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William L. Gildroy Jr. 1927 - 2017

William L. Gildroy Jr.

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October 22, 2018

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October 22, 2018

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
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May 28, 2018
Thinking of you today Papa. Thank you for your service. Kiss Gramma Goose, Jay bird, and Grandpa and Grandma Unzelman for us. People don't die as long as they are remembered., you will not be forgotten.
March 22, 2018

I think he taught us all how to live, love, work, fish, hunt, hike, build things like a spray business out of old surplus, build a pond to test fly's. I always was happy to go with mom to visit Helen and Bill. Bill would always make things for us to do while I was there, he made everyone feel special and was always fun to be with. I remember him showing me sweetpea the dog and the cat one day I was there never laughed so hard in my life, The moldy money at the poker games, The fine wine he made for Christmas and Holidays, The Party's at the river were him or aunt Helen would make a special trip to pick me up after all the work they did to party for a week. I am glad that after all of that uncle Bill was still able to move east with Cheryl to his favorite fishing hole and farm for another 21 years. It was sure fun heading over the hill to visit them both go through the garden, feed the critters, fish , and check out whats new. Thank you all for sharing your papa he was a special person to us all ! I am hiking on this trail right behind you !!! Yowza Boss
February 06, 2018
Great Grandkid Elisa and Grandkid Nina throwing kisses up to you Papa, Gramma, and Jay Bird.
February 05, 2018
Diane Williams Bohle. I am the daughter of Dorothy Ellen Bynon. Your dad and my mom were first cousins. My mom loved Buddy! Buddy, JoAnn and Donna lived with my grandparents, Jim and Ellen (Gildroy) their Aunt and Uncle from time to time after their mother Kate passed. Wishing you deep peace at the passing of your partner, father and grandfather. Buddy's father Bill was my grandmother Ellens baby brother!
February 03, 2018
I love you papa! I will be back to write more,add pictures and read all the other posts. You brought a lot of joy to us all, as well as grandma. I will miss you! Love Trina.
February 03, 2018
These Pictures were passed along from Cheryl. They are such great pictures!
February 02, 2018
Papa I will always remember your sparkling blue eyes and that big bright smile of yours that you attribute to the water pik. (Wish I would have taken that advice). Thank you for always looking out for your family when they needed you most. I will always treasure the memories I have with you. I'm surprised no one has put the famous "GUT BUCKET" pic of you on here. I know that was a pic in all of the kids houses. Papa in a red flannel and jeans, playing a gut bucket at the river. Or Papa falling asleep on Thanksgivings next to his big fireplace with his mouth open., catching flies, (Not Tying them) lol. You look so handsome in your Navy picture Papa. That pic along with Grams always hung on our wall in Lake Stevens. Thank you for coming to my bday parties when I was young and telling us "germs" not to spit on the cake when we blow out the candles. Thanks for scaring every pet we ever owned by growling back at them. Oh Papa only you....
i remember Papa and Grams took Kim, Trina, and Myself on his boat for our first girls trip, I caught a dog fish... baby Jaws...Papa didn't like it!! That was the summer you and Gramma decided to live on your boat for the summer, Cool Grandparents! After that trip, all of the boy cousins started growing up. Mike, Troy, John, Jay, and Lil Norm took over all the trips after that they all became boys only trips...WHAT!? Oh well us girls got over it. Thank you for inspiring Mi Madre' to grow beautiful flowers and Wonderful gardens, after all, what would the world be without the special people who actually know how to grow healthy food? You didn't get into traveling much, but you sure had a love of Washington State Forests, Trails, Lakes, Rivers, Puget Sound. I am so happy you and my Mom shared the love of Nature and had so many great hikes together before her knee was gone. Still remember how excited you both got packing up that nasty dry food stuff..yuk! Please watch over ALL of us down here, Cheryl needs comfort I'm sure, as do all of your Children. We will never forget the fun times we all shared no matter what. I will miss you Papa and I will see you again someday. I find comfort in knowing that Gramma met you in the light, took your hand, and you are together., what was still is. We will all be together again. Kiss Jay for me, I miss his face so much! Peace, light, and love up to you Papa and Gramma kisses hugs, kisses hugs, to ol Papa and Gildroy xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox
January 30, 2018
Bill was my best friend and partner for 23 years. He was loved by many and will be missed by all who knew him. His life was full and he always went on his own path. His favorite "toy" around the place was his little Jacobson mower he restored several years ago. Miss you always!
January 24, 2018
My daddy loved life. He loved hunting, fishing, work and most of all his family. He could do anything! He was a great mechanic out of necessity and frugalness and because he wanted to be sure the job was done right. He fixed all his own cars and equipment and sometimes mine and Sandy's vehicles too! Anything that needed fixing, he could fix! As kids we always said "our daddy can do anything!". He landscaped our home and made beautiful ponds stocked with fish, planted trees, flowers, bushes etc. It wasn't manicured lawns but natural beauty everywhere. He love hiking also. One time when daddy and I were hiking on what looked like the top of the world, he said, " I don't know if there is a God or not, but I am just glad I got to be here and see this". He loved the outdoors. He had courage and was brave, and he looked at life with humor. He was never old in his thinking and he never seemed old to me even at 90 plus, and I never ever heard him complain! I loved my many hikes with him. One time, while hiking Valhalla on a very hot day, daddy decided we needed snocones! Receipe: clean snow in a cup(no yellow snow) covered with Lots of orange Tang! While we continued on our hike slurping our cone we ran into some teen boys who looked at us enviously and asked if that was safe.. dad said "yep and it sure tastes good!". That was the best snocones I ever had. Another favorite time was a week trip up Hatchery Creek. He caught us fish at Big Jim while fly fishing with flies he tied himself. He would barely get the fly to the water and a fish was on! We never went hungry. He always told us our mother was "one in a million.". We always felt the love they had for each other and for us. I love you Daddy and I miss you and mama. You once told me "thoughts have wings". I hope you can feel my loving thoughts coming to you wherever you are. Love you always, Linna of the Anne.
January 17, 2018
In memory of my Dad my captain my captain my teacher my teacher, my mentor my mentor you were and still are and will always be to me. You taught me how to be strong and never to give up and to keep going and how to hunt and fish & how to start fires when things were wet and cold and how to drive and how to fix things; there are so many that you did to help me and make me strong, I used to have migraine headaches from the age of 13 to28 years of age; one time my Dad and Norm And I were up at Meadow mountain on a pack in trip we decided to hike to Crystal lake that morning; while we were hiking I got one of those headaches while we were approaching Crystal lake. I had to lay down because of the headache; after I'm laying there a while I heard Norm LET out this strange yell and then again so I looked at where they were in the meadow there was the outlet of the lake. Well my brother and my Dad were both on their hands and knees with one arm each in the creek and then I saw Norms right hand come out of the water with a fish that is the day when we learned that we could catch fish with our bare hands after that we did it quite often. My Dad was a wonderful fly fishermen and fly tyer; he taught me how to tie and also to be a great fly fisher. We used to hunt and fish ALL of the time we caught so many salmon bottom fish and trout and clams and enjoyed so many feasts and the hunting trips we got our share deer elk mountain goats and grouse, We were so lucky to have gotten to spend so much special quality time with each other; he is and was the most special person in My life. So long Ole Dad, happy trails until we meet again with love William Leonard Gildroy the 3rd.

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