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June 25, 2015
Dear Mom, It's been awhile since I wrote on here to you. I wanted to tell you how loved and missed you are, Still makes us sad that you are gone, But hope you are in heaven earning those wings, I know you are around us as We can feel it at times and the little sounds we hear, Makes me feel good to know you are with us, I love you mom and please look out for all of us. We are trying to keep things together, We all love you very much. Your Daughter Charlene
June 18, 2015
Mom, I been thinking a lot about you, I miss you so much, I listen to your old voicemails and it sounds good to hear your voice, Charlene and I are going to go to your site and clean it up, I love you and please look over of us, until we meet again. May you R.I.P., Love your daughter Toni
February 10, 2015
Mom, Today marks the 2 years that you have been gone and so dearly loved and missed, Sorry we haven't been to your gravesite as we have had a lot of snow and I would love to go uncover your stone so we can see your beautiful face. I can't believe 2 years has gone by this quick, but doesn't change the way we feel. We are still grieving over you as you are so missed and the tricks you used to play on us, I miss your laughter and chats early in the morning. I wish you were still alive to meet my wonderful husband, Mom you would of liked and even loved him for how well he treats me. He is the best man I could of ever been with, and you would of seen that, I hope you have moved on to heaven to meet up with your family and still and always be our guardian angel. I know when you are around, I can feel it. We,As In Darlene,Toni,and Charlene will be at your gravesite to try and take off the snow, depending how much is on it, So we can see your beautiful face. Keep looking over us as we all need your comfort as much as you will need your's. Tell everyone in heaven that we all know that they are well missed and loved also... Someday we will be with you and you will have your family back with you. Love and Miss you mom, Forever Loved, Never Forgotten, and Forever in our Hearts, Bill sends his love and wished he had met you. May you R.I.P. Mom Love Charlene Kenny Cole.
January 04, 2015
R.I.P. Mom
January 03, 2015
Mom just wanted to let you know we are all still thinking of you and missing you dearly. Toni and I were there Christmas Day, and should of been there more often, Sorry for that. But it's a New Year and your 2 yr since you have been gone is gonna be hard for us. But we will be there more often before the snow covers your beautiful face.. We hope you are with your family and doing great. We think of you everyday, not one day goes buy without thinking of you. We will see you soon. We all love and miss you and will have a empty plate in your favorite chair for meal time. We love you and will see you at your grave. Love and miss you dearly. Your daughters Darlene, Toni, and Charlene, and Anthony your son. Love you and good bye for now. Always with love.
December 23, 2014
Mom, It's been awhile since I have came to this site, I can't tell you how much you are missed. I know you don't want me to cry but it is so hard not to, My world feels like I'm lost without you, you lived with me for over 15 years and plus some and you did a lot for me, you helped me with Jennifer and Rene, I thank you, Christmas is right around the corner and Charlene and I will be going to see you on that day, Love and Miss You Sooooo Much, Love Your Daughter, Toni
August 07, 2014
Miss you too
August 05, 2014
Dearest mom, I have been thinking of you a lot. Toni and I have spent hours working on your grave Site .We Sprayed Ant Spray all around your Stone as Ant's were piling up around the edges so we got some stone and stuck them down and all around the stone, it looks Beautiful, so their wouldn't be piles of dirt on your stone.. It worked. We wiped down your stone,Then started to rearraged all the lighted solar Memorial items we bought and I must say, It looks beautiful. Like Toni said, You would be proud of us. We all miss you so very much and you are on my mind everyday. We never thought you would be gone so soon. I know you suffered and now you are no longer suffering and in pain, you are now in Heaven. Although I know you are by are side when we are grieving your loss. I can feel it. Mom you are truely the best mom ever. Always loved, Never Forgotten, and Always in our hearts... We miss you so much, Wishing you were still here with us. May you rest in peace and tell all of the family we said hello and we love and miss them too especially Meme and papa. I hope you have come across all of your family and they were all there to welcome you. Love you so much. we will write again. got to get going now. Remember. your always in our hearts. Love you always and forever. And Mom Your Son in Law (Bill) Says Good Morning and to enjoy your day in heaven. We both love you. Till next time. have a wonderful day. Love you mom, Your Daughter Charlene, and your son-in-law Bill.
