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Susan Butcher
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August 28, 2017
Dear lady, you were truly a visible example of invisible grace. God speed beautiful one.
June 26, 2017
January 20, 2017
You are my hero, and you have brought such a good reflection on women and girls alike. We are all grieving the loss of such an iconic women you were. thank you for all you have done for us, and now you get to be with your father, mother, and Granite.
that is how i see your death. it is an opportunity for you to live again.
October 18, 2016
Dear Susan,
I was always a great fan of yours from Louisiana, the "bayou state." My brother & his wife lived outside Fairbanks for 20 plus yrs. You always were "my hero!"
My daughter & I actually got to meet you in Fairbanks in Sepember, 1997, at the Sears in Fairbanks, and I have an autographed photo of you.
Your light will shine bright - and never go out!
I feel in my heart that one day you & I will meet again!
You brought so much sunshine & happy thoughts to so many people, and a lesson of hard work, determination and perseverance!!!
Luv to U! .
October 14, 2015
doing project on susan butcher i thank her for treating huskies well and taking care of her sorry for her loss
August 05, 2015
Thank you for sharing a part of your life with us.
July 27, 2014
You have left a lasting legacy on earth and will continue to be an inspiration to people to "Never Give Up"
God bless you.
March 10, 2014
You are & always will be my hero
March 03, 2014
Unbelievable remarkable amazing strong woman. I lived in delta junction @ time of her 1st few races. Will never forget her strength @
& condiment . God be w u & yours. Luv up
February 19, 2014
May GOD be with you.
There are sunrises and sunsets and sunrises.
Susan was just like the sun.
You will be will her again and always
February 12, 2014
I pray that he may grant you through the abundance of his glory to be made mighty in the man you are inside, with power through his spirit… (Ephesians 3:16) In this time of loss of someone special in your lives be comforted to know God cares and will help you to endure.
October 10, 2013
Still not forgotten, and never can you be.
September 04, 2013
Elo mate I think Susan butcher was a good musher
July 02, 2013
To Susan's family,
I am reading though her Guest Book that I did sign back after her passing ... my mother Connie Twigg also left a message as well ... I no longer live in Alaska but my family live in Talkeetna and Trapper Creek so I visit often and when I am there I think about her family and wonder how they are doing ..I have wished I could visit all of you ... I spent many months in Talkeetna in 2011 when my father battled with bladder cancer..I stayed until he passed .. I wonder if it is possible to visit u one day ? I always admired Susan and kept track of her though the years ...I pray her family are healthy and have found peace, even though the pain is never really gone, we miss them more as time passes ... May you all enjoy good health and happiness
April 06, 2013
You are an inspiring women! You never gave up and loved your family and dogs. I wished I had been able to meet you! Rest in Peace.
April 01, 2013
God bless! Lets keep the memories alive. She was a true spirited fighter, but also a loving mother to all her children including her dogs.
April 01, 2013
I wish I could have had the pleasure of meeting this wonderful woman. Susan Butcher is an amazing person. The way she loved her family and dogs is the way everyone should. She is a true example of how we should treat others. I came to learn about her for a research assignment and could not wait to speak to her over the phone or e-mail. When I found out she had already passed away a while ago I was shocked and wanted to cry. She is truly a woman I respect and would love to meet. I want to thank her for all of her work. God bless her even as she is gone and her family. Please let us all take her story and share to others to keep her story alive. She was a true fighter! She never gave up and for that I will do my best to honor her.
July 05, 2012
before susan died i've got to known her a little bit by reading one of her books she became a insperation to me cause i love watching the iditroed and seeing her children grow up is just amazing what age they are at now and im hoping they will follow in their mom's foot steps
June 30, 2012
March 09, 2012
At first I never knew who u were until I got u as my FAMOUS AMERICAN for the wax muesuem but now i know u won the idatord 4 times u had a brother that died of leukima ur dogs got hit by a pregnat moose I learned from u to never give up keep trying even if ur in a tough situation and I apperiate what u have done!!!!!
November 23, 2011
I work in a Transfer Station\Dump in McPherson,Ks. Today we had someone throw away a plastic feed bag that had written "Return to Susan Butcher Manley, Ak. 99756" in magic marker. On the opposite side was written Elim Butcher. There was also a handwritten note on a sticker that said,"This bag belonged to Susan Butcher of Alaska who raised dogs for the famous sled dog races." I found this quite interesting and wondered how it ended up in the middle of Kansas.
June 18, 2011
Many of my earliest memories are from your house. I remember playing with the puppies while you spoke to the riverboat tourists, catching little fish on the lake, watching Muzzy in the cabin with Tekla, and so on. I also have strong memories of when Granite was old and came to stay with my family. I had such a good time giving him bones, one after another. You were an amazing woman and are truly missed by many. Rest in peace, Susan.
March 25, 2011
I am way behind the times , I did not know she passed away until I brought her up at dinner tonite and my husband told me. Better late then sorry, I am so sorry she way always a icon! I was not a avid follower but I knew she was always the one!!!!!!
March 10, 2011
susan .your memory ang spirit willbe allways on my heart ...everybody loved you
March 10, 2011
susan .your memory ang spirit willbe allways on my heart ...everybody loved you
August 16, 2010
I had the plesure of working on an industrial film with Susan many years ago. What a delightful lady. I was touched by her kindness and friendly spirit.
July 29, 2010
Although transcended to another dimension, Susan lives on in her family's heart and the hearts of all Alaskans and many folks worldwide. May it comfort you still we loved and treasured Susan, her racing and in her personal life she was a true positive role model and beloved sportswoman. She was a blessing in your lives and YOU AND YOUR DAUGHTERS WERE HER GREATEAST BLESSING.Not forgotten, Toni Marie Smith, Anchorage; Pharr TX
July 16, 2010
Gone but not forgotten your wonderful memories will live on within our hearts. May the God of all comfort continue to be with the family.

