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May 27, 2014
Happy Memorial Day, Dano man. Mama loves and misses you my angel boy. XOXOXOXOXOXO... never forgotten <3
April 24, 2014
I had a dream about you the other night. I woke up from it thinking I'm going to call you in the morning...I've done this several times since we've lost you and when reality sinks in its like losing you all over again. God how I miss you Dano! Everytime I hear Eminem on the radio, every time I smell someone wearing Agua de Gio, every time I look at my kids.....I think of you! It saddens me to know they'll grow up not knowing their amazing Uncle personally, but I promise they WILL know you. I miss you so much more with each passing day bro. Until we meet again.....I LOVE YOU!!!!!!
April 22, 2014
Hi Daniel,
It's been a little over a year since you have been in the presence of God almighty!! So much has happened here and I'm not sure if you can see or not.
I want you to know mom is doing well and healing! She it starting to be able to find peace in Gods plan! It has been a painful journey but she knows that our Heavenly Father will reunite the two of you one day!!! Oh what a day that will be!! I love you Daniel, think of you often and only see you as healed now! See you in heaven in that place that you described for our edification and healing as "beautiful and perfect!!! Love you, Rory and Paula
April 21, 2014
Hey buddy!! I miss you like crazy!! I really wish you were around to see my lil man!!! You two would have gotten a kick together!!! There is not a day that goes by that I don't think about you or think about the day and week that I got the phone call about you bro!! I was thinking to myself that day that I was gonna give you a call and see how you was holding up!!! But I was a day late and a dollar short my man!!!!! And there is not a day that goes by that I don't think of that!!! I also wanted to let you know that I am turning over a new leaf and since I'm gonna stay in I'm gonna do what we had talked about together all the time and I'm going to traing like crazy and see if they will let me into SWICC just like we had always planned for bro!!!! I miss you so much bro I wish you was here!!! Keep looking out for us down here and save me a good seat up there brotha I'll be down that way to see you when I get the chance bro!! It's been super busy for me!!!! I love you bro!!!
April 21, 2014
Happy Easter, Dano!! Mama knows you're walking with Jesus on this holiest of days. I'm so proud of you and all the good works you accomplished in your too short 24 years. Missing you always. See you soon, my angel darling. Hugs & Kisses, Mama <3
April 15, 2014
Daniel, you filled our lives with love, fun and laughter.We miss you so much. We'll be seeing you again one of these days.Your Granny who hung with the diciples!
April 15, 2014
We miss you and Love you!! You will forever be in our hearts!!
April 14, 2014
One year ago today we lost one of the most amazing, out going, funny, spunky, genuinely kind hearted men I've met, my baby bro Dano. While I'm so grateful you're no longer in pain, I miss you more with each passing day. The way your shoulders bounced when you laughed, the crazy looks I'd get for saying something stupid and the sweet "I miss you sis" texts. I'm so sorry this world is missing out on the amazing man you were! I love you so, so much the moon and back!
April 14, 2014
Spent several hours with you today, Dano man. Brought you flowers and In 'N Out Burger. Went to see the movie God's Not Dead, in your honor. You're not dead, either, but living with Jesus in eternal life. I'm going to do everything in my power to meet you there someday soon. I love my Dano, does my Dano love me?
April 14, 2014
Missing you, Dano man. One year ago today you met Jesus and entered eternal life in Heaven. Miss you and love you,my angel.
February 14, 2014
Happy Valentine's day, Dano man, Mama especially misses you today. You've always been my angel boy and that will continue through eternity. I love my Dano, does my Dano love me? Hugs and kisses, Mama <3<3
January 26, 2014
I first met Daniel at the wedding of a mutual friend here in San Diego where I live. I am very honored that I was able to meet him and that I am now able to call him a friend.
January 18, 2014
I love you my angel boy.... missing you so much. Proud of you, your strength and courage. You are an inspiration to so many and especially to your Mama. Serve well in God's Navy, my love. Hugs & kisses, Mama
January 17, 2014
Hi Daniel just dropping by saying hello. I think of you at very random times, reading Tucker Max, grabbing Taco Bell, I still find it odd that it snows, sometimes when I cry, you told me to quit feeling sorry for myself. You were though short a very important print in my life. I miss you.