August 04, 2014
My Dearest Mom, You are missed everyday, Charlene and I went to your grave site and pulled everything up and re did the decorations aand added new ones and put some lighted angel and dragonfly and a cross and 2 little birdies like you used to say a little birdy told you (laughing) We all are so proud of you grave site with a stone a proper burial and what we have accomplished you'd be proud to mom, we do take care of your site, I love you so very much and you are so missed by everyone, I could sit here and cry on how you wanted to play cards and we didn't always want to but we did play sometimes I miss you so much and want to back I want you to look over us as I know you are, just like a bear watches over her cubs, you watch over us, Please continue, Tell meme, papa, aunt hazel, aunt Rosanne and Stephanie, Frankie and who ever I might of missed we love you all, Bye for now mom, but Never Forgotton..
June 06, 2014
Good Morning Mom, I want to wish you a very happy day, and tell you how much I miss you. I am gonna go to your grave today and see your beautiful face. I know you are still with us, finishing up your unfinished business. I would like for you to see your family in heaven and start earning them wings, as you certainly deserve them, You are the best mother anyone could ever have, and we miss those special moments with you. I didn't realize how sick you were and had a feeling as those early mornings of going to work, and seeing your sad face and calling me over to you as you were going to cry if you spoke, I felt really bad, I did everything I could to help you and sorry for any disagreements we have had in the past as I know now that it wasn't you, it was the sickness that you had, had. But It's all good, I hope you are at peace and no longer suffering. We want nothing but the best and peace that you deserve, You were a wonderful mom and cared so much for us. You will never be forgotten, forever in our hearts and alway nearby. Love you mom, See you at the grave site, Love your Daughter Charlene and your Son In Law Bill. He's a keeper mom, He is so good to me and we were meant to be together always and forever.. Love you. Charlene
June 04, 2014
Dear Mom, I miss you so much i did got to that medium on the 30th and i am so glad you showed up and pushed your way though and for that is what i had said to you that you would of done it while you were alive so can you do it now and the man said to me that you wanted to know why i was talking to him you wanted to know why am i talking to this man, I was talking to him because i missed and still do miss you so badly, I never thought you would go but i also know you were sick and tired of being sick I try to take the advice I recieved that you didn't want me to grieve and you couldn't stay another day being sick I understand that, for you were sick for a long time I just wish you could be with your family I know they miss you too but i also understand that when there is unfinished business you will stilll be around in sprit I love you mom and you are so, so, so dearly missed, I Love You with All My Heart, I will talk again soon keep watching over us it means a lot, love your daught and son in law Toni and Rene and L. Rene
May 12, 2014
Happy Mothers Day Mom, I went to visit you after work yesterday on mom's day. Brought you some flowers for your grave site. From me and my Husband. He said hello to you and wished he had met you. You are so missed and loved, I look at your beautiful face everytime we are at your site and see the beauty you have. It's an awesome picture of you that we all picked. I hope that you are earning your wings, meeting up with your family and enjoying God's world. I love and miss you so much, not a day goes bye that you are not thought of. Wishing you were still here with us. And Toni was right about your birthday before you passed. The look on your face was priceless. I saved all your messages and always will as long as my phone will let me. Gonna put it on a CD or Flash drive so I can listen to them more often. Got to go and I will be talking to you soon. Love you always your Daughter, Charlene And your Son in law William. Love and miss you always and forever.
May 11, 2014
R.I.P. Mom On This Mothers Day
May 11, 2014
Happy Mothers Day Mom, Thinking of you so much like I do everyday, I miss you so very much. As I sit here and think about the day we had a pretend birthday party for you, how the smile on your face was worth a million stars, It's all you ever wanted was someone to make you feel special and I didn't see that till that evening, you had a great smile, I love and Miss You So Very Much, I will be in Dayville The same town as where Anthony is to see a Medium guy who talk to people on the other side and I am so Hoping you come though to me I will be with another girl who is bring me named Deni, I met some amazing friends who are like a family to me and has supported me as I long for you they have kept me from going out of control, they are really nice people mom you'd would of liked them... Going to your site today so I will see you there Love you Always and Forever, Never Forgotten, Love You Mom, Your Daughter Toni
April 18, 2014
Mom, wanted to say how much you are missed and loved. Going to see you after work. Things are tough right now and trying to get through this process. It still hurts that you are gone. I never thought we would lose you. You were and are the best mom anybody could ever have. You would have given your life for us and we would have done the same for you. Mom I love you. I got to go before I start crying. And I am at work. Don't want them to see me crying. . I will be at you site with my husband this afternoon. Love you and see you after. Love your loving daughter. Charlene
April 17, 2014
Mom it's been awhile since we have talked, I miss you so much, more then life itself. I wish I could see you again and tell me everything's going to be alright, our lives have changed so much, I feel like we're all drifting apart slowly. I know you wanted us to all stick together but I don't know if that will happen, I am certainly trying my best, I love and miss you more then words could say, if I had the chance to take care of you, I'd do it all over again if just I could have you back. I have your picture over the fire place and miss you, your grave looks nice we still visit you, a especially during good and bad times, how is heaven is it what they say it is special, did you get to your family? Tell everyone I love them all but love you and miss you mostly. I am sorry for any auguring we did while you were sick I hope you can forgive me, love you mom, I will write back soon, bye for now your lovely daughter Toni
March 07, 2014
Miss you also.
