. i miss u so much lil man but we always make it every sep 11. i talk to ur mom a lot on this day because it still hard for her u know but i keep in touch with her.I see more poeple have signed the book its good to see that. but im kind of tired of see all these shows every sep 11 ur plane going into the pentigon and it make it more harder on the fam.but ill always love u and miss u you cuzzin mo
September 09, 2011
this is so sad
August 22, 2011
You will always be in my heart forever....I know you are truely watching over us because you are a Angel....Never Forgotten...
August 14, 2011
You will never know how much your missed. A real Saint. Forever~
August 01, 2011
July 29, 2011
Forever remembered
March 17, 2011
Always on my mind and forever in my heart! To the Dickens family you're always in my prayers. I'll never forget.
February 28, 2011
Remembering Rodney Dickens and thinking of his family. MIMI.
February 26, 2011
Always thinking of Rodney and his Loved ones.
December 24, 2010
R.I.P. Rodney. watch over your family this christmas..
December 22, 2010
All of my Love thoughts and prayers.
December 21, 2010
December 19, 2010
Always on my mind, FOREVER IN MY HEART
September 15, 2010
Never Forgotten.
September 12, 2010
No bond is as great as that between a parent and child. Our deepest condolences are with you as you grieve.
September 11, 2010
Rest in peace and may God continue to comfort your family.
August 31, 2010
To angel Rodney and family. I'll never forget talking to your aunt Cynthia after this happened. To the entire family, your mom LaShawn and sisters and brothers who I know miss your dearly. Not a day goes by that I don't think about this. I have always said from the first day I wrote on this site, are always on my mind and FOREVER IN MY HEART!! To LaShawn, you are a strong woman and may God continue to be with you. Cynthia thank you for sharing your memories with me. I love you all.
August 16, 2010
I pray that your family has been comforted over these years without you. Its such a shame as to what happened to you. God Bless Rodney and his family!!
July 04, 2010
I never met you but since I first saw your face, after the tragic events of 9/11, I have not been able to forget you. Rest in peace Rodney. You will never be forgotten and you are loved by many.
April 18, 2010
I cannot imagine the absolute pain your family has and still is going through. May Rodney be in God's care, and may God grant you some peace and solace knowing that others, even though they have never met you, care and pray for you daily. God bless you and Rodney's soul!
December 02, 2009
As we come upon another Christmas season please know that others are thinking of you all. Sending you prayers for a peaceful holiday filled with many happy memories.

Although I never knew Rodney I won`t ever forget him.

Melodie Pooler
December 01, 2009
8 years have passed since you were taken from this earth. It is a shame that you were taken so soon. You had your whole life ahead of you- you would be a 19 year old man just starting out in this world. I don't know you but I am so sad for you and your family that you are gone. You are remembered Rodney.....forever!!
September 11, 2009
Rest in peace little man. There has to be a reason you were taken so young the way you were, and I have alot of questions for the man upstairs when my time comes to meet him. You will always be remembered sweet little angel. Love, a mom w/a wound in her heart for another mother
September 11, 2009
This precious child has not been forgotten. May he be in the Lord's hands, and may his family have found peace.
September 11, 2009
also as a kid i'm very sorry about your son may forever rest his soul
September 11, 2009
To the family of Rodney Dickens our prayers are forever with you. LaShawn you may not remember me, but at the time your son was enrolling in our Adopt-A-School Program at Ketcham Elementary. Your daughter was presented a memorial plaque during graduation ceremony. If there's anything I can do, PLEASE contact the school and gather my contact info. Lenny H.
September 11, 2009
Rest peacefully with our Lord and know that we remember you even though we never met you. You touch our lives. God bless your family dear angle in heaven...
September 11, 2009
Rodney, although we never met I think about you every year on this date. Your sweet face is forever etched in my memory and it makes me sad to think that such a wonderfully promising young life was lost. You are forever in my heart.
September 10, 2009
I have not forgotten Rodneys face since I first saw it in the paper 8 years ago. Among all the tragic victims it reached out to me, a Mom of a son- how precious he is! I rejoice in the 6/11/09 posting that he knows the Lord- I know he is in glory and Ill meet him one day with a big hug! To his family our heart is with you and we will never forget Rodney!
September 08, 2009
Rodney, You'ld be 19 yrs old & chasing girls now. You deserved a longer life, but we remember... and will never forget you. Rest in Peace. I lost some friends in a tragic accident when I was young, I hope they are now watching out for you.
September 08, 2009
Whatsup Rodney. Im having a project about you at my school. Rest in peace man.
July 15, 2009
I never knew that their were young people on this flight. As a teacher it breaks my heart even 8 years later, God Bless.
June 11, 2009
These are your words aloud:

Abba Father, I ask in the name of Jesus to cover my thoughts while I sleep. I ask also for Your wisdom and understanding in everything I am to do while growing up and lastly, feed me daily your promised Word thanking the Holy Spirit always in Jesus name I pray amen.

Garland, Texas
June 06, 2009
sweet sweet darling child, may God bless your family and peace be sent from God. What an angel to have in heaven.
May 25, 2009
On this Memorial Day of 2009, I am remembering Rodney Dickens!!!
April 02, 2009
My thoughts are with Rodney and all of his loved ones.
March 21, 2009
Always on my mind and FOREVER IN MY HEART!!!
February 07, 2009
this ur cuzzin tykia dickens i luv u and miss u so much
January 28, 2009
wuz up roc.i miss u a whole lot still.and i hope u and pop are haveing a lot of fun up there.because im missing u b good and i love u.ur cuz maurice.
December 22, 2008
Please know my thoughts and prayers are with each family member of Rodney`s all year, but especially during the holiday season.
May knowing that people throughout the world have not forgotten your precious child brings some sense of peace to each of you.
May God bless you this Christmas and throughout the New Year.
December 20, 2008
As the holiday season comes upon us, know that we as a people have not forgotten the victims of 911 and their families. May the holiday season somehow bring you joy and peace.
God bless.
December 19, 2008
Dearest Lashawn,
You, Rodney and all of your loved ones have been in my thoughts and prayers since the first day your son was named publicly. All of you will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers every day of my life. Forever in my heart.
Love and Respect,
December 18, 2008
Words can not express my deep sorrow, as I sit at my desk working, I just can not imagine what you went through and going through. My son at the time was also in Elementary and I can not even breathe when I read about the Children of 9/11 I know that God himself came down from Heaven to Hold each and every child. Please Keep your child smile and laughter in your heart and God will heal your HURT. I CAN NOT HOLD BACK MY TEARS........
December 10, 2008
It makes me so sad to see such a young face among the victims.
I am so sorry you had to be there during that awful crime, that was commited against humanity.

All my love x
November 18, 2008
Such a handsome young man. His eyes are so full of everything good. I am sure our Heavenly Father has a special job for him. Otherwise, He would not have taken him.
September 13, 2008
roc this is ur cuz again.just sitting here thinking of u.i will be opening a web site for u soon just to add to ur legacy.i would like to thank all of u for the messages that u have left.we love all of u too.and tykia i got the email baby just give ur cuz a call if u need any thing.its been 7yrs and i still cant forget u.i love u &miss u.roc angels forever.
September 13, 2008
My prayers are with you and your family.
September 12, 2008
It's rainin' but there ain't a cloud in the sky
Musta been a tear from your eye
Everything'll be okay
Funny thought I felt a sweet summer breeze
Musta been you sighin' so deep
Don't worry we're gonna find a way

Remembering what we cannot forget:
September 11, 2001
September 12, 2008
Thinking of you today and always
September 12, 2008
Hi Shawn

Stll praying for you and family. Hope you are doing well. I have lost contact with you so email me.
September 11, 2008
Very dearest Rodney,
You are an Angel never to be forgotten.

So much Love and Respect to you,
September 11, 2008
I was looking through the list of names, and I came across this sweet face. I did not know you Rodney, but I love you just the same. God keep you.
September 11, 2008
Dear Shawn,
I'm not sure if you remember me, but I want you to know I have never forgotten Rodney or you and your family.
I saw the dedication of the memorial at the Pentagon. I wish I had been able to see Rodney's bench. When you visit there, say hi to your little angel for me.
September 11, 2008
On this day seven years later,we are still feeling the affects of that horrible day. I hope Rodney's family has found comfort and peace with God.
September 11, 2008
To the family of Rodney Dickens:
Rodney gave the ultimate sacrifice at such a young age. He will be held in the hearts of Americans forever. My deepest sympathy to you. We must never forget!
Peggy Childers
"Don't Let The Memory Of Them Drift Away"
September 11, 2008
September 11, 2008
Rodney, you were one of God's babies and definitely you are with him now. He loves you and all of us and you are so innocent to this tragedy. God bless you and your family and may you rest in peace.
September 11, 2008
this is your cuzo Tre I will miss you i think about you everyday
September 10, 2008
I am a middle school teacher who lost a cousin on 9-11. I come to this site around this time of year as many of us do....I just happened to find your page, Rodney. What a precious boy...and what a horrible, horrible tragedy. I am sending thoughts and prayers to you and your family on this very somber 7th anniversary. May God Bless You.
September 09, 2008
You touched many people in your life. Your loving family, close friends and you would always help somebody if they needed it. However God needed his little angel back, so you had to leave. God bless you and your family.
August 06, 2008
The sky is brighter with such a splendid soul as yours. It shows in your eyes.
My love to the family.
July 11, 2008
u are such a precious soul , may you watch over your family and keep them safe, and until you see them again may they always have happy memories that they share of you to always keep your memory alive..
July 10, 2008
I have thought of Rodney and his family countless times since I heard their story, and expect that I will probably always think of them, for the rest of my life. May your burden be lessened by those of us who share it with you, and pray for you and Rodney always.
July 10, 2008
Ciao Rodney. I love you.
July 03, 2008
Rodney, I can't cease to cry. I have no words to say except - I love you - I wish to say my heart is for you and your family. Childs are angels and you're one of them.
June 17, 2008
June 15, 2008
Rodney, you are thought of often and we know you are an angel now. I am so sorry for the senseless horror you went through on Sept. 11, 2001. I will never forget. rest in peace honey.
June 13, 2008
God Bless You. I have a nephew who is very close to your age and I am teary-eyed by the senseless acts of 9/11 and the many lives it affected. Those acts will never be understood. But I want you to know that your picture touched my heart. I know that God keeps you, little guy. You are not forgotten and you are loved.
May 29, 2008
Te envio un beso muy grande pequeño angel.
Cuida de tu familia y me gustaria enviarles mucha fuerza.
Tu foto inspira tanta tanta ternura, que me hubiera encantado conocerte pequeñin.
April 28, 2008
I was just reading an article about a soldier from my state whose body was just found in Iraq, and the site about the soldier connected me to the memorial site for the 9/11/ victims. I had already viewed Rodney's picture many times since 9/11/01, but have never left him a message. Rodney reminds me a lot of my little boy, Logan. Logan turned 11 years old this year- the same age as Rodney was, and I just wanted to say hello to Rodney's family and to let them know that they are still- and forever will be- in my thoughts and prayers. I hope you are doing well- I can't imagine losing one of my children, but I hope that you are staying strong. Rodney- I hope that you are being looked after by the angels until the time when your Mommy and Daddy come to be with you. I know how much you must have been loved, and I'm sure you are still missed every day by your family, sweetie. Love to your family and to you, dear Rodney. We miss you, and are still thinking of you, sweet boy.
April 22, 2008
Rodney,still thinking of and missing u lil u always.and thank u to all of u that sign this guest book.I love u all too.P.S. I love u too tykia, your big cuz Maurice.R.
April 19, 2008
To the family of angel Rodney. I will never forget. Rodney you are always on my mind and FOREVER IN MY HEART!!!
March 28, 2008
miss u cuzzo forever
March 18, 2008
When I think of 9/11, I remember Rodney and think of how much his family, friends, and classmates miss him.
March 12, 2008
Rest in peace. God Bless this boy.
January 26, 2008
Rodney I miss u so much man.I Remember when u and me used to sit and watch wrestling all the time.those were good times.I am always thinking and missing u always your big cuz maurice
January 05, 2008
It's rainin' but there ain't a cloud in the sky
Musta been a tear from your eye
Everything'll be okay
Funny thought I felt a sweet summer breeze
Musta been you sighin' so deep
Don't worry we're gonna find a way

Inner City Sports Little League
Brooklyn, NY
December 26, 2007
Always on my mind and FOREVER IN MY HEART!!!
December 03, 2007
Good Night god bless. Little angle
December 01, 2007
During this Christmas season I am especially remembering Rodney and each of you who love him dearly. I will never forget your great loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you today and always. With love and compassion.
November 29, 2007
Be Still

Be still like the grass on a melancholy summer day
Be still like desert shrub.

Be calm and you will hear your loved one speak, in the stillness, in the calm, their love resounds.

If you are still this promise I make, you will hear the voice of your loved one helping you along your way.