He is healing the broken hearted ones, and is binding up their painful spots.
June 19, 2010
May 26, 2009
November 26, 2008
I will always remember you, always watched you race and have pictures on my wall. I watch for anything about your daughters in the paper, such pretty girls and Hi to your husband, agreat man. Connie twigg Talkeetna, Alaska.
November 25, 2008
Susan will always be remembered by all of our family .
Each year we would keep track where she was in the Race and cheered her on !
We think about her family often..
I no longer live in Alaska but do visit often ..I have family there ..
I was happy to see this Guest book here ..She contines to live on though her beautiful family ...
June 06, 2008
Hi, i am Jasmine Kophengnavong's little brother
May 07, 2008
I hope Susan's name will be remebered forever.
May 06, 2008
I am doing a real important project on some famous person and I chose Susan Butcher because I think she is a real inspiration to everyone.even to those who havn't heard of her because she worked hard on everything.Its just like her quote "I never knew the word 'quit'.Either I never did it or I abolished it."
May 06, 2008
I want to follow Susan's footsteps.Plus I think Susan's last race in life was the tuffest of all.I hope once in life i will be like Susan.
May 06, 2008
I hope Susan will RIP.She was a wonderful women.
March 28, 2008
you were a great person Susan
March 03, 2008
March 03, 2008
December 28, 2007
i once heard you don't measure a life by how many breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away. you inspired in me the desire to go after those breath taking moments. thank you susan
September 28, 2007
I just woke up thinking about Susan and sad to hear that she passed last year. Hope her family is doing ok.
June 10, 2007
I am a great admirer of Susan Butcher, so much so that I have written a children's story about the winning team, Susan and Granite.
My sympathy and prayers go to David, Tekla and Chisana.
May 13, 2007
Susan Butcher was an insparational woman and i really respect her for that. being a cancer survivor my self i understand what its like. we wil miss her.
April 19, 2007
I am doing a project on Susan and I look to her as a great insperation
April 14, 2007
I know that she was a good women because i was doing a project on her for school. Alot of the websites i went to said she was a good women
March 30, 2007
Susan Butcher was a good woman. I know that because my mom worked with her. I am 8 years old and know more about her than I did because my sister Maddie is doing a school report on her.
March 27, 2007
I my name is Madeline. My ,om worked with Susan I don't know how many years. Susan was a bright person and dedicated her life to her dogs. I hope she is watching down on all of. Susan RIP.
March 14, 2007
Susan was an icon to all women and she will live on in the minds and hearts of all people. The greatest thing of all is that she still lives in her children. God Bless!
March 02, 2007
I learnd about her because she was my fith cousin.
January 21, 2007
I've just recently learned of this fascinating woman. I came to know the name, as we share a Great-great-great-grandfather. Perhaps his adventurous spirit for coming to this country flowed through her blood.
She "lived" better than most.
December 30, 2006
December 23, 2006
Hello Dave,

