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Franklin D. Davidson 1933 - 2013

Franklin D. Davidson

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August 31, 2014

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August 31, 2014

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed.

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April 26, 2013
A favorite memory of Frank was about a year ago at a church luncheon / dinner. The church sanctuary was decorated and the tables were nicely set. There were coin shaped chocolates wrapped in golden foil sprinkled in the center of the tables as part of each setting. Sitting quietly at his seat, Frank began to unwrap and eat one of the chocolates. When she saw, Polly nudged him and said something of the sort "those are the decorations, they're for people to look at" to which he replied "well, I looked at it, and now I'm going to eat it". Cracks me up even now; always such fun together, Frank and Polly.
April 25, 2013
Faithful, gentle, loving, caring, good listener and friend. Frankie was the real deal and he and Polly shared a wonderful love story. I am grateful for the opportunity to have known him, he will be greatly missed.
April 25, 2013
Dad's Eulogy:

Oh Father
My Father
Crossed the Jordan
Through the darkness,
into the light.

Did Charon pay you for the honor?
Or like Orpheus, did you sing for your passage?
We hope not...
For surely we would have heard
the howling of Cerberus.
Clearly the fickle boatman is
now poorer.

The light shown from you
throughout these years.
Now you will be there to guide
all of us

For the speaker,
For the reader,
such strange words,
for such a quiet man,
Retired from life.

I look into the depths,
see the swirling patterns,
the candle burning bright,
somewhere deep in me.

they roll and splash down my cheeks,
drown my shirt
lighten my soul.
I have to close the door.

My prodigious Progeny wink at me from my walls.
They stare at their Father sobbing for his loss
imagine theirs.

And so I cry
not for the dying of the light
but for the soul burning so bright.
For the lost moments,
reaching for phone
the chance gone,
forever now.

It takes times like these
to knock us from our perch of
To recall the true.
To weep for the loss.
To wish for what is nevermore,
inside my head,
quoth my raven.

Now you are our spirit guide,
turning the darkness bright.

The ache is hard but you are at peace and you left us without having to suffer greatly.
Thank you for all that you taught me.
How to be calm in the face of stress.
How to teach myself to do things.
I always wondered how you knew how to fix so many things. Some of it came from the farm life. But a lot of it came from just doing. Now, my kids ask me the same thing: How do you know how to do that?
I don't, I just fake it and get after it until I figure it out.

We love you Dad.
We miss you and always will.
April 25, 2013
Because I am a relatively new addition to the family, I best knew Grandpa Frank and experience the impact he had in his family through my wife's sentiments and memories. Grandpa Frank wasn't the most talkative or energetic, his was a ministry of presence. His presence in my wife's life provided a rock solid family foundation and sense of security. I am so thankful for that experience in her life and it is a good example for me to follow in the lives of my children.
April 25, 2013
Frankie was a gentle loving and kind man who will be deeply missed. My thoughts and prayers are with his beautiful and loving wife, Polly and their family.
April 25, 2013
May your hearts soon be filled with wonderful memories of joyful times together as you celebrate a life well lived.
April 25, 2013
Dear Polly and Family,
We have very fond memories of Frank. Jay and I met Frank and Polly in The Woodlands, Texas when they attended the Woodlands Church of the Nazarene, while meeting in a school, before the church was built. We visited in their home and became good friends. Frank and Polly are among our dearest friends. We have had many good times together.
Love and prayers to our dear friend, Polly.
Jay and Judy Black
April 19, 2013
Dear Polly & Family -
Thank you for the honor of caring for all you and Franklin during this very difficult time. I have you all in my prayers still. May God Bless you all always.
April 17, 2013
P.S. O my gosh I neglected to mention the first thing in which Frank and John shared -- they were both farm boys.
April 16, 2013
We met Polly and Frank over 50 years ago at a Folk Sing at our house in Tucson shortly after my husband and I were married. I think the reason we got along so well is that Polly and I were so much alike (yakkers) and Frankie and John were so much alike (thinkers); -- (tho' Polly and I might have called them "stickers.") Those guys were scientific, mathmatical, veterans -- all that good stuff.

We all loved music. I remember one potluck Sing in Sabino Canyon. I think there were nine dishes that night -- eight of them were beans.

In addition to music, Frankie enjoyed cars -- loved that old MG that sat in the front yard all those years! (John is still working on an antique pickup). I well remember Frank with his finches. How he loved and cared for those beautiful little birds! Great wire cages in the back yard. So many varieties. So sweet.

Frank and Polly have always been dedicated Christians. How wonderful to see how strong this has made their delightful family -- children, grand children, great grandchildren! I love it that the name Paul (Frank's father's name) is being repeated throughout these generations! Which reminds me of true favorite story:
One of our son's doctor's name is John Walker III. I commented that his father and grandfather must have had the same name. He replied, "Yes, John Walker I and II --and my son is John Walker IV. His little boy is, of course, a fifth of Johnny Walker."

Thinking of how I started this message -- that Frank and John shared many of the same traits, as did Polly and myself. Well, that reminds me of another story:
A lady with whom John had worked invited me to entertain at one of her Mensa meetings. This was her introduction of my program: "Isn't it wonderful how opposites attract? John is Mensa material and Dee is a Cowboy Poet!"
Davidsons, we cherish all of you!

Lovingly, Dee Strickland Johnson (aka "Buckshot Dot")

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