January 16, 2014
You're not gone. Nope. Still don't believe it. Your spirit is still felt like it always has been since we went our separate ways after joining the Navy. Your mom does a fantastic job at keeping you alive on social media. (bless her heart)When I get a notification from your account, I pretend it really is you talking to me, pathetic I know, go ahead and laugh at me because I know you would be! You were like a big brother, always protecting me from any negativity that came my way, picking me up at my weakest, made me stronger, always laughing and giving each other a hard time. Some of the best times that will always stand out above any others. You always had that special place in my heart. Although new memories cannot be made, the old ones will never get old. I can share the same stories over and over and I will still laugh as if it just happened. Your friendship is one of the things I have appreciated the most in life. I haven't come to terms that you are really gone, so it is near impossible for me to spill my heart and continue to write to you. You better be behaving yourself up there, I'm sure you have all kinds of pretty angel loves! So…until we meet again… Love you Dan!!
January 11, 2014
Happy Birthday Daniel!!! Uncle Rick & I miss you & Love you
January 11, 2014
Daniel we miss you! Rest in Peace with no more pain!
January 10, 2014
Happy Birthday Dan!!! It was a pleasure visiting with you today. I hope you had a great day. You are missed by so many here. Continue to watch over all of us. Until we meet again. Love ya Dan.
January 10, 2014
Happy 25th birthday, Dano! You have been loved, remembered and missed by your wonderful family, friends, Sissy's and your Mama today. You are my angel and the light of my universe. The emptiness I feel for you is always present and constant! I feel your sweet presence and see your beautiful smile in my dreams and in my memories and thoughts of you. You will never be forgotten! Until you come for me, I love and miss you always. Hugs & kisses, Mama
October 29, 2013
Hi Daniel,
It has been so hard to think of what to say, I miss you so and I sometimes just enjoy living in the world that you are just busy and haven't come by to see us.... then I have to face the fact that you are no longer here and my heart breaks!
Then I remember the fun sweet ways that you played and showed extra love and care for Rory and me.....
Almost every morning I think of you as I reach for a coffee cup and choose the wonderful red and black coffee cups you gave Rory and I for Christmas, you knew Daniel how to insure that we would remember you (like we needed those cups to do so) We love those cups and the beautiful word in Chinese and English the word "Love".... Daniel we will always love and remember you,

I'm not sure why Jesus called you home early, but I trust he knows what he is doing! I look forward to seeing you when in Heaven and will always remember my first time meeting you.... At Posada Java, I was nervous I will have to admit I was already hurting knowing that I might love you as one of my own children and my fear came true....... Daniel you are worth it all!!!
One more thing don't worry about your Mom, between God, and family she will be ok and will soar with the eagles again!! And one day put her arms around you and spend eternity with you and Our Jesus! Daniel enjoy living in the presence of our Lord, I envy you so often, but will keep up the fight to bring as many as possible with me before I come home to see you!
I love you for eternity!! Love always Paula and Rory
October 23, 2013
Well Daniel it looks like you are a very good Gunslinger. Many people live long long lives trying to gain the admiration by any means nessasary you achieved in 24 very short years. They never learned as you did so well and young. Live by your heart and what is right. It makes me very proud to see how many people you touched in such a positive way. I think of you often and your unwavering courage.
October 19, 2013
Sorry it has taken so long to write may thoughts, I have had a hard time getting them into words. For the short time I had the privilege to know Daniel he always seemed to have a better grip on life than most people around him. He had a way of putting you at ease and letting you love him instead of feeling sorry. He is the definition of a great man. I will miss and honor Daniel until we meet again in heaven.
October 15, 2013
We didn't know each other for very long. But in our short encounter I'm glad I could call you friend. Your memory will always live on through all of us who knew you. You were one of the best most honest men I've ever known.
Rest in peace dear friend.
October 14, 2013
My Dano man, Mama loves and misses you so very much! Kimber and Kristin went with me today to visit at your grave. We took pretty flowers and pictures. We cried and laughed, and reminisced about old times. This is the sixth month anniversary of you going to Heaven. I miss and love you always,I especially miss the different stages of your life that I dreamed of for you. I won't ever get over you not being with me, but I do have good days mixed in with the bad and not so good days. I know and appreciate the goodness you have brought to so many people who were touched by your loving ways, your kindness, your sassy attitude and your zest for living your life with infinite trust in God. I'm doing my best to live by your example. We who have been left behind mourn losing you and Heaven rejoices at your eternal life and presence with them. Looking forward to walking with you soon, my angel boy. I love my Dano, does my Dano love me?
