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1st Sgt. Tobias C. Meister
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November 11, 2016
We never forget.
November 12, 2014
Like Julie, I knew you through I thought of you yesterday and remembered my shock at the news of your passing. You were an inspiration to many and your memory will not fade.
November 12, 2014
I "knew" you only through May God bless your family.
November 11, 2014
Think of you often throughout the year and today we thank you for your service, your friendship,and your loving family. We love and miss you.
May 26, 2013
Another year has come and gone and still the sting of Toby's passing remains. We still stand at attention to you soldier.Your bravery is not forgotton and your sacrafice not eroded with time. We look forward to seeing you when we join you in heaven for that final role call. Blees the family on this special day!
May 25, 2013
March 19, 2013
Prayer Shawls 4 Fallen Soldiers ( is an organization with groups throughout the country who work to send handmade prayer shawls and/or lap robes to families who have lost a loved one while serving our country. Members of Trindle Spring Lutheran Church would like to extend our sincere sympathy and to honor your loved one's sacrifice and memory by sending our prayers and comfort through a prayer gift which will be mailed to you. If you are interested, please contact me at with the names and addresses of those who would like to receive one and which gift they would like to receive. We will send our gift as soon as possible. Also, if you know of any other families who are grieving the loss of a loved on who died while serving our country, please pass along my e-mail address. May God bless you and comfort you in the days ahead. Sincerely, Lynne
December 28, 2011
To the family and friends of 1st Sgt. Tobias C. Meister:
Please accept my remembrance of Tobias on the anniversary of his passing and know that he will never be forgotten.
May 30, 2011
The flag is flying in the sky
A daily reminder of who and why
We sit here remembering them today
These heroes that now lie in their grave.

While here on earth, the bravest ones
A soldier, a mother, a daughter, a son
The father's who went far off to war
To ensure our safety and so much more

To keep our children happy and free,
Someone must do this job, you see
So, today remember the soldiers who served,
Because this is one thing they truly deserve.

The loved one's that they have left behind,
The Gold Star mothers, like your and mine
We honor them proudly, every day
Our American Soldier...Proud and Brave
By Shannon Williams-Austill

I want to thank this soldier for their sacrifice.
And, I wish to extend my deepest regards to the loved ones they have left behind. Their service to our nation, has not gone unnoticed. They are our heroes, who paid the ultimate price for us, and that is something that every American needs to be reminded of and remember everyday.
The freedom we all have, we have because of brave young men and women who made a choice to defend and serve.
Today, let me remember your loved one with you.
April 20, 2011
Just a note to say that you are continually missed and thought of. Your light still shines bright my friend!
December 31, 2010
December 30, 2010
Remembering what a great person you were and the sacrifice you made. Thank you.
December 30, 2010
We think of you oftem and you will never be forgotten. You are truely a HERO!!
December 30, 2010
Our thoughts and prayers are still with the Meister family as we think back to 5 years ago. A great man is truly missed.
December 29, 2010
To the family and friends of 1st Sgt. Tobias C. Meister:
Remembering Tobias on the anniversary of his passing. May our fallen heroes never be forgotten!
Peggy Childers
December 28, 2010
Hey 1SG. I put the flag out today (half-staff) and then talked to you a bit. It is five years ago today since you moved on.

You promised to get me to ABAD the last time we talked. Little did I realize at the time that it would be for your memorial service.

Since coming home, I put the flag out every 28 DEC. Like I say, the big difference today is the five year mark. Not much more to say... I will keep putting the flag out and talking to you when I do.

Until the next time...

November 21, 2010
Remembering you today.
June 01, 2010
As Pat and I reflected on all we have to be grateful for we both thought of Toby and what a fine man he was and of the ultimate sacrafice he gave for our Freedom. We again extend our warmest regards to his family.
June 01, 2010
Thank you Toby for your sacrafice. I think of you almost every day and reflect on what a great person you were and how I can model my life like yours. Miss you!
May 31, 2010
Thank you Toby, because of your sacrafice, I continue to live in freedom. I will never forget you
March 23, 2010
There would have been an honor for me and for Sgt. Meister that not many know about. It's time to share that with those who hold Sgt. Meister in as high regard as I do.

My son, Scott Cole, and Toby were close friends in Afghanistan. A few years after Toby's passing, Scott and his wife were getting ready for their first baby, Charlotte. If Charlotte had been a boy, his name would have been James Tobias Cole, Scott's way of honoring the men that have been the most important in his life. Toby was one of those men.

I am thankful everyday for the freedom that is given to me by men and women like Toby. I'm forever grateful.
December 25, 2009
On this day and with each day that we enjoy our freedom, I would like to give thanks and let you know that I do not take our troops for granted. May you experience God when you feel your loss.
November 12, 2009
I think of you often and especially on Veteran's Day. I get this email with updated enteries and it is a constant reminder of the sacrifice that you made. You are still greatly missed! God Bless your parent's, wife and son!
love the photos of you that Shannon Walker posted! :)
November 11, 2009
Wanted to let you know that I am thinking of you on this Veterans day. It was the greatest honor to have served with you and I will never forget you or your family. You are my hero. Gob bless.
June 25, 2009
Thinking of you and your family a lot lately. You were such a great guy, soldier and hero. I remember like yesterday watching you come into the Remsen-Union High School, getting out of your white mustang and couldn't wait to hear how your and TJ's Tae Kwon Do tournaments went.

You are such an inspiration Toby! You are truly missed...everyday! I wish your family nothing but love and prayers.

Dick and Cara Beelner
May 29, 2009
Re: 1SG Tobias C Meister

I represent PRAYER SHAWLS 4 FALLEN SOLDIERS (PS4FS), an organization that since October 2007 has sent over 2,800 prayer shawls to military families who have lost a loved one. We are an organization of over 240 groups from all over the country. We make every effort to reach families even when post cards are returned after they have moved. Would you kindly send me a contact email/address so that we may send a loving hand-made prayer shawl to the family? Thank you!

Cozette Haggerty, Prayer Shawls 4 Fallen Soldiers
Website Address:
May 26, 2009
On this Memorial Day, I've set aside time to reflect on the past and remember that your family is now a Gold Star Family, too. 1st Sgt. Meister, thank you for you service and duty. Thank you for paying the ultimate protect our country and our freedom.
Sister of Spc. Jeffrey S. Henthorn (Balad, Iraq Feb. 8, 2005)

God bless this special soldier and his grieving loved ones. Be by their side in their time of need.
May 24, 2009
Being back in Afghanistan, I think of you every day. I pray for your family and friends as we deal with your loss this Memorial Day.
May 13, 2009
”Honor and Remember” - “Project Compassion” We love our Soldiers! We love our country and we cannot express enough love and compassion to the families of our fallen heroes. War does not discriminate – It breaks our hearts to see the faces of the fallen. We want to give this gift to you. We are a 501c3 nonprofit organization! Over 1,450 portraits have been completed and shipped to the parents and or spouse - at no cost as this is a gift from one American to another!
Contact us directly at or go to . If you have already had a portrait completed, we pray that you are enjoying the portrait and God Bless You.
Sincerely and Respectfully,
April 09, 2009
So saddened to think of the loss.
January 01, 2009
Holding you all in my thoughts and prayers.

The Wind on The Downs

“I like to think of you as brown and tall,
As strong and living as you used to be,
In khaki tunic, Sam Brown belt and all,
And standing there and laughing down at me.
Because they tell me, dear, that you are dead,
Because I can no longer see your face,
You have not died, it is not true, instead
You seek adventure in some other place.
That you are round about me, I believe;
I hear you laughing as you used to do,
Yet loving all the things I think of you;
And knowing you are happy, should I grieve?
You follow and are watchful where I go.”

(Written by Marian Allen during World War l )

Two lines that I wish you to keep near your heart…….

“You seek adventure in some other place.
That you are round about me, I believe”

I did not know Tobias, but I am remembering
his service and sacrifice. He is my hero. !

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Other Side

i'm over on the other side
where life and death softly divide.
left my skin and bones behind
now i'm over on the other side.

can you feel me there with you?
my breath is gone but i'm not through.
loved you then and i still do
from over on the other side.

i can fly. really fly.
below the earth ... all through the sky.
tell em all i did not die.
i'm just over on the other side.

it's good here on the other side.
the sweetest songs...the bluest skies.
thank you for the tears you cried
but it's good here on the other side.

i can fly. really fly. below the earth...all through the sky.
tell em all i did not die.
i'm just over on the other side

the world is smaller than a needle's eye.
where life and death softly divide.
when you leave your skin and bones behind
i'll be waiting on the other side.

i can fly. really fly. below the earth ... all through the sky.
go tell em all i did not die.
i'm just over on the other side.

Song lyrics by Don Conoscenti
C Desert Muse/SESAC
(Used with permission)

“I hope it brings great comfort to any and all.
Peace on you. DonCon” 4-2008

The Other Side –
(To hear the song)


Deb Estep ~ Ohio
Proud Air Force Mom SSgt Vince – Lackland AFB
Proud Air Force MIL SrA Dana – Randolph AFB

Remembering The Fallen – Blog

Angel and soldier drawing I have shared here.
December 28, 2008
I remember this day every year. Toby, you were an exceptional NCO and one that I looked up to for your amazing leadership ability. You're missed and remembered by so many of us.
December 28, 2008
To the family of 1st Sgt. Tobias C. Meister:
Tobias gave the ultimate sacrifice and will be held in the hearts of Americans forever. I cannot and will not let our fallen heroes be forgotten. My deepest sympathy to you. "Some gave all."
Peggy Childers
"Don't Let The Memory Of Them Drift Away"
September 18, 2008
My condolences to the family and loved ones of1SG Meister. I am a Vietnam veteran and have been down this road many times. Our prayers are with you.
September 17, 2008
You were one of the first casualties that I was aware of, and I think of you frequently. I pray your loved ones can find the strength they need to persevere, and I pray that your beautiful soul is resting in eternal peace.
June 09, 2008
The 486 CA BN in Tulsa lost a great leader. We both served as 1SG's and he was a great conrade and friend. The guy had more energy and determination to get the job done whether it was training the Soldiers in the Battation to get ready to go, or smacking us around the floor mats doing combative training. The lost was felt immediately by those who knew him. His mild manner demeanor, and unselfish service to the Soldiers he lead only made him admired that much more. I am grateful for the time I got to spend with him, and I will miss him. He was a Top Notch Soldier and NCO. "Can't" was not in his vocabolary.
June 08, 2008
You are in our thoughts and prayers.
May 19, 2008
Just to confirm that we still think of you and pray for your family. May God always continue to bless them.
May 18, 2008
You are remembered and respected. Thank you 1st Sgt Meister!
May 18, 2008
Thank you for the sacrifice made by 1st Sgt Meister and the sacrifice made by everyone who loves and misses him. May God bless all of you!
March 04, 2008
I was stationed in Asadabad with 1SG Meister. He was the definition of a leader. I have looked to his memory for strength and drive.

To the family,
I can't find the right words to express my condolences. I do want you to know that 1SG Meister was, and still is, an inspiration. I carry his memory constantly.
November 11, 2007
Top and I served together in Afghanistan on the Abad PRT. Top was a true leader and friend. I remember on of the first things that he said to me was "Walker, I'm gonna make you a soldier before you leave here." I laughed at him and told him that I was an Airman. He taught me so much and I will forever be gratefull. It is because of your leadership that I am here today, thank you Toby.
From reading some of the other messages from the rest of our PRT group, I feel I have to tell the story about your birthday. Alicia had sent birthday decor and stuff. We decorated your room and surprised you. Jay was dressed like a local woman and came in too tease you. Then we dragged you outside and tied you to the flag pole just to throw water on you.(We all realized how strong you were that day too)The look on your face was priceless. We laughed so hard. That was one of the happiest memories I have from that deployment.
The sadest memory is when you were taken from us, unfortunatly I was on that mission with you too. I will never forget that day or you. Your family has so much to be proud of you for. I promise you that this Soldier/Airman will never forget you, your sacrifice or any of the comrads we lost over there. Epperson and myself carry you on our bodies in the form of a tatoo everyday.
To Alicia, Will, and the rest of your family you are in my prayers everyday and am so sorry for your loss.
To Top I salute you on this Veterans Day and every day. You our my Hero.
August 19, 2007
There is nothing that I can say or do to take away the pain or bring you peace in your time of sorrow, but I will offer you and your family my heart felt condolences. I also offer you my prayers that in time the pain will easy and the memories of your HERO will carry you through each day and night. I want to thank your HERO, for his/her selfless act of becoming a member of the armed forces, his/her willingness to defend the United States of America, all that we hold sacred and for the sacrifice that will forever be etched in the memories of all those who knew him/her. Though tears can never bring him/her back, we hope that our tears express our gratitude for the sacrifice that he/she made and our sorrow at his/her passing. I believe for every fallen HERO there is a star shining brightly up above to remind us of the precious gift we were given.

Your mission on earth is complete and you are now a member of GOD’s Heavenly armed forces. Stand down brave warrior and take your rightful place in Heaven with all the HEROES who have passed before.

I made a special promise to LE RON A. WILSON, a dear family friend who joined the Army with three other friends, one of whom is my son (Le Ron was killed in action on 07/06/07 at the age of 18) on the day he was laid to rest as I touched his coffin, that I would never forget him nor would I forget those that gave their lives for our country before him, with him and after him and so when I came across, I thought what a great way to keep my promise to Le Ron, so I will continue to leave tributes in each guest book until the day there is no longer the need to leave these tributes to a FALLEN HERO.


Currently stationed in Germany
Althea Barrett(Queens, NY)
August 10, 2007
Toby: I miss you. I learned so much from you when we trained together back at Ft. Sill. I really miss those days. It was a great time in my life to work with someone that was so good at what they did. I love the way we pushed each other to be the best. You are the best soldier I ever knew. Thanks for making me a better man. Your battle buddy Lance
July 12, 2007
Our prayers are with you. We lost our son Sgt Ryan M. Wood on June 21st. Nothing I can say will take the pain away, but I do want you to know that you are not alone.
You are in our hearts and our prayers.
Momma of Sgt Ryan Mitchell Wood
June 26, 2007
God Bless. I lost my brother August 4, 2006, My prayers are with you!
June 05, 2007
Top and I deployed with the same unit in June of 2005 to Afghanistan. He was supposed to take over my company back home after the deployment. We didnt have much interaction but from the few times I spoke with him he impressed me at every turn. Im sad for his families loss but I cant help but think how proud they must be. You will be missed Top and Im sure well all see each other at that last formation...........
April 18, 2007
It's been over a year now Since Top left us. I still seem to think about him quite often and it still hurts. I miss his guidance, friendship, and mentorship. There is so much more to say but I can't bring the words out. Just know that He is still missed by his troops.
April 11, 2007
Toby and I were in BNCOC together. We were the only Drill Sergeants in the class and he and I were in direct (friendly) competition from the first day. He won (of course). I was really impressed by his character and professionalism. I just learned of his death today (over a year later). I was thinking of our class just last week and how much we competed against each other. I truly learned a lot from Toby. My heartfelt wishes go out to his entire family. He will not be forgotten.

1SG Jonathan Bentley
February 19, 2007
I read Sgt. Meister's entries at anysoldier and felt that I, in some small way, knew him. Anysolider recommended sending packages to the troops after Christmas (to avoid the rush) so I read his posts and waited. I never had the priviledge of shipping him a package but I pray for him often.
December 30, 2006
well it's been a year since we have lost a great warrior and friend. knowing toby he would not have changed a thing. He was a man of value and honor and though i was older than him he taught me alot about how a man should be. I have apassage from from psalms that i would have loved to share with him. Though he was a peaceful soul it describes his other side, the warrior side.
Psalms 144:1- Blessed be the Lord my strength, which teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight.
December 28, 2006
I am Deeply Saddened to learn of the loss of 1st Sgt. Tobias C. Meister, one year ago today.
The price this Fine Young Hero and his family have paid for this country and for freedom, Will Never Be Forgotten.
May Tobias rest safely in the Loving Care of God and may the Peace of the Lord continue to be with the Meister family.
There will never be enough ways to humbly thank these heroes for their Supreme Sacrifice, my brother among them. KIA~Vietnam, 1967.

