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William F. Bane
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June 05, 2014
I started cleaning carpets,in 1976 at age 16.While in Catherdral High in Spfld,Ma.

The digests are still all downstairs every year decade after decade now.

I met Bill numerous times an now with my father ailing also.I went online to see what was up in Bane-Clene. I noticed the obit. I remember with sadness reading about Jimmy's passing years ago.
An now all I can say was so aptly put by Chet a page or two back.

God Bless you Bill,you changed my life in ways you never saw. God Bless all at Bane-Clene. An especially his family.

I will see you on the stairway to heaven some day. Sir,I will have Stair tool in hand .For God knows its the Bane Clene way or no

Rip, Sir you left a legacy that no one will ever match.
In the carpet cleaning industry.You gave,while many just took.An you gave it with a smile and a handshake that actually ment something . Caesar...
JMJ is what mom used to write on cards.
Jesus/Mary/Joseph, 2014...
March 16, 2014
I have always been proud of my uncle Bill. I have bragged many times about what a great man he was and about his success in business. But more importantly he made me feel loved, important and appreciated. I truly miss him and I value the times I got to spend with my uncle Bill. I really miss being able to pick up the phone, ring him up and hear his voice on the line. I cherish my memories of Bill and I am constantly reminded of him each day by a photo on my desk of Bill with my father Bob Quinn (Betty Bane's brother).

Bill: thank you for the wonderful memories and your inspiration that you imparted on me. My life was measurably enriched by you.

May God Bless his Family, Bill Jr., Donnie, Elizabeth (Little Bit), Mathew and Brett.
March 11, 2014
I am truly honored to have been blessed with the opportunity to play a small part in life of Bill Bane. You sir are going to be sadly missed. Rest in peace my friend.
March 09, 2014
A wonderful tribute to a seemingly wonderful man.
March 05, 2014
We Miss You Everyday
March 04, 2014
Bill, Gaye and I are so sorry to hear of your loss and didn't find out until 3/4. May he rest in peace!
March 03, 2014
My deepest sympathies to the family, truly a great man of vision!
March 03, 2014
Dear Betty, Bill Jr & Don, What a joy it was to have done business with Bill & his family. He was a wonderful example for all of u with small businesses. You will all be in my prayers. Paul Bosler, Sr
March 03, 2014
I am sorry for the loss of your loved one may memories comfort you and prayer strengthen you as our heavenly Father give you courages and fortitude to endure the days ahead 2Thessalonians 2 : 16-17.
March 03, 2014
Donny, I really enjoyed your father, he was a gentleman, sportsman and some one you could look up too. Every time I saw him, I would ask about Donny, and he always said you were doing fine. You were lucky to have him. God Bless
March 03, 2014
Mrs. B - My heart goes out to you and the boys..... Love always, Beth O'Laughlin
March 03, 2014
I worked for Mid-State Chemical many years as a supplier. Sorry to hear of Bill's passing.
March 03, 2014
I am sure you won't remember my name but when I came upon this obituary it brought back such rich memories. I was coached by Mr. Bane in my Little League years and remember them foundly. He was not like my other coaches and introduced the team to the first conditioning, theory and hard practices that made the game serious. I remember all star practices that year where heat records were set and we would sit in the dugouts and flood them to cool off. We practiced twice a day. This changed the way I approached not only sports but most things in life at a young age! Thanks for that!
March 03, 2014
Dear Mrs. Bane, Bill Jr. and Don,

I join hundreds, and even thousands, of Bane-Cleners from all over the world in saying that, quite simply, we are at a loss for words regarding the loss of your dear husband and father. It is hard to know what to say and for several days, we have said nothing except to let our tears for his loss and our prayers for you all "speak" for us. The time has come to attempt the next step, however, which is to try to put his amazing life into perspective.

