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June 17, 2014
Hi Mom,

Well, we have a little girl in the family now. Her name is Averie Willow and she is precious! We sure have beautiful babies in this family. She was born on May 20th. 6.6 and 19 inches long. Absolutely beautiful! I have had a ball buying pink. Haven't done that in over 16 years. It was time. Everyone is doing good. Lily has been a handful. I keep thinking back to when I was 17...bless you. I know what I put you through. So glad I had loving parents that stood by me. I plan on doing the same. You taught me well. I know I was more of a handful than she was so I am really lucky. Thank you for all you did for me and taught me. I have to say, I have some amazing girls who have chosen the right path to travel down. We all make mistakes, but we learn from them. That is life. Love you mom. Keep watching over all of us and keep singing to the babies. I know they hear you. That is why they smile when they sleep. Until next time...much love....6/17/14
May 14, 2014
Mushy, Mushy! will never forget you teaching me what this means in Japanese.
Just to say:
Happy Birthday Net, think about you all the time and wanted to say Happy Birthday to you. Keep all the family with you and give them all our love. I love and miss you so much. Hope to be with you again someday. Love, Nancy
May 13, 2014
Happy Birthday Mom!!!! Loving and missing you always!
May 10, 2014
Hi Mom,

Just checked and can't believe I haven't written anything since December. Everyone is doing ok. We are waiting on baby Girl to get here. Love my boys but so ready for a little girl to join the group. Saw Mandi today and bless her, she looks like she is ready to pop. She looks good though. Shae is doing good. Staying busy as always. Lily is doing well. Growing up way to fast. I can't believe she will be 18 in January and Graduating next June. She decided to go to college here for 2 years and Charlotte the other 2. She wants to go into education now. Isn't that something, three teachers. Who would have known....lol. Daddy is doing ok. He got to spend a few days in the hospital, but is doing much better now. Looks like we are going to have another winter to summer and skip spring again. You can really tell the difference in weather from the old days. At least we did see some snow and boy was there snow. I was actually ready to see it leave this time. Mainly I just wanted to say, Happy Mother's Day Mom.....still missing you and am sure I always will. Until next time...much love. 5/11/14
December 25, 2013
Merry Christmas Mom! Love and miss you. Guess what?? We are going to finally have a girl in the family! Love my boys, but was ready to buy something pink.Everyone is ecstatic. Shae made the cutest tutu and headband for her. Lily got her birth certificate in and cried when we gave it to her. I think it finally hit her that everything was final. She is officially ours, but then again, she always has been, just now, everything is finally official. You would be proud of all our girls. I have to say, I have 3 wonderful girls and 3 great grandsons. cant wait for our newest granddaughter to come into our lives. Please keep a watch on her and sing to her. I had our redeye gravy today for Christmas breakfast. It was good. Poor Shae didn't get to join us. She ended up with a stomach virus for Christmas. Bless her, she is feeling a little better tonight but looked rough earlier when were took their presents over. Didn't stay, just dropped them off. But at least all the kids had a good Christmas. I love you Mom, and again, Merry Christmas!
November 18, 2013
Thinking of you and missing you bunches.....Love you Mom!
November 16, 2013
Hi Mom,

It's November once again, 11 years since you left us. That seems so long ago in years but the feelings feel like yesterday. You are always on my mind but more so this time of year. Mandi told me about her dream. I told her it was you letting her know everything will be ok. Please continue watching over the new little baby we will be having in June. Sing to her/him and let her/him know they will be loved. We should know what s/he will be soon. maybe a she this time?? Either one is fine as long as s/he is healthy. I miss you mom and I will be thinking about you even more Monday, especially at 7:15. I will never forget that call. I use to take that day off but have decided to work. I just wanted to drop in and let you know you are weighing heavily on my mind and heart. I really, really miss you mom. Love eternity...me
September 24, 2013
HI Mom,

I know, it's been a while. Just wanted to stop by and say hello. I know you were there to meet Uncle Don. I am sure you are showing him all the fishing spots. He will be missed by all. The adoption finally came through!!! Samantha's name is now legally Lily and she is thrilled. I didn't realize all the paperwork we have to change. It is a bunch, but well worth it. Fall has just arrived. We really didn't have much of a summer. Heck, never got really hot enough to warm the pools around here. I'm not complaining though cause you know I don't like hot weather. We had a lot of rain over the summer. You would not have been very happy with the tomatoes around here. I have only had fried tomatoes twice this summer. That is horrible! You know we love our fired green tomatoes. I hope we have some snow. I always loved snow. It is so pretty when it falls and a mess when it melts, but that's ok, much better than just cold rain. Daddy is doing good, still keeping the roads hot. The boys are growing like weeds. You would be so proud of each one of them. They are so precious. The girls are doing good and are great moms, except for Lily and she has a while to go before she become ones. Lets get her graduated, college and Air Force first. I'm waiting to see how many times she changes her mind on what she wants to be. So far it has changed twice and still undecided. I told her what ever she decided, to make sure it is something she will enjoy doing. Anyway, had you on my mind. Sorry I have been slack in writing, but regardless, you are always on my mind and I think of you all the time. Give Don a big hug from me and his girls and tell him to watch over them all as he always has. They are having a rough time and that is understandable, but they know he is with them. Love you bunches Mom and until the next time........
May 13, 2013
Happy Birthday Sis! I can not believe you have been gone from us here. But I know where you are in Heaven and I will see you again someday and we will make up for all the loss time. I have alot to tell you. I love you and it seems like yesterday that we last talked. Keep looking down on us and take care of the family. We love you.See you soon. Nancy
May 13, 2013
Happy Birthday Momma. I love you!!!!!
May 12, 2013
Hi Mom,

Just wanted to stop in and say Happy Mother's Day. Miss and love you very, very much. Hard to believe it has been 10 years. Seems like forever since I last spoke to you. Just know you are on my mind today and everyday. I love you!
December 26, 2012
Hi Mom,

Just wanted to say Merry Christmas and thought of you today. We had our traditional breakfast with some redeye gravy. We all miss you very much and you are always in our hearts. Love you lots!!!
November 19, 2012
Mushy,Mushy..I got this reminder and it has been a long 10 years. Not keing able to talk to you and hear you wonderful laughter. You see I am sure of the wonderful grandchildren that you have, they are the cutest little boys. The girls have grown up to be great mothers and I know you are so pleased. Mom is still doing good most of the time but she has her bad days and we talk of you all the time. I was watching a video of the family and there you were in all your Glory playing the guitar at Christmas...oh what a great time we used to have...I miss you so much and I love you and I know I will see you again in another life. So keep an eye on us Sweet Sister and I look forward to seeing you soon. Love you forever and never forget. Nancy
November 17, 2012
Hey Mom,

Just wanted to check in and let you know I am thinking of you today. It's been 10 years since you left us, feels like a lifetime. I still have my moments on this day, but doing better. I decided that you would want me to celebrate my Birthday instead of thinking of your death on this day. I usually take some time to myself and then go on with the day. I still look for my hawk in the sky and know you are looking down on us. I miss you mom, just as much as the day you left. Just know that you are always in all are hearts....always. I love you mom, until next time.......11/18/2012
May 12, 2012
Happy Mother's Day and Happy Birthday Momma. Just wanted to know that I am thinking of you. I miss you a lot, but I feel you around me all the time which gives me much comfort. I see you when I look in the mirror and when I look in the eyes of our children and grandchildren. Your rose bush bloomed this year. I thought it had died when it got sprayed, but it came back. I am trying to figure out how to get a cutting off it and plant some more but you know how I am with plants. Anyway mom, I will be thinking of you today. Wish you were here to talk to. I miss that so much. I love you Mom, till next time.........5/13/2012
January 18, 2012
Hi Mom,
Well,it is a New year. I sure wish you were here to talk to. I really miss you. Everyone is doing good. The holidays were good. I always enjoy Christmas breakfast and yes I had country ham and red eye gravy, even though I am the only one that eats the gravy. That was our tradition and it will always be on the menu. Maybe I can get one of the grandbabies hooked on it! My best chance will be Karter. He isn't as picky as Phoenix or Houston. Boy that Houston looks a lot like Davey. He definitely carries the Thornburg genes. Daddy is still staying busy. I am glad cause as long as he is busy, he is doing good and staying healthy. Anyway, just wanted to check in and say hello. Got some surgery coming up. I know you will be watching over me. Love you and miss you a lot...until next time.
November 18, 2011
Hi Mom,
Just wanted to write a note to let you know I am thinking about you today. Course, I think about you all the time, but today expecially. Everyone is doing well. The grandsons are super cute and growing really fast. Love my little boys. The girls are doing really well. Shae is going for her Doctrine, Mandi is finishing up college and Lily is going to a great school and growing up super fast. You would be proud of your girls and grandbabies! Daddy is doing well. He stays busy which I think is good for him. He and Lily are very close. She sure loves her Paw and he loves her. He spoils her rotten, but then again, we all do. She is really a good kid though. She has some big goals and hopefully working toward them. Boy, your trees have sure grown. I love those trees. We call them "the granny trees". It is starting to get cold again. I hope it snows more this winter. I love watching it snow. Something about it is exciting but yet so peaceful. Anyway, I love you Mom and miss you bunches. I will write again soon..........11/18/2011
May 13, 2011
Happy Birthday Momma!!!! I love and miss you very much!!!
May 08, 2011
Happy Mother's Day Momma!!!! I sure do miss you! Thank you for being such a great mother and friend. You never knew how much I appreciated everything you did for me....then again, maybe you did. We sure did raise some beautiful girls didn't we? I wish you were around to see these boys. You would be so proud of them. They are my heart. I look at them and can see a little bit of all of us in them. It is really amazing. My heart will be filled with you today Momma. I love you and miss you very much.
March 04, 2011
Hi Mom,