Cast thy burden upon the Lord, and He shall sustain thee.~ Psalm 55:22

May the Peace of God and the memories of your loved one, remain in your heart always. May this give you comfort and strength through the difficult days.
You are in my thoughts and prayers and I am deeply sorry for your loss.
December 22, 2006
Dear Family of Sgt. Toby Meister,
One year ago I contacted Sgt. Meister about a care package that my family wanted to sent. He e-mailed me right back and gave me all the help I needed. He was so nice and kind that we decided to sent the box to him to share with his fellow soldiers. In January I received a letter from his superior, letting us know that Toby had been killed before my box made it. We have been deeply affected and have been thinking and praying for his family ever since. He served his country proudly and we will never forget the sacrifice he made for us all. God bless his family and I know he will be with you this Christmas and always.
November 28, 2006
I am so very sorry for your loss, Iwill pray daily for your whole family I am still in shock he was such a great individual I worked with him for several years at chili's, he touched my life as well as everyone who worked with him. God bless you all, and Thank you Toby you are greatly missed.
November 19, 2006
As I sat on a Southwest Airliner last week the woman next to me mentioned my “GO ARMY” neck band. That neck band had been issued to me, on 9/11, as I was crammed on a C-130 with the rest of my FEMA Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) team en-route to the World Trade Center just a few hours after the attack. I still use that neck band to this day to carry my FEMA credentials which I had used to board the Southwest flight. I noticed the silver engraved wrist band she was wearing and casually mentioned she must have an ARMY connection since she noticed my neck band. I could see the word ARMY on her wrist band. She proceeded to tell me the wrist band was for her son and, in glowing terms, how proud she was of him, of what he had done in Iraq. She told me how he genuinely loved what he was doing, so much so, that, had gone back for additional tours. She described his phone call when he told her that he was “doing some good over here”. Her son was 1st Sgt. Tobias C. Meister. Here it is almost a week later and still can not get this conversation out of my mind. I can not help but feel that this country is a bit poorer with the loss of this man. A soldier’s love for his country and a mother’s love for her son that should be inspiration to the rest of us. I never knew Sgt Meister but now I will never forget him.
September 20, 2006
1st Sgt. Meister was an idol for me and many Marines. I served with him in Echo company.
He couldn't turn down the chance to go out with us and left a life long impression on us and many others. Will be remembered by many.. our thoughts our with him and his family, god bless
September 06, 2006
My thoughts and prayers are with the Meister family of Jenks. I had
several Meisters' in my classroom at Jenks Middle school and can vouch
for a wonderful family who raised well behaved, smart, and incredible
children; each one of them. It proves to us once again that only our best and brightest think to dedicate themselves to maintain our rights and freedoms. May God be with you.
August 31, 2006
What an incredible man. I wish I had served under 1SG Meister; he lead by example. Despite being in "his" company at the 486th, I did not get a chance to meet him as he deployed just before I got in the unit. All I have heard about him has blessed me and had a profound impact on me; I am grateful to him for all he did and all he stood for.

James L. Clark
B Co, 486th CA BN
July 21, 2006
Toby was an outstanding Soldier in every sense. I had the privilege of serving with him in D Battery 1/355th, Camp Bullis, TX and we went through Drill SGT School together. Tough, determined, sharp, and well adjusted is how I can describe him. He will be sorely missed. My condolences to the family and friends.
July 18, 2006
My heartfelt sympathies go out to your family; I had the pleasure of training then, a young SGT, in D/1/355/1/95 DIV at Camp Bullis, TX. 1SG Meitster (Toby) always gave 100% at everything he did and lead the way by example. His accomplishments in his personal life as well as the Army will never be forgotten.

I heard the Lord's voice, saying, "Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?" Then I said, "Here I am. Send me!" -Isaiah 6:8

July 11, 2006
My deepest sympathies to Sgt Meisters friends & family.
I just found this today and it has been quite a shock.
He was my "anysoldier" contact to send toys and material, books etc. to the Afghan children.
To his wife and son, my deepest & heartfelt sympathy to you. He will NEVER be forgotten.

An Army Mom & sister of 3 Marines
July 03, 2006
My only child just returned from his third tour in Iraq. I cannot tell you how sorry I am about the loss of Sgt. Tobias. He gave his life for all of us, and we can never acknowlege them enough.
June 21, 2006
I hope that every day you will be reminded of what an incredible young man Tobias Meister was to have served our country so valiantly, and for so many years. I am proud to know that my country is represented by people of this caliber. My deepest sympathy goes to the family and to his wife and son. Maybe one day it will be comfort enough for his son to know that his father was the best of America. God bless you.
June 13, 2006
Having been mobilized for two years, I was unaware of Toby's death, being alerted to it at the Fort Bragg Special Forces museum KIA board. By working with him on two 95th DIV(IT) DSOY boards, I saw his enthusiasm, professionalism, and dedication. He is greatly missed, I know, by all with and for whom he worked. He was a great man and I regret his loss deeply, but it was not in vain. God bless America and Afghanistan.
June 05, 2006
I am honored to have known 1SG Tobias C Meister. I first met this NCO in 2003 at a place called Fort Hunter-Liggett, CA. I worked with the 104th Drill Sergeant School and he was with the 95th Drill Sergeant School.

I was impressed with his devotion to duty and attention to detail. He was passionate about his work and refused to cut corners.

At the end of our tour I presented DSL Meister with a coin that was given to me when I was a young NCO. I gave him the instruction that he was to pass the coin onto another worthy NCO when he became a CSM (Which without a doubt he would have become). I had the opportunity to see him in the coming years.

I was shocked and saddened at the news. Even now as I look at his photo and write this entry it is with heavy heart.

To the Meister family, my families' prayers have been with you during your time of mourning. Your loved one was an amazing person with a zest for life.

Goodbye for now, Tobias. May the Lord keep you and we'll see you on the high ground.
May 18, 2006
My deepest sympathy to the Meister family in their loss. I was taken by Toby's compassion for the citizens and esp the children. I was honored to have sent packages to be given to the children...I also talked to one of my "adopted" soldier who's back in OK who knew Toby and spoke highly of him, a great leader. Loved reading his entries in the anysoldier website
Vaya con Dios..
May 09, 2006

April 26, 2006
Top was one of the best men I ever knew. I had the pleasure of working with him everyday in Asadabad. I was also with him the day he died. As usual, he was leading from the front. That day he asked me and a couple of other guys for our addresses and phone numbers. He was planning a reunion for all of his soldiers 6 months before he was to come home. I am an Air Force civil engineer. As any military member could imagine, I had no idea what I was getting into when I came to Asadabad. I asked Top to give me and the other Airmen as much training as he could because “we can’t do anything”. He appreciated my honesty and took us under his wing. He treated us like we were his soldiers. He had leadership qualities that couldn’t be taught. I learned so much from him. He was a great man and a great soldier. Knowing him has changed my life. I think of him everyday. My deepest sympathies go out to his wife and son. He spoke of you often and loved you very much.
April 22, 2006
I have recently returned from Afghanistan and had the privilage of working with the 492nd as well as 3/144th. Four of Top's soldiers were attached to my unit, the 111th ASG in Bagram. We all felt his loss and will always charish his memory. He was one of the best of us.
April 21, 2006
My heart was saddened tonight when my fried Patrick Fugere told me about this site and Toby's death. I knew him when he was a young specialist assigned to Charlie Company 3/144 Inf. in Dallas TX. I was with Toby in Germany and helped him train and get his EIB while assigned to 3/144inf. He was an outstanding solider and a great person. Alicia and Will, as you keenly know, Toby was a gift from god and while his death saddens us all, God had need of him and I pray that we will all see him again someday. I wish you all the best and I will remember you in my prayers.

Rgr Gideon.
April 21, 2006
Dear Meister Family, I served with Toby when he was in the Texas Army National Guard. We tested for and both were awarded the Expert Infantryman Badge together. He was a corporal then but I realized that he was a young man with unlimited potential, who always made sure to take the right action. I send my heartfelt condolences to his family and am sadden by his loss. I never had a chance to serve with him again but I am positive that he was there for his men and took their safety and well being over his own needs. He will be missed. CPT Patrick Fugere
April 11, 2006
What a terrible loss. Toby took care of his men and was very dedicated. I cannot express enough sympathy to his widow and son. God Bless
April 11, 2006
There are no words to comfort a loss like Toby. I served with him in Asadabad, Afghanistan for a good deal of my time in the country. Toby was the best at everything he did, from his determination to complete the mission to hiking up Bull Run 4 times a week. Toby was an outstanding American and patriot, but he was much more to me, my brother in arms and my friend. I still do not know half of the words I would like to say, and I think about December 28th 2005 all the time, but I can think of one thing that a good friend of mine told me and that is that your body is only a tent that you stay in while you are on earth and that is all, who wants to live in a tent forever? Toby is still alive inside all of us, and I am sure that our father is watching over him (but for those of us who know Toby, it may be that he is doing the watching). So I will say this last thing before I go, Toby was the greatest man I have ever had the honor of knowing, and I look forward to the day I will see him again.
To Toby's family, My deepest sorrow for your loss, and my greatest respect for your sacrifice, God Bless you all.
February 26, 2006
He was one of my Drill Sergeant Leaders during Drill Sergeant School at Ft.Sill, OK. Class 03-01. A tough, dedicated soldier. God bless him for his sacrifice and love of country. Bless also his family and friends.
February 23, 2006
My heartfelt sympathy to the Meister family in the loss of Tobias. I did not know Tobias, but my heart is broken and I am saddened for your loss of such a fine young person and hero. May God bring you peace in your heart as you reflect on all the wonderful memories you hold so close. Please know that you are in my heart and prayers. You are a hero and you will never be forgotten.
I send each of you a hug from the most inner part of my heart.
Love and Peace

To live in the hearts
of those you leave behind
is never to die"
~Robert Orr~
February 19, 2006
To the family of Tobias C. Meister,
I wanted to write to express my most heartfelt condolences. While I did not know your son personally he has touched the lives of the students and staff I work with at the Pathway School (a school for special needs children and adolescents) as well as my brother who also attends the school.What an amazing son and husband he must have been to touch all the lives he did! You are always in our prayers.
February 08, 2006
To the Family of

1SG Tobias(Toby) C. Meister

What a shock! I was thinking about Toby the other day and finally took time to pull up some old files and decided to do a Google search to see if I could find enough information on him, to give him a call and see how things were going. Shocked, is a small word, when I read the article from the Le Mars Daily Sentinel. My heart goes out to you Ms. Meister and to his family. With Toby’s passing the world as we know it has experienced a great loss, but heaven has accepted him into its fold as a Great Husband, Father, and Son. No words can ever explain how Toby touched people, but you know.

Toby was a great individual, a perfectionist in every since of the word from his personal life to kickboxing. I work at the University of Texas at San Antonio, Army ROTC department. Toby was only in our program a short while and touched my life on many different levels. I think the highest level was my spiritual level. We spoke of life, inner peace, religion and God. He and I had a real unique relationship. I shared Jesse Duplantis tapes with him and his insight was exceptionally refreshing. Toby came by one day and gave me a wooden box he had made me with a cross cut into the top. I will cherish it forever. A couple of days before Graduation was the last time I had the pleasure of seeing Toby. He was excited about his family coming down for Graduation and his plans to work in Oil with his degree. His future life was on the start line with all of his plans in place, smiling he gave me a hug and had to go get things ready. I told him as he turned to walk our of my office, that day, “May God Bless and Keep You.” That is still my prayer for Toby and his family. He will remain in my thoughts forever. He is a great individual that touched my heart, mind and soul.

Lola R.(Becky) Teninty
February 03, 2006
His postings on made a far away country seem like the next block down the vividly describing the people and events as if he was talking about mutual neighbors.

His seemingly endless energy and and will to make the world better showed in every line he wrote. When I learned he had been killed, I was stunned. How could such a good person, someone so dedicated to excellence in EVERY endeavor, be taken? There is no answer that really is satisfying. His death was a horrible wrong.

To his family: know and believe that he was regarded so highly by anyone whose lives he touched whether in person, or in print. He was truly an example of our best, and brightest. My deepest condolences.
January 31, 2006
Dear Meister family.
We are so sorry for your loss of your love one. I had two sons last year in the military, one was in Iraq,all of our family sends our thanks and love to you and yours. No words could do justice for the void that you are feeling now, but we pray that you will find peace.God bless you and your family. Thank You LL
January 30, 2006
dave and judy, So sorry for your lose. I promise you the people of kingsley will never forget the fine young man that you shared with us. curt
January 30, 2006
To the Meister Families,

Although this message comes from far we are humbled greatly by Toby's passing during his great service to our nation. It's always hard to accept when you never think that it will be someone that you know. We all ask ourselves why the good hearted, kind, hardworking, and passionate people are the ones that are taken from us here on earth? The more I ask myself that question the more I answer that Toby was called to serve God as an angel to watch over his family.

Our prayers are with you.

Nicci and Joe Schmitt
January 29, 2006
While our paths never crossed, I have been touched by all of the entries re: this very handsome young man, husband and father. My own husband, a Navy veteran, passed away less than a year ago. Your family and friends are in my prayers. Thank you for your bravery.
January 26, 2006
Here is a site with an excellent story on Toby.
January 26, 2006
I spent the morning reading over everyone's heartfelt entries conerning 1SG Meister. What is clear to me now is that 1SG Meister had the same impact on me that he did on everyone else fortunate enough to cross paths with him.

Our paths crossed in Afghanistan, where I had the distinct pleasure of serving with him at the Foreward Operating Base he was stationed at and going out on mission with him. From the first time I ever met him, it was clear to me how much he loved being there and doing what he was doing. He felt as strongly as the rest of us about helping the Afghani people in that rural and almost forgotten area along the Pakistan border where we all lived. There was always such a concerted effort in everything he did and said out there, as if all of these things were crucial pieces of the collective statement he wished to make with his life.

As you read the countless entries in this guest book, it becomes clearer and clearer that 1SG Meister was the literal embodiment of the perfect soldier, and I could go on and on about how much he impressed all of us out there in Afghanistan, but instead, I want to tell all of you about a more personal side of 1SG Meister, of Tony, that will stay with me for the rest of my life. As most of you already know, Toby was a consummate professional, and rarely let anyone see any other aspect of himself than as a soldier. Well, one day, in our MWR room, Toby was on the phone talking to his wife while twenty of us guys were well within earshot of his conversation, when all of the sudden, he starts singing 'Happy Birthday' to his son over the phone in a voice obviously shared between a proud father and his young son. When he first started singing, some guys in the room started laughing at him and poking a little fun. Toby just smiled back at the room and then finished the special birthday song to his young son. Folks, that takes guts. Especially around a room full of soldiers. So you see, Toby wasn't just the epitome of a model soldier, he was also the epitome of a model father, and of a model man.