I'd like to do a screenplay about Susan and her accomplishments.

A fellow skijorer and screenwriter.
November 14, 2006
Hello, i am very sorry about Susan. i chose her to do my report on and i saw this page and wanted to say something. i have susan in my prayers.
September 29, 2006
I had hired Susan for an event presented by one of Susan's corporate sponsors, Allied Fibers. It was a large meeting in Atlanta where she appeared on stage with one of her champion dogs. She and her dog were a hit. The hotel made a mistake in room bookings, so she and her dog stayed with my wife, daughter and me in our hotel suite. It was a privilege to be with her and her remarkable dog. She had the simplicity, grace, and goodness that you hope a champion will have. Later my wife attended her wedding in Alaska, designed her wedding gown, and took photos of the ceremony and of Susan in her gown for a national publication. All in all we are proud to have known such an exceptional human being. We are very saddened by her passing, and want her husband, children and other family members and friends to know our prayerful thoughts and sincere love are directed toward them. We will never forget you, Susan.
September 29, 2006
knew Susan years ago, and shared many wonderful experiences with her,
producting promotional events with Allied Fibers for her and her dogs
in many states. I also co-designed her wedding dress with her, and
enjoyed the warm and lovely wedding to David in Alaska. We photographed
the beautiful Bride in the tundra for many sport magazine covers.
My thoughts and prayers are with the family at this time. Namaste
September 24, 2006
August 30, 2006
I mourn your loss. Susan was one of a kind, and you are a wonderful and strong family. Thank you for sharing your lives with us.
August 29, 2006
Gone but never forgotten. Susan's remarkable leadership, boundless energy, and innumerable accomplishments live on in our hearts. We extend our deepest sympathy to the Monson and Butcher families.
August 21, 2006
I used to live in Fairbanks and often would run into her whether it was at a little restaurant where she would just sit and gather her thoughts by reading a book,or in a store.She was a very nice lady and well looked up too for all she accomplished.I brought my mother up to Fairbanks for a vacation one summer and we took the riverboat discovery and got the chance to hear her talk about her dogs and the love of the sport she did.Later we met with her husband and he was just as sweet when talking about her or the dogs.I am glad I had the chance to meet them and my condolences go out to the family and friends of Susan as well as those beautiful little girls.They will be powerful woman and I look forward to see how they grow up.Rest in Peace Susan!!
August 16, 2006
I went to the Warehouse School and Sight Point Camp with Susan, and knew her when she had her first husky, Manganak. We used to take our dogs to the big cemetary in Belmont at night and toboggan down the hills with both dogs on the sled with us. I was a young risk taker, even among other guys, but Susan made me feel like a fraidy cat! She had so much energy for life. She able to convince classmates to go down to Boston Harbor in the dead of winter, to go swimming! I haven't seen her since high school, but have always remembered her as if it was only yesterday. She made that kind of impression on everyone she crossed paths with.
August 15, 2006
I met Susan Butcher and Dave when I lived in Manley Hot Springs, AK.
She was not only kind and careing to her dogs, but also to the local children. I have a photo of her carrying a birthday cake out of the cabin and many young children enjoying a party that Susan had put together. She was such a positive, upbeat person. My heart aches with the information of her passing. My deepest sympathy to David and the two girls at your great loss. Before I left your home just out of Manley I remember Susan saying she wanted me to take a picture of her with Granite. I followed her to where Granite was, and she leaned over so she was face to face with her dog, and she kissed Granite on the nose.
August 13, 2006
May the Lord hold you in His arms,Dave, as you and your daughters remember the wonderful wife and Mother that has gone on to rest from the battle that she has so valiantly been fighting.
August 11, 2006
Only time can heal the great loss that family and friends are feeling. I know the family will take some comfort in the words so many have written on this site as well as the hospital site. It took great courage for Susan and David to keep everyone informed along the way through all the treatments, good days and bad. God bless you, and know that Susan was loved by many and will be missed. Gone but NEVER forgotten.
August 09, 2006
I teach at a school for the visually impaired. I talked about Susan in my classes to give my students courage and motivation.
August 09, 2006
I never met Susan personally, but enjoyed watching her compete. It was a joy to cheer her on. She was an inspiration to many.
August 09, 2006
Susan, A great woman you were!
You will be remembered & loved 4-ever. Your work here is done-Your work in Heaven has just began.
My condolences to your family.
August 09, 2006
Did not know you but heard of your great race, God Bless and Rest in Peace
August 09, 2006
What wonderful memories she has left us. I lived in Duluth when she raced and was saddened that her life ended at such a young age. God's blessings to all of the family as you face the days ahead without her.
August 09, 2006
I met Susan while I was on a cruise with my dear friend Georganna Sorba from Goldboro, North Carolina on our way to Alaska from San Francisco, California last summer for my birthday July 20, 2005. She was a remarkable woman. Such life and vitality... She is someone even the dogs will miss... May the members of the family know how far she reached others on her pathway of life... I took pictures on the cruise and shared them with my class... I teach at Juvenile Hall in San Leandro, Ca ... May God be with you in your time of her homegoing celebration... of Life!
August 09, 2006
Susan accomplished things I only dream of yet today. What a great woman with strength and agility and such a success! I saw Susan at the 2001 Iditarod as I was there with Cabela's Outdoor Adventures with Deb Cavanaugh and group and I was so excited to be there on the same street in Anchorage Susan was on. She was at the end of the racers and it was so cool to see her with her team.