Just wanted to say hello. I am so ready for Spring. I love seeing the flower bloom. You should see your snowball bush, it is so big. Looks like a tree instead of a bush. I think our sweet bubby bush has finally died out. I will have to check on it again after Spring gets here to see if there is any saving it. The boys are all doing good. They are growing like weeds. Phoenix & Houston have their little dirt bikes riding them. Phoenix reminds me of Davey. He is our little dare devil. Houston is the brainy one and I think Karter is going to be a brainy child. He loves checking things out. He is starting to walk now. Still doesn't have any teeth. Lilly is growing up to be a beautiful girl, but of course all my girls are beautiful. I am proud of all of them. Daddy is doing ok. He gave us a scare last month, but he is doing much better. He stays on the go all the time, which I really think is good for him as long as he doesn't overdo it. I love you Mom and miss you like crazy. Until next time.....
December 25, 2010
Merry Christmas Mom! Today was a good day. We had our traditional breakfast with the family. We have had a few more join us for breakfast this year and all had a blast. I love watching the boys get all excited over gifts. This was Karter's first Christmas and as always he was a joy. He is such a happy boy. The final topper was the snow. Can you believe it, we finally had a white Christmas. It was a little late getting here, but it came. I remember it snowing a long time ago when I was small...I think around 7 or 8. It is really pretty out there. I made a coconut cake this year. This is the first one I have made since me & you made one. I remember we always made one for Christmas. It turned out pretty good. I had a piece for you. Thank you mom for everything you taught me. I hope I can pass it all down to my girls and their boys. I know you are so proud of them and are smiling down on them. As always, I miss you mom and love you very much....until next time....
November 15, 2010
Hey Sis, I can not believe you have been gone this long. Mom is doing ok, but others, not so good. Me, I am deeply worried about things I can not change and just hope God will take care of everything. Willie stop by to see me, and we sat on the porch and talked about old times, fishing, kids, grandkids and everything that came to mind. You know me and Willie, our mouths are big. But my body past that size months ago. I miss you so much, and I just think you are our of town and I will see you again soon. Take care and watch over everybody. And I hope to write again soon. I wrote you a couple months back but it did not show here, but I know you were right there reading beside me.
Love you forver, Nancy
November 12, 2010
Hi Mom,

I am writing you early because I will not be around a computer on the 18th. Well, it will be eight years since I last saw you. It feels like an eternity. Sometimes it seems like time flies by, but with you it seems like you have been gone for many, many years. I know you are watching over us. I will be leaving for my sabbatical this week. Course I do it every year. I just like taking this time out and getting away from everything. I will be thinking of you on the 18th. I always do. Mom, I really wish you were here to see your great- grandbabies. They are so handsome. We finally got our little redhead and he is adorable. Karter is just a happy little boy who grins and giggles at everything. Phoenix and Houston are growing up to be handsome little men. I have been truly blessed with wonderful grandbabies. My girls are the best too. I know every mother says that about their children, but I am so proud of all three of them. They are all so beautiful and smart. Again, I am blessed. I love you Mom and miss you very much...until next time.
September 26, 2010
Hi Mom,

Thanks for watching over me during my surgery. All went well. I have had you on my mind and just wanted to check in.Everyone is doing fine. The boys are being boys, as in getting into things that little boys do. I am glad I had all girls. Boys seem to get hurt more..lol. Karter is just precious. I just want to eat him up every time I see him. I do love being a mamaw. That is the best think about getting older. Well, my big 50 is coming up in a couple of months. Not sure how I feel about being a half century old. I guess it is a good thing or I wouldn't be writing this. Daddy is doing good. Please continue to keep watching over him. We all love you and miss you so much. I really miss asking you questions and letting you help me figure things out.I really miss our talks. Well, time to go for now. I will talk to you later mom and as always, I love you!
June 23, 2010
Hi Mom,

Just wanted to say hello and to remind you to watch over me tomorrow during surgery. Just a little bit nervous here. I also wanted to let you know...Karter has the prettiest red hair. He is precious. I love watching Mandi be a Mom. I think she appreciates mothers more now. She is doing really well, spoiling him rotten. Phoenix & Houston are growing like crazy. They are all boy too. You should see them on their motorcycles. Reminds me of me and Davey growing up. You can tell they belong to this family. Shae and Samantha AKA Lilly are doing great. Shae and Mandi both have grown into beautiful, smart women and Lilly is following right behind them. I am really proud of all of them. Daddy is doing great. Can't keep him down. I am glad he is keeping himself busy. I think it is good for him. James is doing great. I found a Gem when I found him. He is my hubby and best friend. Anyway, watch over me tomorrow and as always, I love and miss you Mom.

May 14, 2010
Happy Birthday girl. Thinking about you alot lately, now you have Judy with you, please take care of my little sister, I really, really miss her too. I love you all, so now the ball team is there and they have half of the cheerleaders. Go God. I love you.
May 13, 2010
Happy Birthday Momma! I love you and miss you so very much. Really thinking a lot about you today.
I Love you!

May 09, 2010
Hi Mom,

Happy Mother's Day. This year will be a little more special cause we have another mother in the family. Mandi Had Karter on May 2. He is beautiful, head full of hair. Right now he has a little red in it. He is beautiful! Can you imagine we have 3 boys in the family now? I had the girls and my girls are having the boys. I miss you mom and as always thinking of you, just more so today. I love you Mom!
March 15, 2010
Hi Mom,

I have you on my mind and wanted to say hello. I was reading some of the first messages put on here and had a good cry. I noticed in a few letters where it was stated that Samantha was 6 years old, now she is 13. On another one it was said that Mandi was 16, now she is 22, married and having her first child. She is having a little boy and his name is Karter. She is due just after your birthday. I think she will make a super mom. I wish you could be here to see your great-grandsons. They are the best and are all boy. Phoenix is 5 and told his mom he has seen you before. Said you were in his room a couple of times. He is a mess. Houston is 3 and is more serious than Phoenix. He studies things and loves to play ball. Any kind of ball. The funny thing is that he is really good. Shae has them playing all kind of sports. They just finished up basketball and are starting T-ball soon. I truly love being a Grandma. You really seem to enjoy life more as a grandmother. I guess you are so busy when you are younger, you don't get to enjoy kids like you should. I love listening to their little stories and watching the expressions on their face when they tell them. They are some amazing boys and my daughters are some amazing girls. You would be proud of all of them. As usual, I love you and miss you so much...until next time....

December 25, 2009
Hi Mom,

Just wanted to stop in and tell you Merry Christmas. You will be in our thoughts and hearts today. We are doing our traditional Christmas breakfast. The boys are excited about Santa. We have another little angel joining our family. Please watch over him and sing to him like you did to Phoenix & Houston. We love you mom and miss you so much.......Love you..Genie
November 26, 2009
Happy Thanksgiving Mom, We miss you!!!!
I love you!!!!
November 20, 2009
Hey Sis, I know , don't fuss, I have not sent you a note in a long while, but this time of the year always brings up the old memories. I miss you so much and yes we are hanging in there. I hope you are taking care of my bro's up there. They left me too soon just like you did. But I know you are all together. I talk of you all the time with Mom, it is just like you are in Alaska to us. We are waiting on that home coming so we can all be together. Keep watch over us all, remember you are never forgotten. Much Love, Nancy
November 12, 2009
Hi Mom,

Well we are coming up on the seven year mark. Sometimes it seems like last month. Even though it does get easier, the pain still stays. I can still remember everything that was done and said that day when it happened. I did decide that this year I was going to take back my birthday. I know you wouldn't want me to feel bad on it anyway. I am just gonna have to remember all the good days instead of that one bad one. You never really know how many you have left so better enjoy all you can. I am sure you know about the new grand baby coming. I am pulling for a girl but a boy will be fine too. I need to buy pink...lol. Samantha is growing up to be a smart, pretty young lady. We are really proud of her. I hope she keeps on this road in life. Course you know I AM crazy about my boys. I tell you, I could eat them right up. I get so tickled watching Shae run after them. They are all boy. We are getting ready to head out on vacation. That is one reason I wanted to write early. I know I wouldn't be around a computer on that day. Right now it is cold and rainy and Christmas is just around the corner. Mom, keep an eye over all my babies and watch over our newest little angel to come. I am sure she would love to hear you sing to her. I truly believe the innocents can see and hear the angles sing and you are definitely an angel. I love you mom and until next time.....
May 13, 2009
Hi Mom,

Just wanted to stop in and tell you Happy Birthday!!!! We all miss and love you very much....Genie
May 10, 2009

I just wanted to tell you Happy Mother's Day! I miss you so much. Your Birthday is coming up in a couple days too. I know you always hated having Mother's Day and your B-day on the same day. You felt cheated. We always had to make sure and get two separate presents. I know you are looking over us. They say children can see angels. Phoenix told his mom one day when he come out of his room that he had been talking to his granny. When Shae asked which granny, he said the one with the wings. Then one day at Brent's he picked up the phone trying to dial it and when Brent asked him who he was calling, he said his granny, that she was at his house. I take comfort in knowing you are watching over all of us. I have to say that I love being a grandma. Those boys of mine can just melt your heart. There is nothing like going to see them and they run up and give you a big hug and a kiss, man I love those boys. Anyway Mom, just know that you are always in my heart and especially today. I love you Mom.
January 10, 2009
Hi Mom,

Well another New Year has come upon us. Seems like Christmas just flew by for some reason. We had our usual Christmas breakfast. I always have our red eye gravy. I think I am the only one that eats it now, but that's ok. I love it. We had mamaw's 90th Birthday party today. I hope I am doing as good as her at 90. We had a surprise party party for her. After the initial shock, she started dancing. She is a hoot.Everyone here is doing good. The boys are growing like weeds and are ALL boy. They keep Shae hopping. They are precious and I wouldn't trade them for the world. Sam is growing up too. She is a regular little lady now. I know I will have my hands full....again. I wish you were here to help me. You were always there for me with Shae and Mandi. I really am proud of our family and I know you would be. I just wanted to check in and say hello. I will write again later on. Keep looking over us Mom, and as always...I love and miss you.
November 24, 2008
Hey old girl, I am about to catch up with you, just turned 60 in Oct. And I know you would love to be here to rub that in alittle bit. Still feel 40, but alot happier. I missed your birthday again this year, but I never will forget you. We all missed you but I know you are in a better place. I was looking at some of my pictures and there you and Penny were playing your guitars. What a memory. I remember that song in 2 notes.....I miss and love you. And I hope I will be seeing you in the future. Love, Nancy
November 23, 2008
Hi mom,