You will be sorely missed, Toby, but you will never be forgotten, and your spirit will live on in all of us whose lives you touched and changed forever. Goodbye for now.
January 26, 2006
I had the honor and privelage of knowing and working with 1SG Meister in Asadabad. He was a great leader and an impeccable NCO. My life is better today for knowing him. During his service in Afghanistan he touched the lives of countless Afghan citizens and because of his efforts, dedication and selfless service their lives are better. He will never be forgotten and whenever anyone speaks of a free and peaceful Afghanistan I will remember that 1SG Meister was one of the people that made that possible. God Bless him, his family, the United States Army and the United States of America.
January 25, 2006
Dear Judy,Dave, TJ, and the rest of Toby's family
I was so sorry to hear of your loss. But having grown up with you all in Remsen was brought back rapidly and came with much joy. I know there is not much that can be said to ease the pain of such a loss...other than he will be greatly missed because he had a profound impact on lots of lives. You'll always be in my thoughts and prayers. Thanks for serving in so many ways.
January 24, 2006
I did not know 1st Sgt. Tobias Meister, but I wanted to THANK YOU with all my heart and soul for serving your country in time of need. I wish there were more American's willing to fight for what they believe in and more people willing to support the troops. I will be praying for your Wife and son and any family friends that you left you behind. God Bless you and Thank you again for your service.
January 24, 2006
I didn't know 1SG Meister, but wanted to express my condolences to his family. He and my brother served together in Iraq.
January 23, 2006
Dear Meister Family,
Sgt Meister was a pen pal for my coworker's girl scout group. I read the letters he wrote to the girls and was reduced to tears. His last letter deeply expressed all his love for his wife and son. I carry the utmost respect for his service to the military and his dedication in keeping contact with the girls. We will never forget him for his friendliness and heartfelt letters. My best wishes to his family and friends.
January 22, 2006
My condolonces. I wasn't sure to write something, because I didn't know him, until I saw a message from someone, who liked the name Tobias-I was getting ready to send a package to his unit, because it is my son's name. He was adopted, One nite, we were watching Andersonville, about the civil war prison camp, and 1 of the soldier's names was Tobias. My son heard that, and said how much he like the name, and wanted a first name change also. Ironically, it was my 3 great grandmother's maiden name! I thought that was a sign, meant to be. I send many packages to our troops-we are so proud of them. May you be comforted as to how proud this country is! God bless.
January 22, 2006
Dear Meister Family,
"God is the Master Weaver, and only He knows when the tapestry is complete." What a rich tapestry your dear Toby had woven during his too-short-life! How proud you must be of the son and husband that you were blessed to share your lives with. This guestbook is so beneficial, allowing us that knew Toby only through, to convey our thoughts upon the loss of one of America's finest. His emails from Afghanistan were so full of compassion and patriotism, our hearts just sank when we learned of his death. We pray that you will sense God's arms around you every day, and that your memories will be a great comfort to you.
January 21, 2006
My heart goes out to your entire family. I was honored to assist my daughter with the preparations for the wedding of Toby and Alicia and was in fact at the wedding. They were a beautiful couple who were looking forward to a wonderful life. Thank you for the gift of this young man and the ultimate sacifice he paid for all of us. My daughter attended the funeral service and was very touched by the tributes. You will all be in our prayers.
January 20, 2006
1SG Meister was and will always be one of the most influential NCOs that I have ever met. I am honored to have had you as an instructor when I was in Drill Sergeant School as well as to have worked with you after I graduated. You epitomized the Army Values, the Drill Sergeant Creed and the Creed of the Noncommissioned Officer in everything you did.

You once told me that your goal was to become the Sergeant Major of the Army. I along with any soldier who knew you would agree with me that you were more than qualified to accomplish that goal.

You will be missed 1SG, and by more people than you could ever imagine.

2LT Steven Ragan
3 ID, Ft Stewart GA

June 2003 Tulsa OK pictured are:

Top Row-
SSG Hill, SFC Gibson SSG Wheat, SSG Ragan

Bottom Row-
SSG Meister, SSG Potts
January 19, 2006
Meister Family,

My deepest sympathies for your loss, you are in the thoughts and prayers of my family.

I have had the privilege to serve with Toby during the October 2004 Civil Affairs course in Fort Dix, NJ, where he served as our student 1SG. He embodied the attributes of an American soldier and lived the Army values on and off duty. His inspiration to the staff, instructors, and students he served with is lasting, and we will carry with each of us forever, his memory. His humor, insight, and professionalism made him excel in every aspect of his life, and we thank you for allowing us to share in his life.

God bless America, the Meister family, and our men and women in the Armed services!

MSG Matthew G. Osman
Course Manager / Instructor
5th BN (CA), 3rd BDE (CS), 98th DIV (IT)
January 19, 2006
Dear Meister Family,

I would like to express my apreciation to you of Tobias. He served his country, and us and for that I am forever greatful. I have been frequenting the AnySoldier website, and I noticed Tobias' name. The first time I saw it on the site, I said to myself, "I really like that name." and I kept it in the back of my mind. Then coming on again and seeing that he is now gone, just broke my heart. Please know you are in my thoughts and prayers. God Bless you all!
January 18, 2006
Dear Meister Family,
My thoughts and prayers are with you at this time of loss.
I had the pleasure of getting to know Toby the summer of 1993, when he along with about 50 others and myself left Iowa headed for basic training. We were the Iowa buddy platoon. He had a drive and personality that helped me get through that hard 9 weeks. It was a honor to get to know him. I was saddened to learn of his death after losing track of him after the summer of 1994. Even though he is gone, take solace in all the great things he did, achieved and the memories that he made that will never die.
January 18, 2006
I was honored to help the Yellow Ribbon Girls at our church to pack for Toby & all our troops. You have our deepest sympathies, our love & prayers are with you. God be with to guide & protect you & your family always & until we all meet in Heaven. We are so proud of Toby & proud to be a little part of his life. So sorry for your loss. Bob & Carlene Bleakney, Portersville, PA
January 16, 2006
Meister Family,

I dont know you, nor did i know First Sargent Meister, however what i do know is this: your husband IS a true American Hero, and an ispiration. Sgt. Meister, thank you so much for all your sacrafices to protect me and my family. Thank you for allowing me to live life, laugh, cry, be with family and friends, feel safe, and conquer my dreams and aspirations. Without men like you, our world would be hopeless. You give light when there is dark, hope when there is desolation. You sacraficed your life to help others in strife, on their behalf, i say Thank you.

God bless you, Meister Family! Please remember, God is with you and Tobias is right there with God.

If you ever need anything. Dont hesitate.

god bless you all, and may God continue to bless this United States of America.

Ryan Drumwright, 19 years old.
January 16, 2006
My husband SSG Glen Gilbert served with Toby in Afghanistan and couldn't have spoke more highly of a person. To the family of Toby, may God be with you during this difficult time. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

H. Gilbert
January 16, 2006
I was honored to work with Toby at the 95th Division Drill Sergeant School. His dedication to duty molded many young Soldiers lives. He is greatly missed - what a hero.
CSM William A. Howard, Commandant 95th Division (IT) Drill Sergeant School.
January 15, 2006
I am very sad to hear of the death of 1SGT Meister. I had the pleasure to have worked with Toby at Ft. Sill Oklahoma on a combined Drill Sgt. School Annual Training between the 95th and 104th Schools. He was a good soldier and one of the best
Drill Sgt's I have ever worked with. The last time I saw Toby was at a dinner in February 2005 where I wished him luck on his new assignment and congratulated him on his new son. What I will keep with me of Toby is that smile of his. The kind of smile that made everyone around him feel good. My prayers and thoughs go to you and your family.
SFC Augie Carrillo
104th Div DSS
January 15, 2006
Words will never be able to express the loss of a great soldier, mentor, friend, father, and a husband. Sadly I found out through other soldiers who have worked with Tobias.

I first met Tobias in Jan. 2001 at Drill Sergeant School. He was one of our DSL's. By the end of the course, he became more of a friend than an instructor. A year later I heard he had won the 2002 US Army Drill Sergeant of the Year. This didn't surprise me at all.

Fast forward two more years and I met up with Tobias again in October 2004 at Ft. Dix, NJ. He was there for a Civil Affairs re-class course and I was there for a PSYOP re-class course. We talked about everything that has happened in the last couple of years in our lives and what we were planning to do in the next few years. I remember how we both talked about being drained of training troops and just wanted to be "over there" and do our part as soldiers.

Tobias said to me, "Those guys over there need a break. I want to go so they can come home to their families." The entire month I was there at Ft. Dix, this was the one quote from Tobias that I remembered the most. I still do today and will always remember.

A high caliber soldier like Tobias will never be replaced.

January 15, 2006
Toby and I weren't very close growing up, but when we did get to hang out at family gatherings we always had a blast. He will be greatly missed.
January 14, 2006
Dave and Judy...
So sorry about your loss. We never had the privilege of meeting Toby, but sounds like he was a super guy. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. God bless.
January 14, 2006
January 13, 2006
I have been blessed with good leadership during my military career, but Toby was by far the best NCO I have ever met and had the privilage to serve with. He was always right there next to you when you were working, never just watching from the sidelines. I will strive my whole life to more like him and to teach my soliders some of the things I learned from him. Toby, you inspired the best in all of us. As the dog tag on my neck reads for you, "Always Missed, but never forgotten!" To his wife and son, my prayers go out to you both. "ONE TEAM"
January 13, 2006
It is so hard to believe that such a wonderful person is no longer with us, it has been difficult coming to grips with this reality.

I am the leader of four Girl Scout troops who adopted 1st Sgt. Meister’s unit. His articulate letters and photos helped the girls understand the living conditions of the people in Afghanistan. His letters also brought home the limited opportunities that the girls over there have. He showed the girls how blessed they are to be living in this country; and how blessed they are to have the opportunities that they do have. We are truly “American, by God’s Amazing Grace.”

The reality that people are putting their lives on the line to enable girls to go to school was an eye-opener to the girls (and a lot of their parents/teachers/and others we shared his letters with). He gave us a positive view of the work our soldiers are doing over there. He was such a upbeat person, his affection for others was apparent in his letters. In a personal email to the girls he wrote “Please tell your Girl Scouts how much I appreciated their support and that someday I hope to have a daughter that is as thoughtful and generous as they have been.” In sharing the building projects his team was working on, Toby has made an indelible impression on those of us left behind. The world will continue to be affected by the ripples left by his touch.

Last night my little one heard Kenny Chesney’s song “Who You’d Be Today” and said “That reminds me of Toby, I wonder what he’d be telling us today? I miss his letters.”

God Bless You, our hearts go out to Toby’s family, friends, and all who knew and loved him.

Debbie St. Onge . . . proud Army Brat and Leader of Girl Scout Troops 15, 141, 114, and 215.
January 13, 2006
My wife and I sent packages to Toby’s unit for several months. In
that time we came to feel we knew him personally. His eloquent, well composed reports from the front gave a vivid picture of the
situation and portrayed the US Armed forces at their best.

He was a man for all seasons. A soldier, he looked after his troops. A diplomat, he dealt effectively with the locals. An administrator, he built public works. A businessman, he organized his own supply chain and brought in donated goods; A patriot, he gave unstintingly without complaint. He was the kind of man I want to represent my country abroad. We’ll never forget him.
January 12, 2006
Dave and Judy
Chip and I were very sorry to hear of your lost. After reading the Remsen newspaper and all the articles on line we were very impressed with Toby's accomplishments. You must be very proud parents. Your family will be remembered in our prayers.
Lisa & Chip
January 11, 2006
To an old friend who was in my platoon in Charlie Company. As Platoon Sergeant, I trained you, as I would have been trained, by doing my very best. I remember years ago at Fort Hood, our last field exercise where we outflanked the "enemy" and set up for a counterattack. We learned alot from each other, as well as from those around us. But i shall always remember you my dear friend.
January 11, 2006
Judy & Dave: We have heard so much of Toby from grandma June that we feel we know him. We have met him briefly and know what a fine young man he was and can be very proud of him and how he served our/his coutry. Words cannot express our thoughts and feelings for you, but will remember you,Tobys wife,and baby in prayers. May God be your rock and shield during this difficult time. Mariann
January 11, 2006
The news of Toby's death came as such a shock to my family & me. I've known Toby for 12yrs, first meeting him at Tri-State TeaKwonDo where he was my big brother, Cody's instructor. Toby was always going above & beyond the expectations set. Toby, you will be greatly missed more than you will ever know. Others, please feel free to visit the memorial site my mom put together in honor of Toby.
January 11, 2006
David, Judy, Alicia, Will, & families,
My condolences go out to all of you. Sorry that this tragic event happened but you can be proud of what he has done.

January 11, 2006
My thourghts and prayers are with you in the time of loss.
January 10, 2006
I am heart-broken. When I found out about, I scanned through hundreds of soldiers names. I would click at random to read their entries. When I came across Toby's, I called my husband in to read them. He just seemed to have such a wonderful, kind spirit. I have three children and I loved how he talked about his son and wife. I wrote him a letter that night thanking him.

I am so saddened for your tremendous loss. Please take comfort in knowing that complete strangers are praying for you. To his beautiful wife and son, his love for you was so obvious from his entries. I'm sure you and your son will cherish those.
January 10, 2006
I was so sorry to read about the loss of 1st Sgt.Tobias Meister. My thoughts and prayers are with his friends and family during this very sad time. Sincerely, Martha
January 10, 2006
Dear Meister family and friends!

I would like to express my deepest condolences. I am so sorry for your loss.
I have met Toby when he attended Civil Affairs school re-class in October 2004 at Ft. Dix, NJ. Myself, SSG Jake Kuhne, SSG Norman Hall and SFC Michael Priebe (from 407th CA BN) attended the school with Toby. He was our class First Sgt. and he was admired by all of us. He had so much passion for what he was doing, so much patriotism in his heart. It was a priviladge and honor to work side-by-side with him and to learn from him.
After class we all would hang out together and get to know each other. Toby was always talking about his wife and his baby boy. He was such a proud father!
Four of us as well as some other students from our class were deployed later on to Iraq. Toby wanted to join us because he wanted to do something for his country. He wanted to get involved, wanted to make the difference.
Then, through email, I got in touch with Judy, Toby's mom, who sent me sooo many Humanitarian Assistance packages through the high school she worked at. I was always so thankful for people like her, for patriots like Toby, who support their country and their soldiers. God Bless America and Our Troops (alive and deceased).
SGT Karolina Lojewska
407th Civil Affairs BN
Arden Hills, MN
January 10, 2006
"Met Toby" through a staff member (& friend) of my son Dave's INTO TOMORROW Radio Show.
Steve Ziegler would send me some of 1st Sgt. Meister's frequent letters. He showed so much love and compassion for his family - along with his platoon. Would like to offer my sympathy to Toby's wife and to his entire femily. He, his family, as well as his soldiers will always be kept in my prayers. May God bless all of you always.
January 10, 2006
We feel deeply sorry for the loss of family Meister and we wish the family a lot of strenght in this difficult time.
Madeleine Linder and Heinz Jenny, Switzerland
January 10, 2006
Always enjoyed getting updates from Sgt. Meister about his experiences in Afghanistan. Truly saddened to hear about his passing, deepest sympathy to the family.
January 10, 2006
Please accept my sincere condolences. I am thankful for men like Tobias C. Meister who have served our country unselfishly. May God comfort you in your deepest loss.
January 10, 2006
God Bless the Meister family, your loss is felt by the soldiers who trained with him here at the 1SG course. He has a special place of honor in our hearts.
January 10, 2006
January 09, 2006
Psalm 23

The LORD is my shepherd, I shall not be in want.
He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters,
He restores my soul. He guides me in paths of righteousness for his name's sake.
Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.
You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows.
Surely goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever.

This is a verse that I have found to be comforting to me during my husbands death. Remember that when it seems that no one else is round, God is still there with you! And he will be your rock!

My daughter,McKaLyne, and I send our heartfelt sympathy for your loss! God Bless this warrior, God Bless those whom serve freedom's cause! They are our true HERO's!!!!

If you need anything, please feel free to contact me!!!