November 15, 2007
Rodney,your alway's in my hart.

November 11, 2007
No bond is as great as that between a parent and child. My deepest condolences are with you as you grieve.
September 28, 2007
To the family I am so sorry for your lost. Words cannot express how terrible I feel. A beautiful boy whose life was cut so short.
September 19, 2007
Greet.I do not know you Ale I will say Ci one.When I zobaczylem your the photos of tear flew me nonstop.I do not know what ..I do not know how I have To to express what now it feels.... you were recorded in my memory
September 16, 2007
My daughter had to do a paper on remembering 9/11 this past week. I helped her look some things up and we came across this site. I had never seen the faces of all the innocent victims that were killed on that terrible day, but as I scanned through all the photos, Rodney's picture captured my divine attention. I began to cry and cry. Thoughts that this handsom fella's life was cut so short by cowards overwhelmed me, my heart has been so heavy for this little boy and his family. I just hope that the comfort in knowing he is in heaven will help ease the pain of his family. I didn't know this precious fella and my heart is in so much pain, God only knows what his family must be feeling. I am so sorry for your loss. May God bless you and comfort your hurting hearts.
September 12, 2007
This poor boy who could have had a future, destroyed by ignorant people......
September 12, 2007
Especially at this time of year I remember Rodney and the profound loss his family and friends experienced. I will never forget. May God`s love and goodness follow all those who knew and loved Rodney each and every day.
September 12, 2007
Mayy God Hold the Dickens family with such comfort. Rodney is being taken care of know and I pray for the the family and keep your head up. He's a beautiful bright young boy.
September 11, 2007
I am a teacher and even though it has been 6 years since it happens, anytime I see or hear about a student who has a bright future abruptly end, it devastates me. Rodney seemed to be one who loved life and loved being a kid. I hope I get to meet him in heaven when my time comes.
September 11, 2007
Its hard to believe its been 6 years.We hope you are fine and having fun up there, just look down upon us and keep us safe... god bless you Rodney..
September 11, 2007
Hey LaShawn,
Im keeping you and your family in my prayers everyday, i hope all is well and i know that rodney and my dad are up above just laughing and playing ball with each other. Keep in touch with me if youd like to. Love Jalin Debeuneure
September 11, 2007
Hi handsome! We have not forgotten.
September 11, 2007
Rodney, in the past six years I've not forgotten your sweet face. Not once. Please know that you were loved by many, even those of us who did not know you personally.
September 11, 2007
There has never been a day gone by that this young man has not crossed my mind. He reminds me so much of my son who is the same age and my heart felt prayes always go out to his mother and siblings. God is a good God and He never makes any mistakes no matter what happens. Hold your heads up high and God will continue to work things out.
September 11, 2007
God bless you little one, I will teach my children, that heros come in all ages.

Sweet Dreams...
September 11, 2007
May God continue to bless you (even in Heaven) and also your family and the families of all the victims of 9/11..
September 11, 2007
God Bless you sweet child
September 11, 2007
It is so sad when somebody dies but to hear of somebody who had there whole life ahead of them crushes my soul I hope he guards his family from heaven that sweet little boy
September 10, 2007
It's been 6 years, but we will never forget what you went through on that day, Rodney. Rest in peace little man. We will never forget.
September 10, 2007
Much Love
Elitania Martinez
September 09, 2007
In memory..
August 31, 2007
miss u lil u always thinking of big sister
August 05, 2007
Rodney,It saddens Me That You Never Saw Your Life Ahead Of You-And To End A Precious Life at 11-Makes Me feel So Bad For The Loved Ones Who Misses You For The Last 5 Years...May The Arms Of God Embrace Your Soul-Buddy!
August 03, 2007
Always on my mind and forever in my heart!!
July 28, 2007
Dear LaShawn Dickens,
Your son is forever in my heart.
Thank-you for raising a gift to us.

I have so much respect for you.

All of my love to you,
Paula Hatin-St.Amour
July 06, 2007
In memory....
June 28, 2007
God bless you, sweetie.
June 12, 2007
Six years later, and it still breaks my heart knowing your gone. But I know ur with Jesus and we'll meet in heaven..Until then ill keep you in my prayers.. Rest in peace Rodney ..
June 09, 2007
Always on my mind and FOREVER IN MY HEART!!
May 22, 2007
to the loving family of rodney, My heart goes out to you all.
i am really sorry for your loss of a loving little boy.
you are always in my thoughts.
April 28, 2007
No bond is as great as that between a parent and child. My deepest condolences are with you as you grieve.
April 24, 2007
TO your family Jesus wants you
all to stay strong help each other
at all time in the name of Jesus Christ
April 22, 2007
April 10, 2007
You are always on my mind and FOREVER IN MY HEART!!!!
March 15, 2007
March 15, 2007
your always in my heart, thoughts and prayers
March 13, 2007
May God continue to Bless the Dickens family. To Shawn may God continue to bless you and in our prayers. Trying to get in touch with you lost contact. E-mail me. The Barnes Family
February 21, 2007
This child captured my heart from the first time I viewed his picture years ago. His beautiful spirit dances deeply from his eyes. You have my condolences and I pray: May God bless you and keep you; may His face shine upon you and be gracious unto you. I know Rodney is in His presence.
February 20, 2007
February 12, 2007
February 05, 2007
May You Rest In Peace and God Bless You and Your Famliy
January 21, 2007
Always on my mind and FOREVER IN MY HEART!!!
December 27, 2006
It will be the little things
that you will remember
the quiet moments, the smiles,
the laughter.
And although it may
seem hard right now,
it will be the memory
of these little things
that help to push away the pain
and bring the smiles back again
December 23, 2006
December 05, 2006
To The Family,
Prayers provide the strength from God that no other power can give. There are many of us who continue to pray for you so I know you have the strength you need because there is nothing like it. Can't you feel the love from all the people here on this site? It is so beautiful and I know Rodney is there with you watching you smile each time you feel the power of love. May this holiday be one filled with continued love to the Dickens family because I am one of many who share that feeling with you. God Bless You All!!!
November 12, 2006
Sweet, sweet innocent baby. The angels must be cradling you in their arms. What a loss to the world. God Bless You Always. Please, send us some help down here on earth...we need it.
November 11, 2006
Be Still

Be still like the grass on a melancholy summer day
Be still like desert shrub.

Be calm and you will hear your loved one speak, in the stillness, in the calm, their love resounds.

If you are still this promise I make, you will hear the voice of your loved one helping you along your way.

October 31, 2006
As I cross-stitched your name on the memorial that I am doing for all of the victims, I prayed for you and your family. Please know that your death was not in vain. We will always remember. God Bless.
October 23, 2006
To LaShawn Dickens,
My prayers are with you and your family each and every day. If you wonder why I visit this site reguarly it is because my son is the same age as Rodney and my mother is a teacher. There is a connection that I have with the teachers and children who are now angels in God's Kingdom. I will visit this site until it no longer exists but I will pray for you and your family until He calls me to His kingdom as well. Keep your head up my sister and be strong for Rodney's sisters and brothers as you always have been. Most of all always remember that you got another sister in Christ that will always be connected to you. Thank you Cynthia for sharing Rodney's memories with me. I'll never forget. Whenver I see wrestling I think of our conversation. God Bless You All and remember, RODNEY YOU ARE ALWAYS ON MY MIND AND FOREVER IN MY HEART!!!
October 20, 2006
Dear Sweet Angel Rodney,

I am sure that you will be waiting to greet your family some day with open arms and loads of kisses.

I can see my own son in your eyes when he was that age, and it hurts my heart to think of your family's loss.

May God Bless You Sweet Angel!
September 28, 2006
September 20, 2006
How Sad To See A Beautiful Child
As This To Leave The World So Soon!!!
Jesus will give you The Strength To Make One Minute Of One Day A Little Bit Better,I Am Praying That You Have Strong Friends That Will Keep You Feeling Loved,Special And Supported As You Try To Continue On Each Day With Jesus Holding Your Hand Tightly!!!
~Jesus Loves You And So Do I~
Lynda R.Leavy
September 16, 2006
What a beautiful boy -- sweet innoncent eyes and clearly well-loved. May God give your precious soul eternal peace, young angel.
September 14, 2006
Rodney, I have seen you so many times before. I look at your picture and I ask why? God has you now and I can only hope you rest in peace. I hope to one day meet you! God bless!
September 12, 2006
I have viewed many pictures of the victims of this most horrendous act. But, this little boy for some reason makes my heart ache and brings me to tears. To Rodney's family....may you find peace in knowing that your son has touched so many who never even knew him. He is truly special.
September 12, 2006
I am a middle school teacher and the death of Rodney and his fellow students has had a deeply profound effect on me. I want you to know that from the moment I learned of Rodney`s story and the story of the other children and their teachers a very personal place has been carved out in my heart and the love and sadness I feel for them and their families is as deep today as it was five years ago. May you find comfort in knowing that there are many people across our country that feel for you and are deeply sorry for your loss.And please know, I will NEVER forget. May you find comfort in knowing others cared then and still care today. God Bless you.
Mel Pooler
Manhattan, Ks.
September 11, 2006
My prayers are with the family of this child and God Bless.
September 11, 2006
may you rest in peace in gods hands and look down upon us with a smile...god bless you rodney
September 11, 2006
As the mother of 3 boys, to see the innocent faces of children who were so needlessly taken from the world that day, the pain is unfathomable. I pray for Rodney's family and all of the families who lost loved ones...that they have the strength to keep the spirit of their loved ones alive through their every day lives. Live as Rodney would have wanted to live...fulfill dreams for him. An angel got his wings that day, but oh, how he is missed. God bless.
September 11, 2006
Precoius child taken from this his family...may God grant you some sense of peace in this life until you are reunited with your son again.
September 11, 2006
for the last 5 years i always come back to this pictures. My heart hurts so much everytime i see him. I pray for his family. He is with gad now and watching over his family and friends. Thank to his parents for sharing him with us all. Good bless him forever.
September 11, 2006
To the family of Rodney Dickens,today must be awful for you and extremely sad. Rodney would have been 16 this year, I have a son who was 16 in June this year, a time of excitement, a real milestone, he sat his exams in the summer and has left school. Sorry you never got to experience that with your beautiful boy. My thoughts are with you.
September 11, 2006
Oh what a precious child you are to your parents. My prayer is that your parents have the peace of Jesus in their hearts and I pray that you are resting in the bosom of Abraham.
September 11, 2006
My thoughts and prayers are with you,your little angel is now playing up in heaven
September 11, 2006
to the Dickens;
sometimes situations happen and these tragedies destroy you. i know that once you loose the person you love its like you die with them. its very hard and hurtfull. on this sad day i wanna give my deepest symphaty to your family.
September 11, 2006
To the family of Rodney Dickens,
Just wanted to let you know that you all are in our thoughts and prayers. I know that it's hard for you everyday not just on Sept. 11. Always keep God first. Love always a friend of the family in (White Oak) as we called it.
September 11, 2006
Rest in peace precious child.
September 11, 2006
I am very saddend by Rodneys death. I dont know him but I have four sons and can't emagine what you are going through. When I seen his beutiful face my heart ached, a innocent child having to leave the world in such tradgedy. Rodney is always going to be in my thoughts.He is a angel looking down. He will be very missed and never forgotten.
September 11, 2006
I am sooo sorry for your loss, but please know that his memory will live on through you. I will continue to keep you in my prayers and thoughts
September 10, 2006
I know that five years later your grief and sadness are still there. I just wanted to say I hope you someday can find peace and comfort knowing Rodney will never be forgotten.
September 10, 2006
May God be with your family at this time. A life cut short by terrible circumstances. We will not forget you and your sacrifice to America.
September 10, 2006
I am sure that you have suffered much Rodney, I am also sure that you didn't deserve your fate. I think that you deserved better than what you got, I don't think that anyone should have died on those planes, none of them desreved it. I just hope that you realize that
September 09, 2006
Rodney I'm sure you demonstrated great bravery. You have the face of an angel. You are missed
August 31, 2006
You are a brave little boy. If I were you, I don't know what I would do. I'm sure you did not know what to do either, but you will always be remembered.Im sorry what your little mind was think when all that was happing.... forever young
August 28, 2006
August 23, 2006
To the family of Rodney Dickens,
Looking at that face just breaks my heart and brings tears to my eyes. He is now playing in heaven with his two classmates and watching over you.