Well another year has gone by. I didn't get to write on the 18th since I was out of town, but you sure were on my mind. It seems like the least little thing brought little memories flooding in. That's ok though, they were nice memories. I really think it is going to be a cold winter this year. I hope we see a lot of snow. It would be great if it actually snowed on Christmas. Speaking of which, the holidays are coming up fast We are going to do our own thing this Thanksgiving. Daddy gets really tired when we meet there so this year, I am going to cook a little something and he is coming here to eat. The girls have their own family now and are usually run ragged so we are just going to chill. We are still doing our Christmas breakfast though. That is one thing I do insist on. Course we have it at Shae's because of the boys. It works out really good that way. She has more room too. The boys are really growing. You would be so proud of them. I absolutely love being "mamaw". They are such joys, it is really hard to explain. Mom, I really do miss you. Not a day goes by that I don't think about you. I will write to you later and as always, I love you forever.....Genie
September 10, 2008
Hi Mom,
I know it has been a while since I have written you, but you are always on my mind. I wanted to write to tell you just how special your great grandsons are. I know how you felt about Shae and Mandi now. Phoenix and Houston are just so special. It is really hard to describe the feelings those two boys give me. When I look at them, they are just so beautiful and their personalities are so special. I love seeing little bits of Shae and Stevie along with their own little personalities. I even see us in them. They really are so precious and I love being "mamaw". Samantha is really growing up to be a pretty girl. She is in middle school now and loves it. I was a little worried about the transition but she is doing great. I love you mom and miss you. I don't care how long you have been gone, I still miss you as much as the day you left.
May 13, 2008
Happy Birthday Momma!

I have had you on my mind all day today. I wish you were still here. I really miss you a lot. I love you mom...Genie
May 11, 2008
Hi Mom,
Happy Mother's day. You're birthday is in two days. Mandi graduated Thursday night. I know you would have been proud of her. She really missed you not being there and you were on all our minds. The flowers are blooming like crazy. Sam picked some earlier in the week and James warned her you would be mad...lol. You always did get on us for picking them but it never stopped us from doing it. We just have to pick those first flowers. Your trees have really grown. We still miss you mom, but of course we always will. I love you mom. Happy Mother's Day.
January 01, 2008
Hi Mom,

Just wanted to say Happy New Year. I hope this is a good year. Last year wasn't to bad for us.
So far every thing is starting off well. I finally get to go back to my office job, 8-5 Mon - Fri. I am ecstatic about that. Daddy is doing good. James, Shae, Mandi & Samantha are all doing good and of course Phoenix and Houston are just little joys. Phoenix reminds me of Davey. He is a little dare devil. I think Shae is in for a lot of broken bones with him. Houston is more studious. He studies everything and is very smart. I do love my boys. As usual, I wish you were here with us. I do miss you very much and I love you very much. Keep watching over us. I love you Mom!
December 25, 2007
Hi Mom,
Well, another Christmas has come. I wish you were here. We are doing our regular Christmas breakfast that we always do. I think I am the only one who likes red eye gravy now. It was me and you. I am going to slip Houston and Phoenix some. Gotta have one of my boys to carry on the tradition. I have a feeling it will be Houston. He will eat almost everything you put in front of him. He is our little piggy, but a cute little piggy. We have an early day but then we will come home and take our usual Christmas nap. I really do miss you mom and I think Nancy was pretty much right when she said I would never get over loosing you. I never will, a part of me died when you did. But on an upside, looking at Shae and her boys and Mandi, I still see you here. I will always have that part. Again, Merry Christmas mom and I love you!!!!!!
December 13, 2007
Dear sister in law. Christmas will soon be here and I wanted to tell you that I think of you each day, everytime I see a guitar or see an Asian,Think that I have nothing to cook (as you could always make a meal out of nothing) and everytime I get a mail from Geni. I really miss our talks and our Trivia games, I just miss it all, but we are all getting older and I know soon I hope I will be up there with you and we can talk like crazy. I have learned a few things these last few years so I might even beat you in Triva Pursuit. Think of us during this glorious season, when the son of God was born, and praise God for bringing us all together as a family. I love you, Nancy
November 20, 2007
Hey Sister in Law, or Sis, was my better name for you. Just remembered you on your birthday and wated to say how much we all miss you. I really,really miss you.You were my sister,buddy,confidant and mother at times, and I really miss our talks. I know you hear me when I talk to you but no one knows that because they all think I am crazy anyway. I am praying for Genie and willie, I do not think they will ever get over you not being here. Keep watch over me. Much love my angel. Nancy
November 18, 2007
Hi Mom,

Another year has gone by now, this makes 5. I still miss you terribly. We just got back into town from our cruise. This has kinda become a routine vacation for us. I like to get away this time of month. Just to many bad memories. Seems I am always home on the 18th though. Guess I feel like I need to be around for daddy and since it is my birthday too, for the kids. This is such a bitter sweet day. I usually go through the motions of a birthday for Samantha. You know how we always celebrated our birthdays and made a big deal out of them. She thinks I need to do that on mine. Sometimes it does help. I just dread worrying that I will wake up at 7:15 am. I will never forget that time nor the words I heard daddy say on the phone. I remember running barefoot in the frost as fast as I could go to the house. James beat me up there, daddy was on the phone with 911, James met me in the hall and told me you were gone. I was still going back there. Nothing they could say would stop me. It wasn't until I saw you, saw the look in your eyes and knew you were no longer there, would I believe that you were gone. All my training and nothing I could do, nothing. Life can truly be unfair sometimes, but life can also bring so much joy too. You just have to look around and see it with wide open eyes. I miss you and love you so much mom. I love you!!!!
October 21, 2007
Hi Mom,

Tis I. I have been wanting to write for a while now, just never got to it. Seems life is just passing me by right now. Ever since I was "Temporarily" put in the comm center to work 11-11 about a year and a half ago, I have no sense of time. I have missed two summers and didn't even know this summer was over till someone at work mentioned it being the first day of fall. I don't know if it is the job, or the timing but I have been so depressed lately. Just seems like I have no life. If they don't give me my position back soon, and I am waiting until after the New Year, I am going to look for another job. I know I will take a pay cut, but ya know, If I am not around to enjoy my life, what is money anyway? You know I hate this coming up month anyway. I just stay so tired all the time mom. I use to like my job, now I hate going in. All I do is come home, sleep and go back to work. The 11-11 shift is a killer, always busy, no down time. I miss being at home in the afternoon with my family and enjoying weekends off. I will just have to see what happens in January. I know they need me back in the office because we are getting so far behind and I have heard them mention they were hoping to bring me back really soon. I think a year and almost going on 2 is long enough. I did want to say thank you for the kitten. Things like that is what makes you know there is so much more out there. I knew Sam was wanting another kitten. We all missed Thomas and wanted another Cat. I started thinking about getting her one for Christmas. I thought maybe a long haired Siamese. It was so weird the day she came in with this "ugly" kitten. She told me she had found it in the tree you and I had planted. It was a mixed color calico and I mean mixed. The kitten came in, started walking around like she knew everyone and everything in the house. Was purring like a boat motor and was just so loving. We all fell in love with her immediately. She is so precious. When we look at her now, she is just the cutest kitten ever. We know you sent her to us. It was to much of a coincidence that she was found in our tree, was so loving and seemed to have been here before. Thank you mom, we all love her. Of course I miss you. I think of you everyday and this month and next month most of all. I remember the day you died, every moment, everything that was said. It's like I can see it play out each time I think of that day. I hate that day. I wish I could dream more about you, good dreams. The only one I have ever had was the one were you had left us and we were trying to get you home, but you wouldn't come back. Like you abandoned us. That abandonment felt so real. I know where the dream came from, I understand that. I just don't understand why I can't have good dreams. But anyway, I have written a book so I better sign off. I wish you were here for me to talk to mom. I really need and miss you. There is no one that I can really talk to that would really understand what I am really saying so I just don't talk about it. And I am smart enough to know that isn't good for you. I will get through it. I always do. I just think of my Hawk watching over me and I feel comfort. I love you Mom and miss you terribly.
June 24, 2007
Hi Mom,

Well, Mandi got married yesterday. She looked so pretty, course she always was a pretty girl anyway. The wedding was really pretty. They showed a power point presentation with pictures and of course one of you, Shae and Mandi came up. I think we all lost it at that point. I know me and Shae did. We all missed you being there so much. I know, you were there in spirit, but it just isn't the same. We finally did get a fifth generation picture done. It turned out pretty good. We also did the catering. Let me tell you, that is a job, specially when you are the mother and step father of the bride and have to be in two places at one time. It turned out pretty well though. We did get a catering job offer...lol. They are heading off to the beach today for their honeymoon. I just want to stay home and put my poor feet up. I am just glad we were able to give her the wedding she wanted. Only one more to go and that will be a long way off. We have already told her we are all going on a cruise to get her married. It would be so much easier..lol..so we are prepping her now. I love you Mom, and I know you are so proud of your granddaughters and your great-grandsons. They are the best. I love you and miss you very much.....Genie
May 12, 2007
Hi Mom,

It's me. I just wanted to say Happy Mother's Day to the best mother anyone could have and Happy Birthday. I know, You always hated it when they were on the same day. You always said you got cheated....lol. I just wanted to let you know I was thinking of you as usual and that I miss you so very much. Daddy is keeping me busy keeping him straight. I am having a time figuring out what test he is having on what day and him giving me the right answers. I think we have it all straightened out right now. We just have that one we need to watch and get a follow up on. Mandi will be getting married next month. I know you will be there watching her. I just want her to be happy. Samantha is still baby sitting paw...lol. She keeps him going.Shae and all her gang are doing good. The boy's are just little dolls. They are my little angles. That is about it on the size up. Oh yea, James and I stopped smoking. That was my gift to you this year. I know you wanted me to so we both stopped. Again, Happy Mother's Day and Happy Birthday!!!! I love and miss you very much.......Genie
February 20, 2007
Hi Mom,