February 12, 2014
Mom, I don't know what happened. I wrote to you on your anniversary date but it doesn't show,I miss you so badly and wanted to make sure it was put up here on the date but again I don't see it, but we went out to eat Chinese because we know you like it and we our making that a memory every year. 1 year we haven't spoken to you or seen you and it hurts, Although I know you are watching out for all of us for this is all you have ever done was protect us and always KEPTED an eye on us I LOVE YOU MOM WITH ALL MY HEART, I HOPE YOU ARE WITH YOUR FAMILY FOR YOU DESERVE THE BEST. I WILL WRITE BACK AGAIN TELL EVER 1 WE LOVE THEM AND YOU ARE NO LONGER SUFFERING LOVE YOUR DAUGHTER, TONI BUSSIERE AND RENE AND L. RENE MISSES YOU ALSO <3 YOU
February 11, 2014
R.I.P. Mom
February 10, 2014
Good Morning Mom, Today it has been 1 year since you have been gone. Seems as time went by so quickly. There isnt a day that goes by that you are not thought of, We miss and love you so much, It breaks our heart that you are gone, We know that you are here with us in spirit and we are so grateful for you and have always been. You are the best mom anybody could every have. We love you so much. Keep looking down on us and keep protecting us. You are the best Mom anybody could ever have. May you R.I.P Love you always and forever, You Daughters, Darlene, Toni, and Charlene.
January 27, 2014
Good morning mom Just wanted to say that it's been almost a year Feb 10, 2013 and you are so missed and loved, The memories are always with me, You will always be in my heart. We all miss you and hope we can move on so you can too, love and miss you dearly. Your Daughters,
December 31, 2013
New Year 2014, Missing You
December 30, 2013
rip grandma i love you!
December 28, 2013
Mom we went to your grave site Christmas Day and put Christmas Balloons on your grave. Said prayers to you. It sort of felt like we were all there together including you. We miss you so much mom... I Love you Your loving daughter
December 28, 2013
I'm so sorry, want to wish you a happy belated Christmas in heaven but in all honestly I have been just existing and Christmas Day I just curled up on the couch I couldn't stop thinking about you . trying to make Some sense of things, good memories. I guess I'd like to get my life in order but it is extramly hard. Well Mom Wanted To Wish You A Belater Merry Christmas. I know you understand. Love you Mom, Your Daughter Toni
December 09, 2013
Mom, I am dropping you a line to say how much I miss you and have you on my mind everyday. They say it gets easier in time, It don't. I miss you more and more each day., I look at your empty seat and wishing to see you and sad to see it is empty. I watched a movie ghost with patrick swazie (spelled wrong), but I just bursted out crying. The Holidays are here and this is the first without you and I am having such a hard time with this. I set a Holiday log on your gravesite and need to get there to visit you again ASAP. It releases some of my emotions just seeing your face on your stone. I hope all is working great for you on earning your wings and pray you are around us every chance you get. I love you mom. Give me a sign, you are here with us. By the way your birthday 824 came out the other day and I have been wanting to play it as I had a feeling it was gonna come out. Got other numbers in mind to play for you. Hopefully I will win. but money don't matter. It's all about the thoughts of you mom. love you with all my heart and missing you so very much. Love your daughter Charlene
November 29, 2013
I love u grandma and i miss you :'-(
November 29, 2013
Good Morning Mom, It's 4:35am and I'm having a hard time sleeping, Yesterday Was Thanksgiving, Charlene and I Put A Plate With A Candle On It and Placed It Where You Would Sit Everyday and Just To Let You Know We Didn't Leave You Out, We Were All Missing You, Charlene Bought This Lovely Flower Log It Looks Really Pretty, We Went To Your Graveside and Place It Above Your Stone Gave You A Kiss On The Cheek and Said Some Nice Words and Said How Much You Are Dearly Missed and Wished You A Happy Thanksgiving, Next Will Be Christmas.. The Holidays Are The Worse For Us, We Do Miss You More Then Words Can Say I Love You Mom and Hope You Had An Enjoyable Thanksgiving With The Rest Of Our Family... Love You Always and Forever Your Daughter Toni
November 08, 2013
Good Morning Mom, I am sitting here at the table thinking of you. You have been on my mind a lot these past few days, I miss and love you so much. Seeing your beautiful face in the morning as I woke up. I wish I could talk to you just one more time. I love you so much and miss you and your lovely face. Getting ready for work. I will keep you in my thoughts forever and ever. Love you mom. Your daughter Charlene.