May God bless you...
August 22, 2006
Look at that beautiful face. I didn't know him but I will keep him in my heart and mind forever. Your family is in my prayers. God bless
August 15, 2006
Dear Dickens Family, My name is Chief Warrant Officer Rob Wallace, you may remember me as Staff Sergeant Wallace, US Marines Corps. I was the escort for your family at the memorial service in DC. I want you to know that I think of you all often as well as Rodney. I have told my kids of what I can remeber about that day and also told them about Rodney. Although I did not get a chance to meet him, I got to know him through you all and that had profound impact on my life as a father. You were all such wonderful people. We have your entire family in our prayers often. I would love to keep in touch if possible. All my love, Rob Wallace.
August 11, 2006
im so sorry to hear about the loss of rodney. i was also 11 years old the time that he died. i wish i could have known him. me and him would have been great friends. may u rest in peace and i love you.
August 11, 2006
August 02, 2006
Always on my mind and FOREVER IN MY HEART. To LaShawn, Cynthia, Rodney's sisters and brothers, friends, family and everyone close to Rodney, you are always in my prayers.
July 14, 2006
Dear young boy,
I can't bear to think of the terror you felt in those final moments, but since this horrible tragedy, you kept being 11 forever. Now you're dancing in Heaven with your 2 friends Asia and Bernard, aren't you ? Just rest in peace, play your childish games together and sing your eternal songs !
We all remember you
June 01, 2006
To Angel Rodney,
You are always on my mind, and FOREVER IN MY HEART!!!!!
April 11, 2006
God Bless you and your family Rodney. You remind me so much of my son and I pray that your family will continue to receive strength through the prayers of the people of the world.
April 08, 2006
Just thinking about you again little man, as I often do. You touched the hearts of all of us. God Bless you and your family.
April 05, 2006
Rest in peace young child as now you can play all day long in heaven with angels.
March 16, 2006
Always on my mind and forever in my heart!!
February 01, 2006
Time doesn't change a thing, my feelings are still the same. Rodney you are always on my mind and forever in my heart. God Bless The Dickens Family.
January 17, 2006
As I look at your picture, I want to just hold and comfort you. You look like such a sweet boy. You are in a much better place now, but are greatly missed on this earth by family, friends and the ones to come across your tribute. You are in my heart, my prayers and my thoughts.
January 12, 2006
may god bless your family
December 09, 2005
Rodney i hope that you are resting in peace along with the others that were killed with you. Please look over your family and others walking this earth. i give my heart out to you and your family .
November 28, 2005
You are always on my mind, and forever in my heart!!!
October 06, 2005
Always on my mind and forever in my heart!!!
September 11, 2005
With love and hope always. Such a dear a child who lives in a far better place now that we all hope to venture towards when our time comes. Gods love with you and your family always!
September 11, 2005
What a beautiful child you are Rodney. Heaven is much sweeter with you there but you are missed so much here on Earth. Looking forward to seeing you in Heaven one day.
September 11, 2005
You were only a year younger than my son when you were so horribly taken from your family. Remembering you today and all the others that died four years ago. You will not be forgotten, God Bless.
September 10, 2005
I may not have known you, but as i look through the pages of all the lives that were lost 9/11 my heart sinks, but tears were brought to my eyes when i came to your photo. Such a fragile life taken from us.
My heart goes out to you and your family. May god be with you always.
September 05, 2005
Always on my mind and forever in my heart!
August 26, 2005
Always on my mind and FOREVER IN MY HEART!!!
August 13, 2005
July 20, 2005
You were such a beautiful child and had to go so soon. may god rest your soul.
July 16, 2005
You are always on my mind and FOREVER IN MY HEART!!!
July 09, 2005
My heart prays for you and your familey.
June 02, 2005
To The Family of Rodney,
May Rodney's memories be the light that guides you during times of sadness. You are always in my prayers. God Bless You.
May 11, 2005
You are always on my mind, and FOREVER IN MY HEART!!!
April 21, 2005
Rodney and family,

Rodney is still in our hearts and his beautiful face in our memories. May his loved ones continue to find peace in knowing that god has chosen their son to reach from heaven and touch the souls of complete strangers thousands of miles away.

The Hall Family
April 13, 2005
Dear Rodney,
You are truly loved. Time does not take that love away, it has made it much much stronger!! To Cynthia, LaShawn and the brothers and sisters of Rodney and your entire family. Not one day goes by that I don't think about you and pray that God gives you strength when you need it. Rodney, you are always on my mind and FOREVER IN MY HEART!!
April 05, 2005
To Rodney's family,
Please know that you are always in my prayers.Your families sacrifice will never be forgotten.Praise God ,Rodney is in a place of perfection,where there is no pain ,suffering,or terrorists.Try to remember the joy He brought you.and the gift He is to you.He remains in the heart of many(including me)who never met him.HE WILL BE WITH YOU ALWAYS IN YOUR LOVE AND MEMORIES.
God Bless you all
February 17, 2005
All the children from our Little League here in Brooklyn, NY dedicate the 2005 season to you. I don't know what else to say, so young and gifted. Remain strong.
February 11, 2005
To Angel Rodney,
You are always on my mind and FOREVER IN MY HEART!!!!!!
February 02, 2005
I just cried again, God bless you.
January 25, 2005
I would like to express my deepest sympathy to Rodney's family. So many lives were lost on September 11th....I still have tears in my eyes when I hear about the lives that were lost....especially the young ones. The world will never know what a contribution he would have been. God bless all who lost loved ones on September the 11th.
January 15, 2005


January 04, 2005
As time passes, the pain remains the same. Words don't seem like enough so I'll let my heart do the talking and I'm sure you hear what it is saying. To the family of this angel, I'll never forget and you are always in my prayers.
December 13, 2004
To The Family of Rodney,
May your memories be the light that guides you through dark times. Rodney, you are always on my mind and forever in my heart!!
December 02, 2004
As a mom of a seven year old beautiful son I cannot imagine the terrible pain and emptiness your family goes through every day. Such a beautiful little angel taken away so quickly.God bless you Rodney my heart hurts for you and your family. May you rest in peace little angel
November 15, 2004
Où es-tu, petit ange, où es-tu?
On aurait bien voulu,
À force d'amour,
t'empêcher de partir,
mais le monde est trop lourd,
petit ange léger,
et n'a pas su te retenir.
Où faut-il te chercher, maintenant ?
Sous les gouttes de rosée?
Sur les ailes du vent?
Qui saura nous le dire?

Là où je suis,
je ne crains rien.
J'ai les yeux pleins d'étoiles blondes,
j'ai l'âme vaste comme le monde.
Là où je suis,
la joie est sans mélange.
Ne me cherchez pas,
je suis dans chaque chose...
sur les ailes d'un ange,
dans la rosée, dans le vent,
dans le coeur d'une rose,
dans le coeur de mes parents.
Ne me cherchez pas,
je suis partout,
je suis avec vous.
November 11, 2004
Memories are priceless treasures that last forever. Rodney you are always on my mind and forever in my heart!!!
October 30, 2004
To Rodney,
You are always on my mind and FOREVER IN MY HEART!!!! Much love to the family of friends of an angel who is truly missed.
October 17, 2004
Dear family we are very sorry for what happened to this precious little baby we have 5 of our own and to hear of this happening to another child tears our heart. He was a precious little baby and we know he is the loving arms of GOD now so he is in a safe place to you and your family we say stay strong and keep the faith and you will always be in our prayers and to think of all the happiness that this handsome little joy brought to you.


Mr. and Mrs. Washington and Family
Chicago, Illinois
October 07, 2004
What a beautiful child, God has called his little angels to help watch over this unpreditable world, and Little Rodney is one of his army of angels leaders. To the family,don't ask why; for we will never know. Only God. Words can not bring back this little one. But your thoughts of the good time you shared with him will forever be alive. You are in my prayers. God Bless.
September 24, 2004
There are never any words that are strong enough to express the amount of love that the world has for you and the hurt and pain that we all feel for your family. But we should all take comfort in the fact that you are in a much better place. Everyday I witness pain of some kind being felt in different ways by people all over the world. There is so much turmoil on this earth; hurricanes, wars, health epidemics, hunger and the list goes on. But now angel, you will only experience peace where you are. To the family of Rodney, I hope you are able to visit this website and see how many people sincerely care. The length of time that has passed has not changed what we all feel for you. May God Bless You All!!
September 12, 2004
When I was searching through the victims of September 11th, 2001, I came upon the face of your Rodney, and was so taken by him. I felt as if I wanted to reach out and hug him. I cannot imagine your pain.
Please accept my condolences, my
love, my sorrow for you all. If I could, I would climb a thousand mountains to bring Rodney home again. What a beautiful young man!
What an unbelievably horrific loss.
My heart goes out to you. God's blessings.....
September 11, 2004
God bless your soul little man. I know with all my heart that you were a brave little man that terrible day. And showed all the courage you had on that day. Knowing your angel came for you that day and escorting you home to be with God. God bless your soul and the family that was left behind.
And know that you and all of the others that was taken that day will never be forgotten and will always be in every Americans heart. Bless you Raye
September 11, 2004
as a mother i can not imagine the pain a family must feel losing a beautiful child. on this awful day of rememberance i can only hope that rodney's family can find some comfort that he is being thought of by a nation. with a mother's tears i bid you peace and love...
September 11, 2004
Your family should be happy that you are a brave young man.May your soul rest in peace and have god look over you family.
September 11, 2004
To the family and friends of Rodney

I've never thought to do this before but in remembrance of 9/11/01, I was looking at a site on the internet and caught the picture of Rodney. My heart just collapsed again. Such innocence lost. I know this is a large request to ask but look to God to know Rodney is happier than we can ever be here. Keep the love you have for him FOREVER in your heart and soul as those of us who didn't even know him will.
God Bless You All
America Loves You
September 11, 2004
So young, even 3 years on this is heartbreaking. God bless you young man, my thoughts are with you & your family today.
September 09, 2004
I see such heroism in Rodney. The mother of a little boy myself. I feel compelled to carry Rodneys legacy as a hero, and as a great American. So young, yet so bright. My thoughts and prayers will be the family now and the end of day.
God Bless,
Michelle; Fillmore Ca.
September 08, 2004
God Bless you Rodney.

May you be happy in heaven.

Love and Light.
September 03, 2004
To The Family of Rodney,
May God keep and bless you all during times of darkness and may Rodney's charished memories be the light you need to guide you. Rodney, you are ALWAYS ON MY MIND AND FOREVER IN MY HEART!!!!
August 05, 2004
In life there are no guarantees
That we will be pain-free,
But God has better promises
For those with eyes to see.
Our hardship teaches truths
No other teacher can,
And while wisdom grows with character,
The Father holds our hand."
August 04, 2004
To Rodney's Aunt Cynthia,
I thank you so much for sharing your charished memories of Rodney. To Rodney, your eleven years are the equivalent of infinity and beyond, which is the amount of love there is for you and will always be.
July 29, 2004
I would like to send a prayer to Rodney's family. I cried when I saw his picture. His face reminds me so much of my own son. God';s eye is always on the sparrow. I know he watches over you all. Tomorrow is never promised and always keep your hand in God's and your burdens will bear. God Bless you.
July 09, 2004
You are always on my mind and forever in my heart!!
June 17, 2004
It still hurts, no matter how much time has passed. May God be with your family and remember Rodney, you are always on my mind and FOREVER IN MY HEART!!
May 21, 2004
Everytime I look at this sweet face me heart breaks a little. But I know that his parents are consoled by the fact that God blessed them with 11 years with this wonderful boy. I have a son who has the same look in his eyes. My heart and prayers go out to Rodney's family
May 19, 2004
Always on my mind, and FOREVER IN MY HEART!!!
May 16, 2004
Sometimes those of us who still have the breath of life, have to visit web sites like this one, to value how truly precious life really is. Looking at this precious child, makes me seek futher assistance from God to do his will. Not only for my benefit but for my children also!!
April 28, 2004
Dear Family, I stumbled on this website by accident. The first picture I saw was Rodneys. How can you love someone you never knew? His photo captured me. The reason, because he is a child of GOD. Someone who touches through the spirit of God had to be a great person while on earth. Full of Love,Life and Kindness. You all continue to stay srong because he would have wanted you to. I feel although he was only eleven at death, he had genuine qualities not like some his age.
April 09, 2004
Always on my mind, and FOREVER IN MY HEART!!!
March 09, 2004
Dear Rodney,
Because of you I love my fellow man more,
because of you I have more patience,
becase of you I feel the pain of a homeless person,
because of you I feel the pain of a hungry child,
because of you I will love more,
because of you I will give more,
because of you I will do what I can to help the homeless,
because of you I will help the battered children,
because of you I will help the battered mothers,
because of you I will help clothe those who are cold,
Rodney, I have changed so much and it is ALL BECAUSE OF YOU!!!
You are always on my mind and forever in my heart!!!
Rodney, you have made me a better person.

Thank You Angel!!!!
February 26, 2004
It is a very difficult day for me. I cannot laugh the way I used to, I cannot be as happy as I used to be, I cannot feel the way I used to feel, I cannot forget. Rodney you are always on my mind and, FOREVER IN MY HEART. I pray that God will continue to grant your family strength during those days of darkness. Your memory will never be forgotten.
February 13, 2004
Rodney you are,
Always on my mind and FOREVER IN MY HEART!!!!!!!!!!
February 02, 2004
May God Bless this child's soul. He was too young to be taken from his family. But let it be known, he is up with the Lord, and the Lord is taking special care of him. May God continue to Bless America.
From Your Canadian Friend.
January 15, 2004
You Will Always be in our hearts and our prayers...