Me again. I wrote you about three weeks ago but I noticed it is not on here. Boy, it has been cold, plus my old bones can't handle the weather like it use to. Everyone here is doing great. Daddy is doing wonderful. The doc gave us very good news. As you know that had us all worried. Of course none of us would show it as to not upset each other. Sometimes I think this family tries to be way to strong. I know I do. Mandi is doing good. She should finish up school by the fall and is getting married in June. The babies are doing great and are just adorable. they bring sunshine into all our lives. Shae and Stevie are doing good and so are me and James. I have just been working way to hard. Hopefully soon, I will get back to my regular job and hours. Anyway, I just wanted to say hello and make sure this one posts. I love you mom.
November 18, 2006
Hi Mom,

It's me. Well, another year has gone by. This will be year 4 without you. I skipped town this year and just got in tonight. The first thing I needed to do was write to you to let you know that I remember. I saw my hawk when I left so I knew you were watching over us on our trip. We had a good time but I am glad to be home. I worry about to much when I am away. I think the trip did me some good though. November is not one of my favorite months ya know. I know you will be with us Thanksgiving, you always are. On another note, you would be so proud of your grandsons...they are precious. Phoenix has gotten Shae's temper and is looking more like her now. He is so funny when he pouts, he just walks around and mumbles in baby talk looking back at you every now and then. Houston is a doll. His looks favors you, has the round face, chubby and a head full of dark hair. I love them both so much. I know you are so proud of them. Well, I guess I better sign off for now. Just know you are in my heart and always will be. I love you Mom!
August 25, 2006
Hi Mom,
Well, Houston is here and he is just precious. Thank you for watching over him and Shae. Phoenix is growing so fast. He is such a little man now. Keep a watch over daddy. He keeps getting this dang pnuemonia which is holding up his surgery. I don't know which is worse, the worry of why he keeps getting pnuemonia or the worry of the surgery. I think I will go with the surgery. The last time someone had surgery...well, I won't go into that, but we both know. I won't stop worrying till he has it and is back on the go again. Sam is getting ready for school. She got the teacher she wanted. Mandi is engaged. She is getting married this coming June after she graduates college. I guess I have to say we all did good raising them. As for me, I am so ready to retire...like that is going to happen any time soon.Keep singing in Phoenix's and Houston's ear. I know they can here you. I love you mom and still miss you terribly. Until later.....I love you!
May 13, 2006
Hi Mom,

Just wanted to write and say Happy Birthday. Seems May is going to be a busy month this year. Daddy has his surgery on the 23rd and I know you will be right there watching over him. Everyone is doing ok. Don't know if I said before in my other letter, but Shae is having another boy, so I will have another precious grandson. We are all excited. As always mom, I miss you and again, Happy Birthday. I love you!
April 22, 2006
Hi Mom,
As you know, daddy's test results didn't come out very well. Please watch over him and let the doctors get everything. As you know, Shae is having a boy. She is tickled to death. I am too, got another little person in my life to love. You would be so proud of Phoenix. He is just a mess...all boy, with Shae's temper. I could just squeeze him sometimes. He still doesn't care for me, but I know he will in time. Just makes me want to aggravate him even more. Right now he is into the man thing. He likes men better than women. Shae is doing really good. She looks good. Mandi is still going to college and seems to be doing well. Sam is growing like a weed. Just becoming a little lady. She is daddy's buddy. She loves her Paw and he loves her. I am doing good too I guess. Just working a lot. I really just wanted to ask you to watch over daddy and help him make it through all of this. I love you mom, until next time.
April 04, 2006
Hi Mom,

Spring is here. Your golden rods are up everywhere. My granny trees are much bigger this year, but I need to trim them in the fall. For some reason all the branches are growing straight up. I saw a hawk today flying around at work. Figured you had come to tell me to get on here and write,so here I am. Well, I told you and I know you knew anyway that Shae was going to bring us another bundle of Joy. She found out yesterday that it is going to be a boy. She was tickled to death and so am I. I did ask if I could buy him something pink, of course she told me "NO". Mandi is engaged and planning to get married next June after she graduates. She was glad Shae was having a boy too. She said finally she could do something before Shae....hopefully having a girl.You would like her fiancee, Jamie. He is a really nice boy and seems to love her to death. I just hope he knows he will have his hands full.Daddy is doing ok. He had to have a few test done and we are waiting on the results. I know you are watching over all of us. Sing to our newest little one. Speaking of little one, I know you are so proud of Phoenix. Lord, that child is spoiled and won't have a thing to do with me. I guess that is my payback for how mine was with you at first. That's ok, as long as he loves me as much as mine love you, I can wait.I still and always miss you mom. There are times I am just riding a lone in my car or see and smell something that reminds me of you. It makes my heart heavy when I do that. They say you get over things and the pain lessons, but I don't think so. I still miss and hurt as much as the day you left and the memories of that day are still very clear. Shae dreams about you a lot. I have only had one and it was about you leaving us and we couldn't find you and didn't know why you left.Anyway, I still miss you terribly and wish you were here with us. Until next time, I love you momma.
January 02, 2006
Hi Mom,

Just wanted to say Happy New Year! Now that we know Shae is going to be a new mom again, I just want to ask you to watch over her and the little one like you did her and Phoenix. I would sure like a hint as to if it is a boy or a girl. I have a gut feeling a girl but it is to early to tell. I would like to order red hair for this one too if it is, just kidding. As long as s/he is healthy is all that matters. Just sing to her/he like you did Phoenix. He is such a special little fellow. We just love him so much. I will write to you later, just wanted to say hello and let you know to keep on being our guardian angel. I love you mom!
December 25, 2005
Hi Mom,
Well, another Christmas has come and gone. this year we went to Shae's for breakfast. We all had a nice time but we missed you. I had some red-eye gravy for us. I think you and I are the only ones that ate it.Seems we have another little angel coming. Shae told me right before Christmas. I think it is great! Please watch over this one like you did little Phoenix. He is a gem. Hard to believe you can love something or someone in such a short period of time that much, but we do. Are you still singing to him? I hope so and now you can sing to our new little angel. I hope Big Cat is up there running around with Bessie. She was a good cat. Hard to believe she was 15 years old, but she had a good life. Tell everyone up there we said hello and Merry Christmas. Mom, as always, I miss you and love you very much. Talk to you later. Love, genie
November 18, 2005
Well sister-in-law it has been 3 years today that I got the call that you had left us. If you only knew how much you are missed. I think about you alot but today you were really on my mind. As you probably can see as you look down on us that things are't going well with Scott and Juanita. I guess all we can do is take one day at a time and hope for the best. I saw Sam a few weeks ago and she is so pretty. The first thing she asked was where is Grandma Adams. She always loved mama. Well guess I will close for now but will write more later.

Big Linda
November 18, 2005
Hi Mom,

Well, it has been three years since you left us as of today. Seems like you have been gone a life time for me. We are having a late fall and the leaves are still changing. It is so beautiful. I remember how we would go on our lunches and look at them. I still love the red maples the best. They are so pretty when they turn blood red. I think I am going to plant a couple for you this year for mother's day. Your pear tree's I planted are doing good. I need to trim the tops though so they will spread out. We call them our Granny Trees. I just wanted to let you know that you are on my mind as you always are and that I love and miss you very much. I will write to you later mom....and I love you!!!!
September 27, 2005
Hi Mom,
Well Fall is here. The trees haven't started turning good yet and as a matter of fact still really warm outside. You should see Phoenix. He is a little angel. Just happy as can be, but I see some of Shae's attitude in him. But, that is a good thing. It seems to have gotten her where she is now, so I would definatly say a good thing. Now Mandi, I have no idea what I am gona do with her. Please just watch over her until she can decide where she wants to take her life. She wants to be an adult so bad but just doesn't like what goes with it. Strange how we all want to be grown up when we are young, then we smarten up and want to be young again with no worries. Keep a eye on daddy too. His red blood count is up. It jumped about 2000 points higher than what it was. Of course he has no cares, but then that is what I am for.....I just worry. I saw a hawk the other week circling around. I figured it was you telling me you were still watching over us. Take care mom and I will write to you soon. Just had you on my mind (always do) and wanted to say hello. I love you and miss you!
June 02, 2005
Hey Mom,

Well,we buried Bessie today. I feel like I lost another piece of my heart. Please take good care of her up there. At least I know she is not in pain and can be free. I really am going to miss her. She was part of our family for a long time and showed us a lot of love. I love you mom and give Bessie a big hug.
May 21, 2005
Hi Mom,
Well Mandi is a graduate now. I know you are so proud of her, I sure am. She looked so pretty and grown up. I guess you can say, my baby isn't a baby anymore. Na, she will always be my baby. Mom, watch over her and help her make the right choices as she decides what roads to take. Daddy held Phoenix for the first time today. I got the sweetest picture of them. Phonex looks like he is carrying on a conversation with him and just a grinning. He is such a joy. He has things about him that looks like all of us. I know you were there today watching and were very proud. I just wish you could have been there in body too. We miss you! I love you mom!
May 14, 2005
Hi Mom,
Just wanted to say Happy Birthday. I know it was yesterday but didn't get a chance to write. You would have been 70. I love you Mom and Happy belated Birthday!
May 08, 2005
Hi Mom,
Just wanted to say Happy Mother's Day. It came early this year. Usually comes on your birthday. I really miss you mom and think about you a lot. That will never stop. I know I will always miss you and you're always on my mind. I just wanted to tell you how lucky I am to have had a mother like you. I hope I will always make you proud. I love you mom, Happy Mother's Day!
March 25, 2005
Hi Mom,

