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May 29, 2015

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May 29, 2015

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
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February 10, 2015
Mom, Today marks the 2 years that you have been gone and so dearly loved and missed, Sorry we haven't been to your gravesite as we have had a lot of snow and I would love to go uncover your stone so we can see your beautiful face. I can't believe 2 years has gone by this quick, but doesn't change the way we feel. We are still grieving over you as you are so missed and the tricks you used to play on us, I miss your laughter and chats early in the morning. I wish you were still alive to meet my wonderful husband, Mom you would of liked and even loved him for how well he treats me. He is the best man I could of ever been with, and you would of seen that, I hope you have moved on to heaven to meet up with your family and still and always be our guardian angel. I know when you are around, I can feel it. We,As In Darlene,Toni,and Charlene will be at your gravesite to try and take off the snow, depending how much is on it, So we can see your beautiful face. Keep looking over us as we all need your comfort as much as you will need your's. Tell everyone in heaven that we all know that they are well missed and loved also... Someday we will be with you and you will have your family back with you. Love and Miss you mom, Forever Loved, Never Forgotten, and Forever in our Hearts, Bill sends his love and wished he had met you. May you R.I.P. Mom Love Charlene Kenny Cole.
January 04, 2015
R.I.P. Mom
January 03, 2015
Mom just wanted to let you know we are all still thinking of you and missing you dearly. Toni and I were there Christmas Day, and should of been there more often, Sorry for that. But it's a New Year and your 2 yr since you have been gone is gonna be hard for us. But we will be there more often before the snow covers your beautiful face.. We hope you are with your family and doing great. We think of you everyday, not one day goes buy without thinking of you. We will see you soon. We all love and miss you and will have a empty plate in your favorite chair for meal time. We love you and will see you at your grave. Love and miss you dearly. Your daughters Darlene, Toni, and Charlene, and Anthony your son. Love you and good bye for now. Always with love.
December 23, 2014
Mom, It's been awhile since I have came to this site, I can't tell you how much you are missed. I know you don't want me to cry but it is so hard not to, My world feels like I'm lost without you, you lived with me for over 15 years and plus some and you did a lot for me, you helped me with Jennifer and Rene, I thank you, Christmas is right around the corner and Charlene and I will be going to see you on that day, Love and Miss You Sooooo Much, Love Your Daughter, Toni
August 07, 2014
Miss you too
August 05, 2014
Dearest mom, I have been thinking of you a lot. Toni and I have spent hours working on your grave Site .We Sprayed Ant Spray all around your Stone as Ant's were piling up around the edges so we got some stone and stuck them down and all around the stone, it looks Beautiful, so their wouldn't be piles of dirt on your stone.. It worked. We wiped down your stone,Then started to rearraged all the lighted solar Memorial items we bought and I must say, It looks beautiful. Like Toni said, You would be proud of us. We all miss you so very much and you are on my mind everyday. We never thought you would be gone so soon. I know you suffered and now you are no longer suffering and in pain, you are now in Heaven. Although I know you are by are side when we are grieving your loss. I can feel it. Mom you are truely the best mom ever. Always loved, Never Forgotten, and Always in our hearts... We miss you so much, Wishing you were still here with us. May you rest in peace and tell all of the family we said hello and we love and miss them too especially Meme and papa. I hope you have come across all of your family and they were all there to welcome you. Love you so much. we will write again. got to get going now. Remember. your always in our hearts. Love you always and forever. And Mom Your Son in Law (Bill) Says Good Morning and to enjoy your day in heaven. We both love you. Till next time. have a wonderful day. Love you mom, Your Daughter Charlene, and your son-in-law Bill.
August 04, 2014
My Dearest Mom, You are missed everyday, Charlene and I went to your grave site and pulled everything up and re did the decorations aand added new ones and put some lighted angel and dragonfly and a cross and 2 little birdies like you used to say a little birdy told you (laughing) We all are so proud of you grave site with a stone a proper burial and what we have accomplished you'd be proud to mom, we do take care of your site, I love you so very much and you are so missed by everyone, I could sit here and cry on how you wanted to play cards and we didn't always want to but we did play sometimes I miss you so much and want to back I want you to look over us as I know you are, just like a bear watches over her cubs, you watch over us, Please continue, Tell meme, papa, aunt hazel, aunt Rosanne and Stephanie, Frankie and who ever I might of missed we love you all, Bye for now mom, but Never Forgotton..
June 06, 2014
Good Morning Mom, I want to wish you a very happy day, and tell you how much I miss you. I am gonna go to your grave today and see your beautiful face. I know you are still with us, finishing up your unfinished business. I would like for you to see your family in heaven and start earning them wings, as you certainly deserve them, You are the best mother anyone could ever have, and we miss those special moments with you. I didn't realize how sick you were and had a feeling as those early mornings of going to work, and seeing your sad face and calling me over to you as you were going to cry if you spoke, I felt really bad, I did everything I could to help you and sorry for any disagreements we have had in the past as I know now that it wasn't you, it was the sickness that you had, had. But It's all good, I hope you are at peace and no longer suffering. We want nothing but the best and peace that you deserve, You were a wonderful mom and cared so much for us. You will never be forgotten, forever in our hearts and alway nearby. Love you mom, See you at the grave site, Love your Daughter Charlene and your Son In Law Bill. He's a keeper mom, He is so good to me and we were meant to be together always and forever.. Love you. Charlene
June 04, 2014
Dear Mom, I miss you so much i did got to that medium on the 30th and i am so glad you showed up and pushed your way though and for that is what i had said to you that you would of done it while you were alive so can you do it now and the man said to me that you wanted to know why i was talking to him you wanted to know why am i talking to this man, I was talking to him because i missed and still do miss you so badly, I never thought you would go but i also know you were sick and tired of being sick I try to take the advice I recieved that you didn't want me to grieve and you couldn't stay another day being sick I understand that, for you were sick for a long time I just wish you could be with your family I know they miss you too but i also understand that when there is unfinished business you will stilll be around in sprit I love you mom and you are so, so, so dearly missed, I Love You with All My Heart, I will talk again soon keep watching over us it means a lot, love your daught and son in law Toni and Rene and L. Rene
May 12, 2014
Happy Mothers Day Mom, I went to visit you after work yesterday on mom's day. Brought you some flowers for your grave site. From me and my Husband. He said hello to you and wished he had met you. You are so missed and loved, I look at your beautiful face everytime we are at your site and see the beauty you have. It's an awesome picture of you that we all picked. I hope that you are earning your wings, meeting up with your family and enjoying God's world. I love and miss you so much, not a day goes bye that you are not thought of. Wishing you were still here with us. And Toni was right about your birthday before you passed. The look on your face was priceless. I saved all your messages and always will as long as my phone will let me. Gonna put it on a CD or Flash drive so I can listen to them more often. Got to go and I will be talking to you soon. Love you always your Daughter, Charlene And your Son in law William. Love and miss you always and forever.

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