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Terretha Antionette Armstrong
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March 04, 2015
Hey Mom! Just wanted to tell you thank you for all that you taught me in life... I know that your spirit is at rest... I feel your presence all of the time and I am glad that you are checking up on me... Again... thanks... Your Loving Son Ty...
January 22, 2012
Hi Mom, I just wanted to tell you how much I love and miss you. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about you. I feel so lucky and blessed to have had you as a mother. I am proud to be your daughter.

Love, Nola Ann
January 12, 2012
Hey mom just thinking of you and wanted to say how much I miss you... I got injured last year on January the 28. I broke my shoulder at work and I am still off from work. I am getting better but still fill some pain when I work with my right shoulder (that is the on that got broken). I just wanted to tell you that I am still in church and living the life of GOD. Love you and I miss you but I know that GOD is watching over your spirit.
December 29, 2010
Hi Mom, just thinking of you through the holiday season is bittersweet. Such great memories but a huge void in my life where you should be. Loving and missing you always....
June 21, 2010
hey grandma its me Terry. God has put me on an emotional rollercoaster these past 2 years. my little family is doing well. growing stronger which each passing day. ive had some health issues myself as im sure you know about them. i cant even imagine where to begin with how much i hurt emotionally and physically. Grandma i just didnt think life would be this hard without any supportive family around to guide me, help me along the way. when you died it was so hard for me and it still is, even after all these years. i know your always with me, but i feel all alone. no one can understand my pain and deep sorrow i feel each day. i wish i could just get a sign that you are still here with me and that would be my ray of sunshine on this dark and cloudy life of mine. well i gotta go. But remember i always think about you and i love you very much.

heres a pic of the girls. aren't they gourgous?
April 12, 2009
Hey mom it's your first born Ty!! I just wanted to tell you that I am in church again and I am working very hard at changing myself with the help of Jesus and the father. Freda and I have a business and it's a lot of hard work. But I know that if we keep at it, it will work out just fine. I see that Terry as talked to you and I am happy that she is back in school. She will do just fine, she is from both of us and we our fighters. Well I will talk to you late mom, Love you.
April 09, 2009
Hey grandma, its me terry. i miss ou so much. I cant believe its been 6 years since you passed away. Antoinette will be 4 in spetember and i know you would be very proud of her. she is so smart just like me i guess. Og yeah i had a new baby in july and i named her Eve. she is so beautiful. i know you would love her to death. sorry i havent kept in contact but i promise i will from now on. i'm going to school to be a chef. can u believe that? well i gotta go now. love you
February 20, 2008
Hello trina or nola. I need to get in contact with you. so get in touch with me through this email link. Leave your numbers.

I remember moms B-day by staying STRONG. She was a fighter. I can remember when she was non responsive at the emergency room, the nurse asked me to hold her hand and ask her if she could hear me to squeeze my hand. I use to always see this on movies. I asked her and said, mom, if you can hear me squeeze my hand...and she did...thats when i started crying. she responded to my voice.
January 30, 2008
Happy Birthday Mom. I am still missing you and your smile everyday and I carry you very close to my heart...always.
September 04, 2007
Hello everyone...my family members...Tymeaus, Trina and Nola. Today is our sisters birthday, September 4th...this is the day our mom birthed our beautiful, highly intelligent sister in this world.It's the big three next to the the number that represents completion.

As baby brother, I Samerial Lawrence Armstrong wish Nola Ann Armstrong a happy birthday to the decillionth power! I love you and thank you for being a great help and comfort to me this summer. May your best years be the rest of your years on this earth.

Our mother might not have got everthing right, but also, we and the rest of the population have not got everthing right.

Terretha Armstrong is our hero, she kept all of us from becoming zero's. Terrethe Armstrong taught us to keep fighting, even when it appears that the fight is over.