October 08, 2013
Can't even think what to say. All the memories come flooding back. I met Darlene, Charlene and Toni, when I was about 5 or 6 as far back as the eye can see. Diane Morin would tell me to go next door and pick a fight with the twins, so I go over. LOL I'd tell the twins about what Diane said and we became fast friends! All through grammer school I had one twin or the other in the same class with me :) And of course, Darlene was always with us.
I'll share one more memior with you, Mom # 3 and that will be enough for now. Every summer the girls and I would go swimming at the park. We'd lay in the sun working on the best tans. Just so much to say and remember. Those are the things I was to think about. I love you and miss you too! And if Carol and Lillian are up there with you, please give them my love.

Jo-Ann C. Trudeau
September 21, 2013
Hello Mom, Sitting Here Eating And Wishing You Were Sitting Right Here With Me And I Still Can't Believe Your Gone, I Never Ever Thought You'd Really Ever Would Leave Me, But I Guess the Good Lord New You Were Suffering And No Longer Wanted You To Suffer I Wish I Could See Your Face and Hear You Voice One More Time And Talk About Old Times, And As I Sit Here And Think About How You Wished You Had A Big Birthday Party And The Night Everyone Stopped In And I Asked You How Did You Like Your Birthday Party You Had The Best Brightest Smile I Have Seen In Many Years, Almost Like You Were Complete And Happy To See Us All Together And LOL You Saying But I Didn't Get Any Cake... :o) And I Gave You The Slice Of Cake We Saved For You For Later That Night.....MOM YOU ARE SO,SO SO MUCH MISSED, I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART <3, YOU WERE A BEAUTIFUL AND STRONG MOM AND WOMAN AND ALWAYS PROTECTED US.. NIGHT MOM
September 13, 2013
Good Morning mom, All 3 of us sisters went to your grave site and on your birthday we put up balloons and cards and decorated your site, for your birthday. you would of been 72 years old and boy do I miss you so much. I am getting better and hope you are moving on to earn your wings. I love you so much. I will see you later at your site. I love you and miss you dearly, Your loving daughter.
August 06, 2013
Good afternoon mom, I wanted to tell you that all 3 of your daughters went to the beach for the weekend and had a really great time and I thought of you as I know you would of been happy to know that all 3 of us were together having a good time. I love and miss you. Even got a pic that is a night time ocean with candles that light up and I put you picture and cross right next to it. It looks beautiful just as you do. You are very much missed and loved by all of us and I'm glad your no longer suffering. I can't get you off my mind today, I miss you too much and our morning chats. I hope you are doing great and earning your wings. I love you so much. going to your gravesite today to make sure they fixed it as it was not centered. I will be back in a few days. love you bunches and miss you bunches, your loving daughter Charlene
July 23, 2013
Good Morning MOM, I wanted to let you know how much I am thinking of you and missing you so much. Things has been getting easier grieving, but still trying to understand certain things, you are always on my mind, not a day goes by without thinking of you. your stone for your grave site is still waiting to be put in. Hopefully this week. We put your picture on it, It is as beautiful as you are. I am glad you are no longer suffering and in pain. It hurts me that you had to go, but I can't change that. God called upon you and you are now in his loving hands. I hope heaven is everything they say it is, because you and your family above must be rocking the heavens. I love you mom and you will never leave my mind, you were the best mom ever. I love you. Your loving daughter Charlene
June 24, 2013
Good afternoon mom, Been thinking a lot about you, I miss you so very much, I'm so heart broken. But I come to realize that you are no longer suffering and It must of been your time to go and I can't make you come back, that's what hurts the most. But I am working on getting help for the grieving of your loss. Let you be my angel and help me thru this, As I know you wouldn't want us hurting the way I am. I will always love you with all my heart and then some and will never forget you. I love you more than life itself and I hope your having a wonderful time with your family up in heaven. May you R.I.P Mom and I will write you back again, Till then. I love and miss you and hoping to see your stone in today when I go to your site. Love you Mom Your loving daughter,. Charlene
June 10, 2013
Good afternoon mom, dropping in to say hello and tell you how much you are missed. We ordered your stone, I hope you like it, we are putting your pic on it, It is beautiful, can't wait till it's in the ground and things are complete as I think we can move on a little more, and have some acceptance of you being gone. You are def missed and loved more and more each day. I love you and I hope you are ok. Love your daughter Charlene.