-And the Power of God Shall Unite Us All-
January 09, 2004
Rodney, you are always on my mind and FOREVER IN MY HEART.
Until the rainbow burns the stars out of the skies,
Until the ocean covers every mountain high,
Until the day is night and night becomes the day,
Until the trees and sea just up and fly away,
Until the day the 8x8x8 is 4,
Until the day that is the day that are no more,
I'll love you ALWAYS, Little Angel!!
January 07, 2004
may god keep you in his care , you are in my prayers
December 24, 2003
This is the hardest time of the year for many of us. Look for the light that shines the brightest to guide you and think of the memories that bring you joy. To the family of Rodney, may God Bless You and Keep You.
December 12, 2003
May God keep you and your Family you are in my thoughts and prayers
December 09, 2003
November 28, 2003
The hardest thing in life is coping with the loss of someone you love. I know because I lost my younger sister less than a year ago. Such innocence lost and so much they had to live for, but life is like that, there are certain things that we cannot control. I am comforted by the fact that even though my sister is not here physically she will always and forever be in my heart no matter what. I can just close my eyes and she will be there. God be with you all.
November 23, 2003
To The Family of Rodney,
Stay strong and let the good memories carry you on!! My heart and prayers are with you all!
November 14, 2003
November 06, 2003
To The Family of Rodney,
Your are always in my prayers. To Angel Rodney, you are always on my mind and FOREVER IN MY HEART!!!
October 05, 2003
Dear Rodney,
Today was a very hard day for me to get through. That was because all I did was think about you. I look at the children playing outside, something like that should make me happy, yet all I could do was cry. It hurts me just as much today as it did then, when? The day God called you Home to Heaven. I pray all the time that your little brothers, your sisters, especially your mom, you aunt, grandmother and everyone else who was special to you; please God, give them the strength they need when they think about Rodney. It's so very hard and time does not seem to ease the pain. So I will continue to pray and ask God to guide those of us who still wonder why this had to be. Your spirit will live on Rodney, especially inside of me. Your are always on my mind and FOREVER IN MY HEART!!!
September 22, 2003
Dear Rodney,
Always on my mind and FOREVER IN MY HEART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
September 21, 2003
My heart goes out to you and your family.I know that as the time goes by it probably gets harder than easier.
I pray that God sustains you and holds you up until the day comes when your beautiful son greets you at the gates of heaven.
God Bless You and your beautiful son!
September 15, 2003
To Rodney's Mother: On this Aniversery I would just like to tell it's not another year without him but another year closer to your being with him again. I will keep you and yours in our prayers and may God continue to bless you and yours always.
September 15, 2003
May God Bless you and your family you are in my prayers.
September 13, 2003
Im not that much older than Rodney. IM a 14 y/o girl who possibly lost my uncle in this attack. Im send my condolences to Rodneys family.. Rodney :You're so adorable and will be missed: you had a life to continue and youre gone so fast, you didnt deserve it.. I LOVE YOU!
September 12, 2003
September 12, 2003
As I sit here 2 years later, it's amazing that every face can still make me cry. To see your innocence lost at such a young age. I pray for your family and loved ones to continue on every day!
September 12, 2003
On this flight so many young lifes were taken. Such innocence taken by a selfish act of power. My heart is saddened by the smile of these young children who will never get another day. Yet they are in heaven, peacefully watching over us. God Bless your beautiful soul.
September 12, 2003
Like many Americans I have touched by the photo of Rodney, such an innocent child, bound for adventure only to meet tragedy. A permanent image of our nation's lost has been etched in my soul as I reflect on his photograph. May peace reign. May his family, classmates, and friends find comfort in the unity and pride that is stirred in Americans each September 11th.
September 11, 2003
September 11, 2003
I wanted to say hey to Rodneys family.My name is Colee Chisum and im from Memphis Tennessee.I wanted to tell u that i read about Rodney and that i wrote about him in an essay.I know that you miss him but he will never be forgotten!
Colee Chisum
September 11, 2003
To Rodney's family: I do not know you all personally but I do say a prayer daily for all those that lost their lives on this tragic day 2 years ago. Remember that God has him safe in his arms and he is with you daily! God Bless!
September 11, 2003
To Rodneys'family, God is most powerful and watches over his angels. Be encouraged that God never
makes a mistake. He choses only his
best to be with him in heaven. My
love and prayers are always with you.
September 11, 2003
To the family of sweet little Rodney Dickens,

We have lost a sweet little angel in this world, but Rodney is an angel in the skys looking down on you and watching over you. May God bless you and your family
September 11, 2003
September 11, 2003
When I saw Rodney's picture,I saw
all the fear and confusion he must've felt.I wish there was something I could've done. I feel horrible. How could this happen? I
keep hoping maybe,just maybe all the children were asleep ,when this terrible thing happened. Rodney, I'm so sorry this happened to all of you. I'll pray for you and your family. Thank you for reminding me to hug and kiss my kids daily.
September 11, 2003
To the friends and family of sweet, handsome Rodney Dickens:

God Blesses you with this dear sweet child JOY and Love he did bring. Do something to honor him and his life it will bring a smile to his and warmth in your heart. Give a little time to a child who needs it or a hungry man on the street or just spend some real time with your family and hold them dear to your heart.
September 11, 2003
well god taken a young man who was just getting to no life but god has you now and i no how it feels to lose people you love ive lost 2 kids and a brother i loved dearly so my heart goes to your family god bless
September 11, 2003
My heart is saddened with grief too great for words when i look upon the young innocent faces of the children, yet my only hope is in the Lord and that the Lord will honor his word when he says "suffer ye the little come unto me and for bid the not for it is to these whom the kingdom of heaven belongs." play well children....and try not to get jello all over those golden streets! God's blessings upon the families.
September 11, 2003
Rodney,no words can explain the pain and emptyness that is being felt because of your loss, your spirit will continue to live within us,and your presence will always be acknowledged because you are truly an angel. As you watch down over us you truly know you are missed but god knows best! Shawn I will continue to pray for you and our family. I Love you always your cousin Theresa
September 11, 2003
As I was looking through at the faces of all of the people who went to heaven on 9/11, Rodney's face really stood out. Im 15 years old and I know my word probably doesn't mean a lot to his family and friends that lost him, but I'll be sure to pray for you and him, and I know he's in heaven watching over you right now. I hope that you all can have peace in your lives and know how many thoughts and prayers are with you and Rodney everyday. Best wishes to you all!
September 11, 2003
You will forever be in my heart. You will not be forgotten. To his parents, I am so sorry. May God give you peace and strength. He is with you.
September 11, 2003's been 2 years since that fateful day that you entered enternal are greatly missed and will forever be in our hearts.
September 11, 2003
What a precious little face. May God bless you, little Rodney. You were taken from this world too soon. May you enjoy heaven little one, I'm sure you were adored and loved by everyone you met.
September 11, 2003
When I first saw Rodney's picture, I thought of how much he reminded me of my grandson, who will be 8 years old in October. His beautiful face has haunted me since the first time I saw it. He has captured a special place in my heart and I have prayed for him for 2 years now and have lit candles at church in his memory. My heart goes out to his family. Please know that he is loved and remembered by even those who never knew him. God Bless you, Rodney
September 11, 2003
To the Dickens family,

I did not know Rodney but out of the events from two years ago no image touched me more than his. He will never be forgotten as Rodney will remain in my heart for the rest of my life.
September 11, 2003
Dear Rodney,
I thank God for having had blessed this world with your presence and you will truly be missed. May God look over your family and friends and bring them peace and strength to keep on going. May he help them realize that you are now in a better place where hate and anger does not exist...only happiness and love. And may God bless you and your family.
September 11, 2003
Dear Rodney,
I thank God for having had blessed this world with your presence and you will truly be missed. May God look over your family and friends and bring them peace and strength to keep on going. May he help them realize that you are now in a better place where hate and anger does not exist...only happiness and love. And may God bless you and your family.
September 11, 2003
Id like to say to Rodneys parents how sorry I am for their loss. He was your child but now he is Americas child. His beautiful face represents all of the precious lives that were lost on 9-11-01. Now he plays on heavens playground. God Bless him and his family.
September 11, 2003
Rest in peace Rodney. You will not be forgotten.
September 11, 2003
My heart, my thoughts and my prayers go out to the family.
September 11, 2003
I am just a single man with no kids but two pet and I can't imagine losing my pets let alone a child. I give my DEEPEST sympathy for your lost.

September 11, 2003
As I sit here this morning with my four-year old daughter on my lap and my six-year old daughter safe at her elementary school, I am so thankful and fortuate to have them with me on this day. Rodney, you are a true angel of God. He holds you close and keeps you safe now. To your family we can only offer our prayers and our love.
September 11, 2003
Oh Rodney, Rodney, Rodney.......Little boy i am missing you so much. One of the brightest kids I ever met. I remember when I was going to enroll my son in the school and you showed me where the office was....You were oh so sweet and friendly. I wish I would've now....I would've gotten a chance to see that bright cute smile everyday and I know my son would've had a DECENT friend to bring home on the weekends.
I will never forget you sweety. Those 10 minutes of my life were one of the greatest.

You're FLYING BABY!!!!!!!!
you have now GRADUATED into and angel for JESUS!!!!
September 11, 2003
I feel such sympathy for the family of this young boy, who would surely have grown into a fine man indeed. I cannot possible feel what the family has to endure, but knowing that I have 2 sons, ages 7 and 17, well, you know that I know parental love. My greatest fears are that my children will hurt and that I will be unable to come to them. When I see a child such as Rodney, I know that life can be a nightmare that will never end for those who love him. This I feel, because I know that ALL children are our children in or hearts. God is good, and holds him now. I am sad, so sad that this happened. God bless Rodney's sweet young soul and may he always be remembered by people all over the world .
September 11, 2003
To Rodney,

A sweet little angel who is soaring up in the clouds looking over us, I pray that you are at peace. You will be in my thoughts and prayers as the days continue to come, but you will never be forgotten.
September 11, 2003
As I sit here at my desk, 2 years after the horrible tradedy of Sept. 11 that shook the world, I cannot
stop thinking of the children.
Yesterday my daughter had her 4th
birthday- knowing that the parents of the children who perished that tragic day will never get to watch them celebrate another birthday,
have another party and watch their precious faces in awe as they open their presents breaks my heart.
But we do know that Rodney is in heaven, he is one of God's precious
angels watching over us all. His rewards now are greater than anything we can receive here on earth. He is with our Almighty Father and will never suffer again.
May God bless the family of Rodney and may each day that goes by get a little easier for you.
My prayers are with you.
September 11, 2003
Sleep well my little angel,
you are with god now.
September 10, 2003
My precious little angel; may you know God is with you. May you feel in your heart that he loves you and stands beside you. May you know that that many people love you and are saddened by your sorrow. I will forever hold you close to my heart and keep you in my prayers. God Bless!
September 10, 2003
thank you for allowing me to remember that our kids are only with us for such a short time.
I watched your family suffer on TV and it crushed my heart.
In your courageous death, God used you to wake up a father of two's eyes and hug them with all of his might and tell them that he loves them every day.
I would have been proud to have you as a son.
Rest in peace you brave little boy.
September 06, 2003
I love you Rodney Dickens, I wish I'd never met you in this way.
You will always be in my heart, FOREVER AND A DAY!!!
September 04, 2003
I know you are at peace now Rodney and my heart goes out to those who loved you."You live as long as you are remembered" and you and all the others who went to God with you shall not be forgotten. Love Heather
August 29, 2003
as another year has gone by , your still in my heart and mind .
August 28, 2003
Dear Rodney,
You sweet angel. You are in heaven amongst the thousands who crossed the bridge with you. May the lord be with you and your soul. I didn't know you, but your angelic face has touched my heart.
May God bless you sweet child.
August 28, 2003
Dear Rodney,