Wife & Daughter of the Late
Sgt. Audrey Daron Lunsford
KIA May 23, 2005
January 09, 2006
Dear Meister Family,

I first met Toby (and T.J.) through Tri-State Tae Kwon Do back in the summer of 1993, where I had the distinct pleasure of training with/under him. He was already a 3rd Degree Black Belt--and an outstanding martial artist--by the time I got my 1st Degree. We celebrated together our high school graduation in 1994; I went on to the Air Force Guard/Reserve while Toby the Army Reserve. We met up again in Dallas in Feb 1995 while I was there training at Sheppard AFB, TX. We didn't waste any time "catching-up"... Instead, we threw on our martial arts gear and sparred a few rounds--OUCH!!! Afterward, Toby, (my future wife) Tammy, and myself grabbed a bite at the Outback, where we proceeded to spill our (young) life stories and share our blossoming plans for the future. I'm sad to say, that was the last time I saw Toby. We kept in touch, loosely, through our TKD instructor, Mr. Nelson, and some stray emails. I only regret not keeping in contact and not getting to know him (and his new wife and son) better over the last 10+ years...clearly, my loss. Since the tragedy, I have spent some time combing through miscellaneous emails and reading the commentaries he posted on, as well as some of the entries made to this guest book. Toby was a great man--soldier, son, brother, husband, father, friend. The honors and accolades he received for his accomplishments in this life pale in comparison to those stored up for him in Heaven. (Colossians 1:3-6) I feel confident that he is with the Lord now, not because of these great things he did here on Earth, but because of who he knew that he was in Christ Jesus. With my regrets behind me, I look forward to getting to know him more...after all, we will have all of eternity to "catch-up". (1 Thessalonians 4:13-18).

May God bless and keep you always.
January 09, 2006
Nothing can take this pain away for you and your family...if it helps you at all career military dont do it for the money and there is no overtime pay...they have a special heart that sees more than their own city; they see America that needs them; they see the "big picture". He trusted that you knew this...and I know that it hurts like hell... we are two Americans that thank him and you and his little girl. Tobias is the BEST OF THE BEST! Try to breath one second at a time and please know that we hurt for you too and we are so PROUD OF TOBIAS! History will remember him well. Rich and Penny
January 09, 2006
To Tim and Family,

I just want to let you know how sorry I am for you loss and that my family and I will keep you all in our prayers
January 09, 2006
To Tim and his family,
My deepest condolences to you buddy. I will remember your family and Tobias in my prayers.
January 09, 2006
Boy, when they say that the good die young, they were talking about toby. There was no thin gray line with him. It was either right or wrong, do It 100% or not at all. I wish i got to see him one more time before he left us to be with God. But if i live the rest of my life with only 10% of the goodness he did I know we will meet again in heaven as brothers & friends. Then we would probably put on some sparring gear on up in heaven and beat each other to a pulp, then laugh as we did here on earth. I miss you man, and hopefully i will see you soon. To toby's parents i wish to say rejoice in his life because he has touched so many people. But i knew him personally and spiritually and i know that foundation came from the love and discipline of his parents. Toby loved God, his family and his country, and would not have changed what he has done even knowing the outcome. Enjoy your new grandson and spoil him like crazy. To his wife: I met you at the funeral home briefly but any time you need anything or need to talk or want to find out any crazy stories that toby and i shared, i would be more than glad to talk. Take care of that boy and fill him with all the love you wanted to give toby, because he needs you now and always.
January 09, 2006
Please accept my deepest sympathy on this country’s great loss. We are seeing a new "best generation." My children can grow up in freedom from your great sacrifice. Thank you, Officer Jason Smith, Jenks Police Department
January 09, 2006
To the family of 1st Sgt Meister - I want to offer my condolences - Tobias was a wonderful leader and loved his family very much - I offer my prayers that our Lord God will grant you peace within your hearts.
January 08, 2006
Dear Meister family,

Thank you for sharing your beloved Tobias with all of us. We appreciate his sacrifice for freedom and for our country, which is in turn a sacrifice for us. My family thanks yours. May God bless you richly in every area of life.
January 08, 2006
The thoughts and prayers of myself and my family go out to 1st Sgt. Tobias Meister and his family. We feel for your loss, and offer our solace and friendship. He is truly a hero.
January 08, 2006
May you rest in peace you fine young man.You are in a much better place and god will take care of you.I hope your family finds lillte peace knowing you were out protecting them and your fellow Americans.RIP 2006
January 08, 2006
Our deepest sympathies go to you and your family at this time.. We sent boxes to Tobias and his fellow soldiers. He represented what was good in all of us. Please know that you are in our prayers. Roger and Vicki Cooper
January 08, 2006
Rest in Peace Brave Warrior..You now walk the golden streets of heaven with many other hero's....We pray GOD helps your family through this terrible time and lets them know in their hearts, one day you will all meet a beautiful place.
At night you are never far away from those that love you...all the need to do is look up in the sky, the brightest star up there will be YOU shining down on them
Sister of a Fallen Marine
January 08, 2006
Dave,Judy and Family,
We know no one can find the words to ease your pain or make it go away but hope that you know we are all praying that you find peace. You have so much to be proud of and many good memories just hold those close to your heart. God's Blessings.

Don and Janet
January 08, 2006
Whenever I read about another fallen hero it pierces deep. Tobias gave his all to whatever task he was given. I will miss his updates and he will never be forgotten by all of us.
January 08, 2006
I would like to extend my deepest condolences for your incredible loss. Althogh I did not ever personally communicate with Tobias on Any Soldier, I would like you to know how proud we Americans are of soldiers such as him. He was and will always be agreat American and an exemplary human being. I thank him and your family for his dedication and ultimate sacrifice. May God watch over him and all of you. With gratitude and respect, Kim Hritz, Los Angeles, CA
January 08, 2006
I was deeply saddened to read of the death of 1SG Meister. I enjoyed and looked forward to the updates and the pictures he emailed and was very impressed with the job he was doing. Though I never met him, I feel I've lost a friend. He will be greatly missed.
January 07, 2006
Hello. You do not know me, nor i you. I am here to express my deepest sorrows for you and your family, for i also know what it is like to lose some one whom you love dearly.
yours sorrowfully,
January 07, 2006
I saw 1Sgt. Tobias Meister's update the day before I heard that he had died. I was upset when I heard that he had died. I was thinking about sending a letter, but was never able to do so. I would have liked to thank him for serving our Country. I am sorry that I was never able to do so. My family and I are praying for the family, and we want to thank them for the sacrifices that they have made.
Benjamin Smith
January 07, 2006
To All of Toby's Family & Friends, You are all in our thoughts and prayers. May God in His mercy and love hold you forever in the palms of His hands.
January 07, 2006
May you rest in peace Tobias. May God be with your family at this time..mary ann
January 07, 2006
January 07, 2006
Dear Dave, Judy, TJ,& family, I just want you to know that I am thinking about you guys even though I couldn't be there in person. I have many fond memories of growing up on Rutland St. in Kingsley. I will always cherish those memories & I am very proud of Toby. He will always be a hero in my eyes. I hope that Will will be able to see what a great father he had!! I just wish I could put my arms around you now but know that we are thinking of you. Love, Kathy, Jerry, & Michael
January 07, 2006
I only knew Toby for the few months since he came to our unit. I will feel forever privileged to have deployed and fought with him. He was a fine soldier, and a great friend. He was mentor,clown,father, and big brother to this unit, and he will be sorely missed.
January 07, 2006
Though we never met 1st Sgt. Meister, our tears flow for you. Our hearts ache for you. Our prayers go out to you. We understand how you feel now and the path you will follow in the coming days, weeks, and years. You have our deepest sympathy. We are the aunt & uncle of an officer in his unit and the parents of Captain Scott R. Cummins US Army, 7/26/1971-1/31/1997.
January 07, 2006
To Toby's beloved family and many friends,

Like many others who have posted here, we learned of Toby's death from this website as we were preparing a package for him and his troops. In our box, we were including a CD of photos and copies of Philadelphia news coverage from the special ceremony held at the Pathway School last month to raise the flag that Toby and his troops had carried for us on one of their October missions. We were so excited to be able to share with him the overwhelming response his effort had generated in our small but special school community. (Pathway is a school for children and young adults with special needs.)

Our hearts are full--with respect for a remarkable young man, with sadness and concern for his family, with gratitude for his proud service, and with a sense of peace that he loved the work he was doing.

We have learned that a memorial fund has been established. Contributions can be made to:
1st Sergeant Tobias C. Meister Memorial Fund,
Grand Bank
12345 S. Memorial Drive Suite 117
Bixby, OK 74008
Checks payable to: 1st Sergeant Tobias C. Meister Memorial Fund

With great respect,

Lisa Brown, Rifat Pamukcu and Family
January 07, 2006
David, Judy, Alicia, Will, TJ, Aunt Dorothy, Family and friends,
It has been many years since I have seen Toby but I will always have fond memories of him of Family Reunions and picnics.

It takes a special man or woman to provide protection for what many of us take for granted. The pages of notes written here give great reason to be proud of Toby. I certainly am proud to have known him...I wish I could have known him better.

May God ease the pain of your loss.
May you have Peace in your time of need.
January 07, 2006
The loss of one of this country's finest young men and women always touches me down to the depths of my soul. My support and love go out to his extraordinary wife and son. For you too have served in this fight as diligently as Toby. Thank you for sharing him with us for but a brief moment in time!

I only recently happened across his e-mail and, after reading it, made a mental note to write to him. His message was so uplifting, so genuine . . . That was Christmas Eve . . . So now I would like to say to YOU, Alicia and Will what I never got the chance to say to Toby . . . Thank You for his selfless and dedicated service in our ongoing fight for Freedom! He has touched more lives than you will ever know. God Bless you both and keep you in His loving care always! Cindy
January 07, 2006
We met Toby at Tri-State Tae Kwon Do and was immediately impressed with his patients, determination and respectful approach in all he did, whether it be sparing, teaching or just visiting with guests. Toby inspired and helped my son to become a 3rd Degree Brown at the age of nine and Beau always looked up to Toby. Toby was always giving 110% and it looks as though he carried that inspiring attitude into adulthood. Toby always gave it his all. We greive with you, Denise, Eric, Beau and Lacy Turner
January 07, 2006
It was with great sadness that I read of 1st Sgt Meister's passing. I can only hope that all of our troops and their families know how much the citizens of this country and the world appreciate their sacrifices. Without these men and women, our country would not be the free country that it is. Thank you.
January 07, 2006
I am so very sorry for your families loss.I want to thank Tobias for his sacrifice for my freedom.I read about him on any soldier.He sounds like he was a wonderful person.I think God needed him to help him in heaven.My Deepest Sympathy,GOD BLESS ALL OUR SOLDIERS...A THANKFUL FREE AMERICAN CITIZEN.
January 06, 2006
I deeply feel great sorrow at tobby's death .
I used to have a donut shop at 71st Lewis. He came to my shop most likely everyday until the last week before he went to Iraq. He always got maple donuts. I always ready for him everymorning.
I really wished him to come back home safely, when I saw the local news about his death I couldn't believe what I saw, and I bought a newspaper next day and confirmed his death. I remember when he had a new born baby and he was so happy man. I wish I knew his ceremony's date but I missed it. I've known him just briefly but I knew he was a good man. I really wish Mrs. Meister well, and her baby.
January 06, 2006
Toby's funeral was today. It was well attended. He was very respected and much loved. Toby, his wife, son, and parents attend our church. They were surrounded by love and are very appreciative of all of the prayers.

This is a link to the (print) version of a story done by a local TV station.
January 06, 2006
Please accept my deepest sympathies.

From the first and only posting on that I was priviledged to read from 1stSG Meister, I saw there was something very special about him. Through his postings, he was humbly telling a story of this war in a way that many more should hear.

I have very little but I think a quote from General George S. Patton, Jr. truly applies to this fallen one.

"Let us not ask God why men such as this should die in war...
Rather let us thank God that such men lived."

Godspeed and His peace at this time.
January 06, 2006
God bless 1st Sgt Tobias Meister and all who make the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our great country.
January 06, 2006
We look back and celebrate a young mans life. With pride and honor along with sorrow. I know deep in my heart that all the men I served with and all the men and women today are so very gratefull for his srvice. I say to you his family that today he walks forever in our hearts a hero of his country and a champion of God.
USMC 64-70
January 06, 2006
My heart goes out to his wife, child and family. May God help them through this time. Toby was such a good person. I had the honor of knowing Toby when he first moved to Tulsa. Toby had supreme standards of excellence in everything he did and was kind to everyone he met. Toby was all-around a superior person!
January 06, 2006
Thank you, 1st Sgt Tobias, for your loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity, and personal courage. May your spirit shine as a light for all Soldiers who embrace and live the Warrior Ethos.

May God Bless your family and friends during this difficult time.

CSM Denise Dial, 1-340th TSBN
January 06, 2006
1st MARINE DIV. FLC/FSR "67/"68
January 06, 2006
January 06, 2006
The Family and Friends are all in my prayers. May God Bless the hero that comes to Him.
January 06, 2006
May God bless and be with the Meister family at this difficult time. Please know as one American to another we thank you Sgt. Meister for your service. We are so sorry for your loss.
January 06, 2006
Dear Meister Family
I have read Tobias' entries on any
"Any Soldier".
Hoping the shining example of Tobias life is a source of comfort and strength. May loving memories comfort your family. With Sympathy,Beverly and Roger Carroll
January 06, 2006
January 06, 2006
I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of this great American. I only just met Toby but quickly learned what a caring and loving man he was and I know he will be missed by many. I learned how much he loved his wife, son and family. I received a letter from him in error that is for Middle Brook School. If anyone knows an address for them please let me know. He took so much care and time answering these children I know they would cherish the letter. God Bless his family and keep them strong. Praying for Toby and the family, Karen
January 06, 2006
1st Sgt. Tobias C. Meister and my son, Scott, became friends in Asadabad in recent months. I know personally how much Scott admired and respected Toby as both a soldier and a man.

As I sit in my classroom I can not help but think that I am free because there are men and women like Toby who are willing to defend my freedom at all costs.

I never met the man. But I owe him more than can be measured. Thank you, Toby.
January 06, 2006
At times like this, there are no words that can bring any comfort to those who loved Sgt Meister, all we can do is try and hide the pain with the happy memories of all that was while he walked his journey on this earth.

I was fortunate to have met Sgt Meister for the first time the summer of 2002 at the Drill Sergeant of the Year competition, where only the best of the best would have a chance to prove that they truly were the better drill sergeant. I was just a spectator.

I felt that this Sgt Meister had to be a giant, a man above all others for he had just beaten the one drill sergeant who took me to this competition and this drill sergeant was one who basically had a photographic memory, no one could beat my drill sergeant, so I thought and yet when Sgt Meister was declared the winner, he made sure to reach out to all the other drill sergeants who fell short of this victory and thanked then for being part of what had made him the better drill sergeant.

It was right there and then that I knew Sgt Meister was truely a great soldier, a great leader and the best drill sergeant.

We will try to follow the path you have paved for us Sgt Meister, a path of greatness and may you have eternal peace leading Gods Army now, for once again you have been chosen because you are the best.

We will miss you.

SFC Luis Varela and Family
January 06, 2006
Dave, Judy, TJ, and family,
You have my deepest sympathy in the tragic loss of your son, brother, husband, and father. As an Army Soldier I have a great amount of respect for Toby, his accomplishments in the Army, and his sacrifices for our great nation. I sat with Toby at the bowling alley in Remsen a couple years ago (?) and we talked about the Army for what had to have been hours. I knew by talking to him that he, like I, had a great love for serving his country and was very proud of what he was doing. It was great to talk to him that night after not seeing him for so long and trading Army stories. He was a great Soldier and a credit to our nations military. Your loss will not be a forgotten one. Because of brave men like 1SG Meister we will always enjoy the greatest part of living in the United States of America; FREEDOM God Bless your family!
SSG Nick Harvey
1/113 CAV
January 06, 2006
Dear Alicia, Will, family and friends of Tobias Meister:

I cried tears tonight for a man I never met as I looked at the table where the items for toby's soldiers and clothes for the Afghani children were piled waiting to be packed and mailed out this weekend. If there are angels among us, then surely tobias meister was one. This young man wise beyond his years through his anysoldier posts bared his heart and soul to us and awakened in me personally a new sense of patriotism, a new meaning to "proud to be an American." He put a smile in our hearts, made us laugh, and simply but eloquently made us aware of the human side of war.

