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September 22, 2014

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September 22, 2014

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed.

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September 20, 2014
Hey Bobby whaattzzzz uuuuup? Heard that stones song that always reminds me of you on the radio today...You know the one that says "whatsa matter with you boy"? Then found out the name of it is "miss you"..perfect
Had a nice visit with Hanni, the chocolate pie and coffee were excellent but her coffee is always the best. I know you always said I just needed to buy that fancy stuff ha ha!
She was excited to hear about Brittany's new job and house, Amber's insurance success, Ethan's perfect pig, Tyler's new job and spiffy red car, Blake's new job, Em's college plans, mother's weight loss and Charley's wedding plans.
Yes, brother we talked about you..How you couldn't hear but wouldn't admit it ha ha and lots of other funny things you did. Life is moving right along even without you in it...I didn't think it possibly could but I have decided that even when the world stops turning and you feel your heart stops beating..... you JUST BREATHE!
Kiss, Kiss, I Miss You!
September 13, 2014
HiBubby. I sure miss you.
September 08, 2014

Happy 8th Big Brother!!!

Kiss, Kiss I Miss YOU!!!
August 30, 2014
Hey Mister! Wow.. What a crazy couple of months! Finally finished training at my new job and am now out on the streets. This new job is hard... I had no idea how hard it would be. Lots to learn.. Especially for me with very limited restaurant experience and also limited selling experience. I think often about what you'd tell me about things if you were here. I think you'd be proud of me for trying something new and for using my "expensive" education. We just moved into our new house and I haven't quite figured out how many steaks/napkins/bags of pop/ green beans it takes to pay my mortgage! LOL! As usual I've taken on A LOT of projects, probably too many for sanity's sake but they are all coming along.. Slowly but surely. I look around and think-- how would Dad tell me to do it?!? Would he laugh watching me sweat/swear working on these projects? Tell me I'm using the wrong grit sandpaper or tell Justin he's crossed the wires when installing lights? Would you like the wall colors I picked or tell me to toughen up when carrying heavy stuff upstairs? Who knows.

What I do know is during my frustration meltdowns you'd tell me "don't trip" and remind me to be patient. You'd remind me to "lighten up" and say "it doesn't have to be all that". They say time makes it easier and I'm grateful for some that is so... I hope it will be for me too some day. I sure am trying to get there. But I've decided I'm just ready for you to be rested enough where you are to head on back. There's far too much here for you yet for you to be gone.

Until next time, loving you always,
Your baby girl
August 27, 2014

"Happy 3rd Anniversary"
Justin and Brittany!!!!
August 24, 2014
Wow to this last month and it's been such an emotional roller coaster. I truly think of you every single day and then some days there is the breakdown cry. This past week I have missed you so badly....so much good that I just wish I could share with you and imagining what you would say will just never be the same.....

I know you are cheering me on daily and just wish you were here to share in all the amazing and all the hurt too. It would make it so much easier.

Loving you always
August 14, 2014
Hello bubby, Got to spend some very much needed time with miss Michelle last weekend. It was great doing some of your favorite things swimming and cocktails on a awesome summer night. They say things get better with time but I just don't believe it. I know time marches on but it just doesn't seem to march to the same beat anymore without you. I love and miss you more everyday ... kisses to granny and uncle neal
August 13, 2014
Something for you Big brother!

When I stand before god at the end of my life, I would hope that I did not have a single bit of talent left, and I would say "I used everything you gave me."

Kiss, Kiss I MISS you!!
August 07, 2014
Hey brother it's been awhile since I've been here...
They say time heals all hearts and that is true...
But I still find myself remembering things from our childhood out of the blue..
Remember walking to the gas station downtown and buying peanuts for a nickel out of the machine?
I couldn't go unless you took me according to mom so I would beg you to walk me over to spend my dime....
You always said "why do you waste your money?"
I know you were only trying to teach me not to waste my money on silly things..even if it was..only a dime.
I try to remember this lesson everyday and spend wisely and I know most times you'd be proud of me.
"good job girlie" you'd say.
I still hear songs that remind me of you...guess that will never go away and that's ok.
I sometimes get sad over all the things your missing..then I tell myself "maybe your not missing them at all" Maybe
you had a hand in a lot of these things and I smile.
I still have a lot of healing to do....life keeps going...and the pain is still there....Thanks for taking time to take me for peanuts.

Love you big brother....

kiss, kiss I miss You Mister!
August 03, 2014
Well what do you think about all that??!! Holy emotional week!!! And to say I am missing you is a complete understatement! Can you believe that your grandson just won champion Poland barrow at the Indiana state fair??!! A next to impossible feat and in his first year!!! How I wish you could have been there sitting next to me (ok standing because I couldn't sit down). I screamed for you because I can just imagine how loud you would have cheered. Now tomorrow is the day....to show in the coliseum at 9 years old with all the champions....the thing all the kids work for and wish for their entire 10 years of 4H and here E goes in his first year!!! Makes me tear up just talking about it. We are obviously feeling pretty blessed and very thankful and super emotional! And a great big hug from you would be so amazing! Watch over us and send us lots of good luck!! Who knows what will happen but to have made it to this point is phenomenal!!!

The rest is a big mess but you know that so I'll just keep up the praying and let it work itself out....seems like my best option!

I love you with all I am!
Me and E

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