Although I did not have the pleasure of meeting you, I want to say may God bless you! You are indeed an "Angel sent by God".
August 20, 2003
I am one of those New Yorkers that just cant seem to let go of the 9/11 tragedy.
I torture myself w/ video footage, videos, photos and articles of the twin
towers. After 2 years, I am not desensitised. I still cry, and am haunted by the
memory everyday of my life. I thought I was finally getting better, that is
until I saw 11 yr old Rodney... my god, what is it about him I find so moving. My heart
bleeds when I think of his fear, while sitting on that doomed flight. I pray he
felt no pain when he perished. I wish he could've somehow been saved. I wish a
higher power could have prevented him from stepping foot on that plane. Now when
I look @ footage of the plane plunging into the tower, I will see Rodneys face even though the plane he was on was the plane that hit the Pentagon.
I cant escape this pain. I want his family to know that I love thier son, that I
am a military wife who is searching for his mother, not that it will make things
easier for either of us. Of all the souls lost that tragic day, Rodney is the
most special to me. I will wait to see him in heaven...
marissamarissag @ hotmail
August 18, 2003
Always on my mind and FOREVER IN MY HEART!!!
August 08, 2003
Your an Angel, forever.
August 01, 2003
Another year, another month, another day, another tear. Rodney, you are always on my mind and forever in my heart. Your spirit lives on in all who love you.
July 14, 2003
Dear Rodney,
You are always on my mind and FOREVER IN MY HEART. Not a day goes by that I don't think about you and your family. For me time does not heal the pain but knowing you are in a much better place helps. May God bless your family and keep them strong during their time of need.
July 12, 2003
Tp the family of rodney, I look at your sons beautiful face and my heart aches, how could such a small life be taken away, my thoughts are always with you! He's in a safe place and may he play happily in heaven! RODNEY: WALK ON WITH HOPE IN YOUR HEART FOR YOU'LL NEVER WALK ALONE, GOD BLESS YOU!
June 14, 2003
Hey Rodney,
I know, that my english isn´t the best but what I want to tell you is, God thought, that our world isn´t good enough for you so, he decided to catch you and send you to heaven.
Now you are an angel and so you can help your familly in situations wich only angels can solve. You are a good guy Rodney! Have a good one I hope, that you can understand everything greets to you and also to the memebers of my familly which are in heaven yours ALEX
May 23, 2003
To The Family of Rodney,
This Memorial Day weekend, you will all be in my prayers. I pray that God will give you strength during this time of rememberance, remember the good times and most of all you will see Rodney at the crossroads of Heaven when God calls you home. His spirit will be with you always. Thank you Cynthia for sharing, I will never forget you for that. Most of all know there are so many of us who care tremendously and will never forget. To Rodney: You are always on my mind and FOREVER IN MY HEART.
May 20, 2003
May the peace and the joy that Rodney is experiencing in Heaven be with you and yours.
May 14, 2003
Rodney, you are always on my mind and FOREVER IN MY HEART!!!
May 12, 2003
Everytime I think back to that day in sept. I remember the clear deep blue sky and the crisp air. It was a beautiful morning on the east coast. Then 2 hours later, our whole life as Americans changed forever. I remembered being in shock and the feeling of numbness. The news on tv kept us updated throughout the day and night. But one thing that stays in my mind is the look on President Bush's face as he was told in that classroom. I saw in his eyes, the emergency of our nation. These United States had to do everything possible to wipe out the evil that invaded our beautiful bright country on that sept day. Our President has continued on his quest for justice for what was taken from us in one day.
In memory,Rodney's beautiful face will forever remain with me. And my prays will always be with Rodney's family.
April 22, 2003
You will live in everybodys heart forever.
April 18, 2003
Weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning. Some glad morning when this life is over you'll fly away; and down by the river side you will lay down this heavy burden and reclaim the joy your boy brought to your lives many times over. May God conintue to bless, comfort and keep you until that day.
April 02, 2003
Rodney I think about you often and my heart goes out to you and your family... I truly feel a connection when thinking about you and seeing your sweet face. I have a love for you that I feel for my own children. You are God's child as all of our children are, and I know that you blessed your family with your sweet presence during the time that you shared with them here on earth. How they must miss you, I can only imagine. I pray for your family every day asking that God blesses them with strength and the spirit of comfort in knowing that you are in a safe and better place. It's been almost two years that I first seen your precious face and you've been a part of my life since. You are truly an angel Rodney and you've touched me deeply...
March 28, 2003
Hello Angel,
As time goes on and so does life,
the tears continue to flow. They say time heals but I don't know because the hurt and pain I feel is real. It is the same pain I felt the first day I saw your beautiful face, it just won't go away. I know it will be with me until my very last day. Until then Rodney, I continue to pray for strength for your family and when God calls me home I'll meet you at the crossroads Little Angel.


March 27, 2003
The date is now 3/27/03 and time heals tears sometimes but I want Rodney's family to know my heart is still with you. What a beautiful soul he was and now he's a beautiful angel. I see him in my son and all children who are our angels. God Bless
March 27, 2003
I was thinking about you last night Rodney and again I broke down. Again, I tear as if you were mine. As if you and I shared an unforgettable moment between a father and son. Rodney Dickens, you are my motivation to make a difference.
March 11, 2003
May Jesus/God give You & Your Family "The Peace That Surpasses All Understanding." Love Always Diane G-
March 10, 2003
Always on my mind and FOREVER IN MY HEART!!!!!!!
March 01, 2003
Rest in Peace my friend.
February 13, 2003
To The Family Of Rodney,
I wish there was something more I can do for you. So I talk to Rodney in this special way. There are people such as myself, who think about all of you, each and every day. So know when and if you ever visit this website, that there are so many of us who want you to know how much we care. For Rodney, Bernard, Asia, Mr. D., Hilda and Sarah who were together when God called them Home. We must all remember that we'll see them again, and at this time they are in Heaven, they are not alone. Their spirits are here with us today and they all know how much they are loved. Until we meet them at the crossroads of Heaven, we'll pray to them and the Lord Above. May God grant all of the families the strength they need when the memories cause the tears to flow, remember they are in a much better place and we will see them again when it is our time to go. As long as I am here on this Earth, Rodney, you are always on my mind and FOREVER IN MY HEART.... LOVE ALWAYS, Bernadette
February 02, 2003
RODNEY, YOU ARE FOREVER IN MY HEART... Love Always, Berniemack
January 16, 2003
Another year, another tear, another day for me to pray; for you will always be on my mind and forever in my heart. Much Love To You and Your Family Little Angel!!
January 07, 2003
My heart still feels the sadness of such great loss for the families and friends, especially of youngsters like Rodney, whom we thought had so much life yet to live.

I pray his family and friends find comfort in knowing that I mourn their loss also, even though I did not know Rodney personally. May God be with all of you and comfort you by His Holy Spirit.
January 01, 2003
May God continue to bring your family strength. You will never be forgotten Little Angel. Always on my mind, and FOREVER IN MY HEART!!
December 29, 2002
We still Love, Miss and Pray for Rodney...and wish for comfort for the family...May God comfort us all!
December 19, 2002
To Rodney's Family. His work was dne here and the Lord called him back home. You now have the perfect Guardian Angel watching over you and preparing you place in heaven. God Bless and Keep you all.
December 18, 2002
From the stories that I have heard, Rodney is one brave little boy. He has been promoted to a higher calling and will watch over all of us.

My prayers are with you all.

December 16, 2002
Always on my mind, FOREVER IN MY HEART..

December 04, 2002
I am so sorry for your loss. I am a father of two little girls and have tried to imagine the pain you must feel. Rodney is in a better place and God is watching over him as he plays and takes long walks with our heavenly father. May God's peace and comfort find you when you need it most.
November 30, 2002
To the family of Rodney: Our little David was on UA175 and we known what you are feeling. Our prayers are with you.
November 26, 2002
As we approach Thanksgiving, I pray for your family and know they are thankful for the time that was shared with you Little Angel, and your memories will last forever in the hearts of all those who love you. May God bring strength to your family during a time of the year where hearts are heavy and memories flow along with tears. You are always on my mind and FOREVER IN MY HEART. I'll meet you at the crossroads one day Rodney. Rest in Peace Little Angel.
November 22, 2002
im so sorry that happenenig you were so young, when this happend it make mee so so ad why this world have to come thia tradey my lost is your lost and fell very angry that happened to your son and my heart is your sorrow. it going to be ok it not going t him back but im with you all my heart i lost soeome too ot never be the same for me to im very sorry that you went to so musst pain .
November 08, 2002
Time still doesn't erase the hurt and pain. You are still on my mind Little Angel, and FOREVER IN MY HEART.
October 11, 2002
No words could describe the loss.I envy the strengh That you must have.Many thoughts, Laura xx
October 08, 2002
There are no words to express what I feel. I have a son the same age. I can't imagine the loss that this family must feel. You are in my prayers.
October 08, 2002
May god bless your family and many others like them. I know your in a better place.
October 06, 2002
May GOD Bless your family and give you comfort for the years to come. That each year will get easier and easier to deal with this tragedy
October 04, 2002
Still on my mind and FOREVER in my heart. I'll meet you at the crossroads someday Rodney. Much Love to you Little Angel!!
September 20, 2002
My heart go's out to your family and you are in my prayers.
September 19, 2002
September 19, 2002
Hello, my sincerest Sympathy to this entire family for A loss I have never had to experience. As A single mother of 3 children whose father is deceased I can sympathize with the hollowness you are carrying. I just wanted to let you know: "He never gives us more than we can handle!!!!" Please remember You are in my thoughts and prayers daily.
September 19, 2002
Hello Angel,
I received a Mercy Band with your name on it and it brought tears to my eyes. This is all so hard to believe, such innocence lost. I have another band that I would like to send to your mother, but I hear she is having a difficult time without you here. Your family and friends miss you so much and it is inconceivable at times to know that so many of our loved ones are no longer here with us. I will continue to spread the word about your quest with the students and teachers who were with you. There are still those who have no idea about the true meaning of what happened last year and how it changed all of our lives. I guarantee that everyone I meet will know about you. I even put you in my company newspaper and everyone I work with now knows about your plight and the sacrifice you made. You did not die in vain Angel. Your eleven years were precious Rodney and I hope at some point your family will share those good times and memories with us all. To your family, may God give them strength during this unbearable time, and I will continue to pray for you all. To your aunt, thank you for sharing your memories with me. God be with you all.
September 17, 2002
To the Family: Revelation 21:3,4; John 5:28,29 may these scriptures comfort you during this time of great, great sadness.
September 15, 2002
may my heart be with you forever, many thoughts from new zealand.
September 15, 2002
You have returned to the angelic...forever an Angel...I see your adorable face and I cry as if I am seeing for the first time. My sweet angel, rest now, for you shall see God! You were too good for this world!
September 13, 2002
My sweet little angel, you look so much like my Michael. How could anyone be so cruel as to take you away from your mommy. To your mother, My dear know and feel comforted that you and your family are not alone. May god bless you and keep you all. Our prayers are with you.
September 13, 2002
God needed more angels and now Rodney is an angel in heaven. You will see him again one day.Always remember that Rodney is watching over his family everyday.
September 13, 2002
Seeing Rodney's picture reminds me of my nephew. So young and innocent and so vulnerable, may you now have peace in heaven. You're in a truly better place, with GOD.
September 13, 2002
May your memories of Rodney help you find peace and strength. May his spirit guide you through the difficult times.

God Bless.

Melissa Hayes
September 13, 2002
My thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Rodney. I have never seen such sweet eyes. God be with you all.
September 12, 2002
My heart dropped when I saw Rodney's picture. I had no idea someone so young was affected by the 911 tragedy. I will always remember Rodney and I am truly going to pray for your family. You guys have my deepest sympathy. May God be with you.
September 12, 2002
I am so sorry for your loss what a beautiful child I can't even imagine you sorrow..but remember he is with God and you will see him again someday