Well, it is Spring again. The Goldenrods and Bradford Pears are in full bloom. Your trees out front are blooming too. They are still small but just a blooming. You have been on my mind a lot these days so I thought I would write. You would be so proud of Shae, Mandi and Samantha. Shae is doing great and is a good mom. Phoenix is a joy. He is so adorable. Mandi will be graduating in a couple of months. I know you will be watching her walk a cross the stage. She is a beautiful young woman now. Still doesn't matter how old they are, they will always be my babies. Samantha is still picking your flowers. We always tell her you are watching her and she just grins and says, "I know". Daddy is doing good too. He pretty much does his own thing. I am glad too, I just want him to be happy. I just wanted to say hello and to let you know I haven't forgotten you, but of course you know that. I could never forget you. I see you everyday, in me, in Shae,Mandi and Phoenix. You will always live in our hearts. Keep singing to Phoenix and watching over us all. I will write again soon. I love you mom!
February 05, 2005
Hi Mom,
I just wanted to say thank you for watching over Shae and little Phoenix. We were worried for a little bit, but I never forgot that you were there to protect them both. Phoenix is beautiful. I know you are so proud.I hope you were whispering "Stewball" in his ear. Remember, you use to sing it to Shae and Mandi when they were babys? I don't know why that song, but they seemed to like it. They say that baby's can hear angels sing, so I know he can hear you. Sing to him all the time. He sure knows when I have him. He crys like Shae and Mandi did when you use to pick them up when they were babys. That's ok though, I know how much they love you and hopefully he will love me like that. He is just so sweet. Gosh, Mandi just turned 18 and is just beautiful. She is really doing good. I am really proud of her. Of course she still has he moments, but she is a gem. Samantha just turned 8 and is a card. She is just to smart for her own good, but she is special. She talks about you all the time. We all miss you mom and always will. I see so much of you in me as I get older and I cherish it with all my heart. Until next time.....I love you!!!!!!
December 25, 2004

A man who was in his 40's had a uncle whom he hadn't seen since he was 4 years old. He loved his uncle very much. Supposedly his uncle defected to North Korea during the war, but he never believed this was true. The family went for 38 years not knowing if this uncle was dead or alive. Finally 2 years ago, they found out not only was he alive, but had a family and was coming to Japan under circumstances of it's own. This man traveled to Japan in July in hopes of seeing his uncle. These hopes were crushed under the red tape of politics. Then again, when it seemed the politics were over, he and his wife traveled back in December. Before he left, his 8 year old granddaughter told him,"Papaw, I wish that you get to see your uncle this time. That would make a good present, wouldn't it papaw?" He told her,"Yes baby, it sure would. It would be the best Christmas ever." They went to Japan only to find they would not be seeing him yet once again. One good thing did happen while they were there that had been a goal of theirs. This man did call his brother and sisters. This was the happy part of the trip. They returned home to prepare for the Christmas Holidays that were coming up at the end of the week. On Christmas eve, while his wife was cooking and he and his granddaughter were watching TV, the phone rang. His wife answered it, walked to the living room and handed it to her husband with a strange look on her face. The man took the phone and slowly said, "Hello". The next words out of his mouth were, "Hello Uncle Robert!!!" The man started weeping from happiness. His uncle, he had searched for and had traveled around the country for twice had finally called him after 40 years. As they spoke and both were crying, his 8 year old granddaughter looked up at her grandmother with tears in her eyes and said, "Mamaw, my wish came true! I did good didn't I mamaw?" Her grandmother replied, " Yes baby, you did good, you really did give papaw his Christmas wish. You did really good!" And so, on this Christmas Eve, the time for miracles and wishes to come true, the one little wish that a 8 year old had made for her grandfather, one he had waited for 40 years had come true.

Thanks Mom,
Merry Christmas to you too. That was the best present you could have given us all. I know you are with me and watching over us. Pretty soon, we will have a new grandson too. Please keep a watch over him and Shae during this time and let everything be ok. I love you mom.
December 25, 2004
November 18, 2004
Hey Sister-in-Law, today marks two years that you have been gone from us, but there isn't a day that I don't think of you. You are really missed by all. I sure miss talking to you on Sunday mornings like I used to. Please look after my brother as he is going thru a tough time with his sickness. Tell Daddy and Dave that I love them and all the other ones that have left us here. You are still my #1 sister-in-law.

Love you,
Big Linda
November 18, 2004
Hi Mom,

Well it has been two years today. Seems like it has been so much longer. I still think of you all the time, but I am sure you know that. While at work, I went outside and was looking up at the sky today. I was thinking of you and then I saw this hawk soring around. It was so high in the sky. I just stood there watching it and thinking of you. I know it was you letting me know you were there. Then someone came outside and said something and I looked away for just a minute. When I looked back up, it was gone. No where in sight. I just knew it was you letting me know you were with me. I took today off because I wanted to sleep past 7:15. Thats when the call came, but I have to get up and get Sam ready for school. I guess I will be up about that time. I remember everything about that day like it was yesterday. The call, running to the house, seeing you, everything. They say it gets easier. Well, I would like to know when. I dont think it ever does. I still remember when Davey died. Every detail, and that has been 29 years. I see you met Meri. She is a sweetheart. Tell her daddy hello for me and that he raised a great daughter. I know he is proud. Sam is growing like a weed, Mandi is doing good. She is getting good grades now. She will be graduating this year, Really proud of her. Shae is doing great and so is our grandson. She looks like me when I was having her....lol..payback is now beginning. I can't wait till he gets here. James is doing good and so is pop. He is still keeping his self busy, but really doing well. I guess you would be proud of all of us. But then we had you to learn from. I miss you mom so much. I really wish you were here.I will write you later on. Please watch over our grandson. They say infants see angles, so I know he will see you when he is born. I love you mom!!!!
November 14, 2004
Hi Shirley, I am genie's friend..Meri..I have known genie for around a year
now..she is so precious..you really did a good job raising her..She
has the biggest heart..and oh how she loves her mama...I believe in angels
and I believe that you are one..I believe with all my heart you and my dad were looking down on us the day that genie and I met..I believe you
knew we would be good for each other..help each other through hard times...
sad times..times of missing you guys so much it feels like our hearts
are gonna just explode from the pain...Life, it just don't seem fair at times
and then a wonderful thing like meeting genie happens and I think to
myself that with the bad...comes the good...

I know you couldn't help but leave genie on her birthday..when God calls
us home..we are bound to go..and, I am so thankful to believe that
once we cross over into heaven things of this earth pass away..and we are
at last safe in the arms of God..and, I believe with all my heart that
is where you and my daddy are today..and for that, I am so thankful..
just, it is so sad and lonely here on earth without you guys..but, thank
you for sending genie to me...she has helped me thru more than she
can even know..but, I bet you know don't you?...and, I love you for the
gift of your daughter's friendship to me..and for being our hawks..watching
and protecting us...I didn't ever get to meet you..but,I know I would
have loved you dearly..and somehow I do anyway's...when you talk to my
daddy..pinch his cheek and tell him that's from his Meri..and tell him I
love and miss him so...I will do all I can do to ease genie's pain...and with this prayer, I pray....
may we both come to understand..its all in God's plan...Love you, Meri
September 03, 2004
Hi Mom,

IT'S A BOY! But of course you already knew that. Boy, that just seems so unreal. After all the girls, we finally get a boy. Shae is doing great. Thanks for watching over them for me. Well, finally got to Japan. Wasn't anything like I remember. Of course I was what 4 or 5 then? It was an interesting trip. Learned a lot of things. I must say, I hate politics though. I guess it is the lies they tell and boy can they tell them. You would think politicians would be smart enough not to get caught in them, but nope. But at least I can say I have been there. We may get the chance to go back soon. Met a lot of good people too. I am heading off on my cruise week after next (I hope). With these hurricanes coming in left and right you just don't know. Of course I had to book it in the prime season for hurricanes. You know how I hate high wend. Everyone is doing pretty good. I got a e-mail from your best friend. It was so good to hear from her. I have really missed her. I think a lot about the good old days of picking and a grinning. We had so much fun. I hate I can't write longer, but just needed to check in. It has been so long since I last wrote. Please keep watching over our family. As always, I love and miss you mom.
June 29, 2004
Hi Mom,
Well Shae's first ultra sound only showed one. That's ok though.I will be glad to have one healthy grandchild. How ever I won't be satisfied til the next ultrasound. One little one may have been hiding. You never know. At least on the next test we will know for sure if it is only one and what gender. Just keep giving that little hint for two. Boy or girl doesnt really matter. Would kind of like a boy because we don't have any on this side, but then I am use to girls, so I will be happy for either one. I'll write you back later on when we find out more. In the mean time, please watch over Shae and the little one. I miss you and I love you!
June 29, 2004
June 05, 2004
Hi Mom,

Well, I know you already know this since you get first hand information as the angel you are, but you are going to be a great great Granny. Yes, Shae is going to be a mommy. Can you believe it? This is going to be a long nine months. I can't wait to see my new grandchildern. I hope you got the hint on that. How about asking God to grant me my dream of twins. Remember, I told you a long time ago, I dreamed that Shae had twins and even pictured them in my dreams. But even if she only has one, I will be happy. Just the thought of a new little person with our bloodline being born is so exciting. Our family has really gotten so much smaller and I felt like there was not much left in this world for us, but this has really given me new hope and dreams. And just knowing that part of you will be born makes my heart swell. You are still living in all of us and now another new part is coming into the world. Mom watch over our new little angel. Keep him or her or them safe. I am gona be a grandmaw, just makes my heart swell knowing that. I love you mom. Watch over them for me.
May 29, 2004
Hi Mom,

Just thought I'd write you a note to let you know you have been on my mind. Daddy has not been feeling well lately, please watch over him. You know how stubborn he is. I know you have been looking down and watching. I am sure there are somethings that have really dissapointed you. I know they have me. I could have really used some of your good advise. But I have alot of you in me, so I will just reach deep and find the answers. Your trees are really looking good. They look so healthy. I hope next year they bloom. Well mom, gona go for now. Just know I love you and you are always on my mind. I love you!
May 13, 2004
Hey Mom,

Just wanted to say Happy Birthday. You have been on my mind, but then you always are. I love you mom and miss you!
May 13, 2004
Dear Sister-in-Law, have been thinking about you alot but just haven't taken the time to write anything. Today is your birthday and I never missed calling you. Things are going pretty good. All the Adams were here Sunday except two. Mom is still doing pretty good. Oh well just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday! We love and miss you alot.
Big Linda
May 09, 2004
Hi Mom,

Just wanted to say Happy Mothers Day! Your the greatest mom one could ever have. I was very blessed to have you in my life. I miss you and I love you!
May 07, 2004
Hi Mom,

Been thinking about you alot lately. I could sure use you about now. Having a pretty rough time here. There are a lot of things on my mind and a lot of unanswered questions that I need answers to. I really wish you were here. Mothers day is coming up and so is your birthday. Will be the second one without you. I hear people saying have a good mother's day and all I can think is, Yea right. Right now I feel totaly alone in the world. I really miss you mom. I love you!
April 11, 2004
Hey Annette,
This is Madison, Nancy's Granddaughter. I was reading your site and I wanted to sign in and tell you we were thinking of you on this Easter day.
Love to you from all of us.
April 11, 2004
Hey mom,
Happy Easter.I truly believe that hawk we saw that stayed during your sevice was you. I miss you mom, but I am glad you got to soar. I love you.
April 11, 2004
The Flight