To not have alot of matERIAL things to give us, she gaves us what we needed to go out and get the matERIAL's we desire for ourselves. Again...Happy birthday NOLA ANN ARMSTRONG 3(9)+(20-17+7)
August 09, 2007
hey everyone...my family members...I just wanted to honor mom. Life can be hard, life can be fun, life can be so many things, so my life will be what i make it, no matter what, mom raised us to be super STRONG up against life's challanges. DIG DEEP.
January 03, 2007
Hey mom it's your first born again, sorry I took so long to write... but I have been very busy. Finished the house! and now we are moving back in and that is as hard or harder than moving out! I made 14 years of marriage with Freda and loving it wish you were hear and I miss you so much. I will try to write more in the future. Ty
December 25, 2006
I just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas. I will always miss you on Christmas Morning.

October 17, 2006
Hey mom. I Miss you alot.I signed your book before this day but it did not get posted. I did not write anything derogative so i don't know what happened. Anyhow, things are GREAT, We're going STRONG, and I thank you for all the hard years of sacrafice to get us all raised.

Your Son

Samerial L. Armstrong
August 19, 2006
Hello mom! It's your first born taking some time to write to you. Still working on the house and it's almost finished. I have had a trying time for over a year, but I am going to hang in there. It seems that the habits that I am working on are a little harder to break than I thought. No matter what I will not give up! I have a hard problem of listening and to people and cutting them off before they are finished and I do it a lot to my wife. I just want to stop this and be a better listener, this will make me feel much better about myself. Well... my grandaughters and grandson our both doing well and getting bigger! everyday. Wish you were here to see them... but I know that your looking down on all of us. Love you much... your fist born Ty. P.S. Send me a sign from time to time that you are watching me.:-)
August 14, 2006
Hi Granny,
I miss you dearly. I'm going to the 10th grade this year and very happy. I'm trying to be a model since I live In L.A. Well granny I hope you are resting peacfuly and some day me and you well see each other again. Love you
May 20, 2006
Hi grandma It's Andre. I can play the trumpet. I'm in 5th grade now. I got hit by a car a couple of months ago, butI'm fine. We still live in California. I love you, bye, bye.
May 14, 2006
Happy Mother's Day, Mom. Missing you so much everyday.

Love, Nola
October 01, 2005
hello mom, It's been a while seens I have been here, haven't made time for anything at all. I am remodling my house and it's hard on me and the wife. Trying not to crazy! But the best thing of all is that Terry had a baby! It's a girl and she named her after you. She is so pretty, and you have a Grandson too, He was born first by Easha. He is so strong and a happy baby. I still think of you a lot and wish that you were here but GOD needed you more that me. I see that I my becoming a very good man in life and trying to fix a lot of my bad habits and that can be hard. I know that your looking down on us and we hope that your spirit is at rest. I will write here a little more just to tell you when things happen in my life. Love you for every, Your loving Son Ty
July 31, 2004
Mom, I haven't posted anything in a while but there isn't a day that goes by that I don't miss you. I read a book recently where a little boy's mother died before he spoke a word. His first words were: "She was my spirit of things". That touched my heart because thats the way I feel about you. I listen to this song almost everyday to keep me going and to remember that you are in a better place watching over me. I love you, Nola

Mariah Carey- One Sweet Day

I won't be afraid
I'll be alright if you help me
I know you're looking down from heaven
And I won't let you down
I'll be everything you taught me
And all that I know is I'll wait
Patiently to see you in heaven)

Sorry I never told you
All I wanted to say
And now it's too late to hold you
'Cause you've flown away
So far away

Never had I imagined
Living without your smile
Feeling and knowing you're hearing me
It keeps me alive

And I know you're shining down on me from heaven
Like so many friends we've lost along the way
And I know eventually we'll be together
One sweet day

And I'll wait
Patiently to see you in heaven

Darling I never showed you
(I never showed you)
Assumed you'd always be there
I though you'd always be there)
And I, I took your presence for granted
But I always cared
(But I always cared)
And I miss the love we shared

And I know you're shining down on me from heaven
Like so many friends we've lost along the way
(Lost along the way)
And I know eventually we'll be together
(We'll be together)
One sweet day

