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Juan Joseph "Anthony" Comstock

Juan Joseph "Anthony" Comstock

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March 29, 2015

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March 29, 2015

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed.

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August 11, 2014
Hi Ant, its been a whirl wind again One thing after another..As you know we won the Super Bowl!! Thank you very much for any and all the help provided.. I knew it I could feel it.. I just got back from Texas again as I tried helping Kassy with Tim. I know you know the outcome there as he's with you and Kristina and the dogs.. He probably looks just like he did when I met him at 19 years old. Well atleast he cant drink and smoke up there. Your mom and I are at the house by ourselves now.. Might not be what you were wishing for but its for the best.. Going to take a break from breeding for a year or so also. Everything seems so hard to do these days.. We have our good days and then come the sad ones.. We cry together talk about things and pray..We shall live on and be patient for our turns.. Sure do miss you so much its hard to express. Take care of them all Ant you are the strongest link.. Love you lots son.. Cant wait to hug you one day again... Gramma Anna
August 05, 2014
You have been on my mind and weighing heavy on my heart lately. Some will never know how much you meant to your Grandpa and me. You bring tears to my eyes knowing you are gone, but you can still bring a smile to my face when I relive memories of you. Like riding the lawnmower(with out the head)on our farm in Minnesota when you were just a little guy. Or when you would climb into the dog kennel and yell "look Grandma". Then when you were tired you crashed hard. It would be across the armchair or middle of the floor. Then you grew into to a wonderful young man. Everytime I show our home to someone and we go into the master bathroom and see the mirror/medicine cabinet I tell them how you helped your Grandpa put it up. We love you and you will be forever missed as well as your loving sister.
August 04, 2014
Anthony, you were such a helping and honest person. You were so sweet and always helped whenever you could. You will never be forgotten!! We all miss you man!!!
February 02, 2014
Hi Antman. Todays the Super Bowl #48 and I know you know the Seahawks are playing against the Broncos. Yes I understand its a tuff toss up but Its our turn son. Ths year its go Seattle Seahawks all the way. The bets are hard as both team are loved by you and e but , really can't this be our year? Go Seattle Seahawks. Lets root together for the team that rules the Roost this year. I love and miss you very much, but Ineed your and Grangpa Rons help on my side this onec.. Let Seattle take the trophy home, please? So go Seattle Seahawks bring it back to Seattle today!! Lobe you son. Forever and always. Gramma Anna oh ya I'm still at Kassy and Billys till the 28th of Feb.
September 16, 2013
I went shopping for Kynslei again) and found a great "uncle" bib and thought, I should be buying 2 of these,,one from you and one from Matt. You and Matt= great uncles for Kynslei,,she would of had so much fun with you guys.
Been over a couple months now that you left us, way too soon, and I still cant believe it. I'm still waiting for you to walk in a room, or talk to you. Or see you in Texas. One special kid you are. I miss you a lot.
September 12, 2013