I felt myself slip away. When I awoke, I found myself soaring
in the sky, wings stretched out, flying high and feeling free.
There was no pain in my body. I was whole again. I knew where
I was going. As I flew to get there, I saw all the wonders
of the world, the life, the beauty. Why did I never see this
before? Everything was always in front of me, but I never saw.
As I came upon my destination, I circled around. Looking for that
perfect place to land. I found myself high in a tree branch. I
looked down and saw them. They looked so sad. I do not want them
to be sad for me, fore I am now free. But I understand. I watch
and they see me. They do not know who I am, but they still watch me.
I see their tears and feel their pain, but I am ok. I want them to
know that I am ok and will always be with them. I see my family, my
friends, people who I have not seen in a long time, who have all
come to say good-bye to me. I feel so much love and peace. I want
them to feel it too. To know I am ok. That I am truly free. I watch
and listen as they speak. How loved I was, but then I always knew.
The service was now over, but I wanted them to know I was there. I
looked into the eyes and hearts of all the ones I love and let
them feel me. I know they do not understand, but one day they will.
I stretch my wings out and they see me still. It is time for me
to go. As I leap into flight, I circle around one last time.
They still watch as I fly away. Far away into the heavens, to my
new home. But one day they will fly too and I will be here to greet them.
We will all be together again. Until then I will live in their hearts.

Genie Hyman
April 06, 2004
HI Mom,
I have been thinking alot about you here lately. I guess, because it is Spring and you always loved Spring plus your Birthday is just around the corner. I went to Cherryville 2 weeks ago. Stopped by Davie's grave. First time I have been there in years, but still found it. Had to look a little though. This year for your Birthday I think I will put some flowers on his grave for you. You both can share them. The moma trees are doing so well. They are so pretty.No blooms yet but they are still young. Maybe next year. I just feel you growing them for me. Daddy is doing fine. Just a piddling right along. But he seems happy and that is what you wanted for him so that is what I want. Mandi is a handfull. I just hope she follows her values we taught her and does well, She is so stubborn. Sound familiar? Well mom,
I love you and will write to ya later. Watch over us.
March 18, 2004
Hi Mom,
It's me. I wrote to you a couple of weeks ago but for some reason it wasnt posted. Coming home from work today I noticed the pear trees and golden rods were blooming and of course I though of you. You loved to see them in bloom. The two I planted for you are starting to come out, but I dont think they are going to have any blooms on them. I guess they are still to young. We put a bird house chime in each tree today for you. I walk by and call them my moma trees.Things are going pretty well with me and mine. Daddy is doing great. We all still miss you terribly though. I looked at some pictures the other day that I found. Brought back alot of memories. I also play some of the videos so I can see and hear your voice.I have a new friend who is so sweet and precious, her name is Meri.We have a lot in common. Her dad is upthere with you so tell him hello for me and that he raised a great daughter. She misses him terribly too.Life is just so unfare sometimes. I am still mad about you leaving us. You were suppose to be around till a ripe old age. It doesnt matter how old I am, I still need you. Well mom, I guess I better go to bed. It is late but wanted to tell you about your trees. I love you moma, always!
December 25, 2003
Dear Sister-in-law,
have had you on my mind and thought I would talk to you awhile. Christmas day has come and gone. I know you were looking down on us today. Just about everybody was at mom's. William brought her some really nice blankets and a beautiful do-dad.(you know how she loves them)Was hard to see my baby brother the way he is but he was in good spirits but I haven't ever seen him any other way. I just don't think he will be with us much longer unless God reverses it. I get so bitter at times because the people you love are taken away, but God knows best. I think about what you always said to me. It's not the quantity of life but the quality. You always told me that when I would tell you that you shouldn't be eating things the doctor told you not to eat. Tell Daddy,Davey, and Granny Thornburg, and don't forget Gertrude hey for all of us.
Merry Christmas to you all!

Love you,
Big Linda
December 25, 2003
Hi Mom,
Well the Christmas day has come and is almost over.We had our traditional breakfast and I eat a biscuit and red eye gravy for you. Everyone had a pretty nice one and got alot of gifts. Santa was very good to Sam. Of course you were on all our minds. Linda called today and she was thinking about you too. She was having a pretty hard day today. Had alot of things on her mind. Mom, do us a favor and look after Scott. He is having a rough time and we know it will not get better. Well mom, keep watching over us all and I love you and miss you.
December 25, 2003
Hi Mom,

Just wanted to say Merry Christmas and I am thinking about you.
I love you!!!!
November 29, 2003
Hi mom,
Well another Thanksgiving has gone by. We missed you. I eat some butter beans for you. I remember you always had to have them. It's cold outside right now. I really hope it snows at Christmas. Doublt it will but I am still hoping. Everyone is doing good here. Mandi has gone to PA for the weekend. She is really growing up fast. Really to fast.But I am proud of her lately. She is doing really good at school, straight A's so far. I think that is just the greatest thing. I always knew she could do it, she just didnt try. Shae, Daddy, Sam, James and Stevie are doing good. Shae is still teaching and being her bossy self, Sam is growing like a weed and to smart for her britches,James still fighting fires and Stevie is working with animal control now. He looks spiffy in his uniform. Daddy goes from one adventure to the next. He just keeps busy. Sometimes to busy. But he is doing really well and seems to be happy. I know you want that for him and so do I. Well,just wanted to say hello. I love you.
November 23, 2003
Hey Granny,
Hey I wanted to write you and tell you just how much I miss you. I want you to know if you don't already, that I'v been thinking of you more then usual. I feel sometimes that your trying to tell me something but something I can't understand. Every night when I'm at mommas I look at your picture and just wish that you were there laying with me and telling me all the stories you used to tell me I really miss that. Why can't you just ask God to come back for one day so I could hug you and ask you all the questions that I now have to keep to my self and get true answers. I don't know I guess I just don't understand. I want to thank you for asking God to take it easy on momma this past birthday, I worried all year about Nov. 18th, I didn't know what to do. I was hopeing that tou would come back and see me,momma,paw,or shae on that day just so that I would know that your up there watching me and takeing care of all of us. I also wanted to let you know that I really missed your homemade tomato juice this was the first year I'v ever been without it, My daddy picked up some from the store for me and I drank a couple glasses of it and ever since that I won't drink no more because I think its really nasty.Anyway I guess I'll quit talking and get off here. Don't ever forget me. I love you so much. Bye
November 19, 2003
November 18, 2003
As of today, it has been a year. Really doesn't seem that long, but yet it does. Hope that makes sense. Any way I wanted to say thank you for giving life to me on this day 43 years ago. I have decided that even though you left on the 18th, in my eyes you really left the 3rd Monday of November. I have had a pretty good birthday today. Yesterday was my bad day. I looked at my watch at 7:15 am, the time dad called me and it went down hill from there. I wasn't the only one though. Shae and daddy felt the same. It is not the date, just the day. Last night when I went to bed, I must have been drifting off and I heard you say my name. It was your voice just as clear as if you were standing beside me. Maybe you were. I was right awake after that. I woke up this morning with a feeling of peace. The day went really well and I ended up with three cakes. The ones I worked with downstairs took me out to eat and the group I had A&R with sung to me. It was good when I came home to. Daddy called me at work and told me Happy Birthday. I stopped by to see him after work. I am wearing your ring and the cross that you always wore. I touch it and feel you with me. Anyway, I just wanted to say We remembered you and feel you with us. I love you.
November 07, 2003
The phone call came that you had died.
I ran up to the house, refusing to cry.
He had to be wrong, it just wasn't true.
Then I came into your room,
Where I found you.

I looked at you lying there but yet not there.
I touched your face, then rubbed your hair.
The pain hit so hard, It just couldn't be true,
My best friend, my mother, what would I do?

I leaned down and kissed your cheek.
My strength had died and now I was weak.
I felt so small, like the child you knew.
I leaned down and whispered,"Mommy I love you."

Everyone came and my heart went to stone.
I had to be brave until everyone was gone.
I cried at night or when I was alone.
I had to show strength, I had to be strong.

Time went from days to weeks, now a year.
But in my heart your voice I still hear.
I miss you so and wish you were here,
But I know in my heart you are always near.

I love you mom and miss you so much,
The sound of your voice and your sweet touch.
I think of you each and every day.
Things will never be the same since you went away.
September 06, 2003
Hi Mom,
Well it is starting to cool off now. Getting ready for the time of year that you loved.You have really been on my mind lately. I feel that you have really been looking out for me lately. I got the job position I wanted and I love it. Seems things have really just fallen in place at work. Just hard to discribe. I guess I just have a Guardian Angel that is helping me along. Strange thing is, when something good does happen, the song we played at your service always comes on when I listen to the radio. I was going to take Nov. 18th off from work this year, but there is a meeting scheduled that pertains to what my new job is, so I have to be there. Guess you figured I needed to work rather than spend the day at home. It will be a year that you have been gone on that day. Unfortunatly I have to put on the "Happy Birthday" look for the kids. I hope the people at work forget it is my birthday. You know, I guess I am really mad at you about that. I didn't want you to leave at all, then you leave on my birthday on top of everything. I need to see if I can legally change my BD now. Either that or honestly say I don't have one anymore. I guess you didn't have a choice in the matter, so I guess it is God that I am mad at. Sorry God, but you like honesty. Just wish I could understand. Oh well, enough of that. I am starting to get depressed again. Anyway, all is well on the home front for now. I love you and miss you!!!!
August 04, 2003
Hi Mom,