May 27, 2013
Good morning Mom, I wanted to say how sorry I am that I did not write you on Mothers Day. I feel so guilty of that, But toni and I did spend a couple of hours at your grave site and we put down a sheet and sat and chatted with you and us, It was a gorgeous day out and we just wanted to be with you on Your Day, You are so missed, like toni said it feels like you are on vacation and we are waiting for you to come back. There's not a day that goes by that I don't think of you, you are always on my mind and I should of done more for you, and I'm so sorry that I didn't when I lived further away, but I can't change the past, but I know you loved us and you knew we loved you. Like toni said, I hope heaven is everything they say it is and you are with your family, we all will be together one day, and I can't wait to see you. Love you with all my heart even thou my heart hurts for you. I will try and come back on here more often as I should. Love you mom, Have a wonderful day and tell everyone I love them tooo. tell meme how sorry we are for things that had happened in the past. till then I will write you tomorrow. your loving daughter Charlene
May 25, 2013
Hello Mom, Just was sitting here thinking about you more today, even thou I think of you every day and still call your room mom's room or Grandma's Room and sleep in there once in a while. I can't tell you how much you are missed and I never dreamed The Day i Would see you Pass, and I know I'll never get Over It, Wishing So Much You Were Here, My Mind Just Don't Seem The Same So Much Of Thinking Of You and If Things Could Of Been Differant. I Should of Took You Home and Let You Pass Here and That's 1 Regret I'll Always Carry With Me, and I'm So So Sorry For That...
It's Been 3 Month's Since You Passed and it Seems Like Your Gone On Vacation and I'm Still Waiting For You To Come Back Home, Still Waiting, For Now Mom I'm Gonna Let You Rest and Will Be Together Again I Promise, Hope Heaven Is Everything They Say It Is and That Your enjoying Your Family. Love You Mom Forever and Ever, Have A Great Day Love You Your Daughter Toni
May 12, 2013
Happy Mothers Day Mom, As I sit here at the table, It really don't feel like mothers day to me, Because your not here. But your memories are here I Just Miss You So Much As for Me and Charlene we aare gonna spend the day at the cematary with you and enjoy our special moment with you while you rest and take it easy just knowing were together is all that matters :-) were gonna bring a sheet and maybe some food and sit with you not sure if Darlene's going but Carl isn't doing well either so not sure about her but I and Charlene will be there, Till Then I LOVE YOU MOM AND MISS YOU SO DEARLY, Love Your Daaughter Toni
May 09, 2013
Good Morning Mom, Just Saying Good Morning To You and Tell You How Much Your Missed, Love You So Much, O and I Changed Your Room Around Looks Good Just Got The Closet To Clean, I Love You With My Whole Heart and BEYOND.. Your Daughter Toni
May 04, 2013
Good Morning Mom, I Think I am gonn change your room around and wash the carpet in your room and rearrage things, see you at the cematary LOVE Your Daughter TONI
May 04, 2013
Good Morning Mom, Letting you know I woke up this morning and first thing I thought of while passing into the kitchen was you. I'm still not used to you not being here, I used to look forward and it felt nice to have someone to wake up to for our chats before I got ready for work, I have a lot of guilt and I am sorry for a lot of things, but I can't change the pass. I just wish I did more for you when I lived further away. But you always understood how tired I was from working. I hope you are rocking the heavens with your family, You are all now together. I love and miss you dearly, See you at the Cemetary. Love you mom so very much. Your Daughter Charlene <3
May 03, 2013
Good morning Mom,I really don't know where to begin my life feels like it's spiraling out of control, I cry a lot nothing is the same without you I feel like I lost my soul and I try so hard within me to push my self to go forward and I just can't do it, It's to tough. As I sit here I am crying Because I still have the deck of cards I bought at the hospital for us to play and you weren't in to it at that time there still not open, I Love You Mom, Your Daughter Toni
May 03, 2013
Mom, I want you to know how much I miss you everyday, It hurts me so bad that you had to go, I know your in good hands with God, but your so missed. I know mothers day will be coming up and I don't know how I will handle that, but you can bet we will be at the cemetary the day with you. I love you mom. Charlene
April 23, 2013
Good Morning Mom, wanted to tell you I slept in your bed last night, and it felt good, I had you on my mind all day yesterday and I am missing you like crazy, I want to hear your voice, I want to touch and hug you and tell you how much you are loved and missed, I hope your good and I don't understand a lot, but I am trying to cope,. I love you and sorry for not writting sooner, Have a good day Mom and know that you are well missed, and loved. Your daughter Charlene
April 07, 2013