Sympathy from Indiana to her family and many friends and fans.

Santa Claus, Indiana
August 09, 2006
Reflecting on Susan's focus & courage, and I get those warm fuzzy feelings that swizzle from head to toe. Her soulfullness and dogged determination, to me, symbolizes joy, happiness and accomplishment. She lived her life's passion and is truly a modern day hero. What an unbelieveable role model for all of us. I was fortunate to see her start/run her first race.
August 09, 2006
Dave, You have my heart felt sympathies. We often talk of the old days at Cord. Hope all everything can go as well as possible. Saying a prayer for you.
August 09, 2006
My deepest sympathies.
August 09, 2006
My late husband and I found Susan
and her husband were the pride of
Manley Hot Springs on our visit there
in 1991. She is an inspriation for
folks to look up to. May she rest
in peace. May the Lords grace bless
her family at this time.
August 09, 2006
Susan was one of the few people in the world that showed me "What some people say is impossible, IS possible!" My sympathies and prayers go out to her husband and children.
August 08, 2006
Families are forever.
August 08, 2006
As a lifelong Alaskan, now Arizona transplant, I grew up watching and hearing of Susan. To David, and the girls may you find peace in the memories of your wife and mother. With the recent loss of my son, there are absolutely no words that will ease your pain. May you find solace in your faith and feel her gentle hand guide you through until you meet again.
August 08, 2006
We just came back from Alaska where we saw Susan's dog kennel in Fairbanks and heard that her illness was getting worse. My heart goes out to all her family. The true pioneer spirit in Susan will hopefully live on in other young women. God bless you, Susan.
August 08, 2006
The loss of someone so close is difficult to bear. We share your grief.
August 08, 2006
August 08, 2006
Mush on, Susan, Mush on!
August 08, 2006
An athlete, a dog lover, a woman, a wife, a mother, a nature lover... all the things that made her such a competitor and one of my heros. Your daughters are so lucky to have you while they did. Grow strong girls... my sympathies
August 08, 2006
August 08, 2006
Words will never begin to express the sadness many of us feel to have lost this "Angel" named Susan Butcher. My prayer is that God continues to keep her husband and daughters "Wrapped Up, Tied Up and Tangled Up" in his loving arms of protection. Susan will be truly missed.
August 08, 2006
We watched on television with awe as year after year Susan shared a dream with her dogs. We were lucky to have 9 beautiful huskies and tried to sled them for pleasure, but decided it was easier to just spoil them. I envied Susan for her ability and determination, even her final race. Hats off to you, Susan, with deep admiration.
August 08, 2006
A pioneer in a world dominated by males. Watching her on the trail, we knew she did it because she loved it, not because she wanted to be a pioneer. My sympathies to her family.
August 08, 2006
Susan allways a fan. When I lived in Alaska I herd of your wining and have followed you since. We will miss a great woman who inspired other.
August 08, 2006
May god bless and keep you and your family during this difficult time.She is still there, just not physically, look at all her accomplishments she made throughout her life time here. Look after her dogs, you will find peace with them and find her long continuous love still sharing with you all.
August 08, 2006
Our prayers are with the family at this time
August 08, 2006
We visited about this time last year and watched you work with your dogs--- very impressive!!!! You left your mark as so few of us will.
August 08, 2006
On a vacation trip to Alaska saw Susan's kennel in Fairbanks. Always shared her stories with my students when following the Iditarod. Sorry for our loss but know she has inspired so many.
August 08, 2006
There have been countless moments during Marathon training and races when when your Iditarods inspired me to push on. Thanks for the legacy.
August 08, 2006
Always a fan.
August 08, 2006
August 08, 2006
We have never met you Susan but living in Alaska as we do we feel like we know you. We have seen you on tv and your name is a household word in homes in Alaska. You will be greatly missed. May God bless your husband and children and give them strength .
August 07, 2006
Susan, You fought a great battle with a dreadful disease. You are an inspiration to all.
Alaska can count you as one of our shining stars, and just as beautiful as our great land. You will be missed.
August 07, 2006
A highlight of my trip to Alaska last summer was watching Susan, along with David and the girls, working with the dogs. As a former teacher, I had my students follow the Iditerod races. They were inspired by Susan's spirit and accomplishments. My thoughts, prayers, and heartfelt sympathy go out to the family.