And all that I know is I'll wait
Patiently to see you in heaven
Although the sun will never shine the same
I'll always look to a brighter day
Lord I know when I lay me down to sleep
You will always listen as I pray

And I know you're shining down on me from heaven
Like so many friends we've lost along the way
And I know eventually we'll be together
(We'll be together)
One sweet day

And I know you're shining down on me from heaven
(I'll see you eventually)
Like so many friends we've lost along the way
(I know you're looking down from heaven)
And I know eventually we'll be together
(Yes we will)
One sweet day

Patiently to see you in heaven
Sorry I never told you
All I wanted to say
November 27, 2003
A Thanksgiving Dedication:

A Song For Mama by Boyz II Men

You taught me everything,
And everything you've given me, I'll always keep it inside.
You're the driving force in my life, yeah.
There isn't anything or anyone that I can be,
And it just wouldn't feel right,
If I didn't have you by my side.
You were there for me to love and care for me,
When skies were grey.
Whenever I was down,
You were always there to comfort me.
And no one else can be what you have been to me,
You'll always be,
You will always be the girl in my life for all times.

Mama, Mama you know I love you,
(Oh, you know I love you),
Mama, Mama you're the queen of my heart.
Your love is like tears from the stars.
Mama, I just want you to know,
Lovin' you is like food to my soul.

You're always down for me,
Have always been around for me,
Even when I was bad.
You showed me right from my wrong,
(Yes you did).
And you took up for me,
When everyone was downin' me,
You always did understand,
You gave me strength to go on.
There was so many times,
Looking back when I was so afraid.
And then you come to me and say to me,
I can face anything.
And no one else can do,
What you have done for me.
You'll always be,
You will always be the girl in my life.


Never gonna go a day without you.
Fills me up just thinking about you.
I'll never go a day without my Mama.

September 05, 2003

My birthday was yesterday and I missed you so much. My Happy Birthday phone call at the crack of dawn with your voice booming through the receiver singing at the top of your lungs was absent. I think of you everyday and miss you for something different you brought to my life. Thank you for giving me life and I hope that I am making you proud.

Loving and Missing You Always,
Nola Ann
May 12, 2003
Happy Mothers Day Mom. Your passing on is hard. You taught us well and prepared us for this world. Because of you, What you told me before you left us, I can see my future, and its music. We love you well, and miss you so much. See you when I get there.

Your Son,

Daniel Hezekiah Dove The 1st
Samerial Lawrence Armstrong
May 11, 2003
Happy Mother's Day, Mom. This has been a very hard day without you. I will honor this day and every day that I can with memories of the good mother you were to me. I miss and love you so much.

Nola Ann
April 23, 2003
Well mom Easter has come and gone, and it was hard not having you here. Freda and I went to Juanitas's for dinner, It was nice! Micheal and takitha and family was there too. Juanita was so happy it made her day. Just like Nola said, I miss those home made baskets that the easter bunny gave us :-) I hope you're smiling in heaven and looking down on us from time to time. I miss you so...... my heart is still heavy from losing you :-( Love your son forever Tymaeus S Love P.S. Freda just lost her fahter on the 3th of
april. To all of my family..... PRAY FOR US ALL.
April 23, 2003
I never had the pleasure of meeting you, but I know your spirit was beautiful...I know this because it lives on in your daughther Nola.. Your legacy is divine...
April 21, 2003
I want to send my love to the family. I know that at times, it seems difficult to go on, but know that you were well loved, and your mother knew how much you all loved her. As time passes, the wounds heal, the pain will ease, but the memories will never fade. ~Dee
April 20, 2003
Mom, I miss you with all my heart. I remembered today how we used to dye Easter eggs and waking up on Easter Sunday thinking the Easter Bunny had come. You filled my life with such miracles. I still can't believe you are gone. Life changes in an instant. You taught me that with a smile on your face. I love you. Nola
April 10, 2003
It is so hard to believe you are not here with us. Everytime I see your pictures, I shed a few tears. Ariana and I miss you dearly. So much has happened since you passed. There have been times where I wished I could have called you just to have you tell me "everything was going to be alright". I hold on to all of the wonderful memories I have of you to strengthen me during this time and deep on the inside of me, I know that there is a part of you there and I am so very proud of that.