It's me. Well it has been a long hot summer. School is going to start this week. Guess the kids are ready. I know I am. Mandi had a dream about you the other night. She was suppose to meet you at Myrtle Beach. The funny thing is, she was riding a motorcycle down and you were there on a Harley. Stange because she never really knew about our motorcycling days and she doesnt ride one now. But love the part about you on a big Harley. You always did have style.
Dad is doing fine. (Read my mind here). I am trying to keep what we talked about before you died that if you were to die this would be what you wanted. (Read my mind again).Dad did spead your ashes. He just told me this past weekend. Said he did it privatly. I can understand that. Didn't really bother me that he did it, just that it was done. I knew it was going to be done. I guess just the ending process seems to have come to a reality. Oh well, I know what I am saying. Don't really care if anyone else does. Your trees are doing really good. Maybe next year we will have some blooms in the spring. I may not write to you all the time but just know that I think about you all the time. Just keep reminding me what we talked about and I will get through my delima without blowing a gasket.(maybe). I love you mom and no one will ever take your place, but I know you know that. Talk later, Love ya!
June 06, 2003
Hey Mom,
Well I was suppose to be planning yours and dad's 50th wedding anniversary party this weekend. Saturday June7th would have been 50 years. That's a long time. I guess I will just work, but know you will be and still are always on my mind.
I am going to Maryland on the 15th for a week long class. It is on disaster preparness. Should be interesting. I'll let you know how it goes.
James friend Jerry died yesterday. He is pretty upset. You know James always thought of him as a second dad. He called James then died an hour or so later. I guess he is up there talking you ear off by now. He was a good man.
Don't know if I mentioned it but I planted your 2 pear trees. I call them my granny trees. I walk by and talk to them.(No I am not crazy and they don't talk back). They do seem to be doing good though. You know I have a problem growing anything. Maybe I should talk to all my plants. The rest of the clan is doing fine. Shae is talking about having a baby as soon as Stevie gets a job. Trust me, I am looking for him! Well better go. I love you!
May 13, 2003
Hello Sister-in-law,
Sunday was Mother's Day and we sure missed you. You always seemed like a big sister and a mother to me. Also yesterday was your birthday! I hope you are safe and free of pain. This world is not the same without you with us. Everyone is okay, Mom and I always talk about old times, especiall fishing and being at the lakes camping. Just thought I would let you know how much you are missed and how much we really love you. Hope you and Davie are having a blast up there. Give him our love.
God bless you for coming into our family and bringing us so much joy. We all love and miss you.
Mushy, Mushy.
May 13, 2003
Hey Mom,
It's me again. We'll today is your birthday. You would be 68 today. Wish you were here. Samantha says you are a star in the sky. She still looks up and says that that is you shinning down. She goes and sees pop everyday. Still says "I'm going up to grannys". It'll always be granny and paws house. She checks on the flowers and gives me updates. Hasn't picked any yet though. Daddy gives her sweets all the time. Shae is fine. Mandi is giving me a run for my sanity. James,Stevie and daddy are good too. I finally went back to Golden Dragon. Couldn't go there since cause we always went there for lunch. It was a little hard, but I made it. Kim asked how the family was and that he thought of you. Shae had already been there and told him you had left. He said you were a great lady, but I knew that. Well I just wanted to let you know I remembered your birthday. Can't say Happy Birthday cause it's not. I love you mom.
May 11, 2003
Hey Mom,
Well today is Mothers Day and I just wanted to tell you like all the other years that you are the best. I really, really miss you. Not a day goes by that I don't think of you. Today is expecially hard. It is the first time in years that I don't get to kiss you and tell you thanks for all you have done for me and being there for me. As for the yellow rose bush, I don't think I have ever seen as many blooms on it as there is this year. They are busting out all over. For your mothers day I am planting a pear tree. Planting 2, one for Mothers Day and one for your birthday which is Tuesday. You know we always had to get you 2 things cause you said you werent going to be cheated out of your birthday present. It's been 6 months now since you left and it still hurts everyday. I really wish you were here to talk to. You always knew what to say. Just wanted to let you know I'm still thinking of you. I can't say Happy Mothers Day because it is not a very happy one, But I can still tell you I love you and thank you for being such a great mother and my best friend. I Love You Mom!!!!
May 10, 2003
Dear Sister-In-Law,
Guess you thought I had forgotten you but you are on my mine everyday,especially today. Tomorrow is Mother's Day and I know Genie is having a rough time with it. I especially was thinking about you because Tuesday is your birthday and you know I have always called you on it, but I know where you are you never get old. You and Dave can celebrate together. I call Genie and William aleast once a week or try to. Have only been to the house one time since you left and it sure isn't the same. You were always there in you chair. I am sure your yellow rose bush is blooming by now and Sam probably has looked at it a dozen times. I just had you on my mind and thought I would talk to you a bit. Tell Davie hey for me and I love both of you.