August 07, 2006
I used to live in Superior Wis.and follow the John Beargrease Race.I know how cold it was and how she took such good care of her dogs.It is a great lose her family and the world.
August 07, 2006
Rest in peace, Susan. I hope your family knows you are reunited with the fur babies who went to heaven before you. Just fans! Pattie and Fred
August 07, 2006
My heart goes out to David and the children.
Met her once and can only say she was a great person.
August 07, 2006
While traveling with my dog through the great state of Alaska in 1992--my first purchase was a sweat shirt that read: "Alaska, where men are men and women win the Iditarod!!"
Thank you Susan for a life truely lived--God's speed into the next frontier...
August 07, 2006
We lived in Anchorage, AK from late 1982 through late 1985. We met Susan a number of times along the trail, we have great pictures of Susan and her dog team. She was an inspiration, while she wasn't the first woman to win the Iditarod, we were there when Libby Riddle crossed the line in 1984, we met Susan. I will treasure the memories and I am proud to be able to say I met her, followed her successes over the years. This is a sad day.
August 07, 2006
great person , who will be sorely missed ,I totally admired her strength , god bless the family !!!!!!!!!! debby pellom
August 07, 2006
Your laughing smile and your stick-to-itiveness will be sorely missed. From your Iditarod Race wins to the various 'short' clips ... your buoyant, sparkly personality and your love of mushing ... you added a zest of life to the experience of anyone who met you (or) watched you fight and beat nature. I am sure that the Big Musher will have a winning team of dogs and a sled waiting for you when you walk through those pearly gates. God bless and keep you.
August 07, 2006
August 07, 2006
In 1978 my friend who lived in Alaska brought me an Iditerod T-shirt as a gift. From then on I loved watching Susan and her dogs in all of the races. I would watch any specials on them that I heard about. I always had a dream to drive a dog sled team. A few years we had the privilege of going on a cruise to Alaska. We had reservations to drive a dog sled team, when they were cancelled due to heavy fog. I cried. I knew I would probably never be back & my dream was shattered. I am over it now, but I just want you to know that Susan inspired in me a very adventursome spirit that I never knew I had. I also want you to know how sorry I am for your loss. How odd it is that on the same day, Aug. 5th, my daughter's friend who was 11, also died of leukemia complications. Perhaps Susan is in heaven with Kendall teaching her the ropes. God be with you all.
August 07, 2006
Susan's family, your loss is the world's loss and heavens gain. God has a truly amazing angel... We were all blessed to have been part of her life if even only on tv. God Bless you all
August 07, 2006
Your wife and Mother have been an inspiration to so many around the world. She touched lives and hearts to their fullest.
We cried tears of joy with her in her victories and rejoiced with her!
She will be missed on so many levels.
I will pray for comfort and peace for your family. Thank you for sharing a wonderful woman with us all. You are truly selfless.
DeNise Schulmeyer
August 07, 2006
How fortunate I feel to live in Duluth and have had the opportunity to follow Susan's races in the John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon. She was a truly remarkable women and a pleasure to see her at the check points and her interaction with her dogs. A great and untimely lose to her family and the world.
August 07, 2006
I was fortunate to spend time with Susan on several different trips to volunteer at the Iditarod. I will always treasure especially our visit in 2001 and the picture her daughter, Tekla, took of Susan and me as we laughed together. What a bright star she was, and that star will shine on through all the lives she touched. Susan, you will be sorely missed. Safe trails, my friend. Linda in ATL
August 07, 2006
I would like to tell the family sorry for your lost, may the lord be with you in your time of need. May she rest in peace and have everlasting life.
August 07, 2006
I am so sad to hear of Susan's death. Her courageous Iditarod victories made me proud to be an American woman. It brought the race into my living room and allowed me to teach my daughter that women can do anything. My deepest sympathy to her family and friends.
August 07, 2006
To Susan's Family,I'm so sorry for your loss.Susan was a true Hero.I didn't know her personally but when I saw that she had passed,it made me cry.My thought's and prayers are with you at this sad time.
August 07, 2006