To you he was a dear husband and "Dad" but Mr. Bane was, to us, a humble, generous and sincere man filled with unique wisdom and common sense developed over many years and life experiences. He could always be counted on to counsel us as to what was in our best interest, and always spoke encouraging words when we sought his input. He was not only exemplary in his gentlemanly love for his dear wife of 67 years and loyalty to his family, but his praiseworthy conduct even overflowed towards "enemies." Many times in his "Cleaning Digest" or "Clene Times" articles he would go out of his way to commend a competitor where such was warranted. This was despite a constant barrage of unfair criticism which he often received and was aware of. Mr. Bane held no grudges! He firmly believed that "The Bane-Clene Way" was the best way, but he reached out to others in the industry and commended them where possible. True leaders always take the arrows, but Mr. Bane did it without bitterness!

When someone in the Bane-Clene Family or the cleaning industry at-large passed away, he wrote touching tributes to them. He was always inspiring and edifying to be around. He knew how to listen to us every bit as perceptively as he spoke. Allow me, please, to share some of my enduring and endearing personal memories of Mr. Bane. Before I came to Bane-Clene, the very first issue of the "Cleaning Digest" I received in the mail (from early 1981) told me a lot about its publisher, William F. Bane. There was a Japanese-American man shown on the cover, cleaning draperies, you see. Mr. Bane lacked prejudice before it was fashionable to be that way, and when I later learned he was a World War II veteran I was even more impressed with him for that. At my first visit to Bane-Clene Institute in 1983, there was a female entrepreneur back in the days when this was uncommon in the male-dominated cleaning industry. Mr. Bane treated her with total respect and again, he was on the cutting edge with this attitude. I was amazed at how a man in his 50s at the time (I was in my 20s) adapted so well to the changes around him and, in fact, helped effect many of the positive ones.

He truly loved baseball (and knew the game very well), he truly loved this country and, most of all, he truly loved PEOPLE. Even after I retired last year, he and I remained good friends and e-mailed each other often about those things I just mentioned, and others. Towards the end of his life, he never complained or felt sorry for himself, he merely asked for prayers and expressed gratitude when assured that they were forthcoming.

When I think of Mr. Bane, I think of a man I respect, not just a gentleman but a "Gentle Man." He was a thinking man, an articulate man, a generous man, a Man's Man. He was a salesman extraordinaire, but always a supremely ethical one in my 32 years of dealing with him. He was a man worth emulating and respecting. He was a man who was very rare and who will be greatly missed by a world which has changed so much, often for the worst, in his lengthy and uplifting lifetime.

Mr. Bane was true friend to me and thousands of others who, with you, mourn his loss with tremendous sorrow of heart.

You and the family are in our prayers,

May the God of Peace give you peace,

Love, Chet (and Beth) Jelinski
March 03, 2014
My condolences to the family.
March 02, 2014
Bill was such a inspiring, kind and dedicated person who had big influence on me in the late 1970's. I will always remember him and my thoughts go out to Betty, Bill Jr., Don and grand kids Matthew and Brett. I regret not having visited with Bill over the past years. God Bless.

Tim and Kay Condron, North Redington Beach, Fl
March 02, 2014
sorry to hear about your Dad Don. Our parents were part of a great generation which taught us well.
March 02, 2014
I interviewed Mr. Bane for a Veteran's Day project in high school and what I remember most was struggling to fit all of his wonderful accomplishments into my assignment because there were just so many. He was sharp, passionate, and willing to answer any questions I had. The hard work and dedication that I could tell Mr. Bane put into everything he did is something I really admire and wish to model my life around.
March 02, 2014
Bill was my definition of a class act. I enjoyed working with him on the Indy Urban Enterprise Zone board and being his business neighbor. He was quick to smile and loved life. He was a humble, passionate and effective leader. Bill was a friend to a wide circle of people. I am sorry for your loss.
March 02, 2014
Went to High School with Don, always admired him and his family, always friendly and kind to everyone. What an awesome life. You were Blessed.
Mike Baker
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