You have left us a heavy burden Tobias Meister, one I hope we can live up wanted the world to be a better place for all of us knowing at any time you could be called upon to make the ultimate sacrifice, that freedom isn't free. I hope we as Americans continue to strive to that end so that you will not have died in vain. I hope your memory will continue to inspire the complacent to "go outside the wire" and make a difference in the world. Rest in peace, dear Toby. You will be missed.

My deepest sympathy to Toby's family and friends. I hope that knowing Toby was loved by so many will in some small way give you strength in this trying time.
January 06, 2006
Dear Meister Family,
My sincerest sympathy goes out to you all. I knew 1SG Meister when I was a Drill Sergeant. His motivation and dedication was very inspiring to all. I know that the Army was made better every day that he served. I am proud to have served with him and hope that you know how many people were positively influenced by having known him. May God be with you.
January 06, 2006
THANK YOU!!! Only those who have experienced such an unfortunate loss can truly understand how you feel. On behalf of my family and millions of Americans we wish you God's Best as you reflect, as time goes by, of the wonderful times you, and friends, shared with Tobias.

America has many strengths, and one of the best has always been those who are so ready to serve in the military. Tobias was another fine example of the zealousness of youth to help others, even those in another country, despite the risk of losing their own life, so that others may have a life that provides freedom and opportunity to be all that God wants them to be.

May your memories of him sustain all of your family members & friends, for your lifetime, as you remember his desire to serve others. Know that there are others out here that know what you are going thru! And we are here for you! You are in my thoughts and prayers!

Wife & daughter of Sgt. Audrey Daron Lunsford~ KIA May 23, 2005
January 06, 2006
My condolences to the family.
I'm very proud that there are still Americans like 1st Sgt Meister. I'm sure GOD welcomes him and may he rest in peace.
MSGT Archie L. O'Neal Jr
USMC (Ret)
January 05, 2006
THINK OF ME (a poem In Remembrance of 1st Sgt Tobias "Toby" C Meister, United States Army) You know you can not bring me back ... For you know that I am gone ... I walk the Streets of Heaven now ... It's my eternal home ... But Think of Me now and then ... Just as you do today ... Remember that I died for you ... So America could stay ... A Land where men are equal ... A Land where men are Free ... A Land I lived and Died for ... When you think of Freedom ... Think Of Me
January 05, 2006
It is always sad to hear when a soldier has fallen, as we all know the loss the families endure. Many say the hero is the one who comes home with the medals, but, to me, the whole of my family, and many others, the hero is the one who stepped forward to protect the freedom of many by stopping the actions of a few.

Though we are strong, we weep for the loss, and by those of us who share in this, the families know and understand that their loss is our loss, and that their son will never be forgotten for his service to his country and his sharing of knowledge and leadership to his Brothers And Sisters In Arms.

Though we know 1stSgt Meister is now in the arms of our precious Father in Heaven, and suffers no more, it does not ease the loss, it only helps us continue and assure his memory is never forgotten, nor his sacrifice.

As a disabled Vietnam Veteran (USMC RET), I share in this loss as he IS, though we never met, a Brother In Arms and a soldier whose memory will survive us all.
January 05, 2006
My deepest heartfelt sympathy to the Meister Family. As I read his posts on anysoldier I knew he was a man of great character who took pride in his country,and in the work he was doing.His words also reflected the love he had for his wife and son and also for his fellow warriors. God Bless this Angel,his family,wife and son.

Supporter of AnySoldier
January 05, 2006
To the Meister family and friends, my heart goes out to you, your family and friends. I am very sorry for your loss and will keep ya'll in my prayers. Sincerely, Kattie
January 05, 2006
January 05, 2006
My thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family. Thank you Toby for your honorable service to our country.
January 05, 2006
Dear Family and Friends of 1st Sgt Tobias C. Meister,
We are certain we can speak for all in the Loefstedt family when we say that our deepest sympathy goes out to all of you who knew and loved 1stSgt Meister. We pray for Gods comforting spirit to surround you at this sad time.
As a family with many members currently serving in our armed forces at home, in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other corners of the globe we all truly understand the great sacrifice for this country and for the cause of justice and peace made by Sgt Meister and his loved ones.
May God watch over and comfort you all in your loss. May God Bless America for having men like Sgt Meister.
Arthur and Nancy Loefstedt
January 05, 2006
1SG Toby Meister and I met as competitors at the 2002 TRADOC Drill Sergeant of Year competition. I'll always remember him as an outgoing, confident, and professional Soldier. The Army was a better place for many just because he was in it.
My heartfelt sympathy goes out to his entire family; I am so sorry for your loss. Be strong...God bless you all.
January 05, 2006
Dear Toby,
As I prepare to go to Tulsa to say “Farewell” to you, I feel the need to write some of what I am feeling… so many mixed emotions right now… first sorrow for your family and friends, then joy when I remember certain moments I was honored to spend with you, then sadness again…I am certain that this tumultuous ebb and flow of emotion will end someday and the seas will again be calm… I think I am safe in saying, that day can’t come too soon for any of us who knew you.

Also in my thoughts is what happens after I leave Tulsa on Saturday. For then I have an 18 hour drive to Ft. Benning, Ga. to greet Dustin, who is returning with his unit from a year in Iraq. It is so ironic, 2 soldiers who knew each other so well, return home from a war in the same week… both draped in a flag… one in celebration and the other in sorrow.

While I want to and will share in my son’s joy at his return, it will be tempered with the sadness of the loss that we both will feel at losing such a great friend. However, there is one thing of which I am certain: the sadness and sorrow will pass… and in the days, weeks and months ahead, I for one, will focus on the “Gift” of your life as it lives on powerfully in me. With your passing, your spirit is now intertwined with my own – and I now am much greater than I was before you passed.

So from this day forward, I am standing for myself and others to live life with an even greater sense of passion. Because of your example, I am inspired to live up to this declaration and vow to inspire others to do the same.

I am reminded a prayer from Marianne Williamson wherein she said,

“Our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate, but that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, handsome, talented and fabulous?

Actually, who are you NOT to be? YOU are a child of God.

Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you.

We were born to make manifest the glory of God within us. It is not just in some; it is in everyone.

And, as we let our own light shine, we consciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

Toby, you are truly a child of God and you walk with him now. While here, you were powerful beyond measure. You never “played it small”, rather you always played “Full On!” and your lead was always by example. By letting your light shine so brightly, you give us permission now to do the same. Your life was and continues to be, an inspiration to us all. Toby, I love you, we all love you and honor your life. You will be missed more than words can ever say. You truly manifested the glory of God within you. Till we meet again...Godspeed.
Your Friend,
Dennis Black
January 05, 2006
Meister Family -

Our hearts are heavy with sadness over the loss of another American hero. We are holding your entire family up in prayers.
January 05, 2006
I had the honor of serving with Toby in the Army. He was one of the best soldiers with whom I had the pleasure to work. The world and the Army will be a lesser places without him.
January 05, 2006
To lose one of our best is always beyond sadness. Thank you for the job you did, which only you could do. You will remain in a certain place in our hearts forever, with love and gratitude..
anne mcfarlane
January 05, 2006
To The Family and Friends Of 1st Sgt. Tobias Meister,
Please accept my deepest condolences on your loss. I hope that your Higher Power will give you the strength that you all will need in the upcoming months.

The Proud Wife of a Medivac Crew Chief serving in Iraq.
January 05, 2006
Dave, Judy, Alicia, T.J., Angie, and entire Meister family,
Our deepest sympathy goes out to you all. I am so proud to have known Toby. Toby will be a role model to other soliders. All of his accomplishments show that you can do anything you put your mind to. Toby was a wonderful young man. If there is ever anything Chad and I can do you for you, please don't hesitate to ask. God Bless you all!

With love,
Chad, Monica, Little Mac, and Maci Gravenish
January 05, 2006
To the Meister Family:
My deepest condolence and sympathy to all of you. I was fortunate to have known Toby in our younger years when we were in taekwondo in Nebraska. He was such an inspiration to us all. He was a caring person with great leadership that all of us knew he would do something great. And he did, he was a HERO to us all and to our country. We will all miss him very much. My thoughts and prayers to you all.
January 05, 2006
I have been a supporter of Anysoldier .com for a long time. I have met many fine people just from sending packages to our soldiers each month.

We are so lucky that fine brave people like Tobias protect us and give us this way of life. I only wish more people appreciated the cost of our freedoms.

I am sorry, but grateful to you, for his sacrifice.
January 05, 2006
Our thoughts and prayers are with you
January 05, 2006
While I never met this American Hero, I have known his wife's family all my life. Their love and pride in him are unmeasured and our country will always be in debt to Toby and his family. May the good Lord above bless and keep you through your time of sorrow.
January 05, 2006
It is with profound sadness that we send our sincere sympathy and condolances to the family, friends and fellow soldiers of 1SGT Toby Meister. I did not know the "Top", personally, but heard of his supreme sacrifice from a fellow retired soldier, Bruno Loefstedt. Obviously among America's bravest, best and brightest, he is truly a great patriot, warrior, leader and citizen of the ages.

May God bless and keep this great American family and the soul of 1SGT Toby Meister

CSM Brooks Webster (Ret) and 1SGT Denise Webster (Ret)
January 05, 2006
Tobias Meister touched the world, he really did. You should know many thoughts and prayers go out to you, his family. God Bless.
January 05, 2006
Our deepest sympathy to the family of Toby. We knew Toby from his tae kwondo days and immediately saw his drive and determination. He gave his all in everything he tried. We'll miss him.
January 05, 2006
My heart and prayers go out to Tobias' family and friends for your heartbreaking loss. Know that he is in a better place and that someday you will be joined with him again. My prayers go out to ALL of our soldiers.

Donna Trudgeon
January 05, 2006
My prayers go out to the family. 1SG Meister will always be remembered as a true Patriot.
January 05, 2006
Dave, Judy, and family. We did not have the pleasure of knowing Toby. We did have the pleasure of knowing his parents. I am so thankful for his service so we and our children can have a secure future. You are in our prayers and always will be in our hearts.
January 05, 2006

I am very saddend to hear about your loss. My heart breaks for you and your sweet baby. I just want you to know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. If there is anything I can do, please let me know.
January 05, 2006
My heart is heavy with the news of Tobias' death. Know that my prayers are with the family.
Emma Holderness
January 05, 2006
Dear Judy and Dave,
We want to send our thoughts and prayers to you and your family. This guest book is a wonderful thing for you to be able to read. To let you know you are not alone in your sorrow, it is shared by many. In reading about Toby, what a wonderful son, husband and father. And how he felt about his counrty and God is honorable. We share in your tears. Sincerely, Tim, Valerie and Trent Loutsch
January 05, 2006
Dear Dave, Judy, Alicia, TJ, and Angie, Our prayers and thoughts are with you during this very difficult time. Cherish the wonderful memories that you have shared together, it will surely give you peace. May God be with you. Love, Ron, Janet, Scot & Jennifer
January 05, 2006
Toby’s memory will not be lost. He was a great man and a wonderful soul. In his time he was able to change so many people who were touched by his abilities and determination. Everyone who met him remembered Toby. I can think of at least three cases where as I talked about him the person to whom I was speaking knew who he was and had met him. Granted we had similar interests and training backgrounds, but I could only hope to be remembered as he has been his whole life. I am grateful every day that I was lucky enough to return from that side of the globe. Hooah 1SG! You will not be forgotten.
January 05, 2006
The family of 1st Sgt Meister is in my thoughts and prayers. He is indeed one of America's finest.
January 05, 2006
Dear Family of Tobias C Meister:
I only heard of this fine young man when my friend Ernestine Bourbon told me about him. I just have been reading about him here and my heart is overwhelmed with how his love and caring touched so many people in so many places. Please be comforted that he is in Heaven with his Father for eternity and someday you will all be together again in His time. Many prayers for all of his family.
He will not be forgotten.
Love and Prayers,
January 04, 2006
Dear Meister family,

We were shocked and angry to hear of Toby's passing. What a huge loss for us all. We could tell he was one of the really good guys from his postings on anysoldier.

We sent him some chips and salsa with a note expressing how much we enjoyed his photos, particularly of his son, Will.

With our deepest respect and condolences,
January 04, 2006
I would like to express my deepest sympathies to Toby's friends and family. As an Army veteran, I enjoyed reading his posts on His dedication and professionalism shone through in his writings.

Rest in Peace, Toby. Your bravery and devotion to your country will never be forgotten!
January 04, 2006
I did not know 1st Sgt Meister, but through Jack McHugh I did get a chance to learn about him. My condolences go out to the Meister family. He has done a great service for our country and God Bless everyone he has touched.
Thank you for the opportunity to thank 1st Sgt Meister through his family.

God Bless
SSgt Freehling
January 04, 2006
To the Meister family, please accept my deepest sympathies in passing of 1st Sgt. Tobias Meister. I had just had the pleasure of reading about him and seeing his smiling face next to the wrestlers that had visited the area where Toby was. I was planning on what I would send to him for the people there. Days later I was informed of Toby's passing and my heart stopped. From all I have heard from others who knew him better than I did, he was a fine husband, son, father, "brother", warrior and human being. Toby you will be greatly missed, but one day we will all meet again. God needed another warrior to fight on His side. God Bless the entire Meister family. Remember we love you and Toby. May God Hold You All in the Center of His Heart and the Palm of His Hand.
January 04, 2006
Dave,Judy, and family, We deeply regret the loss of Toby. We are crying with you and will see you soon. May God Bless you and keep you in His loving arms.
January 04, 2006
It is with sincere sympathy that I greet you. I am so sorry for the pain you have to go through. Your husband/father became a true hero of this great nation and will not be forgotten. He left a place in the hearts of many people, especially of those who knew him best. But we at AnySoldier loved him also.
May God bless you and Will.
Sgt. Meister I'm sure has a place in the kingdom.
January 04, 2006
To the family and friends of 1st Sgt. Tobias Meister,
We "met" some of you through the postings and pictures on the "any soldier" site. We enjoyed his letters and he truly was a great American. Someone we can all be proud of. Our hearts are sad and we too are praying for all of you.
"How are the mighty fallen in the midst of the battle!" The battle continues and we are confident Tobys example and spirit will continue to inspire his comrades. The Afghan children and the adults he touched will not forget one on America's finest. Please let the Lord comfort you, especially when the pain seems unbearable.
In Christian love,
January 04, 2006
I two am very sorry to here of yet another great Man, who has perished from this world.
Fighting for and serving his Country Family and freinds,

Having also served my country and losing my 18 year old Marine on April 6 2004, In Ramadi Iraq,

There is nothing we can do being left behind but to Honor our Sons and Daughters, Honor them and Live in there Memory We will meet them in the Kingdom of Heaven,

Semper Fi (rest in peace)
January 04, 2006
To the family of Tobias (Toby) Meister:
Alicia, I have been reading Toby's emails since he has been in Afghanistan. My son, SFC Robert Bryant Potts, is one of Toby's best friends. When I was told Toby had given the ultimate sacrifice, I felt like I lost one of my own boys. Thank Goodness,MSG Jay Moore, was with Bryant that day. It has been very hard for us and I can't even imagine how hard it is for you. I looked forward to his emails. He was a fine soldier that we will all miss. God Bless you and all of your family. Toby will always have a place in our heart! SFC Robert Potts, Lindsay Potts-wife, Robert & Debra Potts-Mom & Dad. Again, God Bless You and you will be in our prayers!
January 04, 2006
Dear Dave,Judy,Alicia,Will, TJ. Angie and the entire Miester family,
There are no words to truly express the sorrow that we feel. The Remsen-Union basketball players held a moment of silence in Toby's honor as they played Kingsley-Pierson and boys and girls are wearing black arm bands in Toby's honor. Mr. Johnson held a moment of silence at the Middle School in Toby's honor. He was truly an American Hero!!!I read Toby's entires through anysoldier and it made us very proud to know him. He is a hero that gave the ultimate sacrifice in serving our country so that the next generation can have freedom. His determination to make the world a better place was very evident in his writings. He has left his mark and it wil inspire others.
We thank you for the gifts that Toby has given us. We are all very proud of him. May Gods love surround all of you in the days and weeks ahead. your friends
Jerry, Barb Staab
Matt and Kris
Jeff and Julie and Russell
January 04, 2006
Dear Meister Family,
I was absolutely heart broken when I read about the loss of 1st Sgt. Tobias C. Meister. I had greatly enjoyed reading his entries on AnySoldier and had just sent him a letter on Dec. 27th. From his entries you could tell he greatly loved his family, Country and mission. My 12 year old son and I celebrated Tobias life on New Years Eve by reading through his entries on AnySoldier. I wanted my son to know about the life of a true role model and hero.
May the Lord hold you in the palm of his hand and shelter you there. You are all in my thoughts and prayers.
January 04, 2006
Judy, Dave, TJ, Aunt June, Alicia, Will, Debbie, Dale, Buck, Davey, family and friends...words can't express what your "Moville" family is feeling for you. The grief you are feeling is not within my grasp though my own grief hurts so much. Just know that we love you all very much and are praying for you.
Bobbie Jean
January 04, 2006
As a retired soldier and a current dependent of a deployed fellow soldier of the 321st CA Brigade family, I salute and weep for 1SG Meister's family. He was a good man, a squared away First Sergeant and an inspiration to all in his unit. Farewell First Sergeant. My prayers are with your family.
January 04, 2006
Dear Family of 1st Sgt Toby Meister,

Like many others I was connected to your Mighty Warrior through the program. Toby was one of my most favorite contributors at that web site and I so enjoyed reading his thoughts and running commentaries. The day I saw his KIA notice, my heart stopped. I had a letter typed and on my desk and a box packed and ready to send him for the Afghani children.