My prayers are with you
September 12, 2002
I am a 24 yr old mother of a 3 1/2 yr old boy,I send my love to your family for their tragic loss.I pray for you and your family.
September 12, 2002
hopefully you are safe now and may you live forever in heavan and god bless your little soul
September 12, 2002
Hello, Rodney my little angel, I fell in love with you when I saw your picture featured in ebony magazine ,I know I have a very special connection with you because you look just like my son. God bless you and your family Because I know you will be truley missed.
September 12, 2002
I send my deepest and sincere condolences to the family of Rodney Dickens. My prayers are with you and hope some day you can understand why the Lord call Brother Dickens to come in and rest. God bless your souls.
September 11, 2002
God Bless Rodney, may he rest peacefully in heaven until he can be united again with his loved ones.
September 11, 2002
September 11, 2002
God Bless You! Be at peace sweet child.
September 11, 2002
the day to day is 9/11/02 and just thinking about what happend makes me want to cry then thinking about the littel kids who lost there lives makes me wanna cry more you should not have dies so you R.I.P
September 11, 2002
It makes me cry to see a young life full of smiles and play to be taken away at such a small age. Rodney you are in peace now and later god will not forget you. That I promise. Rest in peace sweet innocent child.
September 11, 2002
my condolences goes out to him and his family. i am deeply sorry. i didnt know you all but it brings tears to my eyes. i am just 14 years old and it is said because he lost his at a young age. i am sorry. i send my condolences
September 11, 2002
Rodney, You have truly touched my heart. It saddens me deeply to know your cherished life was taken away far too soon. For some unexplained reason, you're preciousness was needed in heaven that day, and I know you are a beautiful angel watching over all of us. You and your family are in my prayers and my heart, forever. God bless you all!
September 11, 2002
God bless you and all those that we lost that day, especially the little ones.
September 11, 2002
Please, rest easily. "May your strength give us strength"- Bruce Springsteen.
May God bless your mother, and your soul.
with love
September 11, 2002
Realizing that you were young of age makes this entry even harder to write. I am so terribly sorry but being sorry really isnt the way to go right now. I just want to encourage this family of Rodney that you are in my prayers and seeing such a great kid in this pic really hurts me. If Rodney was into sports or not, I am gonna dedicate my day on the field for him, all out pure hustle the whole time. Seeing this really provokes me to not complain about anything, just be thankful for what I have. Sorry to the parents of Rodney that dont have hime anymore. You are greatly in my prayers. God Bless Rodney in heaven.
September 11, 2002
This boy was too young to be taken this earth.I'm very young myself,13,but I give my deepest sympothy to this young boy's family.
This tragedy has effect everyone in our nation.I know you're in Gods hands.God Bless.
September 11, 2002
My heart breaks for your family today, Rodney. Be with God.
September 11, 2002
CC Winans has a song Don't Cry for me. Don't shed a tear. The time I've shared with you will always be. And when I'm gone please carry on. Don't cry for me. I believe deep in my heart that is what he would say to you today. He is in a better place and does not have to endure the pain or sorrow of this old world. Keep your head up high & remember that you will meet again one day.
September 11, 2002
Hi Rodney, when I saw your handsome face, I fell to tears. You look just my son Cedric who is 11 years old. God Bless your tender soul, and comfort your family, I am sure you are missed.
September 11, 2002
God Bless and Comfort your family. I am sending a hug to you in Heaven and I am pinching your apple cheeks! I kow you are laughing up there in Heaven and dancing the days away...
September 11, 2002
He looks like a sweet percious soul that did not deserve to die. he had a lot of dreams that he hoped would come true one day. and because of the attack his dream has been shattered into peaces. god bless his his soul and let him R.I.P
September 11, 2002
May God Bless you and may the Virgin Mary hold you in her arms. Send your parents your spirit of hope. We will pray for you and your parents. Being a father of three boys, i can just feel their loss and pain.
God be with you.
September 11, 2002
September 11, 2002
Rodney, I think of you often and pray for you and your family. You were a gifted child in life and were chosen for a very special task a year ago. I thank you for the courage you had to muster in those final moments as God embraced you, bringing you home. Your family and the rest of us must gather our strength and courage now, to ensure goodness and peace prevails. Watch over your family. Remember, you are never alone, for you will be with me (and I'm sure many others) always. Rest well and in peace forever.
September 11, 2002
You remind me so much of my son and I can't hold back the tears while looking at your picture. I know your in god's hands and he will take care you. My heart goes out to his family and friends. May god bless and keep you all.
September 11, 2002
Looking at your face today really put everything in perspective for me, crying through my tears in remembrance of you and all the other innocent adult and children lost to such tragedy. My thoughts go out to the Dickenson family especially the parents of this handsome young man. No words can express my deepest sympathy, I too know the immediate sense of loss and know that only time can heal all things and only GOD can mend your broken heart. Know that all is not forgotten and your sons angelic face will not either. God Bless you and keep you during your time of need.
September 11, 2002
My deepest sympathies to your family. You were on your way to making a great contribution to this world. I am sure you parents are very proud of you. You're now in Heaven your spirit lives on.. GOD Bless
September 11, 2002
May God Bless the soul of Rodney and Bless the hearts of his loved ones. Rodney you are now in a place where there is no hate, just love. No fear, just calm. No terror, just peace. God Bless you.

September 11, 2002
Hello Rodney,

Through your eyes I've found strength today, the anniversary of your homegoing. It may be selfish of me to ask, but please watch over us...such a large task for an angel so young.
September 11, 2002
I see how many people have signed the guest book, so i hope anyone related to Rodney gets a chance to read what I'm about to write. I think everyone realized what had happened at different times, and I dont mean mentally, I mean emotionally. I dont think it ever completely hit me until I saw this young boy's face looking out... Kind of sad how it took such a tragedy to bring us all together, but I'd rather America together now then not at all. We have gained to much from this, yet the gain is almost non existent in comparison to what we have lost. Rodney sleeps now. Dream on my boy...
September 11, 2002
September 10, 2002
God bless you
September 10, 2002
Hello again Little Angel,
As you look down on us from Heaven, I know you are happy to see so many wonderful people who care about you. This is a very emotional time, but my tears subside and I am glad to see more people in this world are aware of the ultimate sacrifice you made. You are truly loved Rodney. There is so much love for you Little Angel, and that love is what conquers hate. You are still in my heart Rodney and forever will be. To your family, may God give you all the strength you need during this very emotional time, and I hope my tears will take away your pain. I love you Rodney Dickens, I wish I'd never met you in this way. You will always be in my heart, forever and a day.
September 10, 2002
Rodney I don't know you but you look really sweet I'm sure your parents are very proud of you. I am only two years older than you it makes me cry to know that someone as young as you has already died you with me every night in my prayers!!!
September 10, 2002
Rodney, Oh you look so handsome in your photo. I pray for the angels to provide comfort for your family. I have 2 sons and can not imagine the pain of such an event. However, Rodney, I know you are in heaven and Abraham rocks you in his bosom.

Peace my child.
September 10, 2002
May God Bless you all:)!!!

We will always remember you!!!

I will always think of you!!
Love,Lauren Dorsett
September 10, 2002
To the family of Rodney Dickens my heart goes out to you for your loss. May God bless and keep you in your time of need love always, Falice
September 10, 2002
Although I did not know your son, Rodney, I am grateful to be able to make this tribute to him. I wanted to do this for every life lost on 9/11 but my emotions will not allow it. You must remember that the children we bring into this world are not ours to keep. They are a gift from God. You must not try to make sense of this lost. It is not for us to do. Understand that he was called Home to fight a greater battle. He is now a soldier for the Lord. God will continue to comfort you, He promised that He would never leave us, even in our darkest hour, and He has shown us that time and time again. I will never forget Rodney's face or the faces of the many lost. They are forever etched in my heart. May God continue to bless and keep your family each day.
September 09, 2002
My name is Elizabeth Bransford and I am a Junior at Saint Pius X High School. In honor of the victims of the Sep. 11th attacks everyone in the school community was given a wrist band with the name and age of someone who perished, I am honored to wear Rodney's name. I hope that through wearing this armband I will be able to live like him in his child-like innocence. My condolences go to the Dicken's family, may ever day be easier then the last.
September 09, 2002
well little cuz your gone to be with the angels even though i never got to meet you i know you were very special to your family i couldnt make it to your services but my thought were sent to your mother and father,and the rest of the family.i know your mother and father loved you but god loved you more at that time so i loved you then and still love you know love your cousins the alston family
September 09, 2002
Not many will ever know your pain, nor your lost, I am so very very very sorry for your pain, Out of all of the people lost that day, your son stand out the most to me, he was a very handsome young man, and seemed to have a glow about him...once again, I am sorry for your pain.
September 09, 2002
rodeny looked very nice i wish i could of known him i am 11 and i have to do a biography on him i wish him the best time in heaven
,god bless him
September 09, 2002
you're with god, now
September 09, 2002
What a beautiful child. May you find comfort in Jesus. I can't imagine what you have gone through and are continuing to go through. Just remember you do have friends out there who care.

Please feel free to email me anytime...

God Bless you,
Ann Hammack
September 09, 2002
God Bless!! Remember what the word of God says, " The victory is ours and the battle is Jesus' "
September 08, 2002
I am sorry for your loss. May the family get stronger with each passing day. Your precious life will be cherished and dearly missed.
September 08, 2002
It has been almost one year since your young life has been cut so short.

Sleep well little one. We will never forget.
September 07, 2002
God Bless you Rodney. My prayers are with your family.
September 07, 2002
God Bless you all.... :)
September 07, 2002
God bless you. I am a father and I know your family has suffered greatly. May God bless all of you.
September 07, 2002
Words cannot express the grief that I feel right now to know that an angel has been taken away from us. Even though I did not know this victim personally, I feel like I do.
To the family, there are never enough words that can help to lessen the pain of a lost one, especially a child. May the memories that you have of him be enough to help carry you through. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
September 06, 2002
I was perusing the list of victims and came across the face of a little boy who I do not know but wish I had known. God Bless his family who have to go through the pain of losing such a precious child.
September 06, 2002
To the family of this precious boy with an angel face...a poem Ive written...

I’m in the wind at night
As it blows across your face
I’m the twinkle in the moonlight
Shining down with gentle grace

I’m the mist upon your cheek
In a warm summer rain
I’m the sunlight in your eyes
When the sky is bright again

When autumn fades to winter
And the snow falls with a chill
The springtime will bring life again
Then you’ll see I’m with you still

As you walk the beaches
And you feel the grains of sand
Close your eyes and I am with you
Gently hold my tiny hand

In the corners of your mind
I will live and laugh and play
Existing in your memory
I will never go away

You must know I’ve never left you
If you look…I’m everywhere
In your heart I have eternal life
You will always find me there
September 05, 2002
my sweet angel smile down and help your mom through all this your 1 year day of entering heaven approaches. i want you to know you did not die in vain we will all love our families a little more young and precious you are surely missed. keep smiling
September 04, 2002
God Bless you Rodney. Although I know you were not singled out to be a memory, there is a reason why your young life was taken (it is just hard to understand and accept). May God wrap his comforting arms around your family and friends. Ask God to help each us left behind to instill in us the desire to work at ridding the world of 'senseless' hatred, but first we have to understand what causes it. To do that, we must begin with ourselves, individually. God Bless!!
September 04, 2002
Over 365 tears in almost 365 days. My pain is still the same. May God grant your family strength Rodney. Your mom, grandma, aunt Cynthia and your sisters and little brothers who I know miss you so much. Especially your mom who is having a very hard time as we near the date you became their Angel Rodney. To your dad, family and all your teachers and friends at Ketcham Elementary. I wish my river of tears could take away the pain. I pray for you all every single day. You are forever in my heart Rodney. Heaven was missing an Angel and now you're home with God. I'll meet you at the crossroads Little Angel.
September 04, 2002
September 03, 2002
Hi Shawn,
I was thinking of you and thought I'd visit Rodney's site. I see from the many messages that he continues to be remembered by people from all over the country. As the anniversary approaches,I cannot even imagine how you feel, but know that I am here!!
September 01, 2002
August 31, 2002
Your spirt is just as alive as your face. My family prays that your family will have the strenght to make it each and every day.