July 13, 2013
Hi, my Dano man. It'll be three months tomorrow since I last hugged you and kissed your sweet face. I still miss you more than words can express. Your Mama will mourn you all the rest of my days here in this world. Life doesn't feel whole without you. I will do my best until God brings us face to face in eternal life. I love my Dano always and forever until the end of time. Hugs and kisses, Mama
June 13, 2013
for the short time.he was my brother in law, o.spime with him a few times, you raised him to be a good hearted, mannered, respected by all those who was fourtunate to meet him and speak to him,
June 12, 2013
Hey Dano! Was just thinking of you & thought I'd drop a line on here for ya :) I was in the car this afternoon & heard a song we liked. It reminded me of the last time we were in the jeep & that song came on. We danced in the jeep bouncing up n down like idiots. People were looking at us like we were nuts....they were right! Lol We always had fun brother, no matter what we were doing. I miss u more than words can express, but I know in my time we'll be together again. It makes u being gone a tiny bit more bearable. and miss you tons. See ya on the other side. Xoxo mwah :-*
June 12, 2013
Good morning, my Dano. I got through mother's day and my birthday without you, with the help of Kimber especially! She gave me a beautiful cross with a picture of me holding you when you were about two years old. It says: "And if I should go before you... know that part of me still remains... you will not see me, yet I will be there walking beside you. You will not touch me, yet I will live in your MEMORY ALWAYS. Have faith we will one day be together in eternity. Until then live life well and know that I am with you." I miss you, my angel boy. Love, Mama
May 12, 2013
Hey Daniel I sit here today thinking about you. I still wait for your text or call. I miss you dearly brother. You had such a huge impact on my life. I am truly blessed to have had a friend and brother like you. You are are a shining example of strength and courage. The way you looked at life was remarkable. I will forever cherish the time I got to spend with you and got to know you. We had so many good times that I will never forget. I will remember and miss you forever my friend. I love you. I will see you again. Joe
May 08, 2013
I didn't know you very well but I know you were a good person and I was very proud to have known you. I miss you.
Donna Jackson.
May 07, 2013
I loved reading all of his facebook posts. Daniel was a very intelligent and interesting man. He will be missed.
May 07, 2013
My sweet Daniel,my miracle baby has been with Jesus for three weeks now... a "blink" and it feels like eternity. Mama misses you so much. The pain is unbearable. The last year, especially, has been running from one treatment to the next putting out fires and working overtime to help you find a treatment that would sustain your life and keep you out of pain. God was merciful in bringing you to Heaven and allowing me and your Dad the honor of being present when Grandma Marie helped you into eternal life. The relief Mama initially felt that you would be forever pain free, is lifted. Now all I feel is loss and grief... knowing until the time you help me leave this world... I won't hear your sweet voice or see your angel face... my sadness is limitless. Dano, you were a valiant warrior your whole life. Your first battle was at birth and after almost seven weeks in Neonatal ICU, you came home to us, Mama, Daddy, Kimber and Kristin. You fought for the next three years with treatments and therapy. God was merciful and the next 16 years, you were strong and healthy. These years are the ones that I am thinking of now. Your future seemed so bright and the sky the limit for you, my sweetness. I regret that your Navy career was shortened and that you never married or had children.... your dearest desires unfulfilled. After being diagnosed with Nodular Melanoma in April 2008... you were fierce in your battle to persevere. Of all the people you touched and lives you changed for the better, none more so than mine. We fought together every step of the way for five years, every surgery, treatment, hospital stay. But it was always you who grounded me, kept me sane and steady, with your solid strength and courageous constitution. You never once felt sorry for yourself, though I felt the sorry and sadness on your behalf. Dano, you never gave up or gave in, you just took one day at a time and fought for your life with everything you had, all the while helping me and and all of us who loved you and fought for you and prayed for you to find acceptance and peace in what would be the outcome of your war with cancer. Dano I thank God that I was your Mama. I don't understand why this was your life, but your acceptance and grace in living out that life, helps me. Mama will never forget you or stop loving you, my Dano man. I love my Dano, does my Dano love me? Yes, Yes we do love each other forever until the end of time. Love, Mama
May 06, 2013
Daniel, for as long as I live you will be in my thoughts and my heart every day. I feel that weve all been cheated out of a wonderful man, a wonderful life, and words could never express the way I feel with each passing day. Ive never met a more loyal, honorable, compassionate person as you. You've showed us all what true strength and courage look like. Throughout your battle, it was YOU comforting us, getting us through to the next trial. I'm so honoured I got to be by your side during your last few weeks, we had a great late night talk that I will cherish forever. You are my hero my Dano-Man, and I will honor your memory with the stories I tell my children of what an amazing man their Uncle Dano was. I love and miss you more then words could say. Until we meet again brother....I LOVE YOU!!!!
May 06, 2013
Dano, I'm sure gonna miss those nights of staying up until 1am playing karaoke and band hero. Even though we argued the whole time of who was the best. Lol we sure dud have a fun year that year we lived together in Madera Highlands! Those moments I will hold dear to my heart & cherish the rest of my life. You fought the fight of your life buddy, and now you can finally relax. Save me a spot up there bro, I'll see you when its my time :) Love you my sweet baby brother.