What a distinguished soldier he was, looking after and caring for his troops, as well as a loving husband and father. He touched the lives of many and will be remembered by all.

My thoughts and prayers are with you all in these dark days. I am proud and honored to be able to sign this guest book. God Bless You and Keep You and Give You Peace!
January 04, 2006
My sincere condolences go out to the entire Meister family for the loss of this great American, and fine warrior. Our country has lost an inspiring senior NCO who provided leadership to his troops - and kept them safe. My heart goes out to the entire family.


Vince Patton
Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard, Retired
January 04, 2006
I too am sorry that such a wonderful man and soldier had to leave the world community so soon. After reading some of the entries, it is clear that he was one of our best. God be with you and comfort you. A former Army Reservist and mother who knows the pain of suddenly losing a son,
January 04, 2006
I came to know Toby through his terrific updates in anysoldier .com and in emails he sent to Maj Jack McHugh, USMC (Ret). Because of that, his loss hurts deeply. After reading 14 pages of condolences from so many caring people, I can only add that he died doing what he wanted to do. Not many people are so blessed. We'll be seeing Toby on our next tour.
Mt. Diablo Detachment - Marine Corps League
January 04, 2006
Dave, Judy, T.J. and Family, We are so sorry to hear about the loss of Toby. We have great memories of him when he was younger, growing up in Remsen. Know that all of you are in our thoughts and prayers.
January 04, 2006
My deepest and most sincere sympathy to the friends and family of Toby. He is a true Hero and your loved one gave the ultimate sacrifice in serving our Country. May he always be remembered for the honor and courage with which he fulfilled his duty,and for the love and joy he gave his family.

With deepest sympathy,
January 04, 2006
Rest in peace and Thank You for your service.
Leo Farrell Major USMC Retired.
January 04, 2006
I am so deeply sorry for your loss. With a son in the Navy, I feel a kinship, but cannot imagine what you are going through. God Bless your family and help you through this difficult time. If there is anything you need or anything we can do for you, please contact us. Lynne Mushenski, Blue Star Mothers, Oklahoma Chapter 1, Tulsa, OK.
January 04, 2006
To:Toby family
Our hearts & prayers are with you.
January 04, 2006
We are saddened by Toby's death. Thank you for supporting him as he helped secure our future and the future of children in Afghanistan. True Americans may not remember his name after a while, but we will always remember his protection and service and we will never forget his sacrifice.
God bless you and all your family.
January 04, 2006
My prayers are with the Meister family. I did not know 1SG Meister but I do know as a First Sergeant in the US Army that he was a dedicated and First rate leader.
Thanks to the Meister family for your continued dedication to this great Nation...
January 04, 2006
Toby was a great man and a true friend and awesome leader. I will miss him. My prayers for his family.
January 04, 2006
Dave, Judy, TJ, Alicia, and family,

We will always remember Toby as being a very polite and happy young man. These pages are such a tribute--he has definitely touched many lives and made a difference. Be proud of that! The community of Remsen is thinking of you and praying for you daily.

With deepest sympathy,
Jeff, Kim, Freezer(Zane), and Little Mac (Mackenzie) Phillips
January 04, 2006
Truly what saddens me now is not what we, those of us who had the privilege of knowing him, have lost, but what America has lost. No one will ever know what a bright future Toby might have had, but I dare say, he would have impacted the world in a way few men ever have. It is during times like these that we need more men like 1st Sgt. Tobias C. Meister, more examples of the finest of human characteristics. We, who have known him, are better persons for the experience.
January 04, 2006
Dave, Judy, T.J. and Family-
When I heard the news about Toby I could not believe it. All I could think about is the time you invited Brodey and myself to Toby's first tour welcome home party. I will never forget Toby swimming with Brodey and how good you guys were to us. My thoughts and prayers.
January 04, 2006
"Favorite Cousin" Dave, Judy, Alicia, Will, T.J., Angie, Dakota, Aunt Dorothy, June Corbin, & other family members,
Our hearts ache for you all and we want you to know that you can be very proud of Toby and the service he was doing in Afghanistan. When Toby & Shane were sworn in to the National Guard a couple days before Christmas of their Junior year in high school, we were so very proud of them. They went to basic training the summer after their Junior year and AIT training after their senior year. They never complained about missing out on summer fun with classmates or friends. They knew their duty when they joined the service. We all know the sacrifices you make when you are a soldier and especially serving in a war. It takes special men and women to serve our country and Toby is one of them to step up and do all that he could to make a better life for the Afghanistans and keep our country free. We are so proud to have known Toby as a relative, student & athlete of Rockie, and classmate & friend of Shane. We know that Will will grow with lots of love from family and friends and will hear the many great things his Dad did during his life on earth. Our love and deepest sympathy to all of you. We are here for you whenever you need anything or just someone to talk to.
January 04, 2006
To the Family and Friends of Toby Meister, I was so sadden by the news of Toby's passing. Please know that the short period of time he spent here on Earth he touched more lives than we could ever imagine. He was one of our finest, bravest leaders as well as the most passonate person in all that he did. The way he wrote, what he shared with all of us, bringing us all into his family fold. What a blessing it was to know him.
My prayers are with you always. Toby and what he stood for will never be forgotten. May these few words of sympathy help ease the grief you bear, and may it help to comfort you to know that others care.
January 04, 2006
Alecia, Will, Dave, and Judy -- There is nothing I could say about Toby that you don't already know. I had the privelage of working with Toby in high school. I remember back then Toby was already talking about his dreams of serving our country. He was so passionate about everything he did! You can tell from his entries he was truely proud and honored by the work he was doing. Please remember that Toby will never be forgoetten. He is with you everyday. Celebrate his life and be proud of all his accomplishments. Toby is with you and God will give you strength to get through this. Please take care of yourself and remember that you are in our thoughts and prayers.
January 04, 2006
We are very proud of the job that Toby did for his country. It's people like Toby that make this country free. We will miss him and our prayers and love are with you all and always will be.
January 04, 2006
Dave, Judy, and family, Our hearts go out to you. May God's grace wash over you and help you through this difficult time. We know your pain and we feel it along with you. Take care of each other.
January 04, 2006
To the Meister family, I am sorry for your loss and wish to extend my deepest sympathies to you all. God Bless.
Msgt Dennis Fusco USMC (Ret)
January 04, 2006
We were so very proud to know you if only by e-mail. Our prayers go to your family for such a great loss.
January 04, 2006
My sincere sympathies to the entire Meister Family. Everyone whose life was touched in some way by Tobias, share your loss. Please know and believe that he is now with The Creator in a place of such Peace, Beauty and Love that it can't be described in words. Please take some comfort in knowing he is well with God and you will meet again in God's time.
January 04, 2006
My deepest sympathy to the entire Meister Family.

We are a small group of sisters who with the help of a lot of concerned citizens collect supplies, create crafts and mail packages to deployed troops around the world. We received Toby's address from Jack McHugh and started mailing to him and many others in his unit last fall. Toby quickly became one of our favorite service men with his great newsletters and awesome pictures. He had a touch to put the efforts of our military into words that touched a lot of hearts.

To anyone who will be in attendance at the memorial service PLEASE hug Judy and Alicia an extra time for me.

God Bless
January 04, 2006
My prayers go out to Tobias's family & friends. He touched so many lives........ now we must remember him and all his wonderful deeds - that is how he will live on: in our hearts and in our minds.

Semper Fi Tobias, Go with God.
January 04, 2006
Dave, Judy, Alicia, Will, & Family,
My deepest sympathies during this very difficult time. Toby touched so many lives in his short time here, including mine. You can really see this by the many entries here. His other classmates and many of us that went to school with him, have been emailing each since the tragedy sharing our stories and memories and this website has been a great comfort to know that he left us doing what he loved...for those he loved. Dave and Judy - if there is anything me or my parents in Remsen can do for you, please say the word. Even though losing Russ was,wow, about 10 years ago, the lose of losing a friend brings it all back and support is definately the key during this time. Alicia and Will- I went to school with Toby and can say when he did something- he went all in - mind, body, heart, and soul so I know that he loved you and your son with everything he had and he will continue to watch over you and Will always.
I have so many memories to share at a different time. Please know that even though you are miles away my thoughts and prayers are with you and with no doubt, the Remsen community here for you as well. Lisa Zbylut (Galles)
January 04, 2006
May God be with you and your's during this time of difacalty.
January 04, 2006
Dear Meister Family:
My name is not familiar to you but I had written a few letters to Toby.How does one get affected by one person in a moment? I was, by Toby. He seemed like a gentle soul that will be missed by many.How privileged am I just to have written to him. Bless you dear Toby...son of so many.
My prayers,
Elaine Olson
January 04, 2006
What a beautiful face you had. Your spirit shines so brightly in your eyes. We thank you for your sacrifice, we pray for your family and we ask that God give you peace. We find solace in everything you have taught us in your short life, loyalty, bravery, kindness, and patriotism. We thanks you for the gifts you brought to this world and the fact that God would not take you unless you had earned an early place within heaven by your actions. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
January 04, 2006
Although I never got to meet Toby personally, his wonderful emails and posts on AnySoldier always made me smile! My prayers go out to his family, wife and Baby Will. Toby is a hero to all!!!
January 04, 2006
We are honored to have known 1st Sergeant Tobias C. Maester trough his emails and pictures. Our extended family was always elated and inspired by the life of this true American. Toby personified, to us all, the eternal debt of all Americans to men of his caliber. As we went along having our Thanksgiving dinner and our Xmas shopping it was never far from our conscience that it is because the courage and sacrifice of persons such as Toby that we enjoy that security and freedom. Toby passed away just as he lived; leaving a permanent imprint in all those who came in contact with him. We could not hold our tears when we heard he no longer abide with us but had gone to be with his most personal friend. We find sustenance and solace for this irreparable loss in the same faith that keep him grounded under the most difficult of circumstances. May God receive him in heaven as he blessed him here on earth. We are thankful for Toby’s presence and continued inspiration in our life.
January 04, 2006
To the Family of Toby Meister,
I send to you all my sincere sympathy on your enormous loss. I just wanted to let you know that someone in another country (Australia) is thinking of you and cares.
I always enjoyed reading what 1st Stg. Tobias Meister had to say on his anysoldier listing.
What a very fine person he was.
My thoughts are with you at this very sad time.
from Beverley in AUSTRALIA.
January 04, 2006
Dear Alicia, Will and the Meister Family.
I was one of the many that Toby touched thru I never met him or spoke with him but he was part of our family. We gave material things to him and he gave us hope and pride in our American Soldier. He was a true joy.
Thank you for sharing him with all of us.
May God Bless and comfort you
January 03, 2006
I came to know Toby thru Jack McHugh at DAV Ch #16 in Jacksonville NC. We are both Retired Marines and kept in touch via E-Mails that Toby sent.
I felt as though I had lost a Brother of my own when I read that Mail from Jack the other morning.
Toby was one of a kind and will be remembered by all that he touched.
Semper Fidelis
Edward W.Wilbur
GySgt USMC Ret.
January 03, 2006
When I saw the notice of Toby's loss on AnySoldier I suddenly couldn't breathe. I kept reading it over and over, thinking the words must be all wrong. I still have a hard time absorbing the awful news. I had written to Toby back in September to tell him how much I enjoyed reading his postings and he added me to his email list. I had just received his latest update four days before he was killed. He was truly an American Treasure. There are no words to fully express the sorrow I feel and the great sympathy I have for all who knew him. I will continue to pray for his family as they learn to walk with him held in their hearts.
January 03, 2006
Dearest Meister Family,
My husband and I would like to extend our deepest sympathy. My mom proudly adopted Tobias (along with her day care center)early last month. She proudly chose him partly due to the "Meister" name (I just married into the Meister family in September). Meister: the status name for someone who was master of his craft - a very strong name in Germany (where my husband was born). Meister translates to Master. I'm sure heaven needed its very own "Tobias Meister" to reign with his very own "master". All our love, Mr. & Mrs. O. Meister
January 03, 2006
Dear Meister Family,
My name is Ernestine and I have a child care center. Last month we "adopted" Tobias and sent him a care package, for some of the items were made by the children. Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this difficult time. All our love, Ernestine and Petunia's Family Child Care.
January 03, 2006
The e-mails and photos Toby shared, put a personal face on the war and showed us; a man, a warrior, a husband, a father, a son, and a brother. A man to be proud of. Toby will be missed by so many that he never met in person. With deepest sympathy to Alicia, Will and the Meister family
January 03, 2006
Dear family of 1st Sgt Tobias C Meister,

We feel crushed at the news that such a great man has been lost to us. We thank him for all the good that he had done in this life. God will supply the grace that his family needs at this time. May our love and prayers bring some comfort in this situation.