May God continue to give your family strenght.
August 30, 2002
I am a school counselor who is working with our 500 students to honor our heroes of September 11,2001. I am touched by Rodney's tribute and will share that with our faculty to share with our students. I pray for peace for you and for our country.
August 29, 2002
Rodney, I have read it over and over of how strangers have been drawn to your beautiful innocent face. I too remember reading a story of you and your family on the news. Since last Sept, I constantly think of you and the pain your family lives with each day. I know that God holds you close and loves you so much. It's these thoughts that help me not to remember all the pain from that day. I am proud of you and what you accomplished in your school career. You are loved by your fellow Americans and will always been in our hearts forever. I wish I could make all the pain go away for your parents and family. I think that the best way to accomplish this is to remember that you are safe now and lovingly taken care of by God's Angels. You are a beautiful boy and you will always be in my thoughts and prays.
August 28, 2002
As I look at this precious little face my heart breaks. His life was just beginning. I also lost my son Timothy Ray Ward. He was on United Flight 175. He was 38 yrs old. I know that he is holding Rodney's hand in Heaven. I am so sorry for this family as I know the pain. God Bless Everyone. Love, (Tim's Mom)
August 28, 2002
My prayerS are with you!!~ I hope everything works out for you and your family!! Just remember u lost a wonderful son but heaven gained an angel!!~ He will forever be in the hearts of many!!
August 27, 2002
May God Bless you and your family Rodney. You are forever in our hearts.
August 27, 2002
Dear Rodney,
Your spirit is ever so strong. You are a light that forever shines on, even on the cloudiest day. When my time comes I'll meet you at the crossroads Little Angel. To your family and all your friends I pray for them all and ask God to bring them the strength that they need to carry on. As I've said before, not one day goes by that your face doesn't cross my mind. With that memory comes the tears that will never go away. I love you Rodney Dickens, I wish I never met you in this way, you will always be in my heart, forever and a day.
August 22, 2002
Family you are in my thoughts and prayers. May God keep you in His loving care.
August 21, 2002
August 21, 2002
To Rodney's family does it see unreal even now? I pray that God grant you peace that surpasses all understanding. I pray that he comfort and guard your heart and mind. Rodney is and was truly a gift from God. Those gentle little eyes warmed my spirit. I pray that God allow you to feel his spirit around you daily.
August 21, 2002
My heart is truly heavy at the lost of innocence. My heartfelt sympathy to the Dickens family and I pray that you will continue to trust in God for understanding and comfortable. We know that Rodney is in heaven and in the loving arms of GOD.
August 20, 2002
I can't tell you how many times I have thought of your precious son. I first saw your story on a program last year and was so touched. Trust in God and know your baby boy is in the best hands ever. My prayers are with you.
August 19, 2002
Rodney, you will never be forgotten in anyone's hearts. For those who do not even know of your death, they know you vicariously through the freedom they enjoy every day here in America. Your death was not in vain. You are so precious to us all. We love you and miss you.
August 18, 2002
I know that you are with GOD in HEAVEN. I PRAY for the family you left behind.
August 18, 2002
August 17, 2002
I saw your picture lastnight and it was the last thing on my mind when I went to sleep. Your little face was the first thing on my mind when I woke up this morning. It's the first time that I cried so hard I hurt since September 11. I hope you're free and safe in heaven and taking watching over your family. May you be seated at the right hand of the Lord forever Rodney.
August 10, 2002
To the family of Rodney...ever since 9/11, I remember seeing on the news all the stuff that was going on. I particularly remember them showing a young boy who they said was with his teacher at the time this horrific tragedy happened. I finally found out today that his name is Rodney. I went through all the different sites until I found him. I don't know how to express my sympathy for the loss of your child. I read some of the emails sent and one said how he was alone when this happened. I know better than that. He wasn't alone, he was with his teacher, he was with the person sitting next to him, he was with his angel but more important, he was with God. I'm 35 years old and I know that no person would leave a child alone during a crisis like that. So remember, in your most darkest moments, HE WASN'T ALONE. I hesitated to send my child with his school to Washington DC but my father told me about the song "The Dance" by Garth Brooks, so whenever I hesitate about something, I think about that and leave it into God's hands. I am so sorry this happened to you and hope someday that you will find peace. I don't know how but I hope you do. God Bless you Rodney and family. I really feel for you, I do and want you to know that. Take Care and again may you find peace. Love, Dana from Alamogordo, NM
August 02, 2002
As i was going through the tribute pages, i came across this one as i looked at the picture of this little boy my eyes filled with tears. A mother of two little boys i cant imagin. Im so sorry for your lose you are in my heart and prayers for ever god bless you all.
July 23, 2002
Dear Rodney,
Here it is another day and you are heavy on mind, heart and spirit. Nothing has changed. Time has not changed the hurt and pain I feel for you and your family. It's a pain that time cannot heal. I cannot explain it. Along with the other people on this website who are drawn to your beautiful face Rodney, I am included in that group and I believe it is your spirit that has drawn me and others to you. It is not just a picture of you, it is an undescribable feeling of loss. I cannot imagine what your family must feel if my pain in so intense. There are so many of us who feel this way about you Little Angel. As you look down upon us from Heaven I hope with eveything you've been through, you know that there is an immeasurable amount of love for you not just from your family who I know misses you terribly, but those of us who did not know your personally and became attached when we read about the wonderful things you did in your eleven years on this earth which will never be forgotten by your family or those of us who have read so much about you. We all love you Rodney Dickens. May God and your spirit bring strength to all of us who care so much about you, especially first and foremost your family and friends. In closing I would like to personally thank and your partners for allowing people from all over the country to express how we feel about the tremendous loss we have sustained. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to let the world know that I am one of many who will never forget all of the special people we lost on September 11th. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!
July 17, 2002
I don't think that words can even begin to describe the pain that I am feeling in my heart as I read about this precious little man that has been taken from his family at such an early age. It is sad that we lost so many on 9/11 but the sadness burns my heart to know that our future ( our children ) where also amoung the lose. To the Dickens Family my deepest sympathy. I don't have any children but i do have a 10 year old brother who is like my son because of the 14 years age difference. Please know that you are in my families prayes and God will give you the strength to get through this. God Bless you Rodney and your family.
July 17, 2002
To the parents of Rodney.As a father of an 11 year old I can only imagine the hurt and sorrow your going through. My thoughts and prayers are with. May God bless you and comfort you.
July 17, 2002
My heart felt sorrows goes out to the family and friends.
July 17, 2002
Today I see his face again. I see him in my dreams. The face of a stranger, a little boy, an angel. I don't know what it was that drew me to him. I saw him first in the Palm Beach post and his little beautiful face has been with me ever since. Of all those who's lives were taken from the most evil people I have ever known in my life little Rodney seems to stand out so much in my mind and in my heart. Why? I don't know. I just know that when I saw his beautiful little face in the paper my heart went directly with him and his family. Alone? On an airplane? I felt he was just sitting there alone and scared and I never wanted in my whole life to hold a stranger. To love a stranger. To ease his pain. It will be with me forever. His face is forever in my mind. And he will forever be in my heart. FOREVER.
July 17, 2002
July 16, 2002
I think of you everyday Rodney. You remind so much of my 10 year old son. I pray for family everyday. For I could know, I cannot feel what your mother feels- the loss she has felt. But hope she knows that people everywhere in America pray for you, your family and her everyday. As I type this, tears run down my face, for you were such a beautiful and loving child. You are missed and loved.
July 12, 2002
God Bless you and your family.No one should ever go through what you and your family have been through.
I believe you are safe now and are surrounded by love, with all my love
July 06, 2002
To the Family of Master Rodney Dickens, and I say Master for he is truly that for he has taken the journey at such a young age that few of us have even prepared ourselves for. Make no mistake Rodney did not take this journey alone for God is always their to guide and protect. Rodney is in a better place where he has to feel no pain or sorrow. To the master's family prepare yourselves to be with Rodney again, he awaites your presence. God continue to be with you and bless you.
June 27, 2002
You are in my prayers each and every day "Little Angel", may God continue to grant your family strength. God Be With You All.

June 15, 2002
Matt 5:8 "Blessed are the pure in heart:for they shall see God."
June 11, 2002
For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life
John 3:16
May God Bless you(-:

Dennine, Richard, Erin & Joslyn
June 11, 2002
god bless this young innocent soul, who did nothing other then want for a future and be met with a horrible fate. life shouldn't end for the blind , unconditional wants of others,who would design an event like this. I too have a eleven year old and would find this lost impossible to endure.
June 03, 2002
As I was visiting this web site I came along your sweet innocent face that reminded me so much of my son how can they be so cold to take such a precious life you really touched my heart may you rest in peace and may god grant your family comfort I will never forget your innocent face even though we never meet Love Maria
May 31, 2002
As a father i can feel the pain of your family. I praid for you and all the people who die in september 11. So inocente, so young, GOD bless you Rodney.
May 30, 2002
Rodney, the lord was in need of an other angel. May the lord bless your sweet soul my dear child. To the parents and family of this sweet boy, my prayers are with you all.
May 24, 2002
During this memorial day weekend, you will be remembered as I remember you each day Rodney. My heartfelt sympathy and prayers go to your family "Little Angel". You will never be forgotten and you are missed very much. And know as you look down upon us from Heaven that your love and spirit will forever live on in those who truly love you.
To LaShawn (your mom), Cynthia (your aunt), your brothers and sisters, and the rest of your family, I pray that God continues to grant you the strength you need to carry you through the days that are hardest to get through. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!
May 22, 2002
To the parents, friends and loved ones of Rodney, may I extend to you my deepest heart-felt sympathy and prayers. Each time I think of Rodney, I feel great sadness but also hopeful that the memories of Rodney will act as a catalyst to move us all to do everything we can to prevent this from ever happening to any other child in America. There is nothing that can be said to lessen the pain or make right the loss of an innocent child, but, I will never forget Rodney or the sacrifice he made for his country.
May 20, 2002
Rodney..even though I donot know you you seemed like a sweetheart I Pray now and forever for your family and friends who love you always
May 16, 2002
The loss that you have suffered saddens us all. My prayes are that God continues to grant you strength. Rodney is in heaven enjoying peace and the saftey that this world can not imagine.
May 10, 2002
My pain and tears are the same as they were the first day I saw your face. To your family I say again may God grant you all strength and keep the memories and good times in your hearts and minds. You will never be forgotten. Thank you again Cynthia for the memories, and please let your family know I still pray for all of you each and everyday. God be with you.
May 09, 2002
Bless you sweet precious child of God..may your family find the strength to live and may you rest with the angels for all of eternity!My thoughts and prayers rest with all that new you!
April 18, 2002
There was something about your face that made me realize the tremendous loss of life that day. God bless you honey.
April 18, 2002
To the parents of Rodney,
Know that God does not make mistakes and he just needed another sweet angel for his garden. Rodney really reminds me of my youngest son, I know your heart is heavy at the lost, and I will forever keep you in my prayers. May God bless and keep you everyday until you see his sweet face again.
April 18, 2002
I have been haunted by Rodney's picture since the first time I saw it and today, more than seven months after the tragedy, I still cry when looking at his sweet face. You are loved by many and will never be forgotten.
April 18, 2002
April 17, 2002
I happen to come across your photo and can't help but to think of you today as I send my son (who is also 11) to camp and my heart aches for your mother. We will never why this happened,but know you will never be forgotten. God bless you and your teachers who also were killed. As a teacher myself my heart aches for their family as well. May you rest in peace. LET THERE BE PEACE ON EARTH.....
April 17, 2002
To the Dickens family. My deepest smypathy goes out to and your family. I can't feel the pain, but what I can say is your in my deepest prayers and thoughts. May God continue watching over your family and friends of Lil Rodney Dickens.
April 09, 2002

I hope your memories will lighten the heart of your family. I am so sad for them. God bless and rest in peace.
April 09, 2002
Today, April 9th, 2002, 1 mile was walked to honor the life of Rodney and all the family friends and loved ones left behind. It is never easy when a parent loses a child as i saw when my parents lost my 4 year old brother. May you find some comfort in knowing you do not grieve alone.

Rodney, you may be gone but will never be forgotten. Look for Lil Joe, my brother, he would love to show you around heaven.
May you rest in peace little one.
April 09, 2002
Today, April 9th, 2002, 1 mile was walked to honor the life of Rodney and all the family friends and loved ones left behind. It is never easy when a parent loses a child as i saw when my parents lost my 4 year old brother.

Rodney, you may be gone but will never be forgotten. Look for Lil Joe, my brother, he would love to show you around heaven.
May you rest in peace little one.
April 02, 2002
I still pray for you everyday little angel, and I ask God to give your family strength. To your mother and aunt, may the Grace and Strength of God be with all of you. Cynthia, thank you for sharing your little angel's memories with me. I still think about you all everyday. You all will forever be in my heart. God Bless.
April 02, 2002
To the family of Rodney Dickens:
I can't even imagine your pain. How terribly sad that an 11 year old child was a part of this horrible act of terrorism. My prayers are with you.
March 29, 2002
Rodney you are a nice little kid with that innocent look on your face. Unfortunately you had to be taken away from earth at such a young age. Hope you will rest in peace forever. You and your family are always in my prayers.
March 16, 2002
I see your sweet little face and pray you didn't see the evil that was around you. I also pray for the ones that knew you well,and you left behind. God bless you little one, and have lots of laughs with those Angels.....
March 15, 2002
To the family, let the word and spirit of God give you peace in the knowledge that he chose your son to be amongst the angels on high. Stay prayer full, he won't forsake you as he has not forsaken Rodney. God is using Rodney to prepare a better place for us when he calls us home. God bless and stay forever...prayer full.
March 13, 2002
You are still thought of these many months later. Rest is peace, little one.
March 13, 2002
GOD bless and keep.
March 13, 2002
March 12, 2002
To Rodney's family,
I cannot imagine your pain ,losing such a precious child.I have a son who is five and Rodney reminds me of him.I pray that God's comfort and strength will heal the pain of losing your son.Jesus said"Suffer little children to come unto Me,and forbid them not,for as such is the kingdom of God" Rodney was not alone that day.God's presense is far greater than the acts of evil men.Evil can never erase the beautiful memories you have.Please take comfort in the thought that now Rodney rests in Jesus's arms and in His perfect peace.
March 11, 2002
So young and so precious, it brings tears to my eyes to imagine you going through that horrible situation all alone. May the Lord now comfort you and bring a smile on your handsome face.
March 11, 2002
March 11, 2002
March 11, 2002
Rodney, it has been 6 months since god took you home. Sleep well little one, for someday I am sure we will meet.
March 11, 2002
Children are gifts to us from GOD. My thoughts, prayers and hope for Peace within your hearts and the world goes out to the family of Rodney. He's in a place I'm trying hard to get to HEAVEN. God Bless You.
March 11, 2002
May God Bless you. Such innocence lost. my thoughts and Prayers are with your family
A Mother with a son the same age
March 11, 2002
March 11, 2002
When I came across this photo my heart just stopped. I cant believe that such an innocent young life was taken before he even got a chance at life. Rodney, I am only 16 years old myself and trust me I will never forget your sweet face. I know that you are now amoungst the angels and you are looking down on us. Keep watching over your family so that they may still feel your presence and know that your love will always be with them. I'll just continue to pray that your life and the lives of the other 3,000 people where not lost in vain.
March 11, 2002
Dearest Rodney-
As I sit here and read the loving entries through the tears in my eyes, I remind myself that you are in a much better place than all of us are. May you fly high above and feel nothing but peace for eternity. God bless your family, and my heart fills with love for them.
March 11, 2002