May 06, 2013
Please accept our most heartfelt sympathies for your loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this difficult time. Your friends, Mike and Lee
April 24, 2013
Daniel Hannaman, was one of the strongest young man I have ever met. He fought so hard to beat his cancer, where many others would have given up. He had a great sense of humor, and was very point blank. You have to admire that in a person. He loved his Mom more than most and did everything to protect her. He was strong for her when he knew things were bad. God love this boy. Love ya Dano
April 24, 2013
Daniel, I am so thankful for the time we got to spend with you! You made our lives an adventure! The good times we had will never be forgotten. I still look up at the door wondering when you will walk through it asking me what i am cooking you to eat lol... I will miss you forever! Joseph Daniel, Maddy and Payton will be told all about their Uncle Daniel and what a wonderful strong funny man he was! I am hoping that you are at the gates of Heaven to welcome me in when its our time to see each other again! I love you and miss you everyday! Rest In Peace my brother!
April 23, 2013
When I first met Dano I quickly realized two things. First thing was that he in fact might be the funniest person on earth and the second was that he was a true gentlemen. I admired both of those qualities about him immensely. Though our time together in this world was short, he truly changed my life. There will not be a day in my life where I won't think about you, especially because of our tattoos. I don't think I will ever get over your death but I find comfort in knowing that you are finally pain free, cancer free. May a warm tropic breeze power the sails of the USS Hannaman. I love you dano. I'll see you on the other side brother.
April 23, 2013
Daniel you were one of my kids, I knew from the moment I met you that if the battle you were fighting won, I would grieve deeply! Let me say this you have been worth every tear.... I will forever be thankful I was given the chance to know you, laugh with you, be loved by you, cry and pray for you. I look forwad to seeing you in Heaven were we will never cry again!! Love you, Paula (your other Mom)
April 21, 2013
April 20, 2013
Daniel you were such an amazing friend and i had so much fun hanging out. I miss you everyday and when the day comes I will see you again. I am glad you are out of pain and I love you and miss you!!
Sheala Paul,
Sahuarita, Arizona
April 20, 2013
I will always admire the courage and faith you had all the way thru this illness. Even though we did not know each other that well,I felt a bond with you because you are a part of our family and I love you for that and you will be missed . I know you will have peace now with the Lord in heaven .
April 20, 2013
Daniel,you will always be in my heart sharing with your Mama until we meet again in Heaven. You are my precious angel, I can't be whole without you. I love my Dano, does my Dano love me? I know we love each other forever until the end of time. XOXOXO my handsome boy. I was blessed being your mama... you always made me so very proud! I miss you terribly. My only solace is you are painfree in the arms of our Saviour, Jusus Christ. Run free, my Dano in your body made new through Christ. You will never be forgotton.
April 18, 2013
Thank you for serving your Country Daniel.
Rest in Peace
April 18, 2013
Thank you Daniel for Serving your Country.
Rest In Peace
April 18, 2013
We love you Daniel and know you are finally at peace, after your long battle.
April 18, 2013
It has been a true pleasure to be able to have known Daniel for the last several years. Daniel has always impressed us, being such a wonderful, fine young man, from the moment we met him. We have had many laughs with him and his family. One of the last times I had the pleasure to see Daniel, he made a statement, that I will remember forever, bless his heart. He said, "I want everyone to know that my Jesus is Lord". He handled himself with such dignity and love and was still always thinking of others, even with all he was going through himself. We know that he is in such a beautiful place with his Lord and Saviour and no longer suffering at all, but looking down on his family with such love and care. We know he will continue to look after his mom from above, as well as others in his family and friends. Daniel you will be missed by all that have had the wonderful opportunity to know you.
April 17, 2013
Danial your spirit was bright and shining and will live on through all the lives you touched.
My deepest sympathy to the family.
April 17, 2013
Our deepest sympathies for the loss of your loved one. May God's Word strengthen you during this difficult time. (Isa. 41:10, 13)
April 17, 2013
he will be miss
April 17, 2013
Even though I'd only met Daniel twice, I was so saddened to hear of his passing. He was such a nice young man, so polite and cordial. I'm glad I had a chance to meet him. As the days and weeks pass, and as you return to life's routine, may you continue to feel comforted by the love and support of family and friends. May Daniel and family find peace.
April 17, 2013
Daniel will always be in our hearts. You were always such a wonderful young man and although we are sad that you are no longer here, we believe you are much happier now that you are no longer in pain and able to live a wonderful life in heaven looking down on all your friends and family with a BIG smile. May you have a peaceful eternal life sweet Daniel.
Love Denise and Joey Endykiewicz
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