We Love you and miss you dearly.

Trina and Ariana
April 08, 2003
Dear mom, my first entry did not make it in the book, but it does'nt matter. things have been well with me and the family. I am proud of the fact that I am the son of Paul and Terretha Armstrong. Its hard to believe that your no longer here with us. Lately, I've had the urge to call you on the phone,but your not at the other end anymore. I love you and miss you.

Daniel Hezekiah Dove The 1st
Samerial Lawrence Armstrong
Your Son
March 10, 2003
You would have been so proud of Trina delivering her first sermon. I know you were watching from heaven with that proud smile on your face, kicked back eating peppermint candy. We all miss you so much.

February 25, 2003
It has been a month sense you passed mom, and everyday I have you on my mind. I love and miss you so much, The talks that we had together and on the phone. I will have to go on without you here, but your love is in my heart. I see you in my sleep, your smile makes me happy.Tymaeus S. Love Your loving Son forever.
February 23, 2003
Grandmother I miss you and love you.Rest In Peace.I hope thatyou lived a nice life and enjoyed everyone you knew.

Love Christiana Dove
Andrea Armstrong
February 03, 2003
Grandma, I'll always miss your warm and loving smile. You have help me to become the beautiful woman that I am today and I am thankful for that. You are in a better place where there will be no more suffering, no more pain. I miss you and Love you very much.
February 03, 2003
Dear Trina,
I am so sorry for your loss. Your mom fought the good fight and finished her race. Keep your faith and do take care of yourself. May the Holy Spirit fill you and comfort you. With Love, Lee Ang.
January 30, 2003
I am saddened by the lost of your Mom. I pray that you are doing well. May God’s light shine upon you, and provide comfort and peace.
Butch Washington, Fuller Seminary
January 30, 2003
Dear Trina, I am very sorry to hear about your Mom. From your testimony and that of others I know that she was a shining witness for the Lord and has gone to her reward now. May God comfort you and your loved ones and friends at the service today and in the coming months as you remember her and how the Lord worked in her life. God bless you Trina and take good care. You are in my prayers.

Love in Christ from your brother at Fuller,

January 29, 2003
I'm sorry for your loss. Our prayers stand with you and your family through this time. May God grant a special sense of his presence and peace to comfort you and sustain you.
Together in His hands,
January 29, 2003
January 28, 2003
To my mom, I will miss you very much. I am a better man because of your love. You touched so many lives and you will be missed! From your first born, Rest in peace mom!:-) Tymaeus S. Love
January 27, 2003
I am sending my condolences to the family and I want to let you all know that you are in my prayers. Nola you are my sister, so your sorrow is my sorrow. I love you and I am always praying for you.
January 27, 2003
The Armstrong Family is in my thoughts and prayers. Take Care, Diane Hedstrom
January 26, 2003
Rest in peace mom! Thank you for the gift of life and thank you for letting the light of Jesus within you shine so brightly. I am confident that you are in a better place. There is no doubt in my mind. I love you dearly and I will miss you.

Love always and forever more.
January 26, 2003
Ps. 116:15 Precious in the sight of the Lord are the saints. Terretha, no more struggles, no more pain, no more tears as you rest in the arms of Jesus. Thank You Precious Lord.
January 26, 2003
You will always be my pretty lady. No more pain. No more worries. I will always love and remember you in my my heart. Spending time with you for the last few months was truly a blessing that I will always cherish. When I am down, your smile will lift me. Thank you for making me the woman I am.
Your baby girl,
Nola Ann
January 25, 2003
Offering our deepest condolences during this difficult time.
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