Good Morning MOM, I wanted to say a quick Good morning and day to you before I head out to work, I miss you every morning I get up as you were the first one I would see and I miss our chats in the morning with you. I hope your days above are all great. Love you always and forever your daughter Charlene
April 03, 2013
Good Morning Mom, Just getting up and getting ready for work and having my coffee, missing you coming into my room to come chat with me, I miss you, toni pretty much explained it all and happy belated easter mom. I wish I could hold you just one more time. I hope your family in heaven all had a nice easter. We put some beautiful flowers on your grave site and it looks as beautiful as you have always looked. I love you and miss you so very much. I know you are at peace and are no longer suffering. I lvoe you mom. Tell our loved ones we miss them and love them too. Love you Charlene
April 02, 2013
Good Morning Mom, I Had A Rough Day Yesterday I Miss You So Much And Last Night I Couldn't Sleep I Was Drinking Instant Coffee At 3am and Cleaning The Sink and Toilet With Comet. My Back Started Hurting So I Just Did Those 2 and Gonna Do Bathroom Floor and Tub Today I So Miss You and Love you So Much That It Hurts Me That Your Gone And I Understand You Were Suffering And Had To Go To Be With Your Other Family Members, Will Be Ok Just Tough Right Now But I Guess It's The Love For You and Want You Back Home That Hurts Me But It's Not Your Fault, You Had Health Issues You Didn't Understand And Maybe You Do Now, I Am Working On Quiting Smoking Because I Don't Want To Go Thur What You Went Thur, So Wish Me Luck. I'm Gonna Go For Now And Talk To You Later Love You MOM, Your Daughter Toni
April 01, 2013
Good Morning Mom, I Hope You Had A Great Gathering In Heaven With Your Family :-)
I and Charlene Went To Your Grave Today, As This Couple Helped Us Find Your Lot # and We Put 3 Rose's Lined Up
1 For Darene, 1 From Me (Toni) and 1 From Charlene For Our Love To You and Put up Yellow Roses and Other Flowers and Decorated The Site For You, I Miss You So Much Wishing You Were Here Love You Mom and Happy Easter, Love Toni
March 29, 2013
Mom, Today I and Charlene and Darlene went out to Chinese in your memorial Because we knew you loved your Chinese and veggies, we 3 girls got to spend time all together and you know we don't see each other often But today we did and it really brought on A good time us Sisters, I really did a lot of thinking today about you, the regrets I felt I should of done differently and How I Didn't Prolong The Rest Of The Memories At Home Instead Of The Hospital , and For That I Feel Extremely Bad, and I'm Sorry, I Would Do Anything For You and I Feel I Failed You, But I Did Do What I Thought Was Best and Now I Doubt Myself, Talk To You Tomorrow.. Good Night Mom and Keep Being The Same Mom You Always Was Love Your Daughter Toni
March 29, 2013
Good Morning Mom, I was going thru the pics here and seeing your face makes me miss you even more, Things are not the same without you here with us, I am glad that I had moved in and got to spend those last 2 yrs with you, I miss our chats we would have every morning when I got up to go to work, The tricks you played, makes me laugh sometimes as you thought we didn't know. We let you do whatever tricks you thought of, Because you just wanted someone to talk to and we thought it was funny. I have been thinking of you the last few days more and more and feel like your still with us. May you always be our guardian angel. I love and miss you so very much. I will come back tomorrow morning and have another chat with you as I feel if I write my thoughts on here, Is almost as if I were speaking with you. Love you so much. Till tomorrow, take care and tell the family we said hello, and love and miss them too. But most of all we miss you the most. Your Daughter Charlene
March 28, 2013
Mom was thinking of you yesterday and this morning I was tearing up a little because I remembered how you said you wished you had a big birthday party and when I and Charlene, Carol, Sharon Carol's Daughter and Brenda and Missy were all there in your Room and I asked you how you liked your birthday party and The Smile On Your Face OF Happiness and You Looking Around At Everyone, WAS JUST SO PRECIOUS... I Sat At The Table and Started Tearing Up Because You Were So Happy and Amazed.. I So Much Miss You and Love You, I Wish You Were Still Here, Gonna Say Bye For Now But NEVER FORGOTTEN, Love Your Daughter Toni
March 27, 2013
Good Morning Mom, Dropping in to say I love you and miss you dearly, There's not a moment that goes by that I don't think of you and all of our past. You were the best mom ever and I miss you so much. Love you... Your Daughter Charlene
March 20, 2013
Good Morning mom, I love and miss you so very much. I walk past your room and it was empty this morning, Your room was missing one thing, and the person was you. Everytime I walk by it, I expect to see you and it hurts not too, But I know you are in better hands in heaven, You are the best mom anybody could of had. You kept a lot in and I know you were depressed. You would wave for me to come to you as you were gonna cry and you held me so tight and said how much you loved me and to promise you if anything was to ever happen to you, To please make sure we all stay together as sisters, after you are gone. I promised you and will do my best to keep my word to you. I love you so very much and your so very missed. Love you always and forever. Your daughter Charlene