Love You and Happy Mother's Day and Happy Birthday

Big Linda
April 14, 2003
Mushy Mushy, Dear Sister-in-law,

Had to write you a note to let you know that I am thinking of you today. It is spring and the flowers are so beautiful. I planted you a tree yesterday. A white dog wood. I call it my "Net Tree", just to remind you of me. And if I move again I will take it with me. We are back in our house. It did not sell and I am so glad. I just needed my roots. Haven't had them in along time.Still doing the misson for the church but I do not know how long I can keep it up, Mike does not have time to do very much with it but he continues to do his work for the church. I am a changed person. I look at things a lot different than I used to. I guess I am just getting older. We really miss you. Mom and I are forever talking about old times. She is hanging in there. But is getting more feable everyday. Your and Willie's anniversary is coming up soon. Also Dad's Birthday. Judy's just had her 52nd. I remember her's so well April 9 because that was the day Grandpa Adams died, she turned 9 and our old cat had 9 kittens that day. That was a real weird one. We laugh alot about that old cat. Willie looks good, getting fat, from his own cooking I guess, he has been sick alot this year but is doing well now. Mom said to tell you she has you on her mind all the time. We all love you and miss you. Love always,
April 13, 2003
Hey Mom,
Well it is April and thought I would just check in. Everyone is fine here. Mandi got her license and is driving now. I am really proud of her (sometimes). Shae is doing great. She got back from Yale ok. Didn't like it. Said it was an old school (Duh). I tried to tell her it was suppose to be. She said it looked like the schools in Normandy and Holland.Pop is doing fine. Gaining weight. He keeps busy. James is still firemanning. He loves it. I don't mind it to bad, just when it tries to interrupt in our plans. Sam was waiting on the poarch the other day when I came home and asked me about our wisteria. We talked about how pretty it was and she told me she could'nt pick them. She must have had you on her mind. the other day she was riding with me in the car and started telling me she missed you but that you were an angel now. She said God picked you because you had a good heart. It is amazing how much a 6 year old can say to you.She goes up to see pop everyday. Easter is next week. I have to work. I did get the promotion at work. Decided I needed a challenge. I still think of you everyday. I always will. It's really hard to loose your mom and best friend all at once. Well mom, I'll write again later. Remember, you are always in my heart and I love you.
March 14, 2003
Hey Mom,
It's me. I was driving home yesterday from work and I noticed the cherry trees and golden rods blooming. I remembered you were always the first to make me notice them. I use to just drive by and not pay attention until you pointed them out. You always loved seeing them come into bloom. I felt you with me yesterday when I noticed them. Shae's birthday is today. Another year older and still loving her job. She leaves for Yale Saturday. Mandi is doing fine, I guess. Working on being in love (as much as a 16 year old can be). Already had my speech with him and keep reminding him each time he comes over to see her. She went out on her first real date last Saturday. He picked her up and took her to the movies. They did well. Got home 15 minutes before curfew. Sam is doing good, got a good report on her from school. Said she was well above her grade level. Daddy is into fishing right now and the flea market. He and James are going tomorrow. Well I finally broke down and put in for a promotion that I said I wouldn't do. More work and more money, would rather have less work and more money. Garfield and Bessie miss you. Garfield has been nice to me lately but I still don't trust him. He is a crazy cat! Queenie in a different body. It has been 4 months since I last saw you. Thats the longest I have never seen you and the bad thing is, it is going to be even longer. I guess Sam will pick all your flowers this year since you aren't here to fuss at her, unless dad gets her. I'm sure I will have a vase full. I'll just think of you when I look at them. Mom, I really miss you. At night I pray to God to let me see you in my dreams so I can talk to you and hear your voice. I think I am going to plant some cherry trees out in the yard for you this year. Then all I have to do is look outside and see you. Well I check in later. I love you mom!!!!
February 13, 2003
Mushy,mushy,Dear Friend,
I check in every so often just like I did while you were still here. I really do miss you. But I know that you are in a safe and happy place. After reading all the letters from friends and family, you would surely be very proud. I just cry every time I read them, but as you know I am tender hearted, everyone else thinks I am mean. Big Linda got a job, she says it is really hard. Mike finally got a job. Makes him happy now. We have taken on a mission from church. We are in an apartment in Cornelius. It is a cares team through evanagilism. We are just here to help the residents and set up activities for them. We have to give 20 hrs. a week. It is really hard when you have to do it at night. I do alot of work with the kids, and moms but not much I can do with the Dads. Mike will have to do that. Anyway, just to let you know what is going on. Mom is still hanging in there with the children. They make her so happy. I wish I could do more for her but I don't know how with me way up here. I can't even afford gas to go up there except 1 or 2 times a month. Frankie is hanging in also. Working to hard as usual. Willie stays really busy. I see him at Mom's, he is taking care of her with his little food gifts...More like a grocery store. But You know how he is. He is so humble and mellow, I can tell he really misses you alot, I told him if he needed to talk to call but he has yet to do that. These Adams men just can't tell their feelings. I feel that he will be okay. I send Genie emails, but haven't seen her since Mom's birthday. That Mandy is a doll (and she knows it.) Can't believe she is 16. Genie is going to have to lock her in the closet.Well dear one, I will check in again real soon. I love and miss you,
February 02, 2003
Dear Granny,
Hey its me Mandi I just wanted to let you know I really miss you and that I wish you were here every day so that I could tell you that I love you. For the past 3 months I keep haveing dreams about you some are good and some are bad only if the good ones could come true. I hope that you haven't forgot about me down here because i know where your at is a beutiful place and its hard to remember me probaby but I hope not. The day before you left me I was coming to your room to tell you bye and that I would see you monday when I got home from school but when I went to tell you, you were asleep and I didn't want to wake you well when I found out that you died that monday morning all that was going through my head was that I should of woke her up to tell her bye I was so mad but there was nothing that I could do. I really wish that you could have been here on my 16th birthday we went out to eat and paw gave me card and sighned his name and there was one thing missing and that was your name. I really hope you know how much I miss you thank you for keepig me stright or trying anyway when you were here but even know your gone dosen't mean you can't try to keep me stright so don't stop please tel my Papaw Norman and aunt Trudy and my uncle David that I never got to meet I said hey and I love them. But for now I will go and don't forget that i'm always thinkin of you.I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART AND SOUL
February 01, 2003
Hey Mom,
It's me. Well the verdict finally came in. Said you died from Ischemic Heart disease. Took me some time in researching but I finally got the answer that I needed. Ischemic Heart Disease or CAD, which we knew you were diagnosed with, has a certain area called sudden death. It is where the heart goes into Ventricular Fibrilation (fast quivering) then stops. Unless immediate CPR is initiated the heart stops, there is no chance. Even with CPR there may still be no chance of survival. The risk increased with Diabetics and over the age of 65. Both of which you were. What really gets me is, to have the knowledge of how to do CPR and working in the medical field for 10 years helping others, I couldn't do anything for one of the people who meant the world to me. Does'nt seem fair. I am so sorry I wasn't there the one time it really counted the most. I may not have made a difference in the outcome but at least I would have had the knowledge that I tried. I feel like I failed you. That failure cost me one of the most precious things in my life. I know they say God has a plan for everyone, I just wish he would have let me in on this one. As you know,Mandi turned 16. She had you on her mind. Daddy had given her a card and signed it "love paw". She told me your name was missing on it.Samantha looks at the brightest star in the sky at night and says that is you shinning down on us. She's pretty smart for a 6 year old. Shae is doing fine. She gets to go to Yale to do some special classes in March. I know you would be proud of that. Your granddaughter going to Yale. We never would have immagined that. Guess we did a great job raising her did'nt we? Pop is doing ok. Staying busy. I still keep him on a curfew for you. James is doing good, still putting out fires. Me, I am ok, just thinking alot. Have my good days and bad ones. You are always with me though and I keep you in my heart. I love you and will talk to you later.
January 06, 2003
net, Another year has started this one not like the last 10 years. you will be missed.I found not only a great mother-in-law but a true friend. Thanks for all the times I asked you to watch Samantha for me to run a fire call or go to training. you didnt know how important it was for me to be able to help people You or I didnt even know. but now you do so thanks.You didnt understand how I could get out of a warm be bed in the middle of the night to go to a house fire or a car werck. but helping people is in my blood an will aways will be I will close for now but now I know I have another angle watching out for me. Have a great time with davie an tell him how I missed out not knowing him as a brother-in law love aways James
January 03, 2003
Dear Sister-in-law,
It has been six weeks since you left us and it doesn't get any easier. We go through life and never let the ones that we are close to know exactly how much they mean to us. You were a very special lady. I miss calling you and just chatting about anything and everything. I have thought so much about so many things that we have talked about in the past and how you would always give your opinion(you were usually right). I'll never forget the times we had at Pawley Island with Bernie and how you laughed at me when I was trying to hide so people wouldn't see me with her. We had so many good times at the Pig Pickins in the back yard with John, the fish frys at Ronnie's, and New Years Eve in Cherryville. I think about you each and everyday. I know you are having a ball with Davey now. Make up for the time you lost with him. Mom misses talking to you. She loved you as much as she did her own kids. Tristan looks a your picture alot and I know he remembers you singing Happy Birthday with him. I could go on and on but I won't. Until the next time, I love you and be sure and tell Davey I love him too. Do a hockey tockey on him for me.
December 30, 2002
Hey Mom,
Just me wanting to tell you Merry Christmas. We really missed you during our traditional breakfast. I did find out that you and I are the only ones who like red-eye-gravy. No one eat it but me. The gifts you got us were great. And since they were your last gifts to us, they are very special. I miss you so much mom. I still havent been to our favorite Chinese resterant yet. Don't know when I will. James eats lunch with me sometimes at other places and I think about you being there and start crying. After you being my lunch date for 15 years, it just isn't the same. I worry about daddy all the time. He seems to be doing ok.Keeping busy and hanging out with the guys at the flea market on weekends.Samantha did get the piggy bank you promised her. I told her it was very special and she needed to be careful with it. I can honestly say it has not been getting easier, just longer. I really miss you. I could always talk to you about anything. I guess this will be the way I will talk to you now. This and in my mind. I just wish you could answer me. until next time. I love you momma!
December 18, 2002
Thank you for all the good times we shared and all things that you taught me. We never seem to say thank you enough for the little things in life. You taught me how to make grasshopper baskets from blades of grass and that girls could do anything that boys could do.(And not to throw apples at the boys next door!) You didn't think that it was weird when I told you about my cemetery surveys and research work. You always encouraged all of us to do the best job that we could, in whatever we did. Your punishments for our little goof-ups was swift, but we didn't do it again.(Like the time we had to peel potatoes at the grill for punishment.) You taught me to appreciate all the things that God put on this earth.
I'll miss the way you always had fried chicken on our birthdays and your oyster stuffing.
We will always remember the good times at Willie and Net's. I will always remember the first blackeye I got. We were playing hide and seek at your house. Davey was "it". He came around one end of the house and I came around in the other direction. We sort of "ran" into each other!
I miss you so much. I promise to keep up the research that you and I talked about. You will never be forgotten and will always be loved.
December 08, 2002
Hi Mom,
I just wanted to say I really miss you. Thanksgiving was ok, but your place at the table left a very empty void. Seems I have my worst days on Sundays. I dont know why. Daddy is keeping busy. At least even though you are not here,we will have one more Christmas with you. It's strange that you gave a list of all gifts to get for everyone the Sunday before you left us. Shae has been busy filling that list. I had a dream last night and you were telling me that sometimes the right decisions are the hardest to make. Maybe you were telling me in advance of something I am going to have to do. Of course I know this,but you were just reminding me I'm sure. Hope to see you in my dreams more and as you know I always talk to you. Always have and always will. I love You.
November 30, 2002
Net,you will be greatly missed but will always live on in our childhood memories and thoughts.I will always remember your laugh and that KING whisle to remind us we had gone too far and to get back right then. All the times we went camping on the weekend that seemed like we were gone for a week, cause we did so many different fun things (it was hard to believe it was only 3 days.)All the weekends we stayed at your house.(staying in the ole camper in the backyard)You and Genie and Davey laughing at me and Robin for eating our grits with sugar in it.My childhood memories will stay with me forever and I laugh when I tell my kids of the things we did.You will be missed but never forgotten.We will always have a place in our heart for you. Love,
Teresa,Rick,Brandy and the Boys
November 29, 2002
Aunt Net, You will be dearly missed in my life but your huge laugh will always be in my heart! I still see you and Dad and uncle Wille at the beach cooking shrimp we had caught that day. Laughing loudly at the silly things we had done that day. You are a special person who will never be forgotten. Love you, Sandy
November 26, 2002

November 22, 2002
Genie, Uncle William, And Family- Aunt "Net" was a dear and special person. When I think of her, so many memories come to mind and so many include laughter and happiness. We fished, we listened to her and mama pickin' on the guitars, we played cards or trivia pursuit (everyone wanted Aunt Net on their team, she knew all the answers), but most of all we laughed. Aunt Net had the best laugh. Genie, you have it too. It's contagious and full of life.She was so special. Aunt Net will always be in my memories, I will remember her with great fondness and of course a smile. God Bless you all, you are in my prayers. Love, Kim Adams Conley
November 21, 2002
Everyone in their life time should have the kind of sister-in-law you were. You came into our family when we were small children and some weren't even born when you married my brother.You watched all of us grow up. You were not only a sister-in-law you were a friend, and most of all like a sister. You were loved by each and every member of the family. I will never forget the times we have had. You always listened when I needed to talk. We cried together and we laughed together. You will always be in our hearts and mind. We love you!!
November 21, 2002
My love for my Aunt Annette began in earnest with a homegrown tomato sandwich at her kitchen counter and a story that made me and my mom laugh - just a beautiful moment of joy...I love you, Aunt Annette.

We are travelers on a cosmic journey - stardust, swirling and dancing in the eddies and whirlpools of infinity. Life is eternal. But the expressions of life are ephemeral, momentary, transient. Buddha once said:
This existence of ours is as transient as autumn clouds.
To watch the birth and death of beings is like looking at the movements of a dance.
A lifetime is like a flash of lightning in the sky,
Rushing by like a torrent down a steep mountain.

We have stopped for a moment to encounter each other, to meet, to LOVE, to SHARE. This is a precious moment, but it is transient. It is a little parenthesis in eternity. If we share with caring, lightheartedness, and love, we will create abundance and joy for each other. And then this moment will have been worthwhile.
- Deepak Chopra
November 21, 2002
You left me on the day you brought me into the world 42 years ago. You are not only my mother but my best friend. I know the love we shared will never be lost. You were always there for me in good times and bad times. The void I feel in my heart will never be replaced. You will always be in my heart, dreams, and spirit. You have taught me so many things in life, but most important were your values and love for life. I will always cherish these lessons and try to live up to the standards you taught me. You will always be with me where ever I go. Every spring when I see the flowers bloom, I will think of you. As I watch my childern grow, I will think of you. You are a part of them. I know you will be watching over all of us. I am so grateful I was chosen to be your daughter. I love you mom and will miss you to the end of time. When I look to the sky I will search for the brightest star and know you are shining down on us. When the wind blows, I will feel your breath on my face and your fingers in my hair. I had the wonderous opportunity to have you in my life for 42 years, Now it's Davey's turn. Take care of each other until the day we are all a family again. Momma, I love you!
November 21, 2002
Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of you.
The Barger Family
November 20, 2002
My thoughts and prayers are with the family.
November 20, 2002
Our prayers are with you and your family in this time of bereavement. Just know your friends at Gaston County Police Department are praying for you. -- Steve Gregory, Chaplain
November 20, 2002
"Perhaps they are not stars in the sky but rather openings where our loved ones shine down to let us know they are happy."
---Eskimo legend---

We wish you peace.

The Giust Family:
Laura, Flavio, Ryan and Benjamin
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