With the dream about Anthony i had this past Saturday my week has been very weird. I cant stop thinking about it and it has me in a weird mood. I watched the DVD Sammy gave me that had his memorial on it and i cried my eyes out. Its still hard to process and it always will be. I just want to say that Kristy is probably the strongest woman i know. She has been through alot and i hope she feels better soon! I love you anthony. R.I.P bro. We all miss and love you.
September 09, 2013
Even though I only talked to Anthony 6th period last year and some passing periods school just feels different you stood up for me when someone made fun of me and I am so grateful to have even known you I will see you again someday:)
September 07, 2013
2 months ago today. What feels like it has been eternity but in the same moment feels like its been two minutes, two minutes of holding my breath, hoping to stop time and take it all away. I hate that I have another moment, a paused moment in life that ill never forget. I had hoped we would only have positive frozen moments in time after Kristina, yet here we are again in what I was sure was our lucky 13, with another heart breaking, earth shattering moment ill never forget.
Billy and I went out to lunch before running errands. Just to have a nice Sunday lunch together. As I sat at that table I began to feel something was wrong. Never once did I imagine it could be my little brother. I was so scared it was my miracle child, my little princess growing inside of me. I was worried we were experiencing the loss of another child. That somehow she would be taken from me as had happened before. I never, not once imagined it was my B, sharing his last smile, before taking his last breath. I told Billy we needed to come home and I wanted to rest and see if Kynslei was okay. I was laying in bed trying to ease my anxiety, my bodies preparation for my heart to be destroyed. I had just started to feel like I had overcome my fear of the phone. The magical device that makes us all feel so close together but has now twice ripped life right out of grasp. I almost didn't take the call. I was focused on my baby that I was sure wasn't okay. My instinct told me to take the call. I've always wondered what if I hadn't? Would that make it not real? Or just cause my mom to suffer longer without me? To be honest I can't remember the words Larry said. Not sure they matter. I'm pretty sure I only heard what I wanted or the parts I could bare to process, which wasn't much. I don't know how to explain the shrieks and panic and screams I immediately let out. Unable to hear the words coming across the phone. Billy ran in to take the phone away with immediate concern for our growing child. My fear and disbelief immediately turned to my begging and pleading with God. My questioning of him. I was convinced that in all of the confusion one of the kids taken to the hospital was my boy, my sibling, my world, my brother. Pleading with the man upstairs to let my mom find Anthony at the hospital. That there was no way my mother and I could be expected to move forward from another loss. Another goodbye without warning, another child stolen right out from under us. I was sure the God knew we weren't able of handling such a loss. That we had already had more than our fair share of grief and loss. That my family had already been torn apart by the loss of our sister, how could we be expected to try and live on through more loss.
There were several more calls and texts that took place I think. Non of which I was allowed to be apart of. My husband immediately went into protection mode and I was left in the daze of believing my brother was okay, recovering and fighting in a hospital. I too was in a hospital, being checked and monitored for the precious life growing inside of me. Waiting to be given medicine to help me breathe and calm down enough to take care of my unborn child. The moments and days that immediately followed really truly were a haze. I don't even know that I could tell you when reality was handed to me that my brother was actually gone. That we weren't headed to help him recover and fight in the hospital but to plan yet another funeral of a child. A child with my blood, shared DNA, the same childhood.
The next thing I know we were being allowed to see you. Which was crazy to me since we had already been through the motions of planning your final departure, without really feeling like you were actually gone. If I'm being completely honest, most days I'm not sure I still believe you're gone.
The image of my sweet baby boy, the one who's eyes held such innocent, but who was rapidly growing into a handsome young man.... Forever still, resting, engraved in my mind. I never ever wanted to leave your side. I didn't want to leave you. Or maybe it was really that I wasn't ready for you to leave me. I know I said I didn't want you to grow up, but I promise this isn't what I meant when I said it.
I just miss you so so much. And I'm not sure where my rambling was set to go. Maybe it just helps to get it all out and down. Maybe it will feel like its off my chest. Somehow I don't think it will be that easy. You've been gone two months, and Kynslei is due in two. How does two months divide my life so completely? How do I go from the worst, most life destroying moment to what is expected to the best, most love filled moment of my life? Promise me Anthony you'll be there. Promise me you're building a fantastic Uncle/Niece relationship with my child right now. She deserves it. I want her to know all about you and your love for her. I want her to know that amazingly unexplainable bond you and I share. I don't want her to know even an ounce of the pain I know as a sibling or our mother feels for the loss of her children. I never want my child to experience the pains we have. I know you're a busy Angel up in heaven. I know you come to us and show us love and protection. But more than anyone I need you to be with Kynslei, pure, sweet, innocent Kynslei.
Ill never understand how life can be such a cruel place. Ill never understand how Mom and I have found strength to move forward. Ill never understand why just one moment couldn't have been different. Just as I know no one will ever understand our love. You were my world, my love, my baby, my soul sibling, my B.

I love you dude.
September 07, 2013
Kelsey Beeghly 9/7/13
Just got done watching the video on the Komo 4 news website of the barn painting. As soon as Pepper talked on there, I started tearing up.
Anthony, you were such a sweet, loving, compassionate person. And even though we were never close, All the times I've ever spent with you and Katie were fun. Rest in Paradise, bud.
September 07, 2013
Katie Godin 9.7.13

Feels like just yesterday we were taking a nap on my couch together.. or talking on the phone until we both fell asleep, even staying on the phone until we both woke up, then we would both say good morning and continue talking. I still remember that one night we stayed up the whole night talking on the phone.. it was a school night too so I got us each a Red Bull in the morning & we complained about how tired we were while walking to class. Whenever we would walk by anyone at school we would greet them with a smile as we walked by. You were always there to hold me on my worst days. You talked me through everything. You would do anything for me.. I still remember reading those texts you sent me when you were saying how you wanted to see me so badly and it was around 1am.. you told me that you were going to start walking and I told you no because i didn't want you to get in trouble. You had told me countless times that you would walk from your house(Camano) to mine(Stanwood).. I never let you because I didn't want you getting hurt or anything so I told you that we could talk on the phone until we fall asleep and that when we woke up, we would figure out some plans so we could see each other. I still remember the day that yo broke down and told me you loved me for the first time. We were in my living room and had just spent the whole day together. "Katie, you ask me if im in love with you... and the answer is yes. I am completely head over heals in love with you." You started crying and I hugged you. I wiped away your tears and you told me everything.. why you loved me, when you knew you loved me.. I just smiled and kissed you. And although I didn't say it back that time, you knew I did. I miss us and everything we did together. Putting makeup on you and you talking in a high pitched voice. I always made you watch Lilo and Stitch the movie with me because its my favorite.. you were my moomoo. There's not a moment that I don't miss you. I pass by all the spots that we would meet up at school and I just smile, because I'd rather be happy for the time i got to spend with you than be sad because there won't be any more. I hope everyday to walk out of my classes and to see your smiling face standing there. I hope everyday to wakeup still on the phone with you. I hope everyday to talk to you and hear your voice.. i miss your voice, I miss your hugs, I miss your room, I miss stealing your sweatshirt and wearing when you weren't with me. I miss laying on your bed and telling you that its mine.. I miss you surprising me with stuffed animals and you showing up at my house either walking in or texting me along me to open the door... I wish you didn't have to leave. I miss and love you so much.

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