Anysoldier supporters,

The Edwards family

January 03, 2006
My heart and sympathy goes out to the family of your loved one. I spent 20 years in the US Army in the Infantry. I have seen death and destruction. I am always proud of our veterans. However, it is said that many have given their lives for our country. That is not so, only the hand of God can take us. I thank 1st Meister for his service to our country. We are all willing to do the best for our country. Some gave some and some gave all as did Tobias. May he Rest in Peace and God will welcome him for he has spent his time in hell, I know for I was there.
January 03, 2006
To the Meisters,
I am very sorry about Toby but I pray that God will give you strength to make it through this and to know that Toby is still protecting you even though he isn't physically with you.
G-Ma--I miss yah and take care and thank you for all you've done for me! I hope to keep in touch!
January 03, 2006
Dearest Dave & Judy
We were shocked and saddened to hear of your tremendous loss. Toby was a very fine young man and for that you can take great pride. Knowing he has an eternity in heaven can be your only solitude. What a great honor to die in the service of one's country. We will keep you in our prayers.
Steve & Pat
January 03, 2006
Dear Dave, Judy, Alicia, Will, T.J. and all your family,
We were all so truly sorry to hear about Toby, he will always remain a shining light to us, we will never forget when he went to Branson with Keith, Matt, and us, he kept us so entertained, we tried (not very hard) to "take the quarter out" so he'd wind down, but we really loved every minute of it, and of course, he was determined to spend every penny you gave him, so he didn't have to give it back!!!!. We can't imagine the pain you are going thru, your cross has to be so very heavy, but please do know, you all are in our thoughts and prayers and even though we can't be physically with you in OK, we are in spirit with you here in Remsen. Please take care of yourselves. Your friends, Bob and Doris Gengler
January 03, 2006
Our family is dearly sorry for your loss. We have enjoyed reading Toby's emails and the news of his death has deeply affected us all. Toby and his family will remain in our prayers. God Bless! The Duarte Family
January 03, 2006
Please accept my sympathy for the passing of Tobias C. Meister......It is always sad to hear soldiers passing ......Carmelle & JP Bourgeois Canada
January 03, 2006
To the family of Toby - I only knew Toby through his e-mails and attached photos. I am with Good News Bears, which sends stuffed animals to our military overseas through Operation SAM. His updates were a link to a world most of us can only imagine. He was always positive, even though things are bad. His determination to make the country better, and to leave his mark, were inspiring. Rest assured he has left his mark in this world. If all we can hope for in this life is to make a difference, Toby definitely did. Seeing the comments from others in the guest book gives you a small glimpse into the friends he made and the wonderful impression he left with all he came into contact with. He was proud to be a soldier, proud to do his job and more, and mostly, proud of his lovely wife and son. This is a tough time for you, but be assured that there are many people around the world praying for you, and thankful that Toby was a part of their lives.
January 03, 2006
Our thoughts and prayers are with the entire Meister family. We consider ourselves to be very fortunate to have known Toby while growing up in Remsen. It does not surprise me to read about all of the good things people have to say about Toby, or about all of the accomplishments that he achieved over his brief 30 years on earth. Toby was a genuine person to everyone he ever met. He was very polite and well mannered. His personal interests were usually something that he felt could wait until later. He was more interested in making other people feel more comfortable and at ease, no matter the situation. Growing up with Toby, you kind of knew that he was destined for great things. He was always a fierce competitor and driven person, anything less than a persons’ best was considered unacceptable. He would accept no less than his personal best either.
Toby heroically gave his life as an American soldier while protecting ours, for that we will always keep him and his family in our hearts.

Travis, Jessica, and Cole Marx
January 03, 2006
Dear Meister family:
Today I learned that Toby, our favorite contact through AnySoldier, had been lost in the line of duty. I am so sorry for your family. Right now words won't have much impact for you but perhaps someday you'll be able to see how vast his network of good deeds has become. We will keep sending care packages to his fellows and I hope that in the days to come you are comforted. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful caring person with the rest of the world. We are thinking of you,
January 03, 2006
Dear Meister Family and Friends,
My most sincere condolences to all of you for the loss of your son, your husband, your father, your friend.
I never had the honor of meeting Toby, but felt as if I had known him all my life just by reading his emails of the work he was doing in Afghanistan. He let us be a part of his life and touched our hearts in a way that we will remember always.
My prayers are with all of you. God bless.
January 03, 2006
To the Family of 1SGT Toby Meister,
I have been reading his emails from the beginning through the Operation SAM organization. I often would forward to my friends and family. When I read of your loss, it was very personal, felt like I knew Toby, even believed that somehow I would get the chance to shake his hand and say welcome home. I hope to carry on in some way -his legacy. If I get down range I will do just that.
All my Blessings to you. SFC Dianne Buckhout
January 03, 2006
My Sympathy to the family, and to one of the best of the best-may God welome him home, and may he rest in peace
Semper Fi my Brother
Ollie Olsson Sgt Nam 68-69
January 03, 2006
Dear Family of 1SGT Tobias Meister: My heart aches for you with the loss of this great American and soldier; your husband, father, son, friend and comrade in arms. His messages to AnySoldier. com made us a part of his journey in Afghanistan and gave us the opportunity to join with him to help the Afghans and better understand what is happening there. He was one of America's Finest! I am so proud that he was there to represent our country. My deepest sympathy goes out to you all. It's truly amazing how many people Toby touched!
January 03, 2006
To the entire Meister family - We will not only remember Toby as an honorable solider, but that young man our children went to high school with. Toby's spirit was contagious - his determination, fun loving, and caring of others will never be forgotten. Our prayers and sympathy are with you all in this difficult time. Blessings from Mike and Jackie
January 03, 2006
I am honored to have known Toby. I had the pleasure of assisting he and Alicia in planning their wedding. He was a class act, no doubt about it. He and Alicia looked as if they were cut from the same mold and absolutley made for eachother. Out of the literally thousands of weddings I have had a hand in working on, they will always be one of my absolute favorites. My heart breaks for Alicia, as I know she has lost her soul mate. I will pray for your family everyday to give you strength. I know he is gone, but will never be forgotten. He lived for this moment, to serve, honor and protect his country and our lives and for that we are forever endebted. Peace be with you all. Jenifer
January 03, 2006
Dear Dave & Judy - I have tried to e-mail you but it wouldn't go through, so I sent you a card and money yesterday. It told you of how sad we were about losing Toby. Also saw on TV you are starting a fund for Toby, Alicia and Will (College). You of course may use the money as you see fit. Keeping you in our prayers and thoughts - please take care.
January 03, 2006
Never think for a moment that the loss of your loved one was in vain. It wasn't. May God bless all of you and keep you, and thank you for your family's dedication and sacrifice.
January 03, 2006
Your heart has brought great joy to many. Those hearts can never forget you..
God Bless you.
To Tobias's family, I pray that God gives you peace...
January 03, 2006
To The Meister Family-Please accept my deepest sympathy on the loss of your son. God bless you and know I am thinking of you.Your son is a hero.
January 03, 2006
Having kept track of 1st Sgt. Meister's updates online, it's clear that his life mattered: he used all the talents he possessed to make a positive difference in many people's lives. Although we are grieving at losing him on this earth, Heaven is smiling that he is there now.
January 03, 2006
To the family of 1st Sgt Toby Meister,

I am one of the AnySoldier. com supporters who had the great, good fortune to come into contact with Toby a few months ago. He inspired me to inspire my educator colleagues and our students to send lots of items for the Afghani women and babies that he happily distributed when the opportunity arose. Toby wrote so profoundly of his experiences in Afghanistan and of his love for country and family that I found myself re-reading his every word. He was so bright and offered so much to a culture that has been filled with darkness for so long. He did his best to help all of us transcend the boundaries between our respective cultures and I thank him from the bottom of my heart. I shall miss him terribly.

Best regards,
January 03, 2006
I would like to extend my condolences to the Meister family.
I always looked forward to 1st Sgt.
Meister's postings and was very
saddened to hear of his death. My
prayers and I'm sure those of many
other AnySoldier supporters are with you.
January 03, 2006
Dear Alicia, TJ, baby Will and the rest of Toby’s family … Words cannot express how sorry I am for your loss. I felt honored to be able to help support Toby & his team. Even though we never met, I knew he was an awesome guy just from our email correspondence & he will be greatly missed. TJ …please know that we are here for you when you get home! And Alicia, Will & Mr. & Mrs. Meister, we will be here to welcome you with open arms when you return to Naples. We will continue, with great honor, our Into Tomorrow “Operation Support Our Troops” to help those who Toby left behind in Afghanistan. He always thought of the others never worrying about himself & I’m sure you are all very proud. Please know that we will continue to pray for your family & keep you & Toby in our thoughts.
With much love,
Beth, Steve & Caitlyn Gatrell –Naples, FL.
January 03, 2006
I have been reading the mail from Toby on our AFVN Newwork and Feel that I have known him a lifetime. It is in great sorrow that this message has to be sent but just to let his family know that they will be in our prayers in this time of moroning. With great sorrow and hope for you and the children in your these your trying times...May God bless you and keep you in the palm of his hands,

With Great Sorrow
Yours in memory

Arthur K. Borland
American Forces Vietnam Network
Saigon, Vietnam 1968/69
January 03, 2006
Dave, Judy, TJ, Alicia, Will and all of Toby's extended family and friends-
Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of you--we were so shocked to hear the news and yet so proud of the accomplishments that Toby had in his short lifetime. Know that even though we cannot be there with you physically, we are with you in prayer and spirit.
January 03, 2006
We were deeply saddened to hear of Toby's death in Afghanistan. Through "In Harm's Way" we have followed his experiences in his letters and photographs. Our sincere sympathy to all your family.
January 03, 2006
There is no way I can imagine how your family is feeling after the loss of Sgt. Meister. He must have been raised in a loving family that had wonderful plans for such an outstanding man as he, I am so sorry his life was cut short,in doing what he felt compelled to do for others. I am sure his reward will be justly given in the Kingdom Of Heaven. My sincere appreciation and tears go out to Tobias and all that had the honor of knowing him personally. BIG HUGS for all.
January 03, 2006

Please forgive me for my informal address. I knew Toby only from the few emails and photographs we exchanged,but it was immediately clear to me that he was a good soldier and a person with a vision. I hope you can find some comfort in a few words from each of us who had the good fortune to exchange notes with your husband.

We are told, time and time again, that life is a journey. We all know the destination; we just don’t know when we will arrive. But, just as there are many roads leading to Jenks from Minneapolis, there are many roads leading from our birth to our final destination. Some roads get us there faster than do others.

Toby has been your traveling companion on the scenic route, but now he’s left the quiet back roads and taken the freeway. He’s already there, waiting for you at that final destination. Grieve for his passing, but find joy in all he has given you.
January 03, 2006
Sympathy sent from Arkansas` Kersey Family to the Meister Family.
Toby was dear *to all* that he so generously shared the truths of war news with,and his love of man and country a vivid banner that he wore on his sleeve,making proud Every American he linked up with!
The world has certainly lost a national asset, but our loss is `I`m sure ... Heavens Gain!
January 03, 2006
Dear Dave,Judy & Family,
What a privelege to know Toby.As hard as this is for all of you,you have to take comfort in the fine young man you raised.
April often tells the story of being with you at Toby's apt.and
how good he was with our grandson,Brodey.
God only takes the very best and it is definetley sad but true in Toby's case.
January 03, 2006
To the family of 1st Sgt. Tobias C. Meister, I haven't lost a husband in war but I have lost a brother and there are no words that can express the pain I know you are feeling. I just want you to know that there are so many who have you in their thoughts and most especially their prayers. You and all of America lost a hero protecting our freedom and that loss is deeply felt and most appreciated. I just want you to know that you are not alone. If there is anything I can do for you please feel free to email me. God be with you and your family.
January 03, 2006
I was recieving letters from a friend that passed along news from across the seas....I read many wonderful things about Tobias. He was very loved and a wonderful person... he will be missed.. My thoughts and my prayers are with you all.
January 03, 2006
Your loss of a loved one is shared by so many people, but only in some ways. My prayers and tears are for the pain, suffering, and loss you and your families will find for a while. GOD bless you all.
January 03, 2006
I know that there is nothing that I or anyone else can say or do to ease the pain of losing a loved one. I had the honor of meeting and working with 1SG Meister a few years ago. He was one of the best Drill Sergeant Leaders that I had ever had the pleasure of working with. His selfless service and dedication has made the 95th Division Drill Sergeant School what it is today. I will always remember him for what he was and will forever be, a SOLDIER.
January 03, 2006
My wife and I had prayed daily that Toby would have a safe tour of duty. As it came nearer to his time for a visit home we felt it would not be long before he could hold his precious wife and child in his arms. It was with a great deal of dread that I opened the e-mail that was headed "Sad News". It was indead sad news our hearts were broken. We had been sending care packages to Toby and his troops and felt he was like a member of our family. I paid him what I felt was the highest compliment. I told him he would have made a fine Marine. We share the sorry that the family feels at this time and can only say well done good and faithful servant and my God Bless you all.
January 03, 2006
I was so devastated to hear of the loss of your husband/son/brother. He is the only soldier I have had any contact with and that was quite small. He simply sent me his address so that I could send Santa hats to his troops to help them have a better Christmas. I thought that alone was so touching. He cared so much about his fellow troops, that you must know he cared so much more for his family. My prayers are with all of you.
January 03, 2006
All of the many photographs you emailed to me Toby put a personal face on this war, I am both grieved and very proud. Your son Will has lost a fine father, one we all loved and will miss.
January 03, 2006
My condolences to the Meister Family during this time of great loss.
January 03, 2006
We are praying for the Meister Family. We have lost a hero.
Robert & Cindy LeBlanc
January 03, 2006
Have a safe jurney Toby. Hopefully we will meet again sometime.
January 03, 2006
Tobias family - words are all we have to express ourselves - and right now even the strongest words are weak. Please understand that those of us who have walked the same walk understand that... "freedom isn't free" and Toby has paid the highest price... for each of us.
January 03, 2006
Dearest Meister Family - saying I am sorry for your loss seems so insignificant, but I truly am sorry. Reading Tobias' updates on AnySoldier gave us all a little glimpse into his heart and soul and what was important to him. We have truly lost a great man. May God comfort you all during this very difficult time.
January 03, 2006
May Toby rest in perfect peace.
January 03, 2006
To the family of 1SG Meister, I want to pass on my condolences. I had the opportunity to work with 1SG during my tour in Afghanistan and can honestly say he is one of America’s best. He was a true professional that was respected and looked up to by not only his soldiers, but everyone who came into contact with him.

For his soldiers, I send my respect and prayers. 1SG Meister cannot be replaced, but can be remembered through the mission and great work you are doing.
January 03, 2006
We care and share your sorrow.
January 03, 2006
I cannot describe my feelings of loss for 1SG Meister, and his family. I worked with him at the 95th Div Drill Sergeant School a few years ago. He was a top notch soldier and a hero to us all.
Vaya con Dios, Toby.
January 03, 2006
I was fortunate enough to know Toby in our "younger" days. Toby walked on our bean walking crew and provided lots of entertainment for us during those hot summer mornings. Please know that all of us in Remsen are holding your entire family in our thoughts and prayers.

Bill, Brenda, Carly and Cael Ortmann
January 03, 2006
Dave, Judy, Alicia, William, T.J., Family, & Friends,
We are deeply saddened by your tragic loss. Our thoughts & prayers go out to all of you. As God welcomes Toby into his Eternal Kingdom, we pray that God gives all of you strength to endure this difficult time. We may be seperated by distance, but please know that all of you are close to us in thoughts & prayers. Toby will be remembered for his heroism.
God Bless & Keep each and every one of you.
With Our Deepest Sympathy,
January 03, 2006
Dear Meister Family:
My heart sank today. I just read the loss of dear Toby. He was dear to me because he was willing to serve our country in a way I cannot. He was dear to me because he shared his life with us. He was dear to me because he humanized the experiences of life in Afgahn and Iraq. I so looked forward to reading his postings. Such bravery, such courage. Through his writings, I learned more about the people of that region than the press would ever divulge. Be proud of the man he was and the soldier he was. I am...and I never met him or conversed with him. By seeing his work on anysoldier, I know he was an earthly angel. It saddens me that I will not be able to read any more postings from Toby, but our earthly loss is heaven's glorious gain. May the Lord bless you and keep you during this most difficult time. Sincerely, Colleen Taylor
January 03, 2006
Each sacrifice given is appreciated. No life lost in this battle is in vein. Thank you for the ultimate sacrifice. EA
January 03, 2006
Dear Mrs. Meister, Master Wil and Family, I am truly stunned and heartbroken over the loss of a great American hero, Sgt. Toby Meister. We are very fortunate to have been allowed to be a part of his love of country, freedom and most of all his family. He was a great inspiration to us all. Please accept my sincerest and deepest sympathies. I will forever keep him and his family in my thoughts and prayers....Sgt. Meister, we will miss you dearly....
January 03, 2006
To the Meister family, I would like to offer my condolences on the loss of your loved one. I've read each of his posts on the Anysoldier site, and know that he he loved you all deeply, and was so proud of his family. I greatly admire the work that he did, and the man that he was. I'm sure he never realized how many lives he touched and enriched simply by his eloquence and dedication.