March 19, 2013
Mom, i miss you so much that there's not a day or time that I don't think of you,
i was so use to taking care of you that it came to a halt when you passed to the lord and now that your in heaven and no longer struggling to breath and are with all your sisters and brother that the good lord will take care of you. I talk to you in your room and lay in there many times and just feel so loved so much just a note to tell you your the best mom and you are at rest Love You Mom FOREVER AND EVER, Your Daughter Toni
March 18, 2013
Good Morning Mom, Just wanted to tell you how much I miss and love you, and things are not the same without you here, Not a day goes by that I don't think of you, You are always on my mind. Tell everyone in heaven that I love all my family and friends. I Know you are being taken care of by the lord and you are no longer suffering, which makes me feel better, I love you. your daughter Charlene
March 11, 2013
March 08, 2013
March 08, 2013
Good morning mom, i have been sleeping in your room and stare at your beautiful face and miss you so much. I hope you are finding your loved ones in heaven. I miss and love you so dearly, your daughter Charlene
March 07, 2013
Mom, I miss you so much, I can't even have a conversation with some one without crying there are so many questions in my head that not 1 stays until I speak to someone in person, Heaven has got you living better and God didn't want you to suffer anymore at least I'd like to think that way, You are so missed, Not a day goes by that your not thought of , Continue to keep us safe like you always do, and your the best mom I remember when you took us out for ice cream on the week and weekends, you played pass out to see what we would do if anything would ever happen to you, I so injoyed that time with you because we all jumped on you
Playing instead of thinking could there be something wrong, Love You With All My Heart MOM, Your Daughter Toni
March 06, 2013
Mom I wrote several times I don't understand why there not going on your special page, but Again I Wanted t Let You Know, WE ALL LOVE AND MISS YOU SO MUCH
March 04, 2013
I miss and love you so deeply, I so wish you were here, I love you
March 03, 2013
March 01, 2013
Good Morning mom, I hope you are meeting your family and loved ones. I miss you so much and am trying to handle this, It's hard for us. Were so use to seeing you in the morning and it's so lonely without you. I just hope we did the right thing and your are no longer suffering. Toni and I talk about you all the time, the good times we had and the tricks you played on us, but we knew and let you think you were getting away with it, we thought it was funny, I miss that and all that you have been. I know you loved us with all your heart and we loved you for your love and the protection you gave us. I love and miss you mom so dearly. I know god is helping you on your journey. Love you always and forever. Your daughter Charlene.
February 27, 2013
Good Morning Mom, I hope you are meeting your friends and family in heaven, I love and miss you so much, I broke down crying at work today and I know that I feel that if I write to you every morning, It relieves some hurting in my heart, but It will never go away,. You were our protecter, I know you loved us and we had our days, but the love was always there, Gonna attempt to go to work and do a double shift to keep my mind calm. I wish you were here to talk to me on these mornings as you were always awake and I miss that. Tell everyone I love them and you will always be my guardian angel from heaven. I Love You. Your Daughter Charlene
February 26, 2013
Mom, Today is my first day back to work since the funeral and I'm not sure I'm gonna get thru this day, but gonna try and stay focus, It's hard to do as you are always on my mind, I hope you and your family are rocking the heavens. I miss you so much and am so lost not hearing your voice. I love you so much mom, I wish I could talk with you, I'm so confused, but I certainly miss you. Have to go get ready for work, wish me luck, Love you dearly more than words can express. I hope your morning is awesome, tell all the family and friends, I love them and miss them too. Love you. Your Daughter Charlene
February 25, 2013
Good Morning Mom, I am sitting her hsving coffee without you and miss you dearly, my heart breaks for you, I feel bad watching what you went thru and I an glad that you are now at peace and meeting up with all your family and friends, Rock the heavens, It is totally different without you and you are always on my mind. Don't worry about us, We will be ok. You are our guardian angel and your missed and loved dearly, words can not express. Love you mom with all my heart and Glad you are no longer suffering.. Love your Daughter Charlene
February 24, 2013