Susan, I never had the chance of meeting you, though in my heart I feel like I have. You have made it to the final arch in life. You again have won the race. David and Tekla and Chisana, you were blessed to know and love, and be loved by one of the greatest women on earth. Though we do not know why God takes some and leaves others, still cling to God for faith, love and understanding, and a hope of a brighter tomorrow. God Bless you all. The world will miss you Susan
August 07, 2006
To the family of Susan Butcher my god be with you at this time of sorrow Susan was an insperation to all women around the world and it was beatiful to see her race with her beloved dogs may she rest in peace.
August 07, 2006
A woman who did things I always wanted to do...
Mush on....
What an inspiration you have been !
August 07, 2006
My heartfelt condolences to Dave and the children and the rest of the family. I lived in Anchorage from 1981-1989 and do so remember the Iditarod races and how such a wonderful and brave woman Susan was. After my military service at Elmendorf I found myself working as an assistant manager at the 4th Ave Wendy's Old Fashioned Hamburgers in the Holiday Inn. On the day of the Iditarod we allowed the crew to go out to watch the take off of the race up the street. Susan was bigger than life as she mushed, mushed up 4th Avenue. She was one with her team and you could see that her team truly loved and respected her. Mush on Susan. Meet you on this side of the Aurora Borealis just beyond the Big Dipper! You shal always be remembered as one of Alaska's greats!
August 07, 2006
I was so very sad and shocked to read of Susan's death. She was such an inspiration to everyone who knew her and of her accomplishments, especially women. She proved we can do it if we try. Keep an eye on all of us. We'll never forget you.
August 07, 2006
Susan may you carry your mushing on into heaven with the angels and may you show them how to do it. God wrap your arms around Susan as she enters into your heavenly kingdom.
August 07, 2006
What a remarkable person! If only the rest of us could be as passionate and dedicated to the people we love and the things we do in our lives.
August 07, 2006
Be Still