Words cannot express my sorrow for your loss. Please accept my sympathy and know that your family will remain in my prayers.
January 03, 2006
Dear Meister Family, Words can not express how sad I was to hear of Toby's passing. I never meet him , I never got a chance to shake his hand or Thank him for what he was doing for our Great Country, but I felt I knew him from his writings on anysoldier. He was a very special person, he made us all proud. I know he got a HERO'S welcome in Heaven. He has touched all of our hearts, and we will never forget him.
Sincerely, Pat Furth
January 03, 2006
Dear Meister Family, There are no right words to say at this time, but to say no words isn't right either. Toby's entries into let us gain a deeper understanding of what is really going on 'over there' and made me so proud to be an American. He was my favorite anysoldier contact. All that read his writings knew that he truly is one of God's angels. He along with your family had/have his own cheering section across the world and touched so many people's lives. I was so shocked to see him listed under the lost contacts. God Bless you and I hope that it comforts you to know that people all over care and have you in prayer. Sincerely, J. Rizzo
January 03, 2006
January 03, 2006
I wanted to express my deepest sympathy for the loss of a very brave man. I wish I had the right words to say how I feel but they don't seem to come. Please know how very proud we are of 1SG Meister.
January 03, 2006
No words can lessen the pain I am certain, but maybe the acknowledgment of his unselfish bravery will celebrate his memory. Those who were lucky enough to know such a man, will always be better for it. My deepest sympathy for your pain, and my eternal gratitude for his sacrifice.
January 03, 2006
I am very sadden by the news that a brother in arms has been lost. 1SGT Meister gave his life for what all of us in the military believe in, and that is freedom. Freedom does come with a price tag that is difficult to bear... but we truly know that we have made a difference in the lives of thousands by standing in the gap for those that cannot. I mourn your lose with you as a former 486th CA soldier. In the 486th family is family. God bless the family 1SGT Meister left behind. Please know that he indeed was a hero. He was a soldier of honor and integrity, and his sarifice will not be forgotten.
January 03, 2006
Dear Mrs. Tobias Meister,beautiful son, and family. Please accept my heartfelt condolences. What a tragic loss, what a truly remarkable human being. I so enjoyed his entries. His obvious love for family and country he so skillfully conveyed. I feel as though I have lost a close member of my own family. Deepest sympathy to you all. Sincerely, Sandy Bricker
January 03, 2006
To the Meister Family. I am so sorry for your loss. We in the military will always remember our fallen soldiers. Tobias will not be forgotten. I grew up in LeMars and I am currently on my third rotation to Iraq. Know that Tobias was commented to something he believes in as we all do. A greater purpose to protect our families from abroad. I didn't know him personally but I feel as if I did.
Take care and God Bless.


Kyle Kouri
January 03, 2006
"Bear ye one another's burdens, and so fulfil the law of Christ...Brethren, the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit.Amen." Galatians 6:2;18. As all of our soldiers everywhere are brothers (and sisters), so we are as family and friends. May God touch your family during this loss, as this brother has laid down his life for us all.
January 03, 2006
"Bear ye one another's burdens, and so fulfil the law of Christ...Brethren, the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit.Amen." Ephesians 6:2;18. As all of our soldiers everywhere are brothers (and sisters), so we are as family and friends. May God touch your family during this loss, as this brother has laid down his life for us all.
January 03, 2006
TO Toby's wife son,family, and comrades: Wow, what a loss! I am deeply saddened to hear of the death of such a magnificent person. Though he was only a contact from the Any Soldier network, his postings demonstated what a genuinely special person he was. I hope that someday, Will can get a chance to read his father's postings to realize what a great man he was. My heartfelt condolences, all. Angels'peace, Mary Smaltz
January 03, 2006
Dear Alisha and family, we are all hurting at your profound loss. We send our love, we rain our tears, we offer support. I'm sure you feel the love that is glowing from every entry in this guest book. All of these people, and many hundreds of others share your deep, deep sorrow. Toby touched a vast number of people - thus we are all, well blessed. Our national radio program, Into Tomorrow, adopted Toby and his Civil Affairs Team in July of 2005. Prior to this we had been running a campaign to support our troops. We came to know Toby and his mission through his fine writing and his first-rate photographs. Toby was the epitome of all the elements of what we all should strive to be. Our support will continue.
January 02, 2006
I am so sorry for your loss. Please know that we are proud of all your son was and still is to this country. Anyone willing to give their lives for our freedom is a hero in my heart. Keep faith and know all prayers are with your family.
January 02, 2006
Dear Mrs. Meister and baby Will, As a civilian,(former) wife, and mother of 2 young men, my grief overwhelms me for all ya'll. Cling to the healing hands of time as best you can. We mourn with you and cannot express our thanks enough for the gifts of freedom and peace your beloved father and husband 1st Sgt. Tobias C. Meister brought to our world! May God comfort you and yours always and in all ways.
January 02, 2006
To the family and friends of 1st Sgt. Meister...words cannot express my sympothy on ur lose...may God compfort you, hold him close to your heart...Bless you...
January 02, 2006
Dave & family, we are so sorry to hear of your loss. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Tim & Diane Cargin, Cherokee IA
January 02, 2006
May God bring comfort to all of Toby's family. He is greatly missed.
January 02, 2006
Mrs. Meister, family and friends - I was so very saddened to hear this news. I always eagerly looked forward to reading Sgt. Meister's entries to find out about his team's experiences in Afghanistan. He reminded us, his readers, that our military is accomplishing much in a difficult environment and giving us abundant reasons to be proud of them. He also is a wonderful example to me of someone who got up each day and did his best. He is a gift to America. He will be remembered by many of us - we are all so grateful. Thank you. And I wish you God's comfort.

January 02, 2006
You have lost such a special man which showed through his postings and his photos with that wonderful smile. This is the frist time one of my contacts has been lost, and there is a personal sense of loss which was unexpected. I am confident I am not the only one, whom you do not know, who has shed many tears over this loss. I find his final posting one to be treasured by his family as he was so happy with his accomplishments. May all who loved him find comfort and pride in knowing that even those who never met him face to face grieve for this great loss. You and your family remain in my prayers.
January 02, 2006
From Toby's postings and communications it was evident he was an exceptional man, he will be missed by his friends and family and by the people of Afghanistan he did so much to help. Our prayers and thoughts are with you.
January 02, 2006
Please accept my deepest sympathy. I have not been able to get this young, brave Soldier's passing off my mind. My thoughts & prayers go out to you & your family.
January 02, 2006
Brave Warrior who paid the ultimate price for our freedom, May your strength and your vision continue to live on in all of us.

There are no words to say to make your loss any easier to your family. We pray to God to send His comforter to hold them close for you.
January 02, 2006
It is very sad to note the passage of this particular serviceman. I came across his posting just after Christmas 2005, and from the depth and breadth of his writing thought he must be one of the most thoughtful, intelligent subscribers to the site. His loss is shocking and my condolences to the family.
January 02, 2006
To the family of 1st Sgt. Meister, I want to say that I am deeply sorry for your loss of your loved one. I know that he has fought many battles and won many too. God is watching him now. Once again, I'm deeply sorry for your loss. I still salute him even though I don't know him for the bravery and the honor that he's done to help make this country a better place for everyone. God Bless.
January 02, 2006
My family and I are so sorry to read about tobias. Such a tragedy. God bless him and all of you.
January 02, 2006
It is with much sadness that I add my condolences to the family of 1st Sgt. Tobias C. Meister.
January 02, 2006
I am so sorry for your loss. I enjoyed reading his entries at I will miss reading them. I hope you recieve comfort from your loss.
Thank you for your service to our country.
January 02, 2006
I am deeply sadden by the loss of your loved one. I did not know Toby personally, but when I discovered a few weeks ago, his postings were ones that I was sure to read. I not only learned about his job but about him, his family, and fellow troop. His love for this country, the military, his family, and friends was quite prominent in his thoughts. May Will grow up to be just like his Daddy. You are all in my thoughts and prayers!
January 02, 2006
Dear Meister Family and Friends,
I am so sorry to learn about the death of 1SG Meister... you are all in my thoughts and prayers. I hope that God and your loved ones will bring comfort to you during this most saddening time.
I didn't know 1SG Meister personally, I had just read his many entries on AnySoldier. His love for his family and Country was so evident all of his words. I am truly saddened that he is no longer with us... he seemed like such an exceptional person. In honor of 1SG Meister I'm going to support the other soldiers in his unit who use AnySoldier, as well as the local Afghani people he loved to help. I will never forget the sacrifices that 1SG Meister and his family have made. God Bless you all...
~Justine Everton, 22
January 02, 2006
My heart sank when I saw Tobias' name listed as a lost contact on the Any Soldier site. He was an excellent writer and I always looked forward to reading his entries. For those of us without someone close to us in Iraq, he provided the gift of a perspective we would have never had. My entire family is very sorry for your loss. We're hoping the amount of people he touched (without having ever met them) will bring you some comfort. He will be missed.
January 02, 2006
This was one of the finest Soldiers I have ever had the privilege to serve with and know. He was a role model and inspiration to us all in the 95th Division.
January 02, 2006
Just by reading Toby's posts on anysoldier, you could tell he was a dedicated soldier and a fine leader. He was so proud of the work he and his fellow soldiers were doing and what they had accomplished. He died defending freedom and we will always be grateful for his service.

~~ Rather than mourn the absence of his flame, celebrate how brightly it glowed ~~
January 02, 2006
To the family and fellow soldiers in arms of 1SG Meister, I am indeed saddened by hearing of another loss of a true hero and U.S. Armed services family member. As a former member of the 486th Civil Affairs Battalion, I can personally attest to a proud legacy of soldiers who repeatedly go above and beyond the call of duty, some, eventually making the ultimate sacrifice. And, as 1SG Meister, I know that the 486th CA Bn is surpassed by no other unit in the U.S. military in terms of mutual love and respect between all current and former officers, soldiers, civilians and dependents of the 486th. What greater love hath a man than to lay down his life for the defense of his country, and its beliefs. It has been said that someone who does not have something worth dying for, has nothing to live for. This true American has proven that he does indeed have something worth dying for; it is that very same thing that we are living for...I render a final salute to you 1SG Meister. Until we meet again on the Fiddler's Green, may GOD have mercy on your soul and may He give strength and understanding to the multitude of family, friends and fellow soldiers you've left behind. Thank you for giving your life in order that countless others who might have never had the opportunity to meet you may live their life in a country as blessed and as fortunate as ours.
January 02, 2006
Alicia and baby heart is breaking for you. Your husband was a model for us all. I picked his name at because he was a fellow Oklahoman, but also becase of his obvious regard and concern for the innocents there that he was fighting to free. I am sorry beyond words and griefstricken. May God wrap his arms around you and give you peace.
Love from a stranger in Oklahoma
Julie Wilkinson
January 02, 2006
I am truly sorry for your loss. We have lost one of America's best. I pray God will pour out His grace on you and your son.
January 02, 2006
Dear Loved Ones of Toby Meister: Tobias Meister became one of my favorite AnySoldier contacts. He had just emailed me on 17 Dec 2005 to thank me for my care package for his soldiers. Researching his name on Google, I learned more about what a super guy he was, how active he was in support of his soldiers, and how highly he was thought of by the people who knew him. I am so very sorry to hear of his death. Having grown to know and appreciate him through the Web site, I am certain that he died a hero and a patriot doing what he loved. My heart goes out to his beautiful wife Alicia and his young son Will, of whom we’ve grown fond through the pictures Toby posted of them. My family, including my 1LT son who will soon deploy to Afghanistan, send you our condolences and pray the Lord will comfort you. We are grateful for the sharing 1SG Meister gave us through all his activities and writings, and for the sacrifice he made for us. I will send another package to his unit in his honor.
January 02, 2006
I am so sorry for your loss. I too contributed many things to Toby. I know he created a better place while serving his country. May God bless you, your son and Toby.
January 02, 2006
A faithful friend is a sturdy shelter: He that has found one has found a treasure. There is nothing so precious as a faithful friend,and no scales can measure his excellence. A faithful friend is an elixir of life; and those who fear the Lord will find him. Whoever fears the Lord directs his friendship aright,for as he is, so is his neighbor also. Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.
To family and friends; may God give you the peace that passes all understanding during this difficult time.
Toby, I miss you brother!! DSOY 2002
January 02, 2006
Dear sweet Alisha, and little Will, Shanna and I hope that you will call on us for help of any kind. This is such a tradgedy, I hope God gives you strength, to carry on and take care of your sweet baby boy. Our prayers go out to you. Sincerely
January 02, 2006
Dave, Judy, and your entire family, So sorry to hear of your tremendous loss. This is simply something we just cannot justify in our earthly thoughts. Please take some comfort in knowing that, as hard as it is to understand, God has a plan for Toby and you will know what that plan is when you meet with him again. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
January 01, 2006
Alicia, Will and to the rest of the family and friends. I know this is a difficult time for all of you and please know that you are all in my prayers. Toby and I met while training up for the Drill Sergeant of the Year Competition. He for the Reserve Component and I for the Active. From the first conversation I had with Toby I could tell he was passionate about the military. When I first met him all I could think was, man, I'm sure glad I don't have to compete against him. He epitomized words like, Soldier and Leader and was truly a Hero to all. I remember the wedding and how perfect everything was on that day. Toby was truly a great Husband. I remember how excited he was when Alicia gave birth to their son. He is definitely one proud dad. I send my love and my condolences.
January 01, 2006
To the Meister Family,

I am sad to learn of 1SG Meister's death. He was one of my Drill Sergeant Leaders when I went through Drill Sergeant School in 2001. He was a true soldier, in great physical condition and with a competitive spirit to match! I know there is nothing anyone can say to ease the pain of his loss but soldiers like him are the reason why the country we live in is the 'Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave' I hope his son grows up knowing that his Daddy is one of America's Heroes.
January 01, 2006
To the Family and Friends of 1st Sgt Tobias Meister we send our most sincere condolences. Toby was a friend to all of us and an incredible representative of all he believed in. God, Country, and Family were the triad of his beliefs and his dedication. A true Patriot, he was a proud example of the strength and courage we all aspire to in our lifetime, but seldom achieve. May God grant you His strength to carry the burden of the loss of your loved one. Our hearts are with you as we extend our profound sympathy during your time of bereavement. All who knew Toby will carry him in their hearts and prayers for a lifetime. His passing is a devastating loss for all.
January 01, 2006
Dear Alisha and family,
It is with great sympathy that I send my heartfelt condolences. Toby was a great guy and it seems like only yesterday Brian and I were at your wedding. Remeber we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. Let your family and friends support you during this difficult time. Celebrate Toby's life and cherish the child you two share. It is through him Toby's spirit will live. God Bless you and take care.
January 01, 2006
God Bless~( Jamie,Navy wife)
January 01, 2006
December 31, 2005
Thank You Sgt. Meister, for your selfless sacrifice. You will never be forgotten.
Kimmy, I was honored that you chose to call me about the passing of Tobias. I know that only time can help the pain. I have you and your family in my prayers. Please call if there is anything I can do for you. I share in your pain and heartache. There is not a day that goes by I don't think about My Hero, PFC Landon S. Giles, who also unselfishly gave his live for others. God Bless and please stay in touch.
Much Love,
Kim Giles, Proud Mom of PFC Landon S. Giles KIA 02-26-2005
December 31, 2005
Our prayers go out to the family and friends.So sorry to hear about the loss of 1st Sgt. Tobias C. Meister

God Bless
Frank $ Maritza Megerle
December 30, 2005
Dear family, it was upsetting to see your loved one named on the AnySoldier.Com listing as a lost contact. I've sent packages to him through the website.
He said they were doing wonderful work in Afghanistan with the rebuilding of the water lines, bridges and roads. Making a better life for the Afghan tribes.
I'm very sorry for your loss. I hope you and your son cope well with his passing. Take care. God Bless you. Thank you for your service to the USA. Love,
December 30, 2005
Hero 1st Sgt. Tobias C. Meister - another courageous soldier lost. Please know that you are not alone in your grief and loss - we too lost our Hero SFC Brent Adams on 12/1/05 in Ramadi. I know there is nothing anyone can say right now - we don't know each other - but will be united in our loss. I pray for peace that the rest of our servicemen and women can be brought home safely and soundly to their awaiting families. God Bless You
Pam Adams
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