Morning Mom, At this moment I have so much to say but my head is so numb this morning, I think things are setting in and the quietness is WAYYYYYY To Quiet that I feel lost, Taking care of you for so long that I don't know what to do with myself,, Just Know There's No Moutain High Enough To Express The LOve I Hold For You, I LOVE YOU MOM
February 24, 2013
Good Morning Mom, Im writting to say how much you are missed. I couldn't sleep last night, All I thought about was you,. I couldn't get you off my mind, I cried a lot, wishing I could hear your voice once more time, I feel you with us sometimes, then other times maybe you go to your room. I love you so much, Words could not express, If you can listen to my heart when words are hard to find would be nice. I hope you are meeting your family and loved ones. Tell everyone in heaven, our love is with you all. Love your daughter Charlene
February 23, 2013
February 23, 2013
Good Morning Mom, Just wanted to say that I love you with all my heart and miss seeing you every morning. I wish you were here to speak to us as I miss that. I Broke down and cried at the kitchen table as you were not there, It was so empty and I had a hard time with that, I miss you so much forever and always. your Daughter <3
February 22, 2013
I love you
February 21, 2013
R.I.P. Miss Florence. I love you with all of my heart from the moment I first met you years ago as I was a toddler. My sorrow goes out to your children Darlene, Anthony, Toni and Charlene, and your grandchildren. Love Tammie
February 21, 2013
February 21, 2013
Mom, I am spending the day in your room and the night, I am having a hard time adjusting and still cant believe you are not here anymore or hear you, I feel like sleeping in your room brings me comfort, and room feels full of love.. I'm really relaxed in here and I feel your in here with me and thats good for me, you are now in heaven and please tell everyone in our family we send all our love forever and forever, and to Please Look Over Our FAMILY MOM.. Including Aunt Francis, Uncle Ray, Aunt Hazel,Uncle Moose, Meme and Papa, Aunt Rosanne, Stephanie, Frankie, And The Rest Of OUR FAMILY and Whom I might not of mentioned or Remembed, I hope you are in heaven with all your family and spending Precious moments you all missed out on......... R.I.P. My Mom and Family You Are All Together Now, Love 1 Another, As We Miss and Love You All Your Daughter, Neice,Love Toni
February 20, 2013
I want to thank all who has signed the online guest book and left there condolences. Sincerely,
The Bussiere family
The Kenny Family
The Linders Family
February 20, 2013
Morning Mom, I slept in you room last night and this morning was like WOW, I started looking thru my phone with the picture of you at the hospital when you put the card board coffee holder on your head, I know you were trying to be funny and you were, It hurts me that you didn't have a clue on how sick you really were, And for that It Hurts Me So Bad Because you didnt Understand Your Illness, Words Could NEVER Be Enough. All Thou We Stayed With You Till The Very End I Want You To Know You Were Always My Idol Weather I Showed It Or Not I Always Looked Towards You.. You Were Our Protector and You Never Gave Up On Us or Anyone, Your The Strongest Woman and Mom I Will Ever Cherish and Know. I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART <3 Your Daughter TONI
February 20, 2013
Dear Aunt Florence, though I don't remember you well, I remember you and my Mom having some great times. I hope you find her and reunite. Say hi to everyone up there for me! Love Patty
February 19, 2013
For my mom whom I miss so dearly, and wish I could hear her speak once again. I am so saddened but I know you are at peace and no longer suffering. Just miss not seeing you here, or up at 3 am every morning. I love you so deeply it breaks my heart. Love you always and forever and never forgotten. Charlene
February 19, 2013
Mom, may you R.I.P I have so much to say to you and can't believe you are gone, I know you are no longer suffering and are now in the lords hands. May peace be with you. Things are def not the same without you here, I sat in your room today as it seems so empty without you in it. I miss you so very much. You were a fighter all the way to the end,. You were always are protector, Now you are one of gods angels, watching over us. I love you mom so much, You will always be in our hearts always and forever. You were precious to us all. Love you mom Your Daughter Charlene
February 17, 2013
February 15, 2013
Sorry for loss
February 15, 2013
February 15, 2013
Good Morning Mom, Sitting here in your spot drinking my coffee Miss You So Much, Love Toni
February 15, 2013
I'm so sorry for your loss. Sending lots of hugs and prayers. Your mom isn't suffering anymore, I know this doesn't make it easier :>(
February 14, 2013
February 14, 2013
February 13, 2013
Our prayers and thoughts are with you. She is now in peace and your guardian angel for all time.
February 13, 2013
February 13, 2013
Toni ,Charlene,&Darlene,
Our thoughts and prayers are with you all during this difficult time.
Kevin and Claire Hale
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