Be still like the grass on a melancholy summer day
Be still like desert shrub.

Be calm and you will hear your loved one speak, in the stillness, in the calm, their love resounds.

If you are still this promise I make, you will hear the voice of your loved one helping you along your way.

August 07, 2006
August 07, 2006
August 07, 2006
My family is deeply saddened about the passing of Susan. I have lived in Alaska on 2 different occasions. I know she will be missed tremendously. She was a great woman. My prayers are with her family. She is in God's hands now. God needed a special angel to take care of his dog team, and called Susan home.
August 07, 2006
In 2003, we were on the DISCOVERY cruise out of Fairbanks and we stopped by Susan's house enroute. She spoke to us via remote and demonstrated with her beloved dogs. We felt so privileged to have met her in this way. Later, I had a photo taken with one of her sleds back at the gift shop.What a lady !!!
August 07, 2006
I am so sad. A true inspiration is gone. I always admired Susan, and still do. I wish I had the opportunity to meet her and let her know how much she inspired me. Goodbye, Susan, thank you.
August 07, 2006
I am a husky lover, 5 of our own.She must be on the best laid trails there are on the other side of the rainbow bridge.
August 07, 2006
May God bless you and your family in this time of sorrow.
August 07, 2006
Please accept my deepest sympathies.
August 07, 2006
I did not know you, I wish I did.
Simply put, make your next journey
be into Gods arms.
August 07, 2006
My deepest sympathy to Susan Butcher's family and friends.
She now rests in almighty God Jehovah's memory and He alone can resurrect her to perfect life and health on a beautified earth.
August 06, 2006
August 06, 2006
May God comfort you during this most difficult time. Susan was and always will be my HERO! First by her great love for her beautiful family, second the courageous fight with her cancer and third by the love for her dogs and her sport of racing. Have peace with God dear Susan~
August 06, 2006
The race is won. You made a significant contribution to all women in the world. We watched you as you showed life was a level playing field and the love of your animals and family was the ultimate gift.
August 06, 2006
Susan was such an inspiration to all of us. We will miss her for her positive attitude. She was a true champion who never gave up no matter what the odds were. She was a dreamer of dreams who made us believe that she would win her fight with leukemia. She reminded so much of our son, Carlos, who also lost his battle with leukemia on August 8, 2004. Susan is a star in the heavens now sparkling like a diamond. Susan thank you for the joy you brought us.
August 06, 2006
What a huge loss for so heart, thoughts, prayers and best wishes go out to Susan's family.

She was a name that brought smiles to me, for all she did with her sport, her dogs and the last frontier. She will be missed, but will be shining like the Northern Lights above us all....
August 06, 2006
I watched a special on your life a few months back. I was so inspired by your spirit. May God bless you.
May your family find peace and solace in your beautiful life, lived here on earth to it's fullest. I will remember you in my prayers for a long time.
August 06, 2006
I am so sorry for your loss. She was truly an inspiration to many people. The world was blessed by her presence.
August 06, 2006
To Susan's family:

I am not a great lover of dogs but what Susan and her dogs did was incredible.

Cherish the memories you have of her.
August 06, 2006
Thanks for your inspirational races. The world was better for your presence.
August 06, 2006