My heart was touch by the tragic events of Septemeber 11th. I had always felt a heavy burden, but none heavier then the moment I saw your picture. I looked at you and I saw your innocence and I truly can feel the pain your family has gone and will continue to go through. You see Rodney, I have a little brother about your age and when I saw your pictures tears fell from my eyes as I saw him in you. I know that you could have been him and now I think about this event and I hurt. I hurt as if you were my brother. Your picture touched me in a special way and even though you don't know and I have no idea who you truly were, I love as if you were my brother and I know that you are now in a better place. I know that God is blessing you and that you are shining down upon me, my brother and your own family. GOd Bless.
March 11, 2002
my heart goes out to your family such a young life to be lost. my you fly high with the angles rodney and sit in the arms of god
March 11, 2002
Good Bless you Rodney. My prayers are with you and your family as well as all the rest of the angels in the 9/11 attack, you will be forever remembered. Rest in Peace!!!
March 11, 2002
As I saw the pictures of those killed on September 11th the picture of Rodney makes me the young and innocent, He was just on his way to learn and obviously was a very special kid. I never met Rodney but I will always carry him in my heart.
March 11, 2002

The words do not exist to express my most sincere sympathies to all the parents who lost a child that terrible day. It was a day that will never be forgotten. Nor shall we ever forget the victims.
March 11, 2002
March 11, 2002
May God watch over you.I will pray for your parents, may their hearts rest of pain. You are in peace.
March 11, 2002
My eyes well with tears over the loss of this precious boy. I have two sons 13 and 21. I cannot imagine the grief of his family. I am so sorry they ever had to experience such great loss. What a handsome young man he is. If it is any consolation his family will see him again.
March 11, 2002
What a darling little boy who I'm sure is up in Heaven singing with the other Angels. God Bless the parents!!
March 11, 2002
Dear Rodney,
You will always be in my heart, It is hard today but It is the only way for me to go on.I will always love youu your cousin Mira.
March 11, 2002
It saddens me to see such a young life lost. I can not even begi to imagine what your family must be feeling, but i am sure it is a lot of hurt and a void of you missing in there lives. I can only imagine that god protected you and all other young people aboard those doomed flights. Nothing could ever be done to bring this boys family comfort. But hopefully by remembering such a young life lost we honor you and those other young lives lost. 9-11 never forget...
March 11, 2002
To the parents and family~ Often I think of this day, like all Americans do. It is when I put faces and names to this date that I realize how real this tragedy is. I will always think of Rodney and the other heroes that I have seen today. Each picture feels as if it has been etched into my memory forever. I am so very sorry for your loss. You will forever be in my thoughts and prayers. I believe I am going to go hug my children now. Love to you Rodney.
March 10, 2002
It brings me to tears to see such a young and precious boys picture above. I know you are with god now and you will forever fly in the skys above. No hate can tarnish the power of god! God Bless you and your family, you will forever live in my heart.
February 27, 2002
Dear Rodney,
May you rest in peace precious. I watched your Mom being interviewed & she is such a stronge woman. I don't know if I would be that stronge if the most precious person in my life was taken from me. God Bless you and your family. You look so cute in your picture, just want to each out & hug you! God Bless! :(
January 18, 2002
May each tear that I shed for your loss, take away some of the hurt and pain from your loved ones. Especially, your mother LaShawn. There is no pain greater than the loss of our children. May God grant your family strength.
January 18, 2002
You remind me a lot of myself
when i saw your picture i actually cried, not of anger from hatred but anger from thinking how can someone take such a beautiful life away without remorse. I had a little sister takem from me and I can assure you, you are both in a better place than we are. I am sorry about your loss, and the world would never know how great you were going to be, you were not given that chance, that is what angers me. Love from a stranger, hope your family never forgets the great and glorious years you shared with them. i never have about my little sister, and she was born 3o years ago and taken from me and my family as you were an innocent soul. I love angels, and I know, you are wathing over us now, Goodbye Kiddo.!! :(
January 17, 2002
I have an 11-year-old son and I can't imagine the sorrow and pain of losing such a beautiful young man in such a horribly tragic way. For some reason, from the very beginning, Rodney has been in my heart. He will remain there forever to remind me (and hopefully others) of just how precious our loved ones are to us. You did not die in vain, young prince...
January 12, 2002
So very young. We are deeply sorry for your great loss of Rodney. May warm memories of times together lighten the sorrow in your hearts. I believe he is an angel watching over you. I believe God cried when He saw the evil that took the lives of His innocent children before their time. In the shadows of darkness He reached for them as one by one they cried His name. They found shelter and protection from human pain as He lovingly pulled them into His warm embrace. Cradled in His arms earthly cries became heavenly songs as angel were born. Our hearts cry with you in your great loss of Rodney.
America Cries
We see your sorrow-
and our hearts cry....
We can not erase your pain
but you do not have to face the anguish alone-for we-
-the American people-
are beside you.
We so desperately want to have the touch that brings you comfort,
the strength that gives you courage,
and the words to lighten your spirits.
And when we are left speechless
may the silence of our nation weave love into your hearts
to ease your sorrow.
May you find healing through our nation's strength as we-
-the American people-
face this difficult time together. Our hearts are with you. Teresa Jahn
Dixon, IL
January 11, 2002
Although I never knew you, just the picture of your sweet face has brought tears to my eyes and sorrow to my heart. The one thing that I feel sure of is that you are definetly one of God's special angels watching from above and that the lord has bigger plans for you than this world had to offer. To your family I would just like to say that I am so so sorry and my thoughts and prayers are with you.
January 05, 2002
January 05, 2002
There are no words than can describe how I feel. I send my prayers and thoughts to Rodney's family and to all the families of the victims. May god bless them all.
January 04, 2002
To the family of Rodney Dickens I offer my sincere condolences and deepest sympathy to you. Children are a gift from God, so pure and precious in the eyes of God. We don't always understand just why things happens, but just know that our Heavenly Father who holds the world in his hand, who sits high and looks low is still in control. I pray you find peace in your heart and mind. God said he wouldn't put more on us than we can bear. This is yet another test and trial that you must go through. Know that when you feel you can't go on, God is there to carry you. He said he would never leave you nor forsake you. Rest in the arms of God and know that everything will be alright. Yes you loved him, but God loves him best.... God Bless you and keep you is my pray for you.
January 04, 2002
I can't stop thinking about the children. Your loss is so great - your pain I can not imagine. May your blessings be great and your strength from Him to carry you through these times.
January 03, 2002
To the Dickens Family, Our hearts go out to you for your loss of a beautiful child. God is with him and will hold him near.
God Bless you,
Judy Guinn and family
January 02, 2002
To The Dickens Family,

May the Lord continue to hold you and yours close to him. Although I don't know you and you don't me, I feel like I lost a part of me as well. I will continue keep all of you in my prayers.

Many Blessings,

David A. Ricks
December 28, 2001
To Rodney's Mother:
I have a 9 year old son and Rodney reminds me of him. My thoughts and prayers are with you everyday. Rodney has touched my heart and I know one day you will be with him again. I cannot imagine the pain you feel, but please know that mothers like myself grieve with you.
He was a beautiful child and I know loved very much. He and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers as long as I live. God bless you, your family and Rodney.

December 19, 2001
Dear Dickens Family,
I feel very bad what happend to your son Rodney, I attented Ketcham School when I was a little boy, Just remember god loves all of us and you will see him when god call all of us home one day.. May God Bless You
December 15, 2001
Dear Dickens Family,
I wanted to express my deepest sympathy to you because of your recent loss of your son even though I am only a teenager.
May I share with you my favorite Bible text? Acts 24:15 says:"And I have hope toward God, which hope these men themselves also entertain, that there is going to be a resurection of the righteous". Almighty God is very loving because he cares for those who are not alive right now.

December 07, 2001
Looking at your sweet smile brings many tears to my eyes. God bless you and your family
December 03, 2001
I am a school teacher of children your age. I know how excited you must have been when you boarded that plane for your trip, and it is crushing that you were not able to complete that adventure. I wear your bracelet every day, and I've shared your story with my students. You were so very young, but you will not be forgotten. My students and I send our love and prayers to your family and friends.
November 17, 2001
Dear little angel,
I do not know you, yet the thought of you and your family occupied my thoughts continuously.
You are surely smiling down on all of us from heaven and comforting others around you.
May God bless you and your family, little one, for now you need to spread your wings and fly.
November 16, 2001
he will be out front with christ on
his return to save the good. AT night you can feel his love a warm
good feeling.evil can not take him from you never.
love to you
October 29, 2001
Heaven has another little angel and he is taking care of all people who love him. He'll always be near them.
Rodney, special angel, your story touched my heart, the heart of an Italian woman who's feeling so American now and prays God to help and support your family day after day.
October 23, 2001
My prayers and thoughts go out to your family and Rodney.
October 18, 2001
My deepest sympathies and prayers are with you and your family in these dark hours. I can not imagine loosing a child to such tragedy. But God is in control and little Rodney is in Heaven saying mom and dad I am fine-and I am watching out for you and the rest of the family until you come to be with me again.
October 18, 2001
My deepest and heartfelt sympathy goes out to your family. Let the Lord help you get through this pain. Losing a child is the worst thing a mother/family can go through. You have to remember that Rodney is in a better place and that he will always be with you, in your heart, mind and spirit. May God Bless you and May Rodney Rest in Peace. My Prays are with you.
October 16, 2001
I did not know Rodney but I do feel your pain. He is in a better place now and I know that it's hard for you and your family. Just stay prayerful and the Lord will bring your through.
October 12, 2001
Hope he had find peace where he is
my prayers are with the familly
October 10, 2001
Rodney, just a child forever with God. You are in my prayers
October 09, 2001
Words are inadequate to offer comfort to Rodney's family in this time of terrible loss and sadness. I do believe that "The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit" (Psalm 34:18). May the God whose own son was killed by evil men comfort you and be close to you now. May you be encouraged and strengthened by wonderful memories of Rodney and the love, fun and good times you shared. Rodney was a gift to you and you were gifts back to him.
October 08, 2001
Children are our gift from God, they are the most precious people in our lives. Our thoughts & prayers are with you. You will be in our hearts forever.
October 04, 2001
Dear Rodney, and family:

On behalf of all of the Firefighters and EMS responders at Station 18 in Mendham, NJ, I wish to express my condolences.

Your loss is one of great sorrow, so young. He is in no pain, he never was. He will forever be with you and is forever young.

God Bless,

Rob Kumpf
Engine Co. 1
Station 18
October 03, 2001
May God Bless you and keep you close in his heart. Your always in our thoughts and prayers.
September 30, 2001
September 28, 2001
i'm praying for rodneys family that they trust in god to get them through the hardest time in their life.
September 23, 2001
You're touched my heart in a special way that only our God knows. I never met you or your family but
somehow I feel a closeness to you in
my heart,and to your family. May you
be with our Lord and God almighty.

September 23, 2001
Children are so precious! I have a 12 year old boy. Rest assure now as he is in the great Heaven above and will be protected forever. God Bless your family.
September 22, 2001
our love and thoughts travel across the ocean to rodneys mum and dad and family, we also have a 11 year old son how precious they are .you are in our prayers .god bless chris chadwick australia
September 21, 2001
I didn't know you personally, but I'm sure your gift of presence was a blessing to all those around you. To those who did know him, may you feel the presence of God within your hearts and within your lives and I pray that Rodney will be the light that shines for you in the darkness. Bless the children.
September 21, 2001
My thoughts and prays are with you. May my God, Jehovah bring you peace and comfort in this time of your sorrow.
September 20, 2001
Rodney, I know nothing about, but believe me he has definitely touch and change my heart. I have an eleven year old and just to think it could have been him to lost life the way Rodney did,would be hurting. Since I know Jesus Christ, I know he gives strength,healing and has all powers in his hands.The family of this young angel keep your head up and stay firm with the Lord, he has the the key in his hands,God do not give you more than you can bear. Rodney is in a better place and considering living for Christ,you will see him once again.
September 19, 2001
Good-bye young man. I am truely sadden that children are being lost due to hate. May you now play in the playground in Heaven. May you walk hand in hand with the Lord. Godspeed Sweet Child.
Farewell Rodney....
September 19, 2001
September 18, 2001
God bless you Rodney and all the other children. Jesus especially loves the little children so I know you will be happy in heaven.
All my love sweetheart.
September 17, 2001
I read about Rodney in the Washington Post. I have an eleven year old daughter, so I have a good idea how excited he was about this trip to California. My heart goes out to his family and the families of